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Our Greatest Need, Part 1

Berenice Cheng Daryl Cheng


He did it before. He can do it again. But will it happen again? "The work of God can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work" (9T, 116). Learn how God utilizes small group fellowship to prepare His people for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


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him him to this message was presented to UIC two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a bad and forwards and differently in the educational and shallots that there are three modules four eight seven nine and H delegate and Jason got a different difference that operates like you'll play out with ecological here we go into a three-part series that he welcomed the change in between but it would make more of a complete package of deciphering five three one to the fat funnel before things on the Holy Spirit what is the gift of the Holy Spirit why we need it the second and fifth sections were going to look specifically at the Holy Spirit in small group ministry inside the second and fanfiction specifically on hold administer the first one being the Holy Spirit in our lives but also through the eyes of effective small groups money without I apologize in advance you can't understand my accent on from its failure twice the space you with me I was privileged to be here this off this morning to be not like to share with you some of its answer that we had I was a medical doctor and in Melbourne I think there is a dental student and went out of the church called Gateway had been to since noticed that an industry attribute had privilege to be involved in small group ministry campus ministry as well and rigorously review some of that it's good to see a this morning before sonnet is invited by his evening and we will next father in heaven thank you I'm much that you've given us opportunity to open you with the wind this morning to discover the gems that you have for us on the Holy Spirit pray that the Holy Spirit be in this place we often do this with I thought of by showing you a couple things in life effective everywhere I've been in for a brother and sister cancer the deliberate seven nine something that the left is that this morning this is my parents on Second Life and I were raised in the Adventist church and I'm so proud to all of my parents for raising my my sister I think it is giving up the opportunity to not only nine gargoyles share about it administrative purposes the closer one is start with this morning instead of the work of God can never be finished until the men and women comprising on church membership rally to the work you what they would use the demise of the slides provided in the web system life you can fill in as you go along so you can if you lose where we were at your way to look at your work will still read the slides on the screen will be in the workbook this will appoint there is the work of God can never be finished until the men and women comprising a church membership rally the other thing the disquiet has immense significant effort to harness this quite a postal Annex corporate component is a personal complainant that the corporate site and everything in the Holy Spirit does there is something in our personal lives there is also something in us figure within this next three modules we got a look at two aspects are going to look at the personal effect of the Holy Spirit and we also got a look at the corporate effect of the Holy Spirit window chemistry Reuters tinted glasses with the focus on small group ministry Sylvia Holy Spirit in personal and corporate way over ministry in Russia last year we thought this morning is are you working if an individual answer is yes because everybody cherishes all of us started churches of individuals maybe from different backgrounds different cultures different countries of the old looking at individuals but at the same time we are working as a group annual of the Holy Spirit impact when we do when we are working for God he needs to contact us at the chess is also subject is very evident when you sent me to ask chapter through this fortitude accepted service forty two to forty seven will be a basis of a study this morning and we got a look of it as a little bit more about how the disciples in their early years were impacted by the Holy Spirit acts chapter two verse forty three to forty seven the Bible says and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship in the breaking of bread and in prayers the forty three then it came upon every soul and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles now old that believed were together and had all things in common and sold their possessions include and divided them among all and am anyone had need so continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house state aid their food with gladness and simplicity of heart praising God and having favor with all the people and the Lord added to the church daily stories were being bellicosity the question again when you look at chapter two verse forty two the poison of the United that's a personal compliance and there's a lot corporate component as far as themselves what about they would never change they came to get us access their individual spots again out in a big group every I think too often when we fight is that we were going to churches with Alzheimer's bike is either working as a corporate or the individual are we going to go across once for the Holy Spirit what's effectively especially in small group ministry is imperative that the impact you as a person but also the group is when the disciples in the upper room that were impacted as Shaolin shall be benevolent and positive individuals but before they could be impacted as a whole and if that is you know it was perfect the key points here that would come out for action the forty two to forty seven this has been a few minute volley on the Medicaid funding that individuals then enough you with the Holy Spirit the second key point the result is a growing vibrant church that were added that souls were added through daily as we read in acts chapter two verse forty seven best that one is that the point is that know the involvement of every one of the involvement of four individuals together all things home you look at verse forty four days now all who believed were together and had all things in common and so the positions include cellular in practice I must say that even know that the individual characteristic that was the old Coleman in gold and mission forty six this gives us the basis of our study into small groups essays are continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house the eighth their food with gladness and sympathy of hot vaccines segment CR XE segments that calls the disciples and shares as for a effective and powerful notification very continuing daily amazing day of either breaking bread from house to house that take their fruit they praise God these components as it was funny of the next three days will give our clues of how we can use and model the example of small group ministry they often the only stuff up the question I want to look at as we come into this study is when the disciples always like this we know and accept the treatment forty two to forty seven we see that the stock was changed if they would be united together there was significant because you think of everything together and the checklist change but the question is whether disciples always like our pre- on them I often got the question how many of you grew up with and bad about regarding how many of you have being in the church for less than five years the vast majority of us invite up with inventive the state and sometimes when you got my stomach this and I grew up in the church as well sometimes leave up the chase you'll expected is slightly skewed not been explained what I mean we can look at a case study of the disciples in the chapter this forty six Henry I was forty to fifty with accepted she was forty three to forty seven everything is saying what the difference between the disciples before and off the thing about with them easily Chapter nine there is forty six fifty project that I was forty six the Bible states that dispute arise I'm not a limit as to which of them would be great if that is the conflict theory that if I hold a gathering together of the argument amongst themselves about who was what the greatest Bible continues with David and Jesus is saving the thought of the hot potato child and that inviting and fifty and whoever receives the visual child in my name receives me and whoever receives me receives him resent me for seeing who easily allow you all will be the disciples before and after before what were they doing what was that like if they want walk instead about who would be great as well I think that about reaching others the explanations then about helping Jesus yes but you have consented three occupation of the heaven and line and they began arguing with themselves was that would be great in the paradigm shift here the disciples before and because I commission there therefore this was all the disciples on the Pentecost the mission was there but if workers was achieved in a sometimes within the advances we know our mission on a bike is a we know our mission focuses on Microsoft with anyone when they were therefore beginning at twelve of them falling off into the day and at healing people breaking red performing miracles sharing a judiciary about the gospel sharing everything to the people will following but even though they were right in the midst refuses that focuses in your life today when you're in your checks when you're just having gone it's hard to me nor omniscient but output is what we are asking the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is like United Nations but when you are asking for me what I wanted a ice for twenty five is very interesting with forty nine fifty nine hundred forty nine the Bible says now John is that anything lost that we saw someone costing out demons in your name and we forbade him because he does not color the fifteenth by Jesus fifteen thoughtful he who is not against us is on our side such a second one step better than we have to decide who and why I eloquently write the disciples were trailing behind Jesus arguing amongst themselves and I didn't know when Jesus ignored what do I assign a value in the most intelligent is tantamount and postseason what is in the hunt and fish you guys are arguing about the greatest immediate example of Middletown and the school was to advocate with the physical child but then John and Jane image of the night before Enoch received all schemes this question I find it extremely interesting the Bible says possibly thought someone cost me a demon at my job and I think responsibility amongst themselves the Gandhiji then vacated the weight of the twelve disciples the argument of power selecting your name probably found someone else who is claiming to work in your night as well should we or should we not very interesting question sometimes when we want to do this we are involved in a church ministry and you see someone else coming along and is not indentured for direct user to run smoothly on to improve elasticity of substitution in one side effect as I digested and then one night in jail I elect I wonder the disciples and I am supposed to be the one that cost out demons in June but now we've got them on the people Yahoo! I be honest is not a status response what do they think you're not forbidden for he who is not against us are as I said in a deposition in the part of the five four they have a mission under perfect netbook is off I thought I had people who are working the church with them they haven't we have a mission for a way to straighten this by giving you some this claimant to me yesterday these videos are some of you have seen the full but it improves the advice comes to illustrate the point of the this is a test of selective attention I count how many times the players wearing white pass the basketball how many passes did you count it immediately is beautiful I get that unit of a honeypot of the nightcap the thing that they think forty fifteen sixteen woman victim with everything I can the fifty how many of you notice something out how many of you noticed the gorilla in my video they went with it correct answer fifteen passes but did you see the gorilla is not within your way bigger than the America that I got me figured out that I think I both know the video this video is from research by Daniel Simonsen contact me the second one is normal the monkey business solution count how many times they desire and white pathfinding the correct answer is sixteen passes bank will they think of a book that Burnett and while the other half ha ha I got a date ago I think not telling everyone the legal who else notice something different I think someone mentioned they can change color the gut that is that they can insight allow quite again for you they can think anyone other thumbnail and women I can very good one of the black team in the left again not something you don't in the monkey business solution does not know what you're looking for now they can count how many times the players wearing white pass the ball that a father three players on each of the white and black that possible the guerrilla convince everyone who given the gorilla this time I look at the change they can look at what happened that the black is only to members that you think that we made it as easy sometimes when we all like this one of me had something they have been the rehab hospital admission we get lost to the things that have never and sometimes when the bug is like the disciples saw it my son on one of trying to do by law penalties are hot accounting apostate in the nascent guerrilla and amanita guerrilla that they can't looking for the girls are hot but he's the kid and I miss the bed leaving the game as a class is wise off the Holy Spirit when he comes into our life widened and to take away the things that we need on mother to take a rambling gets to that court systems but they timidly against it we checked the twenty third best twenty four you look at that loss on Wednesday rejected twenty three the spring same package the disciples are arguing amongst themselves as you would think that the first time they are due monthly felt obligated to and from review given instruction Avandamet needed change their life when they changed their focus when you look again at which of the major victory for a very interesting the Bible says now there was also a dispute among them as to which of them should be considered the greatest seventy five he stated and the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over the North exercise authority over the article benefit are not so Monday on the contrary he who is greatest among you that in Vietnam vet and he who don't really the Holy Spirit in small group ministry there is no place for a divided for especially in the thinning of smoke and you know when you are in a small group situations that if you have divided markets the group is defined when you and I lost grip when you sitting in the G1 a plenary sessions you can fall asleep and knowledgeable the six thousand people sitting in order but if you're in a small group setting when you have five people and three people on one side and what do one thing and surveyed one one hundred something else or someone falls asleep in a group of five everyone not difficult because why is motivating you know each other and that is why we need to offer the Holy Spirit is the just the recap best the focus shifted away from the ultimate goal that have an similar mission of an old food focused on that mission they ignore that windfall if the heaven but instead to focus on what we will be greater than it second day they went and ate they descended into the argument argument squabbling bickering John when the opposition of the effect of pride and humility of the engagement even if there's look here who are arguing amongst themselves he is the one on the one we know the disciples had the ball the change which were to look at before the change that focus to shift the phone with the disciples needed a change of is is is was very very about the way on the side them as lawyers say this is what you need to do to be greatest this is what he knew best nature yes the nature and extent of June when it was the right change instruction student did not stop that or often to change the method because he thought I might just does the punishment now the new leaders of blowing your isn't it adjacent address the need for change I'm sitting here listening at and thinking about of the Holy Spirit telling us that we need to change a hot we can be effective a change of Praha for a hot preparation as the pen of inspiration for the conversion experience is necessary under Chevys and experiences on a bed the Pinto wife is announced on pages four thirty seven it was not enough for the disciples of Jesus instructed us the nature of his kingdom Jesus does not stall and explained to his disciples that he 's kingdom is of a heavenly one it is an end of the day they did not believe he was either not fully comprehended that were of the problem was that they needed a change of hot window on the admission was that they knew the vision of the issue laws they needed a change your half will benefit out finish afternoon I have been visiting on mission will the great commission felt that the go and reach and preach and share and baptize people or nation fingers something we normally only need a job interview we need an hot conversion experience to bring up the life of what caused the change before the law after the apostles we seeing the disciples before hand gripping the disciples off though we would open the bridge they drive them and changes the phone before the law after the possible thirty six and thirty seven fifty forty one the passage of UN accepted to the sport disciplines and a life if the disciples waited for the fulfillment of the public they fumbled that hot consistent but if the individual the personal level H disciple came by themselves on the ice cream will but you may work on this I repented in the I did notice a difference that is an ethical component of the corporate owned by the thoughtless private intent is that for fitness and maintenance and if any interval to speak with the uniqueness putting away all different physical design of the supremacy big paint close to getting Christian Fellowship they drew nearer and nearer the disciples came and individuals other hand and that they confessed they repent and I prayed and they function as the one he states is successful small group ministry of the Holy Spirit inspiring you to personal also for that if you practice these days of preparation with a complete hot betting the disciples felt this spiritual need and Christ the Lord the holy option of the victim for the local sulfated I do not rub themselves they've awakened the bread and salvation of the souls of the disciples had a mission fund on behalf of and I do this for the hot pain this morning have to sitting here in Yossi is on the whole what do I need that made me go by the Holy Spirit revealed by the Holy Spirit is to have the focus and definition the Holy Spirit is to have the hot invasion it's really that you know you in your life don't forget that you the mission of the group of a church much variances in this quick slide is the reason why often the question when you grew up in the sense that we often speak with the same group of people for an expenditure of five astronomy you will witness a friend primary Sabbath who caught the law we need on Academy when you go to college with the language anything bunch my phone when you're young when you grow older and oldest of the disciples there was no different there was not alteration in the group of disciples was a Pentecostal and occupant the disciples of the disciples of Hopkins the make it to the same group but there's a different attitude same group changed their same group rebound life patients think that we need bikers that the successful small group ministry is not the change check if not to change its to have a ringing at you have a revitalized mission if ever we need like this is of a different attitude only things you can functionally the same group of people need the Holy Spirit can the next day often we read we get frustrated and fed than these gridlock conflict with the all the people that listen to me you can imagine the thought was going to thinking anything you want here one great or anything you are I've done both would you than you think there is not arguing of Microsoft points for the change of name or show you some stories now these only source of true stories and I believe that these customers sometimes speak rather than anything that can associated workshops and to get on the right is one of my church members with friend is Gene Robinson Baptist Church a father is a possible one instead and she she came to she joined a church about three free for you to know is one of the small group leaders and in my church and -week-old small-group piglets and will be sharing about Verizon modules two and three note one of the take the greatest experiences one is it in the forty okay and she was ready from day it was not a change in attitude is are is no change in English was only part of the chip under the different people should pay it throughout chance to participate in the fishing report went down to Melbourne where we are and she is the difference in attitude and spirit which wanted to be such an effective so when will the city now experienced a conversion at an act that feeling of the Holy Spirit in the life that calls that's it to realize that commission was such that she needed to change and adjust the focus so you know was a smoldering body this motivator for one of the toughest small group in a nutshell figure there a lot of difficulties in an background indexable with and she's done a fantastic job of informing and fighting the small group members and also those one on every this figure is if it's loud because I worked with many of the that the devil both reports here that the children get your share is a personal experience from the best thing in the graduation hat on the front of life it is one of the church service was studying over the analysis Indonesian things really I was really in for an extended care of time on your starting and ennobling much universities that are not exactly is graduation picture lasted really for anything that addresses on the smell taste and always a study but agency would need tetanus what you call a cultural and White House and I think that life I myself have gone for the next week we got a check and you participate in all the activity in check with Sabbath school of Law fish ministry but you going through the motions and your experience of God is one of formality in an ritual more than a personal hot and really came from from your time realizing that you needed something has gone at the along the Holy Spirit to speak at the other outgoing working with hot meeting with the change we use a struggle to get up in the morning to morning devotions gone up thankfully everyone that is at it he's only allow the Holy Spirit to working life as a change in the present the same group that he was in the sanctions that he was in David difference him a letter in a fraction of what hard should anything I any more you can admonish University China and experience that is amazing what someone said they'd seen outside the library often with the Christian visit one of one about to the anytime along to one of the possible we do not have the privilege of giving anybody with the reformers year and a half and he has never said that China is not baptized of funds you that you are going to really realize along the way and he would be no Bible study as it was when this is adding the small group setting you can only bring someone to a level you feel ready that because William was having the equipment of the river that you realize that you could only encourage Andy to clean out the bottom level as the really realized the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit working on my list on the life could not reach the key to effective evangelistic smoke is that if the Holy Spirit is not in the life and how life will reach even own a car or someone in your small group to see the same experience that you had wanted to experience that change the Holy Spirit brings these your experience that this is the first thing you off the horse but no offending route from Singapore was born to experiment with lines I remember going to church early on in my life I hazy memories that are affecting fearful my parents were converted to the advent of this message through action for myself right now I was I attended a Adventist hospital is no and my parents were given Bible studies by the evidence missionaries who were fearful for my family because I think this for the health but as I grew on he would send me is when you collect fifteen generations invented another way I unite someone who was one up in the church and sometimes when you got in the church to get something cold second-generation syndrome and then worshiping God is with syndrome because in medical working with a collection of symptoms or collection of things that you see that make a more technology in a couple of a second-generation victim maybe some of you have witnessed this before maybe seventy lights fingers that go to church is a potluck is more appealing than you get frustrated when the pastor preaches at twelve thirty one his trip was part of the all you though I wanted on a prayer meeting because the small living Primates sword for you get frustrated because that's a party one attendance at seven p.m. offer on that on Saturday night I'll even think about that often is what you and you forget all about the NYPIRG not me be critical to begin this with experience life I can't share this with you if I had not gone through the ones I do say that you can only bring some of the label that you that you be another way can I need share about the things of the Spirit of life is that I unlock the expects in small group ministry whereby the main purpose of this moving ministry but we can unleash it but also the people around her you along the way I I I was not going to judge I remember the time when I look for the public every every week Robin Diego Summer school and summer school when you need but Hitler's biggest easy to get us to give every man we read that you do and another that think that they were startled and every business that you are not speaking and thinking in your mind and I like what I need to the funds on physician Bible my friend Alan and Carson church initiative which applied recklessly for my life to helping you help guide me in mentalist my church on a fairly grateful for my parents as well help me to really speak on so that the going in the Bible my heart and lung because I had the privilege of being involved in my liking check the number is a range of both whole range this area and in each one of them I've seen that God has helped me to learn and I discussed involved in treating recently which have really helped me to add that extra second vision I was involved in selling personal Bible study it is not in our small group ministry and in Melbourne old and then Ms. name the fifth intelligently explain a little bit later on the benefits and intelligent in this full by selecting the check and because the business one loan advances to come to us as though nothing in the thick of men with another trust and an welcome people like William but also the child the Bible study to people who are the disposal and non- ending his and when you're in your Bibles to ask you questions in this mold report in personal Bible study you have to think about your description course of the child my sister is mostly involved in a life and I think you are a similar movement of young people finish very truthful you had her this morning she's also part of that movement out with a friend and we we am looking to get in the family justice visit because I'm working here in America the passionate as a share of the cost it is something like a life theology likely for me yes it's nice to be group to come together to share the network is the lineup together for breakfast lunch on the key thing is that at the end of the day we only like the perfect omelette using the effect of being involved in some thing like this is now with forcing myself to reevaluate reevaluate what I'm doing Margaret is an end of the day that is what we need for on this week in regard from this workshop seminar how he did apply economic involved in it I went back and pulled myself what does it really mean implementation and what the disciples in my kicking on things by the conflict color at church over the United the lead being that I'm not done correctly during the communion service or as I like this is often the Holy Spirit to help meaningless the questions examined the use of the clause of the what you can read the license we had a beautiful and we have a some of you may already be in the office they can fight on for the you may already be revitalizing for this is not high school the question on a path and I offer myself as a woman I knew that we are part of the same church we had the same group is not likely going to type and you might be a change you going to find group of people but the question if you have the same engagement renewed aggression if you got the same nation I'm recharged enthusiasm team got the same value on Reebok life vacates his successful woman they saved a lot of time the Holy Spirit working her life the disciples before I do not hold off Dell works for heartily the spring said about us they were differently things were a challenge for us to go back things were the Holy Spirit has done in the title on our module is prepare my heart and is the Holy Spirit has done it before but we know the Holy Spirit can do it again and share with your couple points as they finish up the the Holy Spirit has done it before that the disciples asked spicier and accept the oneness education but you shall receive power I let the Holy Ghost is come among you and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem today I think the Marriott on the part of the at the Holy Spirit is waiting for you our agent 's office in Jerusalem today a scenario for one of the city is that you come from whatever country you come the Holy Spirit has done it before he can do it on the five nine Benicia waking up among God 's people that is what they could carry open we need the question is you can't pray in this workshop again that was in full we come to examine the effect of this verifiable report upon the church just as soon as the vessels of the skin just think about it from the Spirit of God will be poured out upon the church just as soon as the vessels is we are always yet none of before he can do it again he has done before he can do it again Holy Spirit has changed life before we can change and transform those that change your life the script here is a group which I will share with you about it from the chest down and you launch along is about an hours drive from Melbourne Brown-Forman ferret is a youth group could experience great revival in the law here in a half I felt that two minutes of this clergyman of Rebecca in two thousand eight through a sharing together a breakfast type what I want and over the years as they continue to them then and there are also full I got it been advised not to use group under the leadership of a punitively to paint again I had also to transform that check into something turn lead that has some issues that people would come and go away and come one side of the knowledge of both of those a lot of difficulty we will that you could get by the Holy Spirit they can meet the framing week in week a youth group the coal ministry laughing by the legal rights of five people committed to two frames together committed to challenging themselves off this is why faith is not a captcha team is now about the church now has the fourth readable forty non- amazing young people who was at the laugh equivalent of iTunes the same group of young people revive revitalize and now reaching and will the questions he had done it before you can really will be the defendant Holy Spirit upon the checks look forward to adding the future but it is the privilege of the chance to have it now it pray for the people we must have it in heaven is waiting believer we must have heaven is waiting so the question I want to leave you this morning is he accountable he will do anything we're looking at the boys and Apple wireless is that John chapter fourteen the twenty eighth of June fourth into off-the-cuff and the Holy Ghost will bring to remembrance whatsoever form of that whatsoever Jesus forth and shed and the question is do we want the minute I finished a section and run a short microphone father in heaven we thank you for helping us in this the disciples which we know the Holy Spirit has done of we neither the Holy Spirit can do it but the question we want to ask ourselves today is we who holds her father we pray as we sit in this help us to be revitalized with the same group of people with the same individuals fumbled before the Holy Spirit will give us a hot experience in which changes in how much money went more for the next couple of mission driven and I be excited about what the Holy Spirit brought all things are this message was removed even if he is utilizing the subordinate is on the seventh day Adventist sequence by Young Bible makes Christ and Christians the downloadable other resources visit the online G Weiss he went on


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