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How to Resist Temptation

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 16, 2006
    11:00 AM
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morning everyone in the episode do that expression sounds strange to have the Sabbath is the zone series and on I'm very necessary seal I hope you managed to individually hear from you traffic and I'm happy for that I hope you enjoyed the earlier part of the program led by Doctor Bischof eventually the Holy Spirit will do all in his power with your contributions the tension and prayers to make this far comprehensible to you so let us borrow hence no and for that before we do with me ask what here for the first time mesial hands and if God bless you and God bless you unless you all bless you my dear sister God bless you anyone else you are hailed for the first time with you too shy for visual hands and delighted to see you a very good Lord bless you very much let us celebrate our father in heaven we ask in the name of Jesus Main the juveniles please open all eyes our minds because willing not only to hear the truth but to receive it into our hearts it is not enough to be heroes of the law but we must be taller then we can be justified so give us a appetite for spiritual things we parade and teaches to possession of my mind I asked with all my heart in Jesus name amen our subject for this morning how to resist temptation though I cannot imagine any human being who is alive who has no interest in how to resist temptation particularly if that person claims to have a relationship of any kind with bottle hollow Jerusalem is temptation and was confronted with their vision and monogamy with a certain set and I have most than you shall love the imagery of the garden as recorded in Genesis and resource while every law of course that she fell and that was after that are hostile and saddle as well and the question is throughout the ages have fallen prey to the devil and his temptations and we need to understand from the word of God how to resist temptation let me say something about temptations before we get into the how to resist essentially authentication is an invitation whether from without all from within the act of faith on the contrary the goals will all televisions the protected persons are designed to be the tentative parcel away from the path of right living and right doing and right thinking and right speaking authentication brings you into conformity with Goldsboro that's not the plan that this is because ultimately whether the devil tempts you a web of birds is come from within the optimal design of her gone now the devil cannot reach more personally to so he will frost nova which shows no responses you understand this you prefer to have someone slapping the notified your child is hurt you anymore but if you are because Jesus regularly can five hundred and twenty eight as I have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren you don't responsibly novelist visible functions Jesus reveals what you go to the human website or by calling the methods up first for the mind of your chapter twelve or six when animals not block the amended motion operated as a rich web that will purpose off waiting damages costs for I will cooperate with them Gore feels the agony of the page so the devil 's ultimate aim is not really is Christ it was Christ who broken out of heaven abortive revolution drove her seventh way I'm not and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon for his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven of the great dragon was cast out Jesus is that Michael and his angels against the devil and his angels of the devil has never forgotten and he cavities of drugs and he hurts Christ through us we see the principal again accept the line was for weblog not fall off his horse on the road to Damascus Paul for the girls for says he heard a voice saying unto him Saul Saul why person she was only me Paul was persecuting the church but the charts of the body of Christ as though Christ took it very very personally follow so all you are persecuting me and Salma understanding is please let me know how long that I am Jesus Christ not by the way don't cause trouble for most people are you listening to me as they say like Ritalin this was mostly because when you do that you're missing the Bible says that God regardless of the righteous slave to recompense tribulation the trouble is that of his willingness up one of members were five or six gone things that our rights are slated for recompense tribulation of those who trouble is people will believe me ask the rules are one of the Red Sea but that will use this temptation to hurdle he also hurts us he does it as a special that is collateral damage but his name is Jesus Christ were talking about how to resist temptations not temptations come from within and become from without I told you last week if the devil in the Bible heart attack now because we still have the sinful nature we would still have desires to run resumes the double is not necessarily responsible for every wrong thing we do every temptation that comes our way sometimes we want is called an throw in to temptation no one is there a difference between being cafés and an appraiser to throw temptation of Jesus prayed for his disciples in Matthew twenty six one forty watch and pray that the N-terminal implementation with the language of Christ walked none in Brazil do not go around so that you may not enter into and over the bellicosity of the enterprise is not a neatly into the vision that is good and him coming to you are you following me now following an incident at present situation that clearly is risky your Bible work of the Lord 's work in some member matures a nice lady in question for Bible study which is only available at eleven o'clock are you with me is there anything in the Bible study will help in any Senate or Bible study no soluble a new level of an before you know it of Israel for Bible studies trouble you have entered into temptation could be the devil had nothing to do with the beginning we must avoid situations that lead us into trouble when we know we are falling into temptation and many of us and nothing shall not covet that will cost a lot but it hasn't we all ate the same shortage of banal eyes and we thought of the vision and Jesus as what I've written in ANSI one iron of our lives from day to day we must be conscious of what's going on around concept of what were doing we cannot live life on automatic pilot vessel plans loving and with us in our lives are closely what Bible and why am I where I live I will well why I always swear I am going one student says and say that he is not into temptation vendors being tempted that's where you have no control you can stop them from you limited you something about the Republican column you can compel the student again the devil can come to you he does not come with a gun you have become a bill for temptations and therefore they must be cooperation between the devil and you and I and the said attempts on icy okay what I am saying is authentic some from without and from within it is Friday and the vegetation is wrong as a limitation it is not a problem on the above limitations in your life see you receive this was the one who will never have accepted all the business they notice him every temptation is an invitation to act contrary to most will have power to say yeah it only is with all the cooperation of because this positions us a powerful and following your initial auto loan we cannot resist you per I also find that the price with regard like the Greek crisis is uniform without help from the father could not have resisted both limitations and what was that visit again for record Christ in his shortfall in the wellness court law process at the powwow so that visitors are indications that will convert the goals will the visions from from about the devil overcome our natural desires James of one reverse located national essay when he's tempted I am tempted of God I should give you confinement force gypsum one reason for splitting recently Jim's is a lovable development but for practicable James one reading first thirteen draft that left the same when he started I am tempted a law about because of his evil life hepatitis C any less but every man is tempted when he is well drawn aware of this on not on advice then when lust has conceived embryo vote will send and send letter this focus on the job if all law long-awaited of his own lusts or bedevils the visions is almost entering into confusion that's not what happened to Jesus and Williams he was not informed of his own lusts the definitely the book does not wholly responsible for when you are not lifelong about how all our special is him and not without some of my milieu we have more information we must begin not to allow the global forces to lead us into situations that meet that end up in some some notes about the vision whether or not to resist addition it is best if you have a face in the first place arguably no solid alcohol that you are not as close to the school last employed it always had a guy at school who was met we walked back he was left bluntness with him as people there I like that the level of combat under that allows dogs say how bad you lost from you why when I will also go up why is it is not confronted if you cannot I like disease is easily because you know someone who just applying for grants of a fully loaded as we don't go looking for the little methods of enforcement video how to resist temptation must therefore ritual reverse longer redo I should value the King James version uses versions of the others my favorite Matthew chapter four rating from verse one as we continue the subject how to resist temptations the Bible says that it was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil out misread that first Jesus is not going Dean is coming from and because the devil you what you will detect a single while the devil to get him but Jesus then you will be posted right have fasted forty days for life it was afterward a hunger as anyone would be and whether the attempted attempted vendors that express again P Satan come to you don't go looking for him if your single little you can think about is men you are looking for but because you come through my imaginable but things will happen here if you sing along to help obsessive idea what you are looking for the human one but then my husband that I was speaking with you that our every aspect of us have had and when the temperature of the desert if thou be the son of God command that these deliberate let's examine the expression the devil prefers to come to you when you see session when he was made he was Lucifer was easy to put in the Bible says he was made full of wisdom when he was thrown out the cookies wisdom within you not impressed I have I cannot handle season I can't I just love to hold onto Jesus has other than what has been associated of Juan Miranda first notified that they saw the so which ones one of the punishment for soldier performance with one of the others will you are and what are you watching you sleep the Bible says this like you I will be measurement because you are setting the house are already like and want to about the Islam problem that was the first rules use on missions CJ and the flow monitors work aligned with the doctor the virtue he attacks you to do what we wish leaves the devil 's ultimate purpose of these your destruction the windows of which are united over five that their file I'll wipe you out walking out seeking the manipulative hours as some people are more vulnerable to authors baseball with the notable church that licks his lips you are slack notable George why was this a signal to send themselves together a cc of the uprising started attracting forays in the church is a set when it functions of visual and jewelry to Bible you'll remember your mail appears on seasons menu given on Friday on the desert the devil you know McCain will join us use my energies on my time because the devil knows he has how much time I saw you select a whole is also watching the fall I just you wait not only do you as you walk through large cities where Google liter in full by families and so whomever tried to look for the people who live there because those often overlooked victims saw this as the title of a holy volume to try glucosamine is little citizen sponsored I'm because serious he's on Oprah so he came to Jesus Jesus will looking for him to give the consequences we keep these of fasting along with your professor have you ever fax long as I will three days when it ended I was breathing on them halfway the first day I heard a voice is lost in the flesh his appetite is illegal birds we have uploaded their potato I felt a single novel and shipped three days and is not eating Jesus is probably the son of God humans for you comes when we spend the insinuates that is located to the year Haskell sent the ball really sixteen said on Wednesday the devil is not the only giggles that we know at the semis and exactly what he meant the Bible says in some ability to twenty grams of Mindanao he recommended that before there there close unusual criminal just asking are you sure this level she helps Jesus if the son of God not the devil was present at the baptism of Christ is to say at this is my beloved son and while I see at the battle is never far from Christ as was his personal site why do I say that because not all demons are equally we did some avoiding them the most we could be without that's why would Jesus vote typing is a job eleven before vehicles but it is not out of a man you won't get invited to seeking rest and finding none he said I will return the White House but I came out only defined as a garnish for certified on the twenty sixth wife he taketh the seven spirits all we can than himself together will do something once more given us as they are some Angels with more authority lovers Gambrill has more authority than any level but there's more authority are some people with more power to be wrong but others say festivals so he assigned himself the Jesus he was at baptism he is the father say this is my beloved son I'm highlighted companies by the way for Christ bonuses review this is my beloved daughter is my beloved son and I bought this at this as my beloved bottle of art all of the thing it was the most just like the police as we get the prize six weeks later if thou be the son of God Mississippi if you drive on your Taliban you are more than conquerors through Christ the power that the price keeps you but I still love you are you saying that Christ is there are key varieties of Palestinian attempt at one of our law if not because command to be seen to be right now was the response of Christ verse four is nothing for what he considers to it is written Man shall not live by bread and but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God is held the government approach price if I'll be shown of God in us if something would Jesus do not respond as the son of God is a most Olympic medal he said that nobody said man is he referring himself yes himself plus offs you can correct our first what does affect how I live on about all my people will buy everyone up with the outermost element from the all you can come down at you now only by bread alone which means you what I found them if it would work the God brings into the life for the die and ongoing but that is often not reasonable you didn't get what I said that right if you need to install the doors he was going to Elizabeth but Jesus wasn't being his only food gives to all to death but not just that evil for that of the cross is a pheasant feathers that were talking about the degrees within the thing is that there is that if I tell themselves that is what it shows your method of death there is nothing that I absolutely need with my thanks audiophile I I was little give me something that does give you women look you up I will say hey I thought I is the same but getting there is different so Jesus was obedient even after suffering no one kind of guy that I know when you have permission to resist Satan was lost what rather than dishonorable mounts the mind we must have a focus on the blog Jesus is the son is then shown locally by Google but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God ready to seven says he realized it would be pointless to try that again but he didn't give up he tried something else one says that the devil taketh him up into the holy city of something on the pinnacle of the Temple is set out in the focus of all tests I so found for dessert he shall give his angels charge concerning the other in their hands shall bear thee up less of any kind I forget to stone Jesus said unto him and it is written thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy goal not as exact a price that they use the word yes whether they'll say is obvious I will come out of this looking in right field as I remember the Sabbath day I will get invited when you confront the condition you have to use a Bible verse that matches the temptation are you following after the fall at the camera they also identify as far as FMS has hailed as a sense of pride about but a lot of him him somebody said is this is the only way those is the level why do I love how the right words is looking to the local Scriptures Benvenuto and it was better than any PSU can find some so we have to have this in our hearts that's why Jesus was able to see it is written and then he pull the devil exactly what was the devil has no power against it is written that you hear what he has to follow chores this is after he allows that that's why gives us an we have time for it is written once Israel yet as I was a crap what was a CD that does not yield estimate time this body is later while commenting is not enough but giggling is not enough you have a personal responsibility to protect yourself and your life you'll still against the devil and his temptations because the devil your only cost you the same you with the resources of vocational unique power that these divine using the same power the segmented like there was like that is the only power that works flawlessly say there's something to even resist yes some because the law also gives them at all possible since then cynically because of my items welcome savings when I cynically notice and remember the famously in the US is five for slightly those who English oh five reverse nineteen Ms. Lau buns all right sister okay I've tried to have Galatians five for slightly novel one of the flesh are manifest which of these adultery fornication uncleanness lasciviousness idolatry witchcraft hatred variance and relations Rob strife seditions heresies and these murders in front of his ramblings on satellite and all that is not all people in all of Iraq has by all people have the potential to go so not all sailors from all possible essays on the outside because of the way you were raised so you will not be caught dead stealing from you when the students up your argument with you and I only thought I had to take whether rightly you don't know that that is beneath you within the others but your level so that I will not wish this invitation on her the one that we work for you forward but this is the only power works still persists regardless of temptation of the ethernet this is no response not simply as towards your goal because we don't know some of the commercials were the results of the worst songs of loudest loanwords it is having the words under the principle in your life and focus of the amenities over the bread I shall not live by bread alone which means that spiritual life is more important than physical life you only deceive them it is better that he's not a guy that these yourself physically suffice capsize of the second division it is written the local descriptor he said his religion now Jesus responded to seventy five South South law to the Lord thy God the Paulson comment about God 's love is my Mozilla is you either love is not going to blog for Mozilla people misunderstand both love to mean God is not punish all brothers under angry God punishes and gone is not indulgent of everything we do if you put your self in the situation where you belong dog we thank you suffer the consequences if Jesus had jumped off that church he would've rolled all the articles you have please choose an because the father would not have put yourselves in positions where you can not theirs alone held me over there will hatch of qualitative situations where you look biblically English lord of hosts protection which means that many of us don't want to lay problems we have we bring on ourselves because we can go on with attempted vote in the wilderness the guy that's reduced local vision of Deuteronomy six Xavier you can go and you pay laws have deliberately put yourself in a position where you will be a slow galaxy of divine guidance and protection not testable like all those without they develop into an exceeding high mountain for symmetrical and so that all the kingdoms of the world of the Gallardo versus the all kingdoms of glory are you following the launching of the battle will looking woman is Greece have morning roll it with something as a member you send some of the forest overlooking the Lori wants to talk Linda Nelson as he signs with sparkles are you with me and I hope they are so he's on the kingdom of the world and the we offer the phone knows how to package additions packaging is important because it was also packaged Boston probably will want to when you want to market you find serially black-and-white boxes off I am ironically raw one of the causal senior boxes all kinds of you wanted to this principle is not to get existing force it out of the ground may the Lord Baltimore FAQ discusses the site is fully but the government case with breakfast gourmet food would consist of for evil investment was safe to go dancing all so he appears on that principle and use of result of the glory of them brings to officials to us but on the sleep story six twenty four thirty six format there's not like the fact is sixty three two hundred fifty pounds broad shoulders nor good job a car nicely packaged the glory of all these things will I give you if you fall and acknowledging the worship ask off at worship meetings of knowledge in the asthma there's a certain defensive visas under him Debbie has one five for it is written thou shalt worship the Lord by God and him or sell those are not your career not all dogs are made of wood and stone I also friends who sacrifice the health families to get ahead professionally to stabilize my family all got a gradual square it up please go that you're gone no career sacrifice anything to get ahead including the family of any single job on the luminal fat percent of that sex at the fact is you'll gone legit SF house I wasn't allowed by God as a hand people they really bought for my money going forward will not come to church for me that Madeleine will study the Bible because in the form of this metal was him or me shout foul sin verse eleven says visibility within the devil had to go zero seven zero four seven submit yourselves therefore to God which is what Jesus is the word to sum it all resident tablet is what Jesus that Honeywell is so that I will try in the season even said the store when he's beaten over the head with this he has them now that I'm great at nothing come back and get another treatment of missing nothing else will work out if we were strong as a vigorously relevant to what Jesus Bridges at one of you will all of you for certain fully when Peterson is not me only but also for his cap around the company and all of this talk like that don't get me to do this don't get me to do that continue to do with them since that's my she's mine is mine is mine pico did not know the degree to which he was weak you're not unlawfully aware of the depth to which I was sinful nature goals is not reported but unwanted person still has to this inflammation while ago I was at half now is a shop that's the wrong question when the life of Christ all this bluster because the flesh but of the bees are contrary one to the other I knew the Bible is the war you are the supreme command you decide who wins normalized Google 's word and make it a part of your life use swing for the spiritual side you will destroy the flesh you with the flesh I want guys is the flesh is domination that I is all abuzz over the spirit of flies all you guys where Jesus makes this corruptible on this model a bottle of the flesh or the by opening the lookout the counter is billed as we make choices to write against a force to the role but we must feed the spiritual Nobles method for us to overcome pixels simple that we go capable complex ways after all I have the great I can respect that was something this simple so simple for instance already got along with God is to obey the festival building a Bunsen burner your name readjusted on their catalyst is not just one I say let up and down on ROM discussion dad on unmet schedule is now gone optionally open those of his uses the vision reward and we see the use of the dry some kind of psychological approach and try diabetics to be dry Scientology the dry process theology else has no known just right with Jesus right it is written it will simply not wireless I bought has hidden these things allies unrevealed among the hopefuls must ultimately simple simple consisting in and you develop a resistance to the dev tools viruses and that is guaranteed by the very life of God of all that said visible distress advice of Donald walkoff Baltimore Jolie defends on my recent visit of other than just the word even before the attempted racial level doesn't come as a boy we doesn't eventually you can lessen the frequency with which the visit comes away saying about spiritual things over and over again I like the immense but I will know you know what I meant other name your thinking was let go to church today like to visit above is the Adventist visiting Baptist visiting with my solicitor I have looked at the Hellenic warranties you pick a passage of Scripture Neurontin muscular from San Bernardino San Jose Northwest what will you do this little window what do you travel with you weren't just sort read something others think about as a man thinking in his heart so we scam artists artists visited all of it is remote enough to and when he scams work because they put time on legitimate prayer time and effort that has set off one another and will become my Muslims homes across a New York to every goal you have you won't even know that scene concentration into Baltimore one way to keep it that way keep your mind occupied them really come through the line Las Vegas I guess I will keep this occupied this is the law also back depends on humans will have long blog all my children General Hospital he is on your list I talked to you in public then not what Mariah Carey sings that limited on Beyoncé for whomever I responsible blessings will will be the glory driving on the highway about this is Ms. Spears a big shot you will want to say I say go ahead precious God will listen to you another thing to keep it away spend time with people who Jesus and the was assuming this is one of the most powerful force on the righteousness but I'm the one related to that is the force of influence of authors you find your self in the wrong problem it is unlikely that you would report a problem that problem would comfort you pick an issue was your associates carefully even a little charge five table of Jesus it is easy to find a person who loves a system (s) they always talking about Nikon doesn't weather the sunroom of women and some men of honor within also eligible it should level the problem you can get someone who loves Jesus to stop talking about she felt what your company is unveiled you will say that that is what twenty thousand encourages him and I appreciate it I is accepted what want you to what you eat affects your ability to resist temptation the money went I want to even bring many women have the right of authorizing there were drunk but with one of the largest the other stuff I write many people have committed terrible crimes of the vehicles of what the level of thinking I was and did not have watch what you put into your system you are what you eat a it is easier for the devil to them someone will come up control appetite you're still likely since they miss as soon as Mrs. the first session recorded all the earth was a vindication of appetite and that person failed the first session she said I thought this thread was on the point of ulcer something now that will calls the advantage of less aggregate proceedings program billions of dollars are spent every year on weight-loss programs which don't work are right but people living on one hundred and seven this way problem as of spiritual the world will tell you but if you want to control that part of your life I ask God for the victory over appetite publicizes the one gene I read somewhere of years what is it Jesus make you eat notable gene can make you do anything I thought you shall kill it after they predispose you a gene does not look for the person that abruptly all my also has overhauled or covered somewhere where Nelson is down to eat with a ruler if the online flexible as well be a man different the Bible is like assuming these exercise seniors control of the power to exercise that comes from block and that's what it is wonderful to add temperance amazing self-control and every failure temperance light of the foundation of spiritual power over someone once said that was a city of Houston should be tempered to be my husband I figure there are exceptions of them to my husband licenses actually yes Johnny was a good thing yes temperance for Texas against loss of control we're talking about what can I do to make myself less like Keith's number one portal be vigilant to draw itself the above-described dilemma finish bejeweled one for six months is knowledgeable to be with us on the ball came to present themselves before the Lord of hosts is also little but also has advanced this is actually more than seven one four zero of the walking up-and-down I will also say that thou considered my servant Job that there is a fine line here is the outlined on the filibuster for good reason because definitely there is not like them in half and then thought I might a perfect I wonder your blog than the last one I like and eschew with his professors were extremely off-line in order to earn it it's been a lot to do with the vision for weeks PS she will easily run on a highway you look rolling billboards for men's clubs you have to look away but because your week for euros is not you just so you have to just travel with you on right ahead Joe S Hsu people pointing my brothers and my sisters hollow should be avoid confusion the foundation is the world of golf as a missing principle in our lives we must understand how Jesus overcame study methods are performed and launch up before the temptations are called in a slightly different order it will expulsion also the spiritual influences be frequently found in the house of God keep us on on your lips not one of them is amended but one that talks about Jesus and his love that hasn't message high buzzword in your heart and learns what resources a month or the unavailable numbers on a possible telephone number of the roof is something that number included on the workspace learn one Bible verse a week but because there is a sad as well as so I sent it is an awesome is that one way are you with me both and that antenna is not mostly enough to walk all analyzers and let long sleeve in the Apollo would be to release Israel social level and he was still standing there will still not how serious you are using the word in cooperation with your Yule and I have some neat many people to see my pages look to Jesus that in all the Jesus that all you have to do your drivers know what we must whistle because as a certificate someone was five hundred scientists have involved evidence to reinforce you are I gone supplies I proceeded to with what you identify all months we both have some things new sites and things that is something we must do equal operation with God the combination brings retreat office and jewelry to God and my brothers and my sisters do you want want to resist temptation yes in your heart you know are you proud of the time I probably try to help follow all exterior folding is easy-to-follow that's law practice is all about practice makes is useless it becomes easy to resist the next time notice of the people on whom going to count to resist for his work the recess I'll know for God I find off his word I think of the vehicle to the example of Jesus Christ I think only if I can see fortunately to send us all to put into your heart hatred for sin the very first process of Scripture is a promise of actually does at the other will identify synonymous in the forest promised as I promised but thanks anyway over the death asking for that humans won't force my book describes Chrysler's Bauhaus righteousness and Alaska Christian lands of the two we hates it believes it just acts of sin but a very close and that is a principal call same with his opposition to God do we hate soon as the schools in hatred for sin begins to build enough for righteous things also begins to be so that according to Ephesians five twenty five husbands love your wife you must consult Lipitor to get himself that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water how bipolar and so I say to you in the name of Jesus Christ the presence of living on his job desire of the child of God to do all you can with God 's help resisted December the fifth I am all for situations that you notify them as criminals also be to do old we will would want to know hearts we will ask you evil of quality situations I see we will keep a hand in our hearts birth of a week it helps with depression of the moves on the dock while just hanging selectively lift up someone else's work as a government witness when I'm in a bag or anywhere I am delivered the line identifies the person in front of me turned around one side with estimates that the person in the connected bridge I guess I see I don't bring Jesus also think she is telling a natural wearable your goal home try get some of this week half so along with others in the market holding is all whole foods by my organic soft humming softly with those around Jesus I'm so happy to know that if those of you have don't deserve to have sources on same cost you nothing means the government keep him mad as a long as I live over a long because if you resided here you soon love I can do all things through Christ it was with me with your forwarding the will focus on the things that are impossible with men are possible with God wanted him I was offering a Peterson of the level for the doubles it from the beginning for this purpose the son of Bob was manifested that he might destroy the works of guns and three he is authenticated on sauce I be hosted like lightning fall from heaven techniques that white if you have a well-defined limelight because it was Jesus I'm saving medicines which we live three change our lives would you say I have read about every eye closed father in the name of Jesus we computer going to recommit our lives if you'll has father we have no power against the demonic forces we have not abolished out of us but in cooperation with reunion with Christ's we can overcome every confusion that comes away father give us divine was that we may avoid situations like to really eschew evil vacuum SFR such as Ativan is there is none like from increase of twelve of us to understand many of you we are cooperating with the devil in his constant attacks on Jesus Christ father before I have Nicole an opinion that he also outlined in the hearts of those whose if there is someone of the sound of my voice whatever it is one of rascals it was struggling with something for a long time whenever there's is not the point one of the struggle exists in your life special prayer you will soon mold this thing has made my life for years I'm tired it may be lighting always late NZ will decide what will happen it has lately used a form on victory over this this where the devil conquers me time and time again if there is someone like that I want to come down here but also special person right is a must you come with me come we risk losing little company something is in it at jealousy but not once similar admitted to have a long long small dorm I will certainly be said is that website also in Los Angeles deserves that from the largest of the smallest and even a small area in your life where you constantly fall on my life we must gain the victory of those lives well if you think it's in the world was revealed as the writer your hearts and serious Bible says that Maupassant when Iraq might be faced with the devil when we allow these victims to remain we give you a lot of possibly get his place to the devil not one way is rest take metal art as much as without her brood of us there are some real-life model small wrists if you only have we want to read that Christ is always clearer that means unconquered interest in hell the wages of sin is death Sarah is a sinner is so seamless that ever since this was and I will interest anyone to do with all days oh yes but in my system info system to send brings the death of Florida a white flag this means we must view should seriously know of any sites ever have a very close father I continue this prayer I come to alter the name of Jesus with my brothers and sisters who've come to say more than we want to live lives that are free from any any demonic donation is a long level of life where the government does not have a cold Jesus said the prince of this world I'm half the lovely is as is with Osama quality okay we want to come to the place there gone where we can say as far as we know the prince of this world and half in the link to the web in the jealousy Orlando meal prior to elaborate let me that God gave us the power to overcome through faith in Jesus only want to inflate the power of his life they work in our lives yeah that his life maybe I'll allied that we missed that one fall I was a vibrant lights nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in on the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the festivals on the public this is how we want to leave the money of Christ in us give us hatred for sale and seventy eight thousand and shame when becoming the smallest is changed our tastes and give us credit for other types of fish and lots notice humble prayer to God please recommend tilting the same place wherein my left righteousness where and what is Charlotte arrived the second time whether shouting off across minute of shoving almost a minute without a noble death that's what we want to know us and strengthen us today and with plenty more having us in Jesus name but almost they will say that Amanda had a man on the Suleman is using I like using what was so good you want back is healthy is on board bless you both must you always so good this is a word that is him and him to Baghdad and do a whole is a will is a you will is the will and will will will will and him and you will will will him to do good and you will is is the law with reasonable Lord Jesus Christ and all members of the Holy Spirit it was all a horrible moment on both students and in demand among Muslim abuses this is going to review the spirits of Michelle you again tomorrow evening this is what I some of these bring someone with you I have possible hollow will have invited along are they someone with you while this


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