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  • November 5, 2011
    9:30 AM
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my name is Kathy sat alone on a fish with no happy to be here and how do you good and the land by the camp I been out army unit week is such a blessing but sounded tend to be the highest blessing that we get here at Army especially after the all night prayer meeting immediate experience that at different times in the night that was wonderful praise God would you please about your head with me your heavenly father life we do thank you for your status we thank you for this time to come together board and to let go deeper into your word into fellowship together with you thank you for the area and your spirits falling upon a course year during this cancer we just pray that you would just stay here with us to need to abide with us throughout the Sabbath day is named in will visit status school and are so happy that you are here with us for Sabbath law yet several months ago we were at prayer meeting and my husband was bleeding out and he read a chapter out of a book last day events I believe it's called the devotional life of the remnant and this chapter dispatch the event is special way I was talking about how the remnant are going to have to know those who are here during the last days are during the last days were going to have to know for ourselves why we believe what we believe I will not be able to go over well with the text again how does it connect on the Sabbath I forget that can be familiar for myself and I was just settled and convicted after reading that chapter that I need to go deeper in the work for myself I can't depend upon my husband and I thought you a lot of our church rivers depend upon the pastor or the Bible workers or the elders are others to know it for themselves they know it's true but to be able to find it for themselves and teach it to others they're not able to do that and we decided several camping out that we thought it would be neat that you add this element and tears to army you know many times you have you have a panel of speakers and we ask them question that fund asked really people who know the Bible really well questions like that bachelor you know you have your own Bible answer live guy right here you could ask them questions and he'll give you the answer to that kind of many of the will that is not what were going to do this morning it is senior program says mock trial there is a quotes like talks about in the last days that this point to be leaders in the church pastors elders people who you look up to some will say you know what that Sabbath day we were all wrong you don't have to keep the Sabbath it's okay you can go with the rest of the world and do what they are doing you don't have to keep the Sabbath we had it all wrong with the Bible text right here and look at this year and if you're not grounded for yourself you will fall for the lies that are being told you have to know the Bible for yourself and you can't just follow a pastor or an elder or other leaders you have to know any you have to know it from God at the today she also him us when we some of us will be brought into court and we will have to make a defense for our faith and we may not even have rifles right there in a court you have a judge and you have prosecutors and that she said that if you've studied these things if you have been faithful in studying God will bring it back to your memory but if you haven't studied it he can't bring it back so this morning I found the school is a mock trial and we have four prosecutors their star prosecutor and I'd like to invite them to the stage and they have doctrinal questions that there can ask you you have to prove that what they're saying is wrong so does that say is not the director amazing facts right now he is and another pastor who now believes that Sunday is the Sabbath Pastor Myers thinks you can communicate with the dead brother ties he doesn't believe all the biblical principles anymore as well and cannot love although doesn't believe our seven Day Avenue doctoral truths just for this mantra down they are going to be asking you questions and if you believe that you can prove them wrong from the Bible and we'd like for you to raise your hand and you will have to come and take the stand just like in a trial you will have one attempt to answer the question if you cannot in a something else think they can help you out you cannot get help from the audience but if you say I can do it and use that down fairly often stepped up the will get two chances and then after that E what the prosecutor will then give the correct answer set at this time we would please open each of the old that's right I'm sorry what is the courtroom without a Baylor Taylor is our favorite so if any of you get out alive he will take you out of the courtroom all rise quarters now insisted the Honorable Gary Grammer has presides in honor you may be seated ladies and gentlemen regarding here this morning because he and this is an administrative court authorized by the global Council to offer final opportunity for those who have not gone along with the world faith initiative in compliance with the law the people that are appearing here this morning have been convicted but in the name of justice and mercy we are going to give them a final attempt to prove their case from the Bible and the Bible only so at this time the court calls prosecutor Myers to present his first question to be accused and remember accused you have one opportunity to state your case and there will be no oh hello from a gallery and when I'm talking I will not be erupted don't make me unleash the Taylor okay so you Seventh-day Adventists not given up yet she thought you have your Bibles with you I like to open up to the book of Romans chapter six Romans chapter six and let's take a look at the evidence found in Rome and not chapter six verse fourteen Romans chapter six verse fourteen the Bible reads for things some have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace I understand that the US is believed that we are under the law and that the ten Commandments still stand but it obviously did not really reading the Bible correctly the Bible doesn't contradict itself and it clearly says here that we are not under the law and therefore we do not need to keep the law what I see none of you moving exactly as I thought of okay prosecutor may remind you that we will not challenge sorry systems administrators corollaries and an update on my answer to your question on you like there okay about him the law recognizes right and say a well in first John one nine the Bible says if you love me keep my commandments so and first job one night will tell you that Dennis and I was someone like it's on the first song one nine please read that for me old I'm sorry I haven't person and you have the correct use me month what do you have the correct person your mind I have the drapers but I didn't have the correct what text you wish to present before the court I don't remember right I'm sorry I'm going to have to dismiss you I'm glad we don't thank you at Dallas like another good morning Mister prosecutor good morning you said that we don't need a law that's right was Thursday's my Bible which is the same I love you have says in first John checked to and hereby we do know that we know him if we keep his commandments it is said I know him and keep not his commandments is a liar and a truth is not in him so if you're telling me that I'm keeping God 's commandments because the law is because I know him and I love him if we say we don't need his commitments you don't really love him I sounds nice but what about the verse Romans six verse fourteen are you saying that we loved God and were under the law no sir I'm saying that if we love God we will keep the law because we love him we don't keep the law to be saved we don't keep the law because were fearful of judgment we keep the law just like I obey my parents my human parents what I was growing up in their house they said John don't do this I didn't do it because I love them not because I was fearful of getting a spanking I did it because I love my parents we keep the law because we love him if he first loved us objects in your honor 's introduction all Romans six fourteen clearly says that we are under the law in Navy diversity just read talk about some other laws some things than to micromanage I noticed talking about me the two great commandments Jesus said love your neighbor and love yourself that's all we have to do it you administers don't get it their own in six fourteen euros forty one words estimated tax one like that one more time Jesus said love the Lord your God with all your heart all your might all yourself when have you seen God that you're been able to give them her kiss me to give him a hug or kiss speaking to be accused prosecutors asking questions and giving answers thank you yes sir Mister prosecutor I have never physically gone out to God the father and been able to give him a hug or kiss so if I say whiskey man sees me it certainly wanted off topic here though sir yes we have an argument may now go start we have wandered off the topic to the court that the text in question says you're not under the law but under grace show us from the Scriptures where it says that the law is still in effect I believe that your question is an insult prosecutor Charlotte I have to turn to the book of Revelation 's point when I go to the book of Revelation it tells me that her relationship for twelve over seventeen it says in the Dragon is wrong with the woman that's the church and went to make war with the remnant that's those who continue to follow the teachings including the law with the remnant of her seed which he the Commandments of God this talk about a future time which is our time and so the Dragon the devil is wroth with the woman the church they keep the Commandments in so that church that keeps the Commandments those people serve who are keeping the commandments are getting the judgment because they're keeping the commands the Bible tells us that the end times there will be a church that keeps the Commandments so okay I'm silently satisfied with the answer by thanking you sir thank you L on our grand slam I graciously explained mentor J Tsai made you think that you've got the answer now yell all the points that were made were were true but it didn't speak to the text itself otherwise on its August that was what your exec says this but Marquette says that is one thing we have to reconcile the word of God so of any transfers are Romans six verse fourteen American Express it says what then shall we want and not what is sin according to the Bible 's transgression of the law so what then shall we transgress the law because we are not under law but under grace God forbid not working whatever this is talking about it's not giving us the beyond the freedom to transgress God 's law is actually that we should be doing the opposite because were not under the law very simply speaking to be under the law really means to be under the condemnation of the Yadav from her example given hundreds of times when you're in your driving and you're going over the speed limit you are under the condemnation of the ball because you're breaking right even though please also need to pull you over there sweating you're nervously looking up in your rearview mirror the guilty I am when you holdover gives us the evidence the human when you are given grace because you're getting results a settlement of the cable because redeeming grace God forbid people and speed again that makes a unfilled dots than that but the arms were looking for this particular rest we don't want to use other verses that the same while Yarbrough Sanders for Microsoft saying that we want to give the explanation of what it means to be under the law is medium prosecutor minors is not human suffering under the clock yes I think in the next prosecutor step up prosecutor your court sir Your Honor these people gathered here before you have a plasticized mature Christian faith did she come to believe the options of devils thinking that is the church the Bible tells us in first Timothy chapter four first Timothy chapter four talk about a group of people that depart from the faith and have given heed to seducing spirits he sees that this they are known for being health conscious and abstaining from specific types of meats when the Bible says that that is adoption of the devil the Bible says in first Timothy four horse one now the Spirit speaks especially the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils speaking lies in hypocrisy having a conscience you are an anniversary tells us what these options of devils are forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meats which God has created your own to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth these people believe that we should eat specific animals inherently we love our Kahlúa pig we live off of the things the ocean these people are children's the party needed to believe that doctrines of devils directly with the evidence people come to the cues make again this is not sermon time I sorry have a time limit economics and so that's the question why do you believe in doctrines of devils in teaching that we cannot be specific needs and the Bible says that all balance weaves like someone before he preaches from the gentleman comorbid server overcomes things going for him to think even with it would do well in your it would do well if you are continued reading home August we left awkward for every creature of God is good and nothing through to be refused if it be received with thanks giving refined for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer all we know in Leviticus eleven what meets are sanctified and on sanctified soul that's my answer he didn't have it to be like me I guess on the Texas railroad has to be signified by the word of God what is let's make sure that we have history which is saying is that as long as it says in the word of God that we are to eat certain things overnight certain things than that is sanctification as far as eating things is his concern on I guess you get there on your questioning are you giving me an answer yes Your Honor thank you prosecutor perspectives thank you so rescued bachelor remember remember was thank you Your Honor while I would just like to present CVS Seventh-day Adventist I think you're making a terrible mistake in urging all Christians to keep the seventy seven because the Bible clearly tells us that now lower under the new covenant that the sound assessment of the Jews was specifically given the Israel and with permission all give three free scriptures on that it's all one three three Exodus chapter thirty one verse thirteen and speak also to the children of Israel saying surely my samples useful keep Fort is a sign between me and you throughout your generations you might know on the Lord sanctifies you and if you go down it says in verse sixteen therefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations it's a perpetual covenant between me and the children of Israel in Deuteronomy chapter five where Moses repeats the ten Commandments there you'll find it says through difficult commandment and verse fifteen Deuteronomy five fifteen and remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand by an outstretched arm therefore the Lord God commanded you to keep the Sabbath day and then of course you have in Galatians four Romans chapter fourteen one man regards one bit him on another another man regards every day alike social Seventh-day Adventist Christians to condemn the Christian world at large for not keeping the seventh day Sabbath of the Jews when the Bible clearly says it was given to Israel now Selectman recused with Sartre 's mantelpiece an attorney we don't need him appear certainly since the I understand the accusation primarily being that you're saying that the Sabbath was the Jews to correct measuring of the right answer direct questions were answered if we go to Genesis chapter two starting in verse two says on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he made and God blessed the seventh and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and make first of all God was not a Jew yet God created the Sabbath kept the Sabbath and honor the Sabbath he gave it to Adam and Eve who also were not Jews in case we have any doubt about that we can turn over to Mark two twenty seven twenty eight him a word of God says the Sabbath was made for man and a and I've never seen Jews felt a man and not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is Lord are also now have order in this corn carry-on even if we were to assume that the Sabbath was made only to the Jews I would want to be one of those Jews because if we go to Isaiah sixty six it talks about the new heaven and the new earth which God will make any Isaiah sixty six return verse twenty three and was talking about this new heaven and new earth it says it shall come to pass from one to another and from one Sabbath to another shell all flesh here again I've never seem to spell at LDS age they will come to worship before me saith the Lord God made it God gave to man and all who are reading will keep it in your him out one I would just create likely to produce for me one example in the Bible of somebody observing the Sabbath before the Israelites began in Exodus sixteen a specific list of example is what you're looking for a specific example someone other than the Jew keeping the Sabbath in the time of creation until the Jews began to keep it with the manna fallen from heaven I have a way of life and yes you lease on my court notices Hannity and express example because for example in Genesis seven five it says no one did all the according unto all that the Lord commanded it doesn't expressly stated that God commanded him to keep the Sabbath and Noah did everything which I would assume would include the Sabbath consumption this prosecutor I am putting forth it is no example in the Bible of anyone keeping the Sabbath talking about an example from the time of creation until the Israelites in Exodus sixteen and goddesses it was specifically given to the Jews just because there is no stated example of people keeping it doesn't mean that God had given it to them there was incredible disobedience prior to that point such that they got actually had to destroy Muslim population am afraid with anything without permission is great to hear you may see well I think Morgan convinced the Christian world that they need to be keeping the Sabbath that it's not just forgiveness we need better evidence honey you did make some good points I agree with you indicate you are looking for evidence preceding Exodus sixteen reminded set of other evidence in the Bible as well between well keeping in the New Testament while unseen is for the Jews you can show the it is for someone you make some good points about it being for him mankind generally but when I look in the Old Testament is like out his assessment is one health cc racer now there will be no help from the audience I will give you one more opportunity to respond in the new business environment have asked for an answer now look at the history of the church the Gentile Christians also worked on the Sabbath they came to the synagogue to be taught the same as at him it was the Sabbath day throughout history when both Jews and non-Jews recognize that was David God satisfies your honor the Gentiles came to the synagogue to hear Paul preached that I like reproducing southwards as the Gentiles can set talking were going over going to have to close this one questioning thank you was not an attempt at the prosecutor 's interface finally I figure probably some others out there that could doubt have also put some good arguments and I never felt so conflicted I love to win an argument but I didn't want to win that one I think it is each race in this question is don't try to prove that the Sabbath was for the Gentiles we make that mistake if we are ever put on our will and him on the line for that question the new covenant is not made with Gentiles it is true that God gave the Sabbath to Israel his people so if you want to be saved all Christians are grafted according to Paul chapter nine Romans into the stock of Israel the new covenant it reaches way I will make a new covenant Jeremiah thirty one thirty one also Hebrews eight I will make a new covenant after those days when the house of Israel any Gentile who becomes a Christian becomes a spiritual Jew and then has the same obligations as the Jews to keep the Sabbath and then I fingered I foresee is that Isaiah fifty eight things is a fifty eight worth where it says the sons of the stranger that will follow me that he might sabbaths so even Gentiles that join Israel in the Old Testament were required to keep the Sabbath was found in Isaiah fifty six prosecutor Thompson present your case to the court thank you your honor the number one reason why people are atheists out there because no church or person on their is able to answer this question skews me for something I went on the course it is this is God is not like the Bible says then why does the much suffering in this world not heard a few Seventh-day Adventists you profess to have the answer to this question that law the church has been upon your arrogance he him charts and all you blonde riding the pine use of what you believe in your teachings and you have the only cure and because of that arrogance see you believe that you have a special light based upon your understanding of something called that great controversy now in light of all this I want you to tell me is a lot here that would answer this question that if God is not then why the summer something in life not the federal government church understanding of the great controversy in the church other than axes question athleticism with eight is another embrace anyone out there that can answer this question is this how does the site a short story that one Mexican quickly and I decided opportunity to easily happen but to bury I live baby and is starting to Verizon by fattening to Barry and Asea Coughlin has only three feet long and ECB lowered down into the ground and have the parents asked the question why is happy to thought and why this happened to my child a child to never thought before that has allied with any synagogue that understand on this question in asset is anyone out there anyone on this prosecutor statement question specifically the topic is too general in either the controversy was the blame is not to blame for this is annoyed at this question in light of the great confidence thank you a lot younger girls to go user the handsome guy yes the gnomic don't make me pick someone him and him will serve as the court today Ms. firefighter Junior for more on essential and the the argument the only reason why I noted yesterday 's argument is because that meant sitting back there with the ball and getting meetings Bible and should really get these by not advertising the Bible but servants of inquisitive type of your money in amendment this is not commercial time please answer the question running out of time thank you Your Honor okay I guess my understanding of the question is if God is really a God of love and why do we have so many circumstances suffering something that again first of all you must understand the question of suffering in just a moment to moment I will say this moment as we ended the exchange between prosecutor I reduce it down to the question of who is at fault with this guy I'll get to that amendment provides some men may first provide high-end some by some Scriptures so that I can explain yes I have to listen to these guys I don't want to know the Bible says for the wages of sin is death if we all say that where she repeated that within the Bible also sense for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for all of us sinners otherwise we wouldn't be sitting so is the love that God has no matter how sinful we are due date was away to save us from sin you you skirting around the question you did not answer the question the question is who is responsible for the sand and pain and suffering in this world okay that the person that's responsible for sending is the devil himself okay you have you have given me given at the court a number of answers but I have not heard any of it from Scripture you have a Scripture I will allow you thirty seconds or so I thought I'd listen the Romans where Paul César for the wages of sin is death and that's created by the devil the laws created by the devil persistent please clarify CNN is created by the respondent on the demo is responsible for sending where does it say that in the Scriptures all over the Scriptures said they are arguing with the court I want to direct answer that all of the visit all-stars from Genesis when when the devil you know got into Adam and Eve from the creation that was installed at and where is it found that this is it what specific steps as in versus up I like to give you a short amount of time to find it and then we will have to move along okay sir Chapter three Genesis chapter three of course now the service was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord had God had made and he said the woman has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden verse two and the woman said to the serpent we may need to forward off the trees of the garden butt out the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God said you shall not eat it nor so you're talking okay with you God is prosecutor cross-examination unite the lady who lost their child was told many things that you know God loves you he got a believe you have faith but it never satisfied herself on side not satisfied with the answer the needs of the much direct consequence who this last-minute DirectX Your Honor and as we as the judge presiding this court I'm going to ask that we move onto the next question this question is a little vague and we could spend an hour sitting here listening to the answer the question so I'm been asked about the next question is her time trying out to me to share the textures nature thank you Michelle Matthew thirteen verse twenty four to twenty eight Bible says another parable put he forth unto them saying the kingdom of heaven is likened to the man who sowed good seed in his field and essays but while men slept his enemy came and soul care is among the wheat and when his way through the enemy of data the evil and answers here but one of the it was thing for sprung up and bought fought on through the and then appeared on the tear is also so the servants of the house when they came in seventh hymn to the student leader right if it's sorry did you not sow good seed in your field the West then had to terrorize another was the evil that happened they blame is it not I thought you only did go to thought you only love to Hopkins is evil in this world out of the question and then the Afrikaans and he said unto them and adding me have done this the service at him without Golan goes on salt is good at it anyway do this in God is not alternate response of all God not responsible for the evil that happens but is Satan and Alan decision to do evil thank you John prosecutors we are going to know quickly move through another series of questions you will each be allowed to ask one question we will get one response from the audience and we would do this very quickly customers are at it as customers guests are very quickly just say thank you it is very unfortunate that some agonist cheats that when you die just very sad thought that you stay in the ground and you just wait there you know a hot second Corinthians chapter five verse eight tells us wherefore I say are where we are confident nicely and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be president with the Lord the text clearly tells us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord why do you believe otherwise to those from the audience I don't want discussion I want proof from the Bible please just come up here and read the text and present that as your statement like someone please sir no predict certain Simona I would like to submit that the text does not say that were absent from the body at death I would agree that when we are absent from the body this earthly tent and we are with the Lord we will then be with him but he doesn't say that and I would like to submit to evidence from the words of Jesus himself we do not go to heaven or to hell at death in John chapter five and I would like to submit that she knows what happened truly truly and this is first twenty five I seems you and hours coming and now is when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live for just as the father has life in himself even so he gave the son also to have life in himself and he gave him authority to execute judgment because he is the Son of Man do not marvel at this for an hour is coming in which all who are in the truth and will hear his voice and will come forth those who do good deeds to a resurrection of life in those committed the evil deeds to a resurrection of judgment I submit the answer to death is the resurrection not flying off in some spirit at that death is being with the Lord right away in the resurrection are told happens at the end of ninety thank you softshell massive question are you saying that the dead are in the grave that's what Jesus is instead all they that are in their graves will hear the voice from an in-state it they would hear him from heaven here and integrates all the something 's happened Mimi and me right now that is making me think that you administer may have described him to wait for him to prosecutor 's office and cats living together the related cause I really want to know more on interested with your metal and make it quick and you preaching none of these and evidence are caught up with the Saudi me say that even after the cross and the resurrection Jesus restored to keep the seventieth week but the Bible was clear nearly church and accepted twenty in verse seven of the disciples were worshiping on the first day of the week these additives also make the claim that Sunday worship is a mark of the beast but this canopy so when we have a clear example from the Scripture of the New Testament church after the resurrection worship in the first of the week is my question is why use why are you Adventists alone upon the seven day when the Bible gives us an example New Testament church worked on the first of some addresses question points acts chapter twenty and percent these percent specific concise answer thank you Jonathan Brian Murray from Matthew chapter five or seventeen it says do not think that I come to destroy the law the prophets I did not come to destroy but to fulfill for surely I say to you till heaven and earth pass away one jot or one till will by no means pass in the law until all is fulfilled and says whoever therefore breaks one of Lisa these it teaches men so Lisa and the kingdom of heaven but whoever does and teaches them he shall be called great in heaven at the Christ says here that we are to keep the law and the law includes the Sabbath and not one example in the New Testament when Christ could've clearly address this and done away with the Sabbath can you provide one example prosecutor release explicitly said the Sabbath no longer watch whatever is he notices that he fulfilled it and I believe that he fulfilled the law and the prophets when Jesus died on Good Friday will rest in the tomb on the Sabbath he fulfilled the battle of law now he resurrects in the first of the week and here we find after the resurrection the new does the church because they'll also feel another wish on the first of the week in honor of the resurrection here's a clear example how can you explain the source again going back to the words of Jesus he said until heaven and earth pass away I'm here in your here and has asked the waiter which means it still applies what it says the law and the prophets and almond of the understanding Mister prosecutor Armitage the scorn and I'm satisfied to him thank you him to hear better quickly please alright in the mouth of two witnesses to put Scriptures I know you Seventh-day Adventists believe that hellfire does not burn forever of course that wouldn't completely be out of sync with what the Bible teaches in Matthew chapter twenty five verse forty one goals are lost this is the part for me he cursed into an everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels and energy go to Revelation twenty first ten the devil who deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are and their tormented day and night forever and ever I want to long sermon I just want to know splaying these two verses I don't want any sermon I want biblical proof text Karen and that's it some important points Jeannie went down to chance Amalekites after four Malachi chapter four starting with verse one four behold the day is coming burning likened up and and all the proud yet all who do wickedly will be stop and the date which is coming shall burn them says the Lord of hosts that will leave them neither root nor branch but to you that fear my name the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings and you shall go out and go fat like stall fed cow 's you shall trample the wicked way they shall be ashes under the folds of your feet on the day that I do this that the Lord of hosts thank you ma'am I'm convinced him to him prosecutors have quickly quickly this genre Revelation chapter thirteen verse eleven John Alex so that these Seventh-day Adventists all against the United States of America and supreme court of law not that disobedient to them and a clause taken notice of the recipe that is it I beheld another beast coming out of Europe and he had two horns like a lamb they call this be the nicest of America a spirit as a dragon and a birth chapter twelve is it a try again verse nine is Satan your honor so use common is that this epidemic the calling us as they can they want anarchy vacillated not obeying this law to keep Sunday holy they wanted this sure the United face of America they have no patriotism at all they wanted business is doing everything that I want any type of element that is Atticus now is there anyone out there can ask you a question I think he would welcome your preaching state your question directly is anyone nicely is there anyone that can answer this question that Seventh-day Adventist are not against the government of the United States and are against anarchy can prove that they look uses the system when Mrs. Couric is running longer than intended please keep your answer to under two minutes first off I'm Canadian so I just don't dig on him are just joking please forgive me home in verse eleven it says and he's be at the Dragon so all were were not in a unit that make the United States is like the devil on just and actually that will please them I think this is a ladies and gentlemen prosecutors we would like to thank you for attending this morning 's court session Gordon Brown a time and we are going to bring the sessions were clothes


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