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Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • April 7, 2012
    11:15 AM
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father in heaven were thankful today the UK you died he rose again and the remaking intercession on our behalf and as we pray our prayers ascend to you on their meal with your prayers or them with groanings that we can't even understand but the translator needs to the father not because he's unwilling or not because you're unwilling but because you are willing to insult I asked your father that today you would again draw near to us and that you would demonstrate your power in our midst through looking at your word in Christ name we pray amen okay for some of you haven't been here at all maybe so far we've been talking about the heart and we had saying that we live in an age of broken arts I let God loves those who are of a broken and contrite spirit he especially draws near he came into this world be identified with us since I was broken for us and as a result he knows what to do of those brokenhearted people and then and secondly we learned that he can wipe away bitterness and he can wipe wet anger he can take care of the wounded heart and he again was a heart transplant we saw from the Old Testament to the New Testament the largest quotation from the old to the new was a heart transplant and an aunt for different category sanctification reconciliation mission and justification and our last car we looked at while the world what justification we put the last in the list in Hebrews laugh in the list and Corinthians and actually in the book of Romans even all in Chapter five awareness of generating it appears as though it's just a pump earlier act it actually in the ongoing process Romans chapter twelve where what happens when you have not only declaration but demonstration in the lot at those theologies built around that understanding is that an end Revelation chapter fourteen in verse twelve it says here is the patience of the sites here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Turner on backwards the faith of Jesus leads to obedience in the context of patient endurance right and that so there is not only declaration I have declared and should be received that just that measure of faith Romans chapter twelve and that measure of faith and will spring up in your life into demonstration every single person in Hebrews eleven follows that pattern every single person okay so that was our review so now not just heartbroken this not just heart transplant not just heartbeat but now we want a look at our heart donation because of what God has done and is doing what should we do not want to look at some something that I think his contrast many originally limited cellulose of intelligent first of all when I will get Isaiah fifty eight with you I will suggest something Isaiah fifty eight forms the foundation for today yes that are prominent in the book of Hebrews our prominent and Adventist and biblical understanding this the day of atonement and it's the Sabbath day both of those are in the book of Hebrews ball Isaiah fifty eight both of those are up to it that is important in the book of Hebrews although both are uplifted as important in the chapter Isaiah fifty eight as a matter of fact if you were to look at the promises and prohibitions concerning both the Sabbath and then it's all in the book of Hebrews he would see the almost parallel and both days I'll let that up as being a sign and a demonstrative sign of God 's people at the end of time in the book of Hebrews and in Isaiah fifty eight thousand fascinating to me I want to show you something in Hebrews that I didn't show you know that Isaiah fifty eight Hebrews chapter thirteen missing heroes is all about the grace of God being revealed newcomers experience but the bottom line what God wants is this verse twenty objective thirteen now may the God of peace by the way Romans chapter five says that he pours love and peace into our hearts justification right now may the God of peace you brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead that great shepherd of the sheep through the blood of what kind of covenant is it the everlasting covenant another was that largest donation from the Old Testament to the New Testament Jeremiah thirty one Hebrews eight ten name that great shepherd of the scene to the blood of the everlasting covenant make you what this is a next compilation and every good work to do his will working in you what is well pleasing in his sight through Jesus Christ one article in Windows throughout Jesus Christ to whom be glory forever and ever on that committee does a great summary text of declaration and demonstrates in his having said that must go back now to Isaiah fifty eight is a fifty eight let's see if we can find first of all of the day the day of atonement and let's see that if we can find the Sabbath to Sabbath is in Hebrews chapter four and a damage always in Hebrews chapter ten verse twenty five are they in Isaiah fifty eight let's look and see verse one crime spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet but I'll stop right there trumpets trumpets lift up your voice like a trumpet where were trumpets in the Bible where were they when did they sound especially just before the day of atonement and in this verse it says try allow lift up your voice like a trumpet in other words there is a loud try going on that is related to trumpets play with me set is allowed try related the trumpets tell my people their transgression and affidavit on and the house of Judah there says that happened in the David's own the notice there's a problem while conversely first we have middle of flicked in our souls when was the fortunate souls going on they the town am I convincing you that Isaiah fifty eight is talking about the day of atonement by with me but notice there's a problem there is a disconnect all you come back to the problem with the Cisco developing in my mind right now so we had a better development methodology when the other day as will give the other day verse thirteen if you turn your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day call the Sabbath the delight the holy day of the Lord Honorable and shall honor him not doing your own ways of finding out pleasure not speaking your own words another was that this declaration demonstrates in their lives right so we had today State Senator Dave Isaiah fifty eight there is the day of atonement and there is Sabbath day when it is as a Seventh-day Adventist driving this is the damage on the people and the Sabbath day hallelujah right at me that we did the same enemy but not yet because there are these two days but notice there is a problem go back now to verse two Isaiah fifty eight verse two yet they saved me daily all that sounds good daily devotional life how often have you had with your prayer speakers talk about daily devotional life all the time in its best usually that's the main thing I would believe in a daily devotional life and that is very crucial but I validate his affidavit is that the genetic follows blocks of seminars movies therefore going at it was the day they sent me that they delight to know my wife that's the theology department I got all building in Baghdad change as a kaizen is a delight the study they had new homework assignments everything out binders seminars but many of the NEDs is web banners of China by bands and treatment of dentists and resumes in the tent righteousness they did not forsake the organs of the God not alone on the mouth that can tell you about a dad the ordinance of the law they didn't voice again they had books than they are there DVD and I can say there are all myself are about to get my graduate from southern front man dressed from Walla Walla would sound redundant and we have all we have all of these degrees and everything else has been only because a white backdrop and not what does it say next it even gets better they lie they want in approaching God wanted out to multiple services on the weekend midweek services they delight in this approaching a look at anything if you just read that that would be a great advertisement for Southern Adventist University marketing department they seek the Lord Alderson South Africa doesn't I saw the student paper some student questioning whether or not southern Israeli spiritualist Leslie Kennedy wrote that and they started out strong not really special but then never like let's make friends last two paragraphs but anyway the article satellite first two have been but then look at verse three something is going wrong even though they have the Sabbath that you may have the day of atonement something is Omagh works look at the lowdown on this first three why they fasted why have we fasted they say and you have one why have we afflicted our souls that atonement and you take no notice something 's wrong they have the Sabbath day they have the day of atonement in our trial alternates else was wrong they have declaration but they don't have demonstration they have declaration but they don't have demonstration were not demonstration but will have demonstration in which early adopters declaration I think is going to discuss Alyssa my kids in the day they were talking to each other there homeschooled and sometimes they get things confused once of the other will you forgive me for this no one said it's acceptable according to the Constitution for the remission of cents other thing about that ever since I want to confuse you what I'm saying here as what I'm saying here is can you see the problem here Isaiah fifty eight they haven't dampened Tallman they have a list of things they have the Sabbath they have all these things any at and yet something is missing could it be that something is missing even in the administered so that and what the better we can understand what he rose and I said that theaters and because both of them talk about what the Sabbath Hebrews three four affidavit dollar Hebrews ten if I don't understand what you like to understand it and would you like to say that due to did not let yourself say God solve the problem are a so what do we do next with little further we see the problem what is the solution build a Hebrews now I think as big a time to make the Hebrews is one of those more extemporaneous presentation chair but I think you'll get this Hebrews chapter ten notice I what it says remember we studied and we found out that that list justification by faith justification came last in that new covenant list repeatedly presented eight and ten and we ask why we said look it's because the just shall live by faith in Romans as what ultimately it's the doers of the law to demonstrate their justification chapter two verse thirteen in Romans chapter twelve says April was at perfect and acceptable will of God declaration goes the demonstration and we were looking down at this profile of these people who are going to be adding or should we say not adding but they're going to have both declaration a demonstration verse nineteen he rejected in August nineteen listed this profile defeat therefore brethren having boldness let us enter the holiness by the blood of Christ these people are a bold people who have no problem with the idea that they'll be answering the holiest by the blood of Jesus Christ hallelujah they have a confidence and assurance number to have a new living way which is consecrated for us through the veil that is his flask they're coming to the merits of the incarnation of Christ verse twenty two let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance these people have ball of assurance hallelujah amen and they had their hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and their bodies washed with pure water the washing of the water of the word they love the word they love the Lord their coming close if today you were to stand in the judgment or go before the Lord would you have that confidence these people will because they have declaration and they also have totally surrendered and have demonstrated so they can lift up holy and without there are doubting this inquisitive you ever said well I'm not in the do this or do that because if they found out what I really like I looked at everything I look at on the Internet they did this or that these people have a problem the declaration is coupled with demonstration notice what happens verse twenty three what else do they let us hold fast the confession of our hope is there a hopeful people that are not a wavering people without waiver and waffles waffles getting there no waiver for he was promised is faithful another was that that there is their competence is not based on their demonstration but on his declaration that has led to their demonstration just promise MN let us then what are they diversify for a letter of consent the center one another in order to store up allow their people instead of love and what this is a next good word so they have a declaration and they also have what demonstrated good works by Grayson is a debate that none of works lest any man should boast but we are Christ's workmanship created in him for good work that he has prepared reborn I was walking revisions to eight through ten writing these the people added in the context of what the day of atonement not forsaking the assembly of ourselves together as a menace on exhorting one another so much the more they see the day David Tallman approaching couple more things about them I want to show you verse thirty three you were made a spectacle by reproaches and by tribulations and why you were companions of those who were so treated so their spectacular people that made spectacular as a result of the reproaches that come against them they are in dormant in the midst of suffering it things negative happen to them because they're being positive for the Lord they can say a lot and they draw near to those people who are also being treated that way and then what else first thirty four they get big offerings you have compassion on me in my chains and joyfully accepted the plundering of your drugs knowing that you had a better during the zest for yourself in heaven verse thirty six they do will how amazing this profile of God 's people at the end no one is oh one thing that Isaiah fifty eight then magnifies go back to verse twenty four let us consider one another in order to stir up love and what does it say it works as they issued today in the church that there is not enough preaching about declaration or estate is suing the church that there's not enough reaching about declaration that Lisa demonstrated I think if we went back to certain areas of the church in my bed not enough declaration and certain areas not another demonstration but there needs to be that balance right and what I'm trying to do today's event valves of declaration demonstrated by my say that I think sometimes a little bit were not stirring another of each other up enough like this and that's what Isaiah fifty eight trying to do was go back there is a fifty eight member two days in Hebrews two days in Isaiah fifty eight and they have a profile of people and book chapters one is as you like distinctly daily like to know my ways the ghost of that and that he was gently whether that all list that's the profile but what is the missing element according to Isaiah fifty eight look at even though having all these holy things happening what's going on in the first three in fact in the day of your fast you find pleasure and exploit all your labors so that wonderful Sabbath celebration they believe that the day would come in people and yet there are exploiting their workers I make some money this is that unlike with Peter the moneychangers outright they were making money off their welder sanctuary service doesn't happen in the administers the hello does that absolutely administers is that happen as I could that happen in the adventures of you fast for strife and the bank is there ever debating and spent back at me they are when you go to the ABC other ever any books that are simply written for debate purposes recognizing economic money on most box never right never happens to strike with the physical wickedness you will not fastest to do this day in other words this is not the right way to make your voice heard on high it is a fact that I have chosen a day for Amanda looked his soul is at the bow down his head like a Boras spread out Second Life and ashes that administers the other people saying what we just need to do is figure out how to worship in a mystical way stride wears white Catholics let's do it and since let's have candles let's do processions let's do this let's do that let's do the other is evidently in any church today that Hugo or are called to be the emergent church were called to be the detergent church amen because hey detergents are drive being an emergence earns a list of margin charts amen said kindly but we have no business in trying to be verse five and that's happening in the church today got still in charge is me what then is the key is this first sixth not the fact that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness do you know that it burdens to let the oppressed go free and you break every yellow is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out and when you see the naked that you cover him and do not hide yourself from your own flesh what is this talking about what is the game changer because notice what happens if we get verse six and seven write what happens verse eight then your light shall break forth like the morning and your healing shall spring forth speedily there is a problem there's a disconnect the people that believe the Sabbath in the day the comment I have ever got it all wrong but there's something they can change it not ever the jerks but that's not working with a clearly defined there right as not to lose early more seminars or more of this or that is something very practical or what does it say loose the bonds of wickedness undo heavy burdens let the oppressed leverage that you break every of an early Adventist history in eighteen ninety three there was a conference it was a general conference and it was a general conference bulletin that was printed but it was not sent out never sent out I just read it recently yes it was printed by because it was not in the general comparables and soda by your CD-ROM 's it was printed by John Harvey Kellogg because it was his series of talks that were given at the General conference and I don't know was not enough money to send those out and so the good Doctor donated and sent out Bostock at the time Ellen White said that John Harvey Kellogg was a converted man did not frost it is like yet he still was okay today still is okay Jan Jones and wagon hair and a little like were still on good terms and there was something else that made the same time Jones Alonzo Trevor Jones was preaching righteousness by faith and he was preaching at that conference and Alan Whitehead said that the loud triad began loud dry as the Kellogg said is the loud trial has begun crying out he said that everything in Isaiah fifty eight should be happening as well this is your preaching about the Sabbath your preaching about the day of atonement and on about the Mark of the bass guitar all these things but you are not telling what I say that they will this did not go over well that did not go over well and thereby was not printed should I read you a couple of things he said visitors the man Kellogg's Beijing February ninth eighteen ninety three the nano does nothing at all about missionary work except how to get Bible readings or preach a sermon is very poorly prepared to reach down into human deaths and suffering within our great cities board to labor among the Haven or any of the much neglected morally depressed people who said that in the ministers meetings it is not appraising to a Bible studies you can work with people who are depressed and have bad morals that address and have that worthless I said okay says that would you need to do you need to be involved in healing ministry and rinsing the addicted and reaching the people in the city 's the pace of the hat that you're talking about is wonderful the Sabbath in the context of Bible prophecy but they are small he then made a provocative statement but while I can't really come and lets you do this because it says that the light will spring forth and all peoples it is our God of the Big Blue note is as well if it has begun then hard demonstration milestone along with our declaration and we need to be involved in medical gospel medical missionary work he had a series of five studies to get these studies should be required reading for every theology student every Seventh-day Adventist I want to make us fellow bold statement I think if we study these things as search our hearts in the context of Isaiah fifty eight in our history we may have discovered the reason the loud cry came to an end and Hal it can start again as Ebola for you today that's what Kellogg said and they buried what he wrote I say let's do get busted again up and I believe that now is the time for revival of ministers and physicians working together I'm not to say it's easy it's hard to get ministers and physicians to work together you can get hurt trying to get medicines and physicians working together they might hurt each other but it still needs to be done I'm if you want to be nurses or physicians here on when you want them to work together how I says of the worst evil in our churches is when they don't work together my life is committed to getting ministers and physicians working together zero what then Kellogg said in his article he began to practically up should I reason more inflammatory statements by Kellogg preaching praying reading the Bible and good books talking in meetings and such religious duties do not require much personal sacrifice is isn't that what Isaiah fifty eight verse one to three said though Kellogg was spot on Belli said this the loud cry is going to begin with are doing other things that the Lord and this chapter says Colin before the loud cry reported medical missionary work June one those who are creative and now in Christ Jesus that transplant will realize the residence at San and the divine compassion of Christ in his infinite sacrifice for fallen man communion with Christ imparts and then the tenderness of heart tenderness of what there will be sent Amanda looks in the tones of voice and they enter earnestness in the solicitude in the lob in the energy of their efforts which will make them powerful through God and when he heard cries anyone assume that if the nose of this when this is part donation and I was when I is so broken that we go beyond just racing about David and just printing about the Sabbath and start actually doing things for our neighbors and racing out in very practical ways when that happens notice what happens than organ donation date displays when the suffering body this is councils on health page thirty four paragraph two when the suffering body has been relieved and you have shown a lullaby league interest in the afflicted the heart is open and and you can pour in the heavenly ball okay so have I made the theological case have I sullenly through some stories I am so excited that I believe that this diagnosis this diagnosis is being listened to today in the church our conference General conference president is committed to staying physicians and ministers work together the next annual counsel is completely dedicated to a revival of gospel medical missionary work there's meetings this next month or this month even at the General conference bringing people together see how this works and God is working on the hearts of physicians and ministers in his church and I believe that continues the loud cry will come again and Jesus will come this last week I spent the whole week before I came working with Doctor Natalie a physician minister team we had twenty two patients twenty two patients totally depressed high on the DSM for a scale high on the Beck inventory emotionally very unintelligent they all came together and there was a one hundred percent response rate of seeing them drop from severe depression almost no depression every single one of the eight of them in my counseling with them I met with them for this wonderful young Jesus says Jesus also demonstrated that real soul when he happens usually in a personal interview one on one eyeball to eyeball is what happened with Nicodemus onions and salt eyeball to eyeball I met with these patients are at average of three hours each twenty bases times three I was there day and night my wife was a orphan it was like having twenty babies not one dreadful I saw my wife goes is not like them but as I was with these people as their minds opened up emotionally physically and spiritually God did great things in their lives eight of them came to me eight out of twenty two and they said to me God I want to give my heart to God I want to say that again say I'll do they come in millions they don't even want to say there so depressed they haven't sung in years they had a lap dance I haven't cried in years so the first day you know they make me amuse a traumatic experience that very dramatic and I'm saying to him I probably like all please could you down the amounts so I give a lecture on how each part of their brain is impacted by singing and how this is really a brain the size part of therapy by the end of a week the role singing eight of those people told me not only want to give their hearts to God recommit they want to be Seventh-day Adventist Christians forty percent and it was only ten days of intensive Seventh-day Adventist and that they were under in order I talked about everything but the day of atonement and the Sabbath and it was practical things I took questions that I took I went with them and we get ourselves in a hundred and seven hundred and five degrees hot water for three minutes it's called the Jacuzzi plan we got out and jumped into a pool that was sixty degrees off I waited about three times suited on seven to be double cool but we did it three hey that's called hydrotherapy and by the end of the week they were loving it not only wear their white blood cells going on behind the scenes not only was admitted to being boosted but they were getting a natural form of ACK electric shock therapy and it's been shown to help reverse depression and that's exactly what started to happen we took them to the cafeteria and that Dan fruits nuts grains and vegetables we gave them a Genesis one twenty nine died and we explained with fancy slides why that was so good for them I like wow eight inch and then we had worship in the morning what we went through things like bitterness and anger and forgiveness and all the things that science is saying about health and spirituality and changing the signal went to look like and then we decided to open the book of Daniel chapter one two three four five say every chapter begins with a disappointment that leads to an appointment and as they heard that they were like while this is a fascinating book basically what we did was dip them in full onslaughts of abandoned his for ten days and they felt so much better they said we want to be we would be something of I think I saw small piece this last week a concise summary story just about last week a small piece of what God wants to do through you nor Kellogg did you set is not just a physician and the minister there needs to be all kinds of laypeople on that team last week we probably had fifteen people working for those twenty people it was a team approach everyone was important the people doing the laundry the people doing the Hydro the people doing the massage the people doing the cooking not everybody can do it the physician can do but not everybody can come down here and immense love and some pretty nasty food in my finish but there are some good shots what shall I did was he put together these takings and these teams of people then he put a great around the city they said we want to go and this is your sensitive streets they were Bert Barris three of them and there were other with a campus or there was a Bible worker there was a nurse that was in charge of them and then the physician oversaw solid things they had weekly meetings visit one of the problem what are you seeing out there and we need their names they begin meeting their needs and there was an evangelistic response that they never seen before later Kellogg it's like out I will like to go Australia but she continued the same thing in Australia recently sought documents where winter when it showed all the things they were doing in Australia and as a result there was explosive growth in the church guess what was largely led by laypeople using the rough from authority of the physicians and the ministers but laypeople carried the charge we think that's what God wants to see happen again to see what I'm saying I got a call yesterday from one of the patients text in the yesterday twice and he texted me this morning pastor of a large emerging mega- church in a large city who came has seen the program on it is written television love that it is written working with health offense was wonderful wonderful on media prominent meet do not assert John Bradshaw who is committed to the health message and working together with Doctor Natalie did an interview the largest response of any single interview it is written has had he told me thousands of people responded some of them show up in the program this was a man who was planting a mega church as he listened to the presentations you gave me no use as you know I feel myself thinking I might be meeting to go his wife told me this that he said this and that and she said that I needed auto anadromous church to get myself writing so I can go to my church service when I learned about the music that causes the precipice of I think our church service might be depressing October a man and they begin than this man these is yesterday 's as you know I feel this blog coming back in I just left the program and not surrounded by William Frederick yes prayed for him we tax each other back were working working together on his message is coming up so you don't trust your brother we pray together he said you don't know what this means to me you don't know what this make you invited myself and Doctor know you come to his large nondenominational church he said look taste and my Vandals in school takes for awake in my evangelism school and address and traits in my church on Sunday but on Sabbath underdogs after that that is just earlier seminar I saw a little picture oh what can happen when people start working together I think God wants this to happen is they wanted to happen to the province of them will close I hope I planted the seed output planners say look at the promise per se if this happened this is happened what could happen in your life cells break forth like the morning your feelings on springboard really any arises as a bill before you have a door in the Lords will be your rear job is to call the Lord will answer isn't drawn and he will say this last week I was crying all guy what do I say that this person what do I stated that person will help me I don't know what to do I'd always stable I have no time the only thing you can help make it once been put in my mind but was brought to me by your Holy Spirit have been connected with you then I learn so much by watching what he did to heal people I saw him working through the day and it was wonderful it helped me as one man I said I don't get more time with them so I got up at six o'clock in the morning went out on a letdown than the next was a L I know I was like for Moses when it says that he ran up and down the nominee he wanted connection with God that would lead to direction for his people you know what if were involved in this God will heal you you will have a revival you will have a revival the biggest name is not necessarily reaching the lost it's recognizing they are lost annually found by reaching the Metro take away your assurance I'm trying to give you the assurance of Isaiah fifty your healing wellspring for Pentecost LOI splits etc. testimonies volume nine IC companies and people healing will come publications will go for LVH I like the revival revival that comes not just through proclaiming the data tone not just through proclaiming the sample informed as they are and crucial right in the middle of Isaiah fifty eight the must of works of God 's medical missionary evangelism father in heaven it's been great you want to give us a new heart you see the heartbroken he realize they need a heart transplant in very practical ways you want us to reach out teach us lead us and guide us we not only want a transplant we want the heartbeat and not only the heartbeat for ourselves we want to pass on who will donate our lives our very lives to you that your declaration can be seen and savored in your demonstration can be heated her brother and then heated on oil own hearts but on the hearts of those on our street in our church Lord bring a revival Center revival and let it begin with me I priced a real writer a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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