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Of Prophecy and Praise

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 31, 2012
    10:00 AM
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I was I was sure his family is good to be back in the hope let's get right into God 's Word today will start the book of John the twelfth chapter John chapter twelve starting at verse one John twelve starting in verse one John's twelve verse one descriptor says that Jesus six days before the Passover came to Bethany where Lazarus was which had been dead whom he raised from the dead there they made him a supper and Martha served but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him our sermon this Sabbath morning is entitled of prophecy and praise of prophecy and pray let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to go on keywords a study of troops I father got here Holy Spirit especially today Lord letter was not be seen or heard but we really need an outpouring of the Holy Ghost and a message from the throne of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name amen a story in the book of John the twelfth chapter of Jesus at Simon 's table Simon was a higher up in the Jewish organization but he was one that believed in Jesus only hosted him at his house here is Jesus would not just silent but also with Lazarus in the previous chapter of course Lazarus is raised from the dead and in fact we're told that this is Jesus 's crowning miracle in a sense to wait three days after the body would what a rotten stink and then go to the tool and raising from the dead really messed up the entire religious establishment Sadducees he didn't believe in a resurrection they were really messed up when they actually witnessed one and of course the Pharisees believing a resurrection really didn't want to believe in Christ they didn't want to believe that they were meeting the Messiah himself they were in him they weren't at all messed up in a very bad place Lazarus really was a walking living breathing all and I guess essentially a proof of the divinity of Christ have you walking around it really troubles the establishment that his you know why I watch this each one of us Lazarus is a huge one of Muslims dead in our sins and invalidate it we are walking around I live in Christ because every time the modern-day Pharisees and Sadducees in your life and you they don't like you realize the field in your new list of prizes because every time you'll used to do the things you use the new Mountain hounds would you use to do like Lazarus applicants to your friends and family that there is a God in heaven and energy with a we each should be an example and we should each be a testament of the love of God of the saving power of Jesus Christ we should be that the blood of Jesus Christ washes clean and every time someone comes in contact with us we should be living proof that Jesus is Lord of Sacramento just Thursday preventing out of statewide conference on on on on health disparities and an different things and I put together my pocket when I dear one of the leaders of the organization that brought me to Sacramento to speak all along and whether State Senator and assemblyman all the type of people this woman came up to me and she began to talk to me and hurt I want to open University this is not I will I will I spent time at Loma Linda and she's in your administrator to guilty in the amount of his options that I was raised on the good friends of Jaime Williams is a I know I've been is because I am a former academic conversation it was easy and quick to say she was better and angry with the church I went back that night and she said something that I really like more residents and businesses in that category you have the stage tomorrow you get to speak in front of hundreds of people and confronting with very vague and they think you came to explain the wider health disparities and and and and you're going to pay them to explain how static load an overloaded and and the built environment and the social determinants of health but but the mission for you and you know in front of that scientific assembly of businessmen and politicians and add an public health leaders I started the whole talk with quotes from the Scripture I'm a children of the Adventist health study because that's all avoided athletic to realize I was other stuff is what I do mean it was like it I like swimming in a pool with God had asked me to come in slimy athletic and drag somebody about a pool and I began to witness through the top and in fact it was well interesting because you can come and talk to him after the talk but another young man came to me was that in all I was raised Adventist reason I can tell your advantages that I've given up anything I need to return to what I you silly because I want to life that will get our along why did you talked about in your system was supposed to be like Lazarus at your outline the job breathing that you exist to send you into the medical field of nursing field of politics abandoned nowhere in life you wind up the illusion they are living breathing example that Jesus 's election power verse three Bible says Vincent Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard very costly and anointed the feet of Jesus and white his feet with her here and the house was filled with the older of the ointment Benson one of the disciples Judas Iscariot Simon son which should betray him why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pens and given to the poor are poor this is rich with meaning as well right Judas is a religious crazies across any of the blood crook becomes one crook always control the money so he is the one walking around the back demise anytime they get a donation into the plot he's the one control device we can take the money use the money spend the money and whatever you want to the money and Julius was doing that I felt when he saw this expensive perfume they knew on Jesus 's feet to one hour unlike them he was upset because he thought he wasted the money but because he had missed an opportunity to steal Judas really had no concern for the poor of one of a solid pickup of the door and stated the charge must be concerned about the poor in fact even the government to Somerset must be concerned about what Ezekiel sixteen verse forty eight Ezekiel sixteen numbers forty eight fifty the Bible says as I lives in the Lord God followed by fiddler have not done nor she nor her daughters and now has done now and I noticed some is will is being done by Israel of being compared to him even in this state of Ezekiel said behold and look at verse forty nine of red 's ear before it's a powerful text is beholden this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness with inner and in her daughters neither did she strengthen the head of the poor and needy mouths of numbers fifty and they were haughty and committed abomination before me therefore items of them away as I saw good the sin of Sodom long before there was any abomination with pride it was having too much feeling the need God was having idleness among especially probably the usage my grandmother would say that an idle mind is the devil 's workshop and that last line of verse forty ninth of neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy Judas wasn't concerned with the poor Jesus was very much concerned for what reason he collected the back and had the back and wobbles the market is a poor fun with supposed to be concerned before we should be willing to give something that a port and one of the signs of the end in my opinion is that in fact for in a world completely overlooked the Bible and and and pestilences one of things that will happen is that it will be a lack of concern by those who could've made good on doing better for the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world we noticeably have examples like Rwanda where we bring war breaks out in an and where the US is gone and the other countries of the drop of a dime the whole world stood back and watched the genocide unfolded at a faster pace than in Nazi Germany under Hitler in fact one of the signs of his people and civilization have begun to deteriorate is that the have no concern for the poorest among back to John chapter twelve verse six June is the Bible speaking of now is busy said not that he cared for the poor but because he was a thief and the back and bear that was put there in not look out Jesus comes to her defense this is powerful stuff then said Jesus let her alone against the day of my burying hath she kept this leave her alone Jesus understood that there was not going to be timely opportunity for his body to be properly anointed before all or even immediately after the crucifixion once he was going to symbolically actually was the actually have a chance actually I'm going to his body Jesus respectively he accepted what she was going for him Judas was trying to block it and he rebukes Judas one of the reason that June is emotionally goes on to betray Christ and do what he does and is begun prior to jingle are heard by the rebuke of Jesus right here within the Christian and be very careful that when the word of God comes to and challenges you on a point in your life when you're really not intended to God that you don't take that rebuke that what the word of God is giving you I think it become angry and frustrated and walk away from God as they a lot of people want Adventist because they say when the word itself intrude itself on them Judas gets so upset as a defense against the day of my buried at sea captain and birthday instead of the poor always he had with you but me ye have not always do make the plane am not always going to be here so if you want to do some good for me now is the time while I'm alive while I'm here before the crucifixion in fact was the method of the left of all of us the Lord is why to get people there flowers when they can still smell verse nine says much of the Piedmont people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there and became not for Jesus sake only wants this but that they might see Lazarus also hold me at raising the death of Lazarus becomes like an old inadequacy lathers heard about God was in the grade three or four days and he was not mistaken he feels what God wanted to know what that house right and amusement park ride valleys dotted line up around the house I would probably charge of the amount of industry Lazarus because once the people want to see evidence that Christ has done great work he does people want each of us to be Lazarus I'm not up I'm not a big fan of Tim TiVo but I tell you part of the controversy around of openly Christian quarterback was there a lot of people who really still would like to know that Christianity works even available even a lot of people really still would like to see that they are good wholesome people left in the world the message of what has to be on a child in school wherever we are putting on a restoration the whole point that we like where we are now watch verse tenderly gives interesting the Bible says but the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also and that when you become so outlined what Christ that your life is evidence of Christ's goodness mercy grace and salvific power you will become just as much a most wanted individual by the powers of the enemy as Jesus is so what happens is being alignment Christ makes you public enemy number one to the devil and this is why persecution will come and must come to the church despite what Evangelicals teach about the church being arrested away secretly and then the tribulation will come the faculty member church will pass through tribulation because the devil can't stand you because you are God I I I I Apple in the high of the living God the devil can stand up and you see how it's just everyone in the gene that they wanted on the Lazarus pit one accounting is guess what happens when you kill Lazarus to verse eleven makes it very plain as to why because that by reason of him on Lazarus 's existence after his death many of the Jews one away and believed on Jesus and because I believed on Jesus because of Lazarus Lazarus now is is set up to be killed like Jesus is a must get the prophecy part of the sermon we are living in a time when we have to understand this persecute Tory mindset is beginning to bubble up inside the United States of America interesting things happening to the changing political tide in United States of America I want to understand when you really look at look at it the idea that in the Republican field therefore people left resorting to litter so for right to have no shot but there's nowhere on the four of them follow me now to whatever Catholics one of them is a Mormon and one of him in the Southern Baptist Ron Paul now watch this is an interesting field because in fact there many evangelical grid there many evangelical Christians who will not vote for rock for Mitt Romney because in the morning and evening Mormons and the cult now watch this I would agree with the assessment the Mormon church is doctrinally presently more monotonous Radovan route adopted the Mormon church the Church of Latter Day Saints who do you know that we are often a seventy minute allotment who can't deliver the LDS and NFPA right without having with it Amelia one of your character inside the hotel and seven and all you and I believe not I turn them spend money that way brother Nate Weiner week and the ones that are Monday with stuff like that without were different but once is where categorized together the original definition of a cult having one all-powerful leader whatever they say goals and all the other things do not bring up about following tradition about the Catholic Church actually by definition is more of a cold then we all is we have a president I even got a whole lot of hope no one listening right now right now understand what I'm saying so the Morgan is running at is being rejected don't miss this at one of the Catholics completely accepted by the evangelical Protestant arm of the United States isn't that amazing in fact in the most Protestant parts of the United States without it's as if the Catholics who were much better powerful what a shift from just off to a generation ago when John F. Kennedy ran and John F. Kennedy was running in the Catholic and the Proulx that he would uphold the Constitution of Bob the edicts of the Pope in fact Catholics began to call him what a exorbitant public the Catholic Church because they Saturday when we would happily and willingly sat at the church to be elected the manual argument is partly that mean he was in a fastening because I thought we were the Catholic president he turned out to be one of the most independent thinking presidents many people argue in American history yet he will be located centrally for being a Catholic and in the generation look at the shift in this election they goes deeper only one branch of the government of the executive branch and I was little believed any of the Republicans will beat Barack Obama was of the economy continues to improve I don't than is the time for their time will come the day if there were one it probably be a Catholic president and I tell you one reason why the last bullet shift in the legislative branch we have nine Supreme Court Supreme Court justices in the now Protestant Christians will say nobody is six Catholics and three June on the Supreme Court of the United States of America now have a picture of ear of the recognized that happens every October Washington DC at St. Matthew 's Cathedral in Washington DC the red mass is the mass that the that the Catholic Church has for the Supreme Court but why do the captures about massive the Supreme Court did in the Catholic Church understands and if you read Catholic doctrine they understand what I think that you must do is have the laws of the nation match the laws of the church is the branch of the government you want it which are legislative arm receiving a Congress is not hard to get Supreme Court justices are hard to get they live a long time for some reason very long lives right and appointed until they die so whenever one opens up you got a jump on it and you have a president in place of what a Catholic in that happened under both Democratic and Republican leaders of when we all take these harsh than the left and right this part a part of the difference waste our time novel arguments as Christians the fact of matter is another matter which side you're on they all are electing the same religions to the Supreme Court as you could have a sixth respect what you do right now right now watch what happens and what happens so in nineteen fifty the nineteenth of May eleven nineteen fifty six with the first time he had a red bathroom in nineteen fifty eight and one of things out interesting and I first read math was that there were no cathodes Supreme Court justices one in fact and I will represent the Supreme Court was a Protestant when his wife was Catholic so he brought in somebody you have to go that route was told you at the boat and represent a gap of thirty million P with only one layer now six of the nine are Catholic how powerful is it to control that branch well the president United States the Congress of the United States recently enacted and the ACA therefore okay right corner the Constitution Congress has the right and the power to an act laws is receiving on Osama bin Laden meaningless it means nothing is everything because of Congress can pass a law and a Supreme Court to overturn it which will be deliberating on now we really have all the power and I want to understand that maybe this is a bad law but it's a good law in matters except to show you the power that exists in that branch that now is completely controlled by bolts sixty three Catholics another family member cabinet pointing to a doctrinal issue and it's an issue around what could be coming upon America because the great debates now are things around contraception abortion release social religious arguments that are maybe two precursors to what many of us and been raised to believe that one day the day of worship will actually be the law that will be argued that in order to gain morale at the in America and restore America but an American console insanely immoral to not have children caught in sex acts in school third-graders a map just know that read as we had any sort of started just over six stories the morality of the country has declined to such a point that eventually along with that the onslaught of natural disaster that will begin to happen in the United States there will be a crime to restore morality in America and one of first things that will be said is necessary to restore such morality opened up both parties would easily be able to get it into the producer the Sunday day a sacredness that you legislate such of the title on the day that was as low as he exists in much of the world already in fact has existed in America before and what I'm try to sell you that it's never been so better to happen in the United States because Sunday that he gave everybody get around while you stay home and watch football if you don't keep it secret Bibles of the largest revolution sixty number thirteen seven I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet in these three unclean spirits like frogs are apostate Protestantism Spiritualism and Catholicism become out of the of the mouth of the beast that amount and out of mouth of the false prophet and out of the mouth of the dragon all of a sudden these three things come out and I can tell you that when when when we do that because would we teach things like that in the past we seem crazy but but I hope that what I'm sharing with you today show was the prophecy of the church is something you can hang your hat on in fact one reason I can never drift from being at seventy minutes is is twofold one of the heart of prophecy which would only child I was taught growing up he actually happen a great example in the constituency of the Supreme Court itself the health method and the other one I can't run from the truth and I just can't draw but even when you are trying to avoid gotten out in the world and you come across an article in Time magazine at doing this is that even for those of you who ridicules to study the problems in the church what you know on the front of newspaper than in the magazines of the world you will watch at the properties unfolded those readings of coming universal what demons working miracles for the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the great Jim God Almighty I am so we noted in a blonde raping the one thing that's interesting I didn't focus on in this talk with the spiritualism and the rise of spiritualism and it around spiritualistic concepts all three of these entities that Protestantism Spiritualism and Catholicism come together so I looked around with unions labor the liturgies another interesting in a bit all three of those components in Easter egg hunt that the below rate is virtually seven ways in which I happily will will will will will will will will will do fertility rite the rat rabbit and in the appointment is ironic when you begin a step back and look at it every as you extract the terms like Christmas to be pulled out the Holiday Inn you at a decent foldout for Spring Festival is not the watched as churches now that Spring Festival Easter egg hunts in their lawns and all of a sudden the very practices of spiritualism and paganism running practice in charge unfortunately even some of our churches are struggling this way but I want to get into three things are beginning to work together in a very meaningful and tangible way the president does not give a speech about religion and not always pay homage on some level to atheist and nonbeliever management agent Jesus says this about this verse fifteen is trying to one when you see a listing of recent behold I come out to be a method view that watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame I went over like this one Protestantism just rubbed her hand across the the grassland of the Roman power was shower region over the abyss the class handled spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold union our country shall repudiate every principle of its constitution of the Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of people falsehoods and delusions then we may know that the time has come for the marbles working of Satan and what can that be and give me here this is why when Jesus says what he says in a and in Revelation sixty University imaging specialists also talk about his threefold union job to related up and speaks about all the things that happen in preparation for the bar the battle of Armageddon in the survival positive spot don't want this is an incorrect side of the understand that when this is happening is happening in revelation of the white wall I come as a thief blessed is he that watchmen keeps his garments lest he walk naked in the solution now is the time to prepare formula prepare one it's too late you get UK start getting ready when the event is already happening Matthew twenty four resources and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold but he that seven northerly and the same shall be see verse fourteen is critical it says and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations and then shall the end come another sign of the end is that the gospel we preached everywhere and the witness not that everyone have to accept the gospel that we have to be preached by the witness you have heard me say that for when I was growing up will the Soviet Union and Soviet block in fact the Zen things in school where the setting of a bomb was dropped in Ottawa warning them to hide under our desks only to joke about it with good nudity to do a nuclear holocaust but because I go under right was offering to sell me the godless communists John F. Kennedy when it really is okay because he refused to make it a war against Hamas Cold War and the Catholic Church wanted that the Soviet Union fell overnight on the Ronald Reagan's on Berlin wall come down on Perestroika all the things that happened in Easton Eastern Europe and ironically now some of our strongest administered are no serious follicles which will probably fulfill like that we like the one she will block of the world even economist John I can tell you to come to China churches are doing very well I've been there a portion of the churches in China administers the door well other processors the door while the charges against Hezbollah well in China billion people is growing in India struggling with growing up another billion plus people where in the world 's most difficult to preach the gospel right now the Middle East but I want to submit to you the changes that we watch happening in the Middle East are prophetic changes because in fact there would have to be a great shipbuilder I don't know why how long it would take unaware it's going but it is the last piece in the puzzle of the world the gospel to be preached everywhere as a witness that's it not Latin America not Africa Southeast Asia as China North America Australia is one of the world in just the last twelve months we recall the Arabs spring and then watched dictator at the dictator at the dictator fall 's area now if we believe treating its own citizens trying to maintain control as the people are crying out nothing with the new leaders for democracy I love you submit to you that it is on that trail the same flight that of America by their shake off the tyranny of the British that a country where we have religious freedom that the same thing that is what is talking about according to David on the Republic of the United States in a democracy and a Constitution that's what these countries want the problem of course is if they get it anyhow and end based on the international pleasure religious freedom must be allowed it will be ruled for the gospel delivered on a monogamous set up tents on the corner there will be rules for the gospel to be preached for churches to exist it may not ever existed in seven countries yes I do like Lebanon which have always been some advances Mike the opportunity for the gospel to the way the Bible says once that door opens then shall the end come down to verse thirty seven is jumping down the last bottom of that chapter the Bible says that though he had done so many miracles before them yet they believe not on him but the saying of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled which he speak Lord with the leave our report to hold that the arm of the Lord been revealed therefore they could not believe because that Isaiah said again yet blinded their eyes and hardened their heart that they should not see with their eyes not understand with their heart him converted and I should heal them these things that Isaiah when he saw his glory and spake of him nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believe once what first fortitude is a critical nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him but because of the Pharisees they did not confess him lest they should be put out on the synagogue there on a window that allows things to know the truth but will not accept it because of what they would lose I talk to many people are passes this on the charges with told me about I don't just mean it when reverent for my Nigeria won the support of missions in Nigeria thingy doing it wonderful to be a lot of them a wonderful Christian man and he began to talk with and on seventy and that is that it is a good thing on problems for tendinitis vision and he said what is not ability of the debate I know I will help I will someday the sun will let you know the financial support of ministry in Nigeria from those in America supporting him we don't believe in the Sabbath in fact John twelve forty three is powerful it says this fully loved the praise of men more than the praise of God that those who reject this truth reject this message because they want the praise of men they want people to elevate them steam them look favorably upon them and because of that they will be lost but on the challenges that each of us needs to be careful every single one of us has to be careful that we do not get to a place or what people think of us why families think of us when our friends think of us were classmates think of us our parents think about what would the pray that we get from them Silverstein becomes more important to us than the praise we get from God police is is is is is this is proportionately a younger probably more single group yet even be careful when it comes to dating and finding a spouse that you don't get to a place where romance leads you into a position we are more concerned with the praise of that person than with the praise of God yet the be careful because many people will walk away and leave the church because they fell in love so-called and it were more concerned what that person said and offered them than with God when God did they love the praise of men more than the praise of God of prophecy antifreeze Maria Whitewood done many arson peers in the week with a look at themselves instead of that Christ Christ is the great storehouse from which on every occasion we may draw strength and happiness why then do we withdraw eyes from his efficiency to look on and bemoan our weakness why do we forget that he's ready to help us in every time of need when this honor him like talking about inefficiency instead of looking at ourselves that is constantly behold Jesus daily becoming more and more like him more and more able to talk of him better prepared to avail ourselves of his kindness and helpfulness and to receive the blessings offered us as we both live in communion with him we grow strong in his strength and health I help and a blessing to those around us I want to challenge you look at prophecy and praise the luggage itself but without the elevators on the result is a you know I'm all messed up so messed up what did Jesus we look to Jesus the things of this world will grow strangely p.m. not want to have happen you can't help becoming more of a Christian if your focus is on Christ to focus on yourself the only weakness you only become more like yourself as you go to sleep remember we are living in a time of proposition a time of praise God deserves the praise we ought not to try to get in the way of the praise that God was even give us as his children that's more important than the praise of men let us pray father God we thank you for this Sabbath thank you for the beautiful weather today Lord we thank you for your truth and I just ask right now but as we leave this place Lord we never leave your presence help us to be and do would you have us to be and to do forgive us of our sins Lord there many help us Lord to focus on Jesus Christ the study hidden in here in the word to take seriously every word of Christ that is uttered to play and communicate with our Lord father got not one of us should be lost everyone of us has a full opportunity BC lettuce Lord exercise and capitalize on that opportunity even in the dark and terrible days that is a light that keeps our hope alive we pray this prayer and a precious and holy name of Jesus literature statement in


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