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The Call To Persistent Prayer, Part 2

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.



  • December 29, 2011
    3:30 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a farewell you are starting FAS is in question is asked at the very end of our session Aaron so so that everyone can can can edit at from the questions you in it when you're told Italy's mitotic exit frustrated because you cannot you cannot exhaust the subject there's so much to it in your questions are asked me are are revealing that they are numbered it had been very helpful to me on prayer and one of them they really got me started is by woman in Carol Shoemaker even heard of her even here practical pointers to personal prayer that was such a blessing to me and inevitably start to really effectively throw that out to you that I might have one here not to have it I don't have that one but practical pointers to personal prayer cure it really will learn how to develop a devotional life it started she's very practical it's a beautiful beautiful talk she is on the life of the seventies of his pastor sample but if you are not me I worry about is our spiritualism that is not hitting us hard out there there is a new form of Christianity that is sweeping away the Christian world and it's a combination of Eastern mysticism wit wit with with Christianity I would encourage you it is a book out there called the Omega rebellion by Rick Howard traded to look at that you know if you stick with your Bible you can of your bypass the stuff when you leave with a recess in repeat the same for over and over and see where you are it is not Jesus calls in vain repetition like the Gentiles if that's not return and it's not what we need to be involved typical meditation is not an senior hand affiliate with the word is thinking about right and I'm holding you can change also noted that book out there the Omega medallion domain originally the sunny keepers have an excellent book out as well and it's understandable one of them is called Faith undone the Baptist are sounding the alarm was coming within the ranks and is effective at notable before Maeterlinck enough that you read the chapter and great controversy entitled connected speak to us you to really see the issue fleshed out there want to read legitimate rebellion read the chapter blow your mind and if you restatement honorably my too busy to find that God gave us the terminology of the doubles of using the last days on your LOI said that they will call a new Reformation is exactly what the card it's amazing it is a terminology London where they were using but it's really really really good but no a meditation on organizations thinking about Scripture silencing your head power of prayer life compilation of the island like on this is Carol Shumate spelled SAGE W MA Katie chose a number of Latinos and show no call the sanctuary secrets of personal prayer able to talk about this one at the very end our last session and I really could see that the fact that you struggle I wish I like this year could you be chewed not once in a statement but I like the poster child for ADD you have no idea and in a few one of those like me that your him thoroughly working on your grocery list and honor whether and not the century prayer will really be helped you it hasn't me in many ways also teaches me how to prevent with Ukraine for Lord 's goodness with our next session and is a very important element of prayer that is persistent he needs to process so with that must begin once more out of your mind you know that when I kneel before God I needed to him I can't do this without him and him admitting to handle without his help I have nothing to do so when you walk out of your bless them think before anything but thank him for what he honestly I am happy as can be the invisible I just want the citizen glorified that's all you know that's not a statement of humility as I am one proud individual that God is having work on messenger let's knew before the master save your eyes I personally want to thank you so much I marvel at such a goodness why am I surprised an end thank you for what you have done what you're doing and father would like entry into another the other important element in prayer and in that is persistent and father I believe that there's no there's more you want to say here that when I prepared for so I pray you get hold me and that you will present what you want here please Lord now that you know that I'm seeing something 's leading leading somethings and I'm here because of some of the covers I pray that the probably spirit you will make a of the gaps here and bring understanding to those for pharmacy father I'm presenting to do with their hearing I know that you are there in your speaking each one here and I am grateful for that we praise your holy name the Lord I need your help especially in this presentation I thank you for the NASCAR in Christ holy and precious Robert 's name mean anything to you that Roberts was a young Welsh boy thirteen years old and had a dream your dreams he had a dream his dream was to be controlled by the Holy Spirit history to have an undivided heart for God 's history and had a dream also a revival not only in his own life before his native country of way it's a recurring thing in years past there teams usually half his life something the beginning is used in revival began where I live that he was praying for the youth and for the young adults in his church and through the gray things work unit sixteen was converted sixteen were converted on his prayer working in the lower opportunity to work that he got the sixteen together to continue to pray what result was what is known to us today as the Wales revival in nineteen oh four in just a nine-month period there were one hundred thousand and one thirteen -year-old boy pray anything if I didn't wear a persist you can't pray this afternoon for our last session today with a look at this important element of prayer call processing will you look at today is a parable because Jesus gave this parable for the intended purpose of communicating this to his disciples that persistent is an important element of practice open our Bibles today were not have handouts on this one let's take a look at Luke chapter eleven and were to take a look at the elements of persistent the element of persistence the Chapter 11 if you're there sane and peanut there's a mercy of Cato the Chapter 11 for you begin in verse five reading through per se and Jesus said to them which of you shall have a friend built to him at midnight including an friend lend me three loaves for a friend of mine has come to me on it on his journey and I have nothing to set before him in your answer from within and say to them not trouble me that the war is now shot and my children are with me and then I cannot rise and give to you I see you though he will not rise and get to him because he is his friend yet because of his persist you will rise and give him as anything is now little back of the story in a Judean on the average in-home was a one room dwelling in the back of the room is not yet adorned the front and then all the valuables and food were kept on the back side of the house and then when the inmates of the home slab it could be made up how it's in they laid him on the floor try sardines and die in the father slept your protest in this part of the world Halladay was willing not feasible because if these people would often travel at night so getting this visitor late at night was not uncommon thing they didn't have a food for this visitor segment is never not ignore now his neighbor doesn't want to look at the food why is the weight of the Holocaust family showed up it was at what time may not so he didn't want to go over all the pallet to get the fluid to get to this guy Finley but because he didn't give a persistent defining the width this parable Jesus wants to illustrate to us then you need for persistence no brothers and sisters Virginia for saying this but we are winning we situate whittling a persistent we want everything went now that's only one now it's interesting if you look out in nature nature you tell me what happens now everything is a process I there is a process as to what the Lord is calling us to cooperate with a cross persevere down to so this parable brings to light three critical points of persevering in prayer number one the reality that God is calling us to persevere number two there is a process and persevere and number three years in the city let's unpack that and take a look first at the call to persevere through your Bible to chapter eleven Luke chapter eleven in order to look at verse nine and ten so I say to you ask and it will be one given to you see you know what fine knock and it will be what open to you for everyone who receives any last line in the market will be open this and the idea here that is being communicated is asked and keep asking not and keep knocking seat and she's seeking is a call in simplicity don't when I think of prayer you why I have noted in glass I have learned first-hand experience the power of prayer because my mother my brother and I walked away from God rather needs thirteen got involved in drugs and alcohol and and he he he she was in and out of juvenile hall and he was in and out of jail he was in and out of drug rehab unit he coded twice the overdose on God and in him you think that example would've been enough for me I keep the homework follows and he is the mother was Catholic and later she said that the changes message in and I I I went down the wrong angle to the government rather than by the one thing I remember about my mother should listen if there is a NASCAR hooker worries it's not my mother would embarrass me we would go anywhere on vacation and my mother found out you were a Christian she would start writing the name of her kids on page and ask you to keep short notice of the media found out that there was a prayer meeting going on my mother was lifting up the law and need for twenty him him another thing that continues in and out of rehab unit in and out of jail visit our mother I'm sure some of you I watch with his own life shattered my mother did not give into the discouraging things that she was seen before because she knew that beyond which he could see was on my undaunted answers and hears prayer she continued to pray it is also to say that I remember my display my life I was on the product of a prayer on here because this is the Holy Spirit thought I was eighteen years old else why was ready to walk out the front door to get into trouble with my friend were waiting in the car we learned a lot and we would do it if as I was reaching for the doorknob I have another call me from across the kids in the kitchen setting the cost and benefits of what I turn around another was twenty six enjoy Monday view of your past that's what I get i.e. I thought she was crazy I always respectfully think of though not door shut behind me I left all income and when I got in a car to my friend limited simply on and while the left it was yet echoing in my head in the air I looked out of the passing scenery for a moment I thought to myself is it possible that God would ever want some answers yes enhances Elysée always that mother of mind is not something and if you need to pray I remember my brother as he relates a story the second time video the father had amended in the ambulance there were race in law any said to me that they were fighting to get his heart moving he said he's it somehow I was aware of was happening around the will find Hasan I called out to God in my mind and I said Lord if you give me just one more chance his heart got going if you see if you saw my brother today you would never know that over twenty years he was a prisoner to Cardinal you would never know he's fast city sponsored we several might've got a mighty God and for me when I was at Southern I remember being in the into in the library on the Senate from Minnesota Nevada if you get a kick out of the background and that if you give notice of the carpets had been there that's me I would just say that the women everybody and just in my book and sit down to read love oscillates I just back and forth me me me and when you pass this kid is young law student who is getting out of the business then he says and in I I I looking at me smiled and I walked past them and duck and something for me to talk to you no matter how you want to post a video have a lot of siding the fence I sent back to reading I couldn't concentrate can cause a change in any of the Lord was leaning on and so I think all the talk Santos are talking to on his thinking on why he thought I divorce away from my file is very deficit Thursday in California you have everything overlooking evidence to that Israel is not milligrams Mister Smith is a is a little and I never assured with your lovely and I said Viola Illinois is the union on you choose to come now always praying for her book you Lord my mother has given because the if I want to say to my brother nevertheless the evidence yet is a you is on his way to accept the Lord Jesus Christ is not serving the Lord community centers who I know that for most of right the call was to proceed we've got to stop being mean we got to stop looking at everything that is what we see as being reality and beyond scene has got to be a reality to understand the scene we got a go around the promises of God including now it is true God will never violate anybody's e-mail Alisha can pray for God to bring someone to the place that they can make an intelligent decision is different when we had enough information to make an intelligent decision I believe it would when people I believe will win more than what was I before losing out more than we should we need to be in our knees and not give up the question of persevering in prayer the question that is raised is this do you really know who your crank perseverance asked the question we really think we have to never trained to anyone but France in first Thessalonians five seventeen says to us pray without don't quit don't give up why because there is a problem for adults who persist fit within Matthew chapter seven there is a promises look at this promise to those who persist with a net seven that is a descendent of France which relates to manage up to seven with an adult that was nice of you that is seven and the right but I miss the blood verse nine this is powerful if you really stop to meditate on this what is being said here is that him must have for what man is there among you who with his son asked for bread will give him a stone when he asked for fish will give him a serpent if you then being able to know and understand how to give the district showed how much more will your father who is in heaven give good gifts to those who want a laugh he is believing but keep don't give a to give up on your troubles in your life if you're breathing you got trouble are you in need of direction I see a lot of young people in here I know the answer to that are you asking to reach someone in your family is not serving the Lord are you struggling with your help with loneliness but with oppression and then Jesus is beating you right now to continue and achieve honey don't wear to give up persist cheap rain that was living in Anderson is a superb illustrations of another felony has enough we bought this house and were in a parking area was beautiful a white stone in the question of made it right on the Sinai is great in the winter and spring the stuff that's going for weddings crafts as I'm out there spring of all these poisons and those with underlying health anyway it would die because they would do they come back and we whacking it and it was just terrible so I came up with this idea I'm in a very whole NASA national and done with so we lay down asphalt using a manifold NATO really think that the wax dolphin then they get them headed in a squash a Christmas number like this and watching August the sitting is basking in the way down the glass I was so happy great all winter long when spring came and it will bring his grandson recording notice is the welts I thought it was at before one was a report in regard to Iraq and back and let the reader and I I started a sickening feeling and wasn't long before the grass and weeds were shooting through the asphalt that was really upset and innovative and look at the delegate will how unfair you and you that was laying on top of it that was squatted down on top of the little blade of grass didn't know the law he just can't push and telling him you know my friends I don't know the blackness in your life what is the I can say that beyond that is a beautiful blue sky don't keep keys pressed achieve a invited grace of God 's power your life if every don't give up and in Jeremiah thirty three firstly we have to remind your call to me and I will pray and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not call to me that's I will ask if you realize that in the Bible God has a process for your problem he realized me when I cannot come up with a problem that is already addressed in such a realize there is a promise for everything you and I are facing today current him a lot last breakthrough don't let go here we talk a little bit about some of the things that will torpedo our grammar I suppose you people so you know God doesn't answer me when I pray but we talk about something that will torpedo a prayer life one he said God will do with a larger issue the other is a lack of faithlessness in a we don't believe we really don't believe that he'll help us by the way when that happens and the like we do that more than we care to admit it is okay for to pray Lord I believe help thou my Latino White says you can never be lost praying that the we need God to help us to decide exercise saving and thought we need to be able to trust him the others the ideas we refuse to forgive others but there is yet something else to which the book of Malachi chapter three Malachi chapter three that I chapter three in the more times a nursing a pivot about a three percent and eight even from the days of your fathers your gun away from my ordinances and I'm not kept and return to me and I'll return it to you system iPods but he said wearing so we reap we return from a man rob God if you have brought me that you say wherein have I run the insides and often different it were written not all we need five I know in hiding I need to know if you missed it this is happened here and they didn't maybe you thought along these lines made up and preempt this for you to think the noted philosopher fantasist .net Scott but ten percent of it he says bring that back to me and in the opportunity to time based on our gratitude from his uncle but when we don't return it to him were steaming that ten percent is not yours and mine to do with whatever we jolly well pleased with it I'm just shooting straight understand that on its own it is a pastor identity as a fellow believer that belongs to God sometimes run into people that will say I don't like having my church unwonted time did not give you that option are you with me God want you to address the issue but not steal from him and then that's what delights causes to view so the excellent committee looking into that right now he casinos that about fifty percent of our members on the books I lead a revival when he said that that's that's robbery hath window search our hearts make sure that we're not doing of the Lord amen the other is is one that comes a little closer and that is found in the home relations John thirteen thirty five cents by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have what one for another although one of his person they ever have one not only love is more than one fuzzy if the principal and the decision to return kindness for another even Atlanta China France how is your relationship with your siblings feel cracks me up I can actually talk this kills me this killed no I believe that the Lord has called us to hold off on our relationships until we go to school so we can fully get into that satisfies adrenaline going once the focus and concentrate always returns for Frank that have people computing they say and understand I love you like a brother and I see them so if I call you mom right now and I ask about your relationship with your brother you can blowhard got it she loved her like her brother maybe I'll try developed at the Chino in the investigative judgment what really determines what really is a Christian is not whether the people at work thinks it's not whether people at church think you are different we can fool them I came to be doleful is a people in our own home before then and for showing respect and courtesy to our parents to understand how bad they are pastor that may be true that Jesus showed kindness and courtesy lows were nearly into the crime we need we need a lot of practice as in Christianity is a put on it is a transformation in written so we need to search our own hearts what is my relationship like with those in my own home with my siblings that's when the rubber meets the road and so is our prayer life is being torpedoed if you send us up is going on we need to take inventory in our life am I being honest with God how what is my relationship like with those in that only is this into my life and in my trusting the Lord am I forgetting others but I would think that it would you this is the real deal these are some of the fellow will really trip you are and if a finding that things are being answered with it I need to take inventory and everything we have come to come to laundry shots and there's nothing going on and hang on and keep praying you with the early yesterday okay similar to those you don't borrow guilt about not revealing anything to your local relic of the old life and that is not showing anything to you can just wait on God 's timing very important okay so now the last part why what are the reasons for perceiving limit of three one is to enlighten there are times when our prayers do not always seem to receive an immediate answer but we have to remember that prayer is not so much a matter of persuading God to accept our will concerning a matter as our discovery when his wheel is on the matter God knows what is best for us we are often but dimly conscious of our own needs in an adult and we asked for things that may even be harmful or but persistent prayer will bring our wheels in our lives into harmony with the will of God not to work a change in God but to work a change may when I was in my twenties and I arrived in Wilmington North Carolina run that Melissa Jan I had high hopes we were newlyweds my wife and I and Wilmington was growing like gangbusters Wilmington was when it was one it gets switching off with was vacant for the biggest way that the time is it was the last year or area anyway what must you don't connect every month is the fastest-growing community immunized with Corning whom Jesus Cunningham had hundreds of people hiring and we will then ground floor when all this is going and I thought to myself on getting it had his vision on updating until the company great benefits get paid right retirement a lot was there was so excited I sent out resumes like the leaves a lot of got it I went everywhere not on the first six months and nobody called I pray please was a few million one nine oh standing at the back behind our apartment in new Center Drive there was a party and I was standing back there I have rocked now just going to lots and I just had very all I was so angry for Don box and door locks and unlocks a moment to myself I don't understand I don't even know to do a pre- work language the scenic understand and just throwing those rocks and I remember looking up and in the night sky the beautifully and the stars were all twinkling he was looking up in August and had studied about the universal come into my mind you know I never friend my jury decided to take agreements have been holding against the night sky that portion of the sky that covered their noses of galaxies behind that but each containing billions of stars NFL stimulus outlays God can create the fastest of the universe hold it all together and you can't find a job I thought you know I don't have a job because God is wanting it so I said that I thought what is it possible that I am praying for the long thing some are not allowed to sleep with that thought in my mind when I woke up and instigate a thought return to me and my devotion like I said before in my print for the long thing I am somewhat afraid for him so that they always vacuumed I was not I was always vacuuming the house six months and I'm one of these I can't sit still it's torture for any solids constantly and done solves vacuuming the house again and I actually thought in my mind clears crystal temporary job well and there's a reason why integrate recovery job before I didn't want one I had gone to the temp agencies and I told them listen to while the economy unless you can offer your position is temp to perm because what you can call me and I thought about that and I said Lord that you select my knees as a father if what you want me to pray for is a temporary job and pray this message along the half and boatyard later the phone rings and use the temp agency and I talking on the phone in a similar position for a widget would you take it and I said is attempted armed no okay what is it and they said it's working out parts company Cameron Barkley and God individually parts of its range is running up to me on this terminology I had no idea what this lady was talking about very told you about my experience with technology and I thought this is like a real bad mix and I was getting ready to say no when I read method my prayer just a few of the keyhole a moment health is likely to be like really really bad I said Lord if you want me to do this you give me an address I'm trusting you to get me out of this cycle a account that he knew what that was a tough assignment and tell you what you have to because of the experience of my youth there was a lot of issues in my life it wasn't his job the guy began receiving process do with things there that were taking place that I needed to go through for this him gave me opportunities to witness and it was so awesome that was I got getting straightened out in the company that is one area decided it to me and and I was witnessing to involve selling my assignment and another assignment opened up so I went there something totally different sign began learning that God was continuing the healing process he doesn't want to give me a permanent job I was in the Godhead that lead me to another path so that he could answer the Sutherland leader but he was in a communist nurse it showed me that there might think would help but there was a process to do so I think that Edward became so cool is that I would go to a play and I would start working out again to see the pattern summit was that the request is not stated that it was Saddam didn't study to accept it in my assignment when it would go somewhere else and then returning to a place in the point I walk around to liking and I can of the Lord which one is I caught myself got hit he just sent me here and sent me there until finally he sent me the first team the Pacific what a journey that has been continued for several great job with your friends I know what you're praying for but if it isn't best for you trust on the change of his governor plan when I got over my life I couldn't plan anything and I know that the staff is yet it is yet easier to counsel one of the first leader realized dinosaur lightens the second one has the reason why God delays our prayers is to strengthen you to see the persistent prayer demonstrates to all our undivided trust in God often got delays to answer us in order to try our faith with the tested genuineness of our desire the question is do we really want at having asked according to his word we should believe his promise and press our petition with a determination that will not be denied like a thirteen -year-old Welsh boy not just not say ask once and you shall receive the things that be persistent fast and keep asking the persistent asking brings costs into a more earnest attitude in this awesome and increased desire to receive the thing for which we ask I have much of the Royston Geiger had been in the next week they're asking for something else or how badly they want at that the thing about buying the stuff of it on it are appreciated by parents and I like that you know what welfare is over now they wanted I think I would find a job outside you work for you so they go outside and eight and if not an easy job they both great whole place look great in a minimal kind of materials around the working in a cracked me up when they went to buy a look at it again one or quantities cheap when we pray for something if not answers like this that's what would happen he is a wise father putting the persistency develops within attitude of design so that when he finally gets it to appreciate some of your print and the Lord will bring the sauce is local search wait for the kind and when you're ready to bring unexpected strength you know that when I train ushers us unfortunately snack crackers my children spouses that is a great appearance of trainers in which a computer to computer and it appears with the computer I pray for those kids got earlier when you pray for them every single negative thinkers about where they are available informed wait for the meanwhile how about the business the father has sent your inner Lord will bring the timing was that the delay strengthens our desire for the thing in the last thing is there's a spiritual warfare going on turn with me to Daniel chapter ten Daniel ten Danny Chapter ten is amazing to look at verse begin with verse twelve engine content and I did a background here that Angel gave located Daniel and job and gave him notify the prophecies of the final moments of its history the whole history of your finances second coming of Christ there was one element in the air they did not quite understand for three hundred day this really troubled him and event back some if so they passed out I think the evidence is that he seemed to think that it was the end environment for another twenty years and up at the later you can realize that's not insulated in Craig and John begin pre- nervously be reelected voters of listening on your skin your definitions of this watch this Daniel ten twelve to thirteen ninja fighters then he interested to me do not fear Daniel for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to hunt yourself before your God you weren't alive wow immediately and I have come because of your words but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me how long twenty one days and behold Michael one of the chief princes came to help me for I have been left alone there was a king of Persia what what was happening here's the curtains being pulled back and when you begin praying your friend your prayer sets in motion something there is a conflict between the powers of light and darkness so his prayer with her immediately but how long before it was answer twenty one days there is at it he's prayer unleashed a titanic struggle between the forces of darkness and light and when you pray your prayers unleashing I is for the sunlight and darkness what did you pray for you if you pray it will somehow unit in prayer for something I call rules of engagement have you heard that in military terms a giver that rules of engagement you know that Darwin wanted to everything they can get their hands on each other everything in each of his horrible that after the war they are the nations got together and he made rules a number gap but to the gasohol Avon fishing is a signal death benefit out what would you come it even wrote down now though because rules of engagement the upset bodily rehab and elimination that use the first is everybody was in evaluating out and they need some nobody was that's up there with those called rules of engagement thinking remote during the Vietnam War these pay napalm after that we got together say no article you'll see that being used in more imports these are both engagement and in the forces of light and darkness the rules of engagement Satan cannot force himself in your life God will not force himself in your life is a rules of engagement but they can be invited and your friends the music you listen to is if you are careful you may be inviting the long presence inviting somebody is individuality so in our insult in prayer what we're doing is we're getting got permission to work and get involved so I pray for my sister year marches in trouble you and since it's a you can get involved to help never enjoyed it pray for the RU with me we give God permission to get more involved you with me there are rules and engaging it so when were praying at the thing is answer right away please understand what unleashing a titanic struggle cheap pricing don't and pray God did not answer again right away you can you I want to and with something that I hope will be an encouragement to you all when I did not know the Lord I made my J I did not have a godly influence in my life and I should say that I do not have a godly nail in and got a young man I needed that influence and exhibit in easily identify with citing early to go to for counsel and stopping it actually ended up turning to poetry and philosophy and all that nonsense one day the Lord is merciful for me he brought me up home to your friends and I I hung it in my locker and heading efficiently I realize until later that my heavenly father brought because I didn't understand about perseverance and I struggled many times and struggles on my own had knowingly to share with it I did know God but this poem really carried me through and it was until years later I really understood it was like five hours share with you because the message is beautiful and and and take it all sounds as a message from our heavenly father is entitled to when things go wrong as they sometimes will the road you're trudging seems all uphill when funds are low in fats are high when you want to smile but have to sign when care is pressing you down a bit rest if you don't you like to square with its twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learns and many a fellow turned about when he might have one petty stuff you don't give up the pace seems slow you may succeed with another blow often the goal was nearer than it seems to a faint and faltering man often the struggler has given up when he might have after the victors cup in he learned too late when I came down how close he was the golden success is failure turned inside out the silver chain of the clouds and now you can never tell how close you are and maybe near when it seems for so stick to the five when you're hardest hit is when things seem worse that you must include that I would end it after come to know Jesus with this tax I can do often my friends Jesus is coming soon and when he comes he will be coming for people the new inventive perseverance to trust him not relying increasing reality on appearance upon the word of God until he came through the left is the closest section will quit and then it will look at the questions in Atlanta Conakry father and secondly I just I just want to thank you again for the reminder that a persistent prayer did it really is challenging us with the questions we really understand who were printed we thank you emphasize a prayer that if the things I are are are you legitimately think they should we can we can take inventory make sure that there's nothing between our soul and our Savior but having done all that Lordy we see that everything 's okay between us you don't reveal anything there we can continue to press our petition to the throne of grace we can storm the gates of heaven with our prayer that we can trust you with the timing and the nine others followed we thank you many things they would listen up on I just pray that things question-and-answer time in prayer time that values because I asked this in Jesus arrived so we had a few minutes here for our question and get I hear all you okay you have all questions we got a mic right here in that way the questions will be taken up by the Mike and the recording please let a lead me to leave a comment related in a poetry philosophy no nonsense to believe that others companies have no place in the life of the Christian falling out and rephrase that thank you my brother as far as philosophy is concerned that I'm talking about A Whitney funny I tried to find answers in life and philosophy facilities guys are trying to wrestle with some of these issues but they did have God but when I found the work I do need that anymore the word heavy answers for me that when Idaho the Bible completely changed my life I was searching for answers everywhere but there was unlocking her that why do I need anything else it makes me think of an illustration of the bachelor gave you that that seems to be homeless for making an word against the begotten trashcan you can address him as another indicator for example the different when the restaurant is sitting right there when attractive and in the list on their spotlight on the XO in my mind compared to the word of God everything else was that to me and I I just now the new works I think that now is talk poetry as poetry which in some no I think what is beautiful in many Arkansas poetry with music but I'm referring thank you for that they need clarification but but stuff that was just godless I wish my time with it anymore that's my conviction one any now any questions on our health and in camera hearings the show in I'm getting around last night as I drink I don't want to pray for my again recognizes the same thing but nothing too much until their I think what really changes our prayer my theory for this is witnessing I think that's the biggest thing to get out of the rut honestly it is is witnessing is sharing Christ with others and beginning with large as the prayer than any of us are reluctant to pray using today is the father to somebody out there that needs to be encouraged today is if someone out there that needs a hobby is a summary of the news a smile is a summary underneath a word of encouragement Lord used me today and when he prayed a prayer Internet and your PII think about that question that we read about and Isaiah I believe is chapter six who over is still echoing around the world today and God is looking for those willing to stand up and say here I am you talked about the presumption of June two uses its difference between this R-value is how can we sort out with the way you guys maybe the life opinion no Mike got a job okay very good question go to the business enters the science of prayer God wants us to be intelligent about what were praying for there is a subject on the planet that God has not in some way address so you have why should be Mary this guy has something to say about that right away oh I metaphysical excited here I have a study on this the Lord says that we are not to be a nuclear so right away that narrows the field I do with that narrows the field away a second we think it unlikely he'll just need somebody from another denomination after the happiness to because it because they have to believe present truth are you with me you happily present truth that's part of being a believer in the last day just because they're enrolled in the study of his church is an Internet benefiting more than resetting the carpets in the garage with the car I so so that's one of them the other thing is character 's character not only their online is not only looking for the perfect spouse being one and if so I read in and I praise the Lord the Lord has given us some counsel in messages to young people and also in Adventist home regarding this course are other books out there that my young people like to read I kissed dating goodbye what not prayerfully considering that the Bible has a lot to say to what we're doing is were trying to find out what God has to say about the issue that selling its whittling down the field really quickly not only who what when God has something to say about when and if it's not now it's a fight after looking at what the Council is to me and I'm not in the time of life and I should be looking for we should reach on that one of the Prince of darkness focuses his efforts more on patching of people with the wrong person and focusing on anything else that's a quote casinos you can be more misery in the world it is one thing that by exercising his power many of the direction telephone the question is enough matching I tell young people definitely very much according and nothing because I'm going to put on airs they put their best foot forward operating than unwittingly open the package is would you really as so as we studied this the Lord narrative feel so what you jump through all the hoops and the timing is right in August and end and so the time is right and then this person has an interest in you and you and them but doesn't automatically mean that that's the right person so there when I encouraged the council that we have to spend time with that person is not allowed to spend time with that person to see the Lords and you looking for providential leading so make sure that your courtship is long in your engagement is short and delivers those civilians from the some excess of the Lord did some ideas and then when I love the best this in Isaiah thirty twenty one when you turn to the left tenant for the right to voice behind the same this is when walking the window are going out I'm going but if we earnestly are seeking to know what God wants us to delineation and we pray that if we make a mistake on his promise to redirect I was struck in future releases on Coolgardie with my own I is a promise is that we can play but if a earnest now but what about a board meeting we make this we spend more time making decisions those doing prayer we need if you look at how this church was developed it was more time in prayer and less vacancies and we need to get back to what were really saying is that we have a lot of confidence in our anyway enough and that the presumption is when the beginning of a presumption food anything can I do this let's say you're working on a budget for your church him the program doesn't cost your church sixty thousand dollars a year above and beyond yard and upper income and you have this great plan and got it but you have the additional Council had its inhabitants let me just do this and I have seen this happen in academia to sixty thousand dollars in debt and the other part was you didn't have enough faith wants this and when God tells you to go forward in which a new sixty thousand dollars that's a different issue like in the case of the other mission trip I felt impressed to back off every fiber of my being was saying about Econo felt to be humiliating but as I prayed about it I felt peace into slices you cannot live in an hoping to form sources look forward and the moment we began the move I can see them as an access any looking at this is an education were going to make mistakes as were going in the Lord blessed to rejuvenate literature that were trying to learn all we can stomach the thought help help present but educate yourself on the subject and spend time in prayer is enough you've done all you know to do is start moving in the door was shut doors open okay don't struggle from analysis paralysis and that is nothing but start moving in a direction this might be a similar question that a lot of people talk about surrendering and meeting not the last session surrendering waiting that doesn't necessarily mean nothing so how would you in a kinetic and illustrations are not fit that in examples for example in this case what would be waiting to enter because there are sometimes the word awaits the Renaissance is what a sad time to be still and know that I am God yet you say so there is a time cited in illustration and cycles of that though announcing the outcome of this dating thing well now okay let's get better to think of you when I when I was working in Hendersonville I began seeing who regulatory shortcuts will bless us there and I began to see that the door closing our time of departure was coming there was closure to projects and things suddenly began to fall into place and as I sat back and look at that I see enough of it that I knew the guy was getting us ready for the Tulare listen I have friends by the grace of God I have never sent a resume anyone unless they in my ministry is never done I luckily I have been in situations where my health was affected in every fiber of my being within giving out here but I would not leave until my commander gave the order to do so is NFS and so I began to see this happening up to where that integrates the Lord where he gained some calls began to come in and I began to praise the Lord is this we won and I will go out that would take the step to move forward and I would listen I would watch us on those doors opening him no peace I said that I could not I cannot move forward in a significant phase out that I don't avail I will pay you what I'm going to be the last command you gave me which was about Hendersonville and if I get another clear command I'm not moving the eyewitness if you don't know what to do with it the last clear command that I didn't obey the religion of equivalent I went so anyway I was stand there and and then I need to get a ride I need it school for my son and I have been very much often following the school called once a few and I was listening to the things coming out of that school and job person just couldn't believe it and so on then when I corrected the empty chairs Ms. John Rosencrantz and audiences is true is this true it was true the thing that God was in the school so impressed that I could myself by resume I sent to school that I wasn't well here this things started happening I see my son 's name to school and the weight is need to send out resumes I did not surrender to God 's leading so then all all of a sudden my wife and I might go to watch a tall and let's see if my if God is leading us to go there or is leading the boy together and job searches in order for an ongoing lesson or friend buildout and job and all of a sudden my schedule I thought this is the path I said honey on the wiki on this trip in twenty of the week and what he produces George was looking on the website may have an opening for a particular okay so I went to my computer I filled out my resume and then I downloaded an application off the Internet seven hundred him him telling about the life you want me to work there you have been approaching I'm waiting upon him of anything I wanted to go there because I wanted to be with my son he was christened your friends for not trying to say the people in our own homes were fooling ourselves and really thinking less of anybody else I want to make sure that my sons of heaven this is what much of any of the other young people I work with and so we went up there and not behold the last moment they changed where we were supposed to spending the night and they put in the principal 's house using a pattern here emerge and so I went out there and I'm thinking okay and we went to the weekend on the last day she do anything sort of readily visible in the van and also because because the Georgia like talking to Linda and I took my little folder with your office she says to consider working here and watched the hands of my father handed my resume and an application article about nine thousand Gbit the temptation for me was a semi- resume and send it away under has there been times in my life I'm not here to him because it looked obvious that I had blown it Royal it has been a terrible people experience and I decided limiting us is falling into place there was a need for my son said to me it was looking but I was available I wanted to wait but Orleanians of experiencing all I needed is in my view the thing is that there's so much as self-interest that what seems obvious to us is loco I need changed by some commenting that my address and access me I like you you know we justify anything a man we justify anything we want to testify we deceive ourselves we are deceitful about anything so I surrender I like to trust me what you think about this you want me to do this is one of these is now I wanted to sound I pray every night and morning one thousand there are many times in size we do a lot of our growing line I see that authorities there to talk about the fact was on your response right away of the careful about who you carefully to see if they does that help guys get yet another question for me okay I'm looking at a time to make this our last real quick that will close out reason of those helps loosen the business is like a prayer basis of these in the beginning not sending resumes are the only forgot to ask you something was likely date is called a great laziness so is worth I I I watch people that really try to control their life they try to chart out their own course I watch it and I've watched the results of it and it was while I was like that I finally came to the place I used to I did the dating scene the old that you know the validity of twenty century arguments and even good look at you like you were not fighting ethnocentric invention according an individual you're not the only chance and I bought into the old method and I have all of the proven all the scars of feeding I had I have lived every rock part of an liking to the place I didn't know about the that we had some enforceable and told me and I thought taking place I realize I really did know what I was doing so I said God I want you to pick the next one and I displayed until you know what every year that choice that's more mobility and when it comes to work I love my wife Madeleine which another everyday photos I love my wife no more than fortunate my marriage 's that are now stable him or not because a neighbor because of the work in the Lord in my life there's a refining process getting dark side of your body in your character will be gone unmarried brothers and sister and value go to the Holy Spirit and the Lord will make the correction of the problem that your spouse if you let down but I like someone and I don't know my going out anyway going inside surrender that to him what you put it where you want I put in my request sometimes you said yes most affected said no and give me something better but the Idaho is fancy than if the limit advertises only asking for my resume and sent advantages willy-nilly shot and are delighted up God I believe has a specific plan for your life and he knows how to best work and I just assume you can do it do everything your daddy did you within your studios feel to do and didn't trust him to carry the iPad annoyed what we can do a workshop on how to know about being an ally we can do that but I don't want to do in two minutes but when I like to this point is let's pray I like to highlight as we pray to ensure the Lord is impressive and reminds some burdening on the one of the things we need to pray for the Lord to give his begin your system the persistent prayer and then undermining to join me alone you can if you want to make some business is moving even when he was G Weise CE symbol of the newsroom is the same as he seeks to inspire young we might my roommates in Christ and Christians as a downloadable purchase another resources visit the online and see what you see when you watch him


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