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How to Have Religious Liberty Before Religious Liberty

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • February 11, 2012
    10:00 AM
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a girl who dislike a few moments so everyone can get situated or meantime it is a happy Sabbath everyone I pray that you are not bearing false witness then you are in fact having a happy Sabbath any time to come together to hear through the reason Jesus Sweet Christian fellows have been set and am very thankful to be with you all and I know that is many things that God wants to share with us and that's always tell you that you want to pray for yourself Lord please prepare my heart seeing that you have I promise God has a message that's not the issue we see this and let them have used here here so that means that I need to pray forgive me years that I can here because we never find it via many who have usually cannot hear me when I cannot see God wants us to have is that we made I can see that we may know what the computer last night we saw very clearly from the word of God we saw some just some simple of events I had much more to show you but just from the simple few things we did see truly that time is almost finished can you say amen to that and God wants us to understand that you don't even Jesus when he preached the gospel if you're Christian especially if you're a Christian minister or inventive as the teacher of any kind we know that no one can predict the gospel better than Jesus amen no one could do it but when you read Mark chapter one verses fourteen and fifteen it shows us how Jesus preached the gospel I believe if we want to follow in the footstep we should do what he did a relatively nearby was a book of Mark chapter one I want to see what it says in verses fourteen and fifteen in Mark one verses fourteen and fifteen the Bible simply says this on the letter blessing to the reading of your word Jesus and the Bible says in verse fourteen now after that John was put in prison Jesus came into Galilee preaching what he says the gospel of the kingdom of God and saying but what time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand repent ye and the gospel Jesus preach the gospel based on time there was something that Jesus understood the emphasis I believe is Seventh-day Adventist art issue is not so much that we had not been exposed to a lot of truth in other words we've been exposed to a lot of my studies and I didn't hope especially and you will have learned much present through much but the problem is is that many of God 's people have this tomorrow mentality we learn truth as it is in Jesus we learn we can express victory over sin through the righteousness of Jesus Christ we learn all sorts of wonderful doctrinal truth but at the end of the day when it comes time to implement these truths in on their lives we say tomorrow when I'm finished accomplishing my goals when I'm finished accomplishing my dentist tomorrow then I'll take this spring real serious we don't understand that time is almost our flight even Jesus came not only was his people dying to understanding certain truths QuickTime but there were many who understood the truth but they were lazy and when he pointed out that time was almost finished brothers and sisters engage that other element that we need to know what a sense of urgency to stop putting off tomorrow that God has called us to do today and some I hope my prayer is that we will sense the urgency disabling everything that you taught me everything that I know and understand about the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and chilled for this time Lord help me to finally cooperate and not limited to simply be a song but let it be between the dictate of my life all to Jesus I and so I come not to give you new information there are plenty of other more talented speakers that you could invite here to give you that I am not talented in that respect I believe the gift of God is given meaning simply is to say brothers and sisters take what you know and put it into action now at times almost so within a goal into businesses this morning than a few the Lord speak to our and I pray that we will recognize like never before what I must do not know that was very crowded in here but if you are able to him an invite to kneel with me if you cannot kneel in your revenue value had three one but if you are able to open invite you to kneel with me as we are in previous money heavenly father our own we praise you and thank you for the opportunity to hear from heaven we thank you for the Sweet holy Sabbath they are in father we come because our hearts are hungering and first right there is more about Jesus that we would learn in Lord this morning we are asking her first give this up I please may you cleanse us from all unrighteousness and father were trained for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit that he may develop us and mold online fashion is enlisted in a wholly atmospheric to return to your love flow grocers speak to our hearts this morning the you take all of our lives and letting the consecrated Lord to be her father this is our prayer that we are we asking Jesus name amen a number of the sisters to be like Jesus that should be our song both in the home as well as in the wrong event and one thing that we will find is that if a person is going to be like Jesus that he should work like the different individual to be like Jesus she should work like Jesus I want to introduce you to the mindset of Jesus when he came on to start I want to notice what the Bible says in John chapter four in John the fourth chapter we are introduced to the mind of Jesus Christ as he worked as a great world that is dying in sin every day there are churches that constitute what the Bible calls Babylon that unfortunate are causing individuals to be drunk with wine and being well thought out and brought forth into a realm of confusion even in God 's remnant search for those looking in your eyes off of price and then most holy place and no longer understand him or his work and therefore they are distracting everywhere around us we can see individuals who are on sick and unprepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ yet when the final grandson and God assigned to help us events soon and very soon all things to take place and unfold and take the majority of the people in this world and in the church as an over whelming surprise God of love and mercy versus is is is holding back those wins God and love and mercy is holding back because he knows that they are people even here today but once they hear the voice of the shipper as faithful sheep they will follow him as long as God sees the individuals that will still respond to his wife he will hold back those wins but brothers and sisters I promise you he won't be holding them back for much longer as I'm traveling all throughout the world on seeing the people are responding to the gospel I've seen that people are willing to die for districts and you know what the only people who live for Jesus or rather the other people will die for Jesus offers those movement to live for and therefore when we look all around us and received a tremendous amount of lack of preparation both in the world and in the churches it gives us a sense of urgency to do our work as he hesitated and the Bible sells us what was on Jesus 's mind when he did his work John the fourth chapter John sent before you remember that Jesus came and met with a woman at the well and when Jesus was ministering to this woman at the well he began to reveal himself there as the Messiah the one that she claimed they were looking for and when she ran off to tell others about the contact that she had with a real man you were members she was with a bunch of other boys before she came in contact with a real man sees the tell everybody about this man and I see when the disciples and compassion and love team diseases this is inversely one of John for a video statement it says in verse thirty one in the meanwhile his disciples printing master he will looking at Jesus and they were thinking to themselves after you've been working so hard but since this is Jesus was not a lazy man Jesus was a hard worker Jesus was not the kind of man that had clock and clock out hours Jesus was one wonders that were installed I need here I have got to the point in looking at Jesus and they see him working in laboring so hard that they said he hasn't even eaten yet master keys to want to look at what Jesus says in the next verse says in verse thirty two but he said unto them I have need to eat that you know not of disciples of course missing the point as they usually did in verse thirty three it says therefore said the disciples one tournament at any man brought a monthly Bulls have been Jesus is something so beautiful verse thirty four he says in verse thirty four Jesus saith under them my meets is to do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work Jesus was so consumed with finishing the work that he literally equated his work to his necessary day-to-day sustenance food he said my home to my father 's will and to finish the work not maintain the work shortly not slow down the work but he says my meet my old mice sustenance finish the work of the sisters is that Jeremy when you wake up every day do you go to your job as the clocking hours you can look forward in one to two we one the monthly paycheck what do you go to your job understanding praise God another opportunity to finish the work when you got the conduct of business transacted to do all the right things that you may have done in the success of whatever your business or whatever maybe you both enter simply so that you can do anything try that's what do you make a think place on another day to finish the work we know that come in contact with I'm trying to introduce to you the mind of Jesus in everything that he did his focus was to finish the work and you know what happens when you focus like that what happens when an individual is so focused on finishing the work that it does not matter if it's the common labor of life it does not matter if the day-to-day duties it doesn't even matter if it's the average scholar that we don't know everything is done under the banner of the mindset that in mind doing these things whether common or otherwise it is focused on how is this better help me finish the work know what happens when you have a mind like that you will not just work as Jesus worked to be able to say with Jesus said notice what Jesus said in John seventeen Bible says in John the seventeenth chapter Jesus says my meet is to do the will of him that sent me and to finish the work and now I want to see what Jesus was able to say as he was approaching the close of his ministry Bible says in John the seventeenth chapter notice what he says now in verses three and four the Bible says in John seventeen verse three and this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou assent first for I have glorified thee on the have finished the work which thou gavest me to do Jesus was able to give a report to his father and say the word you told me to do I if you are not to have the mind of Jesus understand everything every day that God extends your probation got it done it so that you and I can better understand how can I take the next few hours within this day to do that I finished the work when that becomes unfocused and womanly conduct how we deal with people you'll find yourself not cussing and swearing as much anymore you will find yourself not being tempted as strongly to go ahead and be this honest even in the mist of the business transaction you'll find yourself that when you talk to people even when their ungodly you will look at them and say this is the soul that Jesus died for is a crisis that's coming this soloist to be one of those that would be swept away you know what before I retaliated the first please Lord give me the mind of Jesus that I'll respond that is winsome everything changes when you understand that God gave me this day so that I could finish the work when that mindset is now your mindset than predecessors is a time will come when we can be we can go to God and we can say I have finished the course I have kept the faith I have done what you told me to do you know so powerful Jesus right before he was about to die in John seventeen he said very clearly said I've glorify the only earth I have finished the work of WWII plasma is not ironic that in John nineteen thirty notice what Jesus said as the very last words that come out of his mouth John the nineteenth chapter in the thirtieth verse the Bible says in John nineteen in verse thirty notice with the Bible says the Bible says in John nineteen in verse thirty is says when Jesus therefore had received the vinegar he said what it as finished and made them that first phase of Christ's ministry to be the fulfillment of that lamb that was going to be slain Jesus went through and finish network now brothers and sisters there was something necessary in order for Jesus to finish the work the way he did and I want to see how the Bible spells it out in Hebrews chapter ten in Hebrew the tenth chapter there was something very special about the way in which Christ is going to approach finishing this work Jesus know that is a work that he had to do as it related to his ministry on earth we know that his ministry continued in heaven great controversy page four eighty nine tells us that at the cross Christ began his work of wincing when he entered into the heavenly sanctuary he went there to complete it in heaven so when Jesus was talking about it is finished it was not talking about the plan of salvation was talking specifically about him being that Lamb that was going to die the same way that Lamb would have to die the outer court and therefore the ceremonial and sacrificial system was now over and that's why when he died and said it is finished the next thing the Bible says is the veil of the temple was torn it was something necessary to take place so that Jesus could have done this work in seven Hebrews the tenth chapter if you are please a man the Bible says in Hebrews chapter ten verse five assists wherefore when he and well talking about Jesus he saith sacrifice and offering thou what is not but a what a body hast thou prepared me in order you have done this work it was necessary that a body would be prepared for him now you know what I found to be powerful about this but Hebrews chapter two you see Jesus wanted on us understand that like last night we saw that God 's people must keep his commandments but Jesus knew there's no way they can without me but they can with me and therefore the Bible says that sacrifice and offering no that's not what you prepare the body have you prepared for me now one of the reasons why Jesus had to come in the body is not listed and he presented in Hebrews the second chapter I want to know is what the Bible says as we look at verse sixteen it says for verily he took not on him the nature of angels but he took on him thus see that of Abraham wherefore all things didn't be who can get what it means moved him to be made like unto his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people number this is when I first looked at the workman who I thought probably with some of you might've thought I thought the word B who met it moved in in other words it was some kind of emotional stimulus that came into the mind of Jesus where he felt like I love them so much it behooves me to be made like unto them as I challenge any of you look up that word removed and you will find that the workman who does not mean that it just moved in with some type of emotional stimulus in all the work of move means the word blowholes means it was a must it was a necessity it was an absolute imperative so another was the best ever sixteen again the Bible says for verily he took not on the nature of angels but he took on him the seed of Abraham where front all things it was a must it was a must it was a necessity what absolute imperative that he would be made like unto his brethren that salt that he might be a merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people it was a must that Jesus King and wasn't a must because something bad would happen to him it was a must because love moved in it was imperative because he knew there's no way they can have victory without me therefore on women to come down and be like them and take on their nature even after the fall so that I can show them that as I was faithful you can be to that as I overcame Revelation three twenty one you may overcome and therefore the Bible says he came in up body had to be prepared for another reason why this is interesting is because I want to see can the connection for Jesus to finish the work of body had to be prepared for him is that right now brothers and sisters question do the work continue after Jesus went into the heavenly century that another phase of the work continue yesterday and Jesus has eighteen forty four he made another move where to go in a most holy place and we went to the most holy place what is the tentative he wants to finish the work now here's the thing when Jesus came to the earth he finished his work in a body had to be prepared for him but now Jesus has ascended back up into the heavenly sanctuary and therefore there's still a work that needs to be finished and in order for this work to be finished once again a body has to be prepared for go to the book of Ephesians chapter five in order for the work of the gospel to be finished in this well after Christ ascended into the heavenly sanctuary of the sisters Jesus once again need the body and notice how the Bible articulate this in Ephesians the fifth chapter and am so grateful that God always shows the indissoluble link between the marriage covenant and the relationship between him and his church are three relationships to teach us have any principles noted for the Bible says in Ephesians chapter five and when you get this amen the Bible says in Ephesians chapter five notice what it says in verse twenty five husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it so noticed piece starts with the husband and wife but in the finishing of the birth canal transitions to Christ and the church so the focus is now Christ and the church notice now what he says about Christ and the church in verse twenty six in verse twenty six he says that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of the water by the word that he might present it to himself a glorious church a glorious what charts not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing that but that it should be holy and without blemish Jesus said that I want to have a church on earth that I can help them to become without spot or without wrinkled and when you look at Colossians one and verse eighteen the check is called a body Jesus knows that in order for me to come in order for the work to be finished I must have a body of people a body of believers that I can work him and work through to reveal myself to the well slowly that they may reflect my lovely image slowly and when that's done this is the Jesus says I can go the Bible spells this out in relations between religion attention after that wonderful chapter that tells about the origin of the accident that it is in Revelation that can this is that we learned that there is a work to be finished and then work to be done through a body but the body is the church and Bible says in Revelation chapter Jennifer seven if it's put in the days of the boys of the seven Angels when he shall be and to sound the mystery of God should be what finish as yet declared to his servants the prophets there's something the Bible calls a mystery of God that needs to be finished now wonder what that mysteries go back to Colossians chapter one Scripture is the key that unlocks Scripture and Colossians chapter one what is this mystery of God that needs to be finished the Bible says in Colossians chapter one and notice what he says in verses twenty six and twenty seven and colossus at the one versus twenty six and twenty seven the Bible says even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations but is now made manifest of a saint to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is what cries and you will the hope of glory brothers and sisters the only reason Jesus has not come back into this earth is because he's still waiting to see himself and you and I is when the character of Christ Christ of the lessons page sixty nine it is when the character of Christ is perfectly reproduced in his people the Bible says then Jesus will come and claim them as his own and so as Jesus needed a body to finish his phase of the work Jesus says I also need a body to finish the last phase of my work and you and I make up that body that he wants to live out his life now in order for Jesus to do that he had to give us something very important John B H chapter in John the eighth chapter you will find that the work of Christ when he was seeking to get his church his body to get to the point that they will understand the work so that they may finish the work you'll find in John the eighth chapter Jesus velvet under special language the Bible says in John B H chapter and verse thirty one and if you have the same and in John eight verse thirty one years of the Bible since the Bible says then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him and you continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed we cannot all blessings we cannot let off of past understandings we cannot live off of past victories the Bible never met a promise that if you had a connection with me that if you understood at one point my work that's not what Jesus said he said those who continue in my word those are the ones who are my disciples how many times we find ourselves looking back in our past Adventist history and we say things like oh yes I remember I used to be on five fifties all yes I remember when I used to study the word of God all I can remember when I used to spend time in thrift brother says that gloating over our past experiences our past victories will never put us in the position to be God 's true disciples and finish the work Jesus says you must continue in my word now when we continue the Bible says in verse thirty two and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free Jesus on the need to get the truth to the minds of the people not to the point that they just understand it you seek and desire pages page three oh nine it says the great mistake of us I received is that they thought that an intellectual understanding of the truth constituted righteous that many people spend so much time trying to understand through but they never laugh at they don't have it in brothers and sisters I bring to you a very solemn thought if we don't learn to let God 's truth become the center of our hearts our lives and our joy in all that we are the truth that was designed to save us can be the same truth that will condemn us because James four seventeen says to him that knows to do good and do it did not to him it is sin and there's only one thing that a separate man from God sin only one thing what is the point of knowing truth if we will not let it take residence in our hearts and change our lives you know Paul talked about this go to the book of second Thessalonians chapter to keep your finger and Johnny Douglas second Thessalonians chapter two Paul the apostle talked about this you see the Bible already gave us a picture of many of those unfortunately who will be lost I wanted to see what a think that was interesting about the character of the people second Thessalonians the second chapter the Bible says a second Thessalonians chapter two Paul is talking about the mystery of iniquity that was already working and was about to be more greatly manifest eventually when Rome of course going from pagan to people and so on and bringing God 's people into the point where they had to go into the wilderness and so on as Paulus prophesying about these things in the second chapter gets of whatever said and what he says this this is for the mystery of iniquity doth already work only when our lettuce will lead onto to be taken out of the way and then shall that wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all this evil bonus of unrighteousness in them that perish numbered to help all give a description of those that perished he says in them that perish because they received not the knowledge of a journal they received not the love of the truth I want that speaking your mind because present system but to bring up some things in just a few moments were all that have an opportunity to search a hot and really see do I just know the truth or do I love it the individuals who ultimately Paul says will end up falling on the destruction he didn't say that they lack the knowledge of the truth the problem was they did not have the love of the truth you going back to Johnny you remember the great controversy page thirty it was a man who went around Josephus the historian recorded we talk about amending the attention of Jesus in all of his profit utterances and he listened to Jesus and he was watching how Jesus bought any new veggies is dead that statement in Matthew twenty four fifteenth when you shall see the abomination of desolation of the spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand all the places it within the time to do thus and so and here it is that that Manny pay attention he plays so much attention that hasn't went to Israel and he started to say less than a block from the East advice from the West he said time is almost finished he was showing them that so very soon these things that Jesus taught us about that place is getting ready to take place and you know what inspirations that is that the people began to pick up darts and permanent article item down you'll beat some people don't like present some people don't like when we talk about the truth of his time and how is it that it is designed to get us into the experience of Jesus of the groves in some like you think they refer to be Satan sin rather than from the Gables men's given the message in normal mode you got to a point that he was put in prison no great controversy says it says that that same man who was warning everybody about prophecy is said that same man died in the very seeds he foretold no question isn't bad to die indices that you foretold how many was so yes is about a dynasty to fulfill how many of us was a no now how many of you say I have no idea UNI I just showed you last night the season is getting ready to come the market-based the horrific Sunday law this getting rid of the passing is going to bring persecution do you know it is quite possible that I may die as a martyr is that right deals possible you might die as a martyr now if I died a martyr of you as a martyr while we were foretelling about this season is that a bad thing will notice a beautiful thing blessed are the dead who die in the Lord is not bad that he died the CD4 told what was bad with the next sentence the next sentence said not one Christian die in the siege now that's a problem that he understands roof was accurate honest timelines they understand what was getting ready to come to warn the people south of the outside looking at it look like a very faithful life but here the question with your Christian it is possible to know truth and Jesus wants to look is in the eye with a I never knew you and that's why we are warned is not enough to know truth but we must get to a point that we love and becomes the center of who we are and all that we do and what we believe we're back in John the eighth chapter Jesus is use another true the truth will make you free in verse thirty three they go ahead and say they are today even when you are in bondage to any man how safe value shall be made for each analyses is clarified verse thirty four Jesus said to them verily verily I say unto you whosoever commit a sin and thus starting of thing Jesus was trying to bring across to his people 's mind you need to be made free and the freedom that he was talking about was victory over what sin now look at John eight thirty six in verse thirty six we find out the only one who can make us free and is not mother and father brother and sister or pastor or elder or anybody else the Bible is clear is that in verse thirty six and thus son therefore shall make you free use shall be free indeed so Christ wants to bring freedom to you when I see wants us to know you don't have to be a slave to all the habits of life it don't have to be a slave to all these things that so easily beset us he says listen there off all words that can definitely help you get victory over thing you want to know what they are love makes it easy when you and I learned to love Jesus and his truth we have found one of the great keys that will enable us to say no to the things that are sinful and yes to the things that are righteous and that confident my mind this is John fourteen fifteen Jesus always said if you love me what happened to keep my commands if you keep it from Amazon exotic now because what has been the breaking of the commandments love makes it easy is to many people who show up week after week to hear about Jesus but very few who come because they love Jesus these of Jesus you don't incite acts with key now Jesus know that I need to make the people free but there was a process of how he did it and I want you to see the process of how he did it Matthew chapter thirteen in Matthew chapter thirteen Jesus came to bring the freedom because he knows that there's no way I can have a body prepared for me that I can work in and through to finish the work until I first make them free and in order for me to make them free I got a start where I've always thought and I want to see how the Bible spelled out in Matthew chapter thirteen Jesus knew that his people were in bondage Jesus knew that his people were going through struggles in fact before we go to Matthew thirteen but Isaiah sixty one describe this is the one person what Matthew thirteen in Isaiah the sixty first chapter look at how the Bible spells this out in Isaiah sixty one Jesus knew I got a make the people free now when Jesus came the people want to be made free but that one to be made free from the Roman yoke they wanted religious liberty but they wanted a different kind they want a religious liberty that was supposed come at the after effects whatever the greater bodies that they were in a crisis I got a address that first the title of this message is before you have religious liberty you need religious liberty before you have religious liberty you need religious liberty is also common topical antibodies the raw metal around they saw themselves around it and I know that's what I got to wipe us out we need freedom we can see the Romans stands around us I showed you last night in Rome and America have joined together with spiritualism and they have come together to launch the last act in the drama we are surrounded with system and so we also are fighting for religious freedom but before you get religious liberty you must have religious liberty and Jesus understood that the Isaiah sixty one where he says in verse one the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the present of them that are bound brothers and sisters I know that I have come because I want to make people who are tapped is free all of the Jews in this text but they only understood in the larger view of religious liberty but Jesus had something different on his mind notice with the Bible says now in Matthew thirteen in Matthew the thirteenth chapter notice what the Bible says in Matthew chapter thirteen notice of the Bible says in verse thirteen you were numbered Jesus was constantly teaching in parables and he got to wonder the disciples I wanted to know what you do this and Jesus was going through vaccinations but I want to notice what he says between verses thirteen and fifteen watch this if there is therefore speak I to them in parables because they seeing see not and hearing they hear not neither do they understand I told you need to pray Lord give me years to hear because as many people who can hear but you are not very many people who can see but still see not Jesus said that this was the condition obviously what he thinks now watch this fourteenth actual exam as fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah it would save by hearing he shall hear and shall not understand and seeing he's healthy and sound not received for this people verse fifteen this people 's heart is waxed gross and fear in our doll of hearing and their eyes they have closed that at any time they should see with your eyes and hear with your ears and should understand with their hearts and should be converting Jesus is and I would you Jesus knew before I give any of you Jews religious liberty you first need religious liberty in your mind you need religious liberty in the way you think you need religious liberty in the way you understand and see things Jesus saw that as wicked as the Roman Pontiff last brothers and sisters the mental bondage that his people were under was even worse and reasoning to listen because they know that they were blind to truth because they killed the trunk and the name of truth I couldn't see the Harriers but they couldn't hear they can see but there was still buying and breathlessness as you know was also it was not just the Jews because John the regulator said that I saw people in the last days who also are suffering with a bondage a disease that is strong holding them and that disease is called loud to see and listen them about the David of that belief is that the people will be remember most W Clark they'll be fine and then will be making a visit it was not just to do that was suffering with blindness but God 's people in this day and age are suffered with blindness and Burns insists that he wondered now question when John the regulator talked about blindness was it a literal blindness or spiritual blindness so watch this look at what happened to Matthew fifteen because of you ever wondered where does all this go where is it all the when someone is spiritually blind I want to see from the Bible how dangerous it is to be spiritually blind notice of the Bible says in Matthew the fifteenth chapter in Matthew chapter fifteen look at what happens when an individual is spiritually blind the Bible says in verse the mass effect universe fourteen it says in Matthew fifteen fourteen it says let them alone they'd be blind leaders of the blind and if the blind lead the blind what will happen to them both Southall where into the ditch so watch this if the blind lead the blind then both Southall where into the ditch so watch this is the Brian is a venerable dinosaur spiritual blindness is a spiritual blindness so therefore if it's a spiritual blindness and if they did a little dance Australia bitch it must be a spirit to ditch and I wonder what the Bible calls the spirit of binge Proverbs twenty three Proverbs twenty third chapter what does the Bible call a spiritual bitch it is dangerous to be blind but this is because if the blind lead the blind the Bible says they both self fall into the ditch and I wonder what is a spiritual ditch Bible says in Proverbs twenty three and verse twenty seven and if your VSA men spread sublimely useless they fall within the spirit of that and what is the spiritual gifts verse twenty seven it says for to a more is a deep bitch on one of the debates are more now spiritual blind falls into spiritual bitch spiritual dance is a spiritual heart and I wonder does the Bible talk about a spiritual revelation chapter seventeen is dangerous to be Blindman 's insistence revelation chapter seventeen Revelation the seventeenth chapter notice what the Bible says the Bible says in Revelation chapter seventeen notice what he says verse one it says and there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talk with me saying unto me Heather I will sell identity the judgment of the great Hall the judgment of what the great whore that service upon many waters with whom the kings of Europe have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with a lot of application and notice how this floor spelled out in verse five it says and upon her forehead with a name written mystery Babylon the great thumb modifier on hard and abominations of the year it's dangerous to be blind spiritual blind folds and stupid bitch spirited bitch is a spiritual whore in this reservoir is none other than Babylon the great hope and that's why the prophets is a great controversy six oh eight as the storm approaches a large class or profess faith in the third Angels message but who were not sanctified by obedience to the truth will abandon their position join ranks with the opposition that Babylon and become the most bitterest enemies of their former graphic many people large classes will leave and join with the whore because even when they went in the remnants they already had the mine of the whole I like how classic yellow Thompson said at one time where he said many of us we left the location of Babylon and came into the remnants but we did not leave the condition that this church is not Babylon I promise you that and I don't believe according to the word of God that they will ever be there but they are many people within the church that are Babylonians and soon on it along so much for mother that the clinical right back to her for easy June sixteen forty four cents as is the mother so are her daughters we must be mindful of what kind of mindset we had I showed you the mindset of Jesus Christ in the beginning tonight is my set was finishing so brothers and sisters Jesus came to make the people free now go to show you examples of why Jesus or how Jesus understood that the people were so subjected to mental bondage Jesus who was the truth I told you they killed the truth in the name of truth have you ever thought about it when the people kill the truth what was the reason they didn't when the people killed Jesus why do they do it pilot said no who you want your Barabbas we want Davidson would ask for Vasco Barabas what is that Matthew chapter twenty seven you see before you can have religious liberty you have to have religious liberty you have to have liberty of conscience the Bible says in Matthew the twenty seventh chapter and when you get there please amen the Bible says in Matthew forty seven verse seventeen notice how the Bible spells this out it says in Matthew twenty seven seventeen it says therefore when they were gathered together highlight seven will you are really sent to you Barack is what Jesus which is called Christ for he knew that what envy they had delivered him when he was set down on the judgments he has my sympathy and thing have found nothing to do with that just man five suffered many things this day in a dream because of him but the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitudes that they should ask for a rabbit and a storage easement according to the word of God why do the apparatus of why they asked me about envy you Sandy whose injury verse twenty says Butler who the chief priests and elders what do they do what the next work purse slated that means that they were able to control the minds of the people they tell them what to do when to do how to do and these people because they wanted an external religious liberty but did not understand the need for the internal religious liberty they did not even realize that they tell the only one who could've ever given them religious liberty you know brothers and sisters it's a dangerous thing when we begin to follow the mind of other people it's a dangerous thing when we become the reflector of other men's thoughts God is never at God has called us to respect people God has called us to respect our leaders God has called us to respect each author but God is never has to estimate anyway regardless of the positions to be our thoughts for us and to tell us what to do in fact that ideology came from Rome the doctrine that God is committed to the church the doctrine that God committed to the church the right to control the conscience and to define and punish heresy is one of the most deeply rooted of papal errors God has never called us to try to control people 's minds you know I love when I was reading up in his home and he said even as a father and this was important to me even inhabit us all it says that we are not to force our children it says we ought to lead them to Christ it does not matter if it's in the home God is not a God at all it does not metaphor in the charts of course we are not the control individual stocks reluctantly got the guy got the Council you see brothers sisters the great reason why the church was so unprepared for the first advent of Jesus Christ was because of the blindness that they were suffering with because they were risk factors of other men's thoughts and they could not think no reason for themselves they couldn't not go to the word of God and Christ no respect and my people are going to be a body prepared to finish the work I must sell them religious liberty before they have religious liberty exile you'll find that this was a horrible thing if I go to John's at the club without a Bible spelled out in John chapter now John the twelfth chapter the Bible spelled out in John chapter twelve notice of the Bible says when you get there please let me know by saying him and him John set the twelve in verse forty two notice of the Bible says it is says in John twelve forty two it is nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him talk about Jesus told the she will visit many of the city rollers but RSS is because of the Sabbath these they did not confess him that they should be put out of the synagogue many people allow their minds to be controlled by others and they followed man-made concept man-made ideas and man-made precepts they don't consult the word of God they dealt with by Mister properties it and as a result of that they find themselves slaves Ottomans fell and they will even denied Jesus in the process number of visitors that mean bring your heart cities I'm fully aware of things that are transpired in the state of California am fully aware of the fact that we have offshoots and people who break away from God 's church and try to start up independent things and all these other things and you and somebody may be safe eleven sounds like one of them no brothers and sisters everything am teaching is truth but we must understand that God is not calling us to break away from the church the son of new organizations God is not calling us to go ahead and try to get a new general conference of seventy after this started what does not benefit as the works see when you focus is finishing the work you will not do anything that's not the time to finish the work and I understand that our problems in the church I know that that's even gay apostasy in the church I know that their candidates but the answer and tell God start of the fifties and God was to make it clear that you regulate body of an organization impacted finish the work then we should be there but it can so by no means am I presenting to God 's people that we should become so independent in our thinking that we feel no need for church organization and all these things charts organization was designed to be a blessing to God 's people but like the sacrificial offerings unlike the priesthood in many of the things it is possible that corruption can come within that is possible today got many individuals whom God is called the finished works God is close to share his truth with others God called us to go out and to minister to people from Donna's told us to do many things about temperature and outside many are called cottage meetings Bible studies and then installed on many a time where waiting for somebody else to tell us what to do and people are dying on a regular basis of the sisters and many times the dog of the Pacific can we do that should we do this by the assistance agencies has waited for permission to John the Baptist waited for them to have a board meeting there would be no John the Baptist there would be no Jesus we must know how to walk the fine line and the balance to know that while God has called us to go out and finish the work we must first understand that we are friends list you have God speak to us and direct us and show us how he can give us guess that we may go forward and do a great gospel work to finish the work you see brothers and sisters go to march up the night as we prepared to bring out some final points in Mark the ninth chapter I want to see what the Bible says Mark chapter nine in our member one time I was working at Institute and it was Institute widowed people who are mentally disabled and as I was working with them you're going to Mark nine and as I was working with them there was a young lady was Jewish weekend Walker Daniel chapter nine because I want to help her see that Jesus was in fact the Messiah and I remember that her eyes were open over the use of the same nebulous are not stupid you know it looks like NASA's advice on opening up as you think this is amazing this is wonderful Jesus is the Messiah as you said on the Sabbath with my rabbi she went to Arapahoe she came back to work the following day I was ready to go and things that he is just a singular the goods when the phase of the study as he says my rabbi has told me not to talk to you I pleaded with processes to please you don't understand this is choose what you learned you remember what you felt and you want to know but my rabbi told me not to and he said that I would get in trouble if I did see the same to sleep in her conscience she was a slave but this is as I remember when I was part of the new life Baptist Church and I remember that I was there and the first time I heard this advent message and I'll send myself this is all amazing I will marry the Sabbath out of all these wonderful things but also cited us that man is powerful and I said I am going to my pastor but you know what God was so good the elder that was assigned to me was a wise man he's a brain he said I'm glad you're going to get faster he said but allow me to show you something before you go he said when I'm not a prophet but I can assure you that your passes them share some things with you and I like to equip you so that when your pastor shows you have evidence you know how to properly deal with it and think for yourself you see when my elder taught me twenty years ago when he sat in the living room of my health and one oh four nineteen two fourteen Street Hollis Queens when you sat in the living room with me he never read the Scripture and told me what it says you know what I wanted that Elder Morgan was a son what is the first thing he made me think because that's the lowest activity of people today people follow but I don't think so he said son he may take you to Colossians chapter two and went through the verses I got is that he may take you to Ephesians chapter two we went to the versus and I got pizza he said he may take it Revelation one ten suitably diverse Haggai anything at all you want so now I was providing thirty one percent I said yes I understand he said go to your best I went to my past member of the sisters at that time I thought he was a prophet because the passage Wayne that's ridiculous allows instructed to says and because of the training because as much as him and him about us and I did love my respect him greatly but God taught me that you can love a man but not let a man be your thoughts and I went to that man I said well pastor I understand what you're saying but what did Paul mean then when you talk about these commandment contained in ordinances that was nailed to the cross was that he misled us across the where in the Bible does it configure and one by one it was off as a test I love you but I love truth in Jesus Moore follow I made my decision to enter into the advent that brothers insisted on telling you is out there in this world you can meet people who are slaves to other men's thoughts that a talk about religious liberty in Israel felt talk about it is that great at all the Middle Eastern countries that are distributed here in America but before we get religious liberty we need exists liberty of conscience John saw some people doing something that he did not approve your in Mark chapter nine and March the ninth chapter the Bible says in verse thirty eight it says and John answered him and saying Master we saw one casting out devils in thy name any solid not us and we did what we forbade him we stopped in because he followed not us Jesus said in verse thirty nine forbid him not for there is no man we shall do a miracle in my name that can lightly speak evil of me for he that is not against us is for us John was filled with this possessive position you see brothers sisters I hardly believe in church organization I do not thought is that we need in this precinct and we were told that when it has to get close of the told the probation but at the same time for this is that God navigate such organizations to control the work the problem that we see in the WAP sometimes recited that I know many that was once that the church wanted to do medical missionary training tool my residents associates brethren who have a right understanding of the church they came and they were teaching medical missionary work the people were left they were getting ready to offer a thirty day school some folks will blind said no you cannot do it we refused to let you do it but the reason we just prefer to do it ourselves shut down the whole thing and you know everybody said amen you know why because they said if we were delegates without a single beer people today you know there's one thing I learned by a man who was a first aid activist and he said it many years ago and I want to think about this before you complain about what's happening in the church before you complain about what's happening in your schools whenever a Syrian and you see the various challenges that are taking place I want you to remember this statement don't you ever forget conduct permitted is conduct talks you think on that conduct permitted his conduct talk if you permit people to do it and you sit back and quietly and think that remaining neutral is godly it is as if you are teaching them to do it you created the beasts you created the monster when I created the services because we see truth and we love the whisper to wife and husband and friends but we will not stand up with the love of the shepherd and say this is wrong this is not right and according to the word of God we need reef formation ease in Elder Ted Wilson that man whom God put you ahead in voting I believe heaven for the vote I believe that angels went right beside all the people associated with will be said very clearly using whole your leaders accountable now many people are free to do that with a golden limit osteoporosis isn't this ridiculous we love people you hold him accountable for his Nathan was a old orthography David albeit also what makes it what it said that you see we see problems in the church we keep seeing all these things but Wiley do we get on the corner in many respects Prevacid I have to think like cowards and will go to the people in the love of Jesus and see what's being done is wrong and it is my Christian responsibility to hold you accountable and to let you be the servant of God that you're being paid to be we need the love of the separate we really need the love is you see as Gonzaga called out that they need Jesus to rebuke him I want to see what inspiration says watch this it says what can I say to arouse ostriches what can I say to those a prominent part in the proclamation of the last message the Lord is coming should be the testimony born not only by the lips but by the life and character but many of God 's delight analysis talented and solicit means on men who do not love the truth I told you got to love the truth it says and do not practice it they have to run so deeply from the intoxicating cup of selfishness and well-being is that they have become drunken with the chairs his life brethren if you continue to be as idle as world we felt as if you'd been God will surely pass you by and take goals one less self caring less ambitious for worldly honor and who will not hesitate to go after their master without the camp bearing fruit the work will be given it also will take no surprise that believe its principles into their everyday experience God will choose humble men who are seeking to glorify his name and advances caused rather than to honor an advance themselves he will raise up men with not so much worldly wisdom but what connected with him and will seek strength and counsel from above some of our leading men are inclined to indulge the spirit manifested by the apostle John when he said master we saw one casting out devils in thy name and we forbade him because he followed not with us organization and discipline are a essential can you say amen to that but there is now very great danger of a departure from the simplicity of the gospel of Christ what we need is less dependence upon mere form and ceremony and far more of the power of true godliness and their life and character are exemplary these are the things you look at before someone is labeled an offshoot before someone is labeled this that we have a troublemaker everything we think their lives are exemplary let all work will in any capacity although they may not conform exactly to your methods not a word should be spoken to condemn or discouragement volume five four sixty one this work be finished very quickly brothers and sisters if we would begin to understand this when a laborer is set in the certain portion of the Lord 's vineyard his work is given him as a faithful labor together with God to work that vineyard he is not to wait to be told at every point by human minds what he must know it says but his work the labor whenever he is needed God has given you brainpower to Yahoo 's liberty of conscience that one of the believers and the necessities of unbelievers ought to be carefully studied and your labors are to meet their necessities you are to inquire to God and not of any living man what you shall do you are a servant of the living God and not a servant of any man you cannot do the work of God in challenging the end be the shadow of another man's thoughts and directions you are under God event is at six fifty brothers and sisters I am not promoting revolution I am not promoting that people want to get up and said I'll tell advice I just do what I want to know business is SOM teaching what I'm teaching is the balance that many a times the work of the gospel is being stunted the work of the gospel is not being finished Jesus is not able to work in and through the body as he should because we keep waiting for somebody else to tell us what to do in many a time when they told us what to do many a times it know by the spirit of prophecy to support it and we do say yes sir committee at times because we're afraid we'll get put out brothers and sisters when will the love of Jesus takes a deep rooted residence in your heart that we can know God has spoken to you many times over the amount leadership and I would tell them I am telling you for information in other words I would start my point by telling them I am letting you know this for inflammation in other words I'm not asking for your permission God has already told me to do this but because we want unity I am letting you know for information we are starting an evangelistic school in Atlanta Georgia the Lord gave us land we are now getting the school started and women to teach the people to threefold work of gospel ministry medical missionary work and the publishing work we welcome you to come join us at any time you get it I'm not going for permission authority give me permission but we should do all that we can to cooperate with each other and not active as a member Jesus also said I never did anything in secret your member that so there's a balance were not to sell chair much do I want out of the fifties that's not the Spirit of Christ and when we see individuals that are doing well to recall the correct them and the spirit of Christ it says instead the price page twelve that Jesus Abreu was removed to any man you and I have no license to be rude to any it says Jesus was all ways tactful you and I should always be tactful and when Jesus rebuked she said tears within his voice when we rebuke we should have a heart that wants to win the very person were talking to and not just simply put them inhale we need the love affection so brothers and sisters my point is very simple we saw last night of religious liberty our religious liberties of been terribly threatened laws and programs and everything up and put together we are surrounded predecessors if you realize that we are literally surrounded only Jesus can deliver us from the problems we are in right now only Jesus but at the same time while we need that religious liberty crisis first you need this religious liberty you need liberty of conscience you and I need to start reflecting on the mend socks we need to stop following other men's directions and deeming then Ascot and processes is the worst thing you can do to a leader is to let them lead and not hold them accountable because we are flesh I'm a leader in geysers of an ordained Elder on a leader and I don't want anybody to do what I say because brother limits that it's because it is dangerous to me because I have a sinful nature that's really easy to say that it is great Babylon I don't you want to hold me accountable for my soul salvation are you understanding I'm serious I pray that this phone will take possession of yours in my mind so that even when we deal with our brethren that will understand is my Christian duty filled with the love of the shepherd to approach my brother and my sister regardless of whatever position they may hold and hold them accountable and this is not just a judge this could happen in the home children obey your parents in the Lord the Bible says that the leaders of the home may tell child to tell a lie this is because in the home may tell a child to go ahead and do that which is wrong at that time the child needs to correct the reader if they can they need to know how to do it in the spirit of Christ we need to know how to do would be his intimate I don't want you to think that this is a television only a rule for the church this goes into the business place this puts Google 's and at this principle in the home do not reflect all the men spot because no man's mind will get you in heaven except the mind of Jesus let this mind be in you which was also in crises and so is this morning you realize much of my appeals a very specific I don't do it for the point of exposure I really don't but sometimes people are strengthened by the response and stand of others I can remember a time in my life where I quoted more leaders and pastors and evenhandedness of influence and so on more than I quoted the words of Jesus I have relatives that will tell you what good bishops say I have relatives that will tell you what pastors have said they don't tell me what the Bible says but I know seven-day Adventist med hotel is what the church manual says before they go to the church manual the Bible amassing him against church manuals but I'm against any usage of anything that is put before the word of God we find me but this is on top me from my heart I don't know this get posted on audio verse but I'll tell you this I'll tell you this it's time we deal with these issues because I thought Charles LeBlanc everybody's complaining in corners and nothing changing because we don't have the level to separate the goal to the ones that we can effect change we scared for all these promises in the Bible and everything else what was scared to death to just go to our present and hold them accountable is a you can't do this things have to change one thing that we need everybody was the slap five Ted wasn't all you will did we need revival and rep amazing how many rows in Romania sitting down with the conference president and his staff in southern Tasmania conference and we sat down there I said presidents do you believe we need a revival and reclamation he said yes I do I said that you understand search is on day when administered should never say anything versions of the first I already had quote in my pocket the first event messages which he said that the principles of revival need to come to the Oscars because the churches are dead such an understanding the deal is fine for some of the staff of the little start of the list I said by the very big-budget doctors in your object is inspired by the very definition of the word revival it means that something is either stopped breathing or they are losing their breathing that's why you have to revise someone to either dead or dying and then after you restart to take them and provide them with anything do you have to be full arm you've got to change things this school and I saw this on some I would many you are from Loma Linda Loma Linda are several churches are conferences are sanitary arms all of the different organizations that are under the seven evidence umbrella brothers and sisters if there is no read formation of how we do things the revival was fake it wasn't real it wasn't genuine true revival always leads to reform Asian no Jesus went to the woman who is about to be stoned to death she's laying there on the ground to the property so that's a nasty about me spell it out all of a sudden that season waiting to feel the rock and if ever feeling the rock report about everybody for democracy and they were gone Jesus is the rock constant Little Rock is the where those who can consider all gone momentum and she said neither do I I can't reply on till Jesus said that when the state and neither do I seem was under that death sentence as far as she was concerned nine I'm just waiting to feel the pain and key this was like fit neither I fear I have been a identity I think we can look at Jesus finished with that after Jesus Broadbent revivalist he then said the no more reef formation Jesus always been about revival and before stop doing the things that put you in the position that you need to be refined and sisters her many of us have been the slaves of Parliament 's thoughts and feelings I know what I'm talking about five minutes this will bring me to be a church to say what they will not say will you I can't say that you can watch because I'm still supporting my bottle of God and he looked terrible this is just saying that I can't my wanderings and you know as a pastor emphasized you want to help and I will do something that it will probably do the love of Christ compels you that's why you do the love is over this is my question is very simple if you know today I'm even on religious liberty books I talked about religious liberty I might even be related in any way here it is in the midst of all this religious liberty action he realizes he didn't have enough he was certain of someone else's thoughts to the service someone else's direction today he would take a stand with you you know what I found Jesus that liking and I will no longer be reflected in the Peninsula are how will no longer be a reflective another persons than I will follow what God tells me to do I will respect money I will work with organization going in the past as human rights is the problem but my walk with Jesus is mine it's person and I will install so you know you've been reflecting someone else's thought you know you can respect someone else's directions but the same binaries I will follow the latest eleven one of my content will not remember when I did I when I need to know more no more will know more this afternoon to talk about the three workers that God 's work through the finish this was beautiful to see anyone near three o'clock May God continue to keep us faithful maybe walk in the footsteps of the next as we heard last night and then field that needs the existing lettuce print father in heaven we think that before you give us true rather before you give us religious liberty you first give us true religiously you can we praise you and thank you dear God bless them to hear your voice speak so profoundly to our to give us for reflecting on them and start following arguments that are you please give us your Holy Spirit Lord I pray you that most men cannot do ourselves and we commit to that wonderful song hymn six two three that said I will follow the Marcy where sole heir of dialogue may be and Bill Altma


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