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Our High Calling, Part 3

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • October 30, 2011
    7:30 AM
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want to know when your Bibles with me to first Samuel chapter nine verse Samuel chapter nine here we find the description of the physical stature of the first king of Israel King Saul wanted to know this what's so up here externally first Samuel chapter nine verse two says this any half this is a speak about Saul 's father and he had a choice and handsome whose name was Saul there is not a more handsome person that he among the children of Israel from his shoulders upward he was taller than any of the people you looked at Saul you would've said this is a win-win proposition because he was tall he had charisma and he was handsome but I believe that God saw potential in some big assault was God 's choice to be the first king of Israel no SR seventeen over seventy chapter nine so when Samuel saw Saul the Lord said to him very has no man of whom I spoke to you this one shall reign over my people it was a large choice God saw potential in slow just like you saw potential just like Jesus saw potential in June not will will be will be more also also very impressed notice verse and chapter ten versus twenty three and twenty four first Samuel ten twenty three and twenty four this is when Saul is actually introduced Israel as the King saw Abraham and brought him from their and when he stood among the people he was taller than any of the people from his shoulders upward and even Samuel is impressed and Samuel sent to all the people do you see him cooled alloy has chosen that there is not one black cumin among all the people saw all the people shouted and said on the invalidity Samuel wasn't the people were impressed but of course the Bible tells us that Saul did not live up to his potential not to live on to the assets they have and instead of being a stellar king in Israel he was continually disobedient and eventually he committed suicide and sorbitan necessary to elect a gnocchi all holy having learned the lesson that appearance can be deceiving so God instructed Samuel to go to Jesse 's home but with the first set of chapter sixteen in verse one percent of chapter sixteen verse one but says the Santa Barbara Jesse 's home and you're going to chose their thinking that I have that I will show you should be the next king of Israel and so it says there now the Lord said to Samuel how long will you mourn for us all see you rejected him from reigning over Israel failure horn with oil and goal I am sending you to just see the back of my form I have provided myself she among his sons so God says the Sanyo I shall send mighty not been gotten all which of the sons of Jesse was going to be king RCV so I didn't follow the process that he did I want you to notice what the price is less for a Samuel chapter sixteen verse six and then we'll jump Duncan versus eight and nine percent of chapter sixteen verse six and version then versus eight and nine want you to notice that three of three of the sons of Jesse are mentioned by name it says here in verse six saw it was when they came that Samuel looked at a liar and he was impressed it says and said surely the Lord 's anointed is before you saw Jesse called up and down it may pass before Samuel any sense neighbor has the Lord chosen this one then Jesse Meng Sheng Ma passed by any standard neither has the Lord chosen this one and science on the sons comes before Samuel and the Lord says not this one not this one not this one but interesting process but already know who is looking with one of me and yet God has Samuel go for this project we know the reason why as in the first example of salve Samuel and the people have blocked the actual whatnot they may have looked at the output appearance but they did not see the inward potential notes for Samuel chapter sixteen verse seven where this is made very very clear but the Lord said to Samuel this is before Samuel actually most of this process but the Lord said to Samuel do not look at his appearance on his physical stature because I have refused him for the Lord does not see a man as man sees for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart what was not trying to teach certain he was trying to teach Samuel that what we see is not always what we get look at a person not by what they are but by what they can become the power and through the grace of God now let's take a look at file for persons looked at little navies was the joints because of the last woman comes forward Westinghouse Samuel looked at me for a Santa chapter sixteen in verses eleven and twelve percent to sixteen versus eleven twelve and Sarah sent to Jesse are all the young men here that you sent there remains yet the youngest underlying network the young views and where he is sleeping they seek the godliness and is not even a soldier he has not is now Samuelson Jesse sent him and bring him for we will not send out to the Dunsmuir so I sent and brought him in now he was arriving with bright eyes and good-looking he was cute that will set our eyes I liked him for lyrics below I want to a mommy 's boy I keep proceeding in experience and I hope you will need to have starts that's how Samuel saw him how it solves see David you remember the story when David said although like that Josh what does all saying first annual chapter seventeen in verse thirty three missing David as he was for a second chapter seventeen in verse thirty three and Saul said to David you are not able to login his philistine to find within for you are a you and he outlines of war from his youth and other here we find solved saying the actual but not the potential he saw what was before his eyes not what could be the three brothers of David look at here well in chapter seventeen we find the story of David and Goliath but with me to chapter seventeen and will reverse eleven and thirteen and fourteen and verse twenty eight first Samuel chapter seventeen and verse eleven when Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine they want this in grant writing unless you can guess who was in the who was in the army of Israel LI of Bennett and an shame they weren't cowards now we know why they were chosen as a rainy and thirteen the three oldest sons of Jesse had gone to follow salt is now the name is now the second three names not all Muslims are not named only three have been Monday when the king 's Johnsen nomination as being it says the three older sons of Jesse had gone to follow salt about the names of his three sons went to the battle were an ally and the firstborn next to him amid a nap and a third shame verse fourteen Damon was the younger and the three oldest follows a large verse twenty now I have is oldest brother heard when he spoke to the men with the Davidson Outlook like the giant and alive 's anger was aroused against David and he said why did you come down here and will you let these shape in the wilderness your shepherd boy I know your pride and your insolence bracelets of your heart for you to come down to what you come down to see how that his brother is like a payment the news report how it's all there the little Super Bowl out of cellular and is now the question is how did Goliath look at the treatment they can will I and swollen and those you will be left on the car and sources Jumper seventeen in verses forty to forty four this is Goliath you and when the Philistines looked about and saw David he disdained him the worst mistake that you can permit on the battlefield is to underestimate your enemy for he was only a few writing and good-looking I guess this would mean that the last with me so that was sent to David and I talked that you comfortably with stats LLC stated by his gods on Mount Narbonne is involved in the Philistine said to David Jimmy and I will give your flesh to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field you see the issue here is that human beings could only see the actually could not see the potential best songs ever as he wants and not as huge as he could become the grace and through the power of God I have to learn this lesson of looking people looking at people as they are instead of looking at people as they can become I taught theology for six years in our seventh evidence University in the city of Medellin Columbia back in the late seventies and early eighties I had students come to my classrooms that were stellar academically stoves that never got less than a four oh GPA and I must admit that the students I said these things cannot miss these are the best workers in the field you know what many of those who were four oh students when they got into the field where a bus and many of them are not even working however there were some struggle to get a C average I studied hard they can take I think of one individual once that my head I'll tell you his name his name was young while lateral if he was from the state of something in Venezuela is tremendously I will implement ten cents when I got I mean is not easy got seems and I know I study hard in my perspective this is not going to be any success because he can get a high GPA you know what he became the champion solely in Venezuela for year after year after year as so have the benefit of hindsight which is twenty twenty yeah I wanted to get back into the classroom into something because a lot has taught me not to look at people as they are and they can become not to look at the outward appearance but look at the heart that's exactly what Jesus did for me share with you an interesting experience you know I went to the mission field when I was four years old with my parents my dad works as president of the West Venezuela conference and then he was president of the East Venezuela conference part of my best field was left on someone that might not ring a bell but that's where David gave his airplane window and nine when again is and the being was part of yes hello I had to go visit in Davis Indians is called and saw how my dad for the first time that he went down there you go there was no road at that time not have a world where you can get down there but at that time there was no way to get in except I'm not one one engine plane and only came in once a week and saw my dad flew in he says that it looked like the plane was in the land on top of the trees and then suddenly there was this unpaid landing strip and my dad tells the story of meeting with these Indians were the first time and then then telling him how they had built the church which was the only building that had a concrete floor and sink will all of the others have much walls and my floor and in all facts roofs was just so happens that they had walked three days across the jungle the Georgetown British in time and they had bought the sex of concrete and visiting and they had walked seven days back to the village saw the dog would have a special house and to this day you can see that surges into the little town of applicable if you want to read the story of the Davis Indians it's a fascinating story a few years ago actually many years ago a book was written by Binghamton Herndon called the seven they some of you might remember that book where the story of the Davis Indians is told how God reached the chief of this Indian tribe just by giving imagery and telling him that over Davis was an account and when he came that they were supposed to listen to him it's an amazing story but the point I'm trying to bring for this story is that while the industry is that these are Indians have is diamond mining as well I was down there and said would you like to go with us and not an go to the mind and see how we mind nine so my guest and I would be very interesting for early one morning be against my neck will remind nine sorry he wants the Indians as they were working on you know they they would pick out from many stalls it looked like rhinestones and adopt certain stones and eventual winners in this this is a guy in my gut I utilize us I saw the snake game I got twenty two little tiny diamonds and when I look at the diamond is an asinine you is the fact that I have ever seen in a document the oil is like you know sometimes when you're walking on the beach of peace and glass washes up onto the beach illustrated in the water for a long time it's okay smooth international luster Thessalonica diamond looks like it just looks like a common piece of glass but what happens when the diamond is cut that was the ordinary becomes very left becomes very view and that's the way people you know people have rough edges you only let certain people we say that this individual could not be usefully nonsports and yet it hasn't lost that person can fulfill great potential it makes me think think of the sons of Jacob but we just share with you some things about the sons of Jacob had a veritable Simeon and Levi these Sam but with a little bit about the story there was a young man called second and he fell in love with nine which was the only sister that the sons of Jacob hath and they had sexual relations before marriage as you become pregnant now there was a problem because our second love dying in one three nine so as was the custom seconds a more set your system wants to marry Dinah and Simeon Levi Sage we have no problems with that but there's only one condition of any accident our sister cannot Mary a uncircumcised men do lives among uncircumcised people as all men have to be circumcised in all a man of seconding uncircumcised man we will allow our sister to be married the second Bible says that all the man said yes it's okay will get circumcised and on the third day when the pain was rated Simeon and Levi and probably some others within sale upon all men of the city of second and sleuthing because they couldn't find because it went terrible pain because of the circumcision can you imagine such a savage act is that Simeon and Levi and Danielle Rubin Howard it wasn't written willing to deliver Joseph is an ultimate leader I also do not coed social relations with his own daughter-in-law by the way women also committed incest with his father 's concubine the all you look at one after another of these using the these individuals have absolutely no potential and yet you know what their names are in marginalized for ever on the gates of the holy city no as Revelation chapter twenty one verse twelve Revelation chapter twenty one and verse twelve it says also speaking about the city she had a great and high wall with twelve gates and twelve angels at the gates and names written on them which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel can you imagine the name of Simeon and Levi being written forever on the gates of the holy city room and Jonah travel the reason is that God saw these young men not as they were but by what they could become and what can we say about the twelve apostles bigmouth Peter on the RealPlayer some Simon the zealot the sons of plunder James and John the philosopher doubting Thomas Matthew the Internal Revenue Service agent join us the kind I mean politicians the tallest in TSA Glendale away and even ten cents for this bunch any of their names are immortalized on the foundations of the walled city Karen told in Revelation chapter twenty one verse fourteen novel while the city had twelve foundations I then will the names of the twelve apostles aware emergency Jesus is something in them that cannot be seen with the naked eye seated beside him not as haywire as they could become by his grace and by his army to take one example from among the apostles to illustrate this point we all remember what happened in Pinus court Peter was very sure of himself wasn't Wesley is all never deny you Lord I'll be faithful even unto death the third time that he denied Jesus he did die demonstrations like you know what Peter denied Christ Ellen White explains Peter was not afraid of dying he wasn't because he was willing to take up the sword in the garden Ellen which says that the reason why Peter denied Christ is because he was embarrassed to be associated with because he accepted Jesus was the Messiah and now Jesus was being led to the cross he was embarrassed to be associated with Jesus Christ the worst type of treason and yet Jesus did not see in Peter the one who would deny him a son Peter the champion of the gospel to the Jew had a great change taken place by the time the day of Pentecost absolutely tremendous change not Peter is living up to his potential it's not the actual limit the potential impact notice acts chapter one verse thirteen is a very interesting verse acts chapter four in verse thirteen in there to record I want to underline you know when you're in the New Testament bring that allow things and come out the blog we read in English it says about the change in Peter and the apostles also in John it says now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John speaking of the Sanhedrin and perceived that they were uneducated the word uneducated ingredient is on close they had no grammar but the next word is even more tempting that they were educated and I explained to her drivetrain is easy all day and the latter and here yes stake in place now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were uneducated an entrée into this name Arnold why and they realized that they had been with Jesus the shorts to shortchange what can happen to a person when that person is the diseases is the only way that we can really live up to our potential this is a wholeness and I want to get across both is that we come across all kinds of people I come across all kinds of people as a minister you do as medical personnel isn't it true that usually we have a tendency to look at people by what we can get from them on what they are you know I've found that some of the people that appeared to be least will be used by God are really those of you know I can just share this little bit of this little tidbit with you you know and when I grew up I thought that kids who had down syndrome weird not long you keep away from him at least when you're that age you know well when I went to pastor West Frankfort the Shelton claim as I call them were my members and brother sister Shelton had a little boy his name is Jeffrey 's name was Jennifer he died he has down syndrome I learned so many things from that kid I learned to love people no matter what this kid went when I would go to visit the shelter thing about the country and there was this great big tree and from their house and Jeffrey Parson what was coming because I was called before I go he would be waiting victory I can still see it today he would be waiting for me to arrive in the car and when I arrived in the car he would come in to where the car was and when I know are he would he would embrace me and when I went into the house and I sat in the living room of the house he was denied he would hit me like this Haley did he give me gifts it was a mess when you and sharks when I was preaching and I got excited let's stand up and also he taught me a laugh I believe we'll see in the kingdom as God intended and delete buttons so taught me things I wasn't never know unless I have come in contact with we shall not see people as they are we should see people as they can become through the grace of Christ I want to add my telling you one last story is a story of Paul and Barnabas in the book of acts we find that there was a sharp contention between Paul and Barnabas it says there is the book of acts then after some days Paul said to Barnabas let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing I believe that this is acts chapter ten or eleven I I didn't write down the gentleman is right in their chapter can read evidence verse thirty six so many one help me and tell me which chapter is to the ten or eleven since then after some days Paul said to Barnabas let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing brisk thirty seven with August fifteen fifty okay verse thirty seven now Barnabas was determined to take with them John called Mark by Paul insisted that they should not take with them the one who had departed from them in Pamphylia and have not gone with them to the work of his policies this is not useful for the work before substance in Pamphylia verse thirty nine then the contention became so sharp that they parted from one another and so Barnabas took Mark and sailed to Cyprus but Paul chose Silas and departed being command brethren the grace of God Barnabas saw in market potential the great apostle Paul Solow potentially allowing a range of eloquence comment about this accident fossils one sixty nine and one seventy she says it was here that Mark overwhelmed with fear and discouragement wavered for a time in his purpose to give himself wholeheartedly to the Lords work on used hardships he was disheartened by the perils and try nations of the way he had labored with success under favorable circumstances but now amidst the opposition and perils that saw often beset the pioneer worker he felt to endure hardness as a good soldier of the cross he had yet to learn to face danger and persecution and adversity with a Braveheart as apostles advance and still greater difficulties were apprehended Mark was intimidated and losing all courage refused to go farther and returned to Jerusalem that's what Paul's got this assertion caused Paul to judge marked unfavorably and even severely for a time Barnabas on the other hand was inclined to excuse him because of his inexperience he felt anxious that marks of men abandoned the ministry for he saw and hammer qualifications that what came to be a useful worker for Christ in after years his solicitude in Mark 's behalf was richly rewarded for the young man gave himself unreservedly to the Lord and to the work of proclaiming the gospel message in difficulty under the blessing of God the wise training of Barnabas he developed into a valuable work and even the apostle Paul were told in accident miles one seventy Paul was afterwards reconciled to Mark and received him as a fellow labor know is false that I was wrong I do not see the potential I saw the actual I like to end by reading one statement by eloquent about what God can do with people when they are in his hands in heavenly places page two hundred and sixty seven Ellen White says Christians are Christ's Jules of the diamond illustration there is shining brightly for him shine forth the light of his loveliness and ambulatory way of expressing once again she says they are to shine brightly for him shedding for the light of his love their luster depends on the polishing the receipt they choose to be polished or remain on top but everyone was pronounced worthy of a place in the Lords Temple must submit to the polishing process without the policy that the Lord gives they can reflect no more like than a common cut Christ says to me you are my I have bought you you are now only a rough spell but he will place yourself in my hands I will release you and the luster with which you shall shine will bring honor by me no man shall pluck you out of my hand I will make you my peculiar treasure on my correlation being you'll be jewel in my Crown of rejoice but a beautiful thing Sophos why not be gone what does it mean to be gone what is our high call our high calling is to reflect the character was perfectly reproduced in his people he will come to claim them as his own which requires that we see people as Jesus not as they are but as they can become not the actual but the potential and I pray to God that as we face people ministerial duties in the case of ministers worked out of here students as dentists and physicians that each morning we will pray to the Lord more than when I come in contact with people please father help me to see people not as they are not as they appear help me to see people as Jesus saw help me to see people as what they can become in the hands of the master let us pray father in heaven we thank you that you have not seen us as we are because we would all be lost we thank you that you see us as we can become for the grace of your son Jesus Christ father ISC will give us the heart of Jesus that we might also see people as Jesus sees people Lord help us not to see people in the light of what we can get from their with mercenary motives Lord give us the heart of Jesus that we might see people as using thank you father for the bellies of having been in this wonderful it's yes long live the spirit of the conference will be with us now as we go a different way Laurie that this favorite might into impact our daily practice thank you father for having been with us and thank you for hearing and answering on her as necessary as the United this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen Adventist medical and dramatic you would like to learn more about a man please visit www. amen yeah you might have more free time I www. on universe or


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