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Foundations of Health Ministries, Part 11

Peter Landless


Peter Landless

Associate Director, Health Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 31, 2012
    2:30 PM
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the endocrine system the head outlive you a little discussion on the endocrine system now and I'll ask you again because I mentioned we as a secure reading room is also the law is redundant very much committed things inconvenient game but we talked about endocrine and that's one of the way that sells speak with each other than Ron will communicate with each other and we said that in order for ace a fun began to speak to another Daniel communicates with another plan which is far away from it it will send its mission to violate again by the blood and Sand this may seem distantly and it will find its way to a tip to remember lack of luck in the key owner lost you a few questions Eric quickly so we can be learned in a few minutes so we had to work through it tell me something and crime organs that you know or systems anybody lymph nodes in in the broadest sense today almost everything is an endocrine demand now live that is what the reproduction yet dignity but to connect to your point you'll see in the literatures we talk about classical description and the broader description when the classical description of the endocrine systems was made up it was the United venue of the sexual or reproductive that is one system male and female hormones and so somebody I think failing you mentioned thyroid thyroid behind the thyroid there what a cold that parathyroid gens which would the calcium and phosphate men made in the middle of the brain is a little bland cold that pituitary gland drive becomes active well done and it sends out all the missing is a hobby of hormones to be stimulated the stimulating woman's of the releasing and then thereof the exactly the suprarenal glands the adrenal guy that sits on top of the kidneys on little cat if you in the country as we had the islets of magnetic switch bridges water homelands instrument rock and also the Google says there are a number of these inventors found that they keep me produces coal mines it produces a hormone which helps the patient about it and that it's not a dream to its eldest era and raising men in particular he read not raining we read and then it also produces a whole which is discovered when they found out that people who were in chronic kidney failure became very pale of introducing people kidney failure on dialysis they very very pale and that's because the kidney produces a substance which stimulates the bone marrow and is called erythropoietin and estimates the bone marrow to make brain cells interestingly that has been genetically engineered and made and manufactured and when you inject that into a regional kind of pension bank for city Madonna started into the paint and well but I run into another problem the problem is this that made me cell counts go up and there are the machines getting the highlight missing or think to conduct so you have to walk a very fine balance that whereas you and I hope you have a hemoglobin of about thirteen fourteen fifteen and you wouldn't really want to renal failure patient government nine nine five so the kidney produces venues in the Olympic Games well all those cells which Doctor had decided to the rapid T cell in the lymphocytes the granulocytes these cells produce what a cold fact that I sometimes things are chemicals sites means cell so cytokines are produced by the cells in the salesman could neither speak to the cell next to communicate they sit oldest child distinctly and so we see that Sam there I somebody's mixing with us because I often will relax in the area you you said vis-à-vis cells speak to each other so strictly speaking it's been at all the lymphatic cells and lymphocytes are part of the endocrine system but there is a classical endocrine system and the classic endocrine system basic these the picture treat thyroid parathyroid and and the adrenals the pancreas a genitourinary system of the VA the reproductive system gonads for those of me Kathy hormonal that produces and systems now that we've got that straightened me we also remembered this to remind you that one of the definitions as well all they and endocrine band is that it's chemical is same talking to the black blood in the method of transport fit into the bloodstream admittedly it goes to install the golden switches and on and in will be switched over when the work is done that needs to be done then there's another very important thing I think today's a very good day to share that with you the negative feedback system negative feedback on notice that there are cuts off rush out of this room and brought back a lovely orange jersey old topple covering artificial because she was cold industry you see then is the feedback she's giving us feedback about the temperature and we got it so what happens is normally we will sit as a singular that the thermostat to a certain level and then when the temperature reaches that level in the air conditioner will ritual and when the temperature rises above the end of a permission comes back on to convince him so it's continually feeding back onto the work record the ambient or surrounding temperature now that's exactly the way woman's work the finery produces thyroxine thyroxine is a crucial homeland in the energy metabolism of the body before thyroxine for the fun really began to work it needs to be stimulated by the need that the church event which releases thyroid stimulating woman said of the gentry said this messenger five defendant takes me two thousand and on a fixed and fixed his GFH GSA countdown tonight the thyroid the firing gets to work makes the thyroid hormone pushing that into the bloodstream goes onto the body and does its work but have you sold why doesn't keep on producing more and more and more and more thyroid because as the family home and nibbled rises in the blood but that Yuji Gann has special cells which monitored that and then they get switched off when the label gets to the right amount that you tree stop sending the text message none will take until it drops again so all the time there is this wonderful mechanism in school negative feedback if that be back on the level of the whole man of the oldest substance which is being measured or which is being used at that point like thyroid hormone and admission is that it feeds back onto the picture to Dan and switches off the fiery is not amazing absolutely off if the and wonderfully made now similarly will take the pancreas rates on inside the pancreas they're all little groups of cells called the islets are many hence the islands of Monday and I have special cells which produce insulin which decreases the blood sugar and produces glucagon which in certain instances pushes the blood sugar when you had a meal like you had anon two thousand and eight you forgot the drag do anything him again he and on our off time so we the body absorbs and breaks down the carbohydrates and song and this should enable it absorbs the sugar is the simplest forms into the blood and this thing gets distributed to the baby 's places of needs to go under the influence of two inch human results in the moving on because into the cells but how do we know now as the blood sugar drops the insulin level drops as the blood sugar level goes up when anything happens to the instrumental it goes up and said is a continuous following on the negative feedback because as the blood flows through the pancreas cells monitor and measure how much insulin needs to be lit into the system isn't it amazing now you're understanding a few things which are very crucial to thought out discussion is mainly going to talk about today and that is something endocrine diseases in a week and spend time and I can take you through every single endocrine organ and we can talk about functions and we can talk about diseases we really don't have the time to do that but there are some very very important diseases which you need to know about as you work in your church be a center for the community 's health and one of them is we talking about hormones and in the crimes which one would you say this which disease is crucial in poor we cannot not in your community when North America and I've diabetes what's blocking Columbia thine be the Macon big a lot of it is not sure yet what in the population on a and mulches increment that it's going up in big amounts it's going to get more and more the diabetes a growing problem there are two types of diabetes at least three times three main types of the one doctors had a very innovative way of labeling their diseases imaginative and very difficult to remember the first one is called type one diabetes and they've got to the diabetes and in this gestational diabetes again next and women who are pregnant and then develop an intolerance to the two sugar to carbohydrates brought type one diabetes is this common one and one of the important reasons to talk about diabetes in general it's the commonest core of blindness in the world the commonest core was on kidney failure in the world set exhibit every significant disease it's a very very important component and risk factor for heart disease for arterial disease strokes I is using treating blindness as I mentioned on my phase usually a more songs in condition but it can move into that demonstrate at one diabetes is the one which used to be called juvenile onset meaning that it would start in the younger age groups and on their forget the greatest week the youngest either the diagnosis was in a in infants under the edge of the year child is not well and Doctor Karen kidney and bladder infections and that we were hunting them in the beanies and I've made eventually managed to get it in the London example of an inherent sovereign from babies that is difficult but I than to get a special bag and she was a female demigod a song from the viewer and hence the big statistics in the midyear and sticks and surprise surprise this child has diabetes type one and type one diabetes is what recalled an old child in using disease or does it mean that the body develops and immunity to itself by automobile tonnage goes by itself or Damien the body the beds if it fails to recognize that the body is itself so it starts to destroy certain portions of other tissue in this focus is on the insulin producing cells on the island sibling so they are destroyed in the many ancient and then have what is called as soon that means you it is the factory is caused on broken and destroyed so they need replacement domains in and write from the word go soon as they diagnose a knee replacement image if you doesn't even mention they land up with a lot of problems again to customize they they can die in that situation will diabetic ketoacidosis they become dehydrated of course always computationally talked about even when now getting there into the injections you convicts me sit to watch over your calendar from the start of the disease to the time and they start getting into kidney failure probably about thirty years thirty now it's a little longer because of data control better understanding of the storage of incident etc. but it's a disease which is in etc. both it continues regardless and it's a problem that's top one cent beef on top one diabetes need replacement of incident from the get-go that has implications for parts of the world with sometimes difficult to store instrument instrument is approaching and and it needs to be stored inappropriately low temperature setting certain parts of the world it's very hot and the instrument is exposed to heat it and the guys would record denaturing denaturing needs and is no longer as effective so these old problems related than with the church can make a major difference in helping people to understand that not many the way insurance should be stored at some times to make that facility available in the community they find themselves one diabetes type two diabetes we have seen in the United States probably in the loss trained team news and eight hundred missing increase in type two diabetes conduct a handy time deny links to medical school and where young doctors which is probably just about fifteen years ago in this country we did not see type two diabetes in individuals under the age of fifty five in fact probably sixty week that Nazis it is called maturity onset diabetes diabetes today sign to his presenting into the pediatrician 's office in adolescence it's a huge problem and it's a huge problem and it's a growing problem now the type two diabetes and vigil one of the courses listed focus decrement and rewind the top one time one they may be a humidity component to it that gingerly it is more as I said on the autoimmune basis it may be an association in children who updated and milk cows milk under the age of one year race is based nation at risk milk and is an association it may be in a small genetic component the races watercooled idiopathic in time to retrieve that means we don't know the reason five two diabetes one of the most predominant relationships is obesity along when inactivity is in the two major contravening practice and as the population growth is increasing under the good population good is driving and resourcing is the other evening I think Mark Finley was talking about the figures out racist talk about his extra that we looking at fifty percent of the North American population is overweight at least thirty percent is taking the obesity and be seen with in children use some of you sold the slides of the defect kids seeing a lot of that do these people having to all that producing into so what's the problem bank that had more incident but that are resistant to insulin cannot do the work that needs to do incident not only doesn't work on the on the metabolic process of moving Shabbat into the cells it is also what record a growth and a growth factor is something its encirclement which stimulates cells to undergo training at one of the way that benefits and diabetes maybe look into the eyes of the diabetic individual you see that big blood vessels begin to undergo proliferation may grow they may become David name are stimulated to form new blood vessels in the sometimes those blood vessels are abnormal in that they form little but optional and nudist as well sometimes that means into the written and with all of this price is going on people begin to go and they lose their vision that's one of the examples of the growth factor effect on venture is another sinister component because I can think of few things that could be worse than me but another component is that obesity is associated with an increased amount of malignancy we heard about neoplasia today set in Sugarland when it's floating around on used being produced in excess because the sugars remain high despite the increased tension in the negative feedback is not working properly some more insulin is produced it becomes a growth factor in the stimulus for possibly certain cancers and so we find that not many do we find it in the handset of new growth that occurs but also the changes that occur in auctions so along with the high problems the possible issues related to cancer problems we find that in diabetes type one and type two there is a significant metabolic problem related to the diseases of all trees of the small trees and the lawn jockeys nine five two diabetes not uncommonly they will present with small vessel disease one is a small vessel the blood vessels start out from the large aorta which comes out of the heart and goes down to the rest of the body with all the bronzes that come off the tenure branches to the kidneys and two other Romans as a guide on I think the next from the main blood vessel it comes out of the half they then got into watercooled on trees and then they these above craving muscular wolves they then break down into arterioles which is even sicko rules save your to cut them in half to looking at that there is this one if you cut it in half the end then you get into the little contrarians which are very small blood this and if you look at this you seen on the single celled blood vessels as of the rule the sales of the lining in diabetes two nine five one you can get logs this will disease here in the aorta you need it in the arteries you can get in the arterioles it is not uncommon need is very common in this area in the swarm of excellence that they will enable present with problems in the circulation of the feats of the toes but they may have an very palpable very easy felt houses here on foot but they will be presenting with problems in the more peripheral circulation and they will present with injuries particularly with identified adequate of the males said individuals have diabetes have to have meticulous care has announced need to be cut the shoes need to be fitting directly or listings need to be taken Carol was as yet as we mentioned to small vessel disease in be in the print means they get a specific very significant disorder with disease and these are females in the kidneys can will see Wilson disease that beckoned I as well and then non- in this was around a half and the blood vessels of the brain so it's a rule kulak to see which means it's a disease of all the conduits that carry blood to the body money does it affect the blood vessels which is the entire vascular tree to fix the notes when there's an increased amount of clear-cut as it will show that which is uncared for it damages the news damages the news of the high damages the news on the men's and all that of the feet and often died bit baking individuals have with record eight referral new rock the fee of that meeting presents with that hide that becomes lame it can present could be facing in the dock on that I feel my feet to enable continued in my feet I recently saw patient who I used to look off to years ago who's got a peripheral neuropathy went on the treadmill they known the guy but that is even on the treadmill but that has meaning and for a long time he's got two big stents in his heart had a major heart attack years ago and in a non- again does some exercise went on the treadmill with these group neuropathy the shop has put inside he went on the treadmill and didn't see in these feet so he's pounding away on the treadmill he's been in the cost of lost six weeks broken foot that because of the per referral with even men's done function properly we talked about the kidney they go into kidney failure they need to have dialysis they also have a propensity for instructions because of the increased because if you if you put Lucas sought to be put white cells as Doctor Henry Santos I knew the different kinds of that sounds in the immune system if you take the polymorphonuclear leukocytes and you bathe them in an increase in Montréal because those cells which normally would surround the enemy and engulf the bacteria and give it they become lazy record in the lazy LucasArts they didn't like you guys are at five minutes to four in the often in United gondola struggling to stay away and I thought we didn't have enough sugar side effects almost every system of the body they then will send you the neuropathy surrounding the gastrointestinal site as it develops further they develop vomiting independent woman who gassed up early since said so nice to see the news the condition of diabetes related to pregnancy pregnancy is a parasitic condition because you have this little baby who is living on board is contributing very little to the well-being of the mother maybe a few moments here and there and mentally to the well-being but he's taking in the eye and taking the nutrients etc. and sometimes made that the insulin resistance is welcome to new insulated they have been increasing like that's why the obstetricians up in the watching the white on the expecting mother to make sure that they dying gangway they then do the least problems very often it's a fully reversible condition babies born everybody's happy the way comes Don of the mother often those babies of big babies are so on the news yesterday morning did anybody see that on the news that woman gave birth to twelve nine pound baby and the news anchor said not even with the without an injection with automated -year-old and without an operation she said and that if and apparently it's his second baby that said that that that that size she was quite obvious lady and I thought to myself I wonder what your budget is often not as individuals the blood sugar will come down nicely and that we find off the delivery but they need to be watched because it is significant as integer then developed diabetes later on in life it's like people who have women during their pregnancy have high blood pressure and once the babies going that push comes on but they need to be observed as well because significant number of independent occupation eight seven briefly you understand there are how many cops main types of diabetes what are they called five one five two and gestational correct one is as incidental not the incident talk to too much thought and distaste no one during pregnancy and canvas right one of the complications of diabetes blindness amputations absolutely come the school of invitations neuropathy on deck kidney failure okay you got it oh arterial disease peripheral vascular disease actually derived retributive same thing so what do we do about this one we just being at lunch time to a school and had been to school and we also proud of this they go to school with and gone and the God and that is a volunteer is a fine the new website for days and weeks of the fire department and seven days a week for the church school community being a fantastic job teach the children how to grow vegetables how do I go to Cali for how to cook the food on the main jam out of these cool breeze is showing them another go to special food the bar tree they go in and they do the preparation of food and then how to thong the stuffing straight lines in addition from a local restaurant it comes in once a week and teaches them cooking that got her relationship with whole foods donates every week at least four hundred dollars worth of groceries to the school and we looked at this in lethal this is not any teaching the children how things work from ground to table but it teaches them the habits of good eating and to avoid the junk foods if you look and I'm not encouraging you to do this but you all of you look at TV and you none of you to tell me how much you connected my business but you watch what you hear in the hotel and you look at the advertisements that prostitutes junk foods the big bedrooms salt life insurance medical products the medications and motocross is in the majority of things which us which are advertised on CNN grades uncle one of the problems of diabetes people eat too much the junk food they need medication as a result of that and because of the mother cause for the next saw people that walk and exercise they become drunkenness they eat too much that Oslo full validated to movement and so we've got all of the problems and diabetes what to do about it in our communities when we look to back garden and the way that they were teaching the children how to make good food and teaching them the value of working in the garden on exercise in the gym the playing fields should the opportunity should be community health centers we we teach people about the value of nutrition home exercise we stopped walking plants I walked along we will give a morning and I walked across the highway and transit trade school St. Peter's Church of right-click Saint Peter on this rock and St. Peter's church as you walk by you'll see there's a beautiful table it pretty solid with some of the trees can't arrive soon this is here for your enjoyment to send on and be based as you enjoy the nature of God I looked at this and I took pictures of them nothing shouldn't a breach Adventist church have that kind of had gone a number of 's right next to a walking trail how wonderful monogamy judge can do that I realized that hunch education and judge is ideally situated to do that and I get back we could work on Nick I thought the photographs and ascendancy that the health group into the Boston housing and make a difference by preaching by teaching or getting off into community people living off the about materials you can get at the end of the course even if the foundations even if celebrations did Benedict Chaucer 's and on the chocolate is for example charges has got a hold sick of that touches on diabetes and it tells you you can you can it's complicated but if they but you can you can get that and you can bring in you can advertise to your community and good once a month of eight months and then you knew about the handy sizes told you about focused around the Neil Conan does not enjoy eating teaching is a wonderful cost time to get people then you give them a lecture you did one of you health professionals to get a nurse to get involved in someone who can find in the tool seems to be you get the tool is inside me again and I'll give you some nice vegetarian food to eat share it with them you keep them for two hours talk is done the food is ready they come in the eighteenth and good once a month within eight months you covet diabetes another eight months you come off as another eight months you cut the cancer second three-month people begin to realize this church health and its unthreatening you make sure people mingling we went to do one for a group we arrive is two is a shy lady 's not shy when she tells me what to do unintelligent as of the husband that but she noticed that people were not talking to the positives so she went along and she was not checked and make friends how you can come and they found that a conversation of people enjoyed what we can be you take something like the endocrine system with the problems that come out of the diseases related to and you can make a difference in your community with no strings attached to the people ultimately compensate you know what those people they care about us the hospital story .edu Donna who works with the AIDS ministry comes from a printing and wanted to go that he wasn't woman at dentist and it was a Adventist church why in the little town we go out and so he went back one and see the church said he often drowned invaded Chechnya in the time they said they told on the village square that's in the trilogy so he went and he looked around and he couldn't see the sign looked for the three angels couldn't see it eventually went to one of the is instead can you tell me is a chance yet that comes together on a Saturday on said the shotgun in this is a group of people who come here every Saturday morning they come they sing and they got they come they seem and what happens in your church each week to become seen he got was out your trip in a community bank on Macy's you got back to where you came from and you take with you and enthusiastic mission is published this video was produced by body builders for the NAP health Summit if you like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. NAIC help some .com would like to listen more online was www. audio verse on board


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