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Total Church: Praising God

Randy Ban


Music in worship and as a tool for evangelism



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a data mining and and and I and the father of August and arise and let rise out why Lott Eric Augustine scattered around here it will one's sale where I may ask me to give education on music and worship stuff I forgot why that was but here is a specified thing about a rescission is still understanding the sharing things I learned at the things is the Bible is is very prophecy and will hopefully I'll learn something today and be able to use practical hints and guidelines and tips to did not torture anyone here are currently worship leader in their church you anyone anyone care the church venues worship with Peter that you should all read maybe about with the musician immuno should meet other of you will talk about all of that so why we start with rare win a few more people come in I did not think that this was a book but it is beautiful okay let's let's pray and then we well begin dear heavenly father but we thank you so much for this wonderful set a thank you that it's a gift to us that we can rest in you whatever you do your spirit will be here now during this breakout session I speak to me for it I nothing you are everything more than it is pretty hot your cross and that we can something today with news that the Bible was written off C and just practical guidelines that we can take it to heart and mind ourselves and also be able to take the lead back to a local church or its you Julie be able to enhance on worship service to be suite omits you and an acceptable offering in your name amen today I still worship one of the first talk about what worship is a set that foundation and it will get incidental of music because the point is going to music and not understanding first what's worse it is because we find will find out in this vacation that music is is worship which is kind of a weird thing to say your music in worship when music is worship itself now cabling and the other the loudest voice so that so I had from the title me that in but I color why we sing that music and worship so I thought what these three things first they essay what is worship I don't talk about music and worship and then on the importance of the role of the music a worship leader and don't think many of our churches on having to dedicate a worship leader but will talk about back is highly so that there is a need for that get spittle collecting its practical and very important officer to take worship seriously I had just a disclaimer when I see we as a church on armies remaining nearby the no church in the NED the North American division I I only live in North America so I'm only can speak on on my experience in that and I don't we may have some people here outside of North America but you wouldn't be a therapist certified pictures that's what I mean I know there is almost twenty million Adventists and will so I'm not speaking on you don't know what it's like in church after the live event they had in situ many churches in North America and seven talk about that either graphics of that make sense of so worship what is worship suitably when I would think of worship and maybe some of you would think about worship you into something cycle I can go have worship or I had my morning worship this morning Douglas is looking to think about how to do wordings that you use and how we think about a look at how to worship in my living room no earlier eyes this morning or I'm good to go to a worship service at church tonight it's easily seems to be like in advance they go to but I'm not having which is now now when you go to a place where I can have worship that starts out really looking serious you know they asked me to do this presentation honesty did variation of this last year I still use reading praying and I realized going to the Bible that worship actually is more way more commonly used as a verb that is as a noun I the word for worship in the Old Testament on his shot is it a commonly used like ninety nine times and thirty one of those times it's the word is about eighteen times bowed down this also works for fall down I is a lot of action a lot of movements with a reverence again just prostrating oneself just handing over that's a very common use rate there is some verses I take it as many a second Chronicles twenty eighteen and I had a verse six Pacific time you won't read all these verses but I didn't get all action words that all they can send out downfall in your face lift your hands over your bikini well but that's actually in the Bible as a response to the worship so that all action words remember I was always thinking that which was an event that invented the attending no attending a worship service so again looking in the in the Old Testament saw that will over and over again it's it's affirmative action was visited just wanted and if you have your Bibles with you this this but when he does go to the wind and second Chronicles twenty rethinking second Chronicles when she and verse eighteen S Raymond because we needed it here so I don't and I bowed his head and his face to the ground and all Judah and inhabitants of juice them bow before the Lord worshiping the Lord CC there bowed as one space to the ground to inhabitants of juice about that's the any worship the Lord always what is the finance you can see that there are some entities other three are on the scene have falling down in the one in Sun 's rays and lifting his hands in and in awe of God worshiping God so that it is affirmative action in the New Testament I can be the word that's used is plus video and guide integrate so sorry I just started that but asked whether the words in which was translated into on forty over forty time that's used any guarantees about down prostrate on balance one knee and also I kissed the ground another word that has hates you is where they hear that Shri AL with the trail on which means to serve honestly isn't always one nineties pizza served with with one's life so again a lot of birds on an action here Sony also realized when I was reading through the Bible and cemented with Sony action to words for worship November something that I realized is that a lot of these actions were actually a response to something and that something was God people would in the songs they would realize the truth about God about the beauty of God 's greatness of God and as a result of that is a response to that even if their hands or they would shout praises to his name it would fall to the ground on even in the presence of Jesus himself with a BA healing or miracle people would fall to the ground on immediately in in awe of that of Jesus anyways it was a response 's spiritual aspirants to this truth about God this revelation of God so as I started to read it is more and more I started to understand it is wise to think about worship was kind of incorrect or not they were not incorrect but not really what the majority of the Bible was defining his worship John four because once you're there his universal look at John Ford was twenty to twenty four this is the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman tired of the eye no Magna Carta of of what true worship is in the Bible she wanted to John chapter four and was starts actually inverse a unknown nineteen so maybe this is in the midst of their dialogue I gave her dancing back and forth and woman today I'm on the sediment thanking Sir I perceive that you are prompted on fathers worshiped on this mountain and use you say that injuries them to the place where one ought to worship as you can see here this race woman is associating worship with what a place of location yeah kind of like how I think that verse twenty one two seven or one in the league needs hours coming when you will neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem worship the father you worship what you do not know we know that we worship for salvation is of the Jews but the hour is coming and now is when it sure worshipers will worship the father in spirit and truth for the father seeking such to worship him God is spirit and those worship him must worship in spirit and truth since he has serious strides to get a point across in the Samaritan woman she's busy with assuming or asserting that worship has chassis is working to be noticed that I see that Faye always good to be on this mountain here in Samaria where my father is no worship God and Jesus is no talking to you is not about that true worship on his skin in the worship that is based on spirit and truth things and get them this year what is more than a couple but some looking to point out is the wind the fact that Jesus says that it will come in our wench who worship will be like this you must because you see that there is some sort of false worship going on my from my understanding here I is that the Jews themselves thinking that the Temple was the troopers to worship thought that as long as they were in the temple and be whatever they are doing worship by Winona F how many of us had been in church on Sabbath morning and we weren't there to worship at all yeah so this is all about back into the Jews and Judaism pointing this out and saying to the woman if we didn't change your eyes in a paradigm shift here it's not about where you're at it's more about the actions more about the relationship you have with God as we have a relationship with God with Christ is due to be that truth they are obviously your unity reading his word even to be getting relations from the spirit of truth not him and that will result in a spiritual response the spirit and one of the responses that will season is singing like we've seen earlier in these Old Testament and New Testament examples there was an action that was in response to duplicate this was a huge paradigm shift for me to try to disassociate what I felt worship was with a location with a place with a time with an advanced on angle have worship him and that's really something think about it I mean it is true worship is is in spirit and truth will venture that needs to be initiated by God so really were not allowed to decide when worship is or isn't the criticized that God does God reveals himself on time so he's revealing a Southwest we should then be responding so he's reviewing himself continually through his spirit to nature through the prisoners were singing of songs then we should be responding continually so he says we should be continuous worshipers esophagus which I'm worshiping now more should now not worshiping which this might battery life were revised with training people to be so winners on accusing people about advances down and how to share Christ with others and one thing that we try to get across the street is that your life should be witnessing and it shouldn't just be okay I'm like not in so many more now and then hugs return on what happened to go you don't to the grocery store it is we does have it's my today with you continuous worshipers and we would have to turn it on or off will be selected to the church in the morning and then have to possibly go home now it should be sending a continuous and is a couple verses I want to share here that actually I bolster this point I to the Hebrews thirteen verse fifteen it would looking at a lot of bottle versus uses the service foundation and noticed the practical stuff based on this ice that one hot in all the pack without getting to the Bible is then I do want to be that one worship back is that I went his workshop you will open the Bible at once self and I see that the articles in the Bible all the time I'll take that upon other so Hebrews thirteen verse fifteen where he is okay therefore by him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God that is the fruit of our lips giving thanks that his name continually students to hear continual sacrifice and we know that on before Christ came as ultimate sacrifice they were giving sacrifices daily and it simply won't ask a question of the fill that in all those ordinances anything was for building him agony that we had to stop sacrificing every single date will we had to stop aggravating both adults but God is not calling us to be living sacrifices for him continually every day to worship God I've been stop on this because we stopped sacrificing bulls and goats any date in through Christ we can now sacrifice each day through our lives and I begins using Romans twelve Timothy going last year Romans twelve verse one is it I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your reasonable service and by the way this word reasonable service year is that he translated onto the trail which means worship the same thing again if an action it's it's a lifestyle on we need to be continuous worshipers and this is something big for me to try to understand that because there is a lot that can change your life if you understand that worship is something that's twenty four hours a day it would just draw you closer to Christ and understand that the spirit action doesn't live in you and he guide us revealing himself to you continually therefore you should be responded continuously anyway this is an impact what we talk about it worship is that when you have this nice if you understand this the Bible when you go to a worship service or on Sabbath morning there was a call to worship death yet it's late the strange thing is is that a call to worship every Saturday almost assumes that I was not worship before I got there on Thursday and he called me last added to so I should expire yeah your life should be continually expressing on just on gratitude to what Christ doing you like constantly I hate in first Peter Cumis Wi-Fi the two that were living stones builds up to offer up spiritual sector prices are so again worship is a verb is that it happens all the time so really getting a point continual worship yeah many consents that's really going to set the stage for people to be talking about something that hit me that you help me understand this new continuation of all types Jesus initiated as I can fill about a note to three weeks ago I was on Internet 's board and I decided to look up what the top all-time videos on YouTube where the lady that afternoon boarding on his YouTube and just making a note like an hour half like midnight even if you anyways don't do that but anyway that I can specialization is so I go on there and the top left of the top alleged in YouTube videos of all time then were music videos by this guy here are identified we want to put a picture of the mouth anyone I stared weapon but he who knows if this guy is and I think you have bandages on any of you think you know who this guy is okay is his name is Justin Bieber kid my point is idle and will lose anyway I didn't even know what oh what a particular lot but anyways visiting three of his music videos are in the top eleven all time viewed YouTube videos okay I added up the amount of used all three I was coincidently just how many that came up to five million five hundred hundred million to go I thought okay I have a life to the I added up he was over one two billion views okay you uneasily astounding victories all came off in his first album I look at the release date of the album it was January two thousand and ten in less than two years they've been one two billion views of those three music video and he had like two or three otherwise like the top twenty five weeks I started thinking here and in the spirit of God was leading the exotic God I mean when reviewing its midnight looking at Justin Bieber so here's pseudo- here's a realize of a today once I did a map for the Ativan which by the way the first one to number one weather exposure to seventy five million views the site is second on the list with another music video and it was like three hundred is recently by far exceeded that and by the way this and is being I think all of the top thanks Abruzzi Roxy music videos and interesting on one of them was that Charlie bit me with everything I can do so once you got like two hundred and fifty nine times as they wish as a point in less than three years one two billion views so I did the math and as you may do so in a calculator I I did nothing try to Kigali what I would be her date are overnight three hundred and seventy Re: nice seven hundred twenty nine days it was one seven million views a day and reminiscent joke I think that's not just like one continual growth like doing it I think of advertising daily or three of them like that's a lot of bands spending a lot of time watching Justin Bieber videos to then started thinking okay you know and she was see our church that had everything we have workshops on regulatory worship God on how to witness for Jesus yeah to I realized these fans invest in beaver these people here with Bieber fever they'll have to take a workshop on how to worship as neither they'll need a class on how to witness for Justin Bieber these is doing and as much as we would see that these people are either sent right now if he listens to the thing we cannot we think that hate their worshiping something that he shouldn't but it should have at least a consistent they understand that if there was even Justin Bieber Justin Bieber will constantly be part of their lives yeah but yet we need to be my own how it is to worship we need to be told on the Bible that and be reminded that the bile that we need to be continual worshipers of God the chip is busy and everyone in the world is continuous worshiper which were something where they beat Justin Bieber or your job or money or whatever it is we all worship something we have to worship God Jesus Christ but yet some of these thirteen -year-old girls who love the singular kind of put us to shame as far as their understanding of worship and a sense with the Kino learns something than a minute that sounds funny but it's true yeah the Holocaust was a dazzling me this quotes you it's on the Herald that the book on music and I defeat you can only be one call to worship and this comes at conversion conversion when he complete repentance reignites abortion falsely trapped by the inversion and enslave the false gods before whom we had been dying sacrifices this cult of true worship comes but once not every Sunday with the outside of in spite of the repeated calls to worship and begin most liturgies and orders of worship these not a label called to worship because the continuation of worship for my knowledge there is no just in beaver church that meets every week an attribute of Hollywood need one because they worshiping him everything out and of course were competitively together on both together on a church on Saturday but how many of us it wasn't for certain is that if we leave in the members worship God so then it is to think about you learn something fund the world in that sense again at least they understand fundamentally now when you worship something it's a continual response to that advantage the truth about Justin Bieber brings out as a response who whatever screaming in falling down at his feet whatever but on we need to understand that when God is continually moving in our lives this should be a continual spirituous parts and Lucien Old Testament and New Testament those responses of worship him almost that time actions and for us it should be falling down at the feet of Christ is the reason our hands to God for what he's done for us on both privately and Allah wishes and corporately scissors said music and washable kind has what is now singing is one of the responses as we seen it yet in our churches white it seemed that music is kind of like the preamble before the Senate yeah and wise about partes participation is like needs to be coerced at times identical on the whole Justin Bieber thing my guess is that that there was adjusting the research this officer Chris what happened when the sitting there not singing along to a song yeah that why this work for us with our dining guide this is not some idle son seventeen -year-old to fund rural Ontario on this is without a God created the universe yet know for us we feel that singing is a optional there are some Old Testament verses that the top but is very thing and these responses were someone nineteen some kept their hundred and nineteen and whatever's hundred and seventy one son nineteen birth seventy one okay it says in verse one seventy one mind that shall utter praise for you teach me your statutes my tongue shall speak of your word for all your commandments are righteousness skip down to verse one seventy four I long for your salvation O Lord and your life my flight that my soul live and it shall praise you and negative judgments help me notice how there's two elements you there is praising and vendors teaching for you teach me your statutes for all your commandments or righteousness that your judgments help me identify biblical truth about God and we can see through his judgment and his righteousness in his teachings and his commandments then there is the spiritual response there's singing his praise I drink on the lives is how amazing he is easy that the Old Testament goal with this revelation chapter four hundred get in I had an walking quickly of Revelation chapter four and five to see what worship and having looks like I would probably be a good place to start to see what example would be a piece of millimeters in August kind of break this down as quickly as I is I can make there are a bunch of things we get the message that was each other for years with me so in sign in now verse one says and these things I loved and to hold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me see come up here and I will show you things which must take place after this immediately I was in the spirit and hold the throne said having and one sat on the throne these users having an Angel speaking to John and he's saying a visible open Congress the design with the people that have been policy was going on here so I verse and how to speak to you now service for around business person airport is a phone it has all these beautiful Janzen and not stones God is sitting there at around the throne there are twenty four other thrones which had twenty four elders sitting on it there are clothed in white bows to have gold crowns is lightning or thunder verse five on his sentence for his daughter there I verse six IDR four living creatures with eyes full of lies that bind back and ever sending I give a description of those four living creatures in verse eight I exhibit the four living creatures that ACV don't rest theory by saying holy holy holy Lord God Almighty who why is it needs to come and whatever those living creatures give glory to an honor to God thanks to him sits on the throne forever and ever than the twenty four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne without was interesting it says that the weather creatures feel rested I singing the praises holy Oracle eight and whenever they do that the twenty four elders fall down whenever they do that what they don't ever rest to do that and I knew that there all continually doing it now Zachary and so that's going on and then the cat networks with Rose has their eye crowns to the throne anything you are worthy overlord to receive glory and honor and power you created all things and by your will the existing were created a lot of stuff going on she's pretty dynamic areas God the father singer loan there is twenty growlers seven spirits there is for the creatures there is praise and adoration going on and I with no rest and then in chapter five we see here studying chat there is a school on the undergoing now by the fathers can you be passing this to the LAN the line of Judah the root of David Jesus out God the son has without shown up on the scene and he's loose the seven seals and then in verse eight it is now undertaken the school of the four living creatures in its way for others fell down before the Lamb each having a hard and golden bowls full of incense within the prayers of the saints and they sang a new song saying you are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals for you were slain and you redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation and has made us kings and priests are God and we shall weighing on the earth then I looked at I heard the voice of many angels around the film the living creatures and the elders and a number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice worthy is a land who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing and every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the area and such as RNC and all of them were in then I heard saying blessing and honor and glory and power be to him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb for ever and ever then the four living creatures said a man and a twenty four elders fell down and worshiped him who is forever and ever while the last of peek into what worship looks like in heaven very dynamic it is lots of people singing so that every creatures singing on and there is lightning and thunder their issue is being played I their hearts symbols there were singing by the elders seen by angels ten thousand super dynamic loss of Best Buy on launch agrees going on but every single creature best wishes look like in our churches is that what it looks that in our churches we have every single creature singing and praising eyes cheers long program really cute cute fun fun other like he says music forms a part of God 's worship in the courts about and we should endeavor in our songs of praise to approach as nearly as possible to the harmony of the heaven requires the proper training of the voice is an important feature in education and should not be neglected and as I believe this singing as a part of religious service is as much an act of worship as is prayer the heart must feel the spirit of the song to David Wright expression at the pictures and pockets five ninety four and then she says singing is just as much the worship of God into villages meeting if you are not the third book of thickness it is not me baby but it seems pretty important gap as important as prayer as important as eating yet again we can see it is optional at times or more so than at times but again I I this many churches where we would think that it would be inappropriate for someone to choose whether or not they wanted to listen to the sermon now a consumer time now I wanted to sleep or talk or leave or be my bulletin arena but we think that's kind of been appropriate for the medical life it really has some service that leads up to that sermon if people are doing the same things chatting making their way in our reading of bullets and hell itself would like somehow not a set of authentic to me that the full on abomination and an unstated system he's done that for many years so the question is when why why is that why do we think that the preacher in the words is so much it is read every deserves our attention a reverence which it does yet when it comes to the singing beforehand it's kind of it the less like a queue and NEI I'm guilty of this too and maybe even as recent as this weekend set for some of us when you think we should really start playing is okay I tend to be musical about a quick on your last text message on ice White House by friends over here one last time that you make it back announcements sermon on data but it shouldn't be that way if music is as much part of the service as prayer is and we would dress up in prayer and why do we do that during the singing I have answered that on this data we need to believe recognize that and try to change that and identify the make is as practical as possible on your site to understand this ability speaking in support of spirit of the when you go back to church tried at encouraged here your fellow members there to find and chain educate your church and then on essentially ultimately the entire church that singing is important singing is commanded by God another illustration that I thought it is just how ridiculous it is in it we'll see the being ridiculous but but it really doing is okay so we had is that which is not a spectator sport yet we would say that so if I do good things your child only plays is to play hockey at a pretty high level on it he was to show up with all the deer with his fixed dates and sit and stand there on on the ice ready to play and a tough job and wealth is playing and he just stands there I like looking at his blog or wiki without a cell phone during the play it really think that's pretty idyllic life event with a laugh that you just been something something 's wrong with him because he's dressed for the game he's holding all the right tools for the game is about other people that are playing the game yet he's not doing anything ridiculous yeah but in our churches even for myself I'm just for church I'm holding all the right tools for church on around other people that are singing at church Jan okay with his nonparticipating and is not ridiculous interested yeah I thought that was getting the enemies like to share that with you on not a preacher not condemning anyone including myself that is and I want myself any of you hear that they need to change we need to change we need to understand that Christ is actually coming back and we can just turn on the worship switch when he gets here now so widely interesting we need to sing because well God basically commanded is on its way to raise three says that the praises to God and had it locked God on bed that the children of Israel are just costly praising God for that he's busy how did he live in the previous minute is a lot of praise that there's a lot of thing at the thought of effort and spiritual response forgot to be inhabited by the reasons we said that spirited truth of what you worship is ever from a nearby I was speak to Richard UIC on a lot of truth is being revealed about IQ praise the Lord for that but we are missing a special response that should do some of your churches take a lot of effort a lot of time on into making sure that the word of God is preached that the spiritual response which would be the music and singing they'll take too much time that is nagging about area and I'm I'm on a promoter of the other way having the churches where there is a lot of singing a lot of praise but very little preaching of the word of God always you get that reason to respond to getting them into the truth about God yet before that day of course their pension worshipers of theirs there's enough there in within the worship service there's a gap alley they go hand-in-hand the preaching of the word of truth about God and then singing of his previously that spiritual response that make sense only seen that all all messages I get I just feel and identify this to I I feel that is a complete biblical unbalance when the church young women they love to have a great worship service great singing the music but as long as the preaching is good will be okay with maybe not the best worship service I mean you should be striving for X was involved down at his uncle one side of the spectrum of Adventism knocking and undecideds I can go to both ditches a one way to safeguard yourself and not striving away from the word only prays all the time is a digitally undecided not sing to the Lord holy priesthood of God usually going down the biblical path which is about the bulk of the go hand-in-hand as you say God calls us to sing on the high seas over us himself it said the factory seventeen it is pretty clear that we can say that the Bible is full of reasons why we need to praise the Lord hears a lot hope everyone who reads you guys says the evil of former worship cannot be too strongly depicted were no words can probably set forth the deep blessedness of genuine wish when human beings sing with the spirit and the understanding heavenly musicians take up the strain and join in the song of Thanksgiving he was a stone upon us all the gifts that enable us to be workers together with God specs his service to cultivate the voices so that they can speak and sing in a way that all understand it is not now thing that is needed but clear intimation correct pronunciation and distinct utterance that all take time to cultivate the voice of God 's grace can be sung in clear soft tones not with harshness and shrillness that a failure the ability to sing is the gift of God that it be used to his glory and she says this singing should not be done by a few only all present should be encouraged to join in the song service she's just busy say what was happening in Revelation five they're all rich creatures that were present there has been redeemed of the Lord this increases the confession just be natural it is natural for Justin Bieber fans to do that it should be natural for us to do that so the Golden music and worship we see now that's worship includes music why we need soon because God commands us to its issued a national output and I suspect response to where the role of music in worship first off praise that's an easy one yeah think about Jesus and the resurrection and hockey not one of sing praise to that they are stated is alive we think about the new redeems people I the fact that Christ on the cross and we had now the free gift of salvation in a awesome yeah you know that it is always that kind of caricature on on ITV so when does he get elected Lord in the end of the things required to notify ladies to start singing is at will they made a joke about the thing is that should be natural for us and heal the Bible says that we were saved I see that will be seen are being saved and will be Dave and the redemption is the constant so we can constantly be like a choir singing prayer music can be a prayer and I can eat is when sleeping okay prayers on prayer we close our eyes one person even prays to God and were listening and what occurs over the real Verizon that we continue on with a worship service will continue reading the bulletin as Oregon which by the way side note I don't not in the worship service thing anymore Dana talked about that last year they had me do that I as well as this and unable to produce a lot of stuff but bullets in the church they have to go I think I can use inhabit this service order even if you even need that at any other announcements put a bulletin board and in the end of foyer have the people that even it was an auspicious week thereafter and if anyone needs to hear there want more commissioning go there were the services to worship down pace on the I is is Association me that we would tell people to come to worship hall of the call to worship or it would just be patient continuation to worship an image and a whole bunch of stuff to read and then you have to make announcements about the things that you put in a month it anyways I believe you just give them one order serves as they walked in and they walked out they didn't stuff that they can read I don't need a copy of know the visa was going on a Sunday when I'm going to worship with us on the way home in I is a little more now in any of these not the only four months old is old enough to know to be anything but I might visit if I wanted to pick tensions any underhanded like it's going to play with and until I expect and listen to me on or if I did I would almost be like torture yeah they just don't get a choice I want to speak you not want to speak to us in worship service that all distractions to think that in there to worship death of ineffectiveness I had to answer that there talk about that in an otherwise lost all states you would estimate a prayer prayer can be defined as to indications of God gap speaking to God getting back to him asking him request on just praising his name through direct vacation and yes they can be done I believe fun one person to God event on setting but music songs singing that are designed to commit communicator is a God for instance on saving in my Jesus I love the Lord be thou my vision to think of examples those are designed as prayers I never thought about that before because like I said I would I was brought up this way and acting it's it's a correctly when someone is praying you close your eyes evaluate and he fully and do not like chatting and what have you your revenue pay attention if we understood that songs that augment his peers are that same thing with that maybe change the way that we act during those songs occur so that someday maybe aware of when when the sun is coming up and I see you familiar with the song states for instance accept legal back to church because they might use it I love the wood is remembered that the prayer and then we should act accordingly we should be having prayerful thoughts are speaking to God what's cool about that if you have a understanding is that we all have and should have our own personal prayer life of God gap but what is often one of the awesome things about churches that we get to bed pray along with our brothers and sisters corporately and how cool is that now if this course we allow it to be basically on it we understand that and act accordingly many can be a huge blessing so that I if you give him after church is something you can educate your members and seven islands in your learning out on that think you really guide our churches to what true worship is still a prayer on the have a quote on this gadget okay or maybe this is the next updates of the prayer we set aside the beginning of any that singing is much and wish them as periods the next is actually teaching and instruction to Doctor teaching and instruction if we look into Deuteronomy statistical the quickly that's that's open about was guaranteed on a chapter thirty one is resonating with anyone doubt that Deuteronomy chapter thirty one verse nineteen days what's happening here is Moses is speaking to his wife became out of Egypt and SEI chapter thirty one verse nineteen he's now speaking to the Israelites about song Becky's been in share then increases in the shop he says in verse chapter thirty one verse nine team is now therefore right on this song for yourselves and teaching to the children of Israel putting in about at this this song media witnessed the knee against the children of Israel and then he says in verse one Jennifer thirty iPad is happy to demo this book in the hearing of August and it is real the words of the song until they were ended and he goes on and if you haven't read it read it he basically running through the story of the Exodus and how God led them and he wanted them to write it down teach their children and have been saying it because there's a new way to remind them of how awesome God was in the past and when you and your future that's what I wanted these songs that we think they can do if we allow them to does a lot of great songs and music out there that we sing every sadness that if we understood then took the time to reflect upon them and it's half into our children it could be a way of reminding on the cost of Minotaur children of how God has blessed the past house meeting is now and how it can be distinct some make in the future gap is reteaching its verdict for edifying of all death elitists that I should his attitude is from a evangelism page four ninety six Atlanta seven about the song of Moses analyzes these words were repeated unto all Israel and formed a song which was often sung poured forth and exalted strains of melody this was the wisdom of Moses to present the truth to them in song that a stranger know the name should become familiar with them and be impressed upon the minds of the whole nation young and old it was important for the children to learn the song for these which speak to them so worn to restrain to improve and encourage check this out he said it was a continual sermon that's how it am Moses song to talk them in inhabiting the continual serving I just think that's absolutely amazing this article to have it here to the humble but even sold the house God on earth is the date of having the song of praise and prayer the words spoken by Christ representatives are God 's appointed agencies to prepare people for the church about that law your worship to which they can enter nothing that I educate our children is they are so young and old through song is preparation for heaven again I mean this may sound like sure affidavits great but next time saying I'm even tonight at USC I had when they had the songs before on the evening devotional read when you meet in the words up on the screen is really think about when you're your reading and if it's a song that you can tell the speaking circuit to God cheetahs occur because it is really trying to get in that that the spirit moves me which is the proper response to the biblical truth that we been hearing this whole weekend that we been reading even this morning L personal emotions does that that educate ourselves and after continual sermon at some other practical things that music you need for a defensive statement calling upon the name of the Lord he flees down city have a room full of what five thousand people all singing together in unity the praises of God and adoration to him as public benefits were seems to be around you but if you see that people are just not really into it being a boy ten on texting however adding and stating public as a way to get in and mess up the rest of the service at so can be a defense to sue in any contacts during our worship services this having a quotation patient also personal what time are we talking most about corporate worship but at the different of my John Baxter who with AFM I see whenever he can he cheated on the rise of year on a helices I placed and he stays in the room next to ours INR guestroom every morning I hear John singing women the song was that a bejeweled hand whenever and I'm not hearing that because he's praising God feels about here into someone's I don't worship the Lord as is often so he's I'm he's told our rise classical music pick a song in the morning and sing that song and SL actually stick in your head to the rest the day at the continual sermon maybe to get you connected and maybe it could also be a defense to season a fun thing got so often it's naked practical sing a song in the morning and at that figurehead because the truth is we get a lot of other garbage that gets in forehead in the day back in August down all the way through that night and having in Austin Sonia praises the Lord ocular defense that listed here Jamie Saints just as he sure to church because you had a rough week sensing that you a lot that that that works responds the same submission update is mechanical and so we're not in Justin Bieber fans yet because they are worshiping this kid who I don't even know what a talent he really has but they are worshiping in their singing is singing your praise is mandatory sure to save Bieber fever I am I don't believe that the Lord singing that documented office from the Lord Cilicia LaMacchia anyway why God 's character can be seen to the world through our paste in so that could be a response to the devil 's counterfeit to all the other items that people are singing praises to celebrate God 's presence knowing that the spirit of God is with us is a very very powerful and humbling thing to know that he alternated eternal God of heaven would abide in us with us around us on should be very impactful in our lives and I worship services we should celebrate that we should praise God for the fact that he want to spend time with and I spent time with us even when we don't want to spend time with him such a member that is present this is a big reason why we should sing during worship service at all times are emotional maturity if you really spent the time of this was doing some reading and I thought that this was really great point to his family time here was a time that while it we talked about music having the role of education and educating truth about God which he does but I can't be the only purpose of what music does because it isn't the primary goal was just to talk about with you that God said he probably would be the best weight or the most effective way to reveal the truth about God all the this speaking or reciting Scripture with polity what better so another thing that music and you were singing along with music can do is actually help us to praise our worship God in heaven it was inviting out and were completely and a way to begin see this is in marked swell with thirty be turned to Mark twelve cents August thirty is it and you shall love the Lord with your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and with all your strength this is the first commandment is a lot of preaching that goes on in here Joyce theater churches life study of the word of God and at Austin but a lot of time that's is really cerebral at times yeah and there's nothing wrong with that we need to be studying with God but even as we need we know that it needs to be special responsive that something that is part of being a full proper complete worshiper of God is worshiping God also reduced cylinder the spirit with your partner I can explain why I don't know if anyone can but music can evoke those emotions the reason why once that is how I second delighted with all the emotions you thinking about getting Tony Justin Moshe was done and Agnes this never has been and is totally not understand what's going on what will knowledge of the case we will see here as we talked that understanding is key I don't think that our church is lacking is spending time in making sure that people understand what about the preaching what I feel that I is my patient I feel that we lack a little bit on the emotional side of our special response to God and that's something that is biblical it's something that is necessary and being a complete which revived the spirit truth and spirit gap before anyone precisely continues his uncles at how long back I want me to do so people don't think that I'm just sorry head down the you know going crazy and not not knowing what's going on your worship service but is that the artistic ability was diligently cultivated no frivolous lawsuits heard no north with a song that you still mad never the attention of God sacred sound songs of praise to the creator exalting his name and recounting his wondrous works the music was made to serve a holy purpose so that the thoughts of that which was pure and noble and elevating and to awaken in the soul devotion and gratitude to God it should and music and awaken in the soul devotion and gratitude to God after sure yeah that he said I saw the beauty of having I heard angels sing their rapturous songs ascribing praise honor and glory to Jesus I could then realized something of the wondrous love Irene Eloise Wood rapturous songs down ascribing praise I living Osmond 's last and all all comments that is I've been shown the order the perfect order of heaven had been enraptured as I listened to the perfect music there is no white when she seen the vision of Iraq you have no idea where it had been just like on a hot and putting my hands over their noticing consistency with perfect order of heaven and what wasn't looks like there so my point here on this on this golden of music with emotional maturity is that we need to allow God to move you are emotions and act and music is awesome for that because you can have a song that had to talk about issue with you shortly but at a son has a violin or cello that just I don't notably celebrate the chill your women Asian full set of a big time I don't weigh the this show but anyways I there's just something about you when you ship it shall inflate your heart just get hold and as long as you're grounded in the Google riches of God in your state here's the thing a lot of our churches to avoid what we see as being incorrect as far as told motion was then and being caught up in who knows what without any understanding our state budget that is the way over here and just sit in if you and basically optional because all I know it as long as I'm just sitting here and not raising my head 's not closing my eyes notch I see what about the dancing then unsafe as advanced properties that the weights of the biblical is to just one yourself but when you're not really the Bible has emotion all surrounded but it's always grounded in a response the biblical understanding which again I think in the pictures were not lacking at brief I think that many of our churches here at USC miniatures is Lord willing a grounded biblical truth but there's just no appropriate special response to a motion 's to be able to worship God with our heart mind soul and all my strength yeah just I am kind of Spain kind of value can see him compassionate on this we say that for some of our evangelical friends when they are not necessarily preaching VI truth about Portugal got in in their worship services they are raising their hands buried dancing whatever way and they're getting caught up in things that are not grounded in a knot in biblical truth that I can incorrectly reading reading and dancing clapping singing also sways of it but we also know that in the Bible it says that of a proper response is good with dipping your head is bowing down in church which I know it seems super weird if you were to do that spontaneously in a worship service but is biblical on dancing the truth is we don't know what the dancing looks like that was said in the Bible it ensure what the kind of bumping grinding that they are doing in some places I've have to correct but there was activated at the correct way so we know that this correctly and incorrectly to do those things that agreed okay by our churches we would say that it's safe for us to sit here because going along and understand be relentless in so dishonest going on it saw what content uses live in a fairly heavy in that which meant the public others I honestly been jobless for the lowest article like that just think we're okay with that but that is not a correct in the Bible so we have one when it's over here that we want to not be which is breathing hands closing her eyes prostrating ourselves because we know that that can be incorrect if it can be great but it also can be correct but on this I fear this is correct this is not having to me as I was at a church service and the person leading out into the second song you want to send the respect for standing and then it went to the next song and he was spitting stated not to be still singing a facility were like the oyster knife three minutes in there like you says something like well it just sat down your images like on the Internet about not sending anyway it's really so Jesus hangs across Priscilla ours they were asked to stand during his officers the eight minutes it we can do it I said one of mercy houses fully convicted that I know that I'm not crazy about the way that I should because I'm not allowing my emotions to go in a proper biblical weight couldn't resist sitting here doing nothing is never correct so music can aid in a proper biblical spiritual response to the truth about NASA once they are not saying they should go inside dancing a sort of done something running away or to get lost in not understanding on to say that what we typically allow and put up with the church that is never correct and music and help us to grow spiritually and what audience the way of true worship which is in spirit and in truth yeah I'm headed in the point on that a reverse biggest four timbers fifteen said that we sing with understanding the way to safeguard being caught up endorsements and is being grounded in the truth away to safeguard the economy motion is and is not going to the other ditch yeah though and that's just I see that he wanted just so thank you for this evening that Emily has advised that quote here from testimony what you says I saw that all should sing with the spirit and with the understanding also yeah that is all the people there God is not pleased with jargon and discord right is always more please intended wrong and the near the people of God can approach to correct harmonious singing the more he is glorified the church benefited and unbelievers favorably affected they also asked to speak about worship I news again as a tool for evangelism I can SLR time on that because I realize there's a lot of stuff I want to get done here on and didn't want to go through to subject to topic suspect more time in this but if you want to start with showing unbelievers what Christ who Christ is and what he looks like there are churches to start praising that Christ in an in proper biblical weight and he says that it says here that unbelievers will favorably be effective down the interest is inconsistency anyone who comes to a church is not the covenant Christian background it would be strange to them to come to a church and see people not participating in a worship service of the God that you are trying to witness the person to the truth as we can even make it on sure everyone has a libido charged on your your church body and I'm not talking always style whatever I'm just saying saying saying in a way that is appropriate to the biblical truth of your caring and through that and in then you'll have had unbelievers actually meanwhile these people actually worship the way that was just a defense election I think insisting out that's a big reason why it's hard for our people upon I believe this is the ground of history that inconsistency of our worship this is the Church manual it says put the music in worship music can visit unpleasantly gone for music and a great power for good yet we do not make the most of this branch of worship the singing is generally done on impulse but to meet special cases and other times though to say I left the blender along and use it loses its proper effect upon the minds of those present musician had beauty hassles and power that the board to be lifted in songs of praise and devotion culture it is practicable instrumental music and that the glorious Hymenaeus acceptable offering it seems that our church is at times again this also receives me to spin attacked on the beginning you receive in the Bible that the spiritual response can be singing to a response to Google should want to have more than just the one closing song after some neighbors because we had like fifty million announcements end of the person is at the present eleven forty five people in a secular watches the one we try scrapping all those announcements put it down it is a paper that uranium given them come to react Arab ghettos and after I spent some time singing praying to begin with testimonies that have a powerful sermon at the base of the budget and start singing at the responsibility that we just heard not just singing your last obligatory opening song be spent for you pray a needed organ players are running off to ghost check is to develop staff by next take time to worship singing is worship that's the time for that next respond appropriately selecting music of appropriateness meeting of intentionality I something I said in my seminar last year on the worship services that I believe it each one way to help with choosing music on and making things intentionally focus is having the inside a lot of extra services on a piecemeal yeah like you have done such music is about whatever it says about the cross and then you have Mister May has about whatever it's back to it it's about faith these dates if you really want to go long without any children stories that's about stewardship and often appeal that talks about the out of area again favor something that existing unexampled yeah but you can tell that there wasn't someone in charge to make sure that all of those things that happen worship service actually went together and the songs of pages that ran down is no continuity there is our worship services built on a theme and everything fun especially music to show his story to his sermon to the closing song or songs would get together and if it is drive home the point of the sermon even more yeah but it is something that would require effort and practice and intentionality more than just the Friday before that sat we should change them I said we're talking about here they need in the role of the of the worship leader I think that's it coming we had the increases in charge of making sure that the sermon is that the appropriate price entered on going to yield tell a story how the popular introduction and ending rapid all right we were going to try to benefit the rest of the service that the synchronicity to the passive job yeah he's the one preaching about it I think it has a lot to do with us not understanding that music and the other praise that goes on in the worship service is as important as the servant suits when you choose me to hear something is to be aware of I get tense when you have a music whether Meehan or Chris our scripts on whatever is I as his own why was this written on what was the author the composers trying to accomplish I wasn't for celebration was a poor reflection on what fits you and they attrition I even on uncertain songs you can find out the defendant background of the song itself on the house what were the causes that when it is written in those of you may have heard this before but I him is well with my soul was written by Horatio Spafford could of the store that doesn't store how it was Islamists always in okay semiotic certainty so it is not my soul which sounded while documenting is great well Rachel Spafford wrote that song right after he found out that his wife and kids died in there they should at least be sunk when is going back in Europe whatever he did get to go on at one and he then at the Trinity had been shipped that song did the Jean and I he then took a boat out to Europe where they're coming from on and stop in the area where he figured that be had died he wrote that song is well with my soul when I first heard that I can't sing that song assuming position now you know I have a wife and kid myself I say bored is if they were to that note and I think they can hide to write a song is not my soul so again I think that times a day to research at the figure that out even some of the more contemporary praise songs you can find out with this information on why these people will go songs appropriateness again if you have a theme you wanted she sounds that are fading with the thing sold its new reflect the song you choose a song that they doesn't even if it isn't joyful song you want to really I expressed happiness in glad adventures the right size don't chisel 's funeral dirge that hands the note on the talk about that the uneven artists hung the handbook on symbols may be appropriate for certain things but if you're if you're talking about I need to enjoy the resurrection as a team on the speeches of songs that cannot say that cell phones are not good again you have the full range of emotion because that's what we see the Bible by just makes you choose the appropriate one that would help I have fifteen and be intentional and Newspeak is a pastor find out what he's been preaching about and build a whole service around that senior adventure vacation is again on why to make sure that all the expressions and overall tone of the entire service I is appropriate for the songs a year choosing issuance and worship of a their issuance in the Bible that these worship there's a whole bunch of them to be solid fifty you can need green exit is there is much there were stringed instruments they were percussive instruments I there were sacked of what they witnessed Mister Holbein 's and they were all part of the worship there in a testing testing and I think of it well hot Helen White says it is as if attending services there should be singing and instrumental music musical interest we use the religious services in ancient times the worshipers praise God upon the heart and symbol and music should have its place in our services it will add to the interest so rather than going on another debate about which instruments are better bad evil whatever I just think that the Bible is for policy are died in that and in both advocates for ensuring that we should grade accordingly furthermore they will help to advocate said with cello and violin to really help and mature our emotions and make sure that our affection appropriates it difficult to figuring out the hot items that they shall see about that issue is awesome Angel gives the practice satisfies the worship leader at how each humans are used on because I make sure that you let freedom or skilled look at their other cell in the annual for worship leader on man again on him to get the time to update like we said me like me we could teach them into was oriented introduction was with scale negotiations good to great eyes really good delivery very appropriate great use of Scripture great use of the own personal testimonies omitted to do for music as well we should be able to evaluate our music as it was was that use appropriately with their good use of Scripture songs and praise songs that that talked about the also has personal experience and how about their lives the reason I say that doesn't happen other times as you have someone in charge of nature that happens we had here David in the letting Apple he was the music leader he was skilled himself and he was in charge of choosing other people on against the qualifications and and some of the stuff here in a second but I believe that there is a need for worship leaders in our churches to assure that our music services are the quality that we can give to the Lord for he deserves it we need someone who is thinking more than just the day before in history radical why don't we plan for which of services like to agree we can advance that would be awesome yeah that would make sure that there is no fumbling up and finds on the transitions between the songs are proper the slideshows aren't like the long lines at I guess it shows me to feel like when did the slides are incorrect on again I've done this myself so I'm I am trying to learn myself what I had let out some service the way to ensure that that happens is you practice and you practice more than we can imagine I think the song even be doing in-state tuition at the least now with your basting because all of the things are just distraction that can really just totally not the courses your singing told me off-track in this setting as they can be avoided if you need avoided if we are taking the time to have so many try to make sure that these people that are in charge that are on the ball yeah our our dear but Mrs. is that when the sound at times you know you know which mites for the honor off as a squeal on us that kills me and it can be avoided as long way to avoid this by having some age -ish and it is a sound check maybe if there is a fight for not just those few minutes of her sadness was starting any enemy I think your area so that the mole enemy which appears to have gave as an example to choose the appropriate people to lead the worship service to ensure the highest quality abortion service get along for a BBQ another matter which should receive attention both at our cat meetings and elsewhere is that of singing a minister should not give out hints to be sung until the first ascertained that they are familiar to noticing a proper person should be appointed to take charge of this exercise and you should be his duty to see that such Kansas elected as can be sung with the spirit and with the understanding also genders about the spirit and truth singing is a part of the worship God but in the bungling manner in which is often conducted it is no credit to the truth and no honor to God it should be system in order in this as well as every other part of the Lords work organize the company of the best singers whose voices can be the congregation and know that all who will unite with them those using should make an effort to sing in harmony it should devote some time to practice that they may employ this time the glory of God yeah so using this should be a person in charge of doing this I've been to several Sunday churches where their worship services are just Austen 's air valve I spirit filled organized there despite it's using this child it was practiced it with intentionality why is that is because they take it seriously they actually understand that singing is part of worship and often to God that you received that she deserves our attention and focus and they had people that worship leaders sound actually of many art hey music ministers that's a full-time job I necessarily say that we need how they are treated I wrote out a big and spit but if we had people who were in charge of ensuring that the music service that worship service were done correctly maybe then we are to get more service via qualifications abortion rear you should be that person should be converted that we still get a second but is not just about who is the most ski


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