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Making Your Church a Health Evangelism Center, Part 3

Mark Finley Ernestine Finley



  • October 28, 2011
    4:00 PM
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SI Henrietta thought about strategic planning for mission when it comes to looking at our health outreach programs and we got I definitely give you time for some questions as well a number of years ago I was taping a program a series of programs on the Reformation and I was in Geneva it was at the end of the day and my producer said Mark you have to be sure to get this tape right because the sun is setting the lighting will be poor so be sure to get his take right I was standing in the door of Calvin 's church in Geneva talking about the Reformation and the script called for me to walk out of the door of the church down a few steps while I was talking doing this line and you know how it is when you're thinking of the producers words I had memorized scripts for many years and I really should've known when I was doing but I didn't and you know how it is when somebody tells you you have to get this right and I forgot about thinking about the line so I kept was going on in my head you got to get this right you got this right so I walked down the steps of the church the cameras are rolling I'm about halfway through the first two lines and I totally missed so the reason Mark I'm sorry that you got to go do that again concentrate get your head into this thing where Chad you know concentrate on this site began walking down the stairs and had it right and what we believe in a car came by and picked it sworn liberties said Berkeley can use that just ruined the script go back so I found out about the third and fourth time I began walking out of the step coming down and would you believe it but they'll rang as if she just got out of school the upshot of the story is I did this thing about six times I wasted about twenty five minutes the light is going down the sixth time I was walking down the steps and literally I heard a voice from heaven literally I heard a voice from heaven my producer heard the voice of heaven I believe this wonderful voice vote I have I have three more witnesses wonder what the voice said American American lookout here we're locked in the church I looked up in the belfry anywhere three American tourists that had been visiting his old health insurance and the AEI the curator of the church left at five o'clock and he locked in the maturity these people heard me speaking English and other evangelical religious right thing and freezer were locked in the Dartmouth search S Ladislaus I wanted now incidentally I looked up at them is it all right if you be quiet to get this line of the gelato and so they did you know they were quietly as Americans watch me do the lines and then I went we called we looked on the board finally found the curator 's number and told him of these Americans were locked in the George Peabody gotten out that I've thought about that story sometimes how many of your friends members in your church or crying a lot in the church one Sunday open the doors and released to service in ministry it seems to me that there are scores of churches of the doors are locked and that's a lot talking about opening the doors of charge and how you can develop an ongoing health ministry on your church one thing is for certain if we follow Jesus Luke nineteen ten says the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which is lost the home ministry of Christ is reaching out to save lost people Jesus was not in true inverted in his new book he was extroverted in his outlook Jesus was looking at people his whole ministry was here to saving people and when you come to the cross of Christ in your heart is really broken of what Jesus is doing for you you want to help people physically mentally spiritually in every direction without outreach there are some real pathological health problems and develop spiritually there's an arthritis of the soul through the clogged arteries of the heart is the malignancy cancer the spirit and there is a retardation of real genuine spiritual growth and so if a church is locked inward focusing and it's not reaching out into its community for Jesus Christ it develops the past biology and soul there is that arthritis and heart arteries and malignancy of the spirit retarded spiritual growth what do you remember what Jesus said recorded by Luke Doctor Luke and acts acts twenty first thirty five visas are shown you in every way by laboring like this you must support the week and remember the words of the Lord Jesus who said it is more blessed to give than receive who is more blessed the one that conducts the health program one participates it is more blessed the one that gives the Bible study is the one who receives it is the one of the reasons that God wants us actively involved in services because service selfishness and so when you actively involved in blessing others and touching somebody and when your day you when you're thinking about in your office who can I touch for Jesus who can I be a blessing to debate and I help today with nested the mind set of your life and reaching out to bless others and makes a dramatic difference I love the book ask the apostles page one oh one forgetting that strength to resist evil is funny but the disciples in Jerusalem is best game progressive service so we gain strength resist evil serving others is our pages one forty two in order for us to develop a character like Christ we might Sharon his work so the more I'm out ministering like Jesus ministered physically mentally spiritually the more I'm out touching people for Christ the more I blessing them the board enables us to develop a character like his unannounced Christian education page two twenty seven those would be over comers must be drunk out of themselves and the only thing which will published his great work is to become intensely interested in the salvation of others so as we become interested in the salvation of other people that transforms our own lives it does something for us into the Julia does something for us spiritually some time ago in my work I was making a trip through a particular country it was not the United States and a lot of times I've make protocol visits all visit with political officials of varying countries and visit with the vice president of the country here are the president of the country there and then I had to make a visit with the Anglican Archbishop of this country he was the head religious leader of the Anglican church as we sat down together talking I said the archbishop said will serve share with me a little bit some of the challenges of the Anglican church is facing and some of the issues that you're facing a similar one of the things you may know about Anglicanism is that we're losing membership we are declining great cathedrals of England have just lost membership totally and we had maybe three percent four percent of the population now attending church with these great cathedrals there in the and he said I just came back from a meeting of Anglican archbishops and then we were discussing the issue of what we can do about it is that we just weren't written strategic plan sounds really interesting because I'm interested in the growing of the church and church growth and community outreach and slice into this archbishop tell me about your plan this is what it is we knowing that every single one of our churches what the training center and so we want to change the mentality of our membership and turn our churches into schools where members can be trained and released to service in the difference in the community in the back of my mind as anyone with books that management reading how he says the Anglican Church of losing membership consistently for decades in a recent meeting of archbishops we discuss the way forward and says that it was each of our congregation becomes a training school for discipleship and witnessed the future is bleak could you say the same thing that administers Elton true blood great Quaker scholar made this statement the church of the future will be a mini seminary and church of the future will be in the center think that's a different Italian churches in it and death Jesus talked to his disciples about the importance of every disciple being actively involved in service Jesus didn't see himself in unit as is simply doing the work he saw himself as equipping and training his disciples to participate in the work and what the apostle Paul say talk about spiritual gifts Ephesians four verse eleven twelve he poor gave some to be apostles some prophets some evangelists he Jesus rather himself gave some to be apostles some prophets of evangelist some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ it's an interesting text when you really look at it because it's talking about gifts of the Spirit of God gives and it says that some pastors and teachers award and here is what were called high and can be translated also that he is or who are many modern translations will put a hearsay some pastors teachers or some even say some teaching pastors so if you read it literally the passage would say that God gives gives apostles that's divided ministration profit the visions and dreams evangelist of the ability to proclaim the gospel to large numbers pastors who are teachers to equip the saints that is the believers for their work of ministry to build up the body of Christ so the ones that do the ministry are not the pastors but the believers so in the biblical sense of the church what is the church the church is the body of Christ where members have gifts the function of the pastors help the members discover their gifts release them for service as they equip and train them for ministry to help true blood wasn't too far off wasn't anything every church in the futures community seminary in other words the church of the future becomes that building that modality were members are trained and equipped to serve with a Google out and use the gifts that God has given the right one is equipping its the recognition that each believer is been given gifts by God as a means of Christian witness in developing specific initiatives reach church member discovering use best their gifts for service and ministry and so that is our role as leaders in a local congregation is your rule is to help people discover their gifts and help them find their gifts and release their gifts for service the apostle Paul encourage every pastor to put believers from work Ministry so ministry is not something simply reserved for a few that have theological training ministry as a way of life that God has called church and church is growing each members trained and equipped to serve I love the statement ministry of healing were unwanted many would be willing to work if they weren't what how to begin when church members are equipped to serve as they form small groups to reach out to their community and Bible -based ministries the church explosive growth evangelist page one fifteen in our churches let companies before service once it was another name for a company a small group a small group so what we want to focus on in this session is how to actually form small groups in a local congregation that can reach out in ministries in harmony with the gifts they have how do you choose those groups how do you train those groups and equipment for service a revived church filled with members and equipped to witness is a church that is writing to reach its community we talk about community outreach when we talking about when talking about the development of Christian community with a fellowship of believers that leads to a caring loving multifaceted outreach to meet the needs of the community of the community in Jesus name sure it has to do with community we live in a desperately lonely world in which people 's lives are broken and fragmented church becomes an opportunity for them to come to share the love of Christ together to share their hearts together to share their lives together to share meaning and purpose and as the body of Christ in Christian community shares the lives as they have in Christ with one another they are built and nurtured small groups become the opportunity to do that when I look for example at the places where the church in the Christian church is growing most rapidly around the world in every instance there is a strong small group structure and that small group structure becomes an opportunity for care love and sharing within the context of the small group that it becomes an opportunity as well to witness outside the small group that's true in Brazil for example in Brazil we have about two million three thousand and Venice were running eighty two hundred thousand small groups Peru several thousand and another sixty seven rebounds in small rooms as we were talking China the great house church movement we were interviewing a pastor recently this last week detaining told you about female pastor she has twenty thousand members four hundred sub congregations and multiple thousands of small groups these small groups perform a variety of tasks some of the Berkshire group so they meet together they pray they study the Bible together they are ministry and witness together some are small prayer groups summer health ministry groups will focus particularly in this session on how to establish one height of small group in your church health ministry groups churches grow when there's a plan process of community outreach meeting the physical mental social and spiritual needs of people somebody asked me how you define the church I developed I defined the church is way the church is the body of Christ with members who have come together needed biblical principles of ministry in Jesus name and the church members who discover their gifts and reach out in ministry 's minister throughout the week in loving compassion for Jesus Matthew four verse twenty three talking about Jesus the Scripture says and Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and disease so Jesus ministry was multifaceted it will get people physically mentally and spiritually following the Savior 's example the New Testament church met the needs of people in Jesus name these early disciples demonstrated concern for the entire first physically mentally spiritually and socially we ran about Christ method alone in our last session price method will give success in reaching the people in the growing churches of programs that meet the needs of the legal Ellen White makes this statement every church should be a training school for Christian workers I raise this question to you is your church a training school for Christian workers is that really what's going on there every church a training school for Christian workers now I want to look at a divine plan of the book of Corinthians is that a little time on this one when I first began to study about the church being a training school I began to ask myself how can this happen practically local congregation my first began to look at some of the things by Elton true blood has said the the church of the future will be a mini seminary and then when I talk to this Anglican Archbishop by talking about he said that we see the wave of the future to recover our league membership statistics is to turn our churches into training schools I began to study particularly spiritual gifts in the book of Corinthians in first Corinthian chapter twelve is a really helped me to put this all together now there are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit in other words God imparts different if the different members everybody can't do the same thing but everybody do something for Jesus witnessing is not yet it's the role of the Christian so witnessing is a role every one of us we come to Christ were witnesses but how I express my witnessing is based on the gifts that God gives us another diversities different gifts but the same Spirit there are differences of ministries but the same Lord and our diversities of activities but it is the same God works all in all now there are three things in the passage that are of interest you'll notice that there are diversities of what gifts there are diversities were differences of ministries and their diversities of activities gifts ministries activities this is what really provided he can need to unlock the meaning of of how to launch a health ministry four eight eight a loving caring ministry of Christ in the local church gifts ministries activities first let's define each one what is a spiritual gift a spiritual gift is a divinely imparted quality given by God for service to each believer so the idea that a Linehan against the syrup is not biblical because the Bible says and prescribed in chapter twelve verse six and onward God gives gifts to every believer so every believer when they come to Jesus Christ received gifts for service so when I stand up before congregation as a pastor when I stand up before you today I say to myself this is really exciting this is the body of Christ we are the body of Christ and every single one of you have been given gifts by the officer they been divinely imparted to serve so what is a spiritual gift it's a divinely imparted quality just like Grace is a gift God gives us grace as a gift so spiritual gifts these qualities the server are imparted by Christ they are gifts that Jesus gives me with some individual giving what he did is say thank you if I think thank you Lord you give an accurate one of my church members of my church is eight-member and for them are older than me and that's oh four than the seventy five seventy six I nibbled the neighboring district of you know you got is eighty seven -year-old I look out there he's this crotchety old guy that troubles me every church board I think prayer is the Lord for that old geology eighty seven because you get it gives to serve and then I look at this little girl eleven years old Jesus I think thank you so much you given her gifts to serve its transformational in your thinking every church member when you look over that the young ones the old ones the agreeable ones in the disagreeable ones and the ones in between therefore gifts to serve the Bible talks about ministries what's the ministry ministries are broad service areas in which spiritual gifts are utilized to build up the kingdom of God on you to share something with you that may surprise you the Bible never changes but that we should organize outreach programs around spiritual gifts I find my economy once a pastor 's best three hundred Massachusetts Asian market and most frustrated password all the world is why he's a handsome guy committed teach their genius my church I just discovered that my members at twenty eight spiritual gifts but I've no clue what to do I try to organize my church around the spiritual gifts are going absolutely crazy we organize a church around ministries you organize a church around ministries ministries become the organizational tool to organize your children and God leaves those with gifts into those specific ministry so yes I divinely imparted qualities one of ministries they are broad service areas in which spiritual gifts are utilized for exercise to build up the kingdom of God remember that everything in our in our text most of their activities water activities their specific outreach programs that utilize the gifts through various ministries that illustrated God has given people gifts of organization is getting people gifts and talents of the gifts of of of it as they reach out of of helps is given people gives teaching so here are three gifts organization teaching and helps of the Bible mentions let's suppose I organize a health ministry one of organizing health ministry I'm looking for somebody that Kate has as a gift organization to participate in the health ministry and I'm on my knees praying okay God Morgan organize a health ministry who we have here that is a pretty good gift of organization of the church they may have not much interest in health but they're pretty good organization then Lord who has the gift of teaching maybe they had a health background maybe there are nerves of better health background as preferable and we can pull them in a very great gift of teaching they can help us up front who has to give it helps that person after the cooking school does not complain as a relish in washing the dishes and cleaning up the tables there are people like that are there and they love to help they left him who has the gift of hospitality we can be put at the door so we begin to think in our mind and once this clicks you see in your brain everybody has spiritual gifts in the church we organize around ministries the health ministry may be is what would talk about right now the health ministry what's the activity activity may be a cooking school but a health ministry may take more than cooking so there may divide a plan that selectivity selectivity as are the specific programs and ministries are the broad-based area under which the program falls so what do we do as a church if we want our church to grow we develop broad-based ministries or maybe a Bible study ministry there may be a youth ministry there may be a community service ministry there may be a health ministry I think a farce like were pastoring there there were five I remember correctly how many ministries that you have going out of the church was hiding was forty some year does so in Forest Lake at the time there was pastoring there he is warning ministries going out of his local church six hundred volunteers who are leaders when he went to the church the church was twenty four five hundred members on your left of it was thirty three hundred and thirty six it grew almost a thousand members in a five-year period why because he had all these ministries but you organize your church around ministries you encourage your people with the area giftedness you begin than running your training programs to acquit in the area of those gifts and the church explodes with why is meeting needs in the community teaming how can we take the principle of gifts ministries and activities on this now to have specific heating what you all are you are and I you and I you he is not told you he you he he he he she him and him will him we just trained over a hundred legs I don't get to get all my dump your life Bible instructors in Montréal Alabama and in preparation for our evangelistic meeting there is just an average charge of two hundred and fifty two hundred may be attending and within the new evangelistic meeting there but we know that we have to do some pre- work because advertising is not bringing them out in public evangelism how I track this for years and you're getting less than one getting less than one per thousand for every brochure so unless we do pre- work it's not a happening thing and so we were just planning assessment preparing the plan over a hundred ninety we had over a hundred labile instructors I just talked with them a few days ago when I got back from China and they said we had several Bible studies going back to some of our people have four and five I both ongoing and you see what happens in public evangelism there are five keys the key to successful evangelism can wanted spiritual revival without spiritual revival very little happened in the church so we teach and spiritual revival than trying up and we train them in health ministry we train and Bible study ministry to be taken through our entire we have the five keys in the first chapter here we take them through that then we afterwards rang a breakdown then we teach them how to reach out into the community with the health ministry so in a fourth key it public proclamation of public evangelism so what happens if we have maybe twenty or thirty from the cooking school that come into the meeting preregister only have maybe thirty or forty five R Daniel seminars from our home Grove sums from our literature ministry song from our Bible study ministry we may have fifty or sixty from our Bible study ministry and they are the first one down the aisle to make a decision at the evangelistic meetings because they've already gone through twenty five thirty on the event on the Bible study so so we're finding that the charges are all on finding that they want to learn they would come out and say well though let's look at but let's look zero in on specifically a strategy for health ministry here and I need little thing here and here that do it say we do this should do it by clicking soon August technology here that is now I wanted this one okay why blue well now it wasn't I just did it by hand but anyway on here I know that I changed okay here is where Ellie Doctor Kim okay are I you okay good okay where we began and establishing a church -based ministry where we began well then again from the beginning wow what does that mean consider the hands from the beginning what is the ultimate result that we want to accomplish in the overall plan the church that is a problem that we find as we go into church into public evangelism that there is no overall strategy you see the reason that the church is growing so fast and interim South America in fact we didn't fan they tell us down there you don't know how to do in North America have problems don't know how to do it and we can write a CD Jonathan saw when I was there and teach us how to do anything look we have our women's ministry our personal ministries department are a damsel in the department are our ministries everything found in school everything is revolving around a strategy around whole overall plan so we even overall we had those are going to really make something happen you need an overall plan we need to bring tedious planning permission and that exactly what they do is answer in South America and you know what happens when the do we want with them in China I couldn't believe it because they have a strategy they have a plan even though they have no formal organizations they don't have any formal conferences and and and and unionism divisions because they can't at this point they have organized nation in the mother charges and the mother churches are teaching the daughter churches and as we go from place to place or finding that we not only find monitor given daughter churches and granddaughter churches how many of my daughter churches here and are raising new charges are marchers so we need an overall plan and one is that we find it helpful as we go into a city is to have a calendar now this happened to be our active in calendar I just did one for my theories in Portland Maine were doing another one for Mobile but I had this one are really we share on calendar what we want to accomplish and activity and goal of helping people know Jesus Christ that's really what it is we have a calendar of events we start with planning overall strategy so you start with a calendar and say okay over the next year the next two years the next three years what do I want to accomplish in my church and we are told that the first and first thing on the agenda were told in the Seventh-day Adventist manual that the first thing on the agenda should be the mission of the church and eventually so we should be planning that in our church board meetings and an planning under other then using gift ministries and activities at the base we planned administrative authority that was the ministry planned activities and then people will use their gifts so we plan or can we use the various different health ministry number to determine your program the lecture material it is it talking about health ministry he did what he was in them until I got to do a cooking school over here and then the people pointing out what else we found we had a fine day in my column that anymore we get the five day plan and now believes free and all the other names for it but on when you grow up on five day plan you know you get that from embedded in your brain but I we would have a view you have people for five days there is not here he and I love you their quitting smoking but you know what we then lose them when you because we don't have a strategic plan we don't have seen when program and plan of evangelism so you determine that what you think of any of the entity classes on how to reduce the risk of the number one killer heart disease wow didn't have a whole program just on heart disease and are not however reduce the risk of cancer anemia downhole and is so legendary that have cooking school what program what are you going to determine once you have your overall plan how is that going to fit in to the overall objective of meeting people to Jesus Christ how even do that for you plan obviously planning material this is my our old book of natural lifestyle cooking without recipes we have a new one that's coming out that I think it's going to be quite exciting but very practical for people in their easy to do and we hope that people will be blessed as they share with their friends so we can multiply so how we can teach them the Eden diet I've gone to cooking schools in some churches and their not teaching me I had a very uninhabited she and Harvey milk and honey they are people I amazed because people were cooking schools and we never say anything about the fact that we're not using milk into cheese you know what people never debate us they're not disappointed they go away feeling well and having a solid notch you given so much I never knew there was so many options for a plant based diet and counseling on diet influence three eighty three hours Whiteface camp is Schumer 's pulmonary diseases are largely caused by mediating so when we can teach our people even our own people and a potluck and sinister just whether serving me and so I mean we need to be teaching our leaders in the world they even can our own churches the liability to take these if increased ten fold meeting and so we have an opportunity in our cooking schools in cooking schools exciting I tell them know what we're here to take you around our family table we want to share with you things that I will be very exciting and women demonstrate all of these wonderful food that God has given us already introduced by your God has given up on the abundance of fruits not scoring vegetables and then people will come up to him after class and ask us about the spiritual just a little thing that we said in the classes so we have an opportunity to share Jesus Christ even our cookies without you are doing on weight control you remember one of that but there really is indicative that was what weight control weight control people want to know how to control their weight so we can teach them about physical activity and what kind of exercise in the house and inactivity heart disease diabetes osteoporosis can their anxiety and depression can have whole program on some of these or depression recovery Doctor Natalie had a wonderful program on depression recovery we have so many materials out there it's not a lack of material that we have electric counting down South America they are young you don't know how to do it up there because it will tell me why anything well because you don't give them any guy who then you don't give them any ammunition and when you do not get away people have been the guy but we provide the material for them to do the program we provide for them and then they do it and then you know what we get paid back up where the hundredfold because we bring in all these people know we get the type of the operative anyway and so we need to apply materials I don't charge for my cooking school I wanted that I charge twenty dollars for the materials we given my book we give them all the samples of food we give them other additional materials and recipe and so we tell them we just charge him minimal fee for the cooking school and I pay for my food out of that that doesn't really cost the church because I paid for that and then they get my time there were not asking them to pay off thirty things up so what program are you to choose in health ministry once it made a decision to have a health ministry said there are many ministries as youth ministry this Bible study ministry the literature ministry and I tell my literature ministry by the way hey this is exciting now that's not on the door and get the literature out there because you got to get at least four of five of the a natural remedies and literature ministry here that exercise and sunshine fresh air is certainly not have trust in divine powers and knocked on the door so you guess that there are many ministries but an health ministry what program are you Dennis is there out there there materials out there and then point number three select your team to get directly around you train your team train and equip that that team and train people a lot of people not people who are going to literally driving people away because you know maybe there's not enough room has never had that happen we just had that happen recently where we know not only did they just send people away it is he has to get up and get their see dark or you make Ruhlman and you and you have a love for people people who are easy to work with people who had very yet sassy need those people who have the gift of health because of my cooking schools we need registration people we need readers we need people who are working in the kitchen we need people who are doing samples we also need people who are washing dishes people who have the gift of health of people with a variety of guest you don't have to have a health professional to conduct health program yes you can be a health professional but I'm not I'm not a doctor not a physician our daughters a physician our son-in-law the physician by daughter Rebecca is a registered dietitian our son is that PA or finishing up the last clinical and ready for PA and so we have no doubt that in our background but we're not my husband and I are not allowed health professionals and yet we've had literally I health programs we hide behind the authorities we hide behind the authorities and the only shelves on practical things and people respond and so he knew his people with a variety of gifts people who are committed also to the health message because you don't want to be battling in paintball horse angler I work this program you're not using now no eggs in season and people need that many of the calcium they need the protein and all that it can be battling that people who are committed to the health message in your and your health ministry Jean and people who are committed to Jesus and so winning because if they are committed to Christ and are committed to soul winning and they will love people and they will learn the message and you know what fell on the health message we are so privileged to have this wonderful health message got engaged in eighteen sixty three announces Otsego Michigan Alan White the vision of the health message and she gave it because our own leaders our own leaders were broken in their own health and needed it and she knew that the world with needed as well as the church so it is a wonderful opportunity for us and then quit those are a team of workers who have church growth eyes and soul winning heart they see everyone as Jesus did winnable they see them as winnable you see the person coming to that health program you see the person who's been on on tobacco and smoking for the last thirty years you see them as winnable seat every person coming as winnable and teach them to ask nonthreatening questions which will open up doors for the spiritual well some nonthreatening questions how did you learn about the health programs and then interested in health for a long time this will open nanny nanny door and as you talk with them and is trying to keep it on the other challenge is that if we don't have Adventist timing and mingling with Jesus in that statement as we mingle we need to mingle and as we mingle with the world as we mingle with those people coming to our health programs and what happens as we mingled together with them they are conversing there making friends and then when we offer some opportunities for Bible studies when we offer opportunities to come to the church or I think they've already made a friend so they don't feel alone so are just little things like our speaker talked about the fact that were physical mental and spiritual beings have your much about the spiritual health that you see when people are coming to my cooking school for five weeks in a row because I have five classes minimum of five classes and in my cooking school then they begin to identify with us they began making friends and you begin making friends with them and then number four organize and prepare your program what what classes are you going to conduct I know that in my classes on them and start with Brett because it's nonthreatening now let me tell you how that God has opened the door just with the spread class in nineteen seventy four and I still have it Chattanooga Times Free Press I we were at we were at the Georgia common conference that while good at the time they wanted me to teach some others did do cooking school which is not myself learning how to do this but I was doing it anyway and so they said my we would like to have a physician and his wife wanted to hold the current political and so they said would you do some advertising for himself down to the Chattanooga for our news and Free Press and he said to them they want we have a physician and his wife with a nurse that want to teach health classes and in all we like to have a feature article and I said well we're not really interested that you are aware interested in grantmaking do you know anybody that makes homemade bread Martin William a matter of fact my wife makes bread every week maybe I can bring you my love so he came home he told me I gave him closely brought it down she said this is what he told because I was there he said you know she offered to come to the home and take some pictures and interview me and I thought what am I doing this farm not holding a cooking school and found I thought well I'll do it anyway because the bread and every stage in Bangkok and also I just had ingredients over hair and I had I had you know rising and I have the bread coming on the armband and I haven't read all over the place I have a friend on and I will never add insult she was interviewing him I was hungry I make homemade bread all the time every week and and you know we a lot of different kinds of whole grain bread we know the reason bread wheat from the percent whole wheat bread we usually rise bread is going over everything and so marked within the other room with the with the other editors they had a camera person that Mister Tebaldi New Jersey and so at the end they will than I thought why don't know what can happen with this but I'm why they even came but then the next day we went we got a newspaper him to change spread with Pinter is in all these and all the bread and everything is an essential register for classes call somebody's having the right class and him and him yeah you know I are in I never direct path I would not even know where to begin with the brain and easy to him while they are doing well I then will I do this now on top of everything out I was eight months pregnant with the girl you see here with I was pregnant with our nine month I was in my ninth month and they had this advertisement top on down to the better living center and I'm sure nobody's in October in class I'll have it anyway I went down to the better living center and other waiting at the lady was on the phone and she is ultimately just a bit and she said all yes were having a break in class is wholly fail so worth scheduling for next week now I have to have even had one yet I managed to talk to her and she talked about classes and so I went down there and I thought how would I ever do this I have no idea how to do well I don't have it mixed up already because I need to have the second stage ready to go so I started thinking my mind how it would do this in a mixer that have the second stage ready ready already done what Apple would authority have made so I started thinking about this I deliver great back as she sat in the corner she so if no efficient year she was starting down an icy spray hair and she was right about that as I was giving the bread class and I thought nothing would ever happen in the rep class spiritualism I will know I talk to a lady and she was interested in getting five having Bible study and I turned the name over because we had just gotten calling the full-time public evangelism and the others are we on conference and we went there and so I turned your name over and let me tell you ten years later ten years later the same girl saw me at the Seoul Institute in Chicago Illinois network started in nineteen seventy nine and she said to you remember me to look familiar but you enhance it can you remember that first spring constant how I tell you I remember that well and she said well I came you started studies you turn my name over she said I just want you to know I continued Bible studies my husband and I both been baptized were at the seminary training and I knew you are here in the salt Institute and I want you to teach me how to bring him a man from a friend in so and I've found that I've taken that article to many newspapers I've taken it to newspapers I've taken it to radio stations we done radio spot weekend television in Orlando we went all over with our radio television and in Chattanooga and I got on just before I was not a television person believe me I am not a television person but all the over Jesus Christ himself although anywhere in our minimize effect you know we have this program and you know maybe we could do something maybe a few minutes and I went down there with all these new entrées and granola in August even on the television people work where we're looking and amazed and so they put me on and I thought we got in the light two minutes a minute to minute they put me on for like wow what a long time to television time but they offer about twelve minutes I played it at five o'clock we had over seven hundred people in Chattanooga as a result to help you choose your shoes when you do and then I get breakfast for that logically reason to making breakfast the better meal than I do mail bouncing and protein without means and no dairy no no products at all and then simple healthful dessert how can you handle it for example helpful dessert so plan your program what material is used how you doing when you set up for your display whatever you do and then prepare your demonstrations we can just run through this quickly because you know we have a whole thing on how to actually train the church and doing this plan preliminary preparations that plan all year your 's from your shopping to your displays to everything set up your tray is and do all the planning so that when people come it is so exciting and so organized they see you know if you have a cooking school and see all the display is all much friends and all the things you're making me see all the sample the addicted taste from the get to try them and then there excited about your health ministry and you don't normally do that if one time to see what happens when you come to the end of that program if they were having another cooking school with me having a stress management and how to stop smoking plan within the of depression recovery than I have eight weeks to wellness whatever your program if you have a list and they can check that and when they want to do it so it's ongoing so you do an useless and then you select into your advertising we continue to advertise while you can have the best health program but you are well known that people bear then it's not a factor I mean the guy gets from there so we do a simple brochure this is one that we got on our cookies called natural lifestyle cooking we meet we advertise you know what their government discovered or even increase your life expectancy by ten years you can decrease your risk of cancer and heart disease the lower the number of calls to improve your outlook on life you can create an atmosphere of joy during your meal and we create a brochure and then we tell him about our classes and while you have power to do it but we also advertise well I'm going to every radio station because you have to pay your free you go you go and your cat if there's a law that if you have a community service program like this that you can get a PSA on behalf of thirty second spots we have one spot and we were always been how people come out to the program so you need to advertise well whatever program you have don't just leave it to chance because it's not happen and then in some cases like specifically Orlando in Chattanooga we went to the TV stations and we had unmentioned over six hundred in Orlando because of it so you might not always get on Tuesday week and it very difficult but at least brochures are door knockers flyers there's so many things that you can do for advertising and then watch your program arrive early and pray I have it it's a nutrition class if it's a stress management class effect that if it held that whatever it is I want to be ready at least a couple hours before I want Radisson and when people come we can we can not we can just die and with the people we can pray before the meeting and we can priority on the gas and then he sees the opportunity and this is what is the key if you really want to transition your people from your health programs to your evangelistic meeting give them an opportunity this is simply what we do we have our brochure for our series of meetings whether that's revelation of how a weather if discovery or whatever it is we have our hand they all our brochure inside that we have just a sample of one of our pre- registration cards we had a pre- registration card and we simply say that ladies and gentlemen you've been coming to this nutrition class or whatever class today in your conducting isn't coming out for five weeks even coming from five separate classes and you should hold off how excited you are that you've been learning principles of how you can live ten even twelve or more years longer and enjoy those years you so excited about that but you know what we have another seminar coming up called revelation of help and we want you to begin to live a million trillion years not just ten years longer but a million trillion and so if you would like to come to the next theories on revelation of how we like to invite you and our special guests as officers would you just passed out the brochures right now they are already counted out key and evangelism I have things counted out you know how many around he comes down and within just second passes across the path across the brochure with the pre- registration cards have been at and we say now if you would I enjoy nothing just fill out that the bottom part about registration card in hand to the people at the door are our hosts and hostesses at the door and you know what just in the one we did recently in Chattanooga we get another one here in Chattanooga recently I had over a hundred people from cooking school that transitioned into our evangelistic meetings over from the people they will calm they say wow you know they had something good to say that usually like to tell if you have something good to say on how maybe we should try another spiritual as well some transition into given an opportunity could you always respond and who isn't not respond if you have a series on Revelation twelve and you can use the DVDs you can use the CD there are so many opportunities you don't have to have an experienced evangelist to do it I know I held my own evangelistic meeting and I am not an evangelist but I can tell you that something 's happened as a result of info and then number seven introduce and implement your follow-up program always have something going some kind of follow-up you have the sequence again whatever it is an end there are many other than what I've listed here are meaning you can find them you know they're all out there but some kind of transitioning but develop some kind of a form I have but one he worked for the asking and my appendix in this book because we take people from Bible study work into the meetings we take people from our home group Sunday under Wednesday meetings would take them from her health into the meeting and I have one called your thirty afternoon and they can request whether they want this is twenty five percent of people with track that will respond to some spiritual mentor programs is just amazing we've been doing that we transition them into Bible study personal model studies we transition them into public meetings with revelation of hoped-for discoveries and prophecy are on discovery or whatever are many tools for you to use out there there is the new beginnings which is the literally scores of languages on fast what they are transitioning in and have an Mandarin and worried learning that they're using it a lot in screen is just amazing again from five because he's been a blast you feel deviant results we have seen it my friend I'm excited about what God is an induced year with health professionals because you are going to smite my work that's what I do I go into these churches and train and equip specifically knowledge is trying to inspire you here because you can as I tell my people I can't train my Bible workers in just an hour I get inspired and maybe an hour but I should now like twelve to fourteen hours to early treatment where we can role-play and give Bible studies in the classroom knock on doors in the class and then do it with each other so we hope that you will go back to Spain and when your insured members know you will and this weekend was producing my audio verse four amen this medical management to learn more about me then please visit www. a manner that may not like there was more free online service in WW audio verse one


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