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The Cross and the Latter Rain

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)




  • June 29, 2012
    7:30 PM
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father and the son is reminded us that there is a balm in Gilead and we know that we need that we need your healing balm we need the Holy Spirit and I need your help tonight I don't know exactly what the people here need to hear or those that maybe listen to this later but you do I don't know how to say it but you do so I asked for that you would speak to us tonight through your work not because were worthy but because were unworthy not not because we have something to bring but because you have something to bring and we know that you you love us so blessed tonight we pray in Christ name on well this conference is a important conference I'm always thankful for WIC clinics I see so many of the young faces here not that I don't like more mature phase all of your relatively young compared to what I been reading about in Genesis five so but I'm I'm I really am delighted to see young people I'm really delighted that people seem to like studying the Bible more more people around the world like studying the five when that this means they they want to they want to hear the Holy Spirit because the Bible is the Holy Spirit the right words I speak to you are spirit in their life John six sixty three all Scripture is given by and spirit nations Holy Spirit in itself it's wonderful to see Sony people don't want to study the Bible and want to get in touch of the Holy Spirit and how they gave me this assignment and talk about the early rain some months ago women you know I I I was thinking of myself so why are they asking me to talk about the early rain when the Adventist church waste according to the proper level why actually had the start of the latter rain the Gillette the latter rain began to fall in the Adventist church that is stop when asked to talk about that while not talk about that tomorrow then they asked me to talk about the cross tomorrow and the H and I like that the crosstab and I'm in the early rain tonight in the cross tomorrow as I thought that the Lord died on the cross before nearly running so I switched the loaded fire not the Holy Spirit is always a behind the scenes member of the Godhead and there are quotation after going to hasten in the spirit of prophecy that point to the fact it is one from actually possible this spirit is constantly seeking to draw the attention of men to the great offering that was made on the cross of cow saw the Holy Spirit was drinking the night Holy Spirit would be preaching about the cross always there when I preach about himself brings about the drive so as I look at all this I look at I put together a PowerPoint but I realize that you look back at these resistant forget the PowerPoint understatement talk to you tonight about the Holy Spirit as it relates the cross and I'm praying that the Lord will bring the right points in the right way the power points that we need tonight Jesus died on the cross and it look like a complete failure I am always gripped by this statement from the spirit of prophecy that says that when Jesus died on the cross there was a sundering of the Trinitarian powers sought other words the relationship between God the father God the son and the Spirit was somehow sundered us sundering in Elliott Mary says Mister I said you know what God has joined together let no man put asunder but in this death on the cross the Trinitarian powers were sundered they were severed not only that the resisted and scattered believers that remain the disciples had denied him then they deserted him they were talking about a halt different career changed everything I'm go back to fishing and enjoy the walking along the road to the masses I know we has asked them how but were depressed we don't have any help anymore was not looking good for the plan that the plan of salvation really I mean the sauntering of the Trinitarian powers that look good not the disciples are are denying the Lord and their deserted zealot got the time about how well unofficially as I look at and the does not look good and I don't mean the same as in in again a sacrilegious way of others say it Jesus made it out it is about what was the antidote oriented turn to what many may well that's the problem but it always turns out he turned to the prophetic plan of God he turned back to that prophetic plan look at John chapter ten will look at a number of Scriptures tonight they will not be on the screen you may have to write them down this is like so nineteen seventies John ten seventeen eighty my father you lost me because I lay down my life that I may take it again no one takes it from me but I lay it down of myself I have the power to lay it down and I have the power to take it again this command I have received from my father 's all the plan was according to the commandment of the father that this data was not been a good lay down his life answer was connected with the father the father could bring it about that he be resurrected again and if you are thankful that the Commandments are failed about the Commandments are promises this was a promise from the father of a thing this is with all hopeful problems so I don't know exactly how it happened but that promise came into play Christ was resurrected hallelujah for the resurrection is in this life we have hope only world all men to be most fitting but Christ is resident is resonant behavior of their John twenty resurrected and he then begins to reveal himself to people and you remember the story here Mary Magdalena East she sees the risen Lord very interesting passage Jesus is standing there verse fourteen is even not know that it was Jesus and Jesus turned to her and said woman why he went to safety see supposing them to be the gardener said to him Sir John Kerry well tell me what you have laid him and I will take them away and then Jesus said to her marrying she turned and said to him Rabbani which is as a teacher Jesus said do not claim to be formed I understand that my father would go to my brethren and said if I have missed any of my father and your father of the mind gone and the Oregon can you say that Davis has confidence is acting on the commandment of God is resurrected and now is trying to inspire confidence layaway plan nor you thinking I need to ascend I need to send them my father the plan is now coming together that sundering of the Trinitarian powers is now coming back together just as I got to go see my father and your father channel members of the Godhead are coming back together this is looking up listening and they say will build licensed marriage L Margaret is going to come together as is all based on that prophetic plan to reflect for processing so what does he do when he gets up there Psalm twenty four tells us what happens when he gets up in all the songs were written a thousand years before hand you can trace all these things to the songs on the most quoted books in the New Testament and I'm not talking about the Psalms let alone get started on it will never get back salt with words start out by talking about about the fact is the creator and the Redeemer and now he has played out this plan of redemption and pick it up and burst seven yes sense to have an and there's an antipodal choir that answered one another and they're going to do something is very important as you'll see length of your ads so you gates and Bailey has been up into everlasting door and the Canton with the designer will already show comment OS asking him what to say for every brunette with an word go is this King of glory Lord strong and smart money the Lord mighty in battle left our parents are you gates lift up you everlasting doors and the gang on glory shall come in going after not glory below what I was he had the carrying of Lauren will already go already Lauren Bihari allies that so important why is that so important go back with me I have no money ran little Bible studies amount go back now to John chapter seven Matthew Mark Luke John John Jeff seven last day of the greatest piece Jesus had gone down by the pool of salaam and there they had us possible celebration was part of the tradition part of the ritual where they would draw water and that water would be drawn and there'd be wider and great James and they draw that is the last database and then he starts talking about back while his lieutenant John Jephthah seven on the last day of the great day of the phase verse thirty seven Jason started crying and anyone lasts live and on demand right while I've got a disruptive right now is declaring you is he who believes in me as the Scriptures of set out of his heart will flow rivers of living water Honeywell those rivers of living water but notice what it means verse thirty nine but this he spoke concerning the spirit whom those believing it would resave all involves believing in him would want to think after ten dollars believing in him the reason why this spirit for the Holy Spirit was not yet been big guys can access had not yet been want but remember now is resurrected is dynamic and Psalm twenty four comes in the blood and what the data say whoever Larry glowering blah blah blah is not likely as a hallelujah now was getting up the sun are united and now there's the promise that the Holy Spirit strongly back in the blood there was the sundering of the Trinitarian thought they were not connected but now they are really connected to our already lowered or we generally only will look at Psalm why wasn't why was it abated reconnected while wife that they can come back together why is it some forty five Psalm forty four home and this is as the water I meant if I got tempted here we go through all the salt so tempted about this notice on the song will start salvors won my heart is overflowing with a good day I want your heart overflow so what is this birthday what I want to read in the song there are two verses are quoted in Hebrews and there applied to the ascended Christ here they are verse six and seven he's been bought by North Ronald God is forever in our verse six a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom righteousness and hate wickedness therefore God your God has anointed you with the all planets more than all your companions there is there that promise is coming into play now remember instead look on the map as a water coming out of my heart to you and if you happen in the village of John's been set in themselves that it gives is the reason why because he loved righteousness and he hated what he hated lawlessness on this request how many want the Holy Spirit to see the prerequisites there needs to what love righteousness and hate laws of the how does that happen how can you get in your heart I'll the righteousness and I hate Perl Allah only by looking at the cross of Jesus Christ only by looking at the cross of Jesus Christ as any good thing happen this is why the holy spirit always pointing people to the cross of Christ on numerous story about James White James White the longer living body like the stories about James what time was preaching at these guys would preach I mean these people back then that's right okay then they went for and it was the right thing and they were printing telling people that Jesus was coming again the name is printed that he was surrounded they began throwing icing snowballs to the Windows he thought that they were to be killed because the horses in error was surrounded where his preaching the designated e-mail he started to preach about the cross and he took out his hands like a cross in the flickering flames the fire took that image of a man and then there was a huge image of the cross as a shadow behind it it was standing in the saddle they has brought other people outside they realized that this man was Holy Spirit Inc. they realize they were standing across the latest cotton tolerated and they were when they were convicted and sent and of righteousness and judgment to come always say that if you are struggling in your Christian walk and I have struggled many times my Christian walk the thing announced me about an apprentice blessing is when I look at the cross when I study the cross what I think about the cross event so what happened because he loved righteousness and hated lawlessness he was anointed with the oil of gladness as the Holy Spirit more than all his bad brethren does what that's quoted in Hebrews chapter one presented nine again applied to him it's a sign that is not only Christ buddies got back he was at the want is the primary chapter if you are probing the divinity of Christ Valerie is something that really got my attention here based on this passage in Hebrews chapter one percent and nine and that also the other passage we just mentioned in John chapter seven verse thirty seven through thirty nine ways that water will come out of me flow out of me like a river who said this means the Holy Spirit wasn't what LOI says about that now this is why was I had something a PowerPoint because this is a fairly long passage with major in at the pay attention and if you're used to like you know multitasking might lose you so I might have youngsters come forward to watching listen up this passage talks about the tabernacle of the summarized part of its drama is shorter it talked about the tabernacle talked about the cherubim of glory it talks about the throne of God it talks about under me that's wrong which is the ark with the tables of the law of those is this the love of God was in the heart of Christ showing that his heart was the throne of God so that we hung on the cross God 's heart was pierced and from that place where the law while their float a stream online where the stream of life from the law of God law Avalon was combining at that moment this really got my attention what's the connection between the Holy Spirit in the cross and it is this one he died there flowed out a strain that was it it was the pure river of the water of life flowing from the crucified one and the stream that flows this very minute from the throne of God is just as real a strain as was the water and the blood that love from the heart of Christ it is the life of God descending like something begin the flow that are not flowed before at least in this way because of the cross whosoever well and take the water of life from that flowing strength the spirit of the bride say come quoting Revelation twenty two right eleven is a first-come and over well let intake of the water of life freely if any man thirst let him come in to me and drink Christ spoke this of the spirit therefore that stream of life which flows from the throne of God is simply the spirit of God flowing out of all the world the spirit of life of God and therefore are therefore flowing for hundreds that would another words when Christ died on the cross when he ascended the point was blocked by because you have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness there was no doubt in the court the company was the Christ there was no doubt anyway and because of that he was anointed with the oil of gladness more than all his brethren and there began today and how lowering of the Holy Spirit on Jesus that he had never seen before there was that reuniting Rossetti in a problem amount of problems big Jake Ichiro the answer for Trice problem was the baptism of the Holy Spirit now he has the baptism of the Holy Spirit is lolling out or you is allowing out of him by the way another statement for you .txt who for the joy that was set before him he adored the cross despising the pay and then he presents lovers wanted to notice out how alike applies that I can read my writing it is a portion of the joy which was set before Christ over the joint set before it applies to the joy that was set before Christ was the joy of seeing his truth arms with the old negligent power of the Holy Spirit is I go through this I think that is cross eyed and other this son very because guess what I realize just like you realize Megan Johnson I realize if I go through it there is going to be a colossal outpouring of the Holy Spirit which has not been seen before that was the joy set before having to see that Jesus was really into the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit was really a nanny was in it would be oil that is more than all his brother because he loved righteousness and hated lawlessness it was all points tempted like as we are yet without sin and that he hung on that's right and he became sent for you and me and as a result of that there was this coordination in heaven will be gloried by and there was an outpouring on GM of the Holy Spirit which had never been seen before in the history of the God now how you think he felt about that when I was limited to you know what this is I thought about most of you when you have something like the Holy Spirit welding over you you can't help but say I need someone else to know about this I need someone else to Sharon I need someone understand the beauty of holiness I need someone else to understand the glory the jawline I tell someone a man that's exactly what he did now these Gospel stories come alive look look at the twenty first twenty he comes back down the disciples and what does he say look at my hands and look at my side was he saying that because that's where the water and the blood flowed out that's where the promise of John chapter seven was painful to look at my hands and my sideways I look at my hands what is a look at my hands because those nailed points with her about what was in those male points for chapter three verse four look at that will be briefly about the jet streamers for all of these things are these doing now he's setting him up if they know it he's talking to them about this gift of the Holy Spirit he can't wait to show them and reveal to them about his wrists and again but I really resented that are ready for it but he sang when I got us Shelley and I was saying again back to jump through you are you there yet verse four gain from German the holy one from Mount Baran 's glory cover the heavens first three earth was full of his praise by the way he had gone to the high mountain that there had me a dynamic those different mountains and open the lives of the notices first for his brightness was like a light and he had raised flashing from his hand and there is power was written with the unit power in his hands and powers are in with the look of my hands look at my side it was is that all of you what happened he was saying look I have the power now Holy Spirit is a plot yet as to how is it going that'll get you look at the twenty four mood just twenty four notice he ceases to disappoint once on the road to a man's they're disappointed it says in verse thirteen he begins to minister to them a ministry of the word he hides himself so that they will just come to know him on the basis of the word declares up there there the wrong thoughts verse twenty five he says oh foolish ones and slope are not to believe all that the prop of the smoking hot not the Christ to suffer these things to enter at what all say that even days things had to happen because many to get out there already glory glory glory and then the Holy Spirit to be part on me and I said and I wanted to report on you the course begins in the Bible study I would like a bird that Bible study in verse twenty seven began at Moses and all the prophets each spend them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself that was like a Holy Spirit study the legal man stay with us and them is a man it's the law the return to Jerusalem they get down and he gets there as well what's he do first thirty eight and thirty nine why are you troubled what you have doubts in your hearts behold my hands and my feet that it has myself an old man saying the series that you say look I have the marks of the Holy Spirit now has been poured out in that he has a personal visit with Thomas are so busy with the thoughts there doesn't delayed yet again they don't understand Baroness Denzil lied to the Holy Spirit but he has received this gift and now he wants a passable while accepted one I find it so amazing a diseases and doesn't give up on Mozilla I mean they deserted him when he died he would like give up on somebody if they deserted you when you die because you might not know what but if you didn't know what would you give up on it it was a bad one I put a lot of God doesn't do that for forty days it says Internet step one he starts having a Bible study use of it this is not available experiment and his love for them is still there and he basically does a couple things here next up one number one Cedars former naval Theophilus about Jesus began both to do and teach no just talking about Luke there is that with the former account that Luke wrote by the way was dropped this on you here you know what Luke was a was a physician I got a likeness is not a rap a minister and a physician working together amen and now working together here by the way and love chapter look all way through it it's always talking about all the healings all the way through former government of the last all that Jesus began to do and teach now would learn about some of the things he taught but what did he do he healed he healed to you one of the largest signs of the Holy Spirit 's presence was all feelings when you go through Luke's gospel that's what brought people from all over but I want to be a part of the church that has a help message it has a healing ministry I want to say that Ministry of physicians and ministers coming together again in a so what you say dear first two this account was written to Theophilus what it began to do and teach until the day he was taken up now knows was is this after a through the what Holy Spirit had given commandments of the apostles whom he had chosen so here is working through working to give him he presented himself alive after his suffering that word stuff against Ascot or Pascoe was like the cross after his cross by many infallible proofs being seen by them during forty days and speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God I want to say after all that he says look in alternate history can you just picture what Jesus is Hitler love them probably have a gift of the Holy Spirit right then right when he realizes or not runny so what does he say first for being assembled together with them he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem but to wait for the one who promise of the father which he said you have heard from me any already received the promise itself to say that you need away or what is that promise first by John truly baptized with water but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now so what is the promise the baptism of the lot is that the water baptism Luke's three three it's the promised baptism that it talked about back and look for a six-day when the Holy Spirit comes to baptize you with fire power when they ask you questions how many of you been baptized rumors lots of people been baptized rumors and in fact in Acta talks about Simon the sorcerer who was baptized by water but he had none of the power of the Holy Spirit could it be possible here tonight that there could be someone here tonight and I've been asking myself the same question has been baptized by water but not been baptized by the spirit could be possible could it be possible that someone here tonight may need to be rebaptized in every possible as we look at what baptism of the Spirit entails air you may sense as you look at these a lot I'll had that experience I don't have those case signs and that's why web and WY say so against surcharge and sink for the baptism of the Holy Spirit the writer that wrong but only where it is the baptism of the Holy Spirit come John chapter one the judge at the one where does it come from this sounds after one first when I'm John saw Jesus coming in February the Lamb of God take away the satellite can you say hallelujah the original it is a land and a die to take away the soul is the cross this is the room I said after me comes a man who is preferred before me for he has before me I did not know him but that he should be revealed to Israel therefore I came baptizing with water Johnson under the water got on the water guy I'm baptizing with water that's what I do they got a lot of pastors that is water guys on Senate and I thought about my own ministry in my distal water guy or my spirit guide I used the water baptized Christian are you a spirit filled Christian Atlantean fake notice this John bore witness say I saw the spirit descending from heaven like a job why a dove why a job no doubt was the one of the cheapest offerings you could bring to the Temple it was an entry-level sacrifice was as it was saying what I am I'm little work for the poor and everybody else the Holy Spirit comes down like a dog and assess what to do it remained on him what it remarried the hot oil of the Holy Spirit to come down and remain I did not know in verse thirty three but he has sent me to baptize with water said to me upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining on him this is the go baptizes with the one who baptizes them of the Holy Spirit Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit so if you want the Holy Spirit Cody had started and in turn to Jesus but wanted and what love righteousness and hated lawlessness and that he died for your sad he died for anything you ever did wrong he knows everything you've done wrong and style he wants to get a lot a spirit Halloween everyone are any rises I wish you had the gift that came to man as a result across I wish you took up your cross and follow me because as you take up your cross and follow me that it's also very know but the one quest to be cures appear soon as you talk about the Holy Spirit one of the Sabres six therefore when they came together they asked him what we had this time restore the kingdom of Israel I mean this is sounding very got you got all the stuff together I definitely got a lawyer spent on everything back together down flight Morgan and the kingdom restart now sometimes not I say this kindly and I say this with a bit intense has to for Bible prophecy and for the Adventist message and the prophetic Adventist message I just love the Bible prof Kevin is loved but today's thoughts are asking about this colonization of Bible prophecy and is not wrong with the site well the kingdom they restore what God 's kingdom they restart thy kingdom thy will be done on an as it is in is again after so this is now wrong question but notice how he answers and I think this is very keen because if we want at the baptism of the Spirit will I have the early right this is Doctor by the way about the lot early rang Jesus is ascended to heaven pretty soon accepted to let it happen Holy Spirit in the fall notice how he answers a question or seven eight it is not for you to know times or seasons with the father is put his own authority that mean we should know Bible prophecy not necessarily thing we sent inspectors but exact likeness of Jesus and back in the dollars three hundred and nine now the time of their visitation many times look talked about knowing Bible prophecy this is not the point here but here's the point that he makes is not great at all times or seasons with the bothered quarters on authority but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is compiled finance and you shall be witness to me in Jerusalem and Ajman Judea and Samaria and to me what to say next knot over this a lot on again it will practical answer to your question about times and seasons and here it is all document the culmination here they are part of the solution resave the Holy Spirit and then I'm better use you all the way everywhere around the world maybe that's a good word for some bad news to hear how many thanks that you know someone has all kinds of July see badges they got all kinds of seminar books death spiral dance but these are all great that but I'm not rare out there witnessing for Jesus right is a project of the Holy Spirit I believe is something very deliberate if you have the gift of the Holy Spirit guess what you have in a big gap and the powerful witnessing and if people are not coming to the Lord through your witness in a the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a lot witness unit always merit holiness and I've is always better winning the baptism of the Holy Spirit 's incense is very practical yes it's going to go all the world by the way accept the trees of the butyl times of refreshing and there will be a time of restoration right was a mess that your deal right regularly leads the incidence and he gives them ten days whether dithering within days he has such a dunce of two goodbye by the way does Jesus ask us to do something he wouldn't deal himself he had done intense around the clock around the globe will now run look around that particular area witnessing for party that is Betty worked at night to and it has worked anywhere in the Holy Spirit was with it and he condensed doubting Thomas and broad base people together and because of this effective witness what to say that you want the brothers of Jesus were actually there but women were there all these people were that it never got together even for vacations and they're all that and there are bad because of the effective witness of Jesus Christ he does want to bring our families back together he wants to bring the brokenhearted back together he wants to break things back together never happened before and we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit it doesn't happen through lots in a last couple days of working with Doctor Milian this press recovery program and I heard so many terrible stories about broken homes for broken lives in a set in their when I heard these things this is maybe cry at a religious setting Elizabeth someone I just started crying and then it may be very scared those first visit came and sat down looking at you with trembling flaccid struggling I and you could tell that they're hoping that something will happen and now hoping that something will check needs any amount you and you think they can vent and must always print out to the mythic there I am not exactly fit what's in a hatless finance happen and say Lord placed in those first designs they look how can I inspire you and competence then after the visit I'm saying why it items oh and put it what I don't know what to do but God knows what to do you know that program this ten days this time in the opera was a ten day and it was amazing for me to say what people what happened in people 's lives it was amazing I decided to isolate all I want to do is sell them a passage from Scripture I want to say too much I went again then the Scripture is that the Holy Spirit Lord help me given the right chapter that may give them the right bars and praise God use it is saying what happened in people 's lives the Holy Spirit began ministering to them you know after the business I got so excited when I do I'd write down whatever the flow and applicant a life threat is that it is exciting to say I will always bear to be part up I need more of that out of any more than you never say it unless unless you're involved in witness you go out they've got to step out and and bank as they got back to me with the Holy Spirit hardly know what to say me know what you have to say the least of my days and I came to me like a million notes ten days is like a seventies one week not things one think I don't I got back is crying out for let's drag the monster has asked God to a with overage you will hit always overjoyed update eight nine sitting there egos as coming together I letter about the guy say something in those days of like yourself and more Idaho at one thousand seven zero null effective antidote said about all God playing something in all of that will help you at all but I was going what was going well I don't know God knew with the book of Philippians for him again the book of Philippians something in the book of Philippians just changed is not the Bible is a Holy Spirit and you waited to come in touch with the winnings of malware but then we got not only don't know there are some scripters are shopping for a certain time there are descriptors you don't remember Jesus death is not the time to see what he do not get out of nowhere a certain point but they didn't even know that they needed to know something out Elizabeth for these things we made always there are you beginning to see the signs of the baptism of the Holy Spirit it's related to the power in witnessing power and witnessing Peter at left he was apparently but then he turned into a powerful preacher for the baptism of the Holy Spirit event people that were doubting became determined you don't indicate during that ten days prior came in at the next and I'll say that we don't usually point out in Luke chapter twenty four it says they went to the Temple and may play in every Giants sometimes with a loan to the sometimes the thing that changes our lives is tied as I got on the the promises is amazing to me what happens just when we sing hands just have and that we look up the Scriptures of those in the bank and change our lives that are not just fans that primed him and I know that's not really but you understand what I'm saying and you know what would it take we can't do these conferences we can't do this tent some of the go to another place next way to know the Army without a guy that I have placed their miles on our cars and dollars on our credit cards but nothing happens in less and less one we sincerely begins thinking the gift he wants to do with it whatever you want to do whoever you want to bring me back in relationship with warmest strength whatever you want to do so so busy traveling around the nobody can get in touch with us that that cavity problem and while I'm off to this capital maybe next ten days in a it's amazing what can happen in ten days I just came out of the ten day program where all of us locked ourselves in one building right over there man ten days and when you get yourself back time-limited thing in a lot that focus I will not I'm fearful everything will probably get locked in there we ate together we pray together we pray together we do all they stay together and then you like to have his sermon and eight into the visitation right there it's just like doctors working together and pastors working together in everybody's work together people are robbing people and wonder of people I didn't think they will been allowed to read the government size and in others while itself disabled and it's not going to say whom I'm serious and the Holy Spirit works in an environment ten days et al. would take them to give from the wilderness or from Egypt to Canaan just ten days but it took him four years ten days adult upper Daniel to show the character of Christ and Daniel chapter one ten days that's all I have in the upper room ten days ten days what if you made a commitment tonight to say it I want these next ten days God who open to whatever he wanted to invent when they took the ten days what happened the Holy Spirit came accepted to Pentagon escape this barricade right on time and people from around the world were reached prophecy was fulfilled Joel two came in the play have power to witness and there was proof that they had the Holy Spirit Matthew question wife is ten so empty why is it that our churches are not overflowing we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit some of the dollar bill big church that's a rebuke minister to healing page seventeen says when Jesus was ministry there was not a church large enough to all the trials the K he was baptized with the spirit of a think we needed a place where no buildings can handle it I want power in my life only want power power drainage that happened in acts chapter one and accepted to bail accepted three hours Friday accepted for power all are accepted by power to die with confidence act at the sixth hour travel Philippines is not repaired left out it wanted the power to travel power to speak a language you don't know for the cause of the gospel power with us one lady she will start orphanages human the language she would go these different countries should show up to talk to people things would get done is anything than our suicide they then later I got one of the girls or less what happens powered over power to race that accepted nine power to overcome prizes accepted to the book of acts shows all the power that came out at ten days I later interested in anything on that list and how it is saying what happened how did it happen it was because Jesus took up his cross and what he took up his cross the Holy Spirit was poured out on it and then those disciples can't I'm the Holy Spirit was poured out I've been an idle land complaints I got on drives the Holy Spirit report out on the depleted through there shall be showers of blessing this is the promise of God there shall be savings of refreshing scent from the father but showers of blessing showers of blessings Rosie dropped around us are falling but for the showers weekly last taxable clothes Hebrews two wanted to after painting this picture of Jesus who love righteousness and hated lawlessness after showing there is anointed with the oil of gladness more than all his brethren let us of what happened this summarizes the whole book of acts verse four he rejected to resort God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders with various miracles in the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to his own will man how we wish that was a picture of our church today sign wonders miracles gifts of all a spirit according to the will and here's the appeal first one therefore we must give more earnest heed more one courtesy of the things we have her lest we drift away forth the words spoken through angels proved steadfast didn't prove steadfast didn't Jesus received knowledge spirit wants a raise from the dad database where articles happen is this Bible trail yet the words spoken through Angels proves that with an average rent Russian and disobedience received a run just reward then he dived across drawing is that Bradley bag didn't receive a just reward in his dad did that happen how still we escape if we neglect so great a salvation which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord was confirmed to us by those who were out so we neglect so great salvation you need to be baptized maybe it's the water maybe it's in the spirit of doubt just leave WIC with a plastic Leonard and a name tag leaving with the baptism of the Holy Spirit followed heaven Lord I need this message in my own heart desperately need your Holy Spirit power as we close tonight I I sense of others here as well since they are neither that spirit maybe tomorrow maybe tonight maybe tonight as we close maybe tonight we should disband together in prayer we made it we just don't know what to do or how to do it but maybe existing to plead with God to bring us power for witness maybe that Windows will not just be for someone else maybe that witness will likely reach our hearts I pray will happen in my life and the lives of those who are hearing this message tonight thank you for the spirit thank you for the early rain we needed everyone in a coming Christ name I is a a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is an www. .net verse .org


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