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Prayer and Fasting

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • November 5, 2011
    7:00 AM
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why really they are many who been showing up extra early in the morning for I believe this is the special blessing those of us who get up early seek the Lord how many are sad that Arevalo campus coming to an end in army for May is a piece of heaven and got our horses honestly feel that have been is very near the Christian life is full of nonstop experiences fall placement is down in the Valley and in Arevalo can't have been the nonpublic cement and a lot of us will be presented with nonpublic screens will be going back home and there will be challenges of the trials to become fishers to get his weight was down the valley the enemy is waiting for an NHS wait until we get back into our homes and poor neighborhoods the tank when we get back and forth goals and four workplaces and he was awaiting word she wants to pound and family some people will get slaughtered and I'm wondering if you feel equipped to go back to move forward and do a path that God calling you to give it a possible they could have a high-spirited army and then go back home and be actually worse off than you were before you came here the possible whatever that we can do so that we can from this experience we can go even higher and higher ineluctable guru Dave short cat meetings of the Bible conferences because it was so low spiritually and you want to go higher but sadly a giggle I wanted to the lowered and is visited on the book value constantly I believe that God wants us to go higher anyone is even higher and higher because he wants while you want a big work more intimate more powerful experience with God reigns I believe that if he will take the message to heart and you are quite busy will certainly experience a more intimate informal public space is going to be on the worker still I think you for your great love for us I think you'd be upon us when you say I know the plan and a half you and know that you have a plan for each one of us in the plan to talk breath to give us a future and a hope the Lord as a begin this message I want against what asked the mighty outpouring in your spirit but I pray that there would be nothing in my heart that would hinder the what can you spirit in me and through me please speak to us this morning encourages give us hope and prepare for the journey that we will make it out of here back down to the producing and using in couple weeks ago I got the e-mail from a friend now I had been planning for a whole month to share another message on this morning to talk about important than knowing God 's will and how to be the center of God 's will because there's no better place to be on earth and to be right in the center of God 's will when you're in the synagogue will you will cease how many boards opening you will see some answers to prayers someone has said that prayers are always answered on the pathway of God will so young and others from among the two weeks ago I get the e-mail and then thinking about it and about a week ago I will let you change the message and thinking this is the message that I want to leave with with the attendees are enough begins with an e-mail to go like this high marketer Liana I've been thinking about you two for the past few weeks now I did what is so busy I know you go preach about rain is so wonderful but I wanted to ask if you also preach on the contrary any for a little bit about acting the custody using lesson you heard about that thing in the church it is rare that we talk about amazing the Bible talks quite a bit about that a few weeks ago I walked into my church and on the bookshelf I read a book and she was real the NFL without some very inspired the book is titled acting by Jennison wrinkling desert banquet in the subject after the naked truth out of Georgia with over ten thousand members this book is not only inspiring but just amazing pastor Franklin 's mother since they were eighteen years old with that constantly before they would preach and got open and forth all over the world heat each year beginning January one through the twenty first or twenty one days to send when you dedicate the new leader to God and God blessed throughout the whole entire year I was busting so much that he started asking his church members get back with them from January one the twenty first of each year you how popular do you think you again after again remember to pray and fast with you not for a day or three days but would like to win when they do not hire Daniel spent in prayer as he was grieving over the plight of his people and you can read about the benefits and each year this is what is just thought you got the check in the number of the left and right there with them because the mice in the book how God had blessed them with physical healing emotional and mental healing spiritual healing and even stories that have brought hip-hop people get out of that anybody here and that I want you a very couple attention to this message is a story about a single mom with a child with leukemia chief asked for twenty one days and rest I got an average when one day the leukemia is gone as of once many many amazing story anyway however the book also if I had artifacting for twenty one days today is not a debate of my dental staff read you and vegetables not talking at the court with a water beacon hundreds of the you should really get the book this is an eye-opener my parents were amazed at how God was answering my prayer is that they all started for twenty one days they are weak behind me right now but God has been poured out his blessings upon them they were hot enough spiritual and physical blessing but financial ones to how we've been praying for relatives left thought it would never happen back to but just two days ago one relative called out of the blue about that very reason I share this with a few of my other friends were all my age were talking about young people in their late twenty twenty nine thirty years of age may have started acting in going to answer their request which they have been praying for years there's anything going to pray for four years no answers and hitting start praying Afghanistan give answers the I want to share this because I really think in the last date the only way for God 's Holy Spirit to be poured is if our people laugh and bring the two goes hand in hand in order for the book is to be ported to our life this book makes complete sense to go over verse after verse in the Bible why we must fast and pray and give West and even though God 's will our life has been such a blessing I just wanted to share this because I thought you may be interested in looking into it thank you and so sorry a jarring about the book after I haven't checked my e-mail on Sabbath morning and I read this image was that God was cognitive Beth is a discipline of fasting to a higher level on Sunday my wife and I got on the phone rock beautiful we want to have a chat with after I had attempted color at the Lord 's acne permanently disabled eleven months ago number out that the South Bend regional network with my wife we were heading out to Seattle and our flight was throughout the late will my wife was over when the books were in the small airport and she is reading this book on FB I've pastor Franklin then I went over at the review meeting she goes out the book authentic interestingly this book is a New York Times bestseller so I think that after reading it and is as fascinating bulletin board up like things are getting that book and on the two flight and a layover in between and a reasonable book and think God is amazing are you calling you fat are you calling the effect I wanted that I want experience with these people I think but I can't afford to you know I'm underweight we all have different struggles but for me it is gaining weight in the struggle and I can afford to lose more weight because the past is suffered the most much weights why get home the next morning and emotions and want to thank you for my daily devotions is I'm on a Bible reading plan estimated that I wouldn't plan which is great it allows you to be important sections of the Bible it allows you to read the Bible in a year to the next morning as I'm reading from the portion of the gospel message story and thought the one story where Jesus says you need to print that it are for certain things happen I knew the Lord with cognitive print on occasion I would think that the anyways I'm telling us about how the Lord are related to this book until she said to me just as when you knew about the book and Union County she was a little disappointed and wish him nothing but the book is because Shakespeare's such action on the spiritual blocking action on the twenty and should believe that has she known about the earlier she would have progressed so much further in her spiritual journey life that I don't hear the wind again or something when you knew him I told that we are to get us with Leslie people are constantly what you knew you knew what happened against anything so with your permission this morning I yielded about that and then write consistently smiled updated in the Bible have quite a bit to say about that in the longest sermon the greatest sermon ever preached you know the importance that is highlighted as beginning at six one gives that HUD do not do your charitable deeds before men to be seen by the otherwise you have no reward from your father in heaven therefore when you do a charitable deed do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogue and in the speed that they may have glory from men because they get Jesus says when you do a charitable deed he doesn't say if you do a terrible deep why because as followers of Christ we are called to get exited the craft going on in verse five Jesus and when you pray you cannot be like the crypt they love to pray standing in the synagogue and the corners of the streets that they make be seen by men assuredly I think you they have their reward followers of Christ are called to pray Jesus our Lord and Savior our example was the men were just about that if you pray prayer is not an option expected of Christ followers you can't and if I thought her abilities let's talk .net moreover when you fast do not be like the hypocrites with the help that countenance and gave it to his followers did that began hit three and a half youth ministry with forty days and nights of prayer and fasting Matthew chapter four verse two and when he got the point is appointed after her words he was hungry it gives lots home watch his sacrifice so much to come down to this Earth for you and me I would think that's enough in but he began his ministry by forty is not easy to print that we blessed by my brother George is my answer to this United saw any gives us an example Leslie that has been two hours a day per man who changed the nation of England it was first is that the man who never back is no more in the weight of heaven and the men never pray in all the great missionaries in history all the great preachers all the great reformers in history that God is mightily were all big into prayer and the John Wesley John Knox John Calvin Martin Luther Martin Luther not only maintain the spiritual discipline of fasting one day a week but effective so often in addition to a three hour the predicate that he was first life perfecting too much the Martin Luther Gandhi is this man but the whole evangelical church and into the world through his prayers this fasting and his holy boldness I want to when missionaries are where a mission that you want me to a missionary or do you want to give yourself to Gothic art and what do you see can be a great missionary event on the printf out of the mother have to the Scripture where it were it talks about her death the index FAQ with it to admit that as a minister to the Lord and Beth did the Holy Spirit that now separate to meet Martin at the thought for the work to which I hope are three that having accident rate and need hands on that you sent them away in a you might have thought time and in Scripture and you can gloss over the words that the adopting much of it in the future this word you may see popping up more often now that's your hearing more about the importance of that second Corinthians Chapter 11 verse twenty seven twenty postures about the fabric you've been going through for Christ sake and he said the birthplace and in weariness and foil in sleeplessness often in hunger and thirst in fact often in cold and nakedness beside other things what comes upon you daily might you consider all the churches by the way in the New Testament church the early Christian they acted regularly two times a week which is why in that prayer that Ms. Kristin Kristin Kristin 's authority and has stated that and then if interesting because if you look at that parable of the public and in the thinner Jews mentioned that in the present public and he says the Lord I fast twice a week those are in the practice in the early Christian church you may find it interesting for twenty Chapter seven respond do not deprive one another except with the fourth time you make of yourself to prayer and fasting and this is mentioned in the chapter where he's talking about the principles of marriage ventilating after begin this this journey up at the Chevelle decided I should founder about it on a show with you the other testimony her name is Cindy regarding the twenty one days acting because we were so inspired by a friend of his testimony has been such an eye-opening experience we were surprised to see how many pockets in the Bible and prayed and we would like that should be a part of our Christian experience the day and got been blessed in this experience knowledge and understanding about the individual she was a very spiritual individual sheathing Patricia went through the motions and she would get on her husband take if you want to be again during the weekdays she had no problem with them wanting to read and maybe on the Senate Bush is like white walking three and injuring the week that the idea of the kind of administering when we first started acting with my ineptitude difficult though we thought can't answer our prayers and thought how close we got to God we said we don't want to give up on this experience when after increasing this the house really inspired and excited about and suddenly had thought that the people that actually heated and I thought what happened fast with his people to visit so bad but I didn't know what I want for this experience I always try to forgive those people who hurt me so terribly but I was never successful on the third night in a theft emulate how badly it was that not being able to forgive them during the kind of where the next morning what forgiveness in my heart for these people it is amazing on day two as we waited on a husband and a practice which was quite low the Lord what a miracle and provide an endless condensing the money that going for the people on days three and the Lord with another miracle to help out financially on the eye we received the first offer on a house in a while which we had been waiting to sell over a year now awkward to commit a different result and right now when the cost of doing the paperwork to sell the house this is a Canadian the employee Michigan closer diet overcome the distractions in your life I always thought that the reunion was snowboarding but ever since then when I'm at home I love watching three eighty I don't even wonder any more about what's going on in this world in Hollywood or on TV that is also changed our case but for the first couple of days I need vegetable soup and it was so yucky that I thought is that they've been going to be horrible now we are so used to it that when a valid without drafting I feel a little guilty because it simply is no good cushion under the impression that when you fast and if of his would but but the veggies just plain NPR our strength he's good I hope every one walk reunion family at a VP publishing any later I got the money from her husband had to flash eight with you you paragraph that the money was a startup act inapplicable this is very difficult to me you have no idea how much I let eating noodles and read and physically a death that is a very painful struggle how can we create not each right blog you can do it I got between us another thing I'm very grateful to God that I thank you noticed a lot of different in my white I've always been pray for my wife and what will you want to think that I held myself better than her way like that because I know that I have a lot of both to put in our relationship we had a really like the spiritual relationship with each other we would pray together what I want to get if you never should enjoy as much as she does now she is more into keeping up with fashion in what's going on in the entertainment industry I sometimes felt like we did have that deep spiritual connection with each other but now she is very devoted to reading her Bible every day and pray to be honest I don't think I can do the stuff being without her she is reading and studying about what we should eat always reminding me that we need to spend more time with God and in prayer sometimes I feel guilty because I don't like I am trying as hard as her to really pray and spend time with God during this fact she is also working very hard and treat plaintiff cannot really trying to connect with people that she could call them grow whole attitudes with people and life has completely changed I know that this is something point-to-point route can do because I tried changing her but it didn't work for me given that the you know it doesn't want to change yourself only God can do that within praying together every night and I feel like our spiritual life of the husband and wife have gotten so much better to print working emptying God answer them together has really brought it closer with each other and he cruised us to really trust God and eighty and above are ministering eighteen hundred has that acting as if anything anything that hinders prayer we have been from food but we also need to abstain from all that other stuff that we usually put in front line that distracts us from having a closer walk with God were talking television there will be music all that that hinders us from having a closer walk with God I completely think about the what if I die or start economic that the Protestant ethic and that anything anything anything it is all in order to grow more spiritually or serve God more effectively and endlessly I could keep an inability to sleep in the morning and just go straight out the door is that if they had come and gone there anything you like with which we need to abstain from in order spend more time with their other things like Facebook how much time do you spend every day on Facebook other people here who are addicted to Facebook disabled as of the breaking up all your time as robbing you of more time with God in prayer through his work I know people that close a Facebook account because for them their walk with God was more important than together to come up we really don't need in our life and let me creation that is not harmful in itself in order that we may collect greater priority on our relationship with Christ Twyla is one of our army she numbers but she couldn't join us for this experience you why but after met Twyla and often invited her to join her for the staff and visitor testimony which all come back to I can tell you that the kind of prayer that you have taken I wish it was not entirely new level that what you want we don't want to go back down and go to a lower level and awake the next Army experience conflict that you had a pleasant immediate audit on expenses for the blessings that we can go higher and higher not hope to go down again and in the community that with all of the destruction what a non- Internet Facebook hi5 etc. are all taken away as me and the Lord that if he didn't really did get here has been known to see that I come to close a few days ago after sending a text message saying that Twyla and after I decided to go on the twenty fifth giving the experience was just so sweet and so incredible that they just wanted the paperwork in a placement one God the Navy been acquainted in fact it was so difficult there was funny confit of tiny thinking dinner in my head ha ha or like a second opinion I can it be felt looking at but God gave me the needed power to get through it I got terribly messy chapter seventeen look at authority gives has just come down in the mail of transfiguration with me to the disciples and this is where we pick up the story reporting that the Chapter seventeen verse fourteen and when it comes to the multitude a man came and went kneeling down for anything more have mercy on my phone or he has an epileptic and of course severely we often fall into the fire and often into the water canoe United health death for his father with the benefit of fun with epileptic manual of the fun looked like walking down to the fire and into the water the father definitely want to see the sun experience healing number fifteen if that so I bought him to your disciple they could not cure him why do men really is fun to disciples is because worklife thought out but the disciples were casting out demons that he can converse once we report that Jesus gave his disciples power over unclean spirits had they had success in the past nothing certainly is that ages the better as they went what strong they the evil spirit had obeyed their work they had now independent life they commanded the torturing spirit to leave his victim but the demon on the mock them via press display of this power the disciples unable to talk with her defeat felt that they were bringing this honor upon himself and then after and in the crowd there were spies who made the most of the opportunity to humiliate and I wonder in your Christian experience have there been times where you felt like you brought this honor given after because you failed to practice what you preach or perhaps you felt that to live up to your name as a Christian with a friend we all like you brought this honor and shame gymnast 's name because you were able to do the work that you called you to do a new one miserable failure we've all been there in a continue reading for seventeen and Jesus answered and said the perverse generation how long shall it be with you how long shall I bear with you bring them here to me and gives review the naked out of them as a child with cured from that very hour by the languages of come from the government not a Transfiguration the design agent but he spent the entire night upon the amount of the needle here yesterday I shared this with two mornings ago shared a photo about how I called that you often he quickly spent the entire night in prayer before he was called upon to work some mighty miracle you're just can't after a night of prayer him him them but the disciple came to give us privately and said why can we not have to forgive effective than because of your unbelief but surely I think you if you are at the mustard seed you will think of us Milton move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you with twenty one however this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting other than interesting that Jesus talked about their unbelief wondered about it based on what unloading and there in the past one left a will and because they had experienced success in the past casting out demons why wanted that they struggle with unbelief here on this occasion what worked on the diabetes that because Jesus had shared what point was that it brought that up and down to them in the selection of the three disciples to accompany to the two of the mountain had excited the jealousy of the nine over struggle and jealousy edge of labor for the Lord in church because maybe getting to the position one and because some health has a higher position instead of strengthening their faith my pregnancies on the weather quite it had been dwelling on their discouragement and personal grievances in the state of darkness it undertaken the conflict with the and other times when we struggle with discouragement and personal grievances run as we go to church as we labor for the Lord we got to make sure that it is being strengthened and it would consume asking God to renew no things from a heart you can use the Bethel and create unholy in order to benefit the clock within the come to the work in a different spirit that they must be strengthened by urban prayer and fasting and humiliation a part in the emptied of self and be filled with the spirit and power of God will be talking a little bit more about the empty of self and not denying the widgets that's a big part of the best experience earnest for the being supplication to God they think at least in part dependent upon God and unreserved consecration to his work can alone a bill to rename Holy Spirit a and the battle against Prince Docket and power the rulers of the darkness of this world and we could spirit in high places going back to verse twenty one however this kind does not go out except by prayer and that in wondering are you desperate to see for a certain further three hundred feet desperate you know that God will benefit and for the answer when it cannot be answered I believe it is time to pray I get meeting of spiritual breakthrough in your life you feel like you hit a plateau your new relationship that the Christian life I'm going down for you going up the grizzlies grizzlies like that of riding a bicycle unit moving forward we point off you'll get the plateau we continued to make elective hip help brother that is the case it is time for you to pray other additions are you struggling with your life e-mail is not God 's will that you have a prediction that God will even overcome her and his trouble you struggle to read about the new victory hi to pray and fast other Taylor the great missionary founder of the China inland Mission giving that in Santa Fe I found Chinese crested lookup to spend time interacting in prayer we recognize that isn't acting with so many the like which require thinking on this it makes one feel weak and poorly is really a divinely appointed means a great you will a week you may experience some pain as you go through the experience of fasting and praying them get this straight it's all part of the best experience perhaps the greatest hindrance to our work is our own imagined strength and acting we learn what war week because we are dependent on a meal of meat for the little strength which we ourselves have the up line the bill your weakness is a blessing to me week in a tremendous blessing to be weak one of Paul fan increment in chapter twelve percent or when I wake then I am strong inverse nineties that while in Brookline he said anything to me my grace is sufficient for you Jesus said Microsoft efficiently is that both gladly I will boast in my property that the power of Christ may rest upon me we get to choose would you be willing to queue the weakness and illness and that means that what God 's power is done upon you in person he goes on to say therefore I could leisure while you come to the place where you can think a letter in which white because I take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches in the persecution and discusses for Christ sake but when I went then I am strong is that in John chapter fifteen with five apart from the you can do nothing but there's so much that we do in the church for the Lord in our own strength there's so much that we do in the flesh and when we come to realize how weak we are definite issues with regard to begin with this great missionary this spiritual giant killer he argues that because Gagne is that what we people enough to lean on him and very great little words and not the self-sufficient software line self-confident individual that God uses the uses the week Allawi had said nothing in the alley more helpless yet more invisible in the select guilt of nothingness holy unto a friend as we come into the staff experience got me was the place slowly begin to lean more on him as we were like we all reach we are poor and wretched we can do nothing without you need anything at this position the left we have a lot of money and resources in their life education and training we felt to some reliance to self-sufficient with legal asset in the God ordained form of self denial I know it was illegal has written the best books on prayer called mighty predate prayer is an encyclopedia on prayer at an all-night book executed making to keep one will be visible with legal highly recommend fasting is a God ordained form of the United a blessing to be myself and not run again and felt I wanted to myself only and I cannot help thinking that the all and in all in my life when he could easily live out his life the reason that people talking me but they will yes all how I want to deny health what about if you have to to come after him to carry out while the Knoxville with a dual status the purpose of fasting if this objective physical to the ritual and to give priority to spiritual goals to disentangle oneself what kind of one's environment material things feelings possibilities and cares it isn't about one whole special attention to God in prayer and from all that I read this is my understanding of how that works the best thing as we deny ourselves up blue and all the other things that we regularly enjoy what we are doing is we are starting the carnal net each one of us we cannot shell the Cormac and do away with them it would only thing we can do as far Carl met between the Christian space both the back pain with Barnett Carmack and he shrivels up and over how I like to go and as we spent time in more of God 's work and more time in prayer by the way of think of doing all the things and neglect is spend more time in prayer during the new plan and what kind does work as we do that we open up our life to God and what God did he begins to me that it was bad enough and rich men who gifted both strong and begin to overcome an expert 's mental course love to pray love to spend time in God 's work and now it's the spiritual man in you and not the carnal man running your life that make sense only that there's no limit to the usefulness of want of equity upside this room know what the Holy Spirit upon his heart and live the life holy consecrate we got someone that you are either in the non-Christian are you a no limit Christian when he might be monolithic on I want to look in you after you and automating in three and made evangelist DL Moody got here that in a amazing way in a forty-year he let over a million right he heard someone say no one has yet to see what I can get in and through and with an four and five and then we consecrate your movie for those working in effect even if the world has yet to see what God can do in and went through and for environmentally consecrated to God by the Visigoth I want to read do amazing things to each one of us you want to turn into a human channel through which you can pour forth the mark of salvation but because this is so much junk in our life not worked really as he would like to know if you want to the God and what he can do three or you want to be in the Christian I thought much about that I've heard much about them think God I want you to know that a Christian I wanted to have an energy that comes to and wanted to haven't had any regrets I wanted to have an English language I would pray and live the more I was however there are a lot of it will only surrender that guy could give me in them integrate away not for my glory for his glory John Leslie has said to all the good you can in all the pics you can than to try that over again is that all the good you can in all the ways you can in all the places you can buy all the means you can at all the kind you can to all the people you can as long as you you look at a minute I might only win and I was able to give them some items because they will only surrender wholly consecrated by anyone then of the word who believe in prayer anyways through this experience of affecting items to help unable to do what it helped me put some aside that he can come in and work upon the hearts meeting want to live like what was good to engineering that prayer is the one hand with which we grasp the invisible fasting other with with with Windows a Catholic the visible while he goes on to say I lost ten pounds in three weeks and it I can only imagine getting into before nine but I got permission to send the money I've also noticed that even though I put back the preferred route and then he does something for their lack of concern appetite now is richly abundant I can easily walk away from with that before I cannot resist praise God and reject from without like even resisting the temptations that were not going related before was so difficult but now back in the victory over them praise God again research has shown me that after three weeks habit are one God proven that to me during this time I want to print out that God wants to go one and just watching a one one day after week we has a distinctively different water one day week they become less to do with me being that it had ended upper half of twenty one the maybe one day God will lead you to do a plaintiff that the Lord what if he hadn't elicit the water bath as a weather who indicates that brought different and we all estimate because the life principle but it will make the matter I was jealous that you have to go on any nose within the heart he knows our desires are run by going on that you had everything to gain and nothing to lose a pound and a I dedicated here to go on attending that I would highly recommend attending that the redundancies pending up now sorry I recommend realizing that the rate with me than that that a lot had our one after three weeks alike that the controlling power of appetite will prove the ruin of Bauman who if they had conquered on this point without you have had in the world power to gain the victory over every other condition that topple communal are struggling with our appetite friend and God can help us overcome our appetites he can even help with living else really to begin with I have had in but those white ladies appetite will fail of protecting Christian character the continual transgression of men over six thousand has brought fitness chain and that assets from and after we draw near the close of time they can configure the patient in the appetite will be more powerful and more difficult to resist I ask you you live to eat or do you eat to live a lot of people they need to that I mean they lived to eat the Lord is a God in the place she writes to appetite they can control the mind and okay NFL high what we needed to have the mind of Christ and we need to hear his wife it is the timing down with them I have lived at the great ethical mental and moral rap because they sacrifice all their power to the intelligence of appetite if you are really struggling with appetite really wanting to issue to make this a much better about prayer and thought about that he can go on what I shared having them help you with that with what's so interesting it into the bill with somebody yesterday I see a lady come in and meet during dinner that they want get it together one gal lives on the mainland and is one of the sister lives in England keep in touch the claimant is affecting together it really helps to have an account with a partner because there are times we get tempted viciously hard he wanted given having someone kept turning with you to struggle can really help you encourage and FNL Chevron thought had been impressed enough in the head with an ridiculous meaning and happiness exactly the same way God will give you a confirmation throughout our entire that we were doing exactly what he wanted us to be doing and it is so exciting we just see that God is there with you each step of the way so what was it that twilight and after work drinking together to share with you a little after second enough you wrote me to thinking you know with sixteen different point of what she'd been experiencing nothing but the author can point but some of the points I raised that out to me there back into the meeting ended my day Shoney's so many things number one when you forget the people I had not even known as the postoperative number two I needed to ask forgiveness from I had not known I put them but God wanted to my view that hurt them tremendously number three what my thin flaws were only a God reveals the link to what can we unlock health can we pray gently turn your wicked ways the great controversy in the chapter titled the kind of trouble reported that Jacob 's experience how he wrestled with God in prayer now you can drink the blood cannot help we need an experienced particular needs to share with you in the chapter had not taken previously repented of the thin in obtaining the book my flight on God would not have heard is correct and mercifully preserved his life was so important that he had taken the time to repent a distant howling and a similar experience that she do that in a people we come to the time of trouble killed in the kind of trouble at the people got had uncontested to appear before them while cluttered with fear and anguish it would be overwhelmed if that would cut them off of their faith despair would cut off their faith and they could not have confidence to plead with God or deliberate but while they have a deep sense of their unworthiness death note and don't want to reveal it didn't have gone before Henke judgment and had been blotted out and it cannot bring them to meet numbers and I think that after the experience I thought about this passage in the McCarthy and how we need the famous print that after his happy goes on to McCarthy the feeling of distress and anguish before the are you can endure wearing a delay and hunger from the facility with a pipe now were not limited to the lefty eight they now will not think of those severely trying the period of probation is granted to all to prepare for the time Jacob revealed that he was persevering and determined they can't abandon their provisioning his victory is an evidence of the power of importunate prayer all will lay hold of God 's promises as he did in VS Arneson and persevering as he was will succeed as he succeeded those who are unwilling to do myself to advise people not to pray long and risk reports that the will not appear wrestling with God how do you know what it is to continue on with Esther 's testimony she said that I considered not a big deal but if you show me just how big they really are you know what you says look like in the light of the cross I don't than asking God to show me I want to I want to see my heart the way document marked because you are optimizing on the right and I fit in Ministry Mohammed God I need to think inside their head with it woe is me quite undone and the man of unclean lips point number five how God is so compassionate with me he never condemned me even though I keep falling and falling and I want to come to know this kind of a guy but God is not condemning each level are going to gently continue each time number nine guy Sony how to see the good in everyone and not the back before you can in the way of people who witnessed this and they never really thought good and him and him but God hates sin like you imagine but he loves sinners but human belief with a lot of the we love the sinner points while my friend got been so long so heartfelt and here's a shipwreck and because the genuine the long now that I spent a lot and it really works now I pray with an alarm in a beautiful and Howard does violate UN police you can have the program in your own bedroom you and the Lord love fifteen is the desperately so long they just want either I just wanted Christ like identify my past with some of the department along with the wind nudges and the truth and they continue to make that Dave ID my other request booking the matter anymore and independent faith in the background I think that's a loveliness and beauty in the character of Jesus and I didn't want to be like him if God loved me with answers to prayer and picture of my need she is just extra good and workable to me and I'm grateful but what matters most to me it's just Jesus and France in the experience you want the along for a deeper more intimate more powerful experience with God Matthew nine fourteen the appellant John came to think why do we and the Pharisees that often we disciples do not pass you the other work that he regularly know that a lot of the practice of the early Christian church you can run and ride them warm as long as the bridegroom is with them but that they will common the bike and will be taken away from the and then they will after my patient dependent and before my return again to the start my people will become if there was ever a generation in the history they needed to think about her acting and I believe it is this generation as we know that we are living in the last days as we know that we are about to enter upon the borders of the promised land I believe God on his people to pray and we don't need a friend not whether God is asking us whether we should fast or not what we need to be printed on his Lord will commit that we go rent my prayer is that after Army Bible camp done with it continue to take you higher and higher your walk with the congregation in mighty ways to bless others at the fund into small groups of up to three spend a few minutes pray for each other would speak to us and that God would bless this as we move forward on Republican that God would help to know that the wood he would have us to do as it relates to print


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