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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 2

Peter Landless


Peter Landless

Associate Director, Health Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 30, 2012
    9:30 AM
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good morning I'm not to be relentless and I'm very thankful to be with you welcome to foundations of health we can be talking through some very interesting and very important components of what health is one of the foundations of health but primarily the foundation of health is Jesus we hope you can enjoy and benefit from your time to get it with us against hunting we need to get for those of you who thought that this little walk that you had now all was part of the daily exercise adopted and besides the not so we went out this morning I had to do this with a little bit of all than enterprise five thirty this morning found us walking out in the dock and getting of how many in this fifth regarding this morning and cutting of the short because we needed to be back in time to worship and to get on with the day which shed -year-old daughter that day we've had about the foundation the spiritual foundation we started that this morning in the devotional and we noted that foundation is Jesus we don't enter look at spirituality and a healthy lifestyle and I really would like us to win and I talk about lifestyle and a penny saw the speaker himself nothing when he talks about lifestyle we need a way of life you nice files and member the jackets where they had different lapels and then more double-breasted jackets than they are today and so styles come and go but a way of live is what we really need to look towards as we look at spirituality and healthy way of living on completing this component we would like it understand that health can be influenced by spirituality so the way that we relate to God activity of things the way we live and enjoy how else we would like to see that a healthy way of life is a form of stewardship stewardship how we take care of how unit of not being motorcycle from the Philippine that was broken was in grade stewardship from little boy that he didn't know better than we do steerage of how we pay for our health and this is reflected in both the Old Testament and the New Testament and I deeply empathize with a question about the Bible being written today as opposed today and what would've been included these are the arguments people give us all the time but reworked from the foundation of Scripture alone and stay we should cross that spirituality can lead to the wholeness even when spiritual health women physical health is making it's interesting to me and then maybe to you not I remember as a family practitioner my background is family medicine internal medicine and cardiology those are the specialties divided and I would always remember I noticed that the individuals who were the sickest who had the greatest problems who were struggling the modest who having the chemotherapy adding all the treatments him the blessing how even they say I'm fine how are you and I know they were not the Minnesota patients coming into the Reading is an intervening gloving in the headache how you vote I'm dying spirituality can lead to home this evening physical health is making and some of those individuals to all broken good work and we hold drug in any of the ten polis brokenness we'll all broke handled quickly when we may jog along the road to walk along the road to it and begin out of the chair now what you get out of the chaise he stopped if you a lot been sitting in the water while we all broken but Reagan had owned this in all brokenness is a great discussion about spirituality and health I want to say right up front we put that this came up right in front of you and that is when we talk spirituality in this costs in this room in this context it's spirituality which is Christian it is a spirituality that senses around it out I will not forget God is sitting in my office one day the phone rang and I think that the fun and it was a gentleman on the other rains and he said I am the Dean of the school of science at University and that we like you to come and speak to us during our Summer school on public health about the Adventists spirituality and then lifestyle I was new in the states so when he mentioned the name of the University high the new Netherlands and is in your house and I'm sitting in Washington DC he said would like you to come down and they got a three hour course in regard to take it in dead recent updates and funds Essex said to me how do I give me directions he said you got to go to the airport first anyway we went on to win down to advance that did the tool and had a wonderful time and that when I really enjoyed was just interacting with students who went for the understanding of the significant display and one of them about how view on spirituality and health that a great time straight onto that the Dean it was very kind and helpful city has expanded to seventy degrees and that it'd been a busy day I been a busy day at the office I plan down through the lens of the three thousand exchange and it is not time to get to bed but he was insistent you've got eat something oxygen that I carry reserves just in case something like this anyway we went to high school whole foods you know whole foods and we walked around and he's sitting there then died to help its victims because he got little stuck on some of the areas that we selected some step is really checking out it was a magazine holds virtuality and health the glossy beautifully done attractive but it was a total new age philosophy Jesus didn't feature once particular people and the place was packed it was organic coffee will get bringing organic everything well in other everything that contains common reading if it's edible is organic but anyway I will here it is technique is anyway it was a lesson to me as I stood there in the check out and looked at what kinds of spirituality they are all and the kind that really matters religion acting either directly through belief practice and commitment in guy Ricky three effects on social support mental health can inhibit or promote the causes of illness that moves among psychosocial stress emotional illness negative health behaviors and in adequate medical care said religion plays a role in how we feel how we conduct ourselves in our health outs are interesting that the definition this definition was given by a man called Harold company some of you may admitting he's a professor at Duke University and Aggies made this his life long study spirituality and health and he has a long and interesting journey started out as a nice then went on and studied medicine independent psychiatrist and not his full-time research life is spent on looking at how people 's spirituality ethics their lives their health this social relationships may well be talked about in the religion acting directly to believe rectus and commitment instead he talks about social support and mental health is affected all of these components are affected by what we believe as he seems to religion Jesus led a very interesting statement to people one day he said on this you'll righteousness exceeds that all the fun the fancy one that you into the kingdom getting with the scribes and Pharisees religions show that would they keep the Sabbath with healthfulness that paid time right down to the little head their heads on condensate the defendants pay with time with a religious with a spiritual on one on one any loss myself the question am I religious or and my spiritual maybe as you look at me massively looks right to me as right as he could look nothing if any compiler rules and doesn't much care and that in it he comes into the music you think someone would choose to look like this you may look right but the right things on the plate may be seen wow maybe seen outside exercising it in the morning jumping on week we saw a very trim small a young man used in a morning but I'm every antigenic and a white tracksuit we know him well using the example of a energetic service and had that lot and they he was often these go to these kind of eighteen years old I at least and he was bouncing around likable making with spiritual as Nazism didn't make me screwed they walking at my if any false place special health all being discussed why do you get about it all the time people come and talk about it in I remember drying up in this chance that I love so much and I first started here the ten spiritual the ten spiritual was the woman who had young dogs is about the exit on and they would say is the key scientists two young men and I wanted what is that mean he's a good-looking easy to have a AZ and in this kind of defensive mold fields that are training to be a good catch of the of clean fictional monkey spirituality what is really needed to discuss so widening the attention the popular print newspapers the magazines and then will talking about spirituality and health meditation tribes formation transform your thinking Buddhism Zen Buddhism is making huge inroads not run into society but it's weaving its way into the Chad the new range philosophy is ripe in this and the people pull station when they sent us I think people saying they stand even in the lines of the General conference of racketeering I say look at this wonderful rule food vegan I take all this food in an gated energy interests and whole as enzymes and negative job bloodstream and we have to really contain ourselves and said to the guys you know there's an gastric acid which brings down the enzymes before it gets into the bloodstream in a beware of that the topics the postmodernism indigenous culture and help the kinds of therapies which people or the so-called therapies which people use one of their origins whether they come from very sensitive about this because my late father who was a a a strong leader in the church in a very physically active individuals a very smart man who got involved with karate become the most highly qualified waste in the English style and lift the church got involved in the meditation the issue because of this and I never see the spread of January human kind once the soul that God shaped space with something Jesus said I'm coming that you can have life and that you can have it more abundantly I love the new international vision and some respective little more than that it is uncommon that you can have life and have it to the full full completely screw jack Inc. impacts our health health outcomes behaviors and our way of life we know that received in their study the chess is a vegan this morning seven the disciples of Jesus are walking along John chapter nine this young man is blind from the cycles of the strength of the they can to gain a few brownie points with Jesus Huson that him should be like this Jason ordered his parents Jesus onto that this happened so that the work of God he'd be this way the it was a result of his sin what punishment the basin and a result of the foregoing states relating and then pull comes along and he says the way you do when you eat when you drink we as Adventist sometimes just stop on it and the drink we measure what people even we all must make it we in fact we do sometimes and we shouldn't we make what you eat a spiritual morrow issue and the more uniqueness it installed the closer you may be coming that's even think that so when you eat or drink or what so ever you do this to me was Jesus Christ is the statement through pool he drink what's inconvenient to do all to the glory not just what's on your plate not just within your gloss not just within your shopping basket and the other checked out of the supermarket and there's been a saint behind you having a little peeping this from the panty Parade the pension patrol one interlock and evidence pasta the church while I was in there in the University medical teaching system and I definitely had a lovely lady who had built in the same age as I ended over they were great friends and that she won a conduct which is him the boss comes up to me in the supermarket once more and looks inside my filibuster I then she was a gentle lady the baby was coming on Carol what have you got in he had today intrusive that mental or Jesus said if you love me if you have me eat the fruit and said if you love me walk ten thousand steps a day if you love me you would pay the course because is a relationship because it's a relationship to be cut up in this morning 's devotion is a code of behavior that okay Dave thank you thank you for the visibility on someone to take you how grateful we are that you are here regulate everybody's here but we understand what a challenge it is when there's a language difference and we want you to feel so welcome and toss Christians and we go to thought you tell us slow down okay any of the Johnson foundations is translated into Spanish now that celebrations the foundations know this materials over the celebrations a sudden celebrations is in Spanish will make sure you get I think you said if you love me keep market monuments this is a relationship issue David to emphasize the behavioral issues of life and I think what you do what to eat what you dress how you look at this righteousness is one in this fantasy he went into the kingdom pool then also emphasizes that the body is the what the Temple in every so often referred to the body of the table because until about boots it's a increasing because if you look at the preceding takes related this is talking about sexual purity so that the Temple or behaviors not just in what you eat and what we drink than not are on we all bought with a price any evident in someone else's medical and he didn't enjoy it one you have to be more careful and I met some very precious friends and I came to the states this before my wife came along my daughter Candace out of the study and my good friend said juggled and drive this car I may be had at cadenza similarly into your body and I sifted that is driving she said United on Gladden said when you've been entrusted with something you take care of it because it is not you'll threw nothing in the anyway that we can get into this way of paying via this way of life is my having no the other thing that is so crucial as we build the foundations on the rest of the things we had a talk about we need to understand that the way of life and UC hit fit in the way of life will be possible when based on a living relationship with Jesus who played the price and with objects that graciously explained the price he sent me free but because I love him and have the knowledge of him I would levy renewal when you mix the person when you meet a person someone that you begin to learn to love what is it that helps you get into love them as you get to know the and sometimes you can meet somebody and they can irritate the shoes of you to stop but as you begin to note when you pick up the nuances you pick up the character you pick up you pick up the personality and as you begin to know them so you begin to love them and by knowing them you can also learn to trust them and is a wonderful thing here through Nottingham we love him and as we love him we will send them so suddenly all of these behaviors are not then just because I have to do it I have two lovely girls and I am passionate about then but I learned so much in life from them and I still do all the day and overnight sometimes to the one thing then and I used doing that with women was more than I would come oh and I would receive a minimum of this agreement between mother and daughter is not tantamount to you sorry I'm sorry with a sorry not in movies not in the least they were trying to deflect the imminent punishment much better that people obey because of the out of fear to know him and loving love him to save that sound works on aspects of dominated income under his control nothing what I eat what I drink when I look at what I read what I think about an event in this morons of the knife in the with the likes opened Tuesday in the good of the computers on walks I'll be looking when we recently had the Mrs. not a conversation with me or have problems fortunately I don't have time to sit on the computer the friends you keep sending me little bits of YouTube and movements of the Cuban Institute and some of the things I'm looking to look at this video and I picked up one from a colleague and in Europe just yesterday to have a quick look at does not wait when Duncan stayed and it's just thinking this a quick little it is interesting I skim through it while I was listening to it I was getting e-mails like some of my friends do you keep him I decided was that his stepdad on this dealing in twenty minutes later people are compelled to the computer because an addiction and watch and listen to nine Mister Levin Levin said and so should we had a consent for the physical Doctor August and then we let a short time on this planet and then into Kennedy off to sleep the Johnson pregnancy may enjoy good health and that only go well with you even as your soul is getting along well not often think about this takes exactly an elder Wilson preached about it the other day it does mention this morning the devotional I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you even as you will solely getting along well injunctive terms that you sometimes I can be grateful that my health is better than not grateful but that it's not always the relationship as it sometimes a month thinking is ushered in not acting as I should I'm grateful that my health is not exactly the same zip online to what he's saying yet he saying sayings you've accepted Jesus you've been saved by him I pray that your body is as well so Jesus really came about people begin about us he wants us to be happy he wants us to be healthy he wants us to be Huddy what is needed the disciples coming off there at night of fishing they would try and discourage they become disappointed I thought the the end of the road the menu system cost donates on the underside and make it a sense of himself as man pasta one one one fifteen ninety that they catch enough fish that needs but Jesus had been prepared in preventing breakfast and to bring some bring some ability to get together when he raised the Lubell from the day what is the first thing he said to you for Symphony rise in any sense of the people in assigning the thing the people were hungry he was moved with and said he paid them and the disciples removed and watch the people working at this conference on leads for them outside that on the comfortable and running around among some humans the motivational aid in anything extreme taking pictures and and recording things and making sure that those words in that lives in the next thing that they must be exhausted and the disciples would like that they will conference organizers and Jesus said these the godliness ignored all you are you and we'll run but the food from the old food markets yet significant and sunny he cared for the physical he came to this world this is the opening this opening chapter on the ministry of healing he came to this world although Jesus Christ and the other weary said than a man's pants of these health ministries people do we've come the weary cynicism mans the sixteenth state to pay for entities in Boras it misses that he might minister to it we need all the button of wretchedness and sending tanks remove it was his mission to bring to men and women complete restoration became to give them health and peace and perfection of character oncology might have lost and habits more abundant I'm kind that you might have life that you might have into the full Jesus exalted in had a wonderful interaction just a week ago with that young woman who I had the privilege of baptizing and marrying pitcher has been and then dedicating their babies and and that she should simply singing up I think I'm hot this is not eighteen years later she says and I think I've outgrown religion and I said that's interesting what you talk about you know the way the church does things and fastened down within us if you know the church is not a collection of pithy people but I want to remind you when we studied together and we talked about sadness estate of the day and baptism coming up the good in the type the twenty eighth fundamental beliefs event presented twenty seven now become from you what I did with his I remember it we went to the Bible when Jesus say about this as was his custom he winked into worship when painting this he said this is asleep was Jesus baptized yes he wants what he said about the second coming I will again when he do with health he healed he demonstrated that it was he doing that he teaching praying and preaching he brought together spirituality and health and most wonderful wonderful way is he exhibits the body and mind and the spirit he sends one of the music your sons all given you need to know basic guidance in them the guide relief from guilt he offended the faith he advised changes in life venues in money status he healed you to tend away from this and it's any recently when I say recently lost forty fifty years that the World Health Organization recognize that competes health is not money the absence of physical disease but it's the complete well-being of the physical spiritual emotional well-being they unfortunately have not put in the woods Virgil is a strong push that they should but this difficulty because whose spirituality and Mercedes is a Jewish ritual is a Christian spiritualism and Muslims which was thinking this virtual is in the Zhang spiritual whatever the Jesus came along and he said love the Lord with all your heart with all your mind and we'll string means also what do you see love the moon and so that you may joy long spirituality health and well-being are intertwined and now working together with the relationships we see that if we got ahead a healthy lot need to have good relationships with on a busy with your difficult made that anyone in the labor about a difficult matter how you sang him is the neighbor him but we need to look at relationships than on the disaster importance of social support you hit Techmeme can drop say we all need friends even when you die you need friends otherwise he's been a very vitamin A friends absolutely right what what happens to people young that she actually would have been knocked out of the discussion she realized that she had put itself in a judgmental position which not even Jesus did at the end of October she said you know what I needed be booked and accountability and so often enough I was working with people on health issues if they don't agree with us they on not being an event is not our way it's the highway and sometimes we had put people so while the health message just by adding achievements so there was a good outcome to that discussion appraisal I think I only say with you that when people study the sciences the sociologist and they studied the effects of religion on helpless project in health they cannot measure spirituality because as we also chat we can all maintain we all very spiritual people but looking into your eyes I can't tell you what you thinking right watching your face I did not get what you thinking about so be careful on so what I do they made it a mission religiosity how do they measure the religiosity by dating a church on the days amongst you go to church do you give offerings do you read your Bible you go to the Temple whatever it may be so religiosity is often the measure which is used in scientific studies revisions easy to define it's related to the practice a specific doctrine stuntman ritual it's easier to study and quantitatively new outcomes related to health but spirituality is difficult to define but it's a joy to experience because it is dependent on relationship so as you read the rest of your captain and look at the questions at the back operators that you will be based with an understanding that all spirituality our relationship with Jesus is all bound together high health mental health spiritual help us social out is all bound up in a relationship with him he's given us principles in his word please shown this principal in those principles and he said off it cannot have life and habits the pool and is also blue jeans long to run on this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP helps some and enjoyed like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. NAIC help someone .com I was more green online sermons please visit www. maneuvers and on board


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