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Total Church: Signs and Wonders

Holly Smith


Utilizing the right arm of the Gospel



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a ball on and I like how many of you are not a professional and how many of you are like a help in Angeles on select issues I mean our a while where someone okay I really didn't add it you are absolutely wonderful I cannot still absolutely wonderful and I think that anyone can do anywhere and I wish I set up in front but I really think that people don't realize that you don't have to be at really all of that city health evangelist especially Seventh-day Adventist in an amazing help message that God wants us to share save maybe extremely practical and understand teaching about things that I've learned online he probably meant and I went to YouTube client which is one of our medical missionary training school about four or five years ago and after that I did Bible work for a while he tried to incorporate Bible work and help message together found a very challenging and but very rewarding at the same time and now I've run all kinds of different health needs all the places he didn't like the before visiting regularly how to help their white hope that United time and organize both healthy and he's united entity to how you can give out your local church and I'm a big fan of the help there exists a broad open way to get people him when for that and now currently in nursing school and my prayer is that he will pray for me understanding to guide in general even operate I really want over life and or come up with a blueprint of how we came to people whether they are medical professionals do not can gather and medical and professional professional developing a place to hold like many outpatient natural remedies workshop at their churches where people know of that church had been a facility I wish that when I was teaching today that I haven't done in thinking he's not my you find anyone Missouri but something like that in the lifestyles and arrived in our neighborhoods are people can come and it will necessarily say that many many growing something out though that is my big prayer and actually certain that all are waiting a little bit of testimony is about while in two thousand and eleven remember the time that way when I you that do not exist our two thousand four I was in debate about what I should be doing with my life I was a student Southwestern Adventist University and I was taking social work and the way he takes also work was not by any means prayer in great liberation see what God wanted me to give my life so I decided to start praying about it and the people can see that school which I never saw people at the school is wrong and have results supporting ministry had never heard of self-supporting ministries and I find that all my life I never heard of this year I can't exempt that I've never heard of it and let them looking into the ministries that are praying about going when I went to the Bible work and I ended up using Heinz 's disease which is a help evangelism played and I got when I was out what are you reading their prophecy really the first time in my life and my friend I decided to start following counseling guidance is many immune regulatory guidance to raise the life you have in the online it's free you can look at it you can read it and be on hand that was called Ellen White diet it was the years and a lot of people forget that at times it was really anything we started falling those principles and that was my first introduction to getting into the help messaging this changed my life it not only did I get a lot of not very healthy this criminal and not only did I get healthier my spiritual life which is transformed and that was when I really really dedicated my life to God a hundred percent to follow Jesus and and after that I anyhow thousands later that I went to you to find and after that I have the Bible worked really like the actually a sort for UIC for a while include other ministries and then I married a wonderful man with a pastor and now I in the pastor 's wife at the job on itself by lacking the basic classes on how to be attracted by info health on the think about trying to help someone that Darwin and analyzes I do a letter health evangelism in nursing school now and I'm almost done with that thank God and I'm praying about what we got happy to do out here and get a testimony to them so sorry okay to the contract so when I was leaving my third eye I was if I were God wanted me that my wife and I had this huge interest in health of five volume started out my diabetes mellitus and I mean I was praying and I made a plan like that to your plan five-year plan tenure him all what you have a lifestyle center and I forgot all about that until about three months ago and that years would be two thousand and fourteen and so I started person about it more and I made a proposal and I don't know what happened but I really believe that this is not a life that is and that I did train about it open the doors to live in Oklahoma City the happy Valley and the way that it is great and we had a pretty good crowd here after people and is walking with a lot of people out there in the hall walking around looking like I'm looking for Holly and I are them without recognizing what I want to introduce you to the people who will be helping me today and work in a start the work related in a month coming up here I had here with me for an Joella and they are both medical missionaries evangelists and their companies they were in economy and all the natural remedies work shot at your church and so primitive that have been view that form that wonderful and selecting that you think you and Lisa Lisa standing for a leader going to share that about a program that you can go to Utah Valley Institute for you to get train to be a medical evangelist for Vietnam my nipples if I had that we were even start a word of prayer our gracious heavenly father born how blessed we are to be able to be called to do this work and have this help message for this company people who don't know is how many people who are affected so many people who are waiting in speaking and hoping for something better Lord we just pray that you would be with us here now that whenever we need to learn that you would teach us thought we him I hit the sake and lost all and the tools that we can use actually reach out in our local churches in our communities at home and within our churches themselves gotten thank you for calling I night are the one who qualifies us to do this work and crazy things in Jesus name amen I enhance out for you and you ladies have passed that out I am very useful handout for you at least I hope that you find useful I tried to be very useful antidote to the various topics that were to talk about today and I also just included in their some resources that you can use to help you along with the methods and websites and everything that you're welcome to take notes in place there for your on anything that you don't you don't I see that was written down there to Israel here for you the spirit of prophecy it said the world that is the World Bank and you have a family member who has diabetes many of you know someone who has diabetes preannouncement cancer and invalid and all you humans and listed on creature that all of us know someone who is sick and he hung up they probably just go knock on a few of your neighbors houses and you'll find people again everywhere people are that burning with disease and diabetes and heart disease and he can't bear and all that think they can either be prevented or reversed through lifestyle and so what we want to do is to learn about the things yourself the seats other than even if you're not a medical professional don't plan to be a medical professional if you plan to be a medical missionary by educating yourself as so many resources that God is giving flat and N diet as you well know anywhere at all but I recommend you read and try to get your hands on as the world is sick they presented today she is correct you said and where every children of men while earning a bound on every hand there is a seeking for relief let me tell you if you want to reach your community reach the people of the church in your family members nothing will open their heart better than a help message when you log someone with their life so closely because it will be very personal sometime it is so personally I help people leaving you to consider giving up now because your copy of your lying about the die and say that part of courts that you may say if you really hate me people are being held in we kind of people you really upset about things like that but then when actually the type with they let me that because you change their life he told them about that and they're not hearing it mainstream medicine they're not hearing the things younger folder bonus draw them break the fall apart if you don't get your three glasses of milk a day in these sorts of things and so people are very misled and we have much truth in God the following ourselves that we can share with others Johnson says the St. Germain each work of healing and occasion for implanting divine principle of info every circumstance that we had every opportunity that we have to share the help message we should be praying for God to give us the opportunity to help them plan divine principle within these people part of that time by way of the Holy Spirit so as we seek to develop missionary work we need a prayer for the outpouring of Holy Spirit and you're ready to pray for the people we are seeking to help fill now I just want to get into the practical aspects of the things I'm going to share with you today and those include first of our talk about health fair I'm very well and very comfortable sharing with you the things that I've learned and how you can get them in your church what about the depression sometime and I want to share about it because the depression seminar and life-changing union credit Doctor Neil Leslie in the states that if everyone thought we had to present seminar I indicated that seminar and now has to depend about that even seminar himself that the defense of sunshine and slowly revolutionary is there's any and everyone in the press except for those who know the Lord and everywhere I go everyone all over the place when you look at the hospital you know whatever diagnosis of right and it is depressing days and everyone on an antidepressant like crazy until you can teach them that the depression recovery teaching people how they can cure lifestyle change to reverse their depression has a very high success rate some talk about them not as comfortable with it I'm not a director I've never been directed to have a direct and facilitator my facilitated the sharing you what I known how you can go about becoming a director hold you to your church what about natural remedies like I said because I really have impressed that an visiting a really good thing we can do political natural remedies seminars even in our churches the world is becoming so and so much more open for an alternative and unfortunately New Age that is right there ready to heal them how to fight lord to be on top of it so that's really awesome to you before it's over nine and regular is not very relieved that he can show that your territory about cooking classes I went to the regular line as a lesson in very comfortable sharing it on as well I will talk about the help everyone had a handout is not raise your hand and you will get one senior thinking Joella said anyway that he him about the health hair are held at the time you might call it the reason why I really hate that you can see there is something that I really was just a great opening way to really get people interested into that alternative lifestyle many of you are familiar with new start all right most of the news guy is an acronym and were in a top a little bit about it but the healthcare followed this acronym there is between eighteen hundred and the people at each live is one of the different accident and his nutrition is a very interesting group will talk about what you do that is not threatening but I just wanted how you look at Aaron and just before that I was on vacation in Florida and I have been so unhealthy about that couldn't get there after we are on vacation she'd been given but there would be going this way if I had done out there I is is where you can kind of start to feel like I really want to start out the vandalism at my church out there is a great place to start because of the broad open paying you the community outreach and very nonthreatening and it's really fun and you are charged members will love getting involved because they can get so involved it's a great way to get the charts involved in outreach as well and then happy to help their one-time change with the help they need to do something like a cooking class you don't represent cooking class but another nonthreatening health outreach event after you get the help ale theory got all these contacts now you can buy they will something like a depression seminar and I recommend the depression seminar at the next thing to be held because the really good always something there is wrong there in fact the latest depression and I sat up and goes right into the Daniel Daniel Bible any this is an amazing cycle this is my plan for our churches back in Oklahoma applicable calendar for the year of help and listen and help again to and on and study needs of the Bible that can be done again I ask you about that went out and liked everything to its time because it looked funny looking again again they were dead and this is the acronym for those of you who are not familiar with it it needs to me and I the first one it is nutrition so I really wanted to put a diagram in there for you guys that I I was able to fill the content is that I have a website therefore you will help Expo vanity I went and initiated a leaking in the Carmel Expo banners and the on the whole manual on their interviews on and get that manual it will be your best friend it if it's on your handout and on and out yes it is just a thin well put together by Charles Cleveland and his wife have a ministry there is a debate actually sell the banners that are out there and I think it's just a lonely anatomy felt so easy and so on it is a diagram that you can follow that nutrition big deal is this is what I've done actually so you might want to take a little note on this because in his name maybe a little bit different but after having done I hotly done between thirty and fifty help expose a health fair and just share with you what I decided that the lives and are mostly all the same and added a few things here and there I just from what I've learned on what many works better so and so what I would like that and more or then demo within the last help there that we had here it had an antiwhite theme laboring to keep the people demonstrating how to make an appropriate people left at you people love watching interactive things like that the thematic unit it really peaked the interest for your next event hopefully a cooking class and so I like to do something like that they're not then little food samples and the recipe there for the people is a good idea as exercise and build new what is called a hybrid that takes us a little of that is that other like the step aerobics that and that instructions for that in and help manual at the same when they use from under you want to do no harm why people can drink and I don't want to do hydrotherapy and demonstrations you have to do that but people at peak their interest or your natural remedies that were not answered and people are very interested in those alternative things there to talk about how you can do that again demonstrate for some of those at the end of last in the natural remedies section sunlight you have blood pressure and those are some of the nurses at your church to take blood pressure sleep gathers and caught the sunlight it and rented where people get their weight check in with why not get their way check their body fat percentage and you'll see you have to get the special field for that you get at Walmart or target of where you can order them through the website that health Expo banners .com at the air of the issue actually and all ill tell you that you are going to view the peak flow meter the people needed this device and that you dwell in theory a little number that ride on a plastic lever and so it tells you what your lung capacity is an I found I mean with a professional and Valley people are getting a lot from that and then I felt like I said I didn't do that when that way you can check their their oxygen saturation with occult oximeter and you can get those fairly cheap and medical supply store but selected node usually everyone is okay they let them know the level of oxygen in circulating in your blood and usually the people who have a bad situation better people is not a lot at COPD emphysema or something like that but I find that to be a just a much more accurate measurement and then at the restaurant and chairman signs if you invite someone on from high school this is a great way to get people to help with that because they need in our the past thirty five or so the only possible problem you're doing they are more than likely to send people to help an interesting idea and I will I will stress tests that about them not what suggested in the manual but I want you how effective this is a highly recommend giving it at that the trusting God for what it is that you have a website they are recommended stress test is an online stress tested so we had a couple of laptops set up there at the table and it is in so you all underneath this in whatever order you want like if I was setting up a help in this RAM I was able to an all around here with our nice banners that and with and whatever were using about table and so I would have given an set into the antitrust United and then the healthy food would be laugh and even that doesn't help whatever order you decided it won't matter me difference really to the trust the right before here and when they called a daily stress testing on the stress test that I I know you haven't divorced recently honeymooned in the last five months and these are the things and people just love to talk about their problems about the one on the Bible worker or a spiritual leader when Sarah were spiritual birthday there were one Bible studies already hard to get the revival that if you do not use just happening at the beginning of the world is stressed out against you and so there's now and so the person that I want to recommend to use the things that you can do to handle stress and so then we may color like you know you can start exercise names and you can start praying that we share with them about Bible and an event loop wonderful way to get the community we get some revival is that way because people are liking I really do need something else without exception for people to say there I usually pray about putting the right people at that because it's just it's really where we get those interests and so right people there will kind of know how to transition into somewhat unique is that at and then you asked if they want you to try anything that would help with their stress at this and the stress tested testing on the date of this extroverted which is the healthy screen which is also in the manual for the healthcare seminar and here they are there's a computerized program after the lifestyle questions this is the last day because their genetic counseling if you can you will have it that the sun people who are either a medical missionary well educated on medical things or medical professional in mind that financial remedies because I knew they are going to be questions like how much sleep you get an idea drink the water in the a are you like there is smoke and then this little program you put in all the thing and tell them what their health they did maybe the person is really unhealthy and end their life worried that they are helping to fifty five is a little not the people I like oh now you need to get something and then there was apparently held indefinitely these are things that you can try read it of these are some of the life community making meeting a bad thing to do that such things like one thing though and I headed to the excavated if you want something like this if the glucose and cholesterol screening because when you advertise for your help bearing people here that they can get a free glucose and cholesterol screening in a one eighty two is much easier to do glucose screening where they prick the finger get the blood felt with her blood sugar is that people really like to come back later things you can put anywhere I believe in the regular manual and said that the nutrition to you can see that my recommendation is not because I decide there we don't want what they did together for you honestly I usually start with this bid because they couldn't find a set of free glucose screening here people it attracts people to come as the lead on the lives that are in out there and it's all clear dividing and getting the picture it usually is circular the data diagram for you but that these are the different things that don't want to help there they comes in and this is where we collect their information so I used to register people at the beginning of my health affairs I no longer do that set up in such a way that they can get past this is without with before leaving because here is where when they fill out that paper that tells that what I like about practice of their following an accident information and on paper it Re: need free will see the manual it says I'm interested in weight loss I'm not interested in cooking class and accurately gather that of him and what I had at the beginning I found it when challenging people don't understand why we want all their information and so I felt a lot more comfortable doing it that way about it and I just want to tell you a little bit more about different things that I've done in things that help it to work more smoothly you're on your still here first paid I believe and here is important sets and I'm just getting to some of those the first is to choose a pre- populated facility of the venues of you think that no one told me that I learned that you can believe you should be having a really successful healthcare right away hopefully Lord willing much prayer but use the pre- populated facility what I mean by this is do not choose your charts again where no light on a fat free diet during fellowship dinner because nobody there is now an angel having twenty people praise the Lord that that you can have much greater success by going to a facility where there's already people when people are already there they see that you have the thing going on they love to come some places that held help their health Expo in such a way with the YMCA call your YMCA they like you can do around there there anywhere you want though partly to convict the integrated metering this free community event and people really like like this a lot when I was in Minnesota they really are my own lives in Minnesota I is I you healthier than area we did one imagine what our church dinners is the local games or anything were people down the list will generate Microsoft is a great facility because of the open is a great facility the people are there not many people come there unfortunately with much advertising advertise a lot a very expensive to do so and so at the YMCA I think in the first two hours we had over a hundred people who came because not only did people who want to come people receive at him that he will write out the YMCA are they interested in how and how they felt the part of the opportunity behind nearly half the people they are inviting wild Mulberry people do things is a great opportunity to play for the Minnesota at a shopping center and the flea market we remember the people out of one hundred people in the healthcare was a large number and because there is lots and lots of people already very yet retained samples making every screen always like the thing when I was in Florida we hadn't had a part in outdoor park that was very nice parking we had the roasted and going on the father we had a bounce house for kids without we created it was a big community event that was dead and that in our advertising drew a lot of people for that one but it actually rained that day how sense as trying to this terrible guy but thank God we pray in the rain but it started raining right and we're about to start and everyone all the church members you don't look to be the leader thereby trying to prevent spread and that they are being about no announcement to be getting all wet with their final down anyway they're getting the Pentagon it was so windy but they largely would come and go Bangalore and then hand it all stopped and had a really good healthcare really big turnout is also another place he had asked convention center Reggie White C and I say this contradicts a little bit what I said back we had a really good turnout and I think what it was we were able to advertise on the side of the city but to your church may not be able to afford to do that but that was an amazing weight average and we got a lot of people that especially in downtown area a lot of people just walked in off the street that people are on the street by inviting people in and so that was a really good one as well are you sure she doesn't have I wanted to bring out the point that you are having an event where people are Re: coming to the very thing you can incorporate that the needs are than healthcare with it and it's a really great opportunity for my recommendation you have to get that way you can have it where ever you like but I want to say that you have a lot in fact if you have any pre- populated place that maybe we can do it outside of a Walmart or a decidedly long I see I see another busy day in various places like that and I think that event I think outside the box I want to talk about them supporting organizations that you can invite the help you with the help there and so I had to sponsor the assistance and I wanted about inviting a health in-store health stores want to advertise and sell that it will give you good for free and they can say hey this is from whole foods market or this is from whatever place in heaven now and so I you can invite them to add them to your place and don't give out free samples one time to leave your from their endowment is value at all happy to hear that you would see the movie after this class in fact that we find him and you can't invade baseball movies that they sold at a discounted price and it was high with the one I was outside when it rained and sunny Thursday and they sold this many but isn't it easy to invite the community and people see it as a big community of that you have to really get away at it people are more open to come I you can invite when I say Janice I mean like workout didn't like the YMCA can come if you happen to be at your exercise the Avenue they have a trainer who would talk about exercise thereafter they do their little activity that you have planned so I think of ways that you can draw to the community to help you with him high school that I pointed out about that already that the five schools and usually I don't get what the massage school did phone better Google it and you will see that there is a Lincoln high school to crime to be the teacher or the instructor a and they'll tell their students about an unusually the students will contact you say yeah but then you can have a blood drive another great way to invite the community to be a part of it the contact that what they do they are hundred percent wanting to contact me they really want to have my guys everywhere they can and people think they can give blood and wait to ought advertise your health or do Morgan come back to the front page you will see he is random page that says medical disclaimer I want to sign guys that when I first time doing out there I did not have a medical disclaimer and we had a bit of a mishap at one of our healthcare 's activities during illegal and extremely dotted the trouble and the lawyer from that conference that we are working with I did work out all the things it means it I think that you need to have a medical disclaimer that the disclaimer that I have been sharing it with you and I and I wouldn't have known what to do he didn't help me do that so when people come to your house and they have to have to have to fill this out they cannot go out there before they collapsed and usually not a problem people don't want anyone to keep that we keep it for future reference sites that out there that are really important thing to happen to let them know that we are not there Doctor nerd in me tends to be a sort of things with educational purposes they agreed to receiving the then various screens that were going to provide the mandate yet but I keep for about two years I keep it for two years have a nice involved in charity and taking up space him and him and advertising I think even they say the reason why that is because I spent a tremendous amount of money on advertising I think it would have been better to spend that money on improving the welfare and happiness out there at a location that is pre- populated but you need to advertising the places that have worked well for me with advertising in the radio if you go online you can I believe that Christian radio station K love is everywhere Caleb what advertisers out there for free here and whatever your happening here having any event at your church K level advertising for free on on the radio if you tell a month or more in any and you can actually find other radio stations that will be the same Kayla K K K LOC years of the just below that you'll see they have a website that really means of making sense people with a little confused this venture that I really did advertise in the newspaper the only reason the newspaper but apparently they did so because they found out that anger that a lot of people checked in the newspaper and down the length from the newspaper so I highly recommend putting an ad in the newspaper and I recommend making simple flyer and you can get really great fire and that wonderfully through handling the companies that make our evangelistic series five or you can make something simple for yourself just at home by yourself absolutely a church designing and I highly recommend having your church members go out into the community and knock on doors and invite people personally because those are the people who come the people he invited personally because he ought we not regarding Faith and I help them tell you that they are in you is a great get just the thing for you and they convert him annotation so I have not been at mailing outward as well as a personal invitation when they set out to acquire a usually try and I usually like happening registration in figure you think of me when they come in I have a little place where it says how did you hear about the healthcare and then build checking the business or not depending on how we advertised and a lot of people will say the fire have and where you how you get your final facility offer my door is just a hundred percent the way I don't know of what happened the other stuff and if the local churches is why your church members we forget about that we were getting help everything is reached the community please please please personally had one call and invite your church members because I myself need to be filing a help message and unfortunately I think you could agree with me that were falling short of and so in my pictures from the making of the screen because when they come they say you know how really do need to start doing something and any using a lot of time at chart so you can always help and more than sell and that will help you to change and help other people and also invited surrounding churches the surrounding Seventh-day Adventist or did as well as non- Seventh-day Adventist churches they will pass it out at their church for you you give them some flyers because more people are interested in help and you can have those charges after they contract may contact you will help there at their church the pastors will you I was never able to be healthy without I had opportunities as to what you do with our terms and absolutely why not select another great option and then you can go around the local enchantment advertised that way I just want to tell you about the best times of year that I think you have a healthcare is down in the summer had a great time to outdoor eye that one of the part and an outdoor thing you people really like that and people feeling being held in the summer I like you don't really get out and found they were noted to be an ongoing pattern of it that really get time and then you year I didn't even get any help in the New Year's Day because the court people are making my New Year's resolutions in life Revelation is one way and are out there in advertising on and learn how to lose weight when you are advertising and because the pen and on and on the way to the time to get people and that an injunction of the community event and when I say that and like every state I believe that when a local fair when it is called to the city there every year you can only benefit the area that will help them even to blood pressure screening you can do that help age analysis leaving the help page one you get all their information and interest for other things so that is also a good time back I will value anywhere anytime you can go with their people I help there and direct an important follow-up and I talked about this already but the two places where you're gathering information visit the help page bid because remembering that after we get their information they're interested in more events in the trust is not good because if they fill out a Bible study hard and they want Bible study for all to get their information their it is so important make sure that before you even plan this out there that you look at that little cycle that I gave you you have land because the health fair is just the beginning got the beginning of what we would like you don't get the starting point and so you and you want to make sure that you know how we didn't want to follow up on these what is our next plan what is our next health project that we are going to do and this is in your hand out and I thought you I was about renewing my health at the meeting you'll find every resource that you need and your and I even put on their exactly where to go and I believe that yes that's right I I put there go to downloads scroll down to help explanation you offer you can find the help exponential should be very easy and you can print out thousands and thousands of really great website and I also have therefore your machines they are trusting God website the stress test website okay we are moving through this very quickly the weekend I have a lot of things I will give you to suspect a lot of things I want to share with you and just no practical things and ideas easy to use what I've learned personally so that you weren't going to talking about I get cooking class you have a question and yes thank you that's a very good point she was saying that it is the love it's expensive to get the banner is used for your own shirts and said she was saying what they did was they had a conference purchase them and then other churches in United States of the conference office the church is needed they get the banners from them and that's actually that's the way we had to thank you for bringing that up and in that way not just one church houses spend money on getting those banners very good point if anyone out that's a very good question I usually always do on the weekend I delete a sound afternoon or I do it on Sunday and so continually people at work in her busy enough for it to you just make sure you don't Super Bowl Sunday or be aware of the events that are happening because I might forget our now I know this was happening around you yes that's a good point thank you very much of what is going on I know this is not a question she says because it's being recorded we need to come into this microphone here is that people can hear you or you consider questions being asked around my that better know people don't like to come to the microphone okay that's it I don't forget your questions if you have them we want to get the answer for you I will talk about he wanted over a few pages now the medical disclaimer I want to talk about one side and on the writer the depression recovery is picking class I think I you are very versatile in person and I like to just do things in my own way I'm saying last I know that some people really want something that's very sad when I tell them you're going to need this one that's leaving this afternoon that I tried really really like me that I need something like that I really did not remember anything like the one on this kind decided to make up what I think and that you know what watch another show an invalid ballot they contended that no I think that's a good idea Incorporated so I tried sneaking outline here for how to do a cooking class I highly recommend taking classes because people like he and beauty make them good no really like you all and as the very first thing that you want to do it just have an outline here for you if you want to plan and practice your menu how many of you foresee yourself wanting to hold cooking class okay him a solid more like now we don't attack them on telling my deputy so the first here is even having a cooking class is trying to watch a lot of Seventh-day Adventists cooking demonstration video to get a eighty C or you can go on to creating websites and different they have their ripening intercessors what they've done I highly recommend watching a cooking show just so that you can kind of see how they go about it out there but I'm going to tell you how to set up a cooking class and insist that I have for you while doing patient has a first cooking class blueprints this is something that you can follow to outline what you need to do business cooking class it says like the day the class title the time and a cost to me demonstrating it in your menu will you will need in the sort of thing the kind of help you are getting working and everything is planned to practice your menu the reason why I am I need a really cool blog reside on this blog go here and here at the bottom it says called my undead blogspot .com and you don't have any I have listed all the cooking classes that I done to you what I know what you think there am I integrating class in the open market and we did so many various things we did this one here is called destination vegan and it was like I traveled through all the different country meetings out the weekday destination being in Italy or destination being in Asia then you click on whatever the title that the blue glasses and it just brings up all the recipe that I used in the instructions for the Verizon .net I wish that I could just that means if I go about but you probably have some really good at anything you want him was absolutely wonderful we had is when you know that people think how you can help enlightening I made that you highlighted it is where I like to do that but even if you don't and you can I give you the recipe that you can get on up the online or you can visit good cookbooks but the important thing is getting him a case of the plan and practice your menu so your choose five to six demonstrations and so you want to choose on like three entrées side dad 's decided to the immediate dessert and because if you have on trader will probably go too long your client should live like our two hours is pretty good we want to practice your recipe so that you are comfortable with it and to ensure the question on lately and it will rather share my and pilot thingies in the entrées to decide in a desert they don't have to do that way the reason I said that specifically how to do that because maybe you have a vegan baking cooking class when there is no entrée for vegan baking instead you're going to need to look at how long the things will pay for you to demonstrate because you're not in wait for it to connect your entry may all of your food before the people case I went on I've done it both ways where I cook right there and then people tapes and that is very stressful because what if it doesn't come out already what if you have the and a white defendant could not get a bit more stressful but everything remains immense updated for you this remake it annually now you can take the time to make sure that it's good so that the best way enough for what I need on my supreme example of the stitches or demonstrations practice practice practice making an what will I know what I'm just trying to say that anything to the venue in your church is a great place I never had a problem between classes of people don't mind at all they always come and you just want to advertise advertise it well the big things in cooking class I found it advertising well if I said I would mail out flyers were thinking classified because it works well people get to play in healthy cooking these days and they come from the idea that we now yelled and spirit of prophecy she found that that via to reach the wealthier classes that are really good thing to do is use a help message and the healthier then the wealthier classes really like each other they really do a lot have those people at my cooking classes and so it's a really good way to get people to come immediately we weren't in reaching you know another way so you can your church if you have a healthy sort you have a whole market you have opened marketing your town cooking class they are if they have a culinary center is call your name your e-mail as a unifying center they will let you coming you that they will pay you so I mean you can do it from any I can I'm doing it for free affairs their like are you sure you want to be paid in other like the Congress renew his ministry saying that they were not being met on because they really want people to come but if you plan to go there make a plan and let them know in the professional and well presented so anyway I will help with snoring usually they had like a little help authorities we now have a flyer something that says that some of those coming to talk about whatever we used to be that someone coming to talk about whatever because they are very very open to having people come and have a homeland him when I needed you you need someone and you are you people the man I go to work they see me eating her school I am curious what other people you know NAC meeting in their life on and we even call United and you tired all the more it makes me crazy laying there and I know it's really gagging I advocate out bring you something then you can share something with them and then invite your notable and that an act or go to their houses what I'm trying to know that you can tell them to come over and show you just how you do this we can invite into your house for a meal and then cook with a cooked meal with you before and demonstrate to the family I really like home visit cooking classes and so personal and really get to sit down and eat a meal with the person he can talk more about it and share with them people like that a lot you're already in her home and eventually will be Hunter Bible study evenings really great way to do it that you need to do so once you have a plan and practice your thinking out you're going to give I also want to let you know that you do not happen in the classroom and you don't have to be the only demonstrator I usually like to people demonstrating because I was one person trying to figure out again the other person can be the leaner demonstrating annual need assistance I've also done it before where I had church members who had decided to try a plant based diet I then demonstrate a recipe that they had tried I had like six presenters in class and they each demonstrated something so you can be creative in its cooking is a great way to get people involved the thing is you need to gather this team so it says at least one of personal assistant what I mean by that is you're going to be there cooking and inevitably are going I am waiting to hear anything to grab it for you that your personal existence of the people that it is healthier than people who are back very wherever the kitchenette for holding things together know what's going on and then it says the general assistance and sorry that it was very generally and the one personal assistant and is a person would be cooking with you I like to do that with you after you have one person is working closely with you that we hear people whine about washing dishes if you are washing dishes he will have a lot of work to do when you're done and I really like absent some willing at kind and willing souls to help with that after years of planning practice your menu figure out what you want you decide where you want to have this gather your team of workers together and then when you're going to have the cooking class in existence as a happy and that is prepared trays with all ingredients in a copy of the recipe so you know what you need you're going to shop in this cooking class is hopefully your church evangelism find our health evangelism fund or something like that you're also going to charge this cooking class unless you don't have to give if I have to charge for cooking class that would be great but people are more likely the company have to pay I find I just have higher numbers of people have been great excitement towards something even if it was just five dollars and that usually five fifteen or twenty dollars for the class that so you want to prepare the near trade ahead of time you have the file your ingredients you want to do this the day before the night before figure out all the school that you need in on that next sheet I have listed there were you can put those things see out what you need and then you want to have some kind trades so you demonstrates exactly so you have fixed rate laid out everything you need for that recipe on that tray for the rest of the mayor and then when you're not here ready to demonstrate your system will have lined up they were demanding interesting to this order and shall be able to heal the able to bring out the tray when you're ready for it is not attached handouts of the recipes of court people again want to know when they go home how can I do this and what I need to do to provide handouts you have to respect the class of the small lecture and it's a really awesome opportunity to talk to people about how they come to the cooking class interested in health and so put together a small lecture and just on a usually what if it's a general cooking classes depending on what you're cooking classes on it maybe even three cooking classes this is the fourth in a series that I will just tell them about the benefits of vegan cook at eating ice with a plant -based is uncomfortable that note vegan means that a plant based diet is I'll share with them usually I get your ten minute thing and the reason why that's also been severe the beginning of your cooking class is because it keeps their interests in other events that you may have been certain that just about everything I can share with you a whole lot of other health information that could really help to help you with your help in the years that have a registration and fifty one a place where people can sign up for future events so registration sheet and usually ask them how did you hear about that there's a place for them to put their name and address and e-mail address number and that heaven is like a man and those sorts of things and then have other upcoming events November this is a cycle they not been one hundred in class that you want to your time to build a relationship with these people and I see that will have a one time event and hope that people country evangelistic series and pray God that I have been but I have seen that not happened or so I a lot more than we do about iPhone build a relationship with the people and get known and they are a lot more likely to be the heart of the open the gospel so you want to have a place as those featured and then I have it at the cost of sixteen for thirty dollars usually what I charge and people are very willing to take a cooking class they're very interested in doing I just want to take a quick five-minute break and when you come back and often outselling sports organized in your church and how successful I need and then we are going to talk about the depression how to do the depression seminar and then the natural remedies don't you I get a drink of water use the restroom now is a good time to come in the death of Nathan and I believe one of the investment you change will have a share in I think out in the hallways and I would say yes and maybe everyone will and that is just right there I wait for you to strengthen a kid alright you guys got to have a seat where you get started again I got them going to cover this one really quickly a lot of you raise your hands that you have seen the documentary forks over nice is an excellent documentary done by people with its focus on these two doctors actually used in both a grip on dairy farms and they have worked in conventional medicine it pretty much all of their lives and especially what type anything at a distance how many of their patient and getting surgery and reports overnight visit me a while to figure out what the name means they looking at the picture a lot kind that cut off the feeling of handholding of work appear that this is a scalpel like let me cut you open you can have a triple bypass apples at Fort Lee the overnight retreat and so forth to get the people gag and heart disease of what led these doctors and scenes into looking into some alternative related excellent research research for over a year without a patient and pretty much there putting forth a plan based the vegan diet and it's very very compelling very convincing that the right is coming in and assign them a little bit about if you think works overnight just what it's about and soliciting about this documentary is if you haven't seen it get it and watch it a year will be very convicted but you should also follow plant based diet is very very good and it's a really good opportunity to show something that's done professionally by professionals have done a lot of research on and interesting people like it and I am I've only done it once and about to do it here and actually use a few weeks when my other churches but the way you go about selling that is legally you have to get a license I have to request an online life you're going to go online and using Google works overnight I made the website therefore you're not sure it's on again and go through that website were not visible at the website will come up on an you want to register with an edit screen is the website that said I want to show works overnight there's not a whole lot on the handout about this and that it is there that you want to silently get there if you surrender to the Chivas him three seminars where that is why I like the online cost about seventy five dollars three hundred dollars and each friend for that one time they show it to me sorry I didn't understand English it just works for one right is the one time you but for public selling yet that's Republican and is very well worth it when we finally had about one hundred community people and was it was very and so what you want to use one and online and you want to register to get his wife and when you do they will tell you just the stuff that you need to pay and so you will just follow with a fatal thing you conform to fill it out to correspond with you you get billed in the church we get bill however you go about doing that and then advertise for you to advertise online the thing is really nice flyer and the best way that I found to advertise for this and only that one is personal invitation is mostly what we did but of course I would advertise anyway and this is the second time that China advertise a whole lot more for it but when you show it it's really nice to do in conjunction with another events we had a very large plant -based meal for the people and we pretty much like a potluck style we ask church members to cook some nice dishes and we people his name and made the food they love it and then we show the reports overnight and of course they were asking for recipes meth recipe leaking talent for in class so it's another great way to get people interested in your event and so the other you want to tell you see I have a vibrant life magazine from the Adventist magazine forks over nice is not inhabitants video on the and but I made something for it has worked overnight right here on that they really get handout that you can get get the people of information by having the register I have him sign up for a cooking class or something like that we use our church for that it worked out just fine at the meeting later eating out on future is what I get briefly adult and having the preplanning meals that's really pretty much on this a lot I have a lot to say a matches the idea that I want to put out there to you guys I want to carry you little bit about doing the depression recovery seminar and that is right there on that same page it works over nine the depression the thing about the depression recovery seminar is your duty to receive training for that and let me just walk across here and grab these material here the materials that you would receive you can go get life training and they have one coming up at the end of February in Dallas and they have another one that's happening at the health something that the North American division is having unfortunately I I just talked to Doctor Nestlé and he thought the dates wrong line but I cannot find them online for the live training so I would use if you want to get trained dial-in is Oklahoma City but I was living in Ardmore Oklahoma and Doctor Headley live in Ardmore Oklahoma so so I didn't delegate train moving I work for the people in his way again so I am so sleepy to training but I recently sent people from one of my churches to a training they learn everything they needed and now most church members can facilitate direct and run health this depression recovery seminar on all by themselves which is very very nice so anyone can learn to do it I just wanted for the director had one organized past minute and someone who is willing to get up him people nearing five senior depression recovery seminar saying I have the website there for you on your handout but then training and also get online and it is a little bit expensive it is I don't remember how much that you have to pay to receive that chain but I highly recommend what you can do is have the church sponsor you response or someone to go to receive that training has been is a very very very useful program useful for you now I Doctor Natalie that has a blue here without you say I really am interested I talked to the gentleman is running David Don and he said all descendents of the big thing that can go by very talking and get the exact dates and sorry it was very clear to me to share that with you but I do know that that when you pay for that training you will get all the materials that you need to run that because then if you have to buy separately this is all very expensive even the DVDs that Uribe used in your seminar and then you'll have also a workbook and a hardcover book and they recommend various other books are the people to use so the first thing is to get trained and when you get trained as a director can train your facilitators and what that means is that this is an eight-week program and the way it works on this ear training but it is likely that you would like additionally program and the way that works is that you advertise for people to calm and holding that a church is perfectly fine you can hold it wherever you like now that I've held at churches and people are depressed in their income and and you advertise that you are going to have to and events showing and this event showing this kind of introduction is in the DVD that you get it'll be something that you show and you let people know what the program him all he needed Doctor Manley and I very very well done and he kind of help and overview of what is depression recovery seminar is and it pretty much letting them know that they can reverse their depression through lifestyle practices and he does it as there is what he called the ten hit in these hits are things that have led to your depression he talked about the frontal lobe the front part of our brain and whenever that damage and you have your depressed so where is looking at anything you can do to reverse the damage that happening is it's going on things that are very specific to depression is a very good and so you have time they learn about it and what do they learn about it then they can sign up for the program there and making them pay you don't have to buy a book on and some other book that they get it while and I will people are more than willing to do it is when I found and so the people come to that first session they sign-up and then a week later you start your actual eight weeks annually on the same night each week and what happened with the people and they'll have a log in the mapping for their filling out a network that will show this to welcome then such an ill show this DVD there's a public duties and you can see because it's those for a week and if you want to see a little bit of the sentence at the end you're more than welcome to stop rising but each week and I'll cover a different topic on things that can help them with their depression whether it's on my nutrition exercise and in all these different things and so at any time after they they watch then they break up into the small group and that's when you need your facilitators so the directors directing everything and then you happier for facilitators but it depends on how to him a break I think many small groups so that's why facilitators need to be trained and they will give you some materials that they know what they need to do and that those groups what is the goal and how to do a small group of a given lots of text of what to share what you ask and so they know small group they cut that really where things happen see you then facilitators because they the people I spoke to be going to this workbook along with each lessening and the law and keep track out at having and exercising they been doing the breathing had been listening to classical music to help their depression toward a bright light therapy are the things that are supposed to be doing needed facilitator who is good with helping them stay on track and that you are helping them to follow the program and encouraging them and so I have to do that then acting and their goodness they come back next week that happens for eight weeks of the program that they happy demonstrate or have them take them to the foods that they highly recommend on foods that help with depression foods that are high in omega-3 or through their hind troponin and those that do things and so there at the end of the end of the program and the nice thing is is that they can go into the Daniel Bible study at the end of the program because we know that health is so closely related and they may give you the concept that you need to transitions that end you invite the people the Congregational Bible study and I have always had at least sixteen seventy percent of people come to the Daniel Bible studies always have baptisms I mean it is an amazing program and creative people just you really build good friendships because you're there with him week after week and you're helping them with their depression you can change their lifestyle a really thick under different if I highly recommend doing him reprogrammed and now I want to talk he lies about and believe in the beginning Italian diet how much I really liked the X practicing some kind of a mini life now facility out of our churches or ill people is there he told the patient happy long how worried you many can't hear in where people can convert healing and unfortunately people usually have to go very far for those and everything unfortunately because I'm always encouraging to go to the five thousand but a lot of people can't know or they can avoid it and fell and then we do so not to do so they just know don't meow and of helping very much so I would really like to see our church and start adding natural remedies work shop at the first step is for you maybe thinking I don't know anything about natural remedies I don't know what I would teach and I thought you had two wonderful ladies here Corgan tells about it and then we have wonderful weekend and hope that I don't learn it training and of course there's lot of theirs other program done received training but what I foresee I'm about to do my first natural remedies workshops having deadline and a variant and a wild so the first where I have this concept but what you would have if you have a advertisement that lets people know what you think they can do these natural remedies and fishing they talk you'll be able to know more about and then you would invite people to comment on all that the church and I would simply demonstrate for them the natural remedies and show the leaves it and what they can view and so I'm going to invite the ladies to come up and to share that some of the things see that I do get an idea of that so Laura rewards in an effort and return off microphone him everybody how many of you have personally been blessed by hydrotherapy around the wonderful welcome help messages definitely been a blessing to me I had brought had been denied and actually even rub Christian and from the time I was an very little child before I could even talk I suffer from ear infections so much so I choose that the tubes before I was three and all I had to do was touch my ear and the doctor would give me amoxicillin well after we found the health message in a truth that are our Bible and their property is left us with meeting of Gary and I only had one ear infection and the last fifteen years he was really a blessing we have notice so many benefits from the help message from the right arm of the gospel that we have an issue with you up with a story you know why we have the health message it is just so that we can be healthier now we are in a help message so first of all we can have a clear mind because when the waiter we eat the winter leaving massive effects first and foremost our frontal lobe which is where our Lord communicates with us the reason why I myself found a help message and why I use natural remedies and hydrotherapy is so that I can have a clear mind siding against boys so a little story then I share with you little bit of background my family and I had a health ministry for the past several years it's been a real big part of our life for the past ten to twelve years and we went to teach health in all different shapes and forms and varieties we had a shift seminar that we held and we had how many elderly gentleman coming for a class at last they didn't want anything to the Lord but he was interested so we went zero to four weeks the board of five nights a week and we have very close with this gentleman he became like a grandfather figure three but he still wanted nothing to do with not very interested in message so we taught them out hydrotherapy we time on natural remedies and timeout diet and lifestyle including classes all these things and one day after four years of trying and trying to the relevance of Bible studies are invited to church of items in different amounts of him saying no no no he came into my house one day he called my mom very seriously said I need to come over he walked into our house there were cheers streaming down his face he said I was just diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer so what do I do think that our living room and you look at him and he he says he would like a father figure to my mom and grandfather figure even when they are made there's my family and my mom looked at him and she said more than your physical health we care about your spiritual health leaves China got again he said I do not want to do chemo I don't irradiation I'm putting my health is a you are to me what do I do believe that genetically related please try again will work on your physical health but we also want to work with your schedule helped even that is most important in our house your physical health as well he said all right I will try it but we were most amazing journey Mother's Day with my mom is the guy who worked with him very closely legally live with him we did diet natural remedies hydrotherapy treatment vibrators desecrate site is an absolute salt baths and we did using it everything and I r


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