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Sanitariums Thrive as Centers of Influence, Part 2

Nicolae Dan


Nicolae Dan

Physician at Herghelia Lifestyle Center in Romania and Nutrition and Diatetics Teacher at Targu Mures Medical School



  • October 28, 2011
    4:00 PM
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so it was thought with some love not send voice about how we are on the on going some so they thought some of the norm on the also I like to share with you something be done once the I believe you know that I don't like my stressed enough the idea that the left of center me masturbating medicals Corporation the church body missing family will resend the high for the community unfortunately we are not although we believe that we are the chosen people and somehow react like that the much of the formation and what we do I know it's not anymore copyright feeds have been peace copyrighted there are many people outside you have the same leash on and we need to have a night and have Corporation leave them in and work with them nothing that we have everything we believe in the any reason I guess we those cities he mongers who some of the data loaded the patient's like I said we had been proposed in Panama the eleven hundred eight patients twenty two sessions also than Romania 's out of these two other six the momentum of these eighths to five about thirty four percent back on the stand some will have these of the average patience for session are forty eight what happens is that some people like disabling the and the government reported that and probably Lucy as things are developing and people were more compounds as it once you are not souls who happen to share leaders someone on the some new patient seventy six oh nine twenty four percent so that that's what will be speaking to the place what must they companies must left the VCR probably is the most insane reading will define here you have some some IBS I guess I have these lights in the EF so I will explain to you abuse these bar of the bigger parties the salaries and then the rest are different expenses by this is the future expenses like here I'm sorry that it's like people stopping the translation from PC to Mac but anyway maybe this is not so important another thing we chat I was asked was about the comparison between the salaries after the EI and outside outsourcing over this this is the method income besides these there is another fifty percent which includes the health insurance and other things which we also will be the state is so that the recent begun we don't include the Indies some of the vanities though probably available the day of these beasts that goes higher maybe maybe somewhere here but feel you see that that is done for your train the less you get overbearing weight markets outside indicting the world and this is so this is not always bad because if you around and I have beset this feeling that if they were shut the doors on the sunny dog you can read me the core theme of people we can stop almost everything had never the problem the success because you value your time death penalty a proposition was they review it but an account of the state review in on the newest day because they they feel that God is calling them they have been in the feeling that that's more than feelings the actual runs that they are there because got call them you know that your euros bonus you know how easy no does its process the salaries are low about some of the stress is all goals so I so love the somebody who is working on the far mama I'm not talking on the farm and more it's about two hundred plus and then the two hundredth when the driver longer for the therapies the forty five seconds four eight five mostly sixteen doctors three hundred and five manager the licensee and the president believes the board three hundred forty one as I Samuel you may add another one hundred or one hundred something which are vanity journals of Louis had questions so far for the movement think the question has been like to show you somebody thought both of the snobby we'd done me the help of normally the other the idea was these we we have obtained that wonderful results in the essay should then in the patient's health and visa happens solely across the United States and other institutions but love question is what they are laws that may be because of selection and the handpicking by us those results the work about three has so enough of rapamycin he was redone from proposal seeks those in the seven and a way to actually rerun the three plans from anywhere from workers in their hands building shown to reengineer so everything which is in the company was exactly flawless body and then it worked to other companies are dumping Marine so we went there we gave them a questionnaire and were then we arrived at myself you will show you you need is the desire just wanted to show you that that the diving of the sunny gardens with an busy to even out right now because Lisa has such a bar a three shot lead into the guy 's the view that I and this is the hard part by putting Dilantin you see what the difference left of the friends is not only draining soil brings not propane is how people think it's not legal slaughter so I'm telling my students these they shouldn't waste time to secondhand websites that are than those belonging to build our party legal condition of as a league rehab for this scientific backing for such of the well we I I had bought by script you will see I guess I'm being the presentation so you can find the quotation on the citations in a lazy with findings in relation because it sounds like seventy school as he sees the you know the one the kind of vitamin D that feeds them of the month is evil thereof the lectures very much a part of our program we have about one five three hours of presentation of which one is looking glass as I said you know we need in a regular session we have will be sent always dogs like what was the people who came with less than over two hundred and one for the they dropped twenty five percent to a series of blessing us on some form of the question was easy for the portable outside so we don't be sloppy in which we gave the sissy questionnaire plus as a part of us worries other creepy people and score some Beta signed a focal sense something in me that I fear you and finally we ended up leaving the one hundred fifty people we need a lot less smokers because you know there is a lot the founding medical smokers about in the wee archpriest John self recruited and in the stopping and so we help finding off the randomization we happy few people who came to Antioch for a eleven days and fifty people in Spain of course we we met from everything on the first day on Sunday and then we met up again if I base you wanted to see various time when people are more sensitive votes of relapse that will one way because we thought that maybe as of December letter from how badly cars them would make a phone call or something like that here you have we were thinking up than these because the Bible you know that I'll send these out how good they look up the families so we selectively for families and disease the diet than we had and everything which is underlying these the is good for your heart protecting and so leaving the lead on some of such a speak likeliness of logging a help us without actually he traveled to Minnesota at times and he saw the results for the three month rule of after ten days and you see that that that love the results are highly easily be God there to to read so I usually translate these four for average people which is not the case here but when I present these the patients that they have to understandably be the in the singular form and so it is not an average of one six kilos on that rates for the outdoor people who draw more than that the total cholesterol dropped thirty one cents a B-school of then HDL drop in some people see us maybe because it's part of the photos cholesterol and event you have such a big drop is just normal then we know the ratio of the cholesterol to HDL and actually improve and LDL forces of the perfection of total cholesterol a young drop the price significantly and actually sophisticate real highly statistically significant but the B+ C Goodman you can close the lobbies will see the normal for people to write essays that dropped from low one hundred and ninety and then like my same god-awful long on one hundred five seventy nine eight two stories blood pressure dropped from one hundred thirty five were seventeen pages you know pretty much what we have testified by getting on the vegetarian diet is not to sleep the official results of the police these were the results them and it was very clearly a mother of the friends felt distinctly significant because between the groups and I will show you something interesting with me even like happens we really like a scientist about the life as a public profession here you have some sound they thought looking at a long of forty five months and one year and you see that the laws it wants a statistically significant bounty of the six-month event it wasn't a basis for blood sugar at one ear and is talking about the three months ago but it's very interesting that the full tour group they had the same results lots of love effort than the baseball is much with the results that Dave is the laughter one year they were highly statistically see if you come to be friends between the lock was then when they start these for the cholesterol as you see the same pattern of the one who is in fact that the and I'm what I want I won't go any morning those they find I just want to show you some graphs this is not the most correct of resolutely set cells see where we start the Andes Louise the treatment group and we see that next year there was a big beaver is not panning time usually after after forty five days so were not anymore befriends a they had reviewed by the scene downs much less interesting than enough so that from the resource standpoint was that he always even find these is the frenzies after forty five days we were exhibiting some simple combination with a place because people come from the company for those who do them though some newcomer curious to see how the program went because in the beginning everybody hope that they would come to you for free families and so they communicate the data exchange and Ivy asset about his article the nation 's study was much bigger than the opposite and that's good for a program in the people we we present the video they go home many their family and their their coworkers this is very little problem so you see the most cholesterol is the only show you much good to see the students will need blood pressure HDL three LVL theory must feel the the need for rules laws Southeast he believed significant about that small thermos okay Missouri this evening the last event he is so we kind of realized that the invasive less than one year make changes to see changes and to have the authorities for MI change in a short time they these say this is a market code both are the same as the month but we really were what we see is that he is several days after the first week you you see change and I'm talking you weevil song on Pop 's patients and I believe that there is an early stage of reversing to leave the that is about inflammation office several days of rain rating teslas the way the blood flow in inflammation and you know there is a late stage and reach that result when the know that that's not the law eighty five percent but that these are the five therapy processing seasons of the loan I will give these life I don't go over them don't have the time just like these flexible inflammation which is worth a thousand words based on comparing the information and are very to the inflammation of joints and honestly is a prophecy possible inflammation of the blog and on maybe thirty or forty years people love about these also the only known so so so you have questions about the study you know when when when when we saw that you know something is wrong with them like high cholesterol of the advising that we remove them from getting through their personal visitation family busy shall we go than that that's not healthy people in the remembrance is correct not only a big big but they did whatever they did they make some changes yeah yeah I know we we suspect that they communicated them of course that is a laser change people make when you observe them above and beyond that I guess that there was more they they discuss together and they made some changes like the sauce like their reviewers you are using a GE issues read was that related to the study advance glycated end products are soft lining went by quickly and only waited on we need a measuring shot at heart will be there because no there there there was a quotation prophecy about you only are the we understand more about how that works in that your sister 's presentation Steve mentioned that to begin a lifestyle center he went by the slide rather quickly but it was it was on the slide that begin with that with a group in in the beginning of this center how would you how would you recommend starting one of these on I have a whole presentation about health of the sun done by the time is not is not going to seek to have that I so like that you know why I must I have a new one month ago some moving Cecil that but the high side just a just and together some quotations for you here about the fact that but my sister says we really need to make some adjustments the way we and maybe maybe position already for these and it has some other people nuts already mentally the Johnson on the past nobody did you present something this message the Dubuque Bible readings about the goofy the highway clothe the naked because these are fundamental things while the other these are matters which naturally go out of the number of things and databases again the Corporation for a Doctor Kellogg's presentation I think he wants he was right one for IE I want to get to your question I guess the first this failure Asian culture of the fixed declaration like in the medicine if you want to be a surgeon just about the surgery I have spent years learning from other sergeants and hopefully wondering who has been met I must stress that there wasn't information about this with varying other people will worry that you are going on the online people is you know his plans are long time ago Phoenix and he knows maybe he has several times in lazy people don't cooperate and on that than the daughter in this culture I think we I cannot stress enough that we need to be thought to be the one leaving on a mezzanine to spend all our time on computers you use but the thought is what happens I believe you know maybe I'm probably won't invite you look at I don't inspire other people in the us web results are slow to react he will inspire other people outside our ranks us is not the respect of a person as so we need to get in touch and we need to move the vehicle and leave me lots of money out there and we need to learn over time those are conveniently driving is very poor things this is a high-quality but we got a sense of high quality then we get into all of these discussion which is very rational bodies as I guess it's totally wrong and you know who you think will position has two hundred fifty thousand dollars that and he has his idea to get the horse they relate from a yarn that the space more than three hundred dollars by having the death penalty when you cannot be your best abuses of these is beside the point of this kind of discussion goes on when weather is not the hierarchical amendment there is a higher calling than sample business for you in the prophecy says the window we only July and awesome wheel becomes of people so alumni some people that means that two hundred fifty thousand dollars since the assembly on the forefront in his spec doesn't only work the land by who you buy mentorship students that's his bus he confesses love you love pushing the man mental power of those who have been helpful as masculine far venting of idea that God has appointed place for each one of every nation and every individual involved has assignment please is upcoming weekend single agreement has its place in the journal and whatever we weather we repeat that please depends upon our faithfulness Incorporated and I guess another the use that single vessel for you have when you have a three or four other plans the site is one that you own it when your plan is just slammed them them them work and then there is another divisive is our answer to the questions I've I I found out thinking they are talking to some of you and that's no help you know really that notice of heavens idea I would like you and I have some hurdles not telling the world I know and this is the prophecy says that there are three ways of the Lord he gives his new plus nine thousand dollars dollars the first week on a busy suite of flossing he's working on his subtest you read the handbook you are the second the ways to his voice is also moving us from that workings of so we feel leaving and has these are savvy someone who wants to go my father 's movie stop doing that when you see the doors open which are on the will open my golf I can only we just talked to the left of center moving in her money and you can have an equal school and I have no so we die I want to have only had one a half worth of salaries size is not manager of a Dutch NATO finally we have to make a decision you know whether we want to have something there and we went for that view the money you save take a left at the book the gentleman from Austria show that I don't know the guy he lost and people does the story out there's a lot of Christians of his run and he said in a time hiking here because I first saw the car this see the market for many months DSL you want to sell you those the laws of the car I saw I came across a smooth almost learned that they're getting a little fun and somehow got the mind and the mind is identify highly precise or not you know if you wanted to help these of these is the card people of the money in the about the forming assignees that I won't lower the price I want the price signal the county 's working and he sends several days the counselor nineteen the month so that the money he brought at that time the most of the work of our salaries for twenty subsets such a great easy Inc. argument is very vague and when we do not know our security before marijuana month I have noticed that simply before wanting so this is fully national work and the third wave selling process posts we shouldn't think one should base our no blocking the Lord knowing Festival Impressionists also important and I are leaving soon for you but in another another danger and the union of my VC panel select the people you want to call you it will easily lead away from something I hope phone calls operation have been devised many things that may call no effect message left about feeling the reason these the most irrational things in the long pylons and so I cannot believe this is that those who love we have the promise also surrender last his guidance and peace studies whenever replacing the position for which he has not made provision lot of our situation if we are to our southeast Lord we have a guy that I thought only what they will respect perplexities have a short counselor bought the vinyl sorrel or loneliness we hapless advising friend Tom you have more probation I I don't have the time though but you don't want to use these perplexities are here to stay so if we wait for a time when there is no perplexity sigh than the armies would stop them and others people are starving for many school informant is a time for us in the weeks is fast food is using possible into the daily life this is from review and Herald nineteen into the data there many perplexing problem is that we can not sold there are those that we shall adjust everything she could be a set of every question before leaving for such usually in the future would be just asking the state and the problems just ask for blessing as when they began to speculate about that if using the following life that's releasing regular life possible for running favorite find the solution of the problems that reflects the light to shine on the pathway of the workers go forward without question on this is not an RPG student sites this is not making blasted when you make plans for some value you'll really do not believe the building something you believe is set so that nothing is effective the thirtieth so go ahead people the software because it must not be corrected and it's a huge investments will reveal nothing so you have to sit down to think about people being held paying them but pieces about the current question that questioning that Bob got said that the zombies of the Abbey near every VC can request John and say well maybe the finest chain of events think of these above the price is so sinful you may not see the hand from the beginning bumble form of ethanol about perfect piece of perplexities masonry surrounding others in the value of the alliance in the wake there are many others veterans but nevertheless go for mercy the Lord wants these were done by black my coffee I will not fear nor be discouraged not the artists you know who more scintillating life it my place at the possible by that are highly exaggerated and is a you know about why would we my sauna so for about by the look of the beginning of the war system like that so many problems found to set something cause I got bless them so much money 's the problem list even though something we don't feed the well brother James line went to the virginal one daughter the some of the money so that if they have problems that doesn't mean that we those with an open another nice person that that's that's badly wrong and you know I have events leads from the from these outrages that's that's just just a tremendous chapter giving athletes many out of yarn many are bound as a chapter three of the multisession block forming the theme I believe the most important thing is to have the same religious and philosophical platform Summit the same method beneath it the face creation of an illegal even if he's wrong that you know you can go forward about that but if you have a look at the people some of them withdraws some circles or digital iLife iLife all of them about you know just for purpose of the question is so important that the same understanding of data vehemently that we have requested me many people at these other all baby bubbly we go to the center we settled the question and everybody agree on that because as the last word so we don't have a lot of discussions of how to find healthy flop if one is on the same page while of we we have something to just hire people we prefer to hire the people of the medical missionary school and that's one of the main reason every institutions have something that is unknown so happy to buy the land released Friday they have to ponder some two hundred thirty application for third place so they cannot really pay for the students reach those notes while I think he's important to spend time with the people to study together so that when you study the book Eliseo the method of interpretation other people have integrated together prayer is so important one gather all the United project is for projects to see how replies and then anyone outside knowledge workers in constant leaders and I believe that I have a you know that buys that associate with we just thought we successful people who were able to develop a theme as survived the honeymoon of these five years I was so I was so named when I saw no reason to shut raising up the practice dates and independent have gone actually the one institution annually starting with you know we'll be the best we would be using the and several years down the line the old lady Sophia and Mississippi and in on the more we also seem to leave each other and I think you know even even now went at the loading dock when I was a student in nineteen oh they have no kind of they were suspicious about me but right now we know that change and what's happening outside the church really helps us change our weekend with a such a favor of you know along another one enough to work with that we might set up last year we worship a showcase that I don't love savings vehicle slowly nicely with the powerful while of life that have completely bungled suboptimal you need to start somewhere sorry for some reason we mark in the Castro and then I felt that I suggested that we won't be easy shall be sent for the patient which is not the law Lima so they will have mental patients actually devoid shirts shorts and barking beast whose basins these institutions within the left by the old then you know you several years we can put so much is certain but it always rebelled leaving orange of other people doing sorry that was so easy will have the front before going to do nothing people who are very much alike in a very different people is the vessel built Colleen accountants very early because accountants can be because they already would slam the lid and the third summit last month when things are going well but because they would value that is impossible and I do not hold these oldies these about constantly I cannot stress we hear that why would the rebar have some struggles every family has struggles they still have a well of the formation and we we needed we want the star that's desperate these advances stay with them recently bother about the pan so that whatever these some people just feel that that they need to be more closer or even that's fine but will learn how much weekend from them and then goalies are out doing and another thing is second on the right organization I I advise those who want to start something to read by then assembled the people I played so important to 's to have the bylaws and easily important that the Lewis structure of personal and I believe we are leaving I I'm not even chargeable I I I mean enough boards not believe the researchers board but I suspect that's what is going on victory for social I think there is a great solution the solution of a diesel on many of the boards we have and I cannot believe that Buffett is very good to learn to read about these days a wealth of information about how courts will be set up and what kind of people while the very bottom of voice should be proactive not reactive not just reacting to what when we returned us around were rubberstamping we have these these sponsoring that these that we like this always are below them but thought these is not healthy so possibly even these uneasily the law not just needed somebody who is expert because nobody sex for it really is not a subsidy and then of course these are pieces everybody heard about these about the Sicilian port that when you make a proposal to ESI Thorton a mother for project it cuts youthful this on your mission and wants once you learn the mission of that small project once you some that have been the examination of the whole of the rest of those so he's not than just an exercise because everybody's lingo they are it's also important to week and that not another another thing is networking church with OCI with ASI legal lobbying by the varsity we had a lesion was very remaining we we have a sense of mission copied wherefore butanol came when nobody wanted to gain the land it must be settling in any event work for one love Chuck's life Cleveland got involved brother of Placencia is the president they are anywhere through proxies from advice and help us three anywhere from a affordable money the only mercy the doctor hardly get Doctor vers Doctor power had not been there your so he thinks a lot of networking and increase my heart when I see that that doesn't happen and you know I I felt again in every he's good-looking OCI I want to no closer to what these other institutions and here you have a few quotation about that type of yarn that in the web of humanity and everything affects us what to do office and the unleavened wheat affects you I cannot stress enough of the press together Sunday's event show the house of the fastest on the precedent of course many times it harnesses as themselves we fell that's that says event so the big bypass medical missionary work because about a minute they climbed through the strength of the best person for the church what do we BBC that he shall see actually one million Romania the church is planning any collating at least one last sentence of the conference so that Satan is already the second is working who years ago we started on PR four or five others in the making what is really essential in a sunny value I guess you get Google elites with a sense of these is quality time spent with the bases and Ali who can we do not these that's fine you you say they are on work as a busy shutting off the assembly if you guess that we the patient one hour or whatever he thinks below state where your buddy belt policy will the place where you really can spend time with the patient of the abuses what people appreciate these world and nobody has time for you they really are are shocked to see that there is a place where people can spend time we believe that use of the quotations here and you know these pieces of so I maybe some people get hooked her otherwise delightful to the zombies like Tisdale is the thirty seven people communal bases and as sad as the energy they are smoking the feature of the spirit and you went when they are new Olympia Garfield organizational we know we know chronic disease is not really a young although he embodies a reversal such a man before one is open up a new using the most receptive state online is ready for release and for the you have to say to him about the gospel of Christ which really saw as well as your remedies have few of his body is really happens there and that he did so as seventy five it has grown because medical missionary work hassle mockingly retaliated a medical missionary sending with your is almost anywhere when honor of the seasonal spirit of prophecy but I have no yard of my favorite quotations which are singular and I guess cPanel is that they cannot itself which is so likely from Bethany Evangelista company Borriello some other event early speaker and I was very really spent by the people done people will pay you one thing the church it was a caffeine salvage there is a metal chain chance because there is always a demand for these work NEDs appreciate the because effect what like my sister sat these up and I will certainly knows that a hospital awaiting words but much is the video of working on the relationship between the workhorse and the worker and patient inability and that's the reason why we think one hour every morning although you know many enter through the scrapbook of or in which we altogether come together for prayer and study the work and you know if you find you sometime you like and having families we thought and you go out and want to take outpatient in obeying the field your state of mind because we buy that the part of the family had become part of the database the government knows everywhere and the Soviet event is not that the Norwegian re- sortable of the problem because you know they would soon discovered that he was discovered in your bunch of people priests and you don't want that because you know we are not people you love the wound about the Lord we became the arena purpose not something we found each other so we need some of that so when we go to the patient you have the right estate online community start and hiding these the boundless researcher such an important thing you could lose that and that I talked about the mentality the site should be a nice nap of these months we moved feedback via on the reach of the young logo Acrobat they change every so often the only paper in the business and be brief these the same mother papers everything could change every three months young something in own words which ask for change and we need to be improving visa you need to have an open mentality received lots of beer and that you know the new medical center and new approaches somebody needs to read evasive action was taking place just other of the other day you know the game but BBC says that probably cannot lose weight you need to have the people central thing that so nobody needs it the scientists a lot more studies are needed but before more studies on discounts use the accountability of the aesthetic for a number means whatever traveling so breathe everything mewing notation is about the last time of using behavioral sciences and applied quickly and I appreciate ever since I highlighted in Wildwood they all lie I know that the run-up easier you are stopping Yancy Selby in my lab was annually thirty nine is inhibiting UN that they felt that it and people think that the liability sold by field the big behalf of the newest information and analyses each of the half the profits this is not the luxury comfort so if your comfort peace not probably cold people within the account because you know so they pay money and they want the rest and after a certain age of the forty five fifty Newport because there is no confidential so we need to upgrade our sunny times hourly the environment of the currently comfortable there are so many health but these some questions so we've got twenty minutes left when it wanted to set that believes in only five when I was immediately fell a few words about our involvement in the University day let's give you find more minutes than fifteen minutes for questions that okay okay thank you for bringing bringing ordinary these and other exciting events happen was that about two years ago Professor from the medical University of Resch that's a CD about that unless away from Nvidia the outset that the we heard that you have the training of the money of any proceeding rotation we need some help so I'm not Lansing Tashi was a professor awfully slow to no connection with vision but only those in the universities the president of these professor things that are legal because they want the new program so she was goes on online being sloppy SSC she presented me a week will be something more like bike I have food technologies not the position that science Sentinel this is not the shown efficacy of such a program question you have because in five days we may need to submit the state well I should have possible money is other than those of the other DSO I I stayed based on it wasn't because of about two years before that I asked Doctor from the money not use the handheld and vision in mind that these Buckman government had to stop because I says there is in each stock in one hour and the screen and the system start the location and that the stroke he came we made this Greek room and the state and approve somehow I wasn't really prepared for that and I have the market is from logging the and I think that if we so I gave the prequel man I told her this is what we can control via I know that the recipe says the scroll through the screening process in which you are very and you have to be friends with you in order to get the so they submitted that the program stock because the university level under the umbrella of the medical school and I never heard about that and the GUI is on the line of the first year of golf and the third-year living call me and he said we focus the vegetarian patient glossies in the lungs it is there here because my people on fifty seventh Avenue for them are you vegetarian this in okay so they call me and I began to the beach and I know I discussed with FEMA the first being which I did I gave up please can I share with it being that they are between know there is a business because I suspected that wasn't there this evening they had yesterday that you have a vision that wasn't the massing their hats as I share with that being said but we cannot really have nothing to do once we launch these universities will be we cannot take classes for somebody because they're going to avoid let's focus on the next we have to go up we were blessed so that next method and semester I was a study not becoming the economy that he said that members want to send that somebody was knowledgeable should be cheap of action completion is a presentation plus said yes so I have that Leslie is going to Israel I have developed a I don't have the time and he said he'll think about it we want to sign up with my wife collects and everybody saw the movie so I thought until the last and beside these suggested to you these are legal for the rest of the very HIV above and entering my life seen so much in the chair laughing like room January through May the seer and design this debate and avoid actually the students I when I saw that going to see Bobby Yarnell they don't know what the future would board because there is not the legislation the European Union has the legislation of mania I caused them I sent you know you need to home because your privilege nobody else see something that might like you than he is on the line when everything will be on the line is very hot I don't want to have on the dorsal so when I invited them to Michael Eagle closely they really liked me to very efficient the Sentinel is the first three of these thousand ten and so I realize that beside the that the journey I doesn't need to involve and establish a professional transition command doesn't have dietary guidelines like yours obviously obvious that we body and I says that there is an important meeting they are many the last several months that's loved by ID value from the United States Bureau in the professional organizations and right now lawyers working set of the bylaws and I decide these theories theories so thought I got so carried carryall that there was another point to them about I when I designed the Greek room I felt guilty students should be out in the sum sometimes on condition of the patient so I put flowers show each week under the Sentinel we don't have really nice easy for somebody hospice of these vacations they move they won't look much so maybe some of some of these five eight eight hours a week on the same weekend indicate action dedicates to the same program so we designed the program which actually means that for five years we lived out out of the community and we would work with each one of the one hundred thousand people we were going to school and have been received we these not only does the medical school I'm talking now about the older churches the first of his church he says such a tremendous opportunity though can be read of people in the other churches to an end this was system was the drawing they really want some peace and become able papers and pay as we remember Sardis is astounding of course we look to the mortality at twenty five there but you know Keith's interest on lots of Best Buy so we workings so this is very exciting because it always such a nice fourth young people don't you'll see that seems to be sorry to say that the panel how you will reflect the state 's failure but you know because I so move when you are out the pickle many VM to Mexico set in the new build and they could help them to petition us on support so this is very exciting these are a few things which every young we forgot about the same as you said I just want to say Hendry a small easy to send out the hands of the game 's grandson Corey Conti first on the chairs of my manager is very much in bar in the chair and checked to be GM had a wonderfully E3 and on the chairs and in the community as they don't have any time you I think that if you and Romania it is lacking in clarity Amherst silk industry of prophecy says that when he at least has said that she too had the other sunny patios so you get the idea of the early number delighted to be in Britain I have an game in Guyana are frequent have much time of peace who said that the sanitarium work is bad is an amazing story of no I think when Battle Creek lies to the sanitarium in the medical word a hundred years ago in the United States personally I is now to the church in the worldwide health message and first line just want to thank you very much for coming in the work that you guys are doing this is outstanding and is a series of quick questions on and asking and opening up to the floor how long he said session is ten days Wednesday of the weekend these are level and raise families what do you start on one eighty nine a.m. we are proposing an end your workers have a couple days to rest before the new group come in and correct okay with the daily schedule like what time do you get people up what time do they go to bed what happens during the day six six wake-up have nice music the financing start resides a size seven wake up as a size seven o'clock breakfast and then pulling the cloth they have to split emotional followed by the positions lecture than three months from love from nine to one o'clock they have become three months but he grew bored or individual may have one hours everything and I'm enough and will not lock the lunch walk from three groups and then again three months for those of you wanting in any bathroom floor from five to six they have because seven again the software and then the position of lecturer in the and what is the cost of the session right now weaves those who six hundred dollars and what is a mean in terms of a Romanians working way that behalf on salary yurts of the people here in America can understand how much that we will review men's leadership with salary if you feel that the patients coming they are from was from office life and you were older societies I've got the feeling you help your children if you have use of his right have to see where young people will have running companies the lessons of the evening how about talking about the medium celery right now probably the son of vice okay so is a half months salary to come from these the lucky maximum human salary and people still are willing to come in all your sessions the forty five workers that you have what is the average length of time workers in two years four years what's the turnover of while I write behind the dungeon I've even may never buy the core people and poor people are they are we have we have been maybe that will be our physicians in the community there have been just are they referring to your health Institute or they don't like you what is the relationship do they deliciously sweet to have patience in fact the team 's aspirations they are greatly for source for you and I noticed that twenty four percent of the people to come to the program her Seventh-day Adventist to me that number should of been zero why is in the twenty four percent of your patients are at this while love you and only need any pretty much the same here we find out that many of them really don't read the books so their lifestyle is as if these questions from the floor a question is are some of the properties from Israel we weren't paying the last the last months of these is the less long than the earned Galilee this is Jordan Weaver so this was some ways are you combine evangelism on in the sanitary line and he specifically is it with the physician and the patient or that the workers in the patient like princes of figuring a treatment and the person asks been able to share things how does that work and also a second question is how do you train the public and ongoing system of training the workers of their learning new more about the truth all the time I'll be able to to be ready to give an answer to people yelling at me we have several events where they can be updated speech on or how often I say they are impressed with you Charlie easier we have the international CIA three right now somebody the states police exporting in objects land and prompt you know the problem families they are enemies lecturing for the patient at the list that the steps of the following ongoing thing and help dressing your first question hour our vision is not the specialized becomingly enough inventions may we believe everybody should believe that an musician Dusty and the nurses are a nurse see other therapies arguing that greatly spend money one one no hour every day the patient so they bet there are prepared by then you know the governor is doing the same thing having a paint comes in and lecture the student then send it out on the top the counselee 's very specific OEM and there is more counseling Sun Valley that's a lot of anything else please visit because he went before the hospital e-mail persevered on common ground and in the people us don't think that doesn't work for everything you know you got a reluctance want to be the patient is because they are anyway over you said you have some group therapy and individual therapy in the morning is your group therapy when I get gardening and with every group therapy and then exhibit they don't get individual therapy in the morning to make it in the afternoon of this morning during that downtime is that just relaxing time for them or is a suggested guidelines and you give them that basically silicon for last station because he needs twenty four hours they have won even one hour off a month and then they have to rest some offer that and then they have Wasilla will believe the exercise so that's the lower self up for though by the time they you know they don't have a lot of time Yahoo maximize one yes the how to do would patients who believe that they have two big government take the own medications from their own doctors a lot of medications patient while we we are on our products about us we read that Gomez is about seventy percent of the thoughts come from plants and lovely as a philosophy we try to do everything in our power organizations that do everything in our not to resort to medication the coming medication we keep them on the sort of become down something is only a short young life love them so coming down to normal casino remastering the session to close on how many would just like to show by raising of hands that you appreciated the session in the information here second of all and how many would like to see this happen again next year so when it things I'd like to do is again thank you for the time the effort you need to come over here is busy you are and very surprised that you're able to better send the worker grateful I'm thinking we might need to use you in a consulting capacity help is here in America get our sanitary and staying at back on this is the kind of explosive growth you're seeing the error to my knowledge all of the institutions that we have here that are doing very good work are truly struggling and trying figure out some of the commonalities and differences to see what we could do I know we are on omitted pipeline line but I'm glad but I just wanted to say most startling when we started the program we remember the spirit of prophecy we need to talk to some less privacy because everyone was going so well I know they call me everything about repeating because everybody kind of believing these and for some seven years was stronger start of the start of the every time we leave the buffet line was run by that we did a scrappy because it was written while the crisis seems before the crisis got sent in these far manager is a godsend he is a is a is a feature for the students in the medical school is very cool he knows should come to see his interview speech is even making you so he came back and prove that under the crisis just just see how happy we were that we need a scratch the program because you know even for this money and then there you go for a conference the healthy people this year and then you see there is a whole section on gardening and him them something busy night as they live a more stable monologues the one God has nowadays even allow you to have been two thousand and ten in the next I like to ask you relating to stand and refinishing meaning like to ask you to refrain her on the institutions that are working for you and hoping you are heavenly father we just come before your throne humbly recognizing that everything we are and everything we've done comes from you beasts who are your ideas about the postmodernist the world and the fact that we believe in trusting you with reasonable married but is just an example of what you can accomplish when the humans covariates over I pray for police institutions in United States will not have as we were hanging on the air we breathe a culture and there was a time when you hung on our trust in you you have no most of the trust these institutions in the United States having you please help each one on them maybe they've done such a big baby not such a big help for each one of us I'm thinking aloud whether we been trained on our theme and I think you'll be more when we went we learned a lot if you price and with others is less than father and help them to find solutions everybody's in the crisis the base always no longer the have problems but we know that you will bless them you will have been going the Northwest one one I was so praying for those you are calling we know as soon as somebody has the sense they are not the people from outside who are discouraging and bring what kind of logical thinking rational to start so I just pray that he will encourage that with thoughtfulness relying on your own people in our in the end it was done because this is the right thing something nineties everything in the world in the same PC World Lindo were not efficient house of the deceased the work we should do then thinking about a efficiency feeding about pencil people coming and they are so ready to receive we cannot see that many ventures company more so just pray that the people who had been call returned they would think of you about the possible when they start something like these they would go forward with faith and I I know that he will have enough faith so thank you for peacetime we were able to share and your holy name brings everything a row this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen at a Pentagon analyst if you would like to learn more about the man please visit www. a manner that I will like him more free time I www. online universe


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