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Radical Apostleship

Derek Morris


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 



  • October 29, 2011
    11:30 AM
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our father in heaven these few moments so we had to open you weren't together we just want to thank you that we've already been profoundly blessed by the testimonies that we've heard we want to give you thanks for the way you have changed the lives screwed this amen conference even this weekend and I pray now in Jesus name that you would by your spirit con to us in a life-changing way as we open your word that we might hear a word from you not only to bless our lives but the lives of those around us in Jesus name amen we've read a lot in the past few decades about discipleship and popular and I want to begin by saying that I believe that God wants each one of us to be disciples of Jesus not only for a short time but for all of our lives but today I want to challenge you with a radical thought God wants us to go be on the safe territory of discipleship is he dared what you mean well take your Bible hope you brought your Bible with you if you didn't shame on you need income to be entertained this morning so what you probably have it on your phone right Matthew chapter can allocated a passage of Scripture which I believe confirms what I said earlier that God wants us to go beyond the same territory all discipleship got one CSU to change the world look with me in Matthew chapter ten and when he had called his twelve what is the saying of his twelve disciples to him now the word disciple meditation the greeted me as a learner and set I grew up in England where the tradesmen learned in what we called apprenticeships they would connect with someone who was scaled and learn from her or learn from him a disciple is one who comes alongside in order to learn now I want to say as I did at the beginning that I believe that we should come along Jesus come alongside to learn from him and that should be a lifelong learning but I want to say that Jesus wants you to go be on the safe territory of discipleship look with me in the text when he had called his twelve disciples to him he gave them power the word is due to nests in its dynamite power over unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all kinds of sicknesses and all kinds of disease go down to verse five these twelve Jesus did what all this exhibit is when I want to go outrageous one of the your disciples but Jesus 's wanting to get to them the word in the greatest Apple 's download from which we get the English word apostle Jesus sends them out you had to prepare us for this shift notice one use the Scripture records in verse two now the names of the twelve one is is a new Bible is involved in this I was anymore what is it because they are going to be what sent out looking Mark chapter six when they come back from this missionary experience in Mark chapter six and verse thirty you know the text about coming a part of resting a while but in verse thirty numbers prior to that reference Mark six verse thirty then what is this a new Bible then the white the apostles and not the disciples but the apostles gathered to Jesus and told him all things about what they had done and what they had taught what a challenge you with a radical thought this morning that Jesus wants us to move beyond the safe territory of discipleship he wants us to do something for him are you with me do I need to say that again I'm going to anyway I was only two people said amen amen means migrate that if this organization is what I'm hearing it to be you would agree that Jesus wants us to move beyond the same territory on discipleship and to do something for him that's called an apostle now suddenly like a Segway in a derrick I read the book of acts where they replace Judas remember Judas the separated himself from the twelve and they said will we find a replacement handle replacement means to me one who has been an eyewitness of all of the things from the beginning even of the resurrected Christ they chose to candidates their names were Matthias and Joseph also sadness they cast lots and who was chosen as enduring reality that this discussion is only twelve apostles you wrong but there are only about twelve who were the key eyewitnesses and testimonies about the risen Christ that I agree with but if you read the New Testament there are many who are cold apostles besides this well I will like to give you all of the references if you'd like to write them down but just call out the names of some look old apostles Paul he wrote half of the New Testament he is an apostle not of man but of God who else is called an apostle in the New Testament Barnabas is called an apostle asked fourteen in verse fourteen at the height this is called an apostle Andronicus is called an apostle James the brother of my Lord is called an apostle and if I understand what the loss means the seventeen who was sent out what also are still there are some apostles in the New Testament now I have a challenging question for you who was the greatest apostle of all what I asked the pastor he came into my office this week and without hesitation that he said is Paul I'm a Paul's the greatest apostle and I agree with that would you vote for Paul know he'll love that all right anybody who was how many would vote for Peter he was at the top of the antireligious when the twelve were noted anybody vote for Peter 's greatest apostle know okay James you lead the church in Jerusalem brother of my Lord that is a step brother son of Joseph would you vote for him perhaps well I suggest another name if you don't know who I'm talking about looking the book of Hebrews chapter three some of you have have studied your Bibles that's good Hebrews chapter three and verse one the greatest apostle is identified therefore holy sisters and brothers partakers of the heavenly call calling constant or the apostle and high Priest of our confession what's his name here it is in Jesus is the apostle he was sent down from the courts of heaven he came down on an assignment that would change the world did I tell you the beginning that God wants to use you to change the world I can tell you want you to be Jesus Jesus has already Tom how will you let me once this send you out as a radical apostle 's to change the world music arrogant nation characteristics of a radical apostle in the Navy three you might want to write these down could change your life three characteristics of a radical apostle I see it in the life of Jesus don't have to make it up because he is the greatest apostle of all three characteristics number one radical dependence she this is how I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of my father in heaven John six and verse thirty eight Jesus radically dependencies this man shall not live by bread alone but by category word that proceeds from the mouth of God radical dependence guys go to send you out as a radical impossible you see God wants to use you to change the world it won't happen because at the very foundation is a radical dependence upon God he listening to you I'm not that smart and you are not that strong music I think I have actually quite smart and I'm pretty strong not to what God wants you to do God wants to use you to change the world it's got to start with radical what dependence radical dependence that is one characteristic I see the Jesus hears a second one we just have a few minutes this morning radical empowerment what did Jesus say that Chapter four well right before you send the spirit of the Lord is upon you what you notice what he says and look for verse sixteen therefore in verse sixteen Jesus says actually Luke records Doctor Luke records so Jesus came to Nazareth where he been brought up Angelica Novak to verse fourteen then Jesus returned that one is saying a Bible in the hour of the Holy Spirit radical empowerment he comes in first sixteen on the Sabbath stood up verse eighteen he stands up and he says the spirit of the Lord I can you say that this morning thank you and have a witness video asked the Lord to be Lord of your life and he says asked the father is more willing to give the Holy Spirit and we are to ask that if you ask the spirit of God to be upon you today you can say as Jesus did the spirit of the Lord is upon me that my brother my sister is radical impoundments thought you could play it safe you could maybe press a few people even in this organization but I tell you today by the authority of God 's Word and God wants the easy to change the world and it will not happen without radical dependence and radical empowerments get down on our knees the beginning of the day and say Spirit of God fall afresh on me the blessing is for today radical dependence radical impoundment third characteristic I see it in Jesus the greatest apostle Paul radical commitment radical commitment to the mission I was reading again in the check fascinating thing they knew that the Jews are trying to kill Jesus even Thomas said well it foregoing let's all go and die with him but lived nine hundred sixty one says now it came to pass when the time had come for him to be received off that he's stand fast please set his face to go to Jerusalem me understand what's happening here when talking about a radical commitment were talking about a commitment regardless of the sacrifice when talking about a commitment regardless all the personal costs God wants to send out radical apostles even from this meeting he wants to use unit in the world Jesus is our leader the greatest apostle of all and he modeled for us radical dependence on the father radical empowerment by disputing God and no radical commitments to the mission will be just one story with me in acts chapter nine if you would want to take a few minutes to give you some 21st-century radical apostles but I want to look with me in acts chapter nine one example I'm in verse thirty six in acts nine if you think that the apostles went out to play it safe even not read the book these people go out with no radical dependence upon God radical empowerment by the Spirit and of radical commitment to the mission Peter standing by the bed of Dorcas she's dead I'm sure that as he was there he remembered what Jesus had said back in that he can to go out to proclaim the good news and heal the sick and by the way that's what this organization is all about itself this is not a new idea it's in the black Matthew chapter ten combining the proclamation of the good news about Jesus and extending the healing ministry of Christ is right here but I imagine to be upon the apostle Peter standing by the bed of Dorcas you sell I plan for this this is a little outside of my job description standing by the bed and the dead woman he needed radical dependence and radical empowerment and a radical commitment perhaps he remembered back to what just happened look back to verse thirty two P Wetzel the parts of the country came to the saints dwelt in the data varies out a certain man named NAS who been bedridden for eight years and was paralyzed Peter said to them NAS Jesus the Christ kills you possess out to imitate you are arising make your bed and he rose immediately sold to a letter and Sharon saw him and turn to the Lord that's preaching that's the gospel of a healing ministry together and I want to tell you that doesn't how skilled you are in your healthcare professional that is outside of your normal practice then that is Jesus the Christ feels you well maybe maybe Peter remembered that as he standing by the bed of the dead woman maybe remembers back to when John and Peter together had gone to the gate called beautiful you remember the story the man was begging their hoping for some all cents Peter and John say we don't have any money but we do have something that you need BC were not just playing it safe in our little Bible study group devoted disciples of Jesus we are apostles we got a work to do we had been sent out in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth stand up and walk in what it says in the text field reached out his hand to help user stood up walking and leaping and praising maybe Peter remembered that and he said okay what that was amazing and yes that was amazing to put the shoes that verse thirty nine the back ship to nine when Peter had come they brought into the upper room and all the windows the widows stood by him weeping showing the tunics and garments which torque is it made what she was within but Peter put them all it helps and knelt down and prayed no I don't know about you I don't know what was happening in his mind but my guess is that he was praying as much for himself as he was the dork is to understand what I'm thinking today I mean theoretically God I believe you can do theoretically all but it is serious about this and I'm not saying you're all getting a lateral raise the dead climate and tell you that God wants to use you to change the world take a deep breath my sister take a deep breath my brother Peter kneels down any praise turning to the body the main giver name their she's dead turning to the body he said that the arise and she opened her eyes and when she saw Peter she sat up but he gave her his hand and lifted her up and when he is called the saints and widows he presented her alive and it became known throughout all shop and many believed on the Lord I want to tell you that God wants to use you as a radical apostle he wants to send you out in your community he wants to send you out to impact the world it will take radical dependence on the father it will take radical empowerment by the Holy Spirit and it will take more than an average commitment it will take a radical commitment to the mission but that my friends is what God wants for you and for me it may cost you your life on the dive for them than live without them and their radical apostles today and I'm not bringing anyone up to on of them isolate you know it's still happening we just have a few minutes up to Johnny here I met John in the year two thousand where are you John I know you're here somewhere if you leave at the junction where I come on up here don't just wait two thousand impress me to become an intern pastor in Dalton Georgia I did not know the change in my life safety synchronization at Southern Adventist University people know that they get a teaching position they stay for the rest of their lives they call it happy Valley they even have a cemetery there so you can stay there until Jesus comes John grabbed a microphone but I pray to radical prayer in nineteen ninety nine it sounded legit to ten I pray to radical prayer I gave got permission to act that will need is from the outage was harvested the first step was to Dalton Georgia and I met up a a radical apostle I didn't know what to call him at that time and I see that again not to kind of making the celebrity but which someone you can't envision that you not just staying in the safe character of discipleship but God wants you to do something and that I wanted to share with me John even when you're in medical school because there are some medical students here in medical school you knew that you were just there to prepare to be a good physician you would there is a radical apostle what you did while you were medical school precise study of the school of was there a stimulus excuses consumer life in him so you had an ulterior motive the apostle anyway and you get it while you are in medical school now anything you went just into residency and then you went to the second residency and in dermatology and I understand that it was another resident who is not a Seventh-day Adventist Detroit Woody what would he start doing and wall you in the middle of that residency will oh well there to the web I was very scared because I was competing with a front lines in the right lines like these guys are one of the physicians is will there hear that so first thing I did was thoroughly Bible study and to methods every year and the other resident was not enough as an iPhone is living with her at her family and after couple of years she and her family felt about him to this day no inch that he will win anyway through practice and I know your practice is largely how uncomplicated as so you really busy it would be easy to just withdraw into the safe territory of being a disciple of Jesus but what I'm doing through you even now in your practice as a radical apostle well I fortunate in a positive started Bible study will almost as an S everyone is and has continued to this day and is probably had about all the past thirty one East five hundred and will leave you saying that unless he fell asleep from many people about five hundred and was changed you sure is change and changing you as a healthcare professional while is in a gratefulness is gone and will say is you know what is amazing how when you are what you will God sends people to help and you are one of the greatest blessings for me in my life but the mouse is a you know how to thought that he will be much more not only does he we had many people have received the truth in Christ and now justify a pious soul and is not a position he's a minister but eating out is a opposite is a scam is so radical apostles and the Georgia regional here I wish they had more time to share with John but I want to just inspire you that God wants to use you to invite the world would prove wonderful testimonies even even today Georgia when when when my wife started getting involved in health ministry and forth like church she was trained to God that he would throw out laborers and got through a couple named George and Dana got three and I I do believe this listen carefully you have a clear vision God will lead people to you to join you in that nation and George and Dana came and enjoyed since so much people know your well-respected in Tanzania health ministry but I want to focus outside of that right now about a Bible study group is growing rapidly at the forest like church that they got called you to be part of tell me a little of that word of hope we had a young Australian Journal to go home and theology student whose learning Jackson in a year wanted to get involved in the church and start Wednesday with your encouragement is called word is yet another in Ukraine is is a pleasure to be involved with this group of young upwardly mobile professionals if you will committed Bible students within the church and the entirely own bullies but we sure enjoy being there within an incursion on enemy before you go on let me just aspire with this thought about the Emmanuel the Australian and only the Ukrainian aisle and both of them teaching positions at the fourth leg church would not know today and both of them except so there are people out there with radical commitment Emanuel and Oleg were part of that they both went away got called into other venues of service at the same time were involved in the stop how many people are coming each Sabbath to this in-depth Bible study evenings I do say that little louder sixty five that's as large as some churches right at an average age would you say our heritage is probably twenty is very unprofessional here that will say amen twenty eight years old sixty people in Georgia want to thank you and the now I know you're little over twenty eight but God I see you as you as leaders to be mentors today's young people and God wants to use you to change the world thanks so much for sharing with us my wife wishes she could of been here today my wife is a nurse practitioner great-granddaughter of the physician to the Emperor of China he's got a passion for health ministry when they asked her to be the health ministry 's director of forest Lake church she probably thought I'd rather be hung upside down by my heels but God did something they are over the last few years that they changed my life it showed me fill what can happen when healthcare professionals and pastors work together with a shared vision and I want to challenge you with this simple thought today Jesus has a ministry for you that's six words could you say that with me Jesus has a ministry for you except I want to make it more personal now a change that you too may okay would you say it with me Jesus has a ministry for me you see doesn't want to stay in the same territory of discipleship pulpy a disciple of Jesus all of your life but Jesus wants you to do something Jesus wants you to go out to let them send you out as a radical apostle with radical dependence on the father with radical empowerment by the spirit with a radical commitment to the mission Jesus wants to use you to change the world but spray Lord God thank you for the greatest apostle of all Jesus who left to the courts of heaven sent out to planet Earth thank you for the call acting jointly and that workers are not just common learn but then go out and do and we feel frail we don't feel that strong or that capable but I pray for radical dependence on you the radical empowerment by your spirit and yes a radical commitment to the mission that by your grace that radical apostles would go out from this place digging in the world and we will give you glory forever and ever amen my audio version this medical environment and you would like to learn more about me than please visit www. Narain and I will like there was more free time on my mother WW online universe were


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