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Remember What We Left

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • August 12, 2006
    10:00 AM
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has been mentioned already I don't want message this morning remember what the left is far greater father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath as we study what you see you ensure that our years on people saw it was by the Spirit Jesus for your Bibles with me to Revelation chapter two Revelation chapter two and three is only call the seven churches of revelation they will be looking at one of these churches and as a study the properties of the book of Revelation you will come to realize that the seven churches outlined seven in church history since upon the apostles however within each church in Revelation two and three there is encapsulated for each charity every historian C Mervyn Maxwell described in this way they can add a sense of dolphins swimming under the water all together sometimes one dog may jump out of the water reaching prominence so in the same way the seven churches the characteristics of all seven churches in Revelation two and three they exist in every single on God 's earth all throughout history but there are special characteristics that are particularly of note in specific industries a specific history of the church so today I want to look at the first church the church of Ephesus looked at me in verse one relationship to the angel of the church of NASA's Orion these things saith see the whole of the seven stars in his right hand walking in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks to looking at the very first verse of this chapter who is going to speak to us who has been described as having a message to communicate chapter two verse wanted revealed a picture of someone wanting with seven Stalinist had meandering between the seven golden candlesticks which actually we are told represent the seven churches this is none other than Jesus Christ himself at the freezing of his people mediating on their behalf wanting in the Methodist Church is an achievement is described as someone in our next someone was holding in his hands as someone who is chairing out as a blogger that is walking in the garden looking at is lower looking at the fruit of the tree sharing about the people and give the balloting in this church at Ephesus a method what is it about the same and what the what message is there for us first to I know thy works and thy labor and by patients Jesus is speaking to a church through his message through the window he speaks through one in communicating this church we won't be able to identify what type of church this means so this is the church of Ephesus and Jesus is saying to the church I have seen thy works by labor and by patients sure enough within this limelight enough himself and assurance that works to ensure that laborers ensure that patients in the great one for patient is synonymous with the word is also translated endearments so we've been discussing this trick works are labored diligently in an insurance into your heart times working labor and doing the work of God continue reading verse two I know thy works and I labor and the patient and how well can not bear the witch are evil this shirt is vigilance this insurance is faithful this sheriff 's maintaining the integrity to maintain the purity of the faith Mister cannot stand the people who are evil intent that anything that even hence of being evil or wicked this church is this likely to maintain the truth the next place the bank that were delivered to the same kind pending as in the book of Jude is wrong evil is not compromised with it is handled expediently quickly whenever whenever evil comes then arrow arrived the charges Clinton made it and they are that seeing error and mistakes in doctrinal teachings seeing problems in our lifestyle and are ready to ruin it out you can than anything that's evil no compromise no hypocrite higher than the highest all the while the Church of Estes is the Pulitzer whining but that would just write the pure in the doctrine that is given by the apostle and the Bible in the Scriptures they can handle those who are evil they can't stand injustice in the world again the lifestyle of building a loyal credit tranche for every glycated street they can't stand they cannot stand them which are evil we continue reading verse two and you have tried them which say they are apostles and are not and have found them to be one not only is this church diligent in its work faithful in the labor patient and all of the nearly not only in his church like that it cannot bear those who are evil this should also have those who claim to be a possible joined the people claim to have a message that is from God and his people had the apostle and find out that they are only liars and this reminds me of a group of people described in the book about slick with me and asked chapter seventeen accept the seventeen will looking inverse eleven let's read from verse ten accepted seventeen verse ten and the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night in suburbia who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews verse eleven ease me oh and Maria were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with all readiness of mind as in the Scriptures daily whether those things were so upon piles were sent to Korea from Thessalonica an increase in the synagogue and we are called on the Bible and the church members studying the Scriptures daily to check Paul how does the one of those things were so enshrined the apostle in that text me see how it is now possible to meet their and tested by the unerring dander of the word of God so that you can help assess the shrine if possible he also indicated the need to tell me that there is good of the people voting the Scriptures daily they understand what the Bible teaches they are being more able students they are short when it comes to identify what is true and what is wrong they understand the a lot of issues behind the morning devotion they have Bible study they know what they believe the apostle apply now that they are not teaching according to the word of God then is the church of Ephesus they work hard they labored diligently for you and you'll are all sorts of difficult situations they can bear anything that evil they love was pure and true and right and they know there by the understand what they believe the doctrines of the faith that was delivered unto them by Jesus in the apostle 's they listen to the apostles when they say there will come grievous wolves into your myth they taken every way this is why will the phone applies only to be the fly and from the inside there visually do not disbelieve any variations why this spirit and they prove all things holding back that is good it will look with me in person John kept first John chapter two verse four first John chapter two verse four we see and identification of what liars or what liars are in the Bible first John chapter two verse four he that saith I know him and keep it not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him so we see that the church of Ephesus identifies people claim to be apostles and are not and has found them to be liars they identify a reason e.g. an erroneous teaching of the apostles lawfully so-called are trying to promote and they are saying I don't believe that I am an apostle I was an eyewitness I lamented from the love of a study the Bible that they you are not really from the Lord why because you say you know Jesus but you do not team is now and you know something bearing the name of the look in verse six chapter two and is now past that now hated the deeds of the Nick Galatians which I also hate there is a group of people dwelling at this period of time called the Nikolay events and I wanted in the Bible study about who they are a limited give you what is in the spirit of prophecy interview Harold June seven eighteen eighty seven is is that the sins of the Middle Ages and turning the grace of God into lasciviousness the definition simply doing what certain of the Lord of the Nicolaides and are those who change or those that led those who promote that we can send and there turning the grace of God into lesson if that was a business meeting unbridled last unbridled desire there is a group of people that the Ephesian church and cannot stand they say that those apostles claim to be from God they claimed a message from God they claim they teach that because we were given because of the grace of God because the one is done for us and what is winning and immunoglobulin is integrated that we can then that the church said the guy to live the legal agents when apostles while so-called liar that's not what the Bible teaches so this is a Ephesian church they know there by the sharp Bible students the Bible scholars aware of theological issues aware of the fall changing doctrine maintained in the church for influential men and teachers who claim to be apostles but are not but our line turning the grace of God Felicity 's next this is the vision church this is firm on the fundamental teachings of their church they hate the sins of the niggardly they cannot stand the idea of turning the grace of God into shape grades of I for Sarah they cannot tolerate anything and any aberration again you're an holy faith that was once delivered unto the first three and has more and has patients and for my name 's sake had labored have not been reviewed here this probably heard this date about labor patients working first two anniversary Jesus repeats to find this very I guess characteristic identification of this chart they were very far they work very diligently they labor them patiently and are burdened with vacation was for the name of Jesus Sagan that have not think that these navigable people I believe that the Christians who are doing so lots they are not busy here and there doing that and that planning this meeting letting that can join in the meaning having the wireless studies doing all the things a good Christian active church members should be going there working on planning program doing all the name by is that given enough that it is church members know their Bible and any not that they can just go into any church identify any error that they view in that inauthentic and plan all of the good meeting the program and is not verse four was the first word that the laughs of English-speaking Jesus himself speaking to conservative Seventh-day Adventists are busy here in their planning all these programs are relatively having Bible study ICANN meeting this message is for our nevertheless I have someone again the what does Jesus say because Weill had lost my first love it the Bible says the Bible sin because about half last night first law once in the world but she is it possible that there is something that I live in I go to all of the evidence outreach program I do all that good for me because you need to do I study my Bible I know the meetings and Bible study got back with the blog that in my less than one hundred and twelve I find out they got eczema I see him as having life I do all of the main nevertheless is a true God is it possible that I can be a faithful attendee of this love and still missing nevertheless I have somewhat against your God will left thy first love the word love is very significant to me the it is not the word law lot is almost like inadvertently eventually all I heard God 's left means being gated on or I walk away from that I turn on my first viewing all of the thing can it be that our have left my first law what is the first I read in testimonies volume five page three eighty five every true Christian will possess a missionary spirit to be a Christian is to be brought why the very first impulse of the renewed heart is to bring others also to the state those who do not possess his desire give evidence that they have lost their personal when he read that again the very first and Paul of the renewed heart is to bring others also to the Xavier those big enough that the desired evidence that they outlaw their first love they should closely examine their part in the light of God 's word and earnestly seek a fresh baptism of the Spirit of Christ vision for a very deeper comprehension of what wondrous love with Jesus manifests Ross and leaving the round of the glory and coming to a fallen world to see the parish to put it simply the first pinhole of the renewed or the converted part is based on inspiration as bringing other than he that is the first law is so beloved if we do not have that name Paul gave way to long to bring the good news of David Zola all and we are now long it is not coming out more than I can do the dreams even in the law world and bring lots of the crime and brethren we are not converted and we outlaw the first law and we can be going on meaning we want we can know all of the Bible teaching the care to learn about but that is not enough because without the first law were law risks lie remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and what the next word breeding pens and do the first works or else I will come into the quickly and remove thy candlestick out of his place except thou repent repent and in the unit within are in need of salvation sound repentant is something that we tell people of the earth that can receive God 's gift of salvation right so that it is in charge you understand the DC insurance member you are providing for the PRK you are busy here and there laboring having borne advertisement pages working hard but you need to repent and what you need to repent of the Bible said and from losing lean mean the first law and remember Jesus is very high assuming that the church members reasoning into how one point that that experience and yes I know many a lot we can remember back to the day we hear the goblins he was driving the jump up and down and then how come nobody else is coming up about the idea goes and I will tell my friend my classmate assuming we sit down and sure maybe like all charges just about planning program we were rehearsing respective music going on on dating and building a good and wonderful don't get me wrong but more importantly is that overflowing love the lost whole expounds a close relationship with you Jesus says repentance to remember remember those days remember what you have left behind but I believe it is safe to say there are some of us were never found when never experienced the joy of bringing some of the disease when the comfortable complacent sitting in chairs going to events out of school living a good sermon going to camp meeting responded to respond the often called an appeal was yet in the end never experienced them are law and brothers and sisters the fact of the matter is that as an indication that we are and Jesus says to me come back to need I am wanting in your midst ready to prove and the branches of this dying you have the right documents yes you're doing the good work yes but that is not enough remember and do the first one first selected messages page three hundred and seventy are talked to maybe correct we may hate false doctrine and may not receive those when I feed a principal we may labor with untiring energy but even this is not sufficient what is our motive why we called to repent because thou hast left thy first love and hold them for some helping others repair or return collectively speaking as a group the first work the first vision the first objective of this love to help others returns this is a Reiki I'm looking at unable to the beginning of each one of us the revival that takes place each of you individually and everything the hard benefiting in these chairs right now Jesus speaks what he you are doing so many good things don't stop doing those things now when you just need to add to remember Jesus Christ and hardly one loss and you need that love your just possibly evil deeds and false teachers and false doctrines and lack what is essential it is possible for us to say I'm okay I understand the doctrine I hate this config that document object sometimes we begin to feel complacent because I'm so busy and I stand guilty of is just as much of an but I'm playing all these programs and their spiritual program meeting God is not good enough but I go to church I study my Bible I go to all the meeting by Jesus that one of the general you conference in two thousand three in Ann Arbor there was the question asked by one of the presenters Opera the how many of you have brought one sold Jesus this past as I sat in my chair I began to think in my mind scrounging through the records in my database thinking who is done at least one on I know I've been something I couldn't think of you no one may admit I really I will let my first and the reality that in a candlestick at the other satellite and Jesus is or else I will come up to be quickly and will be moved by candlestick out of his excess value is it possible that even happen home the Cold War of biblical integrity and viability here in this area and possible but even though we know all the good teachings of the Bible and we left on first love that can of think is her seventh see the happen year let him hear what the Spirit said the churches can not overcome of life-giving heat of the tree of life which is in the midst of paradigms of God to hand over yes overcoming sin we believe that that's what the Bible teaches and but within the context of bases injured the sins of the overcome is not then alive is not within agreed aligning and stealing and killing and murdering although those things I'm sure existed within the church members was specifically speaking the phentermine in the evening the first squelching that overflowing desire to read the Gospel to those that are not her to bring others to the same that is what needs to be overcome and brethren we need not become complacent because complacency is very and Jesus is speaking of two up-to-date kids appeal to live his meaning number one and if you have never experienced if you have never found the first law appeal is come to Jesus to seek it today so in conclusion I just want to make examine your life yourself the same question that brick hard that they December two thousand and three at CYC who is one person that you have led to Jesus this who is one person have we lost how we left our first visit impulse to bring Jesus screen from our hard at the first Paul Henry fallen into the complacency of salvation by the attending meetings salvation by a busy mess salvation by conservatism is not my challenge is think of one person it is one great approval think about one person in your life right that you need to bring you energy this desire in your heart rate of the Lord will and that he will reveal to you that one purpose that he will develop within your soul and understanding of what it means to have first been home for a meeting with long to come to Jesus and repent the same Lord give me the first revealed to me that one person just one person that I can remember and do the first work that he designed for raising revenue because Jesus will show you who pass lettuce father in heaven as we have studied his message to the church of the deficits we recognize that we are like Ephesian church we do someone were busy here and there we are laboring with Haitians working so hard but yet can be that you are telling us that we are backing some that we have left our first law is possible I asked that he revealed to us the true nature of our hearts today show a one person that we can reintroduce flat within us that's bringing a desire to lead others to draw made me have it in Paul's Bostick made me remember that which we had one oh Lord may we be a faithful church that we may be able to stand in the final days as your faithful in the last generation help us to do the first work that I may have to hope continue to be in place where we help others prepare to return me to dwell within each one of our hearts today and made this candlestick shone brighter and brighter each day as we see that in blesses each one and maybe experienced a revival and Reformation that will bring the labyrinth so that Jesus be with at least one practice special Southwest we pray


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