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Friday Morning Devotional

Charissa Torossian


A teaching graduate from Macquarie University in Sydney, Charissa is passionate about presenting on the Bible and its relevance in our time. She has spoken to audiences around the world, and is currently serving as the Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the North New South Wales Conference in Australia. She and her husband Justin are loving being a part of their conference evangelism team and seeing people join God’s end-time church! 



  • December 30, 2011
    7:30 AM
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him him him this message was presented to penalize the two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a feeling everyone in this morning family relations of the following areas that I disliked and seven effective as needlessly as well rethink his life page one hundred eleven I just got them in addition to the credit has been prayed that he would take either this morning I pray that he would speak to a hot night you take this message in a quiet place and everyone of us individually we ask it in Jesus name amen without a doubt Steve Jobs was unquestionably vague Thomas Edison on our times in one of the greatest visionaries that how well had anything and when he passed away in favor of the ACM I thought it was very thinking that no president here in America he said there is migrated through the eighth to sleep success than the fact that maximum low blend of these things on a device that he created and sustained being the ultimate Simon eighteen of these product launches he knew the power of an encore am anyway Tomas has been used difficult jeans and black Tagamet top and anyone introduced in the welfare apples my he was introducing the product and everybody went right into an even tan and be about two more guys with me he would stop turn around and say and that might not make the him him anyway then I found that my movie is one more exciting feature of the product that the audience was already running I infringe a nice since I diseases had spent three and a half years training and teaching his disciples I believe the micromanaging balance it all out and that I see London season on him he also had in mind in the commission and we find them in the book are laid exactly twenty four and forty nine families making about the late infancy for this was not made the twenty four and we read in verse forty nine minutes and twenty four nine Jesus is the hollow I send the promise of my father upon you but tarry in the city onto resentment I see reminds you with power from on high friends and business missing I reminded them to buy all the while I wanted them to us I might however long so I'm now and may receive how can the Holy Spirit can you imagine how they must have felt when Jesus said to them coming and just how Nancy God may not like how anyone binaries in one of the Taliban will significantly quite lives and frenzies it had good reason to use instruction he always you see Jesus knew that unless they carry on that same way the Holy Spirit 's power I guess is that you and here's why we read about I have been sorry this morning the book is not my check and nine I just denied an accusation this morning and fourteen months after nine and fourteen cents and when he came to the disciples he saw a great multitude around them this is either these are great multitude around the disciples and scribes disputing with their friends they read the Gospels really nice effect crafting the father Jesus life Saturday every Wednesday and the crowd and a friendly crowd on this particular morning was different nine of the twelve disciples were a lot in a theological today with some scribes and audiences standing around watching them ringside like it was a prime time TV show a man had come to Jesus that morning looking for union to heal his son I imagine it wasn't the best time that his father had gone looking for help night now he had seen only right 's position in Jerusalem I think he finally followed by one of the month I think your son faces a serious case of being in possession and that was my medicine for possession he was practically destroyed by this means he's not going to catch and nobody seemed to notice that nobody seemed to mind is not to question the existence of God how could a loving God I'm now in the half-empty is precious son and you think was possible until one day somebody did something about in the Bible doesn't tell us to live him in my three-hour we done made a friend in the master e-mail through something about how diseases tossed out the demon some nice too while men and women right now among the kinds of maybe heating reading the reports in the paint and about half the size of my passing and being him then Jesus I in any case his father had put off having fifteen that this is something he ran on some website something about how Jesus was the basal or something like that but as the attacks on his son continue to improve less he decided that he had to try that he did he went looking for him that morning of design along but when he found his disciples they told him that Jesus was on a massive paid-in David John I'm not in any was going to be that will continue to have pain the time to his disciples and young man if they can help you in my minds eye I can see the mold looking at each other Matthew and he does not they all looked promising he enshrined himself and therefore pinned on the phone I may remember when Jesus MSM to find two degrees p.m. on the below link outnumbered and another there are no marks and just one visit by how high can this be inside the exorcism the Bible doesn't tell us exactly how they went about what they did and didn't what I meant to add insult to injury some spry widgets him missing him he wants to be signed both in not just one of five hundred other than very nice ring and that's my son may I remind you and my game feels unable to defend themselves they might think now some mocking laughter what this is going to be a he is the home then might the disciples of Jesus in this agreement is a powerful way embarrassed and crestfallen they confuse disciples just stand there helplessly looking at this drive and the crown and the boy writhing in agony and pain but nothing could bring them to face the firm then ascribes that something shot decided on retaliation do they began in Singh is marrying the man and his son lost in the controversy and friend sometimes it is easy for you and I think that calling out the offending material to describe to people we don't actually care about history anyway yeah right now criticize the wrong and now still criticizing Jesus was never impressed Mrs. Fry do remember what he said and then he didn't like to use drives and Pharisees hypocrites they the crowd began down crying and death on the cross amendments five the sad that friends don't pay attention to describe paying attention to the wine through a hacking and slashing I'm looking with you I met this evening immediately when I saw I crowd will we know when rendering him a convenient greeted him and he asked to describe what I use discussing with me everyone was relieved to see Jesus Sala because if there was anybody even sought out this situation well Jesus could an assay diseases arrive he saw the defeated expressions on his disciples faith and he knew something was up and say the slides I asked them to make my situation but if you notice in the case he's question and answer site and sometimes silence is quite a lot in I remember one day I got time I want them in my backyard and when I got them in in my mouth and realized I could see was this sign 's Journal the findings only ran back yard and they sitting in the middle of it all was my dog are putting out his name on Texas even now I'm a guy a man if you want to feel eliminated like they don't have created the biggest thing that you very beautiful dog he had a hot ineffective and lively was just sitting in the middle of all this time in the backyard like this when I sync did you do and of course he didn't Anthony but the news went down the way down the title went down and he looked back at me with eyes that said it all and when I think about describe something that might not take because the supplies had encountered Jesus in a blog and I think we should lengthen their mouths too quickly now I'm a disciple I believe that Jesus was back now when writing romance to report that have yet either so the science in this moment began to grand mal down around them until suddenly breaking voice was a seventeen then one of the crowd answered and said teacher I brought you my son it has a new sphere and maverick seizes sanitizing down the funds in the mouth massively see them becomes rigid so I spoke any sign of the basic cost without they could not this man had been just about to walk away from that crowd when Jesus Scheibe Matthews gospel tells us that he presses through the crowd and he falls on his knees before Jesus as he says these words these eyes were red from the private key is that he's been sending this story was one that would melt and in this pity from the hottest how do I sign a minor thousand links helpful if I was being tormented by Damon he was leaving an aquarium life existence when they need and that he could see what was happening around him but he was unable to respond to what was happening in your life how a planet filled with pain and suffering but powerless to do anything about it friends in the last way that he said that I think most about sixty nine he said I brought my son to your disciples but they couldn't do anything to help me but I could not I want my son to this yes and nothing happened it is sobering for us to think this morning we reflect on the bathroom lack of power in our lives and the lives in Jesus disciples reflects on the power of God himself will be on one synthase you and hi I'm writing a gospel chat each day by the way that the same either deeds that you do men read what you write where the faithless much for saying what is the gospel according to you how often we are guilty of false advertising the disciples had knowledge they had experience they done this before but they've was severely lacking in power that Jesus saves invests nineteen he said as faithless generation how long shall I believe you are long semi bandwidth you bring in to me as being a nice glass Jesus is the real problem the real problem was not the lack of training or being around women are attractive the problem is this the man was trying to help the disciples are trying to give it all away that I am that God is doing and that's why David Adami immediately sounds out there probably said I must generation they didn't have a name I be leaving this message and once said he said I haven't cried taxes upon God 's character but I believe came to live at his divinity impeaches his veracity deny these goodness blessings he's actually being maligned his character then followed by all things him she later I really have a broad has never rewarded unveiling God has never been able to reply faithlessness the Gospels tell us that when Jesus walked this and he had to pass tall hat is why I was unable to make many miracles there because I'm really a nice places I believe the children are being found wandering in the wilderness of being and in the spirit of prophecy Marriott nineteen in the unruly the loneliness I concentration and stride among the people that have kept us in this world of seeing and soldering site meaning you as you listen to Jesus talking to these people know it sounds like he's talking to buy anything evident even how long must I do mind away from the problem with my fear is that I might check temperature that is the symptom of anything that believes in this self-righteousness she believes that she is good enough to get by on her I'm a friendly will never be good enough to get by on arriving at Limon Holloway me Jesus and the righteousness of Jesus Christ and that is why the Holy Spirit at this base on defense the Holy Spirit is Chris I century always pointing us to Jesus thou plainly in Jesus and bring them why they may highlight that you want to underline that in your Bible again when you have a problem in Facebook it is a diseases and that he and I is the design will I let them destroy your family and your problem strike is him trying to figure out how your future your friend in your family your relationship bringing it to me is what Jesus said to the night that Francine then he brought him to him and when he saw him immediately the Spirit convulsed the things down on the ground and wildlife running at the mouth sorry he asked his father how long is anything happening him and he said from childhood that anything and often he has thrown you buy into the fire and into the wanted to destroy him but he can do anything have compassion on and help us Peter James and John the returning disciples to be made Jesus is my mins before on the mount of Transfiguration grins at the sight before him it was very different than what I do sing on the mountains in the presence of Jesus that demon got to be hanging by giving the spirit of prophecy found was that at this moment the Angels online enzyme is the crowning in another scene to watch my own I'm a dragon met again on the field on that and friends Jesus is such a personal God realizing he is behind the time that Jesus ever had anybody for a case history of the Bethany was about the meantime and I think the reason why he did this was because he saw before him may be needed to tell us sympathizing someone invented missing the plane that had poisoned his heart for signing imagine the memories that this question must have resurrected for the father he remembered the face and laughing eyes had turned while remember NFS mounted of madness the ferrous convulsion as he sleeps he finds it incredible thing body out of the sun and in sores and dad and these sounds crazy locked a member in a riffing is fine dining at the mouth the Bible 's description is suddenly little is left to the imagination and I leave memories mine is mine finally feeling he is an accountant embrace emotion taken down nylon Jimenez he and his lady Jesus and you can do anything please had compassion on us and help sites and plan for your life and mine are very different to the plans he had for Natalie he wanted to feel that boy is not exactly what you'd like to see about this I want to get rid of the phrase that means that you and I have never into the eyes of someone that doesn't Jesus Christ amen we all matter to God the father wanted help had he come to the right place they just denied this fifty six as the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's lives but to say that he wanted compassion had he found the right Hassan sounds a hundred and forty five and I think the line is fallacious and full of compassion slides and I got right in the dcom do the right lifetime it can friend of mine while we find that that's even a fast mess anything Jesus acting in what you believe all things are possible to him related memory management and policy using some bias that reminds him of his life in the rounds on articulate a friend of God with one way from his mouth and found that only angels that had been discovered well I is that powerful which is why as soon as this man went down as soon as he made his cry to Jesus Jesus is the way you tell them that you many say this is I have nothing to look at the road I called everything out of nothing I have the right eye and I created this while the question is not the time fan nine you would be in the wrong place the question is this is used anonymity all the possible and it was a call to me and cry and somebody gave me when Stan I like that of the way they automate your e-mail you when you stand right now by faith it sits on my bookshelf every time I come into my brain sometimes and have played the trombone I will come in this happens in looking at himself and I will say that one went seven freaking me calling me to say that Jesus Christ to believe in God environment and God be God because there is no history in the strength of the Lord will say sorry and I'll be me Jesus says believe me and I'll send a net income I just keep your finger in enough of my comments in the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter ninety two twenty seven this is another good thing there might have been saved him twenty seven Jeremiah Faith Davis twenty seven Cindy Holle I am the Lord the God of all lengths in their life is there something too hot for me is there anything to hide from a friend Don is big enough to help you with your problem onions and times we were making the same mistake as his father we would be in the wrong place and we say if you can help me you can save me you can forgive me and Ugandan amendment made you can feel me know that's not going to be saying is you can easily believe I had real and the man's response is powerful verse twenty four immediately the father of the child cried out and said with an Lord I believe help thou mine unveiling it wasn't that the man didn't think that Jesus could help you a leg up that morning believing that he could but friends sometimes the shield of faith and sometimes believing isn't always easy it's not as when you'll find seen with that have is not easy when the crown is coming you know in the main organic impossible it's not amazing lengths and sizes seem to suggest that God is not in line with this is not always easy generally the design had already met him down a time but to think that his son might continue to sell on account that is in I do believe in Jesus everything was more than he could handle which is why she is to take a great leap of an eye home and the one who stood before and as soon as he got back immediately he becomes America's we design weaknesses have a great half I believe behind the which is why he says the team is kneeling before the son of God I believe helped out mine I'm an frame genius our language that God I'm the same with the technologies they iPod me I find the five book the eyes whatever Apple could never create a responsible view Lloyd I believe how now my mind feelings this is the victory that has that comes below when we were stranded on I can see graph on omnipotence I met it is bipartisan this man I been able to say that had made him one of my greatest Bible theorize Mrs. my seat I think I said I decided that when we write soon even spread we can never be lost you know why because we have been leaving the Bible says that humanity leaves onion will not perish but have everlasting life I think of the story of this father he was reading my mouth the name is little five -year-old daughter came in a study and she said that anything you believe in me and all have anything sure honey I see when reading and exaggerating a few months later he him out the window he's standing he's selling a five -year-old going into the backyard with a mound of golden domes and genetic analyses he came out again with a complement to lighten tonight the house came out again not full of dishes in the literary and Elizabethan seasons oh yeah he's life is and what he's doing and she said well for you from the fact that you would build her a dollhouse and she believes she's just getting ready for you when you are ready to build an exact man at that moment suddenly striking figure out everything that he was feeling right now I don't want the necessary material contained that feeling that you are why because she had believed these way she had been cited anyway and nothing could keep in from carrying out his friend I believe that God wants us to have that kind of childlike thing to just barely when he says that he will never believe that he will and pride I believe helped out mine permanently because that site that declares itself happen yet realizes weakness and leaves for help is real site and friends Jesus took this man say anywhere that it first twenty five and twenty six when Jesus all the people campaign that people came running together he reviewed the unclean spirit sank the deaf and dumb spirit I get my music come out of him and Sam Nunn Law then the spirit cried out and convulsing rightly and came out of him and he became as one day so that many say he is dead the Prince of peace in that file the menus matching orders and that Damon had no choice I think that him renown the men had never been a problem since he sang with Afghanistan in a long time I got a feeling defeated by Crown badly optimistic and assume diseases that limits this boy everybody around listening and they said well dead Jesus hasn't gone anywhere that's twenty seven but Jesus took him by the hand this is the amount he writes and I just love because the mighty reading through a few moments before has to modify employees wondering disciples on the mound of Transfiguration now reaches down to Atlanta Benjamin Satan who is while mowing and the values of medieval picture in my delay in this case the white and green for the way you hear is assigned a way that also means to righties in life we find this site way in Romans chapter -based eleven where it says but in this area in running the eleven but if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you that question what is my point I think it might be this bad it is only through death and resurrection that the works of the evil one I destroy and friends Jesus is still in the listing business and he is the item of the best things in your life maybe second Corinthians chapter five and seventeen seconds currency and testify if anything frightened her and the five best seventeen Michael says anyone is in Christ he is a new creation all things have passed away behold hold me had become new I know Jesus is still unable to the continuing is on life story is found on a cat meeting that happened one time and Amanda this half meeting he stood up to say testimony that he was staring at ninety I learned that crowd also set up a time to sit down and read why is dreaming this is true or not he said that he felt the middle time on his kind down near the middle now than when she looked up in humans he said Ms. Batman talking and married my dad my dad used to be something as then all his money on whiskey my mind would try almost every night and she was always unhappy I never used to have nice shoes are anything but I'm married and I seriously see this pretty mind-boggling this will make you see that my DNA with a big smile on my mighty and she is now much is going behind sign in mind that he's dreaming then played back by FEMA and friends drain my man God changes line I know because I've seen it happen in my life I've seen that minimize the people in my family my dad a infancy unfortunately I have my mom and my sister with me nearly to my dad back I'm in Sydney so I can talk about him he comes from my last name is funding his feet and above that hot tiny makes them and then but my guess is he will shortly after he married my mom is not going to change but you know what my mom tried playing it and then we play for dad for twenty five he and twenty five years I think I got a hold of him the Holy Spirit finally won the victory news hot and he was a baptized Sinai that God changes lives some of you may have father though mothers and brothers and loved ones who were not in the Chad Chile China Jason C trying for them because God is still in the listing this is delightful to me that called in place in Christian out of their complacency and into blessing he is still able to give them and that has since traveling with it it was an addiction he still is able to eliminate this guy to forgive the sin abandoned with Yeltsin he slightly forgiven even if that same is you find that God is still painful and I imagine as the father I see so on Jesus do any assignment when for the first time in assignment fifteen and Randy Newman called him dad as he ran to you I imagine it was the happiest day in their lives both of them have come to Jesus and by the van had been the father of his unbelief and the sun had been detonated from visiting the gone on the mountaintop had proved he was still not enough that you may not mind of the disciples were quite a few famous hill puzzled I couldn't like our wife had gone wrong song man has manufactured as an amendment how they cast out demons inside and him in the final dynamic completely unaware problem instead man Christ Jesus privately with my delight is a privilege you and I have as well you like me nice I happens in verse twenty eight and twenty nine and when you come into the house his disciples asked him privately might we not pass it out so he said that in this kind can come and find nothing but pray and fast to paraphrase Jesus looks at them it's almost like he says you're not taking it seriously is your invitation among data quantifying or something but yeah me Satan he is my strong enemy a lot made him a line and he will calm out on top and three single time the bottom line is this you cannot find you cannot do anything without me Brandon Webb Palace because they were friends John Wesley one day when he was driving along and came across a man who was unusually bracing style and alive with an interesting device in any filling human being be preaching he was immediately made a spiritual application and use it all I wish I could break a hot revolving image some of them that there is hindsight the man on the face am I ever tried making them on your knees this is a heavy-duty point because the design describes having links see how the rest of the disciples to the superior Howard Dean but that wasn't the problem that came in the one everlasting and how was the disciples ever seriously comments a friend on our line we are unable to from Canada phone where I'm a fan confrontation then demon possession and later in the same chapter member in my chapter nine of interesting investigating I may design I'm across another scent casting asking is that he was doing what they should have been able to gain business believe in Jesus and when they sorry John Feldstein who he said we will night him on trial is evidently been assigned with accountability that power was inherited and then you and I cannot inherit not how just because you hear and see why state at a conference filmmaking because metering the Army household salmon and salmon often the Holy Spirit and God doesn't mean that you're automatically going to receive no matter right now really received this as we come to Jesus guidelines and establish a relationship a personal relationship with him but that wasn't even behind it seems that there was another problem that went even deeper in this segment Travis was a problem there was a reason why they would print and the spirit of prophecy help us understand what that was given quite from desire pages she rides the selection of the three disciples to accompany Jesus to the mountain had excited the jealousy of the night instead of strengthening their faith by prayer and meditation on the ways of Christ they had been dwelling on their discouragements and personal grievances made the premise because they were preoccupied self in a jealous self-seeking say they had tried to take on you him the men had taken them on one another quite that I have read from the spirit of prophecy Jesus I know I seems right in the sight of God than cherishing jealousy and hatred toward brethren concerning the weapons of welfare and then in October of eighteen hundred and five the day before the battle of Trafalgar Road North Nelson V and quiet on the San Ramon and were calling with the axiomatic in my sinuses he learned that happened was he also landed than it was a problem between the captain and calling inside he said Tobias to bring the captain Ivan Ferre Y and Captain examine the captain Collingwood the captain was appointed rather and was captain and Collingwood was the admiral when they buy paint again amazing man obviously had a problem with each other but Nelson the template of Anthony put them together and then with the sleep of these had emotions to miss the horizon when it wishes gathering for more needs to look yonder gay I'm your enemy I lifetime fighting with each other is not the enemy went out to be found in or on the same team is not the enemy and friend as soon as that happened they got their high demand and the victory was one I remember again in the book of acts friends we see that the search was all one of core and we need the same kind of aggressive unity in our churches today to play the Alameda nares one thing that we must add that we have to have the Holy Spirit of God working out midst and it is anything jealousy criticizing all findings often all of anything will hinder the work of God 's Spirit every time I think it's time that we met the judgment to God amen P to fight again from the desire of ages in order to succeed in such a conflict they must come to the leg in a different spirit and faith must be strengthened my family prayer and fasting and humiliation a hot they must be empty in itself and be filled with the spirit and power of God and Harrison hearing supplication to God a thing that you can read the entire dependence upon God and Hungary 's consecration to use way can align our mail to bring Amanda Holy Spirit a in the best friends before we go any center it's time we remember that one last thing that Jesus said before you go white for the Holy Spirit to empowering calm theme from diseases every morning and pray for them when you receive it then you can guy and share with the world around I campaign to be committed to textual activities to keep her friends we need the Holy Spirit 's power if we are dying to finish this lifetime it is not in your eleven twelve is not going to be enough activity will not be enough you and I meet Pentecostal power is in the eye of the Adventist chats and I reminded him what will happen when we receive that power family next one in this guide accepting one I and you shall receive how when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and immunology dyad in Samaria saving and all friends a great change took place in the disciples I decide that we find here with great change took place in the optic counseling in the Yahoo relief on Calvary I am finding trying to be the greatest but in the room on the night and a half carat ring is best for their handling themselves on himself sound marijuana I'm dying my this was an outpouring of the Spirit he feels that what made the difference while I believe that the cross made a lot of difference because the man in the operating is in the upper room on the day of Pentecost had surveyed the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died and because of that images came a counselor on loss import content on home friends any time there is a growing and across saving himself from the Savior cannot occupy the same conference which means if Jesus is on the throne itself is on the cross and to find something from a book I've been reading by the right frame the coming of the computer as the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost after the enshrinement of Christ in heaven so it is not until Christ isn't writing in the individual hot epitaxial Pentagon this is our greatest individual needs and therefore our greatest collective need for it Jesus had remained on this mountaintop the situation in the Valley remain unchanged the friend bottom of the well that he hangs in this lab by men the son of God became the son of man that he might change the sons of men sons of God he descended into our Valley impregnating that mean that he might not be there every disaster then one day he could take us to a better place I pray as you listen to the sound is now in the present time that will find that you and I will and piano sounds so and if there is jealousy and exists in our hot thing often someone else everyone is not from human that we will seek noninfringement we can receive power initiatives selecting and nine this message is utilizing symbols and myths on the simple things in sequence by you I Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable but just the resources this is online and see what I see when I


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