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Vacation Centers of Influence

Allen Lloyd



  • October 28, 2011
    7:30 PM
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father in heaven I pray for your spirit might incline each mine in each heart and my mind and tongue as we unveil truths that each of us the Jesus I was asked to speak not about me my tonight but about vacation centers of influence was actually has to do all with my family 's personal life story in regards to what happened a few months ago and this story was came out and I was asked actually stop speaking about a little bit of the history of this family story comes from the Novell and white she's as Christians were now in how and conserve moving forward is why wine under the direction of one power for the accomplishment of one purpose they would move the world she goes on to say the call to be given in the highway 's is being proclaimed to all who have an active part in the world 's work to the teachers and leaders of the people those who bear heavy responsibilities in public life physicians teachers lawyers judges public officers businessmen should be given a clear distinct message what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul searching talks particularly in the context of NEDs to give this message on the highways to the what we would consider the upper echelon of society the leaders society she knows on this thing we talk and write myself a neglected for sure not some attention be given also to be neglected rich was a call the rest neglected many look upon this class as hopeless and may do little to open the eyes of those who blinded in days by the power of Satan have lost eternity out of their record thousands of wealthy men have gone to their graves on Warren because they had been judged by appearance and passed by as hopeless as often we talk in our churches of those who are disadvantaged being judged by appearance but sometimes is a greater tendency to judge those but well by appearance is hopeless and not be worthy of going out of our way to try to affect them because we think they are on the festival she says let him different as they may appear I have been shown however she says that you need to take it very seriously I have been shown that most of this class are soul word there are thousands of rich man who are starving for spiritual food so it takes a person of the upper echelons of society the rich by the way they been under attack in our society in many ways but if you take this particular group she says she has been shown that the majority most means majority the majority of this class parcel burden and they are starving for spiritual food many in official life feel their need is something which I have not few among them go to church I know that they receive no benefit to using my hair it is not the sole shall we make no personal effort in the area some alas can we not reach them with publications and so on publications of course the term that would be utilized today probably more major way the publications that but it fits under the same category read media thinking that this is the group that we need to reach with media publications we can't get into their home but somehow the media does maybe they can affect she says there are many who cannot be reached in this way and by the way when it comes to television it's very clear that this group does not watch very much at all they're not there to be watching over three AVN or virtually any other programs are they gotten their riches not by sitting in front of the television set and so this is something that I learned early on often is problems with that and so they're not necessarily going to go sit there in vegetated channel flipped by she says it is what type of effort that they need personal effort there are many who are represented to me as being like Cornelius man whom God desires to connect with his church Cornelius if you remember was a wealthy individual a ruler of many very well-respected in his society but yet one who was won to Lord Jesus and the Gospel she says there's many like them out there their sympathies are with the Lord 's commandment keeping people but the threads that bind them to the world holds them how firmly I have not the moral courage to take their physician with the lowly ones and those of the lowly ones that have the truth of the gospel she's as where to make special efforts for the souls who are in need of special labor because of their responsibilities and temptations so it's going to require special effort to reach this group not the usual methods were told in other places that this is not the group intends to come to evangelistic spirit in your local area why don't they come they might be interested when they see the brochure they might actually be interested in some of those topics but if there is a very wealthy they are going to be recognized and they don't want to be reported as being at that meeting when they're not sure whether they're going to agree or disagree with what's being said and so they stay away their God they're not arranged by the usual publications by the usual media as we have already talked about but they are reached through special efforts now when I was coming across as counsel by the way some of his counsel was introduced to me by the president of a man of ability or talk to Phil is the is on audio verse but as a special talk with much more detail than what I'm giving you tonight out how to reach the rich and so I heard some aspects of that talk and in so that was in the back of my mind in regards to this story tell you night but also being present of Weimar I noticed driving from one small town to another in California I would see a large Adventist church every town in California has a a fairly sizable Adventist church was much larger than it is in other towns in North America by virtue of the the size of the town and of course California is the most concentrated place for Seventh-day Adventists in our division or in America and I asked the question why is California so concentrate I had to research this myself because most of the Californian circuit six generation may have no clue as to why it's it's concentrated and so I began to do some research myself on this and found out that it happened really in the eighteen nineties and nineteen hundreds and happened as a result of large tents being erected in prominent places in every one of these these large tabs would be well advertise everyone in the town would know that there was a grand event getting ready to take place in that grand event was just three meetings law that's all us the first meeting was on the second coming of Christ and that he was an exciting meeting there was fervor there was biblical evidence and that was presented with an appeal to be ready for Jesus to come the second meeting was on law and grace we might call this the pure gospel but truth combined with love was really what that meeting was about and then the third meeting was on the seventh day Sabbath and that was it the tent was taken down and taken to another city now I what happened is that Bible workers would stay in that town to follow the interests in the Bible workers would then fill in some other biblical truths that sanctuary doctrine such as the prophecy etc. and those Bible workers would then reads these of souls afterwards and I asked how high and mentalism grew by leaps and bounds in California and so when I was around recognizing this I this fact I had a desire to reach people particularly on those that I knew and those that I didn't know with those three trades and by the way our term are named Seventh-day Adventists pretty much says that as you believe in the seventh day Sabbath and you believe in the gospel of Christ the second coming of Christ are pretty much summed that does a few other details the narrative that enhance those aspect of things the reality that's what you are so how this vacation center of influence came about we only had one week of vacation for our family per year and I have four boys and we quickly learned that the boys love the winter sports and so what seem to be the best was skiing in Colorado and so we would ski and different resorts in Colorado which is a different one every year we ended up seeing many of the major ski resorts in Colorado by the way because of my speaking in many places throughout the world my boys do not have a desire to travel to say I would often take my boys and my wife with me on traveling and it because I traveled so much when we're getting ready to go would be do we really have to go do we really have to go to hope Canada and there agrees someone on some a obvious this day sometimes as they wanted to say how now they were raised in Oklahoma and what I would often tell them is to know I think when you get there on the ear and be very glad that you came and often many of these places we would go within a few days they say that can we move there and sell the ones they would like the surroundings etc. but just the constant on the go aspect of things I would tend to wear on them and the other aspect of things as there was a whole lot for them to do this they might just as a camp meeting I might go to children's means that sometimes it wasn't a camp meeting and they would just have to hear me speak and that after you hear your data speeds multiple times sometimes you rather do some other things and although my boy was more of this evening says I'm not going to the children's meeting tonight at me and I said was that he says that's good your speed and I said so you want to hear me speak he says yeah I want to hear what stories are going to tell him down by the younger one is a low supper and he's six years younger than all the rest of them so he still brand-new and listening to a fantasy and was very interested in that still but eventually we ended up asking and beaver Creek we found the bachelor golf ski areas are the beaver Creek ski resort skiers are just lots west of a lot five seventy and it's also close the Vail Eagle eye airport there and what we noticed particularly apt at this place and Don and also at the veil this is the the bachelor Gulch on you can see that the chair was there and has many places where you can stay under units etc. literacy and Cialis so you just cannot come and eat your lunch in and go out etc. and the boys didn't like that aspect of things being able to go in etc. so they want to come back to this particular place but what we would notice I'm going there is what we would be arriving up the chairlift with you know the famous Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee we would be riding up the chairlift with the CEO of Amber Abercrombie on things like that's the very well-to-do individuals in society and it was a of course we would try to get conversations etc. but it was only in outline format write up the chairlift and often to break the ice you weren't able to go right over on two thousand and those three particular important aspects are this is by way of the airport between before Christmas and up to New Year's you have to reserve your spot to fly into that airport because their private jets flying in every three minutes from around the world therefore vacationing time I don't have a private jet I just have a very small single-engine private piston airplane called Bonanza but I flu in their home family are somehow suspect the tests I should up the entire family was there some were coming from we marred other places are but you see these private jets opening and families pouring out of the heads of these companies and you just have a year-end desire to tell them so I sent sons when you think about doing a three night evangelistic series of the Ritz-Carlton in Beavercreek on our next vacation and announces what he wanted talk to all about I somewhat some of the second coming about the gospel and I want to talk to them about the seventh day Sabbath and he says that Dan he says you know those are great fangs graze as you know I don't know you'll get very many people coming if you tell me that's what you talk about and I said so what you say I said they need the message what you think he says wow he says you know you talk about Hal and wealthy people are very interested in hell I want you utilize a help topic particularly the brain aspect of things is kind of interesting my own son telling me what I said what I should talk about their in Iraq realized that in film else talk they talk about the race he mentioned particularly that she talks about that is a method that they will know actually come to your home church right helped me go there not fearful of being seen in a day and a chip meeting or some sort of meeting that has to do with enhancing their help wealthy people have a stronger desire to live longer because they want to enjoy the riches for as long as they possibly can and die so in regards to health aspect of things as I thought about I thought you know we can talk about those truths under optimize your brain and so we ended up creating some brochures out of on-the-fly and optimize your brain the first night was how to enhance your IQ the second night was how to enhance your EQ your emotional intelligence and those really two nights we advertise we had some others plan after that we also check for the race and because it was the week of Christmas they didn't have anyone renting their meeting facilities and so they gave us a steep discount to have their meeting facilities are rented out and then we had four people the week before one of them is here Lauren Holland with the focus in the acorn the week before with three others for and are you here nine hundred dollars if she is she's not here tonight and there are three others in Washington I just went around the town actually telling the people that we were holding a meeting and I also skied for a couple of days and handed out brochures on the media care less and then our family awry a day before the meeting was to take place and what we instruct it wasn't just our family life several families and most of them were from the the amen group that I know but only one of the amen families accepted my invitation and there were a couple of other families that did come along with it so there were four families either joined us and by the way for those of you that have been did not accept my invitation I'm almost over that and if you come this year I will be completely over it I like the they buy what we would plan on doing was instead of going up the careless together we would all go in the single file line and so on that way you have a group of about three others normally is for people on the chairlift and we were loaded with brochures and you know they can take you off the chairlift once you get on their and so I you have a captive audience for several minutes lawyer telling about the meetings that are coming up and so I we were able to meet a number of individuals that way and spread out but of course we didn't know what kind of results we would get because this is the week of Christmas and people are there with their family better to enjoy their families are not there to go to meetings or anything like that and though who would come I miss optimize your brain series and I win that will live of pre- work actually there was a couple of other things the four girls were there the week before stop by the TV stations radio stations and newspaper and the TV station the day we were to start interviewed me as part of their morning news on what we're going to optimize your brain the radio station interviewed us and many of the people on the careless we noticed had stated that they had heard it all yeah we heard that on the news so the news is finally getting dressed for their ski day and die and when the men had just been the news but when they heard about in the brochure and I can see a live person telling about it those two things came together in the TV and radio by David's son some credibility and so the first night was how to enhance your intelligence we had a wife of orthopedic surgeon I found out later that she was divorced from the orthopedic surgeon but she had three of her kids that were in high school and she sat them down the front row and sat herself down the front row and I said were coming to this event we talk to her later and the reason why she wanted her kids to get into Ivy League schools and get scholarship at Ivy League schools and she was very interested in having them learn how to enhance their IQ and ended up by coming those those other nice as well as it turned out I think in all of our group we had the very wealthy that were there we had people with multimillion dollar homes from the local area as well as from areas outside of this country as well as other cities in this country and it was quite a mix of people from all over the UBL the world except for the fact that there was one thing characteristic of everybody who attended and as they were part of the very wealthy high in our society on many of them are famously so and they were a very interested we told him it would only take ninety minutes max and I would be for questions and answers and as you'll see that kind of change I'm just going to go over a little bit about about what I talked about this is good for us as well to enhance our IQ I'm not going to go through the whole presentation just to enhance your IQ was ninety minutes I didn't mean for it to be that long but I saw this significant interest on people 's faces they were really paying attention I'm not going into more detail as a result you know when people are interested give the more and so we gave them a full ninety minutes intelligence is your capacity to learn retain and apply knowledge often measured by IQ tests are related somewhat to academic performance and studies clearly show college graduates first job after graduation is found to be directly related to their IQ how far in advance and that job is not related their IQ power is related there needs you which was the next night 's presentation on emotional intelligence we talked about the advantages of IQ as this was a long-term study on us that was just up publishing two thousand and five eight hundred and sixty two men and women researchers found that up to the top one sixty three that's a very high IQ participants risk of dying during a given period decrease as their IQ increase for example those with a childhood IQ of one fifty forty four percent lower risk of death than those with an IQ of one thirty five and so IQ is one of those longevity aspects of things and we got into a couple of reasons for that and of course these people are also interested in longevity we talked about the frontal lobe of the brain in the center of spirituality morality and the well-being analytical portion of the brain and how in the frontal lobe is compromised not only does IQ go down but there is an impairment moral principle social impairment lack of foresight abstract reasoning impaired mathematical understanding diminished loss of empathy all lack of restraint occurs as well and how the frontal lobe can go down by illegal drugs as well as legal drugs we talked about the effects of alcohol suppressing the role of any studies that show that once alcohol adversely affects the front alone widgets can take a drink to do that it takes two weeks for the real discipline thinking analytical thinking in the frontal love to return you can drive a car the next day because it doesn't require critical abstract thinking to drive that's why we allow sixteen -year-olds to do it in this country I like to do Isaiah require significant discipline thinking for these higher forms of math etc. so alcohol and abstinence is best way as far as IQ nicotine suppresses lobe of the brain to a more subtle agrees but also caffeine hazards role-play we talked about how even quarterbacks in the NFL and household to consume no caffeine why men are told to load up on it seems pretty unfair it is a high event is also why men are trying to tackle cornerback and cornerback doesn't have that stimulation on board I think we may be in the line coaches will will figure it out as I've noticed sometimes the quarterback will just make a little tiny step to the side of lime and go flying they have no brakes whatsoever but the is nonetheless I caffeine hazards role-play it wants the adenosine receptors in the prologue studied it can have been users can type a little bit faster but they may attend I is many errors was a cause physical problems such as heartburn indigestion tachycardia palpitations of the co- carcinogen means there's other carcinogens around it increases the risk studies show your actually more likely to gossip when it's not born the definition of gossip announced that he was sharing private information with someone who is not part of the problem or part of the solution of the problem it increases irritability but many people assume it's necessary in their case why is it necessary to feel like an absolute zombie and I don't have energy without it this study was done recently caffeine addiction is such a downer that regular coffee drinkers actually get no real pick me out from their morning happen while they all think they do Bristol University researchers found that caffeine beverage drinkers develop a tolerance to both the anxiety producing and the stimulating effects of caffeine meaning that it only brings them back to the baseline levels of alertness not about them this was a prospective placebo-controlled trial in three hundred and seventy nine adults although frequent consumers feel alerted by caffeine especially by their morning tea coffee or other caffeine containing drink evidence indicates that this is actually merely the reversal of the fifteen effects of acute caffeine withdrawal wrote the scientist said Peter Rogers Bristol University Department of experimental psychology measurements show that the caffeine users post caffeine levels of alertness were actually no higher than the non- caffeine consumers who received a placebo suggesting caffeine only brings coffee drinkers back up to normal so what is that saying all the reported benefits of caffeine are present in virtually all day only and those who don't consume and so if you want the benefits of testing throughout the entire day don't consume it and you'll actually get those benefits this was narrow psychopharmacology June two two thousand and ten we talked about the role of nutrition in the superior diet some of the advantages of the plant -based diet get more tryptophan in the brain more tyrosine etc. this was a large study on kids three four seven eight eight and half year old scores this was just done in America I was just broken up into five different groups of women and more impressive than they broke them up otherwise when we went through some of the environmental things that affect IQ such as these things all those things were controlled such as maternal education maternal social class when they lived in council housing life events anything going wrong home environment the twenty percent with the highest process diet in other words higher in fats and sugars five-point lower IQ compared with twenty percent to eight health-conscious diet with most fruits vegetables salad pasta rice by points to make a significant difference in your IQ it can be the difference between getting into an Ivy League school scholarship and not getting into that and so you think five is an ally with a half of a standard deviation and that is a a significant amount down and there is also and the reverse being true the study was done in Great Britain children with high IQs are more likely to become vegetarians when they grow up so not only does being vegetarian help your IQ but if you have a high IQ you're more likely to become study of more than eight thousand men and women age thirty whose IQs been measured when they were ten show that the higher the IQ the greater the odds of becoming a vegetarian for each fifteen line rising IQ in the study the likelihood of becoming a vegetarian rose by thirty eight percent even after adjusting for factors such as social class education the link was still consistent others in an article written I recently the Wall Street Journal and other places showing that there is a significant fact going on among the very wealthy and added as they are becoming vegetarian at a much higher rate and of course some of those people were already vegetarians were coming to our meeting among the very wealthy and so I told him in often one year when people realize we are a restaurant even bound that your vegetarians are asking the reason why and I said now as a result of this study if you don't have much time you can just give them the simple two word answer high IQ and that we talked about physical exercise and is in regards to mental performance and also did this aspect of physical exercise working with one's own hands in a real-world reading environment is imperative for both cognitive and intellectual development so is not only the physical exercise with allies but it's actually working with the hands that also helps with woodwork malware crap music car mechanic classes dropped by many schools and children lying to play computer games at home the Western world is becoming a software instead of a screwdriver society research is showing that increasing time spent in the virtual world of computers is a splicing hands-on plan hands-on learning for e-learning allows young people to experience how the world works in practice to gain an understanding of materials and processes and to make informed judgments about abstract concepts and one of the things that helps the frontal lobe it turns out it doesn't have to be necessarily well thought out things even on gain things like washing the dishes vigorously actually enhances envelope function because the hand circulation in the in the frontal lobe of the brain us the posterior aspect of the frontal lobe of the brain also enhances circulation portion of the brain as well one of the advantages of gardening etc. it is actually in helping in frontal lobe function so this is one of the reasons why we might hold them practical physical labor as one of the requirements when the chloroform we might even learn more about our table one of those core four is practical physical labor important aspect of that title and some already news such as the adverse effects of television increasing daydreaming decreasing creative ingenuity decreasing interest in reading and interest in learning reduces the sermon also effective and reduces sensitivity I call this is entertainment television of course that's the rapid scene of reference TV where the averaging of reference changes every three to five seconds educational TV such as C-SPAN does not have that effect in and where it has that slower scene of broad reference to change also increases violence this was a study published not long ago the more TV adolescents watch the more likely they are to develop attention of learning problems or do poorly in school the long run the amount of TV kids watch when they were fourteen was possibly linked to having attention problems later not doing homework being bored in school not finishing high school in hating school the researchers found fourteen -year-olds who added one more daily hour of TV risk of academic failure at age sixteen then this recent study focusing on entertainment screen time in general entertainment screen time whether it's video games or other even entertainment Internet does suppress the frontal lobe this was an interesting study published in Australia compared with it all to watch less than two hours of TV a day those who watch more than four hours and forty percent higher risk of death from all causes eighty percent higher risk of cardiovascular death during six years each hour spent sitting in front of the TV per day raise a person 's risk of death or cardiovascular disease by eighteen percent and the risk of cancer by nine percent now this was that I got a lot of publicity because people thought maybe this is just sitting what you said the pattern held even after the researchers took into account education level overall health of the participants for age whether they smoke cholesterol blood pressure and even how much they exercise exercise doesn't necessarily make up for the long sessions in front of it to Dustin and his colleagues figured into their analysis how much the study participants exercise when I compare groups of adults who exercise the same amount watch very mounted TV those who watch more TV were still at a higher risk of dying during the study reading or doing homework doesn't is not associated with cancer or heart disease of course that's a sitting type of exercise as well and so they say is not really sedentary behavior but more likely something inherent about TV viewing what is being discovered in the last year is that basically whatever suppresses the fall over the brain increases your risk of disease it decreases your immune system in multiple ways etc. and sell whatever that from alone in the traction is it is out playing a role not only in the brain but also in longevity we covered sleep time circadian rhythms the early to bed early arrives I told my own story you know this is of course the best way of getting melatonin is early to bed early rise how would I change my schedule from eleven thirty going to bed at nine p.m. going to bed which I did between my freshman and sophomore years of premed I took a much harder classes my software took organic chemistry physics for scientists and engineers foundations of biology and quantitative analysis all morning was spent in classes and every afternoon was spent in labs I saw to work this evening and how life changing my bedtime to nine p.m. and getting up early my GPA was far better than my freshman year one two oh four oh at that point but all those subjects and now we know the advantages of melatonin in regards to remembering what you learn that they many advances of related bad rolling arise Ellen White said sleep is worth far more before than after midnight two hours visiting before twelve o'clock with more than four hours after twelve o'clock happy change was that quote the research on melatonin hadn't come out yet then we went in the criminal biology these circus act and rhythm for weekly cycle are Saturday rhythms in humans in blood pressure acid content in the blood the red blood cell numbers the heart rate oral temperature female rest temperature urine chemistry and volume the ratio between norepinephrine epinephrine the rise and fall several body chemicals such as cortisol this seven-day rhythm is not only present in humans is also present in animals and there is a seven-day rhythm also present in plants we didn't use to realize this until we started doing computer analysis but when you graph on whatever the function is of a plant or an animal over a long period of time you start seeing a sign way that seven days and so the computer analysis is what revealed this to new research in biology called coronal biology swelling after surgery personal tenant of an increase in swelling of the Seventh-day Adventist fourteen day after surgery some lawyer person with a kidney transplant is more likely to reject the organ seven days and then fourteen days after surgery transplant immunologists are aware that they often adjust the medicines in time for this I mentioned to them the seven day cycle and how it's attempted be tampered with I believe French Revolution went into a ten day week you ever wonder why we don't have a ten-day week why the French put everything intense except the weeds actually try the week to do was attend a week there were ten hours per day one hundred minutes per hour R one hundred seconds per minute it was instituted by force during the French Revolution over the course of years religious institutions were not allowed to hold worship services except once every ten days and he wore your best clothes on the seventh day instead of the ten day you are actually arrested it was it was quite at your radical regime of the French Revolution what happened to the society the mental institutions build up the capacity and all sorts of chaos result was the mathematician Laplace who then instituted and suggested going back to the seven-day week the Bolsheviks and not Russia Stalin went to a five day week he said the rest of the French people got wrong it was too long were an improvement seven-day week were to go to find a week and I thought I went to a five day week to increase efficiency etc. efficiencies went way down and it was a better chaos again and Saul himself had to reinstitute the seven-day week despite his atheistic on longings and desires I then told about my father my father was an engineer getting his Masters engine engineering while working at Douglas aircraft and his only time the study was Saturday's but he began to attend a series of meetings he wanted to learn more about the Bible in fact he was going to a different church every Sunday to try to get a church that was going to study the Bible and he would tell the pastor of the church that he wanted to learn more about the Bible and most of the pastors he was visiting in California said you really don't want to get too close to the and would discourage them from from learning more about it but he was insistent on trying to learn as much as the Bible and God he wanted to do otherwise Saturday night is when he would look at the as releases on Sunday worship services and he saw one was going to be taking place on Sunday night on the Sabbath question and he thought less probably about the Bible maybe on that and he learned more about the Bible last night and you never learn except he was disappointed that these people didn't know about the calendar change he recognized they were promoting the seventh day Sabbath and his envoy these people not realize the seventh day Sabbath to Sunday they are about the calendar change in rank than a slide came out about the calendar changed and shown how to change the days of the week it is and what these people done their homework this is pretty amazing bennies are starting the Bible more and becoming convicted and he decided he was going to keep the seventh day Sabbath and he told his engineering friends during this study group he was no longer a study with them on Sabbath and he's basing your sabotage yourself this is your only data study your doctor may get their engineering school these are top classes any set I decided I'm going to obey God and leave the consequences with and leaving out his entire study day on Sabbath and just attending evening classes it was my classes his grades race to the top of the class online and that Sabbath keeping day of no studying he directly attributed to his improvement in his home IQ in his capacity there have been studies indicating the Sabbath keepers are more highly educated than the general population by the way in this country are more Sabbath keepers are Sunday keepers is actually more sensitive keepers there are more people go to church on Sunday by a very start minority actually keep the day holy per se and so on you actually get into the keeping of the data is actually more Sabbath keepers and Sunday keepers are seven to refuse to work on Sabbath have higher incomes in the general population and are studies showing about higher IQ than the non- Sabbath keepers no studies been done that today in regards to DQ and then I looked at the study other advantages of the seventh I certainly has better laws one day and seven the not lost I mentioned them it's better to sleep seven or eight hours and not to sleep even others a better time to sleep and so the same is true it's better to rest one day in seven not all must conclude however that any day what do you dislike most conclude any time of sleep will do per se this study was done at a of the Journal of personality and social psychology looking at an eighty day period of people and they notice the mood was in a seven day sine wave cycle and what was interesting about this it appears there is a strong weekly rhythm and day-to-day mode this pattern shows a peak around when Friday night and Saturday at a trough around Monday or Tuesday and so be the actual keys occurs there during Sabbath hours and by the way this is where you keep the Sabbath or not there seems to be that Pete I just learned later this earlier this week on media at the time when people watch the least amount of TV in America which night is Friday night why do they watch the least TV if you're in a good mood your watch TV is that in the and so in reality that's one of the reasons why Friday night is lowest TV nights the week but the Bible says and this was the quote that I gave them the only quoted to Bible text during this first presentation remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy then I went to music and its role how it enters the brain through temporal lobe and limbic system in regards IQ I went through some of the studies on IQ in the character 's brains and optimizing music was melodious music that can be simple yet attractive beautiful non- dissonant harmonies straight rhythms instead of syncopated rhythms Margaret of the coursework as straight rhythms in the rhythm less prominent than the melody and harmony and it's best the music tells a story if you can imagine a scene as a result of the music I was there and we went into some examples in regards of that of course saw the music that tends to promote this highest form is odd to original classical music were a lot of our hands are derived from this picture I took myself of the Dallas Symphony sold out twelve nights in a row at Christmas time without any advertising and the highest type price tickets are at that time as well as the resurrection of classical music and in America today is a result of some of the studies showing it significant benefit so I asked them just like I ask you tonight you want to be more intelligent you want to be more analytical you want to make better decisions have a greater capacity to empathize with others have better discernment have a greater ability to see in the future you want to have a greater ability to overcome an addiction that requires the frontal lobe as well will have a greater power to follow your conscience and if you answer yes to any of these I would review your life and and you get all course only you can review your life and see what you can change a ritual way increase the capacity of your brain Proverbs as for wisdom is better than rubies and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to so if you have the opportunity for more riches or more wisdom what should choose wisdom every time far more important night too I went into how to learn from your agent and basically just to summarize this one slide get rid of your distorted thoughts when I went through the ten different ways and distorted thinking we quoted the Bible more extensively particularly stories in the Bible they were great in illustrating the distorted thoughts and express thoughts and illustrating cognitive behavioral therapies they could see the Bible as a case but that was interesting elevated truth truth means non- distorted thoughts and race altruistic love what we would call agape and studies map and show them how emotional intelligence can be improved so I really had the reverse of what was done in California the first night was the Sabbath the second night was long grace the third night was nutrition in the brain and for this we can read the racing allow us to do fruit in the Ritz unless they did and so we invited them over to our home that we're renting with the four families and the first night I think we had fifty individuals come the second I think we're around sixty and out of those where there were in the twenties that actually came to our own home to you and to taste the food and to undergo a little cooking school and get a little lecture on nutrition the brain and that's when we got to know them and be able to communicate with them and realize that the man from Dubai was a multimillionaire builder over there who he was meeting up with his son in Houston and a roadmap in beaver Creek and both the son and the father came the sun had just had a conversion experience in Houston not a Seventh-day Adventist was trying to explain on spiritual things of the father who had no desire for spiritual things whatsoever until he came to our meeting recently IQs of the sign was very grateful in regards to what his father had learn his father wanted all of our material so he could read it on the way back to Dubai and the sign was very glad for me to give him a DVD on all of the Doug Batchelor evangelistic series thanks married he was going to study that on his way back to Houston and was very grateful for that we began to get connected with a lot of the people there one was a famous author in the area it was very fascinated with the material and there are some things you just don't get the first time that we would've done differently I turns out although we thought one of the girls was collecting names and e-mails on registration we didn't have that but we finally realized cooking school we didn't have anything wanted those recipes they could give us the names and e-mail Patty and Todd got three words was the one family from a man who went along with us and Patty has those e-mails has been denied by communicating some in passing that along ninety four if you remember the week of Christmas last year was Christmas Eve writing I Christmas Eve after nine three this was the first thing I noticed people are coming out the week of Christmas now what time to doing evangelistic series of it I don't know if any of our evangelists and not evangelistic series on the week of Christmas but this was sent us was that we can Christmas Eve was Friday night we encourage them to come for frontal lobe enhancing music for the season one of the advantages of doing it with the Guthrie 's and with our son says you can do plenty of frontal lobe enhancing music icon for a frontal of enhancing exercise where going on exercise to enhance the Frolov and we told him we know it's Christmas Eve most of you can please call those individuals that twenty some individuals virtually all that said we would very much like to come we think our families will let us know if I wasn't thought they were going to come in they told us that they were called us to let us know they couldn't come because their families actually physically prevented them from coming to our meeting on Christmas Eve but there were three individuals who gain and broke away from their families to come to God that Christmas evening and after the music of this seasonal music on weasel grantors verse by verse out of the Bible and discussed and it was the story of the shepherds keeping their flocks by night we went into what is that mean that is mentioned about it there were doing that at night and day it's obvious that they had a strong work ethic we went into the evidence that they were studying Bible prophecy no shepherds and asked why they were interested about Christ and then they heard the greatest music ever can you imagine how much that ticket price would be if you knew the greatest music ever heard you know you could charge whatever you want people would pay for the comment though shoppers didn't have to pay a dime for they heard the greatest music ever heard wonderful choral music would've loved to permit from a low of enhancing music then they risk their jobs to see the infant Jesus after that whether strong work ethic their priorities were still straight in their spiritual priorities took preference over their work ethic and then the parallel is drawn those who are ready for Christ's first coming will have the same attributes as those who are ready for his glorious return to all-out strong work ethics bill be studying Bible prophecy and their priorities will be straight as their job will be secondary in importance to their spiritual health and it was it was great participating in the and the high before we close this one other one why cause I didn't give them the Lord has given man capacity for what type of improvement continual improvement is granted them all possible later the work through the provisions of divine grace we may attain almost to the excellence that's what we can obtain and by entering this room tonight you have all entered the biggest room in the world the room for improvement and we do indeed have the back capacities or continual improvement and I would encourage each one of you have to not only do this in your cells enhancing your IQ enhancing your EQ she says we ought to study human nature but also consider even on your vacation I was thinking right here in Helton had we flew in below with our little bonanza in Helmand had them within five minutes of aware there are three private jets took off and so there's a lot of opportunity right here and reaching of the very wealthy instead of just going on a regular golf trip particularly when his family and of course there's pros and cons of doing this you know one of the things my office manager pointed out the Condit and you have less time to hang out with your family a result of this and now we had less hangout time per se but I can tell you the hangout time we did have was pretty exciting as people were telling their stories of how the brochure was being accepted I will end it whether the people are going to come in some of the rejection that I got as well are you kidding I'm going to go to enhance my IQ I came here to drink alcohol as soon as I'm off of this slow I'm going to basically I get snowed is what some of them would say etc. in some of the response back and forth and you couldn't that type of a family mission several families coming together and actually resolves them in something more enhancing often and just hanging out with your family is wonderful as I do get me wrong I love to hang out with our boys and families religious put our feet up in the fire in and just have a grand time with them in ketchup etc. but when you when you look at the pros of what can happen with really the same amount of time and often very little extra money was being done we can be a witness size even in our vacation time in the the Avenue of enhancing lives throughout the country what happened to the people there is no charge for the event and we had nothing for sale event and they were wondering now or expecting attached in some sort in May said why are you doing this for me this is your vacation time why are you doing this and taking time out to the GE Johnson we longer enemy were very glad that you did but why did you do it and they recognize the that altruistic love aspect of things at work and they saw an interpretation of the Gospel that they they might not of been able to see her as so that's not what I was asked to talk about tonight this year was using my audio verse four amen this medical management to learn more about the man please visit www. Narain and I thought you might was more free online service in WW universe


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