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God's Great Desire

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • February 11, 2012
    3:00 PM
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Rohrer error and education since two hundred and sixty insisted that the family he made them not only to worship together but also working in him and he is handling her in any God 's ideal is a softly so that the Lord is not expressing good news is that God is first reason for wanting many likely that the problems spiral her he is on closing message what is so many things amen understand how the sisters are I would be remiss if I did not make mention of one of my most favorite topics discussed which is God 's messenger felt was we must understand that health reform is designed by God to assist in finishing the work and many times do not necessarily see the connection between health reform will cost of health screening that will be some gems here and I know that we have many nationals and people here but I want to say this and I say this with all due respect I really do it is one thing the will to help were it is an altogether different thing the event is we are not to think that by default five ER physicians because we are nursing because of anything involving that my phone makes a medical overall you understand then great work of God is to bring about both the medical and missionary work and combine them that we may present the gospel of health and dental to talk about that in this final closing meeting was to find that that what God has been used to help us truly do an assist for the untold inspiration that the medical missionary work is the gospel in practice her in a gospel is not practical to work with gospel and even volume seven of the testimony to the church a sixty two that we are told that we come to a time which added three member of the search is to take hold of medical missionary you should not know medical missionaries used to be in it should not know the Commissioner were to be one and I want to see her symptoms with you as we prepare to close that I'm praying about everything be very helpful to us because when I look at a very important topic that we've entitled God 's great desire the Bible that this is on hell and that we understand that in finishing the work of the many things of the Lord called us to do but we must understand how health reform plays its role in helping us to accomplish this is what we do begin to once again from someone in France as much as you would please knew with me otherwise Reverend a are your head you are as we approach the Lord our father in heaven we are grateful for the beautiful status pages giving we thank you so much for the Christian Fellowship all the great things that transpired here the way to meet with our muscle and Lord we have now arrived at the point of our final presentation for this which is asking double for the spirit as we begin to embrace a very critical part of the work you've called us to do that will enable us to finish the work detailed please do not apply for this album three we ask these things in Jesus amen her body turned about the book of Revelation chapter fourteen in Revelation the fourteenth chapter started on meetings talking about learning to another was nothing going over the principle of the ferreting out a meeting for now we will close also on the third angel and the Bible says in Revelation fourteen I want to see what it says now we look at verses nine to eleven where it proclaims the warning tells us about the beast and how he will seek to infuse his mark upon the people of God and how we are want to not receiving those who do not receive the mark of the beast the Bible refers to them in verse twelve wherein said care is the way patients of the saints here are they that keep the commandment of God have the faith of Jesus Christ now understanding this we want to be counted among these patients thinking is a mentor that we want to be counted amongst those patients think would be a tragedy to go through all of this I hear Sabean perhaps second third fourth generation Seventh-day Adventists all of these messages of truth in Akron hope and all the other things just to get to a point that Jesus Gomez is in the eyes and says I never knew that would be a tragedy so when I end this away somewhere in this because we love the Lord and we want to be ready for some coming event so therefore when we look at this revelation oh well not receive the marker to be in the Bible refers to them as patient saying now in order to be counted among the saints we must clearly be facing would you agree that's why the Bible to refer to them as patient things so therefore that the experience many doubted concentrations now if the children be told many of us today are impatient people many of us today are suffering with information we don't have long-suffering we do not know how to endure we struggle struggle struggle and with a lark how can I be counted amongst his patients a group when I keep finding every time and losing my patience and I believe it is a reason why you believe God is a God of order for the book first Corinthians fourteen in first Corinthians the fourteenth chapter what does you the Bible says first Corinthians the fourteenth chapter when you get there please amen now the Bible says in first rent is fourteen notice what he says in verse thirty three you know God was obviously counseling through Paul the church of Corinth because it was tremendous confusion as it related to the glossolalia the usage of tongs and all the things being done in an inappropriate manner and got had to educate the people to the point that in verse thirty three he now makes this point where he says in first twenty fourteen thirty three for God is not the author of confusion but of these as in all churches of the saints of God says when this confusion there are not any I'm not the author of confusion he says but the authorities therefore he's imploring us to be like him and he gives a revelation of himself and he tells us what we ought to be in verse forty when he says let all things be done how decently and in our reason why God wants us to function decently and in order is because he is a God uncle what a waste of order there for we should be a people of order amen now understanding that God is a God of order God also he made and water as it relates to walking up the ladder of grace spoken of in second Peter chapter one boot the computer the one with me in second Peter the first chapter you'll find that God he presents to you when I this latter brings that the climate we enter into the experience of present truth that's why secondly one of verse twelve says that he is not negligent to establish us in the present truth if we climbed this latter properly we will receive the things God has called us to restrain now God is a God of order amen so therefore what we're about the review must take place in our lives in order amen notice I said in second Peter chapter one verse four the Bible says in second Peter one four whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these he might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust now God begins to introduce this ladder and beside all this giving all diligence add to your what say what comes next purchase it is logical person face-to-face Brisbane very cute so things first virtue second what comes after virtue knowledge what about the knowledge temperance what about the temperance Patience wait a minute I think we just found out why we struggle with patience is not a God of order yes he has not been out of order the water become the most efficient things yes but yet we find ourselves struggling being placing one ally because it are you and I to be placing things we must first learn to be temperate things no wonder councils on dive in a fifties says an intemperate man can never be a patient may why when we were given health and temperance of God David left because he understood that rightly receive health intemperance is designed to help us learn how to not only be temperate think but patients think that will keep the commandment of God and the faith of Jesus this is how health reform become that right arm of the third Angels message and this is why God found it necessary for us to go through this topic called God 's great desire we must understand the power of health reform as it relates to the gospel experience if you want to remember what the Bible says when you look at the I feel that God has set up for all mankind the idea was found in that wonderful little book Sir John in pursuit Allison consider this question how important is our health the God what it says and third John and verse two you remember the sex very well beloved I wish above all things that thou me us prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospered now here's the question is God 's great desire for us to prosper and be in health yesterday yet God 's great is that now he said above all things that make God puts health on a very high level would you agree now here is that God says above all things I wish that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prosper so now it is my next question how healthy is healthy for longer is a reason why ask this question the reason I ask this question is because many a times when individuals approach health we look at health differently I'll give an example today obesity in the medical field is officially recognized as a disease but the diseases that right or wrong now that some people who could care less what their ideal body weight should be most people don't even know what ideal weight are ideal body weight should be and because many a times as long as the hospital wife is happy with a little extra a lot of times they don't necessarily treated with a sense of urgency to say when a minute I need to do something about this so what happens is you find a whole lot of people now who are you being with obesity which is a disease and if you are okay and therefore have the disease is no way to potentially be prospering in BNL so you're missing out on God 's greatness I guess some people that I know who have high blood pressure and they just simply trying to learn to live with it people who have diabetes in December trying to learn how to live within your people and lots of different disease is a different problem also if the sicknesses but at the end of the day they just simply trying to do with it and many a times they will still consider themselves to be pretty healthy so therefore we have to do is take our minds of our own understanding and we no longer to it but now gain the understanding of God how can we measure health from God 's perspective because this is God 's great desire you have a secret is in the verse you will notice the greatest seekers right here it says that now all things that Dominus Crossman being held if these two words right here if you want to know biblically how do I measure health from God standpoint and what you have to do is find out the Bible says I want to prosper and health just as you prosper spiritually the Bible says that the love I wish that you would prosper in all things and prosper in health even as now you will find that the word even as means just I still prosper if I was a demure favorite setup all BC residents within the academic limits set up all these years you can send up in circles squares the defendant anywhere you want but we couldn't last it was an object but as I said to me a favor set up these chairs just as easy as a set of then now you can just do what you want to do it exactly based on the model are you following so that when God says that beloved I wish that bounties prosper and be in health just as I sell prosperous the only way you can measure health in the eyes of God is you must understand what God wants the people spiritually once you understand soul prosperity you will better understand physical prosperity so therefore Lisa Linux question the next question now is this how much does God want us to prosper spiritually so noted for the Bible says the Bible says in Matthew five forty eight the Bible says he therefore be even as a father in heaven is perfect so that what God says spiritually speaking I expect you to be what I think we're talking about soul prosperity then it also says in June first twenty fourth you don't have to necessarily be twenty five but Jude verse twenty four says knowledge to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you what thoughtless before the prince of his glory with exceeding joy so Matthew five forty eight not that I expect you to be perfect in June first twenty fourth God says I expect you to be faultless now go to Revelation three verse five in relation for you verse five the Bible says is very very clearly in Revelation chapter three and verse five the Bible says he that overcome it the same white raiment and I will not run out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels as I said even though we in the battle within he says I spent you do what overcome so here it is beloved I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health just as I still prospers what does God want me spiritually speaking he says I expect to be perfect he says I expect you be thought with anything unexpected to overcome therefore what can't I help of God what happened perfect health will not help this guy won't have felt itself and if I mistake not they do not live with it you must overcome is to be the minds of every physician dealing with every patient just because a man cannot figure out the disease doesn't mean that God is ignorant of it God allows us to be limited so that we may access his throat and know how to overcome sometimes it was a brother limit they are certain drugs and natural remedies that can not overcome certain sicknesses and diseases and yes that may be true but you know what I read in medical ministry page twelve medical ministry page twelve says the influence of the Holy Spirit can bring healing to have free organ of the body the sense the influence of the Holy Spirit is the very best medicine for every sick man in sick woman do you know how many medical missionaries will show you ours before they show Jesus do you know how many physicians will show you a drug before the show you Jesus being on individuals about all south of hydrotherapy massage sanity things that are premises that's what I'm saying is that we must give people the very best medicine not enough to just be medical people we need to be medical missionaries because only medical missionaries can get the very best medicine which is that Holy Spirit as well you'll find that now that we understand better how healthy healthy is now this but in reality you see while not have an ideal it is true that there is reality and reality is revealed when being we have to question what will be the condition of the world as it relates to health in the last Matthew twenty four is in Matthew twenty four already told us that these things were going to take place the Bible says in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter when you get there please amen the Bible says in Matthew twenty four and when looking at verses four to eight and please once again when you get there please Damon not want to notice this in Matthew twenty four this is what it says it says this and Jesus answered and said to them take heed that no man deceive you for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you do not trouble for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and the SME famine and pestilence is an earthquakes in divers places all these are the beginning of sorrows now Jesus told us that of the last day events that were going to take place one of them was pestilences which we know to be diseases now what's interesting is he said that these be the beginning of sorrows when you look at the terms beginning of sorrows is associated with a woman when she's pregnant going to birthday now what a woman goes through both trains mothers correct me if I'm wrong the first birthday and is typically not like the last event right it gets more rapid once the babies about the come it gets more rapid so in like manner Jesus said not only is able to simply be disease in the world but will start seeing a rapid succession of various diseases that will begin to flow all throughout the world great controversy page five eighty nine spells it out like this great controversy five eighty nine I want to see what inspiration says it says while appearing to children of men as a great physician who can heal all their maladies this is talking about Satan it says he will bring disease and disaster until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation is that even now the Yvette work in accidents and calamities by sea and land and great conflagrations and fears tornadoes and terrific hailstorms in Tempest lifecycles highways and earthquakes in every place in a thousand poems Satan is exercising his power these sweeps away the ripening harvest and famine and distress he imparts to the area a deadly things and thousands perished by the Testament and the prophet says these limitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous and so we find that Jesus when he said that this will be those birthday in a rapidly a succession of all these different diseases that will start coming on the same so while God ideal is that you and I would prosper and have perfect love is overcoming out nine times out of ten businesses to that not our reality and you know a suicide it should be seen if we were following God 's plan of health as he told us to do you know that we will become what Paul says to be a spectacle to the world that would look at seven administered because we were faced all of that was Christ click on the blueprint on how to take care of the human machinery that would've been it was a man it seems that we have all the diseases in the world every time you see the seven-day Adventist benefit in Roundup and the same hospital rooms with us benefit around the same clinics with us that they're also suffering with the same diseases as us and they wouldn't actually ask the question what are you doing I remember one time I went to get a check up I went to get a check about the doctor when I got my set up an odd baby de Gaulle the blood and everything then you know how it is you got a couple of days and then they call you back with you days went by I hear anything less get a little nervous all that well I wonder what's going on here it is that after a while didn't call me so I called them so I called them and I called the doctor and a citizen you not to the blood test a few days ago I heard back from you all of what's happening and he said you know what the doctor really wanted to talk to you about his assistance if you go to get a check up you don't hear from the doctor for a few days you call the doctor and get some wins a the doctor really wants to talk to you chances are even as I think it's a negative thoughts about right so I said cannot talk to the dock on the phone 's LCD is right now I said I'm coming over so I jump in the closet over there and I walked to the door and when I got there I this is a true story I got to the door and I said I'm in is going on and I'm here to see the doctor and the young lady was amazing since the social really want to talk to you soon I'm looking at this I'm saying father please be with me he said his spirit is the best medicine I'm already thinking I'm sick now and here it is that I go to the doctor the doctor submissive women please come to my office came to the office and put the paper down to the solemnity to understand something it was that she said you have a perfect bill of health she said we're not used to seeing this what are you doing naturally I come down and I began to share with you what I'm doing God says I want my people to be a spectacle that the world would look at us and they would be able to look at us and they would be able to say what's going on with you people do not suffer like I was suffering your different and it was the door that was opened that we could bring in the gospel now the reality is that this sickness or disease is running rampant of the world sickness and disease is also running rampant the charge many of God 's people are suffering with sickness we go to affect the number seven in National Geographic sorry I think I got guts is I learned that better is the greatest enemy of this when I look at us be number seven as a father forgive us because you told us to be the head enough detail how can a new way to be better than me how can a Buddhist be in better condition than me how could Hindu be in better position than me they don't know the God of heaven so we ought not to go so quickly thank God SR number seven to strive to be number one to be that's tactical to the world now one of the reasons why there's so much sickness and disease running for the World Cup it was a specific instrument how widespread would these be in the last days of the book of Hosea chapter three want to see this now Hosea the third chapter in Hosea chapter three notice what the Bible says as we consider verse five this was a two fold processing the first application of this prophecy we are about the review applied to the Assyrians that were getting ready to come and take Israel captive but there is also a lot a connection to this very thing processing now what's another the Bible says in Hosea chapter three verse five is a afterword shall the children of Israel return to seek the Lord their God and David King and shall fear the Lord and his goodness in the when the latter days now watch what was going to start taking place in the latter days not again just this last application but in its second because remember David with day so therefore this couldn't be literal are you following so watch this now it says in verse of chapter four verse one because when the Bible was written there were no study up a trap if it was the continuation of the chapter the devices the amount of voices hear the word of the Lord he chosen Israel for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth no mercy no knowledge of God in the land we see that today we see a lack of transmitting voice via lack of mercy today we see the individuals apply to the knowledge of God today so that's accurate verse two is says by swearing and lying and killing and committing adultery they break out and blood such as blood we see these things happening today yes we do now was the very first word adversely therefore that means because of this if there is therefore shall the land mourns and everyone that wanted therein shall language the word language means to become enfeebled and disease and waste away what was it that the prophet Hosea saw that in the last days would be calm and feeble and disease and begin to waste away it says when the beasts of the field you mean Hosea sought E. coli that long ago you mean Hosea Saul mad cow disease that long ago anything to say what the base of the field it also says when the solvent having you mean he saw bird flu and salmonella in the chicken and all the stuff that long ago and all these people who love is a Jesus a fish visited this Jesus inspired through his Spirit Hosea to say the last point yeah dog fishes of the sea shall also be taken away God prophesied that in the last days of the animal kingdom was going to become enfeebled and disease and we are simply seeing this is why God gave the movement a message to call people to jail for the flesh pots would be difficult you know what many of us are just like his room in the book of numbers when we said we are tired of all this manner have us the flesh pots of Egypt it was God saying you don't understand I was trying to a loved one you've been in the last days these things would be unfit for human consumption and as a result of this it was going to bring about the very thing that I don't want to have and because many of God 's people is still indulging it no wonder we still have high blood pressure like everybody else no wonder we still have diabetes like everybody else no wonder was still struggling with obesity and several other types of problems that sounded just like everybody else over one hundred years ago God said that the time was the company to get off the agencies and today we still make products with and be glad we consider ourselves we settled all hundred years ago the time is that I come to get off of its brothers and sisters face is the number two most allergenic food on earth except Horace Biffle when the chicken is all that cc on it and then when they spray the chemicals to watch the feces off of it is getting through the poison seeping into the egg whites stress is the number one most allergenic food owner charged the highest level of contaminants talks and everything you're not afraid I'm frenetically my people I tried this album but in the last they these things will go to become enfeebled and debated but it seems like no nipple we get the reward of our indulgences we eat the food we get the disease and I sell status many people still will God save clean be not of Kyoto I said that Mrs. first of all if you're seventy administer secure wood analyzes because you don't want to be recognized as a liar because if the church was faithful that means that when we were given our fouls they asked the question do you believe that we had the gift of prophecy and mistress of you said yes you got a given outcome phase of his event that I live in an affordable one point number two thirds selected messages take any forces know this for certainty that those seven-day Adventist who will join understated manner will first give up their belief in the testimonies of God spirit with an image San Antonio LOI says it all this other stuff but this is a bit uneven realized they are preparing themselves to join under Satan 's been a cellular find that God is thanks why will you and I be consistent and you know it if you don't want it Jesus you can listen to Barabbas you can see the world telling us that this stuff is unclean especially got all these New Age restaurants make all the money it was supposed to be making that happen and wages had absent you know every time we pass these Buddhist and New Age New Age restaurant is like a slap in seventy ad then his face is in this death and this is what you should've been doing is what useful to set up you could have done it with the gospel in yoga don't get taken to be a false third Angels message and combining it would bear health reform NASA when you going to this that these little magazines to UTC you about all these different gods with two heads and thirteen arms and old crazy things brother sister thought that that was your opportunity was my opportunity is always find a citizen of these is running rampant throughout the charges are due out a lot of people are sick and dying from the fifties and got a single you please get back onto my health program get back on now whenever a person gets sick God gave us biblical instructions on what to do notice the Bible says in Proverbs twenty six to the province twenty six in verse two Proverbs twenty six in verse two improper the twenty six chapter notice what the Bible says when you get there please amen the Bible says in Proverbs twenty six two as the bird by wondering and ask a swallow by flying what to say next so the curse cause less shall not come now that's significant the reason why that significant is because is it natural for virtual wander from place to place yes is inactive for swallowed the fly yet this is so is that the cars never comes without a cause the cars caused less shall not come now the reason why this is significant is because when you are not faithfully follow what the Bible says in Deuteronomy the fifteenth chapter you will find that the Bible calls diseases curses this is how alike came up with this thought in minister giving page one twenty six where she says disease never comes without a cause and so is that when an individual had a sickness or disease or a physical problem or mental problem or spiritual problem got that don't deal with the symptoms do what Job twenty nine sixteenths in Job twenty nine until twenty nine hundred sixteen notably the Bible says the Bible says until twenty nine and verse sixteen and when you get there please say a man after you understand that the cars never comes without a cause then the fruits of both in Job twenty nine sixteen says I was a father to the poor and the cause which I knew not I searched it out so therefore disease never comes without a cause problems do not come without a cost just because the medical world may say we can find a cause does not mean there is not a call it just means we have to it we have to acknowledge a different information sources these never comes without a cause and therefore what we need to do is search out the cause and not get so stuck on simply treating symptoms when a child is rebellious in a home that's a symptom the question is what's the cause and a lot of times you know why children act out so much is because of their parents I will know that I been his own three sixteen is in evidence on page sixty this is to a large degree to a what a great business to a large degree the mother and the father create the atmosphere in the home and he says and when husband and wife hardware difference against one another it says that children partake of the same spirit many a times when you see little boys and little girls brothers and sisters fighting against each other and we said what are you doing that is just are you fighting a brother sister and I think as you keep fighting your wife because you keep fighting your husband because YouTube is still holding on to anger bitterness and resentment and you won't let me take it away from you and you won't remove that price I can see how to overcome and because you harbor it on Minnesota you how it's good to have an atmosphere in your home and your children will partake of it actually happens when you start to have ascertained the cause mindset rather than to treat the symptom mindset will begin to understand that brothers and sisters if the young people in the charts are just interested in Christ and it seems like I want have anything to do with God that's a symptom would you have to do is ascertain the cause number of this is that I've learned that some of the most responsive people to present truth is young people what's happening is that the young people many times and I get procedures not getting the truth of his time to not understanding how does this work apply to meet even wears his testimony submitted to the gospel work is paid for fifteenth says that we should gather the young men and young women together in our churches and that we should teach the medical missionary work and combine it with the proclamation of the third Angels message and she says this will naturally bring the breath of life back into dead churches we keep given him all these things to treat the symptoms were not ascertaining the cause so therefore gossip ascertain the cost and after we ascertain the cause then we ought to provide the remedy now understanding this will look at a few points and enclose what are the reasons for these they are spiritual reasons that people get sick then there are physical reasons and then there are reasons of God opportunities those verses down just to give an example of a spiritual reason you remember numbers of the twelve verses five through ten best talk about Miriam you a member of Miriam and I think you have what do these leprosy leprosy or real disease if it now if you want to ascertain the cause why did Miriam get sick with because he didn't drink enough water was because he didn't get enough exercise no marry him suffered a real disease because of the fact that she was backbiting against the man of God is not right so therefore brethren sisters Miriam got sick disease because of sin you remember the man in John's at the five was at the pool of Bethesda he was sick to Jesus heals them what is a verse fourteen he says go and sin no more let a worse thing come upon you what caused them to be sick Sandy so therefore what reason why people suffer with sickness and disease is because they are indulging and living in the habits and lifestyle of sin now most medical practices today do not necessarily be put to tell people that this could be a challenge to do what you following and that's limited times professional health workers bit bit bit bit almost other hands are tied behind their backs because perhaps they may see that these individuals and their Britons visiting to their practices and stuff them and see that all it is if only they knew the gospel to bring healing to them but we can't give it because the policies and procedures because of the fact that many a times were working in hospitals and got told that the set of sanitary detachment I saw you'll find that many reasons why people get sick because they violate the commands of God Satan now the second reason you look at things like her to get not this should be sixteen forty four known annoyances when Ezekiel sixteen forty nine it talks about a lot of people don't think that diet and an health and in and lifestyle affects people salvation brothers and sisters when you read Ezekiel sixteen forty nine is over very quickly Ezekiel sixteen and verse forty nine order through the Bible says in Ezekiel sixteen in verse forty nine is what the Bible says when you get this amen the Bible says in Ezekiel sixteen forty nine it says behold this was the in equity now with iniquities separate us from God yet but their many people say my eating and drinking habits not affect my salvation but notice what the Bible says it says this was the Asian equity of thy sister Sodom so whatever is less the next the Bible called in equity and inequity separates us from God that right was the first thing on the list Brian was the second thing slowness of bread what's that got me was another word for gluttony or another term for gluttony overheating brothers and sisters the Bible calls over eating and act of iniquity now keep in mind that John three nineteen says this is companies that light is come into the world and then love darkness rather than light so therefore it is not that God is interview over eight your condemn God is famous and if you don't know if you have understood these particles then God says that I need to educate you once were executed once we know he says repent your bodies natural you can't you can even see what you want that's why Deuteronomy in Chapter twenty one twenty is says that when a child with gladness that the parents will support will ask for the tickets out to the elders and the child would not stop the gluttony you know God gave instruction to stone the child to death that's how much God hates gluttony because God knows that when we overeat it has an effect on the mind similar to what alcohol does that's why in progress twenty three twenty one it says the drunkard and the glutton shall both come to Robert D God delivered them on the same far about it but he deftly said the ability of some people suffer with sickness and disease because they violate documented some people suffer with significant of these because they're violating God 's law and of course the story of John nine where the man was born blind the disciples asked the question what happened within his sinners parents and remember Jesus said neither this disease came upon him so that the works of God would be made manifest and so you'll find brothers and sisters that now we must understand this the solution the solution we can look at Jeremiah thirty three six behold I will bring it health and cure and I will cure them and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth Exodus fifteen twenty six and thou will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God and will do that which is right in his site and will give shared to his commandments and keep all his statue I will put in none of these diseases upon the desire brought upon the Egyptians but I am the Lord thy God backs unit the Exodus fifteen twenty six so God says I have the ability to preserve I have the ability to even sure in many respects but God says you have to get on my plan versus the world this is why it becomes imperative that when we want healing and when we want restoration that we need to make sure that we God 's programs and processes does you know God 's program is very well now this is instantly providing that the old Deuteronomy twenty as a Deuteronomy fifteen it was Deuteronomy twenty eight starting at verse fifteen witness all those diseases you remember that the Bible to verse twenty two call tuberculosis of radical consumption is active tuberculosis and emphysema today this is the medical research a fever today children shivering fits inflammation arthritis bronchitis all the things and with ITI as box best weeded chickenpox in high MRI is we get tumors hemorrhoids and cancer these were the things that the Deuteronomy twenty eight from verses fifteen to sixty three but God says if you follow my comments can't you follow my laws is that I will preserve you from getting these things I want to think about emphysema tuberculosis chills a shivering fit arthritis and so on chickenpox and five tumors hemorrhoids and cancer all these different things God says if you do things my way he said I'll preserve you from getting it the promise hard to believe in a world that is so anti- God but God 's promises is still sure and so you find that after we understand these things God says that I have a solution and is found the creation week now he has was beautiful and women of both of these fairly quickly because they have to have us wrap up in here at a fairly decent hour so therefore I'm good at both of these fairly quickly many times when we hear about the loss of health we think this is something assist the white concept conjured up I've learned that the writings of Ellen White like a magnifying glass it does not put something there that wasn't there because last visited it doesn't take away something that was there for the magnifying glass doesn't do that either you know to magnifying glass does it makes clear that which was already there so that what you will find is when you look at these beautiful laws of health is not that it wasn't in the Bible it says that we couldn't find it so got to give as a magnifying glass we can see a little more clearly but shall find that the principle of each of the law the felt was right there in the Bible and so you find that the solution is in the creation week will pass this time all with this point is important to remember when God said it was good when he created everything and he said it is good or it was very good I do want to see this one point is talking about the word howled POW the accident means beneficial to God is make in the open air he said it was beneficial when God made the sunlight he said it was beneficial when God made the rivers of water the actions that it was beneficial to want to hold on now of course the first law of healthy dealing with nutrition of these are things that you already know I'm sure and the nutrition principles in Genesis one twenty five when God gave the diet unto mankind we talk to every tree that grows every herb that grows off of the tree and so on now what's interesting is that even when meet with our blood was consumed over to see what happened in people 's life and this is why this is the best diet for mankind a plant based diet notice when you do a comparison of the ten generations before and after the flood it's interesting that you notice before eating elect Adam that the nine hundred and thirty seven nine hundred and twelve e-mails nine hundred and five ten at nine hundred and ten Maha O'Neill eight hundred ninety five Jared nine hundred sixty two Enoch three sixty five net because he never died Methuselah nine hundred sixty nine the next seven hundred seventy seven Noah nine hundred and fifty this is before eating flesh after eating flesh it was very interesting that this started to happen Shem six hundred are fixed at four thirty eight sale four thirty three Ebert four sixty four panic two thirty nine renewed two thirty nine several two hundred and thirty name one hundred forty eight Tara two hundred and five Abraham one hundred and seventy five this is when man was eating meat without blood and without flat most of us who even consumes less today I'm telling you right now if you are eating meat chicken beef or fish is you are eating meats and it is not how allow all Kyocera you are just as much a thinner as the person who is snacking on red lobster why because the same guns they do not eat unclean animals the same dogs they do not eat anything with blood affected it was a teaching before there was a Jewish man on the earth Genesis nine versus one five and you also read in acts fifteen verses nineteen and twenty as one is twenty nine and thirty is an Old Testament New Testament non- Jewish teaching that God says no fat no blood when you eat animal flesh today if you're buying meat from the regular grocery start if you getting it from the regular restaurants on favorite this visits is to be consistent with the Scriptures we are no different in the eyes of God than the person who eats swine and eats the loss through the crap and the shrimp and the list goes on no difference we are both violating God 's laws of health as expressed in the Bible but this is what happened to people who was eating flesh without the blood without the flat before contaminants and all this other stuff and is still trained their lifespan that's what God and his message of health reform is going to go back to the natural diet because remember food gets broken down into blood blood feeds the brain the brain is what we get soft thoughts are thoughts repeated form our thoughts is where we get our actions are actions repeated form habits are habits is what makes up our character and our chart that determines our destiny that's the connection between food and salvation food gets broken down the blood blood feeds the brain the brain is where we get our thoughts are thoughts is what we do our actions are actions repeated his we develop our habits our habits is what forms are character and the character determines the destiny you might say while Brenneman as powerful it is awful but I did make it up on too dumb to do that you get that from Councilman Doctor who's great fall floor and Christ object lessons page three hundred fifty six all you got to do is read the gifts that God has given to us nothing deep just read the gift that God is given to us and so God says nutritionist bring it to a close God gave us exercise that was in Genesis two fifteen when he caught Adam to both addresses and keep the garden water that was in Genesis chapter two and verse ten when God said of all the various different rivers that some and got the water source is remembered in ring sunshine best Genesis one sixteen seventeen and eighteen and God said that when he gave all these things are member he said it was good J Dennis special the Bible of course temperance when we find temperance in the Bible easy when God said of all the trees you may freely eat but yet the practice temperance and not you have a specific tree is outright September 's was right there in the garden as well open air where was that that was right there in the second eight Genesis one verse six when God made the firmament and then he spread them out and God called the firmament Heaven sky all atmosphere when God made the open air he said it was very good and that's why we should get not just after we should get open air I like adjectives is not enough to get open is not enough to get areata get open air is not enough to get rescued I get proper rest is not enough to get exercising a daddy exercise on both adjectives these are the things that make up these laws is now found in the Bible they gossip this was my plan on how to preserve my people from getting sick and feel the disease and not being able to be the witness of God and be in this world rest well you know things that don't genesis to do when God agreed Sabbath when he gave the printable of rest trusting in God same text you remember that we look in Genesis two seventeen but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil even put in the day that values thereof thou shall surely die within a Genesis three for the serpent said unto the woman you shall not surely die and it was right there that she had to find out who does he trust you I trust the serpent will do our trust all of these principles that make up these laws of health you can find them right around the time of the creation story if we distastefully study the word of God Goss is when you put my laws of health into practice Gus is best with a blessing is today we think we need to drink water but how many of us doing it to get proper rest of them were lately lately made at night so we talk about it this is as good as I've been saying all this weekend when will we do it the following and so we find that God says when I gave you save all the help I gave nutrition exercise water and sunshine temperance air rest and trusting God gossip I gave all these things my people and what was the key reason why God didn't the key reason God it is because of this very important question why is taking care of my body so important reason is first Thessalonians five twenty three very God of peace sanctify you how holy is completely and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ my hope and my prayer is that we would take a very very seriously the fact that God has called us to put into practice his message of health reform that we will understand the role that it plays in finishing this work can finish single working on and then him finishing the work through us to the world that fund we can be a people prepared to meet our God is over this is if you know that you have not been cooperating with God as a relation is lost without not just knowing it but doing it is the great call the goddess placing upon our hearts right now how many of us by the raise of hands is Lord I will not want to talk about your laws of health I will no longer have retained my mind the information about the laws of health but by your grace and by your power I will put in the big bowl practice your laws of health would you please raise your hand with me would you find businesses is that when we do this were cooperating with God because the violate the laws of health is to sin against God and that's what Gazans I want to cooperate with me because I want to fit your minds because Romans seven twenty five says we serve the law of God with our minds and the food we eat and the way we dress and the lifestyles we live has a direct effect on the condition of the mind they would cooperate with God in as we close we have a six minute clip that we want to put on for you I mentioned earlier today about a training school and by the grace of God with putting this training school together it is not set up yet we are in the process of setting it up but what we did was when my wife and my children and I went to Australia last year we were privileged to train missionaries out there we have forty five students in our class and we were able to train them in the threefold work that God is called to finish the work we just found the book evangelism page five forty seven Gospel ministry medical missionary work and the publishing work and God allowed us to do that program and we were training the missionaries there and the Lord did marvelous miracles in the own personal lives as well as the worker to doing out in Australia it was recorded so now there are DVDs that have been put together as a means that if an individual cannot go to the schools this is the means of how we can get the school to come into our homes and so I want to look at the six minute clip in a given idea that if you believe God is calling you to get trained so that you can understand how to go forward and finish the work and the work of God 's promise to do more to look at this video and is a VR closing point and will officially pray out and then we will go ahead and conclude our evening so go ahead if you don't mind and then will bring everything to a close privilege to serve all of you is been a blessing to be here at Ivanhoe want to thank all of those who are in charge of the invitation of bringing us here and I pray that our hearts and been revived and reform can you save into that amen you go forward in the work that God is given unto us and they would surely go forward and do as Jesus didn't finish the work Dana at December invite everyone to stand as we close with prayer let us pray our father in heaven we are thankful Lord for another Sabbath day that has now gone into eternity what we pray for your divine blessings to continue to be with us and that you may help us to go on from strength to strength but we realized that we several challenges that be ahead of us but we know that greater is he that is in us than he that is where we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord may you keep us faithful even unto death what is then and only then that we shall receive a crown of life thank you to God again for the kind of the Fellowship would have me continue to keep us as we prepare to head to our several distant we ask all these things in Jesus name amen amen this is just adduced IPG agencies our mission is to spread the three Angels messages is preaching they had been dismissed and integrated healing through medical mission work in declaring the gospel more information on our ministry and the resources we provide please log onto our website at www. PTH ministries .com X W WW PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do my part to meet the needs of humanity the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner


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