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Do Justly

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator




  • March 24, 2012
    11:00 AM
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him here today in Ohio and happy Sabbath is one of you my wife Jane and I are so glad we could be here as part of his inspiring Ohio weekends as you think those of you organized by us here in the decidedly part of first thing in the store they tend them were living in those days limiting enzyme that is exciting and I'm so thrilled with what young people can do and are doing for Jesus in this state in our persisting and I think that it is it is a it is inspiring to see the faith and the initiative and how does the Holy Spirit moves upon our hearts and this being the way having is a fitting time we got that is a very offending me for the times in the permitting and I know for me I want to have a more vibrant more meaningful deeper fuller walk with Jesus and comments like this help me and I'm Suzanne overall universe I'm thankful for the way that God uses it in this weekend of the messages that I am sharing are so tight together in fact in particular the next to you just listen why you may you may not get the whole picture but I'm sure and so I would encourage you if you're not going to be here for the meeting Re: missed the meetings just alongside numerous .org and listen to the others in the series is the balance picture of what I'm trying to share as we are looking to get the word of God and let's turn our Bible says yes to a passage and we reference last night Mike and Chapter six Micah chapter six one of those little minor Prophets they call and not we can is there so minor in their meaning or in their message but simply I think because they're not as the Virgos are writing their books on law as a major problem Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel but in our heads as we begin with the Wartburg and father thank you for giving us this opportunity on the Sabbath day to gather together in your name with your people thank you for giving us your word is a study last night or you shall not seem to get enough the beginning of processing through your service you inspired to write and to reveal the way of life Lord you haven't made a complicated but you simply asked us to take your word instead of creating our own means wrong methods of salvation published today I pray once again help us to be willing to do later in the door of your house are preconceived opinions our ideas even the very weighty angler needs to be organically changed so that we can think like you think throughout all eternity today is afraid that your spirit once again we are teaching our guide that you would seek to reach one of our hearts he did so not only does house of worship today and you would fill each one of our minds whether we might be better people for having been here and spending time with you Lord I just want to pray that that you would do these things for us not because of anything we've done not because there were a because of Jesus his name we pray my chapter six and verse eight again referencing a situation in Israel where there needed to be a revival in Reformation is the dialogue going back to God and his people how this can happen in my detector six hundred safe as he has shown the old man what is good and what doth the Lord require of the butt to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God you know maybe it's because of our natural tendency towards legalism we talked about that last night our natural tendency towards wanting to do something in our salvation every false religion is based on works right but the true religion of the Bible religion of salvation through Jesus Christ and I can do anything except admit my nothingness in my unworthiness and then I can do something I reminded what it is I made this tells us in well the two zero two quotations referencing page three hundred and eighty three twenty nine the Lord can do nothing towards the recovery of man until they sell his own weakness and stripped of all self-sufficiency yields himself to the workings of the spirit on his heart whispered limits are then he can really seem to get you that heaven is waiting to bestow upon the select field is made nothing is an health how the upper promise what you can do nothing and/or convinced of our weaknesses to our self-sufficiency is on one hand and the promise that from the celeb filled his meeting thing is without on the other hand we have not been related to the limitation on one side you have the media the boundless possibilities that is idea happy the Internet limitations the more getting thing for the recovery of man until scriptable salsa for us all kinds of the weakness of the ball self-sufficiency yields themselves only as promised and also three three twenty nine the weaker and more helpless you know yourself to be stronger you become in history right we have to come to the point will be recognized our need when we recognize that I am nothing I can do nothing I'm a hopeless case I am a hopeless case doesn't matter what I've done doesn't matter what my background is another matter of the family I came from doesn't matter how strict the vegan I am whatever else you like try to reference in your resume for God I'm a hopeless case except the blood of Jesus Christ easily from and so when I study my Bible in the morning my main purpose of Bible study no longer is he tried to learn some new no pretext to be able to do that in the letter Bible studies and that the Baptists or whatever it is that's important we need in our Bibles right but the main purpose for me to say the Bible is that I can be converted everyday so that I is I'm studying the word of God the Lord can start speaking to me and showing me who he is and just as importantly who I so I can be convinced of my own weakness stripped of all self-sufficiency because when I start out my day with self-sufficiency it ends up not so well because I'm not sufficient I'm not sufficient for the tactics of the devil and so Bible study at the beginning of revelation so important in our Christian walk but perhaps because they have this tendency to begin trusting our own doing perhaps because we have this human tendency to try to earn our salvation we called sometimes legalism this idea that somehow because we obey because we do we are then meritorious week we can begin to deserve somehow a little bit of the salvation of the blessings of God because we have this human tendency is a Thursday the knee-jerk reaction away from that and we want to be careful that we don't emphasize Marx 's right we don't emphasize what obedience because obviously we have such majority and people are all into the trap of legalism the Bible is not afraid of emphasizing that when you notice what the person is what is shown real man what is good and what doth the Lord require of the budget was to know what the bad words in our vocabulary sometimes as Christians and regarding talky understandably is out of cottage we party talked about nothing we can do again in earnest salvation right at the same time we can be afraid of him obeying God we don't be afraid of obedience again the afraid of seeking a life that is in harmony with the will and the word of God he says he is O'Neill man what is good and what does the Lord require of the book to do justly and to love mercy and walk calmly with by God were to be focusing this morning on this first phrase to do justly what does it mean to do justly for some people it has nothing to do with the gin commandments they would almost downplay them denigrate the ten Commandments and say well you know where you are not the focus on those that that would be legalism to do justly music right and so were undergoing a Singapore reminded me know take care of the homeless in the elderly and the widows and so forth and it is the Bible teach that is something that we should do as believers doesn't yes this is true religion undefiled in fact the Bible tells us I'm not saying an end in the lease and this is not what we should be doing brothers and sisters there doesn't have to be significant that a contradiction between doing glad to people and obeying the word of God they can be done simultaneously harmoniously because some people have gone to the extreme and they said you know what I'm going to do I'm going to do an Apple checklist of their religion right now I'm going to do this in the nudism does not do this and this and this is an inmate a religion a whole bunch of rules and regulations and they don't care about people and they don't a lot of people and they have nothing to do with people because I would take the file then we understand because there is this is these two extremes right we find ourselves being repulsed by one track to the other or vice versa the Bible is actually going to teach us to enable me to obedience and we need love we need to do good to people and we do simply obey the commandments of God he the Commandments of God friends it does not need to be legalistic it does not need to be legalism for us to be obedient does not need to be revisited for us to be obedient the Bible here says to do justly and just clean coding you could all could be no compared to righteously to live righteously to do it justly sneezed to write clearly and just at the right or just and righteous are sort of synonyms in the Bible he probably caught that right what is the meaning justify justify the what is a mean all set right either either set the right or left of the center both were even right that's what justified means and in the spiritual life it means something very similar means simply delete need righteous to be set right to be put in the proper position right Dean's set in the right orientation that's what it means to be justified so when the Bible here says it didn't justly we can understand that to mean righteously and yet some people will say you know what gesture you Adventists you emphasize too much these ten Commandments is not so important what we do is the relationship it's important to remember that if the relationship is important don't worry and all the beings doing part don't worry about you know what the there you are I've heard it even with Baptist Church high member of the one youth meeting where the youth pastor said they were planning an evening is seven morning they're planning an evening and beachhead on rejecting the details but he said by the way what what time is some downside anyway and nobody proper response and he said that's all legalism anyway I think this emphasis on sudden downplaying the Commandments and saying it's all about your relationship is that have to be one of the other does not have to be either a relationship or obedience I sometimes wonder people are really thinking what they're saying you know I mean I really married and then write much in love with my wife Jean and I think that in others there's certain things that I learned she likes I'm trying to learn trying to two said to be mindful of those things right remember those things and there's certain things that ladies like like that supposedly would have been had her first anniversary epilepsy supposedly come to our first anniversary and I forget completely about it mercy have mercy I particularly nodded no roses no car no I love you is nothing just as most incomes means as you know what's Julie's do something for our anniversary all hunting it's our relationship that matters is what hours are saying I love you I think that Natalie does have a good relationship that makes sense we when we when we would pretty much still on any newlywed who tried to pretend that if the relationship that matters and they can they can simply door what their spouse wants which enjoys desire to write for us to say it's a relationship with God that matters but other hand a completely dumb our nose in the air and I don't really care what he says is his will for my life I don't really care what he says he likes for me to do with them I don't really care what he says is because wishes for our relationship it's completely nonsensical is it's completely nonsensical there is a there's a visit in any relationship there is and there is an attentiveness to what the other one desires what makes them happy right and we need to have that kind of attentiveness to what will please God not so bad we had me say but because we love but because we love him and so we find in John chapter fourteen verse fifteen Jesus makes is very clear turn with me they are John chapter fourteen verse fifteen were to look in John fifteen also John chapter fourteen verse fifteen we read the following well-known passage Jesus says it is right that little word it is he was it a lot means doing something right keep my commandments if you love me keep my commands John chapter fifteen in verse nine as the father has loved me so I love you this relationship there right the relationship of the father love me some I love you continually in my love how do you do that if you keep my commandments you shall abide in my line you want to see the relationship with Jesus seeing the commandments of Jesus 's right to be attentive to what he wants care about is that you build a relationship and didn't help me this is what I want for your life this is what will make you happy this is what will build our relationship if you want to live in his love and keep his commandments and even as I kept my father 's commandments and abide in his love these things I spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be why we're doing my people in a last size of scaring about about what it means to surrender I think I could've emphasized more but you'll never regret the surrender of everything Jesus never regret the giving of what operatives of submitting your own will in your own way your own preconceived ideas because when he takes your life he has the ability to make your joyful and in a way that you can never before fulfilled by any other means there is no happier place than being where God wants you to be there is no more happy state than being justified in having that piece like a glorious river flooding through your life that no matter why it is happening around you you have peace and happiness in Jesus there is no letter life is what Jesus is saying here in John chapter fifteen these things I spoken unto you that your my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full this is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends was working again you are my friends relationship right relationship you are my friends in the nephew Edward again what is it if you do whatsoever I command you you see some neglect of the first part of doing my commandments and some the second part of loving one another and the devil I don't think really cares whether we neglect the obedience of the Commandments only neglect loving one another as long as we elect one of us on one hand we were patting yourself on the stories they were loving one another right kind of reasoning than being homeless and doing business under good things if you don't get me wrong I aware neglecting the plane word of God which gives us certain things got to does what I want to do the command screen on the other hand and those who say I get it I know these things and I kept since it for my use of chat chat chat chat chat without the loving one another and either one of them is really us deciding our own way to be saved rather than listening to God 's way name and all over again saying I think I can find a better way to be cleansed when it's our not have enough and far far rivers of Damascus better than all the waters of Israel can't I find a better solution than my sin problem so that I don't have to humble myself and simply submit to God 's only way you see the same as founder and imagine twenty three is a favorite sex among those who decry the legalism even within Christianity or within the Adventist church Matthew chapter twenty three talking up the Pharisees Jesus roundly condemned the Pharisees and then we can find these interchanges throughout the Gospels and for sure we don't want to be like the Pharisees of course but if we look closely when Jesus says very interesting here Matthew chapter twenty three and verse twenty three this rebuke to the Pharisees because of their January like this intention did all the little details and crossing the T 's and dotting their eyes and and any trust in their good works for salvation notice arrhythmias is over twenty one new scribes and Pharisees hypocrites as for UK side of the Madison crewmen have omitted the weightier matters of the law judgment mercy and faith in these ought to die and not to leave the other undone Dawn is not yet using this picture in your mind these Pharisees they come due to the time when they are together they are getting curves either garden and had to get their herbs are the garden below themes and men's anatomist and when they did they come along they start counting the season one two three four five six seven eight nine one two three four five six can imagine counting those seems out getting exactly ten percent of her time with a well what legalists right but not as legit as exercise here in Atlanta say they shouldn't of been think their faithful to the system these are the two of them the weightier matters of the law judgment and mercy and faith right but then he says and not to leave the other undone and he seemed gone was not Jesus here's not print criticizing him for being faithful in little things in a way he is criticizing them from being faithful in little things and neglecting other things that make sense is criticizing them for being in one ditch with each other for going to one extreme or the other and neglecting the rest of what the word of God requires is a little less listening careful as we think of this passage to do justly let us not fall in the trap of being a free rate of obedience or being afraid of being faithful even in little things there's a danger if we're just entrust our personal experience we talked about that at last night and too many times we decide that the gospel is true or false or we choose our gospel among the different buffets and Gospels out there we chosen based upon our own personal experience as a danger that I remember as a young Christian young person and life my much of my first pastoral job I went to bar the country where where there was a much more of much more diversity perhaps within the church and madness church I was accustomed to you know pay at wasn't quite aware of them has aware of them but I never read maybe so much encountered personally all the different views with inhabitants and special incomes of the gospel and I remember my members of point makers and espresso I was really struggling myself a living city the time and I don't I do have great empathy for those who are called the city work because I think it's difficult to difficult to live without getting your your mind and your perspective 's war by what you're constantly and bombarded with irritating me to spend extras the extra time and God 's second book the Bible if you are not immersed in his first book of nature that makes sense I mean nothing when you are around the creation of God there's a natural influence towards restoring us into the character of God 's nature still as blemished as it has reflects the character of the glory of God but the more aware of the more around the creations of man and those billboards those advertisements in the music in the movies and everything else that were just nursing our senses are just as an avalanche of material information overload coming out as all the time we need to be fleeing to the word of God to be keeping arson to straighten our members I was I was out I was eleven thousand and not halfway through my first year there I was out passing I knew my Bible I knew that I knew this very promising well I was Utah's having my devotions aware that as I looked around and I look at people 's different ideas of theology their different Gospels I began to realize wait a minute you I have this this intellectual believe that the power of the gospel is sufficient to give me the real percent there are people in my church that believe otherwise they believe that when Jesus comes second time he's going to zap your character and your enemy different you can enjoy heaven and don't worry about sin reminds me of one pastor and long conversation with him friend of mine that long conversation with as possible to overcome or not and after this long conversation we sign a funny part of note he said to me as our parting words were well either jester you have a lot more faith than I do or a firmer grip on reality can you do but I've seen too many people who are not able to overcome alcohol he see I have this belief in the power of Jesus is sufficient to have people help people overcome the bottle I believe I believe that but here I am a young person young pastor my first assignment and beginning to grapple with this myself because you know why I wasn't experiencing extreme online is a temptation for us to gravitate towards the theology that matches are sincerely that's what we talked about last night that was important for us not to trust our own ideas her own preconceptions our own even even if we considered incurable data that we had our life because our are on our life has been tainted by sin and our observations of life originated by our bias towards sin and our only safety isn't going where and to the world not right it says in the Bible that changes in the Bible is clear in the Bible then we have to trust that it's shrill and the theology upon the word of God rather than upon my experience I can come to a decision way to the site do I trust the word of God or do I simply based my theology upon my experience it is just my experience and my whole religion becomes an experimental work is like a father who comes the come to Jesus memos and the demon possessed boy disciples couldn't cast the demons out to become the Dean dozen and when genes arise and them and adding to ask her what's going on in the father says if you can do anything you'll help my son and the father would win in the Elimite is elaborated in the father looked at Jesus 's warns I traveled person just issues in simple closing the bodily diseases and health spring in his mind it can be the gazelle is going to help my signing on as well the site was probably look a little more distinguished and I'm guessing even dressed a little more no classy rhapsodies and it they can help and now being planted in the father 's mind to the point where he says you know what if you can help my son leave something not that he can't help my son and obviously not really got right is not really sired profit or whatever he was hoping you would be in Jesus saw been down in the father 's mind what you say all things are possible if you believe the father realize if you doubt his unbelief my classical light of his son 's memory cast himself at the feet of Jesus and he said Lord I believe realizing that wasn't quite true he says help my unbelief the little little little little little bit of belief I have time I'm hanging on to MSU to get rid of the doubt why because true religion is not an experiment it's faith actually doesn't say I'm going to wait to see if I can get me to tell myself that I'll believe that he is not actually allege in his essay I believe there's a God in heaven I believe this is his inspired word me he said so I'm going to act upon it and he's going to give me the victory God is in the business of rewarding faith on experimentation now thank God he is merciful it is as is a merciful sometimes were to wear to work or just wanting all this evidence were no more police and more fleece and in more and more evidencing God is good God is patient but what he wants is this for us to simply take him at his word and believe so I began I began looking the word of God is young person trying to say you know does it match my experience if it doesn't match my experience maybe my experiment experience needs to change out my theology not the word of God I tried again I think it is a struggle of my life I knew the spirit of prophecy well and know the Bible has a very plain teaching stupid there are several several statements and publications was the I was really sort of stuck out in my mind when it came to this question of of the overcoming and one of them is found in J a great controversy page four eighty nine it says Satan through the defects in the character Satan works you can do contributing control the whole line any know that these defects are cherished he will succeed therefore he is constantly seeking to deceive the followers of Christ constantly seeking to the scene who the followers of Christ costly city Museum of Art of Christ 's sake all sophistry that it is impossible for them to overcome that's what he's currently trying to be meant as a funding it okay is the other things on life says in the respective messages three sixty he who has not sufficient faith in Christ to believe that he can keep them from sending as not afraid that will give him an entrance into the kingdom of God he is not of sufficient faith in Christ to believe that he can keep him from sinning has not the freight that will give him an entrance into the kingdom of God is a display statement by realizing a written context of the house they are pretty black-and-white statements and I had to say was do I believe it or not if I don't believe it why am I an undesired items are doing is not as a middle excising today I'm telling you my own story okay what what what what went through my mind was this the online is not inspired prophet why mice and then I'll be honest with I mean it is if whites some people seem to believe she was hurt she was obviously supernatural right and it wasn't from that spirit have to be from another spirit is changing around us she wasn't just an ordinary human being she had insights and abilities there were supernatural evidences that are well-documented it had doomed them from one spirit one another and often vibrant idling doing and even laws pastoring madness church was run through my mind was which ways are you are going I'm either going to believe what she says and believe what I experienced and we are to believe the word of God or in and choose to trust the empirical data that I see in my life in life those are I'm thankful that as I grappled with these questions that turned the word of God Word of God convicted God was able to change my life God is able to give me victory where wasn't experiencing that I could be in God to believe that he is able not wish I could say I know I don't thank us I wish I could say I always exercised that faith could I don't believe please don't result away from here and say that teaching some version of perfectionism perfectionism is the idea that working a come to the point where we save you I've arrived I'm not I'm not I love no longer sitting that the reality is I believe the closer we come to Jesus and Morgan see to loathe in ourselves right and down to Job even says it this way says it if I were to say that I was perfect my own words would prove me perverse delight WordPerfect he says it when I do not know my homes so while God wants to give us the victory the more pictures were experiencing the more we see in ourselves that we need to experience right and down the geography someone is going around saying a lot arrived absent since held October seventeen nineteen seventy six or whatever it is what without Lookout right but the point I want you can have is that God promises to give us victory he doesn't just save you let me keep my commandments he says every man is a promise by the commandment is to indicate your mind pure you can do it through my strength it is a commandment to keep the Sabbath holy you can do it through my strength is commanded to do a lot of instead of heating you can do it through my strength it's a miracle is a miracle if shown the old man what is good and what doth the Lord require of the but to do justly and one more statement from the spare proxy for another long press on pleasant stage three hundred and thirty three as the will of man cooperates with the will of God it becomes omnipotent as the will of man cooperates with the will of God what that means is when we surrender our will as well I was a galore not my way that your weight not my will but your way and will window with as the will of man cooperatively with the will of God it becomes on it what I offer is to be done at his command may be accomplished in the history and is not legalism is because legalism would somehow say I write I get the command the child made in my back this is I know as we submit to the Lord as our will become united with his wheels as we surrender our will is as well all his bidding Zarqawi was not too hard strength so we can we can claim any credit for it is all on the history all his meetings she says are enabling us so when we come to when we come to the knee in the experience of obedience we must come recognizing were not obeying throw always bring their own will this is where people get really confusing justification that no problem with that that's why the blood of Jesus right being justified by what might they be at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Romans chapter five verse one right being justified by faith but this is what they don't realize justification and I'm using some may be some big theological words your answers on the viewers dollars more math than I do some of you are just learning so I'm trying to make it very simply justifications when we come to Jesus right and our past is washed away as it says is that the Christ says that for six page sixty two is that the crisis is when we when we accept him as our Savior and insightful as our lives may have been we are accounted righteous and we stand before God just as if we had not been back in the arts music news notes is for anyone not to have experience we can stand before God today and God sees as he doesn't see a single sin because Jesus Christ and spend points that's justification is that because we done nothing better than he does of the blood of Jesus it's only because of the blood of Jesus as justification but there's something that space of Jesus Christ goes on and says more than this I like that how can we do better than that more than this God changes the hearts so that we as we continue to live in a justified experience right trusting in the blood in the right is the Jesus teamwork in our hearts to wheel and deal of his English are you listening that's what we call sanctification right sanctification means nothing what are you having walking in a justified experience living in such a way the righteousness of Jesus Versar sends hit me we live in a surrender to the will of God amen and this is what the Bible says life is to immerse exam as you have there for receive the Lord Jesus Christ how did that happen by grace through faith right now just isn't happens and you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord so why is he in him therefore sanctification meal being alive who does the result of a conversion experience is a lost soul by grace through faith my friends are you with me we cannot guide a chair how many victories we gain it we think we've gained just from our own willpower where legalists right but we recognize that all his videos are enabling that everything that he asked us to do together through his strength we recognize that that that that is the only way we can surely overcome long way we can truly live a life of faith of obedience is by the grace and the blood of Jesus and have nothing to claim for a credit right got nothing to boast I would lose any sense so much is by grace through faith justification or sanctification both of them right by grace through faith old lenience does not have to be legalism it doesn't have to be something we do my own credit our own merits well not at all in fact it's pretty much impossible nitride on your own you can't but you know it when we talk about this word what the Lord required in the butt to do justly unfortunately this is what many people experiencing this is why albeit sometimes becomes the nude as legalism too many times people say okay what should I be like to live justly and they tried to spring sanctification before justification it doesn't work FLSA if I say okay and the process in the past have been also sinned and come short of Lord God right now I see that I see okay well one hundred is only about that right now mentioned my life not even improve my lifestyle not to stop doing this this is business start doing this is business and we had off and you are doing justly trying to live in a justified state without first having been justified by faith how effective is it how you think organisms seek in our sanctification if we haven't first experienced justification it's a miserable beings it's consistent constant predictable failure I I think if you were to get some thoughtful reflection you would like me back in your life and recognize periods or times or days or weeks or maybe years of your life where you were basically just trying to do the formality of the outward religion you are trying to live a just sanctified life when fact you would never come to the point where you experience justification had to run record way 's and your life completely surrendered to the will of Jesus and if you look back on those prisoner life you recognize like me they were not very productive spiritually oh people I thought you were doing well and you are doing well on the outside but you never made right the wrongs that he needed to make right you never confess the sins that he knew he needed to be confessed enabling been convicted of things he needed remake made right but you never had that point where you are set right and stood before God just as if you had not send justification and friendly pleading with you this morning don't try to do justly don't try to live a sanctify life without first being justified by faith apart in the piece is free if you surrender any attempt to live a sanctified life without first experiencing justification is another Avalon Farquhar rivers of Damascus is an attempt to exchange to switch out with simple way of salvation which God has given us is not afraid is not a menu choose from you did in the Jordan river seven times and you'll think when you surrender your 's and your will your preconceived ideas you surrender everything at Jesus gave for instance you today we are deleting tomorrow to put it off until some other time when they will be more prepared I can make this right now do it today and everything else will come in a vigorous if your heart is surrendered they can stand before God just as if you had not been justified and then you can begin to walk in that race in that same demand yet shown the old man what is good and what doth the Lord require of the but to do justly to do justly don't be afraid of obedience by friends please I bet if you don't try to obey without first experiencing the grace of Jesus Colossians chapter two in verse six as to have their reasons therefore received Christ Jesus Lord so walk ye in him because I think of this passage my chapter six verse eight I see a striking parallel between this and the message that we are called to preach the last phase the method of the three angels began their revelation fourteen right with the first Angels message Revelation chapter fourteen verse seven sure a passage which is familiar to too many not all of this this morning what is the first thing junction of the first Angels message I saw another angel flying in innocent heaven right in saying with a loud voice what fear God what does it mean to fear God I puzzled over this I thought about this is many years I decided even an answer to fear God is the respect him right and I believe that I believe in an auto auto critique that that answer but as I studied I found there's something more involved in the fear of God I want to turn that mean your Bibles to the giving of the ten Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty the giving of the ten Commandments a message at the twenty ten world to see here one of the effects for the outcomes of the fear of God is whatever is it has an outcome that is very interesting year-round exes chapter twenty and verse twenty and this is when will God is just spoken the ten Commandments and the the people are about what Gibbons examines onto the stone Moses comes back and happy all the thunderings and lightnings and so forth and the Bible says that the then they wanted to they wanted Moses to speak and not God in verse twenty Moses said to the people fear not for God is come to prove you that his fear may be before your faces that he was not interesting if they were just given ten Commandments so any idea that somehow in the old and the old covenant the the people were hopelessly doomed to you no failure because they were they were on their given a law that they couldn't keep it simply doesn't seem to add water at uphold water right here in this passage because theories as they are not your daughters was the new faces over the economy there in the same verse is saying fear not to be afraid right here not the godsend of proving that his hair maybe before your face is that he knew what sin not send I also fear of God is involved in the keeping of the commandments right if we have a fear of it or not in our hearts we will have obedience will have victory that we send not what is the fear of God than the most simple way that I can explain it is by contrasting the fear of God with the fear of man and number in the book of John particularly there's a number of passages where the the fear of man is described on chapter seven verses twelve and thirteen there was much murmuring among the people concerning him concerning Jesus for sums that he is a good man others said no he deceives the people howbeit researching says no man spake openly of him for fear of who appeared to James John chapter nine we find the story of the man born blind these easier like Jesus and that as a result these brought into the temple be interrogated by the priests either his parents are hauled in the Temple being interrogated by the freeze-dried and you remember they are very they were very ambiguous in their testimony everything while we know as we know it's our son right on how we got healed we don't know ask him he's old enough to tell you right they didn't want to go on record as saying Jesus healed their son even though they know it was Jesus who had given him their insight and these words John chapter nine verse twenty two says these words spake his parents because they feared the Jews for the Jews and agree that any man who confessed that he was Christ he should be put out of the synagogue so what is the fear of man what is the fear of the Jews fear of man is my definition you can see the holds true to what we've read in the word of God fear of man is being concerned about what will happen to us at the hand of man right is concerned about their opinion man's opinion it's compromise in this case the stories they compromise even sometimes our own convictions because they are more worried about what people would do what people would think of what people would say I'm proposing to you this morning the fear of man is very deeply ingrained into each of our psyches I would propose you this morning that from a very young age we learn to be people pleasers as much of human behavior is based upon the fear of man much of what we say in a given day is based upon getting a reaction from other people much of our choices what we wear where we go how we live he does go down again I don't want us a lot of time on that just reflect in your own mind much of how we live our life is based upon the fear of man does anyone around afraid of people right it is in handy when people walking the dog we run a high of the fear menace is now some of all things were concerned about what people think or say about us and we make decisions based upon other peoples 's enough that the fear of man which is deeply ingrained into our persons there's a reason why everlasting Gospel the first angel begins with two words fear God it means a radical change in the hierarchy of our decision-making process he was where before we were concerned to what people all our neighbors our friends our pastor a church members will revisit gives her parents was the forward concern primarily by what people think and we live our lives of these people essentially writing to harsh and anyone I think is reality as I look at my wildlife instead of living our lives that way our hierarchy of priorities need to be turned upside down so you doesn't mean we need we become her right as a society doesn't mean we have to become a fan since everybody know what it means it is what people think of us has to take a lower position that what God thinks of us God 's opinion is us have to become the greatest priority in our decision-making processes are you with me so that is pleasing God is more important than pleasing man so that old man God is more important than obeying man so that having the approbation appreciation approval of God is a far greater value to us in importance to us than having that appreciation approbation approval of our that I think is a is a is a complete reversal of priorities which can only be accomplished through what we call conversion experience an exciting than that and that they the first Angels message I think this consecutive numbering even taken out of order I don't think there's any way possible bitterness and worshiping God while this increase in false worship in the last days if your priorities are not straight and who you're seeking approval from if you're pleasing people in the last days my friend you're not going to be faithful in the final test so the very first command is what Peter God I don't care if someone does call me legalists if I obey right I don't care if someone doesn't think I'm liberal because I help or whatever he is or because I made friends with sinners people 's opinions are the most important friends gossiping is the most important don't worry about what label you my God don't worry about what people might say make first and foremost the desire to your heart please God to serve him humanity into an agreement to serve him not people to obey him not people so we find our Scripture Daisy very precious promise to me because I recognize that this is not something that I can accomplish in my own strength Jeremiah chapter thirty two inverse forty we find the everlasting Gospel God give glory to him that our attention is come that everlasting gospel is truly an everlasting gospel to the same gospel that's presented in the Old Testament Jeremiah chapter thirty two inverse forty remember our Scripture from the day the Bible says I will make an everlasting covenant with them that I will not turn away from them to do them good but that I will do what how'd we have the fear of God in our hearts how can we had a sudden experience something we can do ourselves I will put my their hearts other places it says it this way I will write my law in their hearts the synonymous passage you want to fear of God in your are what keep the commandments of God when I have an obedient life to do justly it's not to be on your own strength is not to be on your own merits it's only an miracle of the grace of God how many of you want Americans not just a marital justification hallelujah I think of what God does setting our record straight but how many of you one additional miracle of God putting his fear in your heart riding his law in your hearts making you what he wants you to do more than this God changes the heart pounding one that experiences it as well let's pray father in heaven today we thank you that you've given us the promise that all your fittings earnings or forgive us for the times and we run out ahead of you and we've attempted to weave a tentative to manufacture our own sanctification when we haven't even experienced justification board we recognize today and we cannot begin to walk with you until we first put on the Lord Jesus Christ the flesh is more powerful than our wills unless our priorities and then miraculously changed my conversion experience and today I just want pray for them maybe somebody here who recognizes in their heart they don't have that peace that passes all understanding that they don't even understand what it means to be justified by faith and have peace with God the Lord Jesus Christ but I thank you Lord they can leave here having made today is surrender our heart to you and knowing that when you look at them you look at them as if they had not send more that's I just want to pray that every single one of us here might have had experience and we walked out of the doors we head towards lunch we can know the devil owns no part of our lives has been given them completely do you know we stand before you justify just as if we not say who are more than this fulfill also your promise to put your fear in our hearts to write a law in our hearts to make us the righteous men and women that you called us to be Lord help us to trust your grace to recognize it when we fall when we fail in your righteousness is there your mercy is great towards us we remember our framing of the world but Gus would help us Lord to believe you're doing is Tamina in just a very this is a this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about how universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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