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The Wise Shall Understand

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • December 24, 2011
    10:00 AM
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everyone I can hear me a Merry Christmas and it is interesting if I recall correctly most of the sermons I give that out and hope happened in the on the Christmas weekend if you look at the avatar audio verse I think that will bear that out to be the case I am a native of Loma Linda at least I once was I think when Melinda I bring greetings from Southern Avenue University one currently studying in the graduate school of business getting a degree in church ministration but more interesting than that I think in my humble opinion I'm also involved with a ministry called on a verse which I mentioned Bolan before which I hope there's no stranger on a personal plea is not strange any of us here but as a just sort of a habit I always put a little commercial little plug in for audio verse the year is coming to an end and I think if all goes according to projections two thousand eleven will be our record-setting year for a number of downloads on our website will be just over two and a half million downloads the last twelve months and the United States of America is responsible for the lion 's share of the downloads our website but any guesses what the second country is the second-most or the second country that visits our website most any guesses how do you know then give it away that's right and that's very exciting to us that China is number two and we've had a lot of development this past year the primary one was me have it all hardware server is in different context around the world and because our previous early right here in LA and so when we won his server end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on universal continue Lord willing with our Switzerland server ocarina server Atlanta server and so so the Lord has been good to us but we have a lot of big ideas a lot of plans and we continue to pray that the Lord will sustain us into the future and at this ministry will continue to reach many more people and I don't want to spend all my time talking on a verse but just one story it was earlier in the year we got an e-mail from a gentleman a German gentleman who moved to the northern territories of Canada to minister to the Inuit people Eskimos and he somehow I haven't been we get back in contact with them somehow he was able to build a little shelter generate electricity somehow you that has Internet he downloads them as a money verse will flash drives and goes and he plays them for the Eskimos and according to him they are much appreciated there blessed by the messages so it's amazing what the Lord can do with little technology and a little tenacity of his people they are message is only remotely very remotely related to Christmas as you will see I'm not in the habit of producing Christmas sermons good like telling for some want to hear but the message is entitled the wise shall understand I would be doing a little Bible study together beginning in the book of Daniel and then the other places in Scripture on but before we get into our Bible study invited just dire heads were where you are in prayer father this morning as we open your word as we study we pray for your Holy Spirit to guide us that our minds might be freed from the clutter and distraction that we evacuated the week and perhaps Lord this message this Bible study may have sung nugget of truth someone here needs so we pray that you may accomplish that task in spite of the earthen vessel in your chosen to be a messenger today some may Christ be glorified in me he'd be here with us now to open your word we pray in Jesus name amen turn your Bibles with meets in Daniel chapter twelve as we begin our Bible study entitled the wise shall understand Daniel chapter twelve the wise shall understand and we will begin reading in verse nine Daniel chapter twelve beginning in verse nine if you're there let me hear you say amen amen verse nine Daniel twelve says and he said go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end is ten many shall be purified and made white and tried but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but what though why shall understand so you see directly where we lifted the title bar message the wise shall understand so let's go back to nature versus and set the stage in Daniel chapter twelve verse nine is an angel that tell Daniel go your way go back your own business because of the words are closed off and sealed on Seattle but I'll be as though some words the writings of Daniel in other words were closed up and sealed until a specific time with the angel identify and the time of the now are studying today were not going to focus on what time that is what is the time of the at the fruitful study for another time but I want to investigate more closely the group of people that the angel identifies as the ones who will understand right so there are two things that must be in conjunction they must come together in order for the closed words the seal words to be understood number one it must be at or after the time of the end and you must belong to a certain group of people write verse ten tells us that the wicked shall do wickedly and the wicked shall understand so we know that the wicked don't understand that we know that a wise understand the whys who lived at or after the time of the end will understand this the words that have been closed up and sealed so what specifically are we talking about when we say the closed or the sealed up words when talking of the book of Daniel of course but is it the whole book of Daniel Mina time the end you'll suffice to say it's at the end of time near the end of time it's not early in Earth 's history the time of the end of us to say is recently this without giving away too much the mean that all until recent history none of the book of Daniel could be opened to be understood that mean that there was some supernatural force that kept these pages glued shut in the Bible like the people flipping the Bible but all of a sudden the twelve chapters of damages can't pry them open the event without talking about and understanding right we can read the words going to understand what was the whole book of Daniel for all these centuries since the prophet wrote the words I mean like can you imagine little children in the know in the early Christian church reading about Dan in the Lions den and they just scratching their heads saying I just understand them if it doesn't make any sense obviously there's something more to this right let's look again at Chapter eight as enshrined right now this is still the introduction as he tried to figure out what it needs the word of the closed up and sealed gain in chapter eight will read verse twenty six Bible says and the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true wherefore shut thou up the vision for it shall be for many days so there's something is so fake that was sealed or shot or closed the book of Daniel and according to Daniel a persuasive it is the vision of the evening and the morning now that doesn't help us for a what is the vision of the evening in the morning Dana Chapter eight a verse fourteen what does this say and he sent me up to two thousand and three hundred days but in the marginal reading what is the word board games is the word evening morning as I worked on the two thousand and three hundred evening and morning as then shall sanctuary in the class so let's walk backwards out Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen hundred and eighty five hundred evening and morning the cleansing of the sanctuary that vision was close was sealed shut on till the time of the end the only people that will understand the point of Dave pointed twenty three hundred evening morning on the century etc. etc. on those were called the Y 's are you with me so far Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen and actually does everything we gone so far I sure hope is not new information for us I hope that was just the root view of things that we've already heard and learned Daniel eight fourteen many just throw a couple things out here just so we're on the same page Daniel eight verse fourteen is a very fundamental verse of an movement it have to do with the twenty three hundred days prophecy is sign of the cleansing of the sanctuary which is another way of talking about the day of atonement so were talking about it and keep technical data of atonement at the time of the end that end of time which is also known as the investigative judgment also called the pre- Advent judgment I hope all these things so the gel in our minds because when we say Daniel eight fourteen were talking about all of those and any and all those things cannot be understood the buyer any other group except those in the Bible call one nice so the wise shall understand here I'll interject a little bit of Christmas trivia for you would find another time of the end between three hundred days ended in eighteen forty four October twenty two eighteen forty four as when the judgment heavenly judgment began and so we're talking about and the high and the only group of people that watch that will understand this prophecy are called why don't only think about the first act of Jesus who were the only people that understood the prophecy of the coming Messiah they are called the wise shepherds they were talking about it but they didn't understand until the angel came and told them surely describing the Pharisees and the praise they have no clue King Herod and have any idea of why these interesting perhaps that has something to do with the second at maybe only the wise men the wise women are going to be prepared for Jesus second coming interesting interesting but will looking in the book of Daniel right now so at the conclusion of Daniel chapter twelve Daniel God explained that only the wisest can understand this prophecy so when we reflect back on the book of Daniel are there any wise men recorded in Daniel do we read of any wise men at least people that are called Wiseman was sure on one hand we've got Daniel hi Daniel is known as the wise men's in fact proverbially he is associated with wisdom later on in the profits God says that Lucifer are describing Lucifer thou are wiser than Daniel as sort of a little robber but is also the worldly wise wise men of that but do they understand the prophecies listed through quick review of the wise men of Daniel chapters one to six one Daniel and his friends were taken as captives just us turn there I hear your Bibles I think let's turn there and will all show you in a moment but Daniel and his three friends were taken as captives there were many units they were marked across the desert they were emaciated you know they were famished they were not in good condition but then they had ten David at the trial all that and then they were enrolled in the University of Babylon took three years at the conclusion of the three years lastly before we get to the conclusion during those three years cool where they educated by a wise man all Havilland writes the left leg and Dana Chapter one and verse nineteen at the conclusion of the three years they had a little angling exit exam you like and as a two-year something like that so that it can commune with them among them all and found none like Danny had an IME Charlotte Azariah therefore stability for the King verse twenty and in all matters of when done an understanding that the king inquired of them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in his realm so you got the fourth La-Z-Boy enrolled in school when three-year him including three years they are ten times a wiser than thirty days wise men of Babylon are not getting off to a very good start this story in chapter two you remember that it has had a dream of the image the gray metal image he forgot the dream but the wise men supposedly have powers over the spirit world and is supposed to be able to do things like Kelly to dream that you forgot well convey of course not and Daniel had to come in and interpret not just interpret what we call the dream for the King so we see the stature of these worldly Wiseman as they progress in chapter four during a chat before the king had another dream this time of the drinking dream of the Shri and then the voice comes cut it down right he remembered the dream this time he could even recall the dream but the wise men's L could not interpret okay it's as though God says all right let's just give you another chance up to five dollars out there is big banquet party the handwriting writing the words on the law and the wise men still could not interpret the writing why do I highlight all of this is because enduring a chapter twelve we are told that the wine is will understand but in the book of Daniel it illustrates to us that what the world called wisdom and when John called wisdom are two completely different things just because you are wise in the ways of the world I mean that you are wise in the eyes of God to submit that factoring your Bibles with me to first Corinthians first Corinthians chapter three first read this chapter three will read verses eighteen and nineteen first Corinthians three eighteen and nineteen let no man deceive himself if any man among you seem to be wise in this world let him become a fool that he may be wise for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God for it is written he taketh the wise in their own craftiness wisdom in the world arts is foolishness in the eyes of God and so what does it mean to be wise for the meeting to be wise I'm sorry I'm in the need to ask you come back to Daniel chapter twelve can you figure there would be coming back a little later but before we answer that question of what doesn't truly need to be wise Daniel chapter twelve I want to look at one very fascinating tidbits in verse ten Daniel twelve in verse ten me ask you this question based on this verse what is the opposite of why it's I heard it in verse ten said but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the Lincoln John this is why these shall understand as we talk about with them usually the opposite we think of is foolish which is true but according to God the opposite of why is it and perhaps foolishness then have a little bit more to deal with wickedness than simply ignorance were to talk about that just a moment so keep that thought in your mind up opposite wise is wicked okay so now again and try to identify try to understand this word wise what does it mean to be why well wouldn't it be a wise move to ask the wisest man who ever lived right shall respect their turn your Bibles now with me to first genes chapter three first team chapter three this is Solomon of course and here he is in Gibeon and the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and basically asked Solomon I was very a while now gives you and we know the story well what did he ask for I knew you're guessing yes the wind done that's what we always say but let's read the verses directly and see what you really asked for first use chapter three verse five percent in Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night and got to ask what I shall give the Solomon said I showed it to my servant David my father great mercy according as he walked before the intruder and in righteousness and in the brightness of heart with the analysis friend is great kindness and Don given in the sun to sit on his throne as it is this day and now Lord my God thou has made my servant King instead of David my father and I am but a little child I know not how to go out or come in and I people and this is in the midst of an eye servant is in the midst of my people which thou has chosen a great people that cannot be numbered not counted for multitude gave therefore thy servant an understanding heart the judged by people that I may discern between good and bad for him who is able to judge this is not so great a people and the speech clearly the Lord by Solomon had asked me that the word wisdom ever appear in any of the persons and all of where we were coming back to that but let's just look at this very quickly right person I is and therefore do not service an understanding heart so that he can judge his people and that he may discern between what is good and bad an understanding heart of what they want to understand whether they want to discern you want to be able to identify what is good and what is bad what is right and what is wrong what is righteous and what it unrighteous and God looked at this and he with me but to put all of your worries aside before you think I'm uncle Arthur Bible stories and led us astray about telling us that this one asking for wisdom let's take a look here verse eleven and God said and had become now this thing is not asked for thyself long life neither had asked riches for thyself art at the life of thine enemies but it asked for thyself under standing to discern judgment behold I have done according to thy word is low I have given me a lot out why he's an understanding heart to that there was none like me before the need after the show any arise like unto the so let me put two and two together solid says God I don't know how the judge who leads of getting an understanding heart and teach me how to discern between right and wrong between good and bad and God said good subletting after that so because of that I'm going to give you a why is our so what does it mean to be why to be able to discern between right and wrong to be able to identify what is good and what is bad to understand to discern and to execute the judgment in Solomon 's case based on this understanding I want to continue drilling down in this concept a little bit more so so far we seek wisdom is associated with discernment between good and bad right or wrong have we another story in the Bible another incident in the Bible that has something to do with knowing good and bad good and evil maybe we should take a look away back to the beginning Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three year was separated from her husband Adam she met the serpent in the tree what does the serpent saying to Eve to try to tempt her to eat of the fruit verse five Fort God does know that in the gain you eat thereof then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods knowing what good and evil now when Solomon asked for the same thing and God said that's good he wanted that very thing that all meant for but for her it was because look at verse six and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to be a high any tree didn't DVD 's like to make one what why he's she took of the fruit thereof and any and gave also unto her husband with her and he did it she thought that the serpent said he will know what's good and evil as she associated that with wisdom just like us and it but here the problem the tree what was the name of the tree the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not that sure you don't know when the other good and evil because here in this case he wanted to understand wanted to experience good and evil in her own right but fallen that I need you God to enable me to know the difference between right and wrong good and evil and I put another way in an asset in the essence of these two stories that inmates desire to have wisdom I believe does God give the inmate yearning to know what is good able it is built into wife's but how we did how we achieve that how we obtain that where done or that understanding determines whether we are eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil or if we are becoming a slalom receiving the gift from God 's wisdom is not the same as knowledge that the point of what I'm trying to explain Solomon received wisdom from on high eaves simply gained knowledge of what the difference what is the difference I want to drill just a little bit deeper yet so with them here we see in discernment between good and evil but the difference now between knowledge of good and evil and actual true window discernment between getting what is that whether that difference language and acting out Matthew chapter seven Matthew seven beginning in verse twenty four Matthew chapter seven and verse twenty four Jesus words now Jesus is speaking is going to tell us a little parable that will explain this conundrum verse twenty four therefore whosoever stearate these sayings of mine and do with them I will liken him unto a land of why he's a man which built his house upon a rock and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell not but it was founded upon a rock verse twenty six and everyone that here at the sayings of mine and do with them not shall be likened unto a foolish man which built his house upon the sad tell me what the difference between in this parable one of the difference between a wise man and a foolish man beside the fact that one built his house upon the rock and the other understand based on Jesus description of them what then to be wise and foolish then he narrowed it down for you what is the difference that the wise man heard and the foolish man didn't hear balls hard I somewhat different the wise man is what he heard and a bullish man didn't do what he heard so here the essence of the difference wisdom or rather the wise and the foolish the difference is not that they don't know the difference is not that they'd haven't heard the difference is one does and the other does not do because let's look at Solomon 's need again Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived for a time because once she refused to do what was right he became the biggest fool that ever lived and he she wanted the knowledge of good and evil she thought that the tree was good to be desired to make one wise but when she knew that God don't you and she ate it anyway she became a fool and if I can put it this way for he was not that bullish this is the equivalent of a regular sinful decision that is why Daniel chapter twelve my friends contract so why is versus Vellum Wednesday because in the end of time it is not a matter of knowing birth of not knowing it is knowing and doing birth is doing and what we don't do me become the foolish man because what the appropriate word for not knowing ignorance and according to the Bible at the times of our ignorance with regard to keep things at our eight is not being foolish to not know that simply being ignorant once you know and you don't do it call the fool and so wisdom is the knowledge of good and evil paired together with action building was right or wrong and being able to apply it to the life that is the essence of wisdom to let look at a couple more stories here in the book of Matthew Matthew chapter twenty four ninety seven twenty four is a an apocalyptic chapter Jesus himself prophesying of the end of time at the end of this chapter details the parable which we will look at now verse twenty but sorry verse forty five of chapter twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four verse forty five Jesus speaking he says who then is a faithful and what why is servant whom his lord had made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he comes up on what so doing verily I fancy that he shall make him ruler over all his goods bought and yes that evil servant says in his heart my lord the latest coming as shall begin to smite his fellow servant and eat and drink with the drunken the lord of that servant shall come in a day when you look at not more than an hour that he is not aware of here we see again the contract between the people and why service and an evil service and what the difference is it because they didn't know them after and because they didn't know that the master was returning one the difference was simply in what the film wise servant understood and eighty herniated through life to his actions the other one knew the facts he knew that Christ was coming but in his heart he knows all my Lord related coming I can live and be in play until that day come the difference at the end of time not because between knowing and not knowing between doing and not doing Matthew chapter twenty five the very next chapter begins with the story of ten virgins fine for what why isn't fine were foolish and again the parable shows us that where they all waiting for the bridegroom 's coming with a all dressed appropriately for the wedding then they all have Lance that they all have oil well at first they all had oil weather when the crisis came the foolish did not have ordered all of that simply to illustrate again the issue between the wine and the foolish the wine and the wicked is not the level of knowledge in the level of application in the life of that very interesting because one of the great controversy the parable of the ten virgins what is specifically speaking of Ben Miller right movement around eighteen forty four around the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary around the time of the conclusion of the pointer and days around the time of investigative judgment commencing Daniel chapter twelve verse nine and the ten virgins go together and it illustrates to us it's not simply no way is not simply reading the point end of days and being able to pinpoint when the Prophet Joseph and when it ends and listing all approved tax that is not the issue because what I'm reading is that the wicked shall not understand but the wicked will know they simply won't be living Daniel chapter twelve verse nine why shall under stand but I want to look back now at a few of the words of Solomon and the book of Proverbs this turn there from Proverbs chapter nine were going to be looking at a series of reverses that I think will build to a point to drive this home to live more so Proverbs chapter nine verse ten is says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the holy is understanding so wisdom begins with what the fear of the Lord the number one fear of the Lord Proverbs chapter three Proverbs chapter three and verse thirty five instead the wise shall inherit what Gloria Bush James W promotion of fools I believe this verse is speaking more than just glory and offensive our reputation and our name but glory in the sense of character so we seem to think so far based on the words of Psalm know why fear the Lord second the wise live out the character inherent in glory of God be the acid these chapter eight be the athletes chapter eight and verse five Ecclesiastes eight and verse five it says who so keep the commandment shall feel no evil thing at a wise man's heart discerns both time and judgment based on the testimony of Solomon received briefings why they fear the Lord but why they inherit glory and the why they understand they discern times and judgment whether this have to do with what were talking on Dan Chapter twelve verse nine turn your Bibles now to Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation seven fourteen will begin meeting in verse six while says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and then the dwell on the earth and every nation in kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice one dear God number two in glorious Union number three or the hour or the time of his judgment is come and what we look at that hour of his judgment what however if you didn't investigate and get one of the investigative judgment how do we know Daniel eight fourteen the first Angels message is a direct fulfillment of Daniel eight fourteen and the only people who will honor and the first and also the second and third Angels message are not those who can only read the verse and proven point by point but those who actually in their daily lives Theodore and give glory to and who lived truly live because they are in the hour of judgment though why it's shall understand the whys are the ones who not only know in their brains but the truth that they have in their brains filtered down and permeating to live out their poor understanding of the word other actions because Windows is not simply knowing dwindled in the lending and that's why Daniel chapter twelve verse line is so important because if we know but we don't do what class are we not want and not the ignorant as the movement was raised up by God not simply as an intellectual depository of truth were not just keepers at the gates of the archive of news from the you should all the way that the movement up to mainland me demonstrations of the truth and that separate the ones who know the ones who are why knowledge and information in the mind wisdom is living the truth out Ferrari 's often there is this discussion between knowledge and wisdom in different time knowledge we know about the Sabbath we know what day it is we can prove it in the Bible we can prove when the Sabbath was changed as but wisdom knows all of those things but the Sabbath is a true joy and the Sabbath is genuine rest and assassin B Collins attractive to those who are knowledge says I understand the Bible principle of love your neighbor as myself knowledge knows how to and what it means them do unto others as you would have do unto you but wisdom is able to amend broken relationships wisdom is able to take ourselves an issue for you to those who have hurt us with the phase that there is a problem and we lay ourselves before those to be tolerable for the sake of restoring what has been groped knowledge knows but with them why knowledge can see all all all awards all the problems in ourselves and others but when the idiot able to communicate that man concerned with love and tact in June twenty knowledge knows the Bible texts knowledge knows that God turns but we don't know how to take these abstract concepts and apply them in our business and our friendships in our life decisions in that area three the issues that arise knowledge knows what my rights knowledge knows I am right because I can prove it to you but when done said there are times to be righteous more than simply being right with God is more than just information wisdom permeates through our wisdom has to do with character Daniel chapter twelve and first line tells us that at the end of time there's going to be a message of unity on unsealed and messages yet that we dedicate all the rest and the three angels message it is the final asset I need to go to the world the Daniel twelve has another surprise I turn invited turned back to Daniel chapter twelve anniversary Daniel chapter twelve in verse three chapters of verse three of chapter twelve Daniel says and the happy why shall shine and the rightness of the from the net and data turn many to righteousness at the stars for ever and ever the wise will shy at the brightness of firmament as we talk about all the things with the means of action it means life choices but in Revelation chapter eighteen there is another angel a member to come down from heaven and through the early Google already in Daniel twelve verse three it I picked up by who well-liked in the earth they are called the Y 's and you don't life in the birth when anything when all we have is a list of facts in our brain we can only enlighten the world when there is actual action in our lives as we close couple final versus the flick in Proverbs chapter four Proverbs four percent problems four and verse seven it says wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding I think Solomon you what he is talking about when he wrote that don't you how many of us here today looking here into our souls be realizing I'm what I have a lot of knowledge but very little with I have knowledge but I want that with how innocent they want to say Lord I mean when I want others and the message God bless my hand is up I mean with the guess what our final verse of this morning and I hope this is the one I was thinking your brain perhaps more than any other verses we look at the day James chapter one want to meet you with this promise James chapter one and verse five James chapter one and verse five for those of us today who have said I need that wisdom this is what we can claim if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and operate if not and it shall be given friends we are long past the unsealing of the message is and I think many of us we understand intellectually the truth I think it's high time that we move the and we live in such a way that no one can deny that means rolling understand the truth that God has for us today my prayer is Lord I do lack wisdom and you have promised to give it to me and I ask now that we may pray together that we ask the same thing with our heads together father this morning as we have spent some time in your word we understand now how much we lack the principal thing that Solomon speaks of what our brains are full to overflowing with knowledge and information the Lord please take that information and may transform us from the inside out not that we might make choices making decisions on relationships and are our business dealings in our studies all light be affected and changed by this knowledge this discernment of what is right and wrong what is good that the Lord I pray that we might have that wisdom from above and as you promise reclaim my faith I just only need amongst you will grant exactly what we need so be with us the Sabbath and this holiday season and may we buy the grace of Jesus live at the Y high at the brightness of firmament how these things in Jesus


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