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The Greatest Need, Part 2

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts



  • December 30, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a guy like you and talking about the Holy Spirit revealing more specifically with the necessity of the spirit as some of you are asking you what we do to get your notes couple things you can do one is that you e-mail us at amazing facts and my address if you want to get to a request discovery amazing facts websites or just contact us and say we like to get a copy of pastor Doug 's notes on the Holy Spirit from this presentation will we continue a digital file of these notes on using outside only a one printed out here but you can download them and you'll find that actually does the DVD presentation on the Holy Spirit evidence that water two or three parts that's at the amazing facts websites they can also be downloaded and will have a lot of the same content course truth about the Holy Spirit hasn't changed I've been sharing some of the same things for years and was great in before we begin father we just want to also focus our minds once again on your presence on our earnest desire to have the Holy Spirit in our minds and our hearts in our midst Lord we often talk about it in theory and we might dissect the doctrine but Lord we want to experience that joy that peace that love your presence in our minds as a living vital reality of your experience beneath person here I pray that they will feel an increase of your spirit working in their lives during our time together through this weekend so we thank you and we pray this believing as we ask in Jesus name amen I remember a few years ago I was in no Stavropol Russia with the Wii handheld medical group that went with this was actually my wife and I Steven was even born at that point was like twenty years ago Iron Curtain and recently fallen a number of the Adventist evangelist quickly went to Russia where there'd been no evangelism for seventy years and we were the first team it was us in a tablecloth family for doing the medical presentations which will be all in this town reports were Mikael Gorbachev is from and it was phenomenal to a city interest in the Bible when we saw when we're in town we rode the buses around town the buses are like the cable cars in this town the bus had an electric engine discounted plenty of power from nuclear sources I believe and so they want electricity and the whole bus grid in the city was run by electricity in the way they did it is they had these electric buses there were wires electric high power wires all over the town just above the streets and the buses had a bar just a simple bar that would remain to couple bars that would make contact with these wires as they rode along and they were spring-loaded so these bars one of neighbors pressing gently against the Springs as long as any contact with those brings the buses would go now we went on the bus when this happened but we sought where this one bus and was going around quarter to why they don't have a track on the ground and discover how to follow blind makes sure this is the power is above and one of the drivers and beard maybe you missed another vehicle or something that you hear it off his white lines follow and when out from underneath the power and the buses nine is disconnected so all the people had to get off the bus and start pushing the bus now they were smart enough they knew what to do then to push the bus back into line will be connected with the power but what when you thought if they started pushing the bus down a different street where there was no powerline or if they had started pushing the bus maybe on the right line but the Springs were broken on the bar of also was making contact on the a lot of work to push the bus of the hill when all you got to do is make sure and connect via the bar you know I think sometimes God 's churches operating that way were trying to move down the road by virtue of everybody pushing the bus when what we really need to do is connect to the power everything goes better when you connect the power I've been a lot of church meetings before we discuss various projects might be a building project that might be an evangelistic project or some program were going to do and we might say during that meeting and over to have to postpone this programmer never cancel this project because he does not have adequate funds or we might have to postpone or cancel this project because we don't have enough volunteers I have never been in a church meeting where someone is said we need to postpone or cancel this project because we don't have enough of the spirit you know that means that means we probably go through with all kinds of church programs and machinery and products without the spirit because word is bent on pushing really what when you disconnect the power of love and all kinds of things are possible I heard one has to say exactly Baptist preacher that if the Holy Spirit was completely withdrawn from all of the Protestant churches in North America you might find next week that they were still gathering and doing ninety percent of the same things that they always do and they never know the difference because we're so used to this going through our residents of church that we don't realize house less idiots if you look back in the days of the apostles when they were preaching handles of power things were happening people will be healed there was evidence for the Holy Spirit conversions were taking place thousands were believing and preaching of the Spirit can also bring persecution so why do we need the Holy Spirit well we learned about for understanding the word for obeying perfect refrain and now I like to tell you you need the Holy Spirit the love what is the fruit of the spirit Galatians Chapter five among other things what's the first one the fruit of the Spirit 's tongs so incensed have you ever heard someone say the evidence of the Holy Spirit is speaking in funds for her that I had I was riding down of zigzagging down the road maxims and near Riverside California was hitchhiking to thirty years ago by myself I actually has a radical turn with me and I will be honest and on the roof long time in this lady stopped and picked us up nice blue would certainly I thought no it is six years old and pick us up and everyone on the road we somehow mentioned that yeah we're hungry and magnanimity money is limited home it is on the undergraduate trimester house he said are you Christians and we said yeah as I was reading the Bible that point my girlfriend came grew up in a Christian home usually our Christians she said how he received the Holy Spirit on the baby Christians for funny when it asked me that way I felt like a very good question I thought to myself well the Lord has helped me quit stealing cursing and make a bunch of changes in molecular Ingersoll smoking at the time but I quit drinking and drugs a lot of things that change in so I said to her while I think I do have the Holy Spirit because God making all these changes in my life I just feel like it's the spirit of the stop right here and say some the losing track on the story one of the most powerful evidences for me they got spirit came into my life had to do with cursing out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks I grew up in a family where part of my native vocabulary was cursing my mother curse around us as profane as it could be my father personal mother was worth my father my father Christmas leaders and military theaters like that my grandmother my Jewish grandmother could curse in several languages and she says it didn't even think about an outside one day after I became a pastor true story I'm in Sacramento Central seeing my grandfather came to church and one of the other passenger decided to have a test morning service at my grandparents are very gregarious and outgoing and even though it's the first time they'd ever visit our church once they saw the microphone on around the racer handful of the past went over to have flulike pilot null 's and without even realizing that you figure out what felt valid value visit on the grill and if you curse him and they said all he was like a blinking light when he was growing up but is turned into a nice young man and every once in the month were glad you're visiting enough they take a doctorate circuit instructing that the and understood on old grandma so when I became a Christian and I realize I had this real problem and I would use God 's name in vain among other things I know all the words I said Lord I do now on Everton starts sounding like a Christian unless you just help me I realize I get this problem I never realize how filthy my language was we please forgive me when you please hope me and that to me was the greatest evidence of the Holy Spirit is real because all of a sudden I found I be talking to somebody and one of these other words that were part of my regular native vocabulary would be just about to come out and it was like this divine emergency brake and idyllic as cancer that I find another appropriate word I become as the latest it's like to get this portal on the right whenever I got ready a single site I didn't know how to do it the Holy Spirit was in my mindset we really don't have any narrative analysis I have never forgotten that the Holy Spirit was so real to me that when Artemis lately says is only picked me up at my girlfriend videos over houses on the use of the Holy Spirit while I think I have a because that's making these changes and she said I don't mean that she could do you speak 's and to me it really stunned me that the criteria that she was interested in for my receiving the Holy Spirit have to do with babbling as opposed to victory oversee and while I do believe in the different topics I believe it I think you probably heard the story some of you may be heard me tell as I I sure this one of our NetMeeting that I I prayed one time I think of a Mexican hitchhiker by myself and Deming New Mexico my Spanish was the equivalent of ordering a Taco Bell I mean I know very little Spanish I think I flunked Spanish and in capital and I picked up a hitchhiker who can speak any English and I pray that God would give me the gift of tongues and it was rough but by the time I got to we drove together for three days by the time I got to Northern California I was communicating freely with him into the living with us and get baptized is a hitchhiker name and I still remember a lot of the words and it's helping ninety Nokia fluently speak Spanish but I I can understand most of it nobody came to me during that trip and that some of its music at times and that's the purpose of the other disciples when they got the gift of tongues of Pentecost there wasn't haltingly funny when I started learning Spanish while I was driving with his guy words would come to me one thing I thought was specified like English is certainly the same old butt off at the end of every word and so Eli said to him on driving my chuckle to California it's already a Spanish word he understood that will go in and I'm the one and the CII and we're driving abilities on understanding gigs and funny faces sometimes it and he would correct me exactly what were going to say right remember Lexis and I remember in my vocabulary this was like speed learning and I remember one time I wonder if he was hungry I said the Garrison Sangma Dinero I figured it was food in Janeiro would be safer for the seed of atmospheric gas so anyway I think it really made my point my point being that speaking in tongues is not the fruit of the spirit speaking in tongues is one of the gifts of the Spirit is always in the bottom of the list images of the Spirit is it that it is a gift I do believe that when people go to church and they say that the only awaiting improvement of the Holy Spirit is by babbling incoherently in some tongue that nobody understands that is not the gift of tongues you find in the Bible that I have mentioned this twice and we have some new people because it accepted to people talk about the evidence of your full of the spirit only talk about tongs even if you're on TV all the time you heard that it also really surprised me a lot of these televangelists that speak in tongues on TV and of the different middle of the sermon though this veto upon the Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha will start will and then someone will stand up in the translator and are interpreted for them in the significant gift of tongues but they travel overseas whenever Jimmy swaggered her Jimmy Baker are any of these guys travel overseas in a breach they always have an army of translators always in the something wrong with that magnificent gift of tongues awaiting only translators for and that's not the gift of tongues that you find in the Bible gift of tongues is when all of a sudden you're supernaturally able to speak a language that you didn't know before that God gives you the ability or some people are gifted Boolean Paul says if someone speaks in tongues if I should right now start preaching to you in Hebrew and Saybrook are commonly eluding the medical of almost eleven notes probably unless his a few Hebrews appear you know future of prayers and getting out Paulson should be a translator and interpreter and you shouldn't do it by more than two or three sources to every language groups here I sit in Hebrew and then someone else would translate for their language movements and also translate their language group identities before I had to translators and ignore the long time everybody say something if I said no more than two or three is talking to the Corinthian church that was Roman slaves from all over the Roman Empire spoke always different languages and problems with language and communication the church had nothing to do with his heavenly prayer language of a language of Angels as they call it for people to start battling that actually comes from pagan religions many pagan religions of the world when they are filled with the Spirit 's begin to babble in the language of the Goths they say it's not included in your machine person going through trancelike state and psychobabble never heard of the Oracle of Delphi reviewer Delphi lead author that there this is a simple truth the movie was part of the Temple priest she would be by the Cave of Delphi were volcanic papers came out she'd inhaled these papers she going to entrance to begin the battle incoherently and then the priests would take a question from the petitioner as I will go consult the civil and the priests would listen to her babbling he would come back with the translation of that is what was happening and charismatic churches I got a single toilet and another one passer economy start preaching happy to the sermon is like instead of concerts began from that you sit down and installed a simple logging translate which is seven times I was thinking widening understatement was the first time why does he have to say something family like that they talk about the heavenly prayer language appeared of a family prayer Lindsay printed tons of Europe's Renaissance show me one example of somebody praying in tongues in the Bible is dangerous to build a doctrine on something with no biblical support Jesus tells us in Mark chapter sixteen what the purpose of the gift of tongues as he told the twelve apostles I'm sending you in all the world you will speak with accounts what's the fulfillment accepted to the given the ability to speak in other tongues why they are just visiting from every nation in the Roman Empire on the day of Pentecost they hear the gospel during entities they come to this piece from all over the Roman Empire it means sixteen different languages they hear it in their own tongue they then take the gospel back to the respective nations it was genius forgot to do it that way instantly spreading the gospel to all these languages because the disciples had the Rosetta software the ability to translate all these different things okay so we need the Holy Spirit for love when you love the Lord you want to obey him the spirit him through the Spirit is love joy peace so for winning the Holy Spirit for pace and for comfort as well the next points that I want to emphasize here nevertheless I tell you the truth Jesus said it is expedient for you that I go away provide you not go away the comforter will not come to you but if I depart I will send you some level of Angela Holy Spirit as he is the comforter brings us peace and comfort of your bin in a very stressful situation and all of us in this piece came over you but didn't make any sense because he should've been extremely nervous or extremely worried at situation is out of control but you have this piece of just God was the bringing of presence and will I deny hospital rooms were someone was dying but they were believers the family gathered around where you would expect to be great sadness and tragedy everybody said we just feel the peace of God including the party that might be dying a circus feel God 's peace and if the Holy Spirit they can bring that kind of comforting to a situation I've been in situations before where I was surrounded by people who are hostile to what I believe and felt threatened to know what I was in the Sandison warned on what the sailor how to answer them I like the women give in this is a very stressful situation also this piece comes over me God 's eye my heart slows down my hand this thirty and all of a sudden it is so the Holy Spirit is coming to me because God is can help me noticing so he brings you peace and comfort thirty one the churches throughout Judea Galilee and Samaria had peace and were edifying walking in the fear of the Lord in the comfort of the Holy Spirit peace and comfort they were multiplied now someone asking the question yesterday does the Holy Spirit we bring you some questions in a little bit here was a time when does Holy Spirit bring unity suppose your church where the division over different doctrinal point will the Holy Spirit have everybody agreed on some divided doctrine now got scared brings truth and sometimes the truth is a sword the Holy Spirit will bring unity among believers and there might be differences on the nonessentials I believe in the Holy Spirit will give unity to group you might have the interpretations on the seven trumpets of Daniel Chapter 11 are you noticing things like that Ellen White says we should be arguing about a hundred forty four thousand and we can have unity on those things that are not salvation issues and not really profound doctrinal issues but when it comes to some of these important doctrines taking the stand for those principles you can still be spirit filled and there can be division because someone is maybe bringing in harassing the pure spirit folder pointed out was Paul Fullilove the Holy Spirit when he confronted Peter for behaving in a racially discriminating way with the Jewish believers in relation you know the Scripture talking about all you some of my argument all is that Holy Spirit is both of those love in the United repeater also do know I spiritually to confront him because what is doing is inappropriate they were brother and Peter repented and if you spoke well appalled any second-tier and so sometimes Holy Spirit is given the confronting and that way and but it does bring peace we need the Holy Spirit for cleansing Romans five sixteen that I might be a minister of Jesus Christ of the Gentiles him bring the gospel of God that the offering of the Gentiles might be acceptable sanctified by the Holy Spirit and again second Thessalonians two thirteen but we are bound to give thanks to God always for you brethren beloved by the Lord because God from the beginning shows you for salvation through sanctification by the spirit so what is the spirit wanted to want to justify we ultimately will be glorified but what comes between justification glorification was sanctification me the Lord wants us to live holy lives he wants us to live godly lives and so it hardly receives segregation how can you resist temptation we are sanctified right there by the spirit and believe in the shrew 's it just kind of cuts through everything you know it's one thing if you wash your hands with soap if you're a man a woman some mechanic work and take a part differential or something with a ninety way grease and you put it back together with all that bring us the most recently built up on the road and you get done putting out a way he walked inside the house regular Ivory soap does not work was growing up we spent a so-called wobble is anyone remember while the is made with volcanic pumps while it worked better than ivory but since then they've developed something called in a hard-hitting and mingling talking but it's the way you just enhance what absolutely black and filthy minutes late under the fingernails of the cuticles it's in every little your fingerprints are all standing out in bold relief is that every cranny then there is anything that stuff on the what's in it probably hydrochloric acid or something but use your hands vigorously like why it's a miracle that happens how excellent this Holy Spirit will cleanse your life but you need to reach out for it you got to thinking and apply the water and using the value lies in to experience so we the Holy Spirit for cleansing number seven out of sixty three out of sixty three we need the Holy Spirit for guidance a lot of people ask questions how do we know the will of God I got a difficult decision I know God 's will what you want to be spiritless don't you I got a book you can imagine they can download for free talks about how in the love of God it talks about some things you can do practically to determine the will of God but you know what the number one thing on the list this Jesus said if any man is willing to do my will he will know of the doctrine whether it be of God the greatest battle in knowing the will of God is being completely surrendered to do whatever it is he asks you to do our number one time I got invited to work on a mission it was a Navajo mission out in the middle of dirt in New Mexico and I told a friend all stop and look on my way back to Texas but I I had another call an estimate I thought myself there is no way in the world I'm going to that mission women the day I stopped pulling a trailer with a family will love trailer behind the car as I pulled into the mission what yard to look at this mission I just finished a contemporary good on the road is no way I'm going to mission I will know where and I don't really know in the Navajo reservation letter sixteen and I knew it can be very discouraging alcoholism a lot of problems for the missionary has unfolded in the mission yard my trailer wheel fell off my trailer I distribute two thousand miles it decided the falloff is this this deal and actually does completely worn off I didn't know it fell off his opponent it was unique trailer was configured couple days to get the axle fixed in the bearings everything I needed I had to stay there for two days during that is not a pressing of restful signal so sometimes God to be careful with you toward unity of you are you want to your similar to open the leading of your spirit is you can also use Providence it cannot listen to the spirit we need to spirit for guidance on the ancient ships before they had GPS monopoly had encompassed by the steering wheel that compass by the steering will most sometimes influenced by other iron objects and you can get a false reading you get some sailor was then rounded rodeo belt buckle where as you got to know some other iron a tool or something that might be set down near the compass their planes that have been totally thrown off course because they said something by the compass and a little Cessna one eighty two and and compasses right up there the one time I set something up there I was flying also them off course I prepare headphones of evident magnets in them and I mingle the wrong way because my compass was locked if I had some interference with the conference these old ships have a lower compass and they had a higher compass upon the mess and sometimes when they were taken to reading and they wanted a real accurate reading the telegram the crows nest giving a reading from the upper compass also in the cold operate to the lower Congress might get a false reading sometimes exotic despair to tell me this and that and were being influenced by other factors of our bias our opinions our influence sometimes we can be objective and when we hear an argument for something this is what we've always believed in me to pray for that secondary or that higher compass of God spirit God 's word together to coordinate we need Holy Spirit for power Micah three receipt but surely I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord and judgment and of might declare the Jacob 's transgression and Israel to sin Zechariah Zechariah four six not by might nor by power but by what the target by human minor power and how is God going to accomplish his work but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts and I understand that on one acre of land one inch of rain on one acre of land produces many tons of water a little bit can create a lot of power I think the Holy Spirit is the greatest wasted power in the world some understanding of the famous passerby Niagara Falls before they built the hydroelectric generator there and they commented the past with all that power that power could somehow be utilized this is wasted asses and that's not the biggest waste of power is wasted power of the Holy Spirit as it's available to everyone on this right now I'm really into alternative power of we have a house of the guilty maybe of heard me refer to it we learned sacramentally in a cabin of the mountains were thirty five years without a home up there it's totally off the grid not because were rebelling against society sufficient alone electricity after I first moved up in the house was all piercing and nineties use these ones I care think is a cheaper and then I got the Coleman land suitable to call the Lancet pump is usually home I guess I got news for you unleaded fuel works in those lands and so I'm living off the grid long time now our house up there since we built the first house would burn it down we build a better one because I learned so much more about using the solar powered people home from the sun is in solar power for electric electric panels up on the roof we got a spring and we got the hills we run water down the hill to this open wheel it's an alternator and water jets out at ninety pounds on two sides of this spins it is best that Carville turns it into the converter two hundred and twenty run back up to the houses of the long distance yet the converted transmitted it then goes into a battery charger with regular battery charger charges the batteries we run the house without electric washer and electric clothes dryer electric vacuum microwave and all the appliances and it's only because we don't get electric bill which is totally off the grid I've been to the big Island of Hawaii several times it is one of the most unique pieces of real estate in the world from the government of the island Hawaii actually few weeks that we were an Army Bible camp at Wahoo I wanted to go to the big Island the island 's unique because every part of the island is different one part of the courses technically the tallest mountain in the world is Hawaii if you go phones from the sea bottom it's like over thirty thousand feet Mauna Loa Mauna Kea is two very tall mountain the government observatory at their snow on the top is mostly there is no serving the same day the amazing notice below in rains all the time out of a get over three hundred inches of rain a year like waterfalls waterfalls of you never get sunny day and then you go down the island of a volcanic part know why a man where the law is coming out around the white male in the wind blows all the time opened by a lot more sunshine at the airport of sun shines all the time over there and you got some venues of the northward to get high speed tides that are coming in and out you know what alternate kinds of power can do you can get power from geothermal you can get power from solar you can get power from wind you can get powerful tidal power you get power from Sun the big island of Hawaii has the potential for all the different kinds of power but utilities and powerful sedan diesel generators when I heard that I couldn't believe and I think that switching over now to finally start to go green in a lot of homes of solar on talk about the city will lose our that they don't want to you know that no one interrupted geothermal and they don't want them when those of because that's a nice story that I want to put in a hydroelectric dam is one of the dam breaks and physicists rated of all these things that all this waste of power that the biggest with the power every day of your life God has all of the resources that have been available to pour upon us and he wants us to ask the city asking no open the windows of heaven for us and pour out a blessing that we don't have room enough to receive it and what I like to do is I want to take some time or questions a few minutes of questions publishers story with you and them to pray together but right now if some of your questions here's a ground rule rubric of questions have to be short make sure that your my your mouth this is two inches from the microphone summarizer question in just one or two sentences and that makes this gives us ability to answer them quickly and so will get as many questions as possible the course questions and deal with the subject of the Holy Spirit is what Richardson and on if we're ready and hopefully live microphones on what I go ahead and draw well in the Bible criteria you finding relations Chapter five it starts with verse twenty two itemizing the fruits of the spirit and was the first for the spirit love joy peace goodness temperance self-control and the Woodland patients Boy Scout is memorized memo memorized but is there evidence in the behaviors and the character of the Christian and Jesus said you'll know them by the guests of the spirit which are teaching hospitality administration tongue support apostles prophets bulls of the gifts of the spirit young caliber persons that the Holy Spirit to get some person conflict begets but it's really hard to fake the fruits of the spirit along the peace and the joy self-control the patient's and the temperance now the eminent persons like a a a question when Jesus comes to getting coming along or is he coming with the father this silence in heaven the Bible tells us because heaven is basically vacated when Jesus comes he says he's coming with some of the Angels are all beings to get all the Angels begot God the father the reason we know is coming God the father it says crisis coming on the right hand of power what Howard to be greater than Christ's only fun so the fact that he's coming in the glory of the father the Holy Spirit we present what will the Holy Spirit looks like I have no idea but I'd also see the Holy Spirit having a physical body form he is a difficult person of the Godhead to comprehend or to visualize something of a mystery little ethereal for us yes my elephant ears on Dennis you I love you heard the whole presentation a little earlier I talked about that that there is a number of madness out there and I don't know specifically who the person might be in Australia display in North America there are all the place I really struggle with not only the Holy Spirit being a separate person between the Holy Spirit is simply how about a father and son reveal himself to us and the struggle is because they have trouble visualizing him as a person they also believe that Jesus is begotten meaning that he was created which means Jesus is not defined which is I think a very dangerous feature is of Jesus is a creature eighteen destroys a lot of it if there is a day when God the father created Jesus and that's what they believe they think that Jesus had a beginning but the Bible says he's everlasting to everlasting if all things were made were made by Christ and how to make himself and if God is love you can't have love without having someone to love how can God be loved to the ceaseless ages with no one to love God the father son and Spirit are eternal from everlasting to everlasting so there's several problems with the beliefs of this group any other girl over there don't believe the Holy Spirit is a person I just think the words of Jesus at face value he refers to the Holy Spirit as he and its got all of the definitions of personality thank you at first okay I'll the Holy Spirit comes in different degrees you might be in writing and send totally away from church you can be you know in a bar and the overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit telling you you're convicted it's the Holy Spirit and even this is conviction of sin is not right that makes us want to repent in the new creatures so the Holy Spirit might be working in the lives of people everywhere here God said they are in Genesis six mice not always right with man what that means is before the flood his spirit was driving with man to save him Scott Spear strives for the software line for long-suffering so the spirit comes in different degrees he tried to get her attention from the outside being filled with the spirit is having really on the inside I got still give you wisdom on how to Sharon witnessed your friend as well I is the one more question okay I alright that's a good question of when I read the Bible and find the Holy Spirit generally manifests himself through individuals but there are times where a group of people got together to call the church accepted to accept the three acceptor five and I told you yesterday numbers chapter eleven were a group of people were filled with the Holy Spirit of the spirit of the Lord came on the sons of the prophets on different occasions so to say whether or not the Holy Spirit is with yet this church I I know mine Holy Spirit is moving the Adventist church that doesn't mean that every branch word of faction or division in the Holy Spirit on the church 's spirit when you noticing and there are individuals obviously that are in the church that are spirit filled under some have less I believe that people maybe have their names on the book of our church and agreed when the Holy Spirit blogging I would never point that persons acting as his first most times people worry about committing the unpardonable sin and they haven't but it is something that Jesus warns us against the person can relate to spirit and Sylvia liking solid engine just been by this question I also the theme is your only when the Spirit okay aggressive I talked briefly and our presentation yesterday morning I believe it was that obviously Sam is an obstacle to the outgoing spirit of the apostles when they were of one accord in one place they repented of his sins and they felt an urgency so having having Holy Spirit means that we does really got a hunger and thirst were and that God can give it to us so cinema is and is an obstacle to the flow of the Spirit Church yes question endlessly probably better stop with this third one back here so what time for prayer sending them yes it's a sense of thinking that friends and speak in tongues and I do and you tell them but that's not the Holy Spirit what's the alternative one thing that I said is I I tell my friends that know the Lord brings us through all kinds of different experiences to grow us and wanted to study this and pray about it and say Lord this is not a view I won't share his name because I let him to in North and pastor is exactly intuitive effort to but he was a charismatic Christian he spoke in tongues and when he learned of this message is what are you telling me this is not the truth and someone asked them to pray and listen you just press the Lord of this is not if you take away he always prayed and talked students Brayton Johnson felt so good I need settlers is not of your chicken wing seductively never did it again and so it's a difficult thing because you're basically saying this thing you call the Holy Spirit is not a bank for us to say that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit so really put you back on your heels when someone says of your telling me God is not the Holy Spirit you are not commit the apartment will send that makes it a double take the significant part of sin freedom Michigan and so it's dangerous to tell the truth on the subject are scary anyway but even got a facial book is freed you want to download an amazing fact understanding tongs on the whole study I put in there on what the Bible says and doesn't say about speaking in tongues you can share that with him we try to do it this way they can see is in where I will and in and in a way that is in a is in an idea bears we all know how many times I've gone the funeral and wonder if I should try and resurrection charter is him and finally the Bible when I read it now and I read about where Peter went to Dorcas 's funeral and he said no you dictate everybody out no noun phrase and has happened several times in the Bible ally Xiao Langton on nonfree and Jesus when in truth of mourners and said that little girl get up and I thought you know what it didn't work I did for around thirty people I went to try so I should get embarrassed itself I can be really awkward for the family I hope I never tried at I would hope you never do that it was the spirit impressed you I believe in healing quick story of a lady in our church suffered something that appeared to be a very serious stroke Mrs. happened two months ago went to the hospital was I ICU no brain activity there several days met with the family she's on her ventilator no brain activity MRI and they said and this is right over Thanksgiving actually they said should we disconnect in other discussions very difficult decision should be disconnected and the state will basically get together pricing to buy the mom and grandma we had prayer next day they took off the ventilator he started talking she started sitting up with all enough to be a vegetable she was in church last week in Osaka and she remembers she she's back but I made it to us it was a miracle because they basically were ready to fire off this connect Richmond I will be praying we waited and she's back insurance on her own power lastly talking no no side effects the scope wasn't limping around or anything as amazing as Americans I believe in prayer I think there are more miracles and we hear about I think we hear about miracles were all little bit jaded and cynical way now is probably exaggerated on it we come from some distant mission fields how can you really check that I think sometimes in more faith in the mission field so they see more miracles in these places but miracles come in waves I got a sermon online you can watch her frequent signs and wonders and miracles I just went through this miracles come to waves in Bible history and you'll see the wind got spirit flows like a type sometimes it comes in and you'll see a lot more happening it happened with the apostles usually in connection with great revival evangelist at work no notice the murals come to get it is like Jesus miracles so people would believe the preaching why did God give the apostles power and miracles so they would believe their teaching and preaching as we get more involved in evangelism got I think will ratify the message with more miracle 's signs and wonders I'm expecting to see that again thank you good question I think the question why do we need the Holy Spirit help us in intercession for somebody you don't think God appreciates are being specific and sometimes it's hard for us to know how to intercede are praying specific for us specifically for somebody and the Lord will regulate some pain on our hearts and we have five children six grandchildren and their all in different places and we pray for specific needs sometimes got spirit only specific things on our hearts and as parents we intercede for them you can see in the Bible where Jesus interceded and pray for the apostles any pray for their unity that was something specific they were having a challenge with Joel Draper his son and the Spirit led him to intercede in less they cursed God in our hearts and have been having doubts about their faith he would offer sacrifice he prayed interceded for them as I think the spirit guides us about what specifically we need to pray about and into my answering kind with your asking pretty much okay that's all right thank you very much appreciate that elements of a story number to break up and down where were not have prayer some of you maybe have heard the story about Hendersonville in the Fort Sumter it wasn't Fort Sumter he was a prisoner of war camp that the South had on the northern soldiers in it was the most infamous of the POW camps it was there in Georgia I believe him extremely hot in the summer the camp had originally been built the whole light no fiber eight thousand prisoners by the end of the war they had thirty thousand prisoners crammed in so tight that they could barely find a place to lay down as they were a man next a man like sardines in a can most of them didn't have any chance are shielding from the cold keep in mind by the end of the Civil War the South without supplies for the soldiers they had nothing for the prisoners of war and so they were just they were you can read about it but it's just really tragic what they had to live on scraps and bugs and worms and you are dying daily thousands and thousands night just to give you an idea of how bad conditions were in Andersonville after the Civil War just when it ended before Lincoln was assassinated he prayed that we can offer given have mercy as a nation to let the wounds heal there was one person that was tried convicted and hung for work Ryan of the Civil War it was the Wharton Andersonville because what he allowed to happen there was so grossly inhumane in the wintertime is than what is out there exposed the rain and the snow in the foster home he opened his freezing in the summertime hot humid Atlanta days it would just be baking not a compound their misery they had no water in the camp the only source of water that they had was a little extreme that ran outside of the camp through the camp in the barn on the horses it ran through the indwelling of the guards it was basically the sewage from the guards and their animals they allow that to run into the camp and that was the only thing they were allowed to drink and it was just it was just an inhumane experience and so many of them died from malaria and from dysentery principally in the menu these boys had brought the Christian homes they did a lot of training and you'd be thinking how can God be in a place like that and when that make you lose faith in God but at one point especially in this last summer there in August it was especially hot water not even in Georgia where it's ninety degrees and its human and year out exposing the sun with no shelter and many of them even have but just rags of their uniform left they got together all the prisoners they were all dying off they said we need to pray it had not rained for weeks the foul remnant of water that was running through their camp was just on drinkable they're dying after FLA redundancies and if we pray for rain the sky was completely clear all these men got together and they knelt in the middle of the camp and they pray for our specifically that God will send rain cleanse the camp and save them and in the middle of their praying a cloud began to form overhead it was a little like the clouds are just come out of nowhere and it got bigger and bigger and pretty soon it began to swirl in the turned into a big underhand thunderheads go up to thirty six two thousand eight and ride over the camp light and begin the flash and crack and rain began because poor in Torrance and again falls on the garden section of the camp and it wasn't what they call a gully washer in order mean by that is outrageous if the ground so it needs it just things like a run everywhere and it just began it completely flushed out the camp the men were all out there rejoicing drinking the water in praising God that a great celebration near bringing out cleansing that closes it is ported ported report and in the middle of that rainstorm a tremendous bolt of lightning struck down in the middle of this camp and several miracles occur eventually the rain stopped cam with flush playing the regard for me to say it so there's all these soldiers praying to God directly sent rain as a result of their prayer and several miracles occurred one miracle was as when they prayed ring came and there was no clouds in the sky another miracle occurred in that the rain appeared directly over the camp and it rained on them another miracle occurred in that the rain was of a quantity that is not only flushed out the camp it gave them all something to drink from the rain and help him wash another miracle occurred in that lightning struck in the middle of the camp and even though the men were crowded shoulder and no man was standing at that moment and the other miracle was where the lightning struck a spring appeared in the camp that continues to run to this day the supply fresh water to the men for the rest of the Civil War entertainment is called now that you can go to where the Andersonville prisoners and his assignors of Providence Spring as a result of prayer all of that happened as the unchanged although he said those refreshing showers if we pray and I think Minghella made a difference for those men in the POW camp how sincere were they when they pray how thirsty work what is Jesus promise you that hunger send verse after righteousness will be felt how thirsty are you for the Holy Spirit in order that God is in the spirit when were desperate are you desperate for God to fill you what the disciples and desperate for crisis and comfort when he given Pentecost if we have a conference like this and we sort of think I be nice to have the Holy Spirit one would be like probably not happen but if we really has on all people as young people is a church are desperate for the Holy Spirit to do the work God has given us to do then we might expect something to happen God wants to be one not discovered in my years of marriage sometimes my wife still plays hard to get junk testing a little bit and I'll say I'm going on this trip would you like to go into Cunningham and all I just wasn't with him you know if you want to go she wants me to say I really want you to go she wants to go but she was ridiculous that you really want me to go Bob what is to be wanted the demo will break in your life Jesus answered the door he knocks he wanted me for the doorknob you want to open it you want to do one he wants you love and if you want to have any search for him with all your heart if you're desperate for God of your hungry in your person forgot you might expect something how do you like to pray right now to guide this is that latter rain that refreshing of his spear centers are tightlipped as we close a section of meetings water we will be done before the scattered groups of two or three so that you can pray introduce yourself to the people in your group and what we pray together specifically that God will give us the spirit and give nothing or just a desperate desire for his spirit same as and after we pray we'll be business this message is seamlessly supporting ministry on the second thing is sequenced by you Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase of the 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