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Killing the Fat King

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 30, 2011
    6:30 PM
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him him him this message was presented to penalize the two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a litigating if you like the info you revert back to cyanide is an easy way and that it was a black thing today and at fantastic last evening we had the opportunity to talk together we talked about the great purpose of our life the life that we been given it is light or probation the temporary life you have has one underlying theme once central objective and that is the restoration in the human soul to be image of God and one of the many passages we look that was first John chapter three and I'd like to go there tonight early spring at three recollection from last night we read how behold now all we are the children of God as it has not yet been revealed what we shall be why we know that when he is revealed we shall be like him for what reason what was the reason given why we know we will be like and when he returns or we shall see him how I viewed the look the following work and everyone who has this hope in him does what purifies himself how just at the your notice of the hope of seeing Jesus as he is compelled on the purifier spelled as he is worth that we noted last night that harmonizes harmonizes beautifully with the words of you provide an birthday when he then blessed are the fuel or in hardware-based out the God this is the promise we been given that the high ideal of the Christian walk to become like Christ so that we not merely lived through the second coming but live through the second coming God has more in mind than simply getting us into heaven but yes he wants to us into his kingdom to them what they meant our messages these final two evenings of UIC will tackle I believe is the biblical truth of just what the purity of character looks like in real life if you notice last night was a bit academic we laid the groundwork that is when you see a new framework the new a new vision for what salvation looks like not getting in but fitting and not as living through but living through you understand that but tonight were to begin to unwrap that over the next two nights and please don't think that at the end of tonight is the entirety of the less than because it continues tomorrow evening does that make sense someone unwrap this a little bit and see the truth of God 's word flatly began his study of his ward let's begin with the word of prayer please bow your head your heavenly father Lord I thank you for G Weiss the binoculars for the institution not just for the movement of the program but Lord I thank you for the people that you were brought to life seen here in person and on television would you understand our need to understand any better than we understand our need we don't even see uneven Lord we need eyes that you can offer please Lord help us to not only see our problem but through your grace and by the power of your Holy Spirit help us to see our solution is available in Jesus Christ praying his name amen please go to judges chapter three judges chapter three where it is many a significant amount of time and judges chapter three starting with verse twelve our message tonight is entitled killing him pain I like that title right on the note feeling that being judges drafted regarding verse twelve the first few verses give it some context of what were talking about of course you know the time of judges with after the deliverance of Israel of course from Egyptian bondage four there was not monarchy in place of the time of the judge and Genesis chapter under gender chapter three in verse twelve it is one the beginning of the story of one segment of that time one segment of Eric 's starting was for it we read these words and the children of Israel again through the evil in the sight of the Lord so the Lord strengthen Adlon king of Moab against Israel because they had done evil in the sight of the Lord then he gathered to himself the people of Ammon of Amalek with anticipated Israel and took possession of the city of Palms so the children of Israel serve as king of Moab eighteen years within the context of our store this evening I wanted to try to flesh this out a little bit who are these people who are now rolling over God 's people the Moabites become a knife the Amalekites Amalek I don't know the right way to say it but on the go with some of those don't be thrown off the bike mix it up but you understand the text these are the three power through United against Israel the Moabites and the ammonites have other infamous history they had the unique well I just instantly they were the descendents of the incestuous relationship the union between law and his two daughters later in the history of the Moabite who hired Belo him to put a curse on Israel as we know the Lord interceded to defend his people as long as they were fatally being his people and what generation after generation they became more and more hardened to the Lord in their hatred against Israel deepens now it was the Moabite king and holding God 's people under his as the Bible to tell us that some finally also aligned with the Moabite king would be Amalekite they had the unique infamy of being the first people to mount a military campaign against the nation of Israel after their deliverance from the land of bondage in Egypt and of course we know about the first military engagement of the one with the Lord told Moses to go up on the hill and hold the staff over his head and as long as the staff without Israel would have victory you remember the story again the Lord intervened to save his people as long as they were being fatally of people the Lord intervene in popular battle for them so here we have to reform power to have a pretty sour history with Israel but now apparently according to Zacks Israel has done evil in the sight of the Lord is okay you've chosen the king you want to have the must of seen almost absolute these bitter enemies of Israel were holding power of God 's people instead of conquering they were continually conquered foreign power pagan power is the very discouraging fun the nation of Israel with University but when the children of Israel cried out to the Lord the Lord raises up a deliverer for them even the son of Guerra the Vegemite a left-handed man by him the children of Israel set attributes of egg launching of Moab as for the identity of this evil character the central character in this story the deliverer of Israel we actually know very little about them from Scripture in fact the the only person to give any background of man one person all Scripture and type in his name again and if the robbery happened our white writing to come up with one reference anything unless it has been given a detailed all everything we know about Madonna Judges chapter three verse fifteen the lengthy we can find out about this guy he was left-handed using the tribe of Benjamin any of the unenviable job of transporting the tribute with another with the common popular word with the modern work for tribute tax right attacks that Israel to add King of the Moabites left-handed Vegemite tax collector this is what the Bible records about with regular left-handedness in Scripture is not necessarily something to be here are afflicted with left we can beat what were people tonight let's talk how many of the audit which are prayer this I understand where you are we live in a difficult world you and I I'm one of you right people at you funny they want to know if you come the paper upside down right spiral notebooks three ring binder this world is not our home right by as difficult as the persecution and oppression that we may think about what must've been a Bible time and maybe it's just my paranoia I look for left-handedness or right-handed this would give you notice right hand is always good let that it's always bad without exception perhaps night the left-hand within the person and so even death the right hand with a hint of spring is the hand of blessing you get a reasonable job of the mighty right in the judgment both represented on God left side die on the right the I live in if not the best thing in Scripture to be left-handed we would withdraw the Benjamin Wright break that down a little bit Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob Benjamin was the smallest tribe in Israel Ruben was the firstborn right into the tribe of things was destined to be June and I believe I would be the priest but Benjamin up until the time of this story the most famous ninja Mike was Benjamin a bit when you don't come out from Benjamin R whatever little left-handed engine light but at least you got a good job with his jaw he's a tax collector out of the Bible out of a like tax collectors in Scripture not a big fan of tax collectors they were notoriously to remember the nation it is ruthlessly God 's chosen people you will be the conquerors you'll been a blessing to all the world yet their history is repeatedly a succession of being conquered and oppressed pocket in a press and inside of this nation ruthlessly got clobbered all you had this guy who works for the other guy would take Israel's hard-earned money goes around the box in the pointer however they did it collecting sap collecting facts like exactly taking it to his highness left-handed ninja Mike tax collector Mike Jeff is sanctified imagination he was not held in the highest esteem this evil amongst his Israelite friends left-handed benzamide tax no were not anywhere near the application portion of our story but I'm guessing there is a possibility there are some easily feeling people in the congregation tonight you might anyone that disability of some sort and you feel like you can't really be used for God what you call from a small place of a molecule in the conference of many the smallest of all schools the homeschooling field is not in place in these big crowds overwhelming you don't feel you have much to contribute you might have already working on infield nobody looks at you with respect anything will try off of the Lord likelihood in the Bible University something powerful either that was written judges chapter three number sixty nephew and made himself a dagger it was the double edge and have to be thinly and fastened it under his close on his right by so he brought the attribute with the Baptist what they can do with this thing but we're recipient he strapped on his right thigh so you can imagine him left-handed benzamide nobody likes a guy as he goes around collecting the taxes collecting the taxes I'm sure people don't like him and they don't like what his job is in the dispute a lot of bellyaching complaining all day long if you go with one of this with the Bible again in a minute affecting inlays of hard-earned money is good he probably doesn't like himself so much fun one day he decided to make himself a sword I can imagine is the garage you know with the stone sharpening the other stone maybe it was Williams whittling away at it or whatever you do to make it to add stored any fixed the strap over his legacy connection at home like practicing to make it smooth output over to Europe in the day he decided actually use the thing must've been a very surreal day for him tax the McCain by the sword all day long structures by and do something if you are storing goes on so he brought attribute to everyone king of Moab the Bible now Athlon was a very fat man I mean Elin doesn't have much said about them but this guy has even less it is not the president of all the information you need to know about this guy he was the right and you can imagine it's like everybody dislikes any thoughts on this big broad and I would imagine if that accrual people of the Evans Company any a sense of his lifelong weight recommended it must've been just know Israel had a help message right and this guy is the antithesis of a genuine Israelite anything is real hard-earned money in a box in the top of that thank you to everyone personally glad that the methods discussed the dynamics on what Lord why we going to do on a teeny year Jabba the Hutt look at it if you don't know that reference don't learn it it's okay but nothing you do it but the picture right okay and you would push down walks out eighteen years down his money but one day you have a sore he had a plan in consulting but he just said today I'm feeling that will loan you can sort on the fly today and I begin reading story for seventeen Philly proper tribute to King as long of mulatto we had one of the very best members anything and when you have finished presenting attribute decent delay in the people who had ferried attribute civilian job is not the physically transport you in the administrator of this crew need like what God wants you gone ahead with the object of human setting the stage filled with backing as much gone ahead you plan this out but he himself noticed with this turn that is like he was going with them you guys go ahead and you almost get the sense that an independent and he turns back but he himself turned back from the stone images that were at your goal instead I have a secret message for you O king so you won't nearly see these images these idols in these things that just discuss them is that it denies the night today is the day I'm killing affecting Muslims is currently turns run fifteen of four ago I have a secret message for you was a secret if you want to Malone 's definitive silent than all who attended him went out from the naïve ever will I don't know why beautiful it helps him everyone knew you get the state 's deficit and will him will be to have a method is the look on his people gone until defecting so even came to knows that if there's in the cool private chamber then either the Fed I have a message what are the next two words from God must've interested in because he actually arose from his seat guessing is a very rare feat he leans in the stage is set for April first twenty one then easily reached with his left hand took the dagger and from his right by and with the new thrust it into his belly you can imagine ceiling and all are businesslike he took a look at the one he started taking the thought that he wasn't done so we've done is that we are takeout I write into personally do it in the Scriptures I'm really not trundled it literally word for word okay even they held with and after the blade and the fat clothes over the blade or did not draw the dagger out of his belly and then drilled him out can you imagine I'm guessing he expected some resistance goes with all of my own and I thought he was going to and I'm definitely the moment when both of their eyes locked right and head of the veering right I got out of people doubted apparently you look at you believe in Taliban defeated but the enemy is defeated even if it doesn't seem that way exactly will be good response three than even when up to the porch and was reminded and locked them he can keep this duty duty to his present I got a young the bigger the story will eighteen years the Israelites had been claiming to be God 's people get paying tax to the acting unanimously but the complainant fell into the pagan ruler is loathsome catastrophe inflicted on the boards of constantly overhead no doubt for either the subject of the song what's with griping and moaning but by the time we pick up historians at three yeah I can only take so long and I'm the leader in the democracy they are very good amount of the worst thing of the little left-handed into my tax collector in interviews really do something you can see many want to fill that gap with an regular point next half what we had anything over that is all the other nation when faced with anyway here's the facts next half I is in him all about the history of the summary should really do something that he was it always seems like were waiting for someone else to fill the fact king for us and finally he would like I mean I guess on the two we are no longer political Israel with efficient citizenship derive from a common national bond we are spiritual Israel with citizenship should derive from the common bond of faith in Jesus Christ Libya three if you look at last night makes a play that unlikely to set their minds on earthly things our citizenship is where in heaven but one time the people of God were both a spiritual and political organization today we are no longer under a theocratic form of government were not as the head of the church and the state they should be separated we believe in separation of church and state amen but we are no longer expected to be literal he would and bear arms in defense of a particular nation or to physically execute the judgment of God on the wicked the Lord will take care of that in his time exactly so I want to conflict with the clear what I call spiritual Israelites to kill the backing I am not calling you to go enlist in the Army were to write up a Seventh-day Adventist militia to war against any earthly kingdom even those who threaten our religious liberty as Christians we are to be Christ like the way that framework last the vendor felt militarily or violently even when our most precious interests or if they enjoy decorating verse thirty six G for them felt declared unambiguously that his people are to be peacemakers at all when in his trial before Pilate my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world my servants would fight so that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now my kingdom is not from here so automatically on a thing like what you go kill those evil people know but how just because the church is not called to be a military power on the world scene does not mean that our citizenship in God 's kingdom is without conflict when the Wii have a struggle but Apollo repeatedly declared with militaristic imagery he borrows military language to describe the point that we fight our war is the fight of faith Ephesians chapter six verses ten to twelve finally be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power known as the military language put on the flow what armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil 's in for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the forces of evil in the heavenly round is still affecting them some of us are right now but I feel under his thumb pain first Timothy chapter six verses eleven to twelve but you madam God flee from all that and pursue righteousness godliness faith love endurance and gentleness fight the good fight of what they take hold of eternal life to which you were called when you make a good him many witnesses second limiting thinking of himself just before starting work this evening I have thought about why I have to know what they are for the fact came with whom we struggle is the devil himself and his power over all it then in various places the Bible calls him the ruler of the world be print of the power of the air the case and started to leave the whole world astray is you don't want to call in the God of this world it is this power of the Lord warned changes before he murdered his brother in Genesis chapter former seventies that said is crouching at your door and desires I have you but you must rule over it instead of thin rolling over you you are supposed to rule out that exactly are the Satan in the story are Avalon and there is power over others then how are we to be victorious likelihood in the power fighting against the spiritual would normally spend reason of the weapon that we been given it also just like easily been entrusted with the sword designed explicitly for the meeting the enemy of soul we are given multiple observances of the weapon that we can wield in our battle against Satan Paul called the sort of the spirit which in the word of God later Hebrews goes on to explain how the word of God is living and active sharper than any one double-edged sword that goes on start with a double-edged sword it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit joints and marrow it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart a time and again we are instructed that the word of God is the only instrument that can break the power of the devil and that we truly bring even the weakest of his assumed subject when assailed by the temptations of Satan in the wilderness Jesus right like continually and exclusively on it is what my getting of whose example of faith in God 's word we are promised that if we resist the devil he will play you might be shut out of the willfully goes on even in the story we concern the deliverer of Israel did not consider his physical sword because the mental deliberation but rather in his interview with Exelon he refers to his weapon as a method specifically a message from the law is anything like I'm a little guy who had asked he understood that this could happen is not to be in my power to be by his if someone getting killed affecting it can't be me I don't have it in me but the Lord can strengthen me in my weakness just like you would are sort of message from the Lord the word of God Prince the power of his word we can have victory in his fascinating sunset sixteen verse eight the promise of the Holy Spirit is that he will convict the world of sin and righteousness and judgment convicts of sin yet at the same time the weapon to defeat sin is the sort of the spirit which is the word of God is the best thing that the Holy Spirit 's role in protecting our character what was about to happen the bigger the well then good although given the victory over how first Corinthians epidemic of them to work with Woodland Word of God tells first read in September thirteen no temptation has seized you except what is common to man and God is what the word I feel so sorry for the timidity that is just shattered your existence the torpor in which you must live your life I'm so sorry but apparently got word that the God is what they will it's okay to say it out loud we should let the devil now we know that God is big and that you are faithful and were not that God is God 's the will not let you be dented beyond what you can bear but when you are tempted notice when you are tempted another well if you have any living life in a temptation happened to be at noon and then Quinn is a guarantee when you are tempted though they were now I'm abiding in Christ floating on cloud nine and of Satan can reach that clout when you are tempted he will also provide a way out that you can stand up under it you get the idea that sin is the depressive heavy burden and without the power of the Holy Spirit in your life it would crush you resentment rumors you can stand up under that thing John James chapter four verse seven submit yourselves then to God resist the devil and he will flee from you Romans chapter eight I love this article included Scripture Romans chapter eight starting with verse thirty one powerful word you can and I'll try to address this issue over and over he won late at our pay for the other evening the bigger the character development is the key to great victory in the Christian life you want people to unify and begin an aggressive you might have to world Barbara look at starting birth thirty one there what then shall we say to these things if God is for us who can be against it almost like he's standing on the day of the wall that was out there is there anyone here who can beat my God will if God is forth who can be against the D who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all if he is willing to go that far to save you how shall he not with him also freely give off all pain who shall bring a charge against God 's elect and gotten just five don't justify yourself you abide in him and you fight your battles or you verse thirty four who is even condensed it is Christ who died in furthermore the also ribbon ribbon who is even at the right hand of God who also make intercession for us who shall separate us from the love of God love of Christ Japanese person with the mom whose of the present limit write shouting that they may be wrestling with it vigorously with it I'm telling you none of these work shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword is that it is written for your sake we are killed all day long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter without the power of God were now by you that in the next verse yet in all these things we are more than Doctor Marino in London and he gets it on a roll reason for I am persuaded on him a uneven and no life nor angels nor the power leave nor powers nor things present nor think Eleanor depth nor any other created thing to be able to separate the love of God right you are even than conventional and unconventional I believe and you need to know what to more restored to God 's miraculous deliveries of his people the more I become convinced that we follow the double teamed not because we lack the weapon or even a guarantee of victory because we lack the spiritual daring to pick up the sword of truth and run it through the old medicine Paul Hebrews chapter twelve verse four state the problem would be for in your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted the point of shedding your blood about the Israelites that even ran into every day by day in his job they would think their war against Antoine yet none of them were actually fighting it in like you discuss with them but what do they keep doing day in the eye that God your pay and give the wireless one last time somebody should really do something but yet it looked as before a scene you call ourselves the church militant fencing battle and onward Christian soldier to how many of us are personally invite fighting the fight of faith and with assorted running through every temptation we begrudgingly relented as one last time being the loyal subject in our lives the pain affecting them we need a double enough to complain about but not really enough to actually fight but what is not rebuked anyone outside of myself I'm embarrassed ashamed to the point of little use when I look over the record of my life my excessively godly life like what I claim to be God by keeping tax to another team how often we pray for deliverance and hope that someone will do it what we can enter sometimes taxes innovative thing about taxes if they fed like it could be a twelve hour gas tax every like like and that's all right with my fun innovative signum come in and be like kill your coming work right is is is is really worth fighting for we didn't get along so well this one last time poor stewardship some of us are literally robbing our heavenly father and using what is rightfully his for our own game their my meeting and betting the enemy of souls paying tax effecting some of you might be thinking turn your eyes upon but in your mind you're turning to images that are nothing more than a tax legal medicine Jesus is pretty blunt about this militaristic imagery to write if your eye causes you to sin put a Band-Aid over a wink a lot with the Sony distillate hand positive than I was cut off well as radical it down on the planet around a Masonic Coppermine for me I stalemate out what was radical I had actually what ultimate plan and I'll get only myself off like a patch you to be one but my power we can to fill in the day the cool gossip islands that make the list now in the conviction that you don't understand a lot of grief and with a visit to be honest all of us regardless of our age are prone to this particular sin whether it's in person or on the phone or favorite social network site that reflect reflect for him to detect detected we love to chat about work peek into the lives of others in a commentary on many young people in the church and maybe not even the young people so much anymore more likely to think of their phone when I say the word tax I hope you understand was okay and I got all got us some of you might be filtered in your guild gamble the text that you are okay with you what the author don't think right now they begin I'll do it and by the way don't believe me getting started help thin build here's the irony right with them and talk about you behind your back when you do you go to your brain going I cannot believe how much they got right no sense of irony as the patent act I'll get high-tech medical document there means he is what you may think they can be made optional amine all out send them any day how is this government and people wanting to make a whole this habit breaking academic dishonesty young people if you Wednesday for foul language and I'd include the veggies where two okay right or the output bits which was okay I'll is a one letter right on to do better can't wait I mean we can't but perhaps God living villas might be able to talk about it in the shot or is the problem we actually paddling back to the poor health habits in spite of or just to spite the with help crazy vitamins don't your parents treating prophecy with contempt settling for mediocrity at home or work or school when the Lord asks for excellence at all things you've got an A+ because of the Lord God is within you and you come home with the your paying tax for this one laziness doing whatever your hand finds to do later in I am slowly getting knocked out of the park tomorrow all rights go on on on limited like any political dead rising where people are held and oppression by a tyrannical power the way to break the guiltless spiritual bondage and declare your freedom as subject of a new king and citizens of the new Kingdom is an old-fashioned tax revolt we need amongst the membership of the seven Baptist Church a spiritual uprising of rebellion against the old man of sin you will change your life if you want to change it shortchanges school and finish this work begotten you must do on our defect from the kingdom of Satan and stop paying tax but if you want to grind assistant to a hall stopped funding it again in protesting won't get a government attention nearly if that is withholding exactly will write would you like a personal emissary from the government to come to your door to stop into the visit you real quick you would think it's on complain and protest right by obscurity long debates that talk all you want freedom of speech love it you must be clearly absolute must-have taxes to the government the fact is that we should okay I've never to make that when it am I position the Bible is quite clear with about three good visit of the road while worth billions but our true citizenship are we other things made a statement I am by the way that works with the government to call my local patent on thirty one ago I did not wholly under the pastoral role in the corporate and holy unto the Lord hold of his time for blink what is needed most definitely at this critical hour or seven date added from the Bible in front of the book of beliefs to which we passably agree on the theory that is becoming clear property speculators have the Lord is in need of Seventh-day Adventists were willing to take hold of the word of God as a living and active double-edged sword and not by my not by power but by his spirit in Afghanistan seven that if church doesn't need more pastors does need more ministers or policies more programs are even more money nearly as much as we need you we need you it was really cool by the store we visited to stop with the death of the first twenty four right judges chapter three the counselor concludes I love how the story says here we got out at one thirty and looking to their surprise for the upper room locksmith that is probably attending it was neither the cool chamber so they waited till they were embarrassed in Philip not open the doors in the upper room therefore the key and open them in there with them after all and dead on the floor motivated paper cut him right field was twenty six but he escaped while the delayed impact beyond the stone images and escape Sarah and it happened when he arrived that he blew the trumpet in the mountains of Ephraim will have added them to my tax collector now he stands like the Old Testament that he had developed strong and called out he blown the trumpet invited that no affecting is that in a victory for you to look recently it would happen we arrived we blew the trumpet of the mountains of Ephraim the children of Israel went down with him from the mountain and he led them God can take left-handed benzamide tax collector nobody feeling people and turn them the leaders if they're just willing to add a light then he said to them follow me why with all our has delivered your enemies the Moabites into your hand so they went down after him sees the boards of the Jordan leading the moment and did not allow anyone to cross over and at the time they kill about ten thousand minimum and all the stout men of valor not a man escaped notice how in the first thirty so Moab was subdued that day under the hand of Israel and the land had rest eighty singers people here are tired negotiating them and just wants to rep in their delivery Jesus Christ I is little incremental insignificant seeming but they known the back of their minds and paying tax fuses repeatedly said what his goal for this kingdom is sin no more in faith and less in faith will work only on the weekend only on occasions only one of your friends only when you think of small go and sin no more the physical universe sin no more he wants no second rebellion of one hundred you will begin you want to be done and you want the people who want to be done go and sin no more no nothing if instantaneous them I think if you the Lord has promised victory and growth over time notice of assessment at my bar mitzvah I know what it's like to practice one thing and preach another understand the hypocrisy feeling of it instincts when you stand before the tax collector and you know you shouldn't I be most beautiful by the Lord he not only promises power for victory he also part of this part if we should ball first John chapter two verse one my little children these things I write you so that you may not sin and if member temptation with a win but sin giving into temptation even if but if anyone sends even people you are the even godly people even good people even people who were trying to develop character cry through fifth grade even you if anyone we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous the same one who gives you power is the one who gives you part if you should fall Hebrews chapter four verses fifteen and sixteen for we do not have a high priest was unable to the device with our weaknesses but we have one who's been tempted in every way just as we were yet was without sin let us then because of his sinless is not our own inherent working on our own efforts not our own ability to overcome because of Christ let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence even if you have thin especially if you then don't hide from God to go into his presence not in your own merit no need to bind style covered in the blood of Jesus you can come constantly before the throne of grace even if you let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we might write bloomers and find grace to help first John chapter one verse nine if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us our things and cleanse us all wondering seven seven three the commission to be the heralds of Christ in return all that we do in this life is actually in the sun and Earth history should be done with one eye along on the someday soon the ruler we live under the dominion in this world be swallowed up in the Tribune to leave this you will remember we're told unequivocally attributed to three percent well within the Lord will come now Mike Mike should work it will come like a thief that it will appear with Roy the elements will be destroyed by fire on the earth and everything in it will be laid bare since everything will be destroyed in this way what kind of people you want to live holy and godly as you look forward to them God and ruthlessly faithful refuse to submit to the taxing agency anymore but the people who boldly declare our independence from the ruler of this world and pledge allegiance to the true King of heaven to be a people who in our daily lives up that sort of and not by might not by power but by my spirit victory when asked to do the night you disagree it is at least make it really is not for clearance rate if this is the principle you would like to see more instilled in your life they are simply more important stuff you know what I'm I want victory and you stand with me to know what this is what I want a lot of horrified I don't like moderation a while I want to live on a higher level I wanted to be I want authority citizenship inducting them right here tonight praise the Lord that I want to make a special ornament on I'm guessing that there are some people who you lay him on receiver one I'm not I declare what your problem is what you issue is that there are some things here that we know we like and we can you might've been withheld from coming down the other night maybe other commitment you should be making odd because you know that it is one thing is blocking your walk with Christ and you know when the tax collector comes around to LA be like where I don't even want to give it up I like Lord I don't want to like it anymore you said you could give me the desires of my heart Lord help me to desire the right thing this is one thing I just cannot break because I like I like meeting the Lord changed my mind changed my heart transforming into the image of your son who had been taught me to hate you look at everything in the love and what you want if you are you looking you make me more right like in the knowledge the righteous indemnity against this particular finger struggle with anyone specific prayer special prayer and you feel that this issue whatever it is whatever the list or maybe not your own with whatever the particular thing is that you want victory you'd never guess what because you know the reason you have not really thought you say Lord I want to start fighting tonight not by my friend not in my merit not of my own efforts but Lord I believe that you are right because your work that though not because I feel it because it declares it and it in written I take your word for the bank summons wrestling tonight one night I was living between one hundred and crack the sword will teach me how to be practical about how I wear it out with them I want about what I plan which would help me to have a strategy of affecting you want that help you like special premium number and everything is moving this something you like the Lord I'm done I want to stop we don't learn how to evaluate the following training in the art of coordinating a lady you how to show me the way I hunger for that higher place the spirit of the living God the fall of practice on me the number you understand specific of your appraisal of the number that I will be more low-quality one one Vienna but if there is a struggle and you know is the Henry Robertson down is not only power my friend is also part if no condemnation from the Cronin he's been there he understands your weakness and use strong you are you the people coming to sing this song in let this be our prayer tonight spirit of the living God fall afresh on me like you mean her room her 's to read of in a for him on a wiring may be meeting my mind he is a in the love and and is the long on way a AI and would guide written by moment your part if we've fallen in or to team who is not working in Lord we know in our add-on and I walked we had battleship spiritual conflict faith fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers Lord we know that in our own history we are absolutely in adequate for the fight you have no weapon we have no strength you have no ability of our own but we also believe in your word not by a feeling but by faith alone that Jesus is our victorious King and Lord we ask the power of your Holy Spirit to live out that victory in our online and your Holy Spirit not only to give the conviction of sin but also to give out your strength to call and to go from glory to glory from character to character so that slowly gradually practically quickly however if you lead a floor that you read it and righteous we don't want to be citizens of this world anymore were tired of paying taxes affecting divisive victory this power is part most informative as Christ likeness he wants to help us reflect your image to the world the Lord again we pray for your coming maybe soon so we can to receive face-to-face and not be ashamed we ask that Day be soon the most important like before the timing would help with what benefit this is my prayer tonight when Jesus that not one person here e-mailing we already visit in the name of Jesus are victorious amen stay right where you are and have a season of prayer led in just a moment other marks Finley has been a tremendous support like the over the years and we always enjoy his presence with us every year unfortunately he is unable to be with us this year because of an injury he sustained in Africa will begin a pleasure speaking with him oversight so while an elder Mark Finley rank you are I you and my brother just had my stitches out from your operation this last week and would love to be with you I'm glad to serve and argue stirred up as the sermon really move my own heart that serving on three and Jesus sermon that species power the Holy Spirit something he has to write you sense the spirit I knew God was moving as we go into prayer night I want to look with great grief week three aspects right first aspect where is the deeper dimension where the real purpose of prayer is not to get from God what you want but to find out from God what he wants and that's really summarized in the life of Jesus in that chapter twenty six in verse thirty nine when Jesus was facing the costs and create far it's possible let this cup pass from me in the first thirty nine Jesus said nevertheless not as I will but as you so the service of Christ right-wing Jesus Andrea design a new home relationship with her father social oneness with the father the Jesus wanted was what the father-in-law of Jesus desired was the notifier 's widow is interesting is how American desire pages it says it is Christ baffled in Gethsemane with the forces of hell surrendering he is willing to violence will of the father saints and angels when so here's the question what is it in your line is struggling to not if there is some error in your life not on the fathers have you surrendered every area of your life on no matter what the struggle is now great temptation is when we surrender our will to God 's will heavenly beings come to destroy us heavenly beings called the house heavenly beings but we spirit and Angels come to give us form to enable us to victory over that payment and stumbled tonight in this first question and Neil were more insane war whatever in my life is not in harmony with your window I was cylindrically right whatever in my life is not armed with a completely sure everything is still he is a modest inverse situation is you have the absolute assurance that justice father sent an angel to Jesus that Angels are coming by your side once you are so blessed to know how I great just for a few moments bring Sandra finishes washing prayer before wounded let's require our own just in him and him and I and and and and and and and and a and a and a and not I sat there so many things and then I carry the same line parents leaving exam just say that you suggest you find something that you climb that very desire to be like yourself online to desire the things that you desire to see the world awaiting you see it I should be more like Christ me craving your well I will surrender everything you bargain pray that you would draw closer and closer you really love our time with you we love our ministry for you we pray all the thing Jesus mean in a as we made our surrender surrender our rooms hospital he promises to use us color overlay one of my favorite passages in Scripture on witnessing past-due witnessing angels sounding Hebrews first chapter here in chapter one the final result of witnessing Angels and says regarding the Angels Hebrews one fourteen are they not all ministering spirits sent one to minister to those who will inherit salvation not the words angels are human beings Jesus Sandstrom the throne of God in the most holy Place sanctuary hearts open minds and we need the salvation one thing is for certain when you read the book of acts here in the book attacks Angels where you all in the name women to lead others across for example Peter 's crying is Peter Paredes the Holy Spirit presses need to wait this to Cornelius going pray at he isn't Russ Peterson Angels need Peter Cornelius Whiteley will help raise Angels need him to handle the unit is the treasurer of the entire country the whole country whole continent is will you will know what this actually posses one oh nine will the world many women are looking recently in with earnestly twenty four one three these are not in our hearts to him he will use us in any way only and he will lead us to other people just like you and Peter to Cornelius usually in the Ethiopian unit got you something this guy and use some buttons on his something mindless over somebody needs to know just how section of our order your you I like your career or something like this just in your heart for yourself and your more we need this week that person who's open to the gospel more help needed a sense is that your making us on the plane ride home you'll sit next to some mating of open source will second semester and you'll find that there is somebody they are sick next he is a real need to know Jesus maybe is your workloads God has somebody with the Angels in a lead you to some special question right now is where let's take a couple minutes pray that God will open our eyes see over your senior open our hearts and let's pray that gotten us usually next week that special person 's heart was opened by the hospital you will to be led like a news let's pray that the next couple minutes than Ezra would conclude back portion where a to Boone a PIC love actually is the final passing on these who needs us leave these police people back to our homes that we need to the Mrs. is the news of Jesus Christ jostling John the Baptist justly arts that also tells us after the outgoing was always a you feed us mentioning Christ is one that will empower and lead us very well and give us divine appointment from now until forever more the Oslo peace is an goddess in her way to hear your purse is over and you see that you are one less aspect Peter was imprisoned in Rome Georgia Gloucester any question shall for all of these words he said Ray God will adore me the proclamation of the gospel will going these genes cause the center of hedonism really grown wireless in places like gospel grade B Monroe as young people and will want your word was never measured seventeen million members from around the world church that using well over two hundred countries is very going rapidly about three thousand people being baptized was that the artist Fellowship I disgrace the ones doing this church but there are some very challenging license the Middle East places like Iraq Iran Syria Saudi Arabia I would grow so slowly there are many these voices against the one of the gospel and I think the secular and more difficult some of those seeds are rich with the gospel with racing America I would like us to get into grooves was forty and is one way to go miraculously wars quickly and rapidly the proclamation of the gospel to helpless as the world know who would've dreamed many many years and years ago that almost overnight God would open the door performance of the union and the Berlin wall of coral I'm praying no more places like North Korea it will adore places like China and opened the door to places like the Middle East he joined the amount written on his young people thousands and thousands writing to go during tough places second as gone she did missionary in some of the top places your keyword impression apartment that inspire you to get the right frame do business that just before Jesus comes to resources young people that we probably family and friends make the ultimate sacrifice go out to the instant you're going gospel as I on so great here in groups to work the most worrying pray this prayer was a procession to their first God will open miraculous doors some real difficult place to yahoo your young energy and second-floor if we are to be involved in something special to delete a night like tonight and young people internecine some are guides are some numbers impress you I want you to be a missionary for me will wish yours in our families only curious around our homes on the Shrewsbury University of Gazans are some young people in the mutual sacrifices in the top places of the earth and I know some of you tonight Dustin bought an unusual ones soliciting link learning groups of two or three and then when I sense that we have prayed together and I'll conclude this course is a and him to him to an and a a him him him him him him him to him for no honor how to bring this prayer seems like there is still some reading I know you're moving in their lives you touch our hearts tonight thank you when like Jesus to do your will power us by heavenly angels you must destroy carry out thank you will open doors of opportunity rest of the witnesses and fun tonight will pray difficult places in Europe China North Korea the Middle East were praying for the great Buddhist countries in the Muslim countries in the secular world Europe Australia the United States since we pray you would arrange for your players one of the things that in the design this would open doors the gospel will quickly so Jesus what I know that there are young people tonight here in Houston that are making decisions for you and them the closing work I pray for every young person that AC appliance repair themselves they see life 's larger will him he sells to be witnesses for you there are heroines neighborhoods cities or communities Warren and some special overseas assignment I want you with us thank you for your lives are view humans as our homework question not my feature in our research this message will him and him and she nicely see why seeing someone ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence five when you define my home-based price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase of the resources one one G Y C when the lodging


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