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God in Harm's Way

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 9, 2006
    10:00 AM
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morning everyone was very pleasant some of I am very privileged to be reviewing was then an opportunity to bridge those words is a privilege of the Angels are denied but that is given to human beings and so I'm highly privileged life iPhone 4 I think if we presence here was mostly done by eleven I believe with your mind let us pray our father in heaven with Hunter for life wish I could ignore from knowing you going son ever having touched our hearts to give our lives to Jesus Christ as your word this won't last in the name of Jesus that's my lips touch my mind unenlightened the understanding of my brothers and sisters your sons and daughters but the truth to triumph this morning I offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name amen doses up to one four three Genesis one verse three bottles says Abdullah said that there and there was Lycos is my favorite book of all the sixty six books of the Bible because I have found the roots of all biblical teachings in the book of Genesis but when God said you get there other wildlife that was all command but dripping back when Goss said he had fared yes words constituted Ockham that the how do we know that we know that from reading second Corinthians chapter four verse six that is golden out second Corinthians chapter four verse six as we get into the subject going in hard when the second with himself before six I can still hear a disturbing sort of want to follow the lead way why there was no searching for second Corinthians let me express one of my fervent rights I never express them before that is a concern I have with free use of screens in churches not necessarily this one I am observed wherever I go ballistic and nowhere Adventists no longer bring Bibles to search because they know the texts we build screen middle envelope handles because the words will be on the screen the audio was the ability to find the books of the Bible because there is no need because the text on the screen I was in charge of Providence are donated in my life and the present they said we shall go about Ephesians chapter two or seven it is followed page one thousand ninety five I was flabbergasted that in this sample the Adventist church you have to tell the members the actual page because they can no longer find the books of the Bible that is my gripe for September ninth two thousand six I just want to get off my chest listen to me real Bibles Radiohead and those who learned the Bible we learn that handles singing again is an effective way to drive off the devil what would I say what chapter one verse the Bible says football will come the end of the life to do what shine out of darkness not Paul is referring to Genesis chapter one verse three when Bob say to why Paul says that was Opryland it wasn't one of the ten Commandments but it was a command called conmen decide on the best is when he says under this ends with real gems as one might say and there was like why because Muslim has no power that's what has just follow password has his own negligence so I decided I didn't like that was like this is the problem whatsoever with Jesus was approached by visit children in the future a visibility as the Lord my servant life on hold sick of the palsy and grievously tormented Matthew Edward six Jesus ever did I will come and heal it in the centurion answered and said Lord I am not worthy of thousands though my roof what's the word quality of my service Abigail and Jesus and marveled at the depth of the density of this man's faith only twice Jesus Bartel of faith on both occasions Regiment no Joe's motors lights not his people in larval emancipate the NASA just release for someone oh seven forced by the Bible says he sent his way and he opened because the word of blog posts politics bring into existence whatever that word expresses Anselmo says my words shall not return of the void it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing reply centered Isaiah fifty five eleven boss work is powerful so when he says nothing chain of command and through the power of Baltimore Baltimore and I say has power to continue with bought it harms way they will stop before personal moral humans is what some people think of as the spirit of analyzing something that already Roosevelt 's good enough for me it was supper for her swell as owners of business to enable Gebauer started if you have to it's all right it was simple for first twelve the Bible says for the word of God 's law it is quite a lot as powerful yet the wind of God is quite committed as alive there is powerful the Powerball is a pile of his work in John seven six four sixty three Muslims on my second favorite book John six four sixty three as we continue body and arms away businesses having one of his frequent arguments and discussions with the scribes and Pharisees others as of course it is great a business that that presented the flesh profited nothing but where was that I think of you that want that spouted out the outline now lots minute the only spreading wildlife katana like the life of the vote was that I speak of uveitis and there are written address greatly that it will type for Baltimore is the front line in the city positive mood time spent involved word is life will type the words notified the line what type of the word no consequence went on segment and will distribute lights when I was instead teach them that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word Jesus is also set its own sake that he is the living bread that came down from heaven the minaret was him how you slice it was also the word upon for Christ one hundred word meantime for Christ but the urges your as my brothers and sisters of the sons and daughters of Jesus Christ regardless of the intensity of hillbilly schedule is to your advantage temporally and eternity the mid- word of God there is no substitute for the word of God shall bring an excuse to God however were legitimate why you people can't for his work as though the word of modest it is powerful is that it is a life and it has the voting power of God in a way about physical demand his words cannot and will not return to his boy is that there was movement that point was what is powerful it is created it brings into existence this was another command of God them susceptible for success with the apartment onward northward was on this occasion to assist in for sixty golden harms way over the Bible say under your dog comes under the man seeing now was this command less forceful than Genesis one three no biological think I should have a suitable establishments it basically always think the level of Christlike outreach prevention please think Bible calls upon us the reason together voted off of Scripture we don't have absolute proof we have evidence that points in a certain direction across as follows direction now Genesis one three and offsetting the vitiligo was like Paul says that was a good laugh about collaborative power of volcanoes brought the light into existence now we have on my collection from the same God the same word the same power I bought the man saying a beverage from the Bible Belt is very one of the tree of the knowledge of brotherly love shall not eat of it one of the difficulty is that all thousand children die not a con man what was the result in the doorway what was wrong with it it had the power to extract the obedience as Genesis one three have power to bring like what happened to the command of Genesis sixteen was once one week on this occasion in opposition to constraints in Genesis one four eight the answer is no possible results were also it is always out of because not all visitors want all right with it was great and all right when the setting of the but what of existence something that had no capacity to decide whether to respond on Silverlight team Rendell said that the one sprinkled abundantly the moving crew to the half-life terms of one horseplay they went bust that of course a lot of this is one that thereof bring forth grass European exchange vacation because it did not engage in arguments discussion on negotiation of a commendable progress came to the CK like it when got sick of many of a lot of of course we all average of regarding how this really one of the side of the knowledge of good and evil luckily for the development of the raw thou shalt surely die the word of golf ran into a problem the cult of gone with all this power shall have returned an invalid run into a problem that would broaden homes with no job though does it sentences were both created the MorningStar site together and all the sons of God and what shouted for joy well if you want to use imagination and oldest elasticity and rapid around creation this house of God on the morning starts boys are sitting together sons of God shouted for joy that want outside of it otherwise like the more he struggles I together of the sons of God shouted for joy there was unofficial from the universe does not issue a command and something came into existence they do not suddenly the different events MorningStar site together sounds a bullish differential victory review approval rescuer believes she unfortunately for this kind was seen as a result upon Europe it was so MorningStar 's time together sons of God shouted for joy not as powerful ways that therefore limited lights in the form of the heaven to divide therefrom medical signs of the season 's over this is how to have a warning sigh together the sons of God shouted for joy nothing can resist the power that one is sprinkled abundantly to move a cryptographic life of father if I have a bear in the front of the family came to MorningStar society together on the sons of God shouted for joy basics with your approval living creature of this kind Kaplan pretty vague and peace of Europe acting as five hundred one saw the morning stars sign the sons of God shouted for joy in the day the word of God created and with little resistance about our forward the relevant basics was a medicine man in our image after our likeness and exhausting existence but critical nonetheless one of Esau 's son together sons of God shouted for joy and rated for next the insignia showed been heard to say of every tree of the garden but was pretty ready to sing the sons of God and are ready to shout the morning stars of ethics Linda Gonsalves freely eat of this land of eligibility left I love you for the Denali has there on how social I have perhaps not sure after that will be long after that as they were about the same for joyous shout I believe this will be oversized helmet missing the sense of joy sons of God muted the joy of your shopping of the clapping close word appears to be weak I see deliberately what was the problem on Genesis chapter two percent of the Genesis of the oversight is as we continue what it harms way it started five to twelve sorry the competitive and provide the genesis of its oversight of the Genesis afterwards like the Bible says on the long ball format of the lot thus underground grievance was not so the breath of life and I didn't assault a reverse lighting up out of the ground the Lord will fall never be severe and every fowl of the air now the outermost form from the same material under law block format of the best underground numbers as my sake and breeze and original objects present breathe it was not thrilled as unfounded were slightly but it occur and we shall establish that by appealing to the passages of Scripture misquoted Genesis upset when the story of the flood on both this is giving us a list of all living things back from Windows update we shall reverse seventeen as we continued what it harms way Genesis seven seventy the Bible says of the flood was forty days up with your unwanted grace of God IVR and it was beautiful but there otherwise prevail the wink was quick upon the of the opera went upon the face of the waters were slightly on the waters prevailed exceedingly upon data on all the high hills up under the water fifteen cubits upward to the waters prevailed and the mountains will cover four twenty one and all God and died that moved up on their novels itemizes the help file out of capital on a piece of every creeping thing that creeps up on their and every man this is all flesh on flesh is the summary statement filed a couple of days of printing things a man that the itemized list of wildlife while Moses goes back the worst rated logos artwork twenty to twenty summarizes again all animals in Los Angeles while the breath of life resumes the breath of life within the file divorce twenty one in the capital and effort remains adequate a mother of innovation as it was in human beings what is the similarity between human beings and animals and work for the defendant we suspect the mercy of God the breath of life that was eleven was an abuse of your boat Ecclesiastes seven three as depicted with volume harms way enthusiasts is through reading for selecting regression recommitting his essays world Ecclesiastes was all set a big yes it is acid-free for safety and I said in my heart concerning the estate of the sons of man that Bartlett manifested that they might see that they themselves outlaw lease was like a yes or why far back as the father the sons of men that befallen these one is the fault with me to happen to occur to take place what happens to these hapless of people is individuals who gave you one thing to follow them as the one I have sought valiantly on the algorithm EA may have all one breath saw that a flaw in the preeminence above the least although untrue one place restricted all of the dust and all through the dust again the Bible is clear and bouncing to declare that physically is really little difference between us of the animals used are digital the this what I've read I could erode the basic unit of energy with was one of the author of what I will do anything will be needed what we need they many women don't take everything another yet they need it we physiologically similar like that it was a lot of because of the physiological similarity to move anonymously I will solve intelligence someone with others as does the human rights site animals express emotions of any Mohammed Bello and one of dogs cats will not dance with all you come home how does you don't respond child's total wag his tail off why because the lease is due to I was visited Kenya years ago I was taken woman family of an adult that no one paid attention these I decided to stroke the snow every day would stroke his head around the yard with it because the family didn't do it one morning I was in the middle part of the back of the house sleeping a migrant I opened the door of the goal was outside of the ones I stroked it was five in the morning when you have put him at all because that five of the more high strung and I walked away went back to his slippery legal why he responded to my finch was noticeably the lapis is October when I pray for the family it is a form I reflect on July the animals live also have fellowship with the Montague I prefer the eleventh oh my favorite on all the work of the abdomen I like that one this helps the chair shall for more affection than what separates us from humans were twenty one forget of course I will reveal because Jesse through the collective noses at the one verse twenty six Dems is one twenty six my brother knows is what dosage levels this is also from the dumb animals I bought say what led us make man how is our image of us already out of the way while this phrase all the stars or any of the other created works of art both for six days but we know mankind we want a man lost a race that was not ideal that was his arrangement bought was saying the highest expression of humanity is that humanity that expresses women I think it again I consider the writer Baldwin Wallace humanity at its finest is humanity in which is saying the image of both together or all humanity where the evidence of thought is not saying these are some humanity because anything less than what we originally intended is undesirable humanity has bought a fascinating is that which reflected nothing anything less is so humanity under Muslim dishonest I saw humanity which brings us closer to the animals because elevated immunoglobulin given the capacity that shows what about apparatus the better off without it looking like that has a weblog segmented life with accountability capacity it just came upon set of every trip about W3C Vanguard was the ocean with also need to be made with the capacity to CA on a large advice stopped only one place in shallow deliberately and knowingly and arms away the heartland the disobedience of the effect it has on the sin of the doubt isn't my usual advantage of those that will not pay me I get it causes no he place himself in harms way but because God will not accept anything less than winning surrender and obedience to his will unto his work from those negatives which we can chose animals sometimes vehemently pro-choice if you swear the right hormones on this for you but Vogel try to make them on the cross of being burials with mature wife it smells right that's the written people resources behalf three layers the problem was and brimstone where not like what we're not supposed with insurance were not driven by season it's not so sold by hormonal excellent post we have a power we have the capacity to joy I is the full voltage begins and ends in two thousand six seven hundred blogging would you want to me the capacity to choose rituals rites rituals wrong which is obedience we choose disobedience the process of choosing is that by which we develop a counter we have like lots arrangement the ability to develop prophetic calico of God I said the Fenech Couto of Gaul which Jesus Christ worked out so wrong of my temptations of a degree of severity the one I will understand Jesus Christ he bought his choices he worked out and got up out of the Isaac Jesus then got up account and we have called upon Abingdon that inhibit about large android as it is not by the power of God we so had there been a account that we can decide what I was possible to be it is not automatic the lifetime of choice the animals have no choice as far as I know it's hard but you will and I how much I can do is to this power and science some people choose their daily a little regular morning as I commit myself the delinquency something that shows to be lazy shows seventy one we are above tells us through his Word and with the example of the life of Jesus Christ that our choices and exercise constantly and direction of the development of votes counted in our lives this is the idea of humanity its highest level of expression of humanity in which is the root of that account of Jesus Christ that relies the distance between us on upgraded beings evenings nostrils is the breath of life they for one reason of that wall saw one reason of that was to reflect the count of of God which means you need to be severe and harsh I'm not a woman not reflecting the coming of Christ having lower-priced is living fraudulently you have no right to live is the reason why you were giving existence which is the area of thought but I thought if anyone I have the side effect that must we are living will write the way you live outside of the reason why Gore did you like my digital hundred dollars in total problems don't buy me some yogurt and bring it back later if misused my money going to give his life as it is a currency spendable capital development we spent about equal development we are fraudulently using the currency of life that Lord has entrusted us with both days choice that we might decide for ourselves whether we want to be like God we want to be like the other thing because they are really only two choices in his life above was willing to sell for the end matters of rejection he was willing to be publicly expose our turning off our backs upon him if he was going to take all the ridicule humiliation the shame and disgrace that comes with some videos it wasn't what will that it are also shots a minute which is humor out of heart of willingness and snowballed says do you want to be bombshell wants to map command is as powerful as limited that word has power because living it is quick in his life in this manner thou shalt not steal many people stoop why because that word as to cooperate with our power of choice but says the weight fly in fact has power but it must cooperate the power of choice for the power in the command for wanting this to be expressed almost as if not impose limitations on himself by making us away but leave out the choices that subject both of them absolutely this will be new and choosing contrary to his will was to be my beloved brothers and sisters anyone I can show us we can solicit a better academically we can show also saw one of his review of the what is a lot of emission weekend shore source when the person would be against a supposed County of Mark charts we can chose to ignore some of them brought our compositional speak no words and we can choose heaven above and this book provides have forces and wanted God makes originals were held the forces no longer I hold those who go to hell will be there by choice all those walk-through Pearly Gates will be there by choice having chosen a more seasoned principal how would we choose the vigil life I look at my what weaknesses do I have I can choose embark on a program of spiritual self-improvement I realize having looked at myself in the biblical miracle on ice you are false like this is covered in fog I have been stingy selfish legalistic I am envious I'm easily jealous as a lawyer I see that now I can either choose the remain that way in spite of the ICANN shows law I named it why I I silently envious I am finally jealous I'm tried of institutions he like shoeless to be different but I need along the combined with my charts the moves one of movies that bars struggling image of God in my life my brother my societal web midway point you will night on morons but the highest expression of you is the development of both come to you the highest expression of my humanity is the full as always the spotless role of Jesus Christ this is not a fit of its best others highest my proposed only thing last focus on you one of the board is full of this agreement don't measure the blood was pumping inputs of the scale eleven zone alarm about the mentalist of you substantial on the hunting of the additional below their normal full of sin or something for the same normative and you want to be my beloved bums and systems Apollo to choose rights hereunder thirty nineteen I call heaven of recording into this vitiligo set before you life and death blessing and cursing but also so you choose life he suggests that Wolf dog how FIC then move sure sports since life understood of the bride say revolution figures and did I let him that his sick but I think that is the first half oh well it is five choses to that option but into the water of life freely golfers are saying forgot some of the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe it was that shows that this size all religions which we all children have rituals of the publisher 's account of crimes I will be aware ambition our goal it otherwise is either the highest level to Rich 's multi- division of the godliness blog like this is well I walk over and over this rifle is refreshing the medical school you have no intention of the depression for years running your bill is then passed up one eventually passed through this sea air the past three yes you residents structural practice that he will and you want to use professional help is little time with your family because working on a PhD in this matter what was provision was out to lunch message while running the Senate I personally am I far as I caught that why you want without you were the opening of the process visit my world as others abide by common sense this work is benefiting the count the upshot of the water comes in the exercise of choice shows today to keep the Sabbath holy visit from her only no shoeless today about our conversation getting all the words poorly outfitted Chula Vista they exert us a foot in front of someone else shows that there is someone that something must espouse shoeless today the people see Jesus in you Jesus and the shoes shows Christ likeness chose the count of Christ that is what distance we could also another beasts that have the breath of life this morning I said Lord I choose to reflect the covers of Christ in my life I chose that but my choice is not enough I need my choice mingled with divine power of individuals and more I choose the life of Christ visual hands of this would San San shows the life of Christ she was a life of sin on shoes holiness it shows the speak respectfully than exports and speak disrespectfully to me I'm sure he's not sure if I was actually several about shows the actual crisis I chose to show us that was expressing humanity as gone with the independent humanity that reflects the shining glory of the help of Jesus Christ of rehab out of reticles for me thank you for the high standard of sinfulness voted instead of because become of me should you set it because you think so highly of us that you have made available Apollo the wherewithal the resource system reach that standard that's kind of the federal righteousness of Jesus Christ for that little event is already expressing public humanity its forest a humanity that shines of early glory of God father forgive us for seconds or less part was that the habitable spirituals and that sensitizes the need in the video give me nothing like Christ like shoeless in SC shows antecedent divine power to combine the choice of the result may be the development of the count of God in this humble prayer and father when your compass and ninety and afraid of Johnson heaven itself hearts Jesus labeled for his sake that all those engines Chrysler with me then and then one must do on measurable messages


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