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RE-Formation, Part 2

Daryl Cheng


Can my church really impact my community with the Gospel? Learn how to create small group meetings that are evangelistically focused. Transform your church and community with a Spirit-led, biblical small group ministry model.


Daryl Cheng

Pediatric Fellow at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia



  • December 30, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a private family affair that is I think a lot of you are an activist type everything out again that I go away with study the principles of overmatched fairway this morning fathers predicted last at last according to different aspects of effective kegger we pray that your Holy Spirit reveals to us but we need to do in hospital since the implement in our culture to Cisco Eos in Jesus name and now my good Australian friend this morning stole my thunder she preached on the package in the Bible that I wanted to share with you by the way I would further services are those about my chapter nine is what I want to share with you at most twenty seven matchup tonight in the twenty seventh the story is well-nigh we went recounted this morning throughout the morning devotional week we went through this particular focus on twenty first twenty seven because it gives us some clues as to the next popular metaphor about in our capable small group one of models based by Jesus took him by the hand and is efficient and see what arrives this significant obvious that is what you have to describe this bad in one word one Lebanese was the symbol of business one way to illustrate could describe cooed emphasized the point of specifying and all in with him and I like that one begin the hand is what signified the hand of one gene this uses diluted with that I didn't get a very good one and you get up and will get back the list like in other places the Bible and that's what happened when miracles were performed by Jesus uses this kind links the man up here right and in small group ministry encasements that hadn't actually important reality in our lives to Jesus Weatherby Feller Adventist members on non- Adventists believe it's the boundaries under the share review about the had is that Hatton is a symbol or an example that is used widely in the minor went out with the hand you are Canadian your beard the handwriting on the role or walling Daniel behind Jesus using his hands a lot for Adam when you have had for your good bond with you data the right hand of God is very good the users had to hold the little children in the lab right to happen in the Bible is a significant symbol because it it emphasizes that it implies personal touch and pick and that is what his group is all about isn't we use a hand to support suit to help to encourage the people that are in a small group ministry is a little bit of time this morning talking to you about effective Allport file of a holistic care group there are five points five points the profile of an effective holistic to use the handed example to illustrate what these five points in my workplace and one open hospital well what the hell he thinks significant on my workplace in fact it is beneficial I got it has represent one value easily the five valleys of my hospital and the head is they charge the hat because it symbolized that this stopped to work in the hospital care about the patient and the patient's families that come from the population review of part fall on a holistic K group underneath the piping is that it is an example would I call this the hand illustration on the handle each finger on the hand represent a different aspect of a different characteristic of a holistic take the following is the most important not to have it without a somewhat beautiful thing it is extremely difficult the fund provides using the fingered grasp something we hold a cup we put your toothbrush we need to see when you put try and bonding according to get it cut again yes you can even trying very busy on the forefinger that is extremely difficult the thong is probably the most important thing of the likewise community is the most important aspect of a holistic community we've got a community activity is not as effective smoke without of friendship that was my sister was talking this morning Ted is not effective measurement is a practical example of this is community and to share with you hot a couple of the things you idolize anything Steve be on the agenda this is at a recent baptism he saw living in NEC on the stories of online Vincent saw most of Botswana medical student and Vincent is the electrical engineering supra China said on the video and this is the baptism and that that was only about three to three months ago assets is not not too long ago and it is our church family on the cable and back to University takers that the round that I think that and I will attend this is a community I got a thing with my mom against the myself what the somewhere that confidence to write artist in the court will issue some interesting things about this community because being said important pot eight a welcome part of this kangaroo he is now leaking out the number of friends indicated as well this is needed by the pivotal guide is also from Chinese often designs Jim and Vincent now takes it upon himself to regularly check out on when Fred said encouraging him he's walked just inflated made the decision of the Baptist so this community here we've got the community that it impossible for Caleb to function effectively documented guys beyond just meeting located in the yesterday we studied that from a life writings that are effective small group should have what component should be spiritual and social diversity with Jay should be spiritual and social together can grace is not just a spiritual fifth Caleb is not a time when you just have fun by Caleb is a combination of both neither the fine balance between enjoying yourself and being spiritually the same time I'm infatuated up on that late in the question opposition before that how do you have fun and get portrayed to the same difficult if the balance of definitely elevated with the community in their public way with the Guyana a bush walk your nature all of us are a hike in nature which we had railways and root especially in the continent I come from fruit is extremely important to have anything that food in Asian culture but for preserving and on the left bank what they went cherry picking at a farm on on the week and the date they took outing to go get I will try whenever we made me absolutely we always have good look at what we do another one right when I hear that Bob is interesting is that one of our ten group members is a professional plug I said he would adhesive in China beating which is extremely fluid thirdly what's the point in October but coming from China and Taiwan fund cycle and so we made out Wednesday night for all of the international students have recently come to Melbourne was funny we had a barbecue and then I just drew one of the keg room a little bit on a tool just like you would think anyone else in the twisted like a free twelve Melbourne and these guys were invited into kick off this easily this spiritual and the social defensiveness Holy Spirit complete fun we not running around New York jumping up and then dined like a group of enjoying ourselves we have it day in and day in nature with having a bother to any nuclear people enjoy themselves in the same time you maintain a spiritual Islam front of the community is extremely important to think of what the index finger I wanted anything to do anything appoint in his direction and I usually mail is young my parents only pointing is his word don't point at someone but he gives direction doesn't feel like being everything in this direction and likewise what is I'll direct you to what is omniscient inattentive the very symbol of the recognition phase go and make what the sentence if you have a kid that does not happen at its core at its mission to make disciples of Jesus been the cable is not complete holistic just like without the index finger that had has no direction the care group without a mission violence and we should review Elliott today about the capers and the effective as sharing and also witnessing to encourage people to come pressure is coming well I thought he got my story and initiating more story about another in his name is Daniel now Daniel is a grew up in a Sunday Christian families who wants on the Christian family I believe his dad was a possible role of fun and crazy and he uses story of how you came to to then about a thin batter distribute make out of time to tell you but basically he came by one of our Bible school tables on campus is a university student studying geology admonish University and he came along and he refused to take any elites jet but he made a promise that morning respondent is somewhat offered in the book it would take it somewhat what it shuts off in a pamphlet invited to attend the money reviews are now not but then that morning one of the Bible witness have brought a copy of the great country and gave a copy of the great lunch with you Daniel I think that time Daniel has mentioned to sympathize now I want to the story it was felt that the story continues that it was a young student he's taken on but at the president although I club admonishing visiting safeguard from someone with a Sunday Christian non- Adventist coming into the church come into the kid with the city witnessing to a friend Gigi 's community and now he's reproducing by going to make disciples she's doing active campus ministry on this story nothing stopped integral when someone becomes another the story has to continue to show you the best on the right path down the shady story of the guide is recently married name is Stephen a feeling of the very very interesting stories of statement is a brilliant mind GE's as human resources manager he was a human resources manager and executive at one of the lifetime in non- English very staunch atheist in fact during this time and really investing the studying he was the president of file if I in the presence of a number of clubs and eyes he would not invite Christians about how atheism was the site and the non-Christian middle one by one of the students was I capably at a time I was linking a leading Chinese from a Mandarin Chinese eyes he sees from China since tutoring tries in vitamins a concert favorite certainly have a guy who's targeting and she Christian life through the education that I currently use sharing back in February he showed how he would make Christians quite but I as I came in one of the heated one is still dividing the computer now it is thought that anyone who hates singing I think of is the know it will unfold enough people to get to see some of the caper because they don't know what non- Adventist people how to react that he thought that anyone who hates being in the state assist even came and he was like I remember she stores are funny it is not with the self but you can search a group dinner is with the great both over favored and done sorry guys on and a nurse came to kindred and he thought I'm never coming back this president some point they sing songs in this country they let the Mini came back the next five and has a missing ticket since feeling about tightening decision that's in he quit his job to become a full-time Bible Lookup is going into ministry you see this story doesn't stop when someone becomes a Seventh-day Adventist the story of the stolen someone is convicted the story has to continue the mission has to be make what disciples state of the stock because he has been sought from Mister want a guy who was one of beneficiaries that they in addition if not someone who's winning souls bridging the mission of your favorite is to reach souls with you that it will resurface supportable and him represent community that index finger represents God may commission a mission pointing to the direction we wanted to go in a series of mostly forgotten the lessons that guy by the name of Tommy Tommy holds the distinct recording out checked and unchecked read every time we have a baptism we encourage always spent we make it a playful old about the candidates to share their personal testament we read yesterday from Ellis writing to some cost estimates have more impact than sediment and such or the baptismal candidates will usually share their testimony in Sophos we have about some services and we get a lot of time about five to fifteen minutes if they speak in a language other than English and it needs translation may between Tommy holds the distinct record for the longest testimony ever it was one and a half hours unbelievable feeling forced remotely significant Kelly story off the story of the storm coming with a Pentecostal Christian who came to know when to stop this from home call became it was invented I identified to tell you the whole story today eventually would send to Hong Kong to work as amazing because this is discipleship across country say things in Melbourne he studied in Melbourne and advocacy nobody went back to Hong Kong and today Tony's looking in the conference in Hong Kong and he's responsible for three to four standards that meet every Friday it did young people do not stop when entering the church we should not stop women the judge we need to continue to make and when you have a effective care group everyone is looking for will the next person who can win in expressing outrage at feminine expect not talked that I sent the company being is that you can do it to you can do it soon this is not just confined to Daniel a statement autonomy all anyone we shown the screen these are just real-life examples to encourage you that you can be someone who can be excellent to have an Internet bucket more stories and also I should revise me with you yesterday I shaded if you really with the second-best on the on from the right I have worked with and for a period of time giving Bible studies to a number of a citizen are tapered William was a set second-generation advocacy came from Indonesia to study in Melbourne he studied business and one S University see e.g. trinkets and nobody and was looking for something more really needs this the spiritual as I sort a number of expenses waiting express the Holy Spirit come into his life and convictions hot we then became excited and enthusiastic he and he did Bible studies give a number of people he helped that indicate group yelped up in the student club when he was yet is numbered since Indonesia where he has asked people to group that has about ten people every five in a decade there are three members and seventy two discipleship is not confined to the shop area is not confined to Melbourne is not confined to see in Houston Texas it can be applied anywhere any culture any race any background and any Democrat we need his community and a direction and history on the platform comes I say we'll been one of the building and represent besides besides being the routine and with this aside the meal thing is what the longest thing that the full fullness highest whatever you one the longest thing I've been double not be unattended inside therefore the middle finger in the Hatton illustration represents leadership it does not effect leadership in any group that a small group is critical in modeling and promise of spring I felt that without abusing what happens that people perished if that's not effective leadership is not going leadership of people to look with in a small group setting people will stop at helicopter question yesterday what makes an effective K group leader how you kicked a cool integrity Riel while the characteristics of someone who'd be suitable to lead out in a small group setting must this guy thinks a show despite a diagram this morning showing the structure located on this and going through it a bit more detail here the part on the banks eleven for you to copy some of this down them quite complicated leader can be summarized the key characteristics of this is not an exhaustive list this is just a some pointers that can help you to guide you to look at when the new or someone else in your in your chat show your setting could be a effective kegger the things that this aspect is that a good thing that we should have a hot block people if they read and analyze writings that a court capable of good small group ministry reaches the hot on the people around in a tag of the dead does not have a heart for people how are we going to reach it which is what after that in fact by default a half of people implies that the Holy Spirit has already come into the last decade with the likes of two we know why we got FDA Christians is extremely important in fact yesterday we make the point that there are many known and him out there who have very vibrant small group ministry but as the advent as we have a unique privilege in the sense that we have tools that we have a lot unique message of the same time if I take awaited us not learning unique method in fact I think this check it is difficult to share it difficult to share with the nonrelated immigrant about the circle acute peculiarities of outfit articulation be spiritually grounded to be leaving wet I take it later should also be a relational and authentic person reemphasizing the point that they could read a piece of you who community member I will take the lead it is not functional I need it sometimes now live it is into the path the logistics organizer to who can cook and cook the food advocate group recently the songs discredited a less than prisoners of the sharing reason it than this it is hard enough that after we finish by Singapore logistics import organization is important but apart all located beta focuses on people and logistics I think and I discover that point able to organize effectively certain organization good spiritual grounding at the same time as a group we have a little bit about my phone directly to spend a little bit of time illustrating this kind of event some of you may copy this picture got already if not too free to copy down in a yellow box we have a catered leader in a group of about eight to ten days one take agreed we also have someone who is not an advocate group terribly going to the present in the blue triangle on the diagram that Sarah is someone who is these lead okay so they tend to terrorize some of this is the leader in praying for the group is supporting an organization and helping to will Apple would be printed if you can imagine if you have a group of ten you have five any upon an event like they did it's difficult for the data related to manage all religious faith as also look at what I think of the enzyme to the Kerry vets as soon as they can complete to make sure that nothing is needed and that old amendment in the K group old people indicate Republic often men with an secret life when he is attending this year minister faced a Adventist beliefs advances immediately ten feet in the rates that go to refer to non- Adventist Christians I can't also not Adventist believers so we had need I can remember think it is anything in it interchange between the two men let's recap the state is spending images of Menendez which is that the state if the carrier reaches out to all the members of the leader as well in this country the care group and so the state on a complicated when entering an innovative time in the next point in extending facts are distinguish them for thinking befalling me start off found full community indexing of full mission direction points building a full leadership so you know now the complainants of forming a small group unite now looking a little bit deeper into what the characteristics once in the roles yet the field it's not that hot you guys can do things that look like it have to you know it is on the hot patient review by story of super human was a Buddhist who comes in Indonesia she is a young professional who works the architect no children came to know about the Adventist truth for a friend check-in because none of the Adventist truth to assist the in school in Singapore before coming to Melbourne to spend the husband that was okay effectively look out you generate now within one hundred fifty into a family trip I just ensure you have everyone's link to every one else not because they related blog related but because they came into the church because what these connections and regular customers assailed significant advances through the franchisee and associate is through an experience she became a K group member dedicated Leda and entertainment coordinator as you know a counselor in our gateway each church in in Melbourne so guys someone who is sacrificed for time energy efforts to sacrifice a post no time if I should to some time off to to work in debt especially working the project to set up a church service is one of the examples that we have of someone who's gone from a nonbeliever to Anita much as a kid of beta check reported an unknown lead in the church remember that kid goods is always bringing people with we are not separate from the construction still there is an active leader in the church because she was able to come through the cake of system which other people that had reached it with hot and then mentally coach of the severe that I sent I can both think what the ring finger weapon in a thoughtful full briefing at you what is a represent it is living into the ring on right you answered the ringing represents accountability because when you put a ring on the finger you signify that you belong on you I united with someone else as I likewise indicated in a small group ministry situation if there's no accountability the capability to complete in one respect because sometimes it may be difficult to find the jam line with the name of example one what you mean by category doesn't mean I have to life everything I said by someone oval or just going for myself what's accountability leadership you some practical examples accountability indicator means a number of the there is an association between the leader and the care of the camera in the lead on to people within the dictated they were together they need to be accountable to each other they soon responsible to help each other out there's a cake of binoculars we have a lead is a monthly case of meeting the kingdom coordinator is the person who sits on the church border looks off to all the different tickets in our church and this technical beta has a monthly meeting with all the different aggravated visit when you dealing with people when you get your people sometimes things can go to the delicate immediately logistics it's very simple you need five chafing at five chairs need to put the freedom to put the family dealing with people especially with people who mainly can result it are coming for allowing to go out all only from the students or young professional image for the jungle people and trying to reach people in front of organized people it's different and so when you have a meeting that you are able to come on the same page as they debated together to start to be able to come together they AVI a group of kindred leaders together they can coordinate up able to actually do what maintain accountability on the same page that I sent the face of it survive him in it yeah yeah racing is not selected by vitamin vitamin like a lot one will come back to that kind abilities that said anything when it comes back to life one one one one study hoping to represent islands like I and I get the building is what the weakest finger is a either take the compass by the building is the weakest technically in the hospital my job I think people who function without the little finger before you cash it causes of some of the zipping around the seminal stepping into the emergency department when I was working the countries those remaining but that they deliver the function without a middle finger to the current punctuality but it died in Japan complete rock is likewise video thing got as disciples of Jesus we need to look at individuals but also what is a corporate group as a group and suddenly helping to represent equipping the represents equipping equipping for what equipping and training to become the fact was when you start as long as one disciple you struggle but when you're trained and equipped than on the all bans on middle fingers betting together no more successful than I said tomatoes back to share with you a little bit about what we do when we say that I and our mission is to make disciples we make an intentional step in our church to the ring that separation as people who become at people who come to take her to become Adventists they move into what we call a discipleship program a discipleship program translates people from spiritual babies to spiritual work is virtual this type without people what are people when you got Christ character in her life as applied to follow reaching other people thought it natural that the license and start but the programs that we used and I've been up with this caveat in that discipleship there is not one way for the subject and take what was sharing here with you today as well for small group ministry this is not the be all and end this is not the binding way you can do slogan but this is one way that we've experience and without effective in our church not wish areas are all personal stories these people I worked with when I fly back on finances for closely these people likewise the discipleship program at ship edge is something that we found extremely useful now you may let you know just you may not but this has proven to be very successful in our church we use a program called Boston path is based here in the United States is developed by buyer of one of the pastas here do not toss in Chicago and online and googling Google bought stock in the discipleship program its intention in bringing people from a high spiritual baby to a disciple of the computer X right so distracted I can ability that while we are on finishing up there so we were talking about Ikeda Corneille 's on a chessboard we look at that chair group meeting they reviewed the different type of study that they do indicate group I reviewed the structure that I have make a group they also review how they can support and chattel people to other ministries is racism is not sometimes at the thought that down much less put story is accountability between takers between tickets and the church as much are you equipping the rate is quite different from the pen of inspiration he begins with a little knowledge in a humble way tells what he knows both thinking diligently for fun and always will find the whole heavenly treasures awaiting the month the more insistent upon my more like he will receive no more one tries to explain the word of God to others interlock with those that claim that it becomes to sell the more we use our knowledge and exercise the powers the more one knowledge and power we shall the more you exercise herself as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian in a small group ministry setting the more you will gain your self as a Christian the EV do not exercise the knowledge of how to sharing the gospel with others you do not exercise witnessing for Jesus to become a and therefore in such a critical part of Québec Ministry that you witness shivered severely limit before not be thought and sports yet often used by from our unbeliever becomes dictator to a schedule maybe the disciples what to listen off the just one so that you can use to make discipleship what it takes time to send once it was up on this are going over them briefly in fact what we do use meeting survey can be when a long advent this constitutes a group we really bring them in we share with them about Jesus they feel comfortable with they belonged to the community we showed them about the advent the strip and make a decision forgotten is that I have become a Adventist Christian at that point we read emphasized the need for discipleship to how about writing this virtual for them to get to a site where that able to do what share with others who have just come to the ticket system is not the flowing cycle the data does not believe a personal Bible study make a decision for baptism when you baptize you with the discipleship program that helps the training equipment to go back to the spot and witness to those people who are coming in way you once what that is the story of Daniel that is the story of Stephen that is the story I'll still get is the story of older people do we have shared this with you to listen you guys can do it to nothing if not in the office object program once a I think some things that should have baptized they join a module quotes the Bible and the Viking modular team Texas monthly backpacking just across the young the cardinal one of my good friends frequently sharing about this being his disciple should send resume to you guys can go download it off the or listen to the recording online sharing of the spring the principles become that much edges worn velvet as such these other things all elected judge of gone through the system because this tool will help us to maintain our focus on being effective disciples Jesus selected by Sherry on the story of these two ladies but that's on the right is the minimum a lot more family was a Sunday Christian family and tends not about the Atkins shoot when shopping she was a teenager 's midteens nothing is such realize what all the the one of partitioning this is very involved in Cambridge she is the lead of eight one of the young professional tickets in in our church others recently multiplied into two groups because a gutsy meet with you many are not evidences coming and she's also very involved in a discipleship is very involved in helping young members to broader and to develop in Yahoo things work effectively in rebel with it it is one of them are Sabbath school class this beast comes up with the discipleship positive encourages a lot of our church members would be newly baptized to continue to be disciples after we had what we collect integrated discipleship model which navigates its hot that the title eleven is one of quickly illustrate Jim what we try to put in place is a system that looks off that someone from when they entered the church is a unbeliever to when they become a believer when they become public for these things and on the screen I integrated process and yesterday there was sharing some of the stories about church if integrated process which illustrates the need to come mildly different aspects to help the care group to be successful and to function lessons that he had outed the ministry leader the left-hand side of the discipleship class the fosse possible talking about we have to take it as a big section when people are baptizing a church we also have something for the spiritual Guardian program which means that someone using a Bible teacher who is already different and they can remember commits to being a spiritual guardian for them for years in other words to specifically look out for them in the church in the first the often about times to make sure that death supported in the new stages of Christian and we also have the Bible teaches what all of these things are in place to be quick people once been the basis Sabbath is a revision found in community indexing areas building areas the ring finger is added of injuries depicting these five characteristics help you to make a effective only speak tapered program of longevity as we are finishing up another different catered not if you don't get with the map of the world down here in a fashion item gets up and his weapons hung there I would've a few more books you induction of putting it he and God has blessed nothing in in Melbourne and financial God can bless you remember you from doctors had the privilege of being able to send the stock was back to the iron country to do similar work with a pump out any other different because everyone here is coming together and do I see but then going back to their respective local churches rather than in America earlier elsewhere in the world and you guys can do the same thing that God has blessed us with no intractability of their cables all over the world this Malaysia Singapore Thailand Hong Kong Taiwan China some in the US yet more this little dot in the middle of nowhere is not out of place this is Mauritius its island in the notion that in in in in a here in Europe in New Zealand and of course instruments this is how small group ministry is something that is not unique to any one judge anyone thing anyone can do if the disciples can do it if the LE SPA I Newfoundland we can do it Jerry is in the stories she this doesn't get another us on the right when my my physician review in the long chain of pictures that she said yesterday for those who rejoice you with a lot of people come to church because of that the club connections with with open and he runs and fingerprints or via spending recently is spearheading the effort in Mauritius is for Mauritius initially installed about three or four kbits in Mauritius and the right side of this group there in Asia in Thailand and in Hong Kong and Taiwan and the US everywhere they are people want going back tonight in fact this is so amazing when you study the book of accident upon the coverage today but when you look at the Church of Antioch in this is what happened to Billy in spite of the initiative accepting apostles receive it a lot of people came to Antioch a book with tribal West one of them and then they went back to their like that's what it went back there like with city and started something similar so that when Paul went around the place he was able to see different groups currently yesterday we went through older references this movement in the New Testament Manama pulling fifty how integrated how was it that it was a small group in rating a place before pole vault because the people heck I let another thinking one accident rate set up at your sentiment poll at either missionary friends think that the menu immediately where the capable is my dream to see that in every scene the well-written guide is dictated that you can go to examine the event it in Melbourne in the nineteen hundreds they can have two thousand two groups in a week we can do it if you want to wait anywhere in the world of the health seventy five pounds of knowing the straight exactly group will become evident with Visio to a code that and such other slightly based on a concave a few more limited problems screen but neither the content of the note and see itself in a church here in two thousand and so the media it's not that free the bottom of how many tickets one and today assignment because blog on a chocolate of it snowed a bit time talking fatally aspirations down before gets the question on sufficient rights in and forties are trying to this short and then we'll talk I've been up in the some questions to the people often ask in these native Christians start trying out right so that everyone gets the benefit of electronic K-12 that's other simple you have received tater training will be done three modules of segregated until I see all two one and you have the basic principle is that you can take back finds Wesley on the an important share the vision and values together as they called immigrants your discipleship training help yourselves to see that vision the need to have is to win sovereignty make a list of your friends of significant invite and pray for me to have a weekly tech group at a convenient time for us the time is Friday night because we want to encourage I think this one on advances and non-Christian in most cases to keep Sabbath it's quite hard to establish if you have not close up of going for a Christian is a little bit easier but if you have a non-Christian town we find that if we keep Sabbath to get on Friday night it makes it easier for them because wonderful day associate Friday night Mister Zemeckis but that statement doesn't even have to have them fighting the location of point preferably being a leader via agree on the Holy Spirit ingredient that had an illustration in phase noise figure this one particular very wonderful bicyclic equals like a good candidate is not a taker if its members are tried out for six to eight weeks and after six-day week instead I going have a music of Philip a little bit associative as a cold membership group is to make sure that you guys on the subject of the present score how do I know my kid is going to select a million dollar question numbness is not the answer now is not the answer the success of a K group is the spiritual health of its members and what you think when you see in the board of eight hundred ninety three with business success does not depend upon your knowledge encompassed with as upon you what ability to find a way for the hot when you think is not to become more and more spiritually interested when they need they feel the need to the people you can tell that USC can Olympus I'm going fishing with them I think I can do with the fifth vote if the spiritual depth continues to increase for everyone and that I think is what how do I get people involved so boring the great is a Christian I'm not anyone in my kitchen by going back how to find people to get excited and excited to bring us more good ministry the call-in that must be the vision together if it does not comment BJ it's very difficult to run the that the group because everyone has a different agenda for what the group is searching involved if they get my sister mentioned that getting people to cool sometimes think this will voluntarily choose solves all of the share and think of as I feel like a part of the community if they involve sometimes we got tickets help us out with organizing logistics warehousing because that something simpler than a day enjoying lately reluctant to offer powerful than us and the fruit of the transport to get to our tickets about everyone get the ship before prayer enjoying people out and also all the price group sharing and caring friends guy trying to emphasize the importance of involvement of many members and students alike in the aspect of the present we need to be deadly to this key point to indicate when the tens of and enjoyment favorite we had a friend who do not use no limits you actually good because we find that Jesus too many people is not because we don't believe in it I know an inspiration a lot in in a modules spots be read we find it more effectively share it at a later stage with a special interest increases we also discussed chips just off at a favorite Savior board meeting for business issues keep it out to the dad the Seabiscuit I get confused jump to conclusions of the assumptions we stop talking about different I think the thought of it only this is okay here the Golan have to handle and then there's any think of saying a judge may have a good boy it is not agreement and think a disappearing unit with six members of five members picture as the great you consider your visions and and and values you need training yes but we also need to pray for your students we've had difficult situations in the pot where groups have had to shut down and redistribute because there was mostly and when you stay for too long as a group without sleep is he stopped to focus on yourself and is not to lose your vision the vacant and had felt the year I think of specific questions about this but the keepers which areas that you need to always maintain art from the vision of guns and make sure that you move and hence late and redistributing it to done be afraid of anything you can always pray for four thinkers as well bungle my goodness to say the other group of three five you have to wonder how my medical put twenty five people every week identify elitist and try and find people that are willing to step up the fight to become chairs and leaders you can assist in if you want to multiply figure share with his stages that have a choice to go to Trinity figures multiplied out kickers when they become too big we multiply infected night Eastchester just talked by phone to University tickets to three and from one young professional to clean up afterwards this attribute and when it gets to did you miss the intimacy with the personal closeness involvement with the people and then this August the son Prince was in control of their about how to multiply and distribute a so I'll leave you with this full former ministry having a wonderful morning the ministry is being done for the small-group history will be done in the future but the question is when I'll be going to get on board the Holy Spirit is waiting to impart on us to change a hot to change our lives to be really deducible prevention remember the smoking ministry is a complainant and a complimentary pot of church life I would like to think that this point in time I wanted to think in your mind jot down three points of his event on your workbook one two nine on the back page with as much joined him three points three practical points that you want to pray about not part-time as a finish maybe you could be going to help me to identify on the people in my chip stack and with many God help me to identify a place where I can have a small group on the help me as I will sue my church board about working out how to run a small group ministry in my church or maybe but help me to to exude to think of people back and bite become we don't have three points to spend some time in prayer when it do that is who spend two to three minutes playing in groups who contacted ever prior to be great I learned a question out of the section at the end of the praise because I'm close to some of you might want to go around when a hold is been a long session with Martha material I was spent about ten minutes in prayer living going to question out of this for ten minutes to twelve win-win positions for us to finish and on that question in our distinction is to be specifically on principles of snowbirds if you have a question about your specific situation no Michael Jackson you know whatever is happening and I haven't told you that was the module this was hard to solicit down and told them to remove them from the next plenary session dismiss his will even if she was she wasting someone's ministry on the same thing happens in sequence by you Bible -based pricing to Christians the downloadable but just to the resources this is online and see what you see when unlocking


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