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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 10

Allan Handysides


Allan Handysides

Director, Health Ministries, General Conference



  • January 31, 2012
    1:30 PM
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but I like it if we could just die heads in prayer we're just a hospital to be with us this afternoon gracious and eternal father we thank you for your love and for the wonderful plan of salvation and the parts you have given each one of us to play as being a tiny reflection of your love and your grace and so father I pray that as we learn the lessons that are very diverse in this class that we will find in our ministry somewhere someplace there will come a blessing to somebody because would-be propriety Jesus and we joke about age I think that the most important thing for us to realize is that relatively speaking this is a new is the not it's possible that there are no diseases that come fairly frequently for instance sauce which was severe acute respiratory syndrome and that was a virus that was found to to be proliferating in humans for the first time just a few years ago that was a new disease whenever new disease comes along there is no memory in the genetic bank of those lymphocytes and so the lymphocytes are going to have to create something entirely brand-new and sometimes it's overwhelming there's always a percentage of the population that manages to make that antibodies and fight the immunity fast enough that they that they survived and so that's how the human race has survived human immuno deficiency virus the first became apparent in nineteen eighty one so it is relatively a new disease today I have a few objectives in mind when I approach this topic first of all I want you to know that there are the two viruses in the HIV family I want you to know about the to the two of them I would would like you to understand the course of infection with HIV cost we don't always understand that I want you to identify the social and economic impact on HIV on a family I want to motivate you to involve yourselves in reducing the stigma attached to this disease I do this because I believe that HIV and AIDS represents the leprosy of Jesus time now it may be that there are certain human behaviors that predispose towards HIV infection and those behaviors may not be the most appropriate and we may be critical of the behaviors that give rise to HIV in some situations I want to take a little bit of the time shape the history of want to just go through how how we know about it in that way perhaps familiarize yourself to the situation some time somewhere in Africa it is believed that a simian virus that when I say semi and you will know what that means Simeon means related to monkeys so a monkey virus probably a virus of the great apes underwent a small dictation that permitted it to infect human beings knowingly say that you say well isn't that evolution know it's not evolution that is a change in something that's already there and era if you like a big brokenness at root a fresh broken in what was occurring at the time HIV human immuno but if the deficiency box human immunodeficiency has its counterparts in the animal kingdom in things such as SIV which is feline immuno deficiency virus which cats may have and it's felt that this one the human immunodeficiency virus was probably something in either chimpanzees or possibly even gorillas but it's felt the more likely the chimpanzee part of the problem might be that in Africa with food supplies being short is that sometimes they use and need what's called bushmeat Bush made is anything that they can they can get and of course if they were killing and eating that chimpanzees as they still do in many parts of Africa where food is scarce then it would be possible for them to become infected with a virus that was infecting chimpanzees and just as we see the concern was good for the today avian flu I will worry that they could come a mutation in avian flu so that's what happened with the mutation in this box from calculations of the epidemiological growth of the visit disorder itself that it probably was sometime in the nineteen fifties that this mutation probably took place but in nineteen eighty one I think it was if I remember correctly it was in June of eighty one that came a report in the enema weekly print which comes out of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta they came the report of five young men with an acquired deficiency virus infection and they reported this and that was very interesting because here was the new syndrome all in phase it was called syndrome acute immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS it was reported the interesting factor was that it was in five homosexual young men that were support course this led to a flurry of excitement in the medical medical community not because they were really too worried about it but because it was an acquired condition and it was a new disorder so here was a new disease to the twofold undescribed in the medical of course it became apparent there often that they were more of these cases because once somebody says this is a desert this is a syndrome people start to recognize it the eye sees what it knows and so it was very rapid that people were able to set all this is a case of education I have this in nineteen eighty one I I was in the center I did not know and had I been there for a couple years I did not know about this disease but every now and again we would have a person with tuberculosis who that we gave them all kinds of treatment for tuberculosis they just did not get better and then we would say people who ran famous for illnesses that we couldn't identify they had meningitis that we could not treat and so we knew that there was something straight but we put it down to lack of education in a in African diseases so we didn't think that it was a new disease we just felt we were too ignorant and didn't understand what the disease was but when they said in nineteen eighty one its HIV this is a huge visit in London Saturday when they said this is a reset probably this is what patients are suffering from I remember very well in nineteen eighty six when Doctor Gilbert Burnham phoned me a nineteen eighty four he phoned me and he said Alan I have just done a gastroscopy on the mail and I have found a yeast infection one alas it's all fresh throughout his esophagus and even in his stomach I've never seen a yeast infection in a person 's stomach I said that is most strange it must be the new disease that they're describing in the literature at first they didn't know it was cute to a virus it took about three years and it was very confusing in the literature as people wrote about what was they were studying whether it was this kind of virus of that kind of buyers went back and forward for quite a while church folks church folk had no doubt about what the course was not altered for by some church folk said this is a visitation of God upon the homosexual community giving them what they deserve you may appear live at that time you may have even felt like that at the time I know that that sort of thinking has never really fascinated me it's always made me feel bad when we blame God for being the course of disorder disease as I don't believe he does that but it was very strange to me to see this creep in to the Adventist community perhaps even more sad than the fact that one of the people that I know very well who had that kind of judgmental attitude actually came down with an die from HIV infection I remember sitting one day or visiting a place where they were about sixty men sitting in the town called the puts were Doctor Landis was working just across the South African border town six but we had a clinic input swing the guillotine a devotee trashy type of town on the border but they are in a warehouse building work set up a lot of lazy boy chairs in others recliner chairs there was a gentleman who had set up a business that he would give the state dinner to anybody who would give him a couple of units of blood he would spin the blood down and give them back their own right cells so they didn't feel they didn't feel we can go losing energy they got the red blood cells I only took was the plasma that I told you about this morning to fifty percent it was on the top of course they drank a lot of water and that he gave him a steak dinner which had far more protein than he ever took out on them in the blood but he was then taking that plasma and pooling in putting it together so the pool of blood from many many people was put together into one unit and it was frozen and sent fresh frozen plasma sent to Germany where a major company separated out the fractions from the blood of things like factor eight for hemophilia separated out fibrinogen for people who work efficient and maybe required vibration and fresh frozen plasma itself was being used but it was pooled blood blood plasma in other words it was not long before every patient who had hemophilia was also affected with HIV and AIDS in fact when the when the Red Cross in Canada started to processing the food that the blood they knew that of this possibility for about five or six months before they moved decisively on screening the blood for HIV and making definitive changes it resulted in a huge uproar and the Red Cross in Canada was actually been handling the blood supplies because of the mismanagement of this kind this condition so here we have a virus what is this virus doing the virus is attacking lymphocytes you remember those lymphocytes that we talked about that are producing antibodies it is attacking specifically those those lymphocytes and other viruses as a giant H IV virus one which is more virulent that means it's more aggressive on this HIV-2 which is less there and occurs more in West Africa I don't know whether it's the virulence of the prevalent strain that makes it even to this day that there is less a viral infection less HIV and AIDS in West Africa the event is in South Africa or whether its effect the juju of the particular characteristics of the demographics of the people not the sales that are affected the lymphocytes that are affected carrying a market in their cell wall I remember showing a picture of the cell will yesterday the CD4 cell is a cell that carries a particular market in that lymphocyte envelope that soap envelope and that particular protein Marcus seems to function as a day each way for the virus to get inside the lymphocyte so this particular virus doesn't cause you to have a runny nose it doesn't attack your live your your brain cells are you hot cells although there are effects that can come with infection it affects primarily these lymphocytes with the CD4 protein marker on this shift once they knew that it was possible to monitor the progress of the disease by monitoring the numbers of lymphocytes CD4 lymphocytes and when the count was found to drop below two hundred then they started to notice that the syndrome of age actually manifest itself in other words the competency on the lymphocyte team all of them once it dropping below two hundred of them per cubic as in the major blood then then there was this in competency of the immune system now what happens is that the lymphocyte is attacked by this virus which gets into it and then causes that lymphocyte to die but it causes it to die off death it has commandeered the nucleus to do certain things it has commandeered the nucleus to make more virus particles and I'm going to tell you about this now hates just to get a little bit a picture these are oldest of this is that I can go back and re- do them but by two thousand and five there were more than forty three million people worldwide who were infected this has showed a little bit now some people will say we're now seeing that it's in recession it's hardly in recession it just has reached a plateau that the number of deaths and the number of new cases seem to be in balance and there's still about forty three million people living with HIV infection there are over twenty six million of these people they were wrote twenty six million of these people living in Africa as of two thousand and five there were fifteen million children left without parents there were four key million people who had died of HIV as I drove to the old Mission Hospital Baluchi a couple of years ago the most thriving enterprise that I so was the manufacture of coffins and the palm of the funeral parlor was doing a thriving business and although the birthright isn't about six percent in many parts of Africa the population has ceased to expand now up both rate of sixteen percent should lead to a doubling of the population about every ten years but with HIV and AIDS that birthrate is now only maintaining a static population the first thing I want you to tell you about the viruses that it is a fragile virus you know sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted by organisms that are fragile new people say well can you catch it from the toilet seat well it's very difficult to have sex on the toilet seat that's what we always say to people us that question because this virus if it dries out it dies unlike hepatitis B which can survive for couple of days in the drive for the virus the HIV virus is dead it requires moisture and warmth and the nutrients of human tissue a human blood or tissues or superhuman fluids to keep it alive that's why it is transmitted in human tissue fluids such transmitted in blood is transmitted in plasma is transmitted in extracts of blood that are liquid and its extract is transmitted in the ejaculatory fluids and sexual fluids that are you of the prevalent in intercourse of sexual intercourse the virus is what we call an RNA virus now the nucleus nucleus is cool is manufactured made of deoxy ride though nucleic acids those are the helical structures and those for change that is full of fault of curing and preventing such as the bases with the sugar the deoxyribose attached to the show the deoxyribose check in an RNA virus the sugar is not deoxy ribose but is itself ribose this virus has asked each coal has as its core here in its DNA here in its RNA here not deoxyribose but ribose this means that if it is going to be able to use the human lymphocyte cell to make mold viruses it has to somehow be written back into the nucleus the human notice of the lymphocyte as deoxyribonucleic acid that's why we call it a retro virus it has to be written back but it comes carrying in its back pocket a special to the special tool that it carries in its back pocket is an enzyme called reverse transcriptase so what it can do it gets into the cell through the CD4 receptor and it carries its package of reverse transcriptase with it and this enzyme rights the mirror image of a ride in acid baths into the DNA into the nucleocapsid and creates in the nucleus a new gene show the gene has now been written into the nucleus and then that Jean becomes awkward and it sends messages through transfer RNA to those little ribosomes that are useful in the South and the ribosomes begin to a single structure of new virus particles as the little weasels if you want to think of them that of the ribosome turned out the new virus particles it changes out and I always illustrate this by saying like a roll of toilet paper it turns amount each virus particle representing one sheet of the toilet paper so it's putting out a regular of viruses and if there was not another enzyme that would be a harmless state because a ribbon of viruses can't get out of the cell can't get into the other CD4 cells but an enzyme called protease is rather like a tracking device and just as there are perforations between these virus particles as they are in the screen the protease cuts the perforation and each particle is then freed into the system you might say it making an awful lot to this and telling us an awful lot of about the virus you will understand why in it a little bit because it's fragile it requires blood semen vaginal secretions breast milk to transmit it can be transmitted by sexual contact mother to the infant transfer of a blood transfusion or injection of common feminist material such as when you use a hypodermic needle any poll it will do it will get in through the skin into objecting in the blood it gets in through a break in the genital mucosa any rate in the integrity of the skin opens it up so that the sexually-transmitted disease can be transmitted now I want to tell you a little bit about some of the social logical factors that could lead to this situation I believe the earlier the area geography of HIV infection showed that it was being present in Uganda along the truckers roots now those of you who've worked in Africa note that the truckers drive these trucks throughout Africa and as they go along they will drive maybe four ten twelve and they come to certain death pose these are usually places where they can refuel and get diesel maybe that all of the places where they can rest and they can have a cheap accommodation in the next week therefore eight hours and then carry on with that truck may be traveling boss difference that distances across Africa to understand the size of Africa you have to understand that the continental United States of America would fit three times into the continent of Africa such as a huge continent and these drivers are driving the strip and in Uganda the country of Uganda by plotting the April prevalence of HIV and AIDS they were able to show that these half way houses these breaking prices what where the prostitutes were gathering to share this sexual requirements of the truckers and so all along the roads every shoe place they stop you have a place where there was an nidus of infection from those centers that this spring in South Africa we sometimes wonder why southern Africa got it so hot in South Africa the mining industry of South Africa was a major major industry for the whole range of self that men would come from Malawi Zimbabwe Zambia Botswana they would come to the gold mines to the called mind and when they came that they would be separated from their family for six months or a year to time be the mining companies build hostels for the shop a hospital would put that may have three thousand men or six thousand men staying in a hostel for entertainment they created to be a God when they could come and drink naked beers traditional betas these with sick vias with lots of grain in them they were fairly nutritious but that have alcohol of the alcohol would make them feel Mary the young women who often did not have much education or training they would come to these be a God and they would ply their services as sex workers they would perhaps come to the big city spendthrift for months that make some money go back to their villages and then they would have a boyfriend or something back in the village and so is that the spread of this disease was greatly contributed to not just by homosexual transmission but heterosexual transmission in a social or economic climate that fostered the separation of breakup of the homes it fostered sexual activity and promiscuity among the people okay so we found that this became a major problem HIV and AIDS varies the geographical area shows that the mode of transmission there is in America here homosexual activity is still a major form of transmission but drug users using the needles for drug use are another major course of infection I want to just tell you a little story about the other one I assured this is mother to child transmission if a mother is HIV positive about twenty five percent of the of the of the babies born to that will be infected if she breast-feeds and she's untreated and has a high viral count the baby stands a half strong risk of acquiring the virus from with proper treatment today thankfully you can drop the virus can down to undetectable levels so that it's not not selected breast milk and in Africa we would recommend that treated women could continue to breast-feed because the risk of dying from an infection or malnutrition or something like that it in the mother and that didn't breast-feed is so great that we used to say the challenges of one out of five children surviving to two years of age if they were not breast-fed was one of five children so you can see breast-feeding is a major protective effect in Africa except treatment was so important HIV is not transmitted is not transmitted by casual contact that couple will not transmit HIV close contact even kissing has not been associated to show it to transmit the virus no case has ever been transmitted to the traced to coughing sneezing mosquito bites or handshakes so put your mind at rest now how does it work Don Juan is feeling terrific it's Friday night and he is going to go and spend the night on that's how I show egos to the body 's going to look around and he is not really as attractive as he would like to be answered I can't find a really young suitable golf but he finds this go who seems to be short of making up to a little bit he doesn't know but she's actually a sex worker and shows C Avenue says you know I'm she don't ask for money she just is I'm sure the cash you at at at any talk cemented and against the divisive money and they go and he has sex becomes from psyche inebriate feeling you know not baddies had some sexual release he goes to bed maybe he had a sexual encounter to eleven o'clock by three o'clock in the morning his father stress sleep but the virus particle that he obtained from that worker has ended a CD4 cell it switched on the cell machinery and in the space of four allies has been able to create in that self-sufficient activity that how many virus particles do you think can be created in the space of the four hours on millions two thousand two but you see exponential growth is such that you take two thousand buyers particles in for our that each one of those is going to infect another seed before sound and I wanted in fact said in another four hours we now have how many fifty euros know we have for moving in so we have four million virus particles in four hours show by by the time he wakes up at seven o'clock in the morning don't want my responded cook now is represented by four million and you can see in another four hours it could be conceivable that he would now have how many he would have a Billy you see how exponential growth and show this young man may opt a couple of days say you know I don't feel so good I always feel a speed knocking goes to see the doctor and the doctor looks yeah how are you doing that just I just feel like I got a flu bug and it oxygen I think it's a virus take two aspirin and you'll feel better it takes a couple of aspirins and you know it doesn't feel good for maybe three weeks or so but often to three weeks his immune system is fighting is starting to fight these viruses and the battle is on this is going to be the battle of his life because the battle is now on to fight the infection and he under normal circumstances untreated may live anywhere from seven months of his unsuccessful two may be fifteen twenty years before he comes picked him to this box but without treatment it was inevitably fatal however we have found some and why did I tell you all the difficult thing we have found that there are two types of treatments that are used to combat HIV the infection the first of these is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor now do you know what I reversed transcriptase in it and it would do remember I told you there was the enzyme the tool that was in the pocket of the virus ready to rewrite the virus back to the nucleus and inhibitor although reverse transcriptase would be like a man that is tied around the reverse transcriptase so now you can't use the anytime it blocks the activity of the enzyme check makes the tool non- functional so one form of medication is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor the out the that protease whatever treatment approaches I told you that the protease was the protease was an enzyme that cuts that cut that possible shut a protease inhibitor takes the spring out of the protease enzyme and now it doesn't work there's no cutting so those two medications protease inhibitors and reverse transcriptase inhibitors for him the backbone of the medications used against HIV and AIDS course that working on developing modifications in each one to make them more efficient they have side effects these these medications are not without side effects but the side effect not using them to carry in a hundred percent of situation and the side effect of using them maybe that you feel sick or you don't feel so well all you have a little bit of a rational you have whatever the side effects may be headaches and things like that but it's a question of what is the cost effectiveness what would you rather do die without the medicine ball have some side effects when administered and we know that these two medications have been shown absolutely incontrovertibly to be able to allow people to leave and where's we used to see people dying University dying from HIV we now see people who are living with HIV for periods of twenty five and even thirteen years showed the medications have made a big difference to the people living with HIV so here is an example when you hear people saying Mrs. White said we should not use medication and you will hear your members say that your hip you think Ms. Rice is not good to use medications Mrs. White did not know of this disease Mrs. White did not know of these medications Mrs. White was not talking obvious disease all these medications she was talking about the medications that I told you I read about in the manual from eighteen ninety eight which would things like mercury and heavy metals and snort dozens of all snake and alcohol tobacco and all kinds of opiates these those medications were not curing anything number one they didn't work number two guy had a whole sided thanks go to take a medicine that doesn't work and has only side effects of cost she was one hundred percent right in saying don't use medications used natural remedies but we have moved both in the diseases which we are working with and we have moved in the context of our understanding of the medication and I'm telling you it is my firm belief that had missed his wife being alive today Mrs. White would've said by all means take this medication showed the virus particle gets into the to the cell here is the CD4 cell multiplies itself by taking over the nucleus told you all about that and how it works okay so you understand these are just some pictures that show how works at one of the symptoms told you about the symptoms now we say it is one hundred percent preventable does that mean we developed a vaccine that does a vaccine available down there working on a vaccine there are vaccines which give some protection but nothing like hundred percent maybe forty percent protection some of the vaccines but it's a hundred percent preventable by the nonuse of getting needles abstinence from sexual contact and in the presence of sexual contact it can be reduced though not a hundred percent eighty five percent by the use of condoms which brings us to a very important question there have been some people who say Adventists should not say use a condom to prevent HIV and AIDS they say you only promoting sexual activity that's why I said to you should we tell the meeting to about being say on building your underling a case going back because to withhold beings from a meeting to gives him three six times more risk of colon concept over his lifetime to withhold condoms means that there is an eighty five percent challenge more that they will get HIV and AIDS shall shortly withhold a condom from somebody just because we disagree on the Lord disagrees or that behavior is immoral whenever we would want to say about it all we still going to say you know you must die in your sinfulness what if it's yours or your dog wouldn't you pray to Lord bring them back to you bring them back that they can understand your tenderness and your rights Lord bring them into your phone they are lost shape and the larger remember said that the good Shepherd went out to get the shoot but let me tell you there would be no sheet or left out in the wilderness if they are engaging in that kind of activity in Africa and we didn't have been used according the condom gives them not only an eighty five percent chance of not getting AIDS and not only may mean they use it because they want to have more sexual activity but it also means that will be a great chance that they will be around for the Holy Spirit to speak to them and pulled them back into the fold SC had a question on old let me tell you you see you are here in North America many are unaware in in in Africa I was in Africa or all in my life I lived in Africa I think it sixteen years but I was there for about eight years a.m. in the last thing that I was there and in that time we establish family planning programs were established sexy transmitted the next week established treatment hospital Google kindly and of course we work with people and contraception includes no we never believed in driving down the street and throwing condoms into the street then we went distributing condoms like that that's irresponsible but they would second half consultation is an obstetrician and gynecologist we deal with the earthiness of humanity that we tell you when you have people come in and say Doctor Henry says can you tell me who the father is and I think you're supposed to tell me I can't tell you the fun well blogging online regular boyfriend but I got drunk on the Friday night night slept with that guy and I don't know whether it's him aware is my real boyfriend that specify how my going to be able to find it all you've got a seventeen -year-old kid comes in she said Wilson saw been having sex with my boyfriend a and you can you say well what's eating for protection the world is not the way we would like it to be it's not an ideal world so actually shaped and we can talk and as weak as we talk it's important for us to provide that patient with the very best advice we possibly can we always would say you need to be abstinent you need to keep your cell phone marriage you need to keep yourself pure you are exposing yourself to multiple dangers but knowing human nature and knowing perhaps that patient in particular I have had six boyfriends in the last two years or be a woman who's had five children each by a different father over the last five years and she's only twenty five years of age don't live in a dream world so we would say you know if you're going to persist in this behind me please use a condom because otherwise you're putting yourself at tremendous risk for HIV and eight that was the message and the approach that we had to act in Africa for health message and mission hospital they came to health director who did not agree with that he said conduct not condoms and he was so adamant that he convinced the leadership that its conduct not condoms condoms became a dirty word on the condom was put all the immorality on the continent was laid all the sexual misfortune as of the Congo became as it was a distillation of all the sexual aversion that they might have had to promiscuity and eight one two people not to even think of each other someone parses thought that the condiment Southwest sinful it got so bad that a young physician went to and his wife was pregnant and as they did went to the delivery they checked the provided that the mother and they found that she was HIV-positive and they said to your HIV-positive you did you know that she said no this is a true case I know the company of another country under the hospital where it could show the young physician said while WiMAX supposed to do you say where did you get it because prorated you probably will have background prior to them getting married but he should what must I do so he approached actually the president of the church in that union said you think it would be all right if my wife and I used a condom to prevent me from getting HIV seroprevalence was this antipathy towards condoms that the price incentive no you must not use condoms you see in North America we don't understand the differences that there are in culture and availability mindset and so many factors and so I tell you this because it has other implications for health ministry to young when we witness became folk that we don't we don't make something sinful when it's not sinful toll how can a condom be sinful that's all that said if it shall die in sin and transgression of the law does a condom do any of those things it doesn't do that Mrs. White said she is said he was a team that was an argument drinking did she didn't mean the team itself that was a product regarded creative we have to be careful the way our words will be interpreted this is one of the reasons we stand in defense of the lactone of a vegetarian diet because we don't want to take milk and make it vilified there's no reason to vilify milk there is no evidence to believe I know it's your choice if you don't want it but please don't say that it's so terrible that when you go to some country where perhaps that could save a life it's not good to be taken because it's viewed as being evil having 's stood in the ward of more only Adventist hospital and looking at the pediatric ward we had forty five children it was that season of the year when the harvest was not yet come in last year 's harvest had all been eaten up and the children now who had been doing without the beans who were not able to eat the corn especially the two -year-old who had just come off the mother 's milk because the mother had now become pregnant again they were lying in that ward with pot bellies ring today and they had accepted faces swollen feet because of the lack of protein suffering with or she'll go protein calorie malnutrition and I said to be skewed to the message I should want the feeding is certainly giving them nearly Neil Roth which is maze maze meal porridge I said you what he adding to it because I know that mazes a good foot that is deficient in lashing I said are you adding beans she's doing gotten the beans that's the reason they hit they would be here Philippines available in games she said there's nothing I think I got beings know about so I went to the mock I had money money in my pocket I was a white man I was got a shot you know I could not find beans anyway I went through the market couldn't find any beans and started to panic I couldn't do and then I saw they had a snack of little tiny watercooled carpenter fish there is a small these were little dried fish in a snack they had died pending court neck in agony they were contorted they were all twisted and try a little buttons on Friday and then butterflies looking at me like this and as I look to them I thought these people in pics and I had about ten dollars which was a lot of money remember that some of those people were on and any hundred dollars a month I put down ten dollars and I bought a little bag of competitive fish I took it to the kitchen and what do they do then boiled and boiled them with the scales on the board with the guts and they boiled and Linda I will connect you a blonde with all kinds about you think that I would think that that was an ideal kind of stuff not a blood and blood blood and they made a fish paste came out just like a fish paste and they took a tablespoonful of that on everybody's playing with that meaning me and the kids at first because they varies the digestive tracts were not able to take it they took it little by little and as they took the nourishment and the protein that came to the became cure and so they were able to be restored to health and I don't advocate fish I'm not going to vilify it invents with the situation you may choose to be of the game type vegetarian don't vilify what could be food that's not the biblical position the Bible says do not criticize food that the good Lord may have made available for people to eat chose to do what you want but don't interfere with what could be the life of Henry I a somebody else and that's why we don't talk against the con not that we want people to be wearing condoms not doubly going to throw condoms industry would not enjoy the gay pride parades and invite condoms the size of the ceiling not when I'm going to be doing that kind of stuff all right but there is a place for judicious forkful careful application I want you to be careful and judicious for full health ministers that when people see you they will say this person understand and when it comes to HIV and AIDS and you know that in Africa seventy five percent of hospitals are full of patients with HIV that we will become and we will be calling that we will have understanding it's a tragedy that in reality the reason we were able to push the General conference to establish HIV and AIDS office in Africa came when we had sufficient numbers of pastas who were coming down with HIV and AIDS presence of some of the unique and treasurers and such countries in administration that I sent to them the cost and at this was true at that time the cost of the medical therapy for each one of these is going to be five times the salary you are paying for that that they suddenly woke up that we needed to do something about this disease and we today have been HIV and AIDS office Doctor Oscar and Eugenia J Donnell here at the conference that on that annual leave that come to this health conference they are the leaders in that particular program let us have compassion let us understand this condition realized that many many people acquired the disease not through sexual transmission of troll think of all those hemophiliacs who acquired it as little children getting back to control their breathing disorder think of it that may be we as Mission Doctors transmitted reusing needles at the offerings were not sufficient force to have a clean needle every time until we were trying to sterilize the needle and possibly we had used a needle that was on one person we injected somebody with the very best of intentions we may have transmitted this disease so let's realize we don't live in the splendid isolation of North America or the splendid isolation of the church in Columbia we are a world family we share each other's joys we share each other's sorrows and we have a well mindset that understands there is need for flexibility in the way we approach and human meeting among the people around them are this video was produced by bodybuilders including NAP health Summit if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com life is more green online is www. audio verse on board


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