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Borders of Canaan

Steven Grabiner


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International


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morning everyone that is what the song was a blessing in hope your hearts were drawn out in worship as well they want to welcome everyone this Sabbath morning if you are a bulletin readers you'll notice that the title of the servant is borders of Canaan and enters a two for part two if you're not a bulletin reader I just informed you that's the title of our servant and last week we began looking at this experience this idea of how Satan wants to derail God 's people divert God 's people from entering into the promised land that is to take a moment of review last Sabbath for those of you that were near we looked at the experiencing numbers twenty five as an example for us today we noticed that Paul says that interest convenience ten that what is written in the past is written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world is calm that's us is it not we certainly live in the last hours of this world 's history and that it really experiences we looked at last week was when the children of Israel where right on the borders of Canaan there on the banks of the Jordan River they could look across the river and see the promised land and yet right at that moment Satan came with the temptation sexual temptation both with the leadership and the people at large and the rail down many thousands were put to death in fact all those who come out of Egypt that was the last one would come out of Egypt besides Moses died in that experience as a warning for us in that account that it believed living on the borders of Canaan face the same temptation faced the same attack rather I should say the enemy who wants to direct all us wants to keep us from entering in sitting what's your intention to enter into I would hope so and so really I need to be aware to be into that Satan is trying to do everything candidates really a battle for our minds the battle for hearts the battle for our characters and as we looked last week we noticed a number of areas in which again Satan used the familiarity with the culture around in the drawing the children of Israel into a worship service where they were mingling true in error and they were led into licentiousness they are led into immorality get a very tragic experience in the account of the children of Israel I pray that it would be our experience but we face the same danger such with nature first printing chapter six where we had our Scripture reading and pastoring has certain challenges in it and that depends to the church in Corinth must've been a nightmare you read through the book of first Corinthians there's all sorts of things taking place and where to read this passage first Corinthians chapter six verses nine and following which focuses on a number of students that are occurring in society maybe focusing on the sexual things this morning but the background for it is chapter five where Paul tells the Caribbean people in verse one after the immorality among you first printing five in verse one and a morality immorality such as and doesn't even exist among the Gentiles were a man would have his father 's wife in a very lingering arrogant in-your-face kind of I'm new to do this very similar to what we read last week in numbers twenty five where the leader is retained and enough front of everybody when Moses and everyone is praying he brings immediate United 's wanting into the camp just brazenly saying I didn't do this I don't care what anybody sees or thinks it's high handed rebelling first Corinthians chapter six verse nine Paul asks the question do you not know that the righteous will not inherit the kingdom of God ten times as a righteous I just did it on purpose to see if you're listening good enough do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God Paul says ten times that expression do you not know do you not know do you not know throughout the book first Corinthians is important especially for the Corinthian church because they claim to know many things they claim to have some kind of superior wisdom and so Paul asked this question don't you know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God that was the end of it it would be pretty discouraging for all of us right because we all have had this experience of unrighteousness don't we have to bring in fact all of this by nature are blocked unrighteous Aldus by nature are totally completely fully unrighteous before the authority emphasizes he clarifies what he's talking about is not talking about you know our condition as being born into this fallen world but he's talking about activities practices that's important for us to keep in mind it appears that these people have lost a clear perception that if I live a certain direction that is taking me away from the kingdom of God I can be on the borders of tainted and yet be living like I want to be back in Egypt and again that is Satan 's entire technique force emitting zone in do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God and then he says do not be deceived or be not deceived in any of those long lists but that phrase be not deceived is really important Paul uses it also in Galatians chapter six verse seven recent being deceived God is not mocked whatever a man sows that he's going to read and so was fully settled to the flash we will read corruption pure and simple and so we live in a world that's designed to draw us to sowing to the flesh we talked with bit about that last week to donate the terrible tragedy of people in leadership pastors leaders teachers using their position as a platform to commit sexual since tremendous evil in the sight of God but we also talked about each one of us and the dangers we face again with Internet photography and the tremendous availability to have our minds tainted in the wrong direction books movies just yell the entire impact be not deceived God is not mocked whatever a man sows that he is going to also read and it's impossible to be selling to the flash and think I'm bitter read the spiritual character it's impossible be not deceived now who wants us to be deceived Satan of course he wants us to be deceived to think that we can live them spiritually schizophrenic lives where okay on the church on your prey ambiguity spiritual things but inside a motorhome you know this is what I do not see God is not mocked and that's it Paul is trying to bring out he's concerned it had a passion for this church in Corinth which again is terrible enough stopping in many different ways and yet the apostle Paul's reaching out to Dan and he's reaching out to us as well I don't want to say something as well after the sermon last seven more than I would've expected individuals came up to me and said either they been a victim of sexual abuse with the spiritual leader or that they have had or have Kurt battles with Internet thermography or other things and probably others on this as well they don't have the courage to say it but that we battle with these issues but there's good news and there's good news later on in the passage let's go back here before your letter read a quotation to this is from a book written in the eighteen hundreds called fine for the testimonies page six fifty two and listen to this what this writer says and I particularly this particular moment concerned about the young people in this congregation everything around author reading around you is drawing you a way from purity toward immorality he relies on anything in your society is moving that direction and while the world may think friends with benefits is cool things it's an abomination so which way are we moving water weeds sewing so that writer says this there is no influence in our land more powerful to poison the imagination to destroy religious impressions and sublime the relish for tranquil pleasures than theatrical amusements to read that one more time there is no influence in our land more powerful to poison the imagination destroying religious impressions and blunt the relish for tranquil pleasures and theatrical amusements that was written in a day and age well before movies and Internet anything else it was written when people went to Sears and they watched planes in that era there was no influence more powerful to destroy your spiritual life and theatrical amusements what about today they think it's gotten any weaker no way it's gotten more powerful enough to go anywhere consider home no one needs to know the brothers and sisters young people it's all part of a well calculated plot to destroy you on the borders of Cain to take away your interest and mine from crossing the Jordan and entering into the heavenly way be not deceived you not to see the back door passage first printing chapter six and then bursts picking up where I just must be not deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor homosexuals arming from the new American Standard nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor Rottweilers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God three repeats that twice unrighteous are not going to risk entering the kingdom of God in any gives us a list of behaviors that will keep people eternally out of the kingdom of God if they claim to those behaviors to hear the condition those behaviors will keep people out of the kingdom if they want if they claim to those behaviors many of these the first several of them fornication and idolatry and fornication go close together all throughout Scriptures of adultery I think the King James says effeminate taking about one there yes effeminate today original word in the Greek language that they need something soft as in John the Baptist rebuke individuals are Jesus did talking about how people who wore soft clothing but here it's applied to man pretty much what Paul is saying is talking about young men that would be attached to older men for sexual activities which is very common in the Roman empire where an older man would get a younger man and they would haven't sexual activities that's what Paul's talking about there is effeminate and then the next part of raise the King James is pretty clear abusers of themselves with mankind any translations just translate that has the sexual 's considers an issue for us as a church today is how do we relate to the growing strength of the homosexual movement in the United States how do we relate to the sexual activity of homosexuals like recently in the New York State Europe state voted that same-sex marriages are okay in New York State not only get into the politics of it all there's about six states in the union that that promote that permit that there's a number of states that preceded it by the the Constitution I do want to address partially this morning is how do we respond to this entire list and do we as a church tend to tweak our our perception of individuals on this list and that's the one Olympic through the here and ask some questions are raising questions is very clear policies don't be deceived again fornicators idolaters adulterers offended homosexuals these cottages drunkards reviling swindlers none of them will inherit the kingdom of God verse eleven he says something very startling what is that such were some of you to come back to that but it's important for us to keep that thought in mind such were some of you forget Paul is talking about act seventy let's think for a moment about homosexuality to certain points I want to bring out and I prefer to use instead of the phrase homosexual an individual that has the same sex attraction now whether we use homosexual some with same-sex attraction first of all I would be very clear where I stand and that is that the word of God content against the activity that Leviticus is very clear Paul is very clear and Romans I do think it's just a cultural thing that was in acceptable I think it's very clear that just as immorality is wrong and fornication is wrong so the act of homosexuality is wrong it's clear clear and we're got why do someone choose to have the same sex attraction rather than opposite sex attraction while I would say that complicated with lots of studies that have done some people say was entirely genetic the people say no it's entirely environmental the safe located I would say also that God doesn't create homosexuals but that every homosexual is a creation of God God doesn't create homosexuals but every homosexuals a creation of God just like dislike certain individuals can be born with a strong predisposition to alcoholism God doesn't create drunks but every drunk is it creation of God you follow my point I think that's important for us as we think of origins why are certain people drawn to members of the same sex rather than members of the opposite sex we may not have the clarity of the origins but we may have a clear idea as to how we as a church should respond how much time quickly and Matthew chapter seven and an organ to come back here to this passage in Matthew chapter seven and I wanted point of this passage for important reason there is a field there is a sense in our culture today that it's inappropriate to speak again something that's acceptable in the culture you get labeled as judgmental and Jesus clearly says here in Matthew seven twenty tells Matthew seven in verse one John that you be not judged do not judge so that you won't be charged first to four in the way you judge you will be judged by your standard of measure it will be measured to you so sometimes we miss read that more people try to misread it for us and they try to bring out this idea well enough you make a stand against the things like I just did if I were to say that I believe that based on the word of God the act of homosexuality is wrong is a sin or as Paul did you practice it you will not enter the kingdom of God that could be perceived as is what is judgmental I'd say there's a difference between saying this is what God 's word teaches and being judgmental I think as a people we can be very clear that this activity is the kind of activity that will keep somebody out of the kingdom of heaven just as viewing pornography is the kind of activity will keep somebody out of the kingdom of heaven just as fornication is the kind of activity that will keep somebody out of the kingdom of heaven and they continue to persist in that activity but it's interesting what else Jesus as your nasty seven in verse three he says why do you look at the speck that is in your brother 's eyes but do not notice the log that is where in your owner so I think honestly we have a right to speak out but we need to careful how we speak out to use pejorative slang words I will use it some of the children in the congregation but to use pejorative slang words about a person with particular sexual orientation is not appropriate for Christian to speak in a I'm not holier than now perspective is not the right perspective for somebody who's on the borders of King and has us thinking about this Jesus tells us before we to help somebody get the knees that out of someone else's eyes what needs to come out and hours the plank or the log whenever picture we want to use if I'd like to share several flanks this morning that I think in fact the Church of God and blowing dust in a very dangerous manifesto I think one of the planks that we had in this area is the plaintiff superiority the plaintiffs up your yard I mean by that well if somebody in this congregation were to either father or give birth to a child out of wedlock how would we as a church respond I think they beat the outpouring of compassion and help in your life help this person is the latest obligation residual this is where my sexual orientation is to be a very different response maybe I'm misreading my own heart or your hearts be marketing your hearts at all but I think given human nature and given Christianity as a whole given what I hear from Christianity let me say that way I think that there's this plaintiff superiority that we could feel that certain things are not as bad as others and somehow the same-sex attraction sin has done its own category of abomination before God where other sins are not quite as bad the plank out of superiority we think our own particular venue within is not a status of announces any give you an illustration of this there was a church meeting not simply administered she was a another nomination and adding a large meeting of represented small their churches and it's very different denomination they said one of the churches said deacons to this meeting and those deacons were actively living a gay lifestyle that particular branch of this denomination accepted deacons to serve in that capacity they went to this meeting again I would disagree with that they went to this large meeting and it was another representatives from another church in that denomination who had a segregated church that is individuals of African-American descent were not allowed to worship him in that particular judge which one of the representatives you think were not allowed to attend a large meeting of the representatives of the church that allowed the homosexual deacons were excluded where the individuals from the segregated church are accepted such segregation is okay and sexuality is not or are they both an abomination got five superiority is often a plank that blinds us to seeing certain things denial is another plank that interferes with the way we see things what I mean by denial and was very fact that certain movies have their prevalence that the viewer we watch something by denial what I mean simply as this is that my lust is okay but that kind of lust is not opposite sex attraction lust is okay with same-sex attraction lost is not present sisters lost his raw matter how it's coming out and sometimes we have display of denial we don't see our weakness but were very clear to see somebody else's week 's another plank is a plank of hatred we you angry Christians by large get angry because the homosexual movement is winning political battle and we know we get angry we get filled with hatred it's a story of a man who had a same-sex attraction he was going to church and he was not prayer meeting in one of his friends stood up and said not like you to pray for my roommate my roommate just on the involved are they just told me that he is not seen sexual attractions would you please pray that I could know how to say in the leader of that little prayer meeting just came in on down to you and you need to stand for the word of God in you you need to be clear and you need to tell them what they're doing is wrong now they get a young man that was in the congregation that was struggling to think the deal feel comfortable saying anything not in us in an environment like that and too often as Christians we have this young guy do something knowing about and it's it's a hatred mode which is totally foreign to the spirit of Jesus Christ that Andrea Planck 's superiority with a blanket denial we have planks of a paycheck sometimes we have the flank of the year now I realize that the phrase seventies homophobic and just be bandied about to keep people from talking but sometimes we are afraid of what are you afraid that all of what sometimes our fears most times our fears are totally groundless some an end so fear is often a plank that keeps us from ministering to individuals another plank as a plank of hardness of heart where we can see individuals who are suffering from AIDS suffering from the effects of their lifestyle and we just kind of feel like well knew they made that choice they are bad let the monument cold heartlessness which is is totally antithetical to the spirit of Jesus and other plank that sometimes is in our own eyes is just the point of silence we want to get involved we don't say anything he says remove the plank from your own eye before you can do what help remove the speck from some analysis on before I can go to a brother or sister and try to minister to them in it whatever their sexual temptations that they're dealing with is I need to make sure that the planks around my but I'm not coming from a position of superiority and I'm not no acting in a in a in a real homophobic notion but but I'm compelled by the compassion of Christ and the clarity of the gospel to say people that practice that are not inherit the kingdom of God but there's good news there's a way out of all of our inappropriate sexual attractions the back to first printing chapter six behavior does not need to define us we can be defined as being children of God behavior can be transformed and that's what the apostle Paul tells us after again getting this lasts this long list don't be deceived fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor homosexuals nor thieves nor how to test while competence anybody here ever be conscious of something else that someone has tried in the same list drunkards reviled her swindlers none of them can inherit the kingdom of God verse eleven but such were some of you who are we to ever sit in condemnation on another person but such were some of you but you were washed you were sanctified and you are justifying in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the spirit of God we each have our failings don't we we each have our areas of weaknesses we each have our temptations and it can serve people mentioned a resonance laugh Sabbath with the sermon and we each have our areas of weaknesses when we fall where God has cleansed us and restored us that you and I need a healthy sense of fear but for the grace of God go on so that when we meet individuals they don't get a sense of what a person is just thinking their holier than thou know sometimes people might feel that it's interesting interrupt myself there is interesting if you think about the cleansing of the Temple Jesus cleanse the temple mix came in very overturned it and moneychangers tables and according to the clattering on the floor and the Pharisees and scribes were they begin to do they do Jesus cleansing the temple later they ran your life at incredibly ever going to make a sheep under each arm you know that running out the door and people started coming the poor the lame the whole those that were in need same Jesus is one block made certain people run for their lives Sabine 's same face other people have their need you can keep them away it's really sad that it was the religious people that did the running and it was the outcast the dignity coming to Jesus Christ such were some of you that you are watched for Scott that we can be washed mercy and Dana I think Paul is referring here in also noticed to the washing fury his blood but perhaps the washing of baptism where we did we make a new decision we make a new start in her life that you were washed and you were justified the record is completely clean in your center for your life you exchange it into walk in a new way in the power and righteousness in the character of Jesus Christ and you want that experience such were some of you is important for us to remember as we look at this list as soon as we think about being on the borders of Canaan and the temptations that Satan wants you to keep us from getting into Canaan but there's cleansing there's washing there's forgiveness there's power to change your life in the death of Jesus Christ that our behavior does not have to define this again we can be defined because were children of God father was a first-year freshman he was a musician and every time Tyler played the violin everybody around him could sense the pathos in the power of his music his roommate unbeknownst to Tyler videocam can having a sexual encounter with a man in their dorm posted it on the Internet but it was great fun Tyler posted amazed a message on Facebook jumping off the GW bridge sorry and it is life about a year ago September New York city what if Tyler come to church and morning after that videotape posted on the Internet every new about Tyler 's activities are welcome we've gotten in church with we felt until getting him a hug embracing and coming close to him I would benefit no way to do with this kind of character that doesn't create homosexuals but every homosexual is a creation of God and Tyler took his life in despair and darkness in abandoned facilities to charge nobody to go to when we have been the kind of place he could come to on the borders of Canaan that's what God is longing to create his longing to create a church body with a compassion of Jesus Christ 's manifest and not the judge mentalism affairs needs is going to create a church body or anybody in any situation from all the streets of the strategy check everyday any area to come in and sense you know those people are filled with the love of Jesus Christ don't be deceived certain behaviors will keep you out of the kingdom of God the unrighteous will not merit the kingdom of God but don't forget you can be watched you can be changed you can be transformed by the power of Christ which are longing for the longing for them but I think it appeals me turn to our closing hymn closing hymn is number three twenty nine but a naked appeal a two specific appeals this morning and not ask for you to come forward but I am to ask for you to make a decision within your heart and mind and the two specific appeals are this first of all if you find yourself being more judgmental than compassionate toward people with same-sex attraction you need to work to have take place in your heart and so if you'd like the rest on the Pentagon job you need to make me more compassionate on the more pharisaical than I am like Jesus Christ that's the first do you realize you need a more compassionate heart and heal speed is set in a jail is that you are struggling young personable person with any kind of wrong sexual activities being photography immorality of homosexuality whatever it is today's an opportunity to be washed to be justified sanctified in the name of Jesus Christ God can change a person with a heart of hearts God can change the person with the sexual addiction to change each one of us and those we stand to sing just as wherever you are in this congregation if you fall into one of those two categories is octagon stinging and allowed to do the transforming power in your heart father in heaven we praise your name for the life-changing power that's in the gift of Jesus Christ we thank you so much for the eternal sacrifice that heaven is made for us and Lord as we are on the borders of Canaan we pray that we would not be deceived Lord I ask that I know for each one of us in some measure the deceptive effects of Satan have attached themselves to us we pray for cleansing complete and free we pray that you would mold us into your image naturally we would be among those people that were washed justified and sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in his name we pray


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