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Reformers Once Again

Mark Finley Des Cummings



  • October 29, 2011
    7:30 PM
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so what would Jesus thinking be like if you were here tonight how would he approach medicine time I talk to you about the masters methods in particular the master 's thinking process Doctor Lou Evans was on a short-term missionary trip to Korea he was there to do some surgery with a surgeon friend of his they were in a remote village and his surgeon friend was doing a operation a stomach operation actually on an old peasant woman that reference wasn't use of the surroundings they were doing the surgery in attempt and it was a very difficult complicated surgery the heat was stifling the odors were oppressive and this surgeon worked seven hours seven that grueling hours in this very tedious operation as the operation proceeded Doctor Evans tells the story of his friend pulling down his mask at the end of the operation saying she's going to make it blue she's going to make the operation is successful they so to Robin then they went back to the humble office of this missionary physician and Doctor Evans looks at his friend is that you now back in the states that's about a thirty five thousand dollar operation how much you get for now here with tears filling his eyes this exhausted medical missionary looked at the doctor evidence that originally a story about two weeks ago this woman came into my office and she said how much is this operation going to cost all I have is this old dented copper coin dedicated medical missionary physician reached into the bottom drawer of his desk to hold out that dented copper coin and held it up and he said that blue first I want to tell you this is what I get out here and old dented copper coin but let me tell you the second thing I get most of all I is a priceless awareness for seven hours these hands become the hands of Jesus and healing one of his needy children for seven hours I have a priceless awareness every time you minister to a patient physically mentally spiritually and emotionally you have the priceless awareness that Christ is working through you touch one of his needy children Jesus sees through our eyes as we see their pain Jesus listen us through our ears as we hear their suffering Jesus speaks for our voice as we give them words of comfort he loves to our hardly touches through our hands the facts the reformed thinking of a gospel medical missionary that is radically different than traditional medicine today that says get them into the office as quickly as possible get them out as quickly as possible so that the bottom line will be profitable medical missionaries and men and women who minister in Jesus name think radically different than traditional conventional medicine today every time we meet the needs of another every time we unselfishly minister in Jesus name every time we kindly serve every time we go out of our sails with compassionate concern we reveal the love of Jesus to people around us what is the purpose of medical missionary work as we call it what is the purpose of the healing ministry Christ is revealed his love this reveal his grace is to reveal his compassion in a broken heart hurting and and dying world how do you view yourself as a medical professional how do you view yourself what is your self image do you see yourself as a medical professional own way to pay the bills of a very busy costly practice what is your self-image Reformation comes when the perception of ourselves becomes different do you see yourself as having a calling that is as sacred as the gospel ministers calling you see yourself as a medical professional or do you see yourself as a minister May I suggest to you tonight it may be so bold to suggest that URS is not a common occupation you've been called by the master as a visible manifestation of unselfish love in an age of selfishness medical missionaries those doing health ministry have been as called by God as is the pastor who stands in the desk preaching on a Sabbath morning you are this is a minister and that's a reform thinking there is a change in the thinking process our self image is that we have been called by the master as a visible manifestation of his unselfish love in an age of selfishness may I suggest that you been called by Jesus himself the breakdown prejudice they even call to soften hard hearts they even called to open closed minds to minister healing to people with broken spirits and disease minds and follow the footsteps of Jesus Beatty needs everywhere in Jesus name I'd like to take you through tonight for case histories in the Gospels and knees for case histories are really for nothing yes they show us the reformed thinking of Jesus in his day when you come to John chapter one verses thirty eight we have a model that's set out by Jesus often in Scripture you have a great deal packed in a small text those texts are pregnant with meaning and in John chapter one verse thirty eight Jesus sees to disciples following him and he cursed at them he asks a question that becomes incredibly significant the Scripture says that Jesus turned in see the following set of what you say can not going to suggest to you that this question becomes the modus operandi for Jesus ministry it becomes the model for Jesus ministry Jesus says to them what are you seeking another words what's in your mind what's the deepest recesses of your heart what are your needs where you're hurt are you experiencing pain Jesus always began with another's agenda it never began with his agenda he was more interested in his needs that he was interested in more interested in fairleads that he was in his needs Jesus always begins where people are not where he is so we can leave them from where they are to where he is so this powerful question that Jesus asked what seek ye is the question becomes the modus operandi of his life he's always say what you seeking Sir what are you seeking man Jesus begins where they are he's always asking what's deep down in your heart with you heard what pain he was experiencing he looks at the woman with the issue of blood what are you seeking he sees demand by the public that there is one are you seeking he sees the crowds on the hillside of Galilee that are waiting to be fed five thousand and a hungry what are you seeking cc gyrus is and he asks him about his daughter what you seeking so Jesus always begins with the what's easy principle that John two John three John Ford John five illustrates what seeking principal and if you're a student of the book of John you recognize that John six is the apex it's the high point of the book of John because they are that they want to crown Jesus and made him king why because of the events that happened in John two John three John Ford John fine those four vignettes provide a model for Christ ministry let's briefly look at the in John chapter to have the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee in the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee the host runs out both on fermented grape juice add the fee incidentally I can show that you very easily of Scripture but that's for another day wedding feast at Cana in Galilee what really was going on there fear was social embarrassment how would you feel if your daughter were getting married you had two hundred people from the conference they are all your church members were there and you run not to rain on a sparkling grape juice and veggie burgers in the conference present was next in line and the potato salad only had a spoonful left on how to really feel you need pretty socially embarrassed to get a hundred gas that could be said that's precisely what happened at the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee and the prime reason for that story is to show us that Jesus did there is when people are socially embarrassed Jesus stepped in and relieve the situation in which there was social embarrassment so that the person would be red-faced and humiliated before their friends Jesus said in John chapter two what C Keegan John chapter two we see a Christ who meets our social needs we proceed from John to John chapter three in John chapter three the need is not socialist spiritual is rarely interesting that Jesus did not give Nick and suggest that Nicodemus had a hydrotherapy treatment Jesus did not begin with Nicodemus in anything physical at all why because that wasn't the point of his need Nicodemus is need with spiritual he came to Jesus by night and Jesus spoke to him directly on spiritual modalities Nicodemus had a religion that was formal a religion that was external he was a Sabbath keeping high paying health reforming Advantest was a Pharisee he was expecting the Lord to come but his heart was not transformed and changed and Jesus spoke to about the new wind was blowing the transformation of the heart Jesus met a spiritual need don't you come to John for the needy is not spiritual Jesus said to Nicodemus you must be born again but he didn't approach the woman at the well that way Jesus didn't say to the one of the wealth you must be born again have you ever noticed the contrast between John three and John for he's a man Nicodemus she's a woman must free obvious Nicodemus comes by night she comes my day Nicodemus is a Jew she is a Gentile Nicodemus is well respected she is a woman of ill repute Nicodemus comes seeking for Jesus she stumbles across Jesus Jesus approaches Nicodemus was spiritual standpoint he doesn't approach the one of the well that way he says to her he and he says this in the conversation that she's a woman it's been a plaything of man he senses that she is a woman that's emotionally devastated and so Jesus uses a strategy with the woman at the well that helps to repair the motional damage that's been done and done by abuse known you look at this it's writer amazing John chapter two Jesus meets a social meet John E Jesus means a spiritual meet John chapter four Jesus means an emotional need to come to John chapter five in one he says the people what he's thinking what are your needs in John chapter dreaming socially John chapter three made spiritually John chapter four needs emotionally John chapter five he needs a physical need and there you have the total needs you manic Manatee enforcing S and John to John chapter three John chapter four John chapter five in John chapter five Jesus comes to the man at the pool of the best of the interesting thing about Bethesda is this Bethesda was the place of the most hopeless people in all of Jerusalem that is the best of course always means house of death we ham bathhouse that we have read that Satan has stated his fish Beth 's house of house of our dwelling place of death State of the house of fish Jesus calls the fishers of men Bethlehem the house of bread Jesus the bread of life is born in Bethlehem that is that is the is mercy that his house so Jesus comes the most place of both despicable suffering any shows compassion and love and makes it allows the mercy that's indeed what our role is that every physician 's office becomes a Bethesda becomes a house of mercy it becomes a household where people who have lost hope gain new hope when people lose courage if there's a way like a shadow now have new coverage with people whose joy has gone through the hands like quicksand and slipped away that our offices become Bethesda 's would come houses of whom they become houses of mercy and compassion and love what we see in the first four chapters of John John two John three John for John five we see a Christ was so selfless that he goes out of himself to meet the needs of others we see a Christ who is so loving and so compassionate that all he's concerned about is the needs of another of Christ who though invites them to make choices because the change comes at the point of choice and so Jesus says grammatical diversity you want to get well another which do you choose to get well if you have that spark of choice Jesus says so choice always in faith their combined choice must it is the choice to believe the choice to believe either that or future the choice to believe that there are possibilities for me and I haven't yet seen of Jesus and he elicits from Amanda 's been there for thirty eight years whose life has passed them by the elicits a response of choice by choice to have a different life Jesus method evangelism what is it fine they need in meeting Jesus taught people at the point of their deepest need I love ministries healing page one forty three Christ's method alone will drift through success in reaching the people the Savior mingled among that is what it is either good he was a hermit he didn't move off into some country retreat and let the world be lost while he gathered a few disciples around him to be saved Jesus plunged himself into the context of human need he gave his life for the service of mankind he didn't give his time to give his attention he didn't get his money he simply gave his life Jesus poured himself out every day like each of you are doing in your office is like each of you are doing you medical practices sometimes exhausted pouring your life out ministering to others physically mentally spiritually emotionally this is the reform thinking of Jesus that sold drastically different from a medical work it simply thinks only of a bottom-line and profit margins price methadone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with man is one who desired very good he focused on their needs not his he shoot his sympathy for the this compassionate minister to the needs won their confidence and then he bade them follow me develop when you look at the ministry of Jesus as we minister to others in their loneliness and heartache their minds open to internal realities as we look at their felt needs we lead them to ultimate needs now Jesus always ministered to people 's felt needs but in his mind he was looking to minister to their ultimate needs there's a difference between a felt need in an ultimate need a felt need might be a need to quit notice quit smoking the person comes to your office they know that they been coughing and wheezing they know that their lungs a congested and they have that felt the need to quit smoking it might be a felt need to lose weight it might be a felt need for happier marriage it might be a felt need to alleviate pain the felt need is the name of the person perceives it may be a felt need for QR for their heart disease and cure for their cancer so there may be some kind of felt need which they perceive the felt need is the one person is interested in satisfying now but the ultimate need is what human beings need most in the long run the reform thinking of Jesus is not only deal with there felt need but it's thinking about their ultimate need a recognition that every human being will be empty and have before leaving in their heart and soul on the less vague Sam's that reconciliation with God is possible I was interested in Martin's slight misstatement he's a former president of the American psychological Association in his book authentic happiness he said this legions of people in the middle of great wealth are rich but he must fully doubt about it three things starving spiritually that's an interesting statement from the former president of the American psychological Association Philip Cushman another American psychologist concurs that are prosperous and individualistic society is constructed itself that is fundamentally a disappointment to yourself there is an Australian epidemiologist Richard Richard X early X early who sums up the human spiritual dilemma in his book well and good with these words filling up an empty self is a poor substitute for the meaning derived from deep and enduring personal social and spiritual attachments as a result our society is realizing that it is been running on empty and he is seeking to rediscover a deeper spiritual comfort specialists in psychology recognize that the materialistic values of life have not satisfied the deeper longings of the soul of men and women in the twenty first century and the reformist thinking that will come to a generation of medical missionaries of physicians and dentists and nurses is this that if we failed to minister to them spiritual we essentially have failed to minister to that there is a deeper spiritual component in every life and ministering to men and women physically mentally and emotionally is not simply enough unless we tossed the deeper spiritual void in their life Jesus wasn't content to merely heal the woman with the issue of blood from physical affliction he walked we vote a response of faith in her heart Jesus wasn't content to heal within her arms he longed to heal withered souls Jesus wasn't content to merely heal disease bottoms belong to heal disease mines he wasn't content to heal people externally he wanted to heal them internally because he knew that if they weren't sealed internally they would not have complete healing Jesus wasn't content to heal physically he wanted to heal them spiritual and physical healing without spiritual healing is incomplete because if you heal the also bought you don't heal the anxiety that led to the LCO to see that patient again if you put a stent in the heart which maybe needs to be done I'm sure dozen times but you do not deal with the marriage problem the exasperated the stress of that person 's life you will see them again may I suggest to you that reform thinking in the area of medicine as a thinking that looks at whole persons physically mentally emotionally and spiritually Christ was interested in more much more than opening blind eyes he long for people to see divine realities Jesus was interested in more much more then healing deaf ears he wanted them to hear the voice of God speaking to there aren't Jesus was interested in more much more than healing withered arms or palsy bodies he wanted to heal policy souls do we have ulterior motives as we minister physically mentally emotionally to people sure we can we long for them to know the Jesus that he given the inner peace where willing to help people because they are children of God created in his image we have no walls motive in the sense of personal aggrandizement we help people because they are created in God 's image but we recognize that without the spiritual with their lives will be in complete and as how do you apply this healing model of Jesus that looks at people physically mentally spiritually and emotionally how you apply that to corporate health care in the twenty first century market the key question in fact it's one that we actually from the top of our agenda 's we talk about what we wanted to to bring the Adventist health message and its power through the healing ministry of Christ to the needs of American health reform so the question is does the healing model of Jesus Christ offers something that is a solution to America's health crisis LS start with saying yes but let me tell you the journey that we believe you have to go through to get to that yes first of all what Mark was talking about on healing the whole person is absolutely court the way Jesus behaved and we are frankly in the situation we are in America today as I talk to people who are patient there they are absolutely tired and worn out on what they call partial medicine is medicine that treats you as mounds or hearts or other parts but doesn't talk to each other and they always complain about the doctors and her son always talking to each other and that everyone is talking on talking to me so they talk past me to talk our meetings on around me but nothing happens to me so you see my friends in this world of specialty subspecialty development of Madison we've gotten to the place that a doctor 's relationship with the patient has become commoditized into a transaction that last about fourteen minutes on average that particular process takes away the human relation in the dimension of being able to sense the spirit be able to communicate with the mind and being able to treat the body and create a symphony of healing otherwise you have individual solos that are played out as different people come into the room reporting on different parts of the human experience and body one of the greatest crush things that I found is asking questions of patients is a work of our doctors asking questions of patients one of the questions I wallop is I have a habit of praying for my patients is raising specifically that I could pray for for you very simple question guarantee it will bring you a definite answer try doing the method we do which is we pray for our employees and our patients on a young casting lots basis we pull five names randomly out of the list of all the names one for every day of the week and we pray for them we send that name to them two weeks in advance a letter this is will be praying for you you would not believe the responses we've had on people who said I didn't know why you sent me this letter one of them told me but the day before you pray for me my daughter got in a terrible accident and she now lies in a coma and she needs every prayer holders can give I didn't know why now I know a number of people come and say the day you sent this letter to me I was getting ready to go home and call it quits my marriage this changed my life start praying for people you'll open up their whole being will open up their whole soul into one another is not only one of the things that exterior questions and oftentimes a walk-in donations Romans say you have the spiritual resources general pastor to help you through this time so now don't necessarily worry out but I haven't seen in a long time since you joined me to be a pastor during this time very easy conversation very easy question the question on my favorite friends for this chief for medical staff asks before we finish talk about your holding your healing is or anything you're coping with now that's complicating your healing process great question great open doors great interaction there is a slide I hit where it came from because I doubt you would guess is the definition of innovation is says whole innovation response the whole concern on consumer mind body and spirit was done in two thousand and six by Massachusetts Institute of technology they are basically saying holistic solutions are what will solve the problem it is their particular group is focusing on senior citizens at the age lab group 's only talk about caring for the whole person we follow two hundred patients to the hospital and their families I didn't want to go through patient satisfaction study and asking people perception as they left what did you really enjoy what did you miss we actually sent a researcher in the room and watched every interaction they had in on average just getting from the front door to your room is fourteen interactions with twelve different departments is incredible that over the process of time in a average Daniel have almost a hundred interactions with twenty six different people processes of being cared for so we have all this thing happening around us when you are caring for someone in the hospital is one of their top forty dramas in their life when gazing the Disney company called ideas and actually have them follow the patients we want to see what a third-party would say we should when things really happened right at Florida hospital tells what happens if all of those two hundred patients had twenty thousand words that they act red dot from actually listen to them talk and then interviews and we've got it all digitized so we can follow it use it for research purposes they said one doctor hits a home run three things happen number one the patient admirers of physician or appreciates a physician who is able to deal with the body confidently they appreciate them immensely they admire them one actually engage their mining answer questions and interact in saying the understand this are your options would like to think about that they adopt them when they touch their spirit and energy to their emotional life and they begin to say they treated me like a daughter she treated me like a brother he treated me like a father I could tell that those words you become a part of their family our journey is not to just touch the person but to get them to become members of the family of God because they are the children of God and these children of God in their times of hurting often lose track of who they are so if I were to answer one question for you I would tell you simply this the reason we are going to enter into a time when most medicine will not be able to cope is because we've come to digitize the patient when we really are called heal the patient it had digital topology can have digital digital ready galaxy in all kinds of digital representations of the patient but you look into their eyes you have not been able to encounter them as Jesus encountered and so it is that in this environment we're hitting the wall on one issue in America that's driving the costs in healthcare reform one issue what is chronic disease chronic disease if you take a look at the cost of the Medicare payments of the are in medicine the medical spending for Medicare ninety nine percent of the medical spending is spent on people with chronic disease one percent is spent on people have zero chronic diseases take this statistic for hereby twenty two percent of the people in Medicare have no chronic diseases they represent one percent of the cost of Medicare on the other end of the spectrum twenty three percent of the people have five or more chronic diseases must you think they represented the cost sixty eight percent of the cost come from those for sixty eight percent of the cost ninety nine presented cost and chronic disease else why doesn't digitize medicine really a is it able to really confront this issue of caring for chronic disease effectively why because hospitals were made for episodes of care chronic disease is a continuum of care you cannot solve a continual problem with episodic solution number two and most important when you get down to the core of chronic disease eighty to ninety percent of chronic diseases depend upon the patient caring for themselves right you have to follow your what you tell them to do yes follow changing your diet changing the way you think changing your exercise program changing these aspects of your life there I tell people in the insurance business you don't ask about it tell me while the patients are noncompliant know what the problem is is that basically we have appealed to their head but we are not motivated to change their spirited people are changed from their spirit and this is why the blended the vision of the blended ministry is so important today because I believe as we blend physicians and ministers we have the formula to be able to transform lives and the problem with chronic disease it takes life it dials it down on all dimensions of where you are willing to let your spirit be known your body be ill in your mind be apathetic and as a result you lose the engagement of the spirit of hope you lose the mental understanding in pursuit of what is a solutions for your life and you lose the physical stamina to be able to go forward we are all about igniting people inspiring people so if you look at the creation story you will see in there the pattern for the way humans were made and how God can help you in your practice be able to ignite these people and I say the most important thing that I teach people today and create in their whole idea of health is to take an inspiration break because in fact you are inspired your live for its pure made for inspiration when God came down and touched Adam and created him he kissed them into life with the breath of heaven that's called inspiration inspiration does for the human what helium does for a balloon it makes you rise above the atmosphere in which you live it makes you create your own internal atmosphere that causes you no matter hope used to be able to rise again the second way you can live you can survive my respiration survival can come my respiration but is like putting oxygen into a balloon it will settle to whatever the environment takes it and usually to the ground and in the final ways you die by expiration and if you are not expiration work take a global enough that within it all the things you expire and then instead of letting the balloon be tied to and not let it go and watch it zip around the room and fall lived in the corner and you realize that there people you work with are always expiring over everything you have to say Sega in the midst of a great moment somebody has fifteen reasons it won't work and they just spew expiration already stayed in a deal with people who live by inspiration people who survive by respiration and people who died by expiration and the point is with you and your practice you will know where this solely as the spirit is somewhere in that process and it may not be the same place the body is the body may look more alive in the spirit is so this is where you become absolutely healers because you're able to see holistic link the three dimensions of that individual and touch them all and therefore bring healing and hope and the reason most digitized programs will not work is because they can't take chronic disease and put a nurse on a telephone line in front of a computer screen reading protocols to somebody and waking up a certain time you take your way did you take your medicine and they really don't want to do it and they won't do it and they won't follow through with it because they need to be re- socialized into inspiring atmosphere which lifts them up and that cannot happen over the phone with digitized protocols that happens with church your born within your join with people will run a journey to heaven and with like-minded hope you move together towards the kingdom 's not mad not an easy move out one without flaws but that's the way you move now the next question is out of the philosophy that we just talked about how the question we talked about does the health and healing ministry of Christ model a solution for America's health today were asked that question in nineteen ninety two it helps us prepare for now nineteen ninety two we were invited to make a bid on building the Americas Hospital the future in the new Disney city of celebration in that process we put forward a claim the claim was simply this we hot the city to be the healthiest city in the world we know how to do it because were the healthiest people in the world as we put on a piece of paper pretty bold we backed it up with a lot of statistics many of them were statistics about the Adventist health study that all you participate in you made it possible so he made the last last two after starting with fifteen proposals from companies all over the world from mail to Cleveland clinic Hopkins everybody came into this weekend on the last two they sent a member of their board from Disney with this question we understand your philosophy of healing for the healing ministry of Christ in Scripture what is your philosophy of health explaining from Scripture only when interesting explaining from Scripture only we decided we go back and look at all the things that we had written all the rings Ellen White written I and my team had been working for some months in fact personally my wife and I really learned in working on the creation model for some months for years in our own lives because I believe that the creation story holds within it the secrets of how God plan the world and I'm a great believer in understanding how plants things were intended to be because then when the world is broken you can go back to the original plan and write appropriate back to fix the problems of today so I sat down with his gentleman and I said everything you want to know about Agnes and their health I believe can be traced to the creation story I believe that you'll find everything they are embedded in the creation story as we begin to speak and talk about this creation story turned out to be a Jewish gentleman in my talk to him quickly about Sabbath not told the group earlier I used to embed Sabbath deep into the journey of getting acquainted with people you know how usually preaches Sabbath of about three weeks into the two weeks into the evangelistic meeting and you know after grapes that the halls can get smaller and the bargaining if you're because you just given them some very challenging thoughts of truth now I bring Sabbath right up front the reason I bring Sabbath up to the front is because I tell them first and foremost disease takes the romance out of life and first and foremost God is love and I believe when we understand the secret of life will understand that Islam I believe when we understand the secret of light will understand this is love the physics of the universe I believe is anchored in the character of God it emanates in life it emanates light it emanates all of these powerful resources of energy so it is I began to talk with him about that and he was reportedly according to him a atheistic Jew but he began to talk immediately about how his mother kept South and how over the course of his years every time he remembers his Sabbath he is worn by the thoughts of how his mother kept South Avenue right there the Lord was working something and when we came back he said you know these eight principles of health she talked about I believe in our cleaning I never heard of market seeming of your marketing never heard of marketing arcus seeming means you put your beliefs into concrete and stone you put your beliefs into the building he designed the buildings that express your beliefs so I'll show you how the building is designed just a moment there is a hundred and thirty five foot tower of the hospital of the future celebration Florida eight sides in the hundred and thirty five foot tower because his architect says you've got a take is a principles but the men put them into the building itself a site that tower so when we came back and began to talk about it myself back on track here we came back began to talk about these principles the team and I've been working on these principles and we were able to articulate them into the work creation see and you have that you have a copy of the book Leon provided that for you as a gift to your ministry in the in the packet she receives help you cut all the book secondly as you leave tonight you'll get a DVD that on the one word on Outlook the only NASA can you be able to see how we actually share that with people in small groups and it might work for you and your practice so see choice the first two letters of this are all about the most powerful parts of your life choices a sense of purpose for conversations about Daniel Marty Starkey purposed in his heart he purposed in his heart the big problem with America as Marcus pointed out we don't have a sense of purpose therefore we don't have a sense of destination there were four we go everywhere hoping to find ourselves somewhere that will be what we should be more connected to everybody but independent with you or nobody if you want to read about that there's a new book that just cannot call them alone together written by the MIT professor women female professor who deals with the psychology of technology within the Internet and interactive smart phone and bar we took these principles first choice because in the center of the garden with the trees got put them side-by-side and never would've done that good and evil never would've been side-by-side in my garden would hit evil way over in the corner and would never call it the tree of good and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are called the ugly tree of death and I would listen nasty serpent in their which see godless freedom in your life so deeply these allows you to choose any laws even the devil to have his day because true love choice but you are given the power of being you choose today the purpose in your life when you do all the small choices will line so we explained to them that an rest your oscillating creature an oscillating world as you talk to Doctor Natalie you explain all of these biorhythms as they go up and down every time you are able to craft the health of a human honor on electrophysiology monitor you see the waves represent health and flat line represents death we teach people so often they are flatlining their life meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting when your life take the time to have inspiration break take the Sabbath rest principle and put it into your daily life God put Interpol 's he took a day off just to be with his children he let your heart rests you see oscillating your mind the ability to help people understand the power of rest but rest has three dimensions the rest in your spirit is relax your safe in the arms of Jesus go to sleep you don't have to sedate yourself you you you can actually go to sleep because you're safe in the arms of Jesus if people do not have mental rest they have no peace and our spiritual rest they have no peace and even laydown early and find yourself not resting didn't get up early work hard and find yourself chasing the wind as Solomon said second thing is that the mind peace of mind that allows your mom will allow your mind to be at rest instead of having ninety things running through your head wondering what I forgot what I didn't respond to her costly having yourself interrupted by vibration it comes from your cell phone or some other text that you got a response immediately you have the ability to put your mind ease but your full attention to the patient that you have and the greatest compliment you can ever give to any person 's full attention I wanted Doctor talks about me being too busy I taken to the to the Luke story where Jesus heals that the man when he's speaking the five thousand you have always people in the smasher coming by you read that and he does a complete explanation of what is going to do he looks up to heaven he prays he touches the man's tongue with salon and heals him and you read that in no more than two minutes because he gave them full attention he took him away from the crowd gave her full attention greatest comment you can give a person is your full mental attention wonderful alignment of your being on the body the body at rest we often talk about and we often explain the importance of rest and how many hours you need and all of that I find that we spend too little time on the spiritual driver arrest as long ugly love his allows people to rest and this is the beauty of the Sabbath and explained people I say enough what happens is romance needs to fill your life you can't let romance be taken out the detective story Ernest Ernest Rogers artist was sitting in front of camera the television was asking him a question when did you decide to marry this woman the woman was sitting beside him he looked at the camera and said one night we were at a social event she was laying things out she wore a blue dress with sequencing of the sequence the lights in the evening and he cast a glow on her cocoa complexion that melted my heart and I had to find inroads into her loveliness and the camera just than what you just did all my goodness they just heated up and it pulls away an easy ninety five and she is ninety three when I got married feature on the PBS special happiness to add that a secret of longevity is called God knock over ninety in love and it Doctor Ernest Rogers and his wife Mary ninety three ninety five and he says I'm going for healthy hunger this week I'm gone for a so what will I say to people they say all my goodness ninety three ninety five lovers in your rearview mirror its way behind the romance forget it I said to Ernest rightly guided tell me how to keep romance alive at ninety five he said every morning find a new way to tell my wife lover so I got to give me some idea what that means they said well this last morning I put my hand over my eyes and waited for a test she finally came mighty close yield my fingers off and I began to recite poetry to her when I said two things number one don't tell my wife I number till you got Sabbath brother you got it figured out because God is love in person the Sabbath is loving time in the church 's love in place he seen six days God created life in the seventh day God created love to get the day off to be with his kids the first full day of their life he wrapped them with his presence and it makes all the difference in the world you can preach that all day long because it's the beauty of love and the content of love in thing of love is so vital for the day of love is so important because God for himself and took on most other religions sanctify location sanctifies time because time is what love is made up as the raw material of love you need time and so you got a find love in your life first you got to find a purpose second you got to find low panels to think screech why do I like that in the creation story number one is biblical number two traces exactly downcourt God is all about I shared yesterday the creation stories all written poetry that tells you were made for romance guys highlighted by three songs that tell you he's even got worse and the song of three critical moments the first time we says let us make humans in our image that is love of a parent the second time when he wakes Adam up to CE becomes out of surgery and he looks into his eyes the first surgery of your surgeons you love this part of the story today first surgery comes out becomes out of recovery and he sees this creature and five enemies as well old man a password get woman within the Hebrew developed for it enough this Saturday the second song is bone of my bone flesh of my flesh please listen gentlemen one of the greatest arbitrations of falsehood in our society is that the man should be macho and mentioned a romantic for the greatest romantic is God himself he loved with all his heart men were made for romance and make to get poetry their wives the third song his Sabbath becomes the Sabbath and Sabbath is a song free lines seven words on each line makeup 's statement about Santa that's why always say six days God created life seventh day God created love we are the people of love it is no wonder the devil wants to make us expire in church I criticizing one another that's what a lot of criticism is a double another breach so here we are our model of health is derived from the creation story I told his gentlemen our model of health country the creation story our model of healing comes from the redemption story got touched the world twice the first time with health when I was lost through huge true human choice he came back with healing if you come to our hospital you'll find that there's two corridors the front corridor is the street of health and factorial corridors the Avenue of healing so that we can serve both populations because you see God is with you in a covenant relationship both in sickness and in health and why should a hospital be the last place you want to go to the first-place you want to leave and you never want to be there if you're healthy sweet great a hospital where we have forty five thousand fitness members before five hundred fitness members to come in a thousand trips a day into our fitness center we at health all in the front corner we have here doing on the back burner to charges of God why create things after God 's model and they will be productive and thankfully thankfully is not only a model for God but more people choose to pay cash in a hospital in any of our other hospitals over ten percent of the people therefore it is very very profitable I believe we need to give ourselves away where people cannot afford it I believe where we people can afford it we need to test our value and interest tops were made to be the head and not the tail and so the next question is is this still is a solution so compelling that it could lead the world why we asked that question because of this crisis in eighteen seventy six GR James White came back and found a failing institution in the health reform Institute and the patient's letter said this on his desk your publishing building your college are all first-class but your health Institute department is third rate James White said this it is a disgrace for Seventh-day Adventists do second-class job in anything but time has come to bring up this branch of our work so that all rest to steer Battle Creek Chile number one by the time they actually dedicated the new building in eighteen eighty five the president General conference over Daniel said this this institution is going to be the largest of its kind in the world and if one seeks a more complete appliances and facilities for treating all manner of diseases in a more intelligent application of daily cases enhanced to mistake them on some other planet are here we are the best that this one has offer ladies and gentlemen how excellent is thy name in all the earth if you do something sloppy in Jesus name you have done the greatest disgrace to him that's the greatest heresy ice to tell my students were preachers it is not the person Justin Sarah says I don't believe in God hurts God deeply as the person whose as I know God I believe him and I will bore you for thirty minutes Wednesday like this forever now thank you I would not know thank you I would not that the person who puts the scar on the face of God is time for Adventism to step up to front a leadership for the world it is not will never be persecuted and do we lead Jesus would've never been persecuted and thus he led you must lead first your call to lead it is time to leave it is the moment to lead we had a reason to leave our first alert came with this from the NIH news over the next few decades life expectancy for the average American date could decline as much as five years and less aggressive efforts to make slow rising rates of obesity the alarm rang in two thousand 's nine with this from Robert Wood Johnson commission to build a healthier America for the first time in our history the United States is raising a generation of children who may live shorter sicker lives and their parents we must act now to reverse this trend more watch this line watch this line more healthcare spending will not address this problem why you can talk about obesity and inactivity they are huge problems but that is looking at the speedometer and trying to understand what's wrong with the engine best the scorecard I am far more concerned about babies who are born without love and are named without a father without a family and they go out to be born and to be live knowing they're not loved they cry like Leah the rebel like Jacob they perpetrated the anger of violence we cannot have enough emergency rounds to handle all those problems where they go over in this dating themselves with drugs a few make it out a few make it out for mercy can work in the deepest and darkest situation I am more concerned about the lonely people and as we go to Thanksgiving if I'm on call at the hospital the most difficult time is to find somebody who has to have administrative consent to remove life support because they have no one there beside no one to walk through the valley of the shadow with lonely seniors angry children will drive our nation 's health care like nothing else portable drive obesity lack of purpose will drive all of the things and Mark talked about him in his quotes you stand at the point of where you can make a difference so what we did was we took these ideas together to create a vision for our future and we said will take the health design of creation will take the healing ministry of Christ to link the history of the address health care and will take a leadership that is will look at the leadership that will take to lead the future and we said what about imagining a healthy hundred year we are in the downturn of America's health about a man healthy hundred because Americans are speculative seventy eight access list eighty nine that halfway two hundred eleven more years and you'll be in a hundred why not think about a healthy hundred because we have all the ability to pursue it is a personal dream is a health equivalent to going to the moment it's what U.S. News & World Report found all the baby boomers sanguine asking how long you want Lily said ninety two when asked a follow-up question why do you always say ninety two is this it will be in a nursing home after ninety two that's not living says that if you didn't have to be in a nursing home how would you want how long would you live in a seven hundred hundred is the magic number you hear it all over wire at this golf I believe that I just finished the book this will be out next week on eight secrets of healthy hundred which tells the story of all the various people including Ernest and I just talk to you about Rogers and all the various people on these eight secrets because our goal is a healthy hundred creation is the AR the eight secrets to get that healthy hundred but I found that I can speak to companies who may not want to hear a spiritual or feel like creation maybe more of a spiritual approach when I get a healthy hundred the mayor has health symposium for the women Directors in his area that becomes biggest to be little bit light on the spiritual widget so I came and walked in and said I just tell you my story and I begin to tell my story at the end is that we have your books this year they said the word about the spirit judges someone so I began to talk with them from that direction we have the credentials because we start we were born in health reform we solve those problems would reform America's breakfast leader for nutritional habits of America with the Eden diet we published the first and largest journal in America for good health we act we were the environmental reformers smoke-free living with Pioneer smoking cessation drug and alcohol free living all of these things when I neared exercise done to music if you know the history of that one and we also are at and reveal the secrets of the blows all the places on our planet where people live longer and healthier life moves on number three is the only one in the United States and where is it okay are you going to California for the staff Loma Linda is located about sixty miles east of Los Angeles and where you will find they will inherit you want is also where you'll find an thousand followers of the Seventh-day Adventist church in anticipation part of their core belief includes an emphasis on it I know no smoking no drinking no eating meat or process ninety four -year-old dentist Doctor Ellsworth where you will be found in the greeting he still does open heart surgery amazing guy who where and that means that the diet which means no food that can be built in and up to ten hours a week working in his garden I seem to get old you should keep him to him I see with young people funeral homes like you will be invigorated for days to having met you this is I think people will like this before I reveal as well as of twelve thousand 's operations in poverty Missouri is it about role models especially in the present take a break from the rigors of daily life to release stress even sacred time every week just for you also spending time with like-minded people will help you build supporting in the get exercise from low impact physical activities on a regular basis this will help you build strong muscles and bones essential is the only cut back on meat in your diet and add were not cut your risk of heart disease in one plants in your diet to a more servings of fruit and vegetables per day can reduce your risk of cancer and get back helping others and still this is a purpose and can help stable depression so you see we've been recognized got us brought us to the kingdom for such a time as this did you notice the number one thing that recognizes most unique about Edmonds Sabbath sacred the sanctuary and time my friends I love God 's idea of love live with romance live creation healthy change the world are so let a single year I will in this media was used by audio Versar amen this Pentagon and was never married he would like to learn more about me then please visit www. .in and I will like him more free online service in WW online universe are


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