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Isaiah 58 and the Latter Rain

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training




  • June 30, 2012
    10:30 AM
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good morning I was very beautiful thank you very much for spending the time to practice and bring that sacrifice of praise the sacrifice was before the praise which is now in the so thank you for that Jeremiah seventeen talks about having a sacrifice of praise on the Sabbath and in Hebrews picks up that theme in music and singing and rejoicing is such a huge part of true worship so it's a delight like to hear that well I brought some books with me today is a Google bringer iPad I have one but I don't really use it yet plus I wanted to just feel like my dad or grandfather when they were preaching that always bring a stack of books to the front and the reason was because they wanted to get people to read both books and the domain in a hold of an iPad who knows what's on the visits testimonies for the church volume two so a money arena chapter in that so that's what it looks like if you've never seen one entrusted afterwards for a small offering to WIC and this is the book ministry of healing how did you read this book some of you either had a stroke or did not read the book is how many did not read that book ever I be honest the Dodgers will take you out that's was like you wanted to read that book not very many okay well maybe was it as read that today at time magazine how do you read time magazine all relevant today as the speed and the most recent addition and the this book this is a book written study today right while this is Dragon and therefore to be with us today fund haven't today word is grateful for your great love for us for your kindness to us who are we disaster your Holy Spirit would be here with us today and guidance in Christ name we pray amen last night those of you who were here we studied together and I would remember what we study we talked about the early rain we talked about while where we get the early rain who gives us the early writing yet we discovered that Jesus is the one that can give us the early rain and the early rain is the same thing as what I failed it's the same thing as the Holy Spirit someone said at the same thing as the baptism of the Spirit event and Jesus is the one that gives us the baptism of the Holy Spirit we suggested last night that the reason he did give us the baptism of the one think I see you have so much Holy Spirit it was dripping off of man he was anointed with the oil of gladness more than all his brethren because he loved righteousness and he hated lawlessness Psalm forty five six and seven Hebrews chapter one verse eight or nine and when was it that the Holy Spirit was released in a market demand and we learned last night when was it when was it released on Jason 's got some video as known in a sense that his baptism yes but in that market manner that brought about the early rain was that it was when he died on the cross and Miller last night that when he died on the cross when his when it when his heart was broken for you and me what we learn is what led that pierced the heart of God as well and as a result streams of water begin to flow out of Jesus John chapter seven verse thirty seven through thirty nine and those strains of water will release in a more market White House remember that and as a result one after he wanted to come back down and tell his disciples all about it remember that but I been baptized with the spirit I want you to be baptized again got around in a daze to get a Bible study for forty days for forty days in one arises without I want you to have some of this look at my side look at my hand those are the very places that a big pairs when that extra pores of the Holy Spirit import half has out again that I will study you realize they were writing for the condominium our work with someone this is not ready for something spiritually and he realized as the mother work to be done and she does realize that they began working with them because he knew that they couldn't handle the power and what not handlebar and love something happen what was needed to take care of the things that worried twenty one another they need to come together in unity right now so many times we don't want to come together in unity amended notices of blabber multiplied ministries but I think we need to come together in unity and then so he began working with them it was amazing it says that Jesus brothers even came into the upper roof these were not people that we got along with all kinds of people in an upper room and they came together in unity they also came together in priority I remember last night they were lying a lot of times and once the seasons what are these no worry about that no worry about that way about what you need to do right now which is to witness and had the baptism of the Holy Spirit the constant unity that comes a witness against a truly doing the work that you need to do right now and now go from Jerusalem to Samaria to the ends of the earth do that work and he answered both questions by saying notices yes there will be a condo of midseason there will be a time when the kingdom will be restart by Kanga well it will be done on earth as it is in heaven but really what you got to focus I is that practical witness in your ally when they're what happened they actually did it they got together they drank together they stayed together ended ten days five and ten days time all variants was taken away and they were up one outdoor a love that word while according out of a musical word it tells me to the doctor 's unilateral beautiful it probably is like sixteen ample .net one accord to accord a complete dork right so one accord really literally nasal washing along together harmoniously night allow Ross along together ledger harmonious family to ever play that game we put your low monthly nut bag in a use both the run the whole idea there is what to give the orthopedic surgeon business right that's what happens unless your rusting along together harmoniously and that's what they started to do an essay were rising or coming together harmoniously in an upper room God saw that he could trust them and right on time the song Psalm one thirty three came into play in motto of Oman IEA said not seeing gone Jacob how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity is ideal while the tops down on their errands and in his robe all the way down and that's what happened a high priest was it heaven now as well as being daughter doesn't want I have been in that manifestation the baptism that Jesus had been baptized with the baptism of the Spirit Anton L market matter because of the colonnade of act of dying on the cross which really represented every day candidates are and every mommy said not my will but thy will be done that's what the cross was that was all for now and now was poured out a receptive people and they were markedly impacted and the entire world was raged in one generation fact that very day they almost reach the entire world because everybody was there for that based upon the nuts with the Bible calls the early rain but the Bible also says that while being a ladder right they'll be a baptism of the Holy Spirit McDonald's in a market way at the end of China last night suggested some Matt was Biden suggested the Bible suggested many advisor been baptized some of them is not yet been baptized by water I'm it had been baptized by water but the Bible talks about to baptism talked about being baptized by water but then it also talked about being baptized in the Holy Spirit and I wanted to suggest again kindly and humbly but I think that's our biggest need as you stated that baptism in the Holy Spirit spring at baptism let's look at a chapter that talks about the practical at the fractal application of baptism that Jesus desired God to Luke chapter three in our Scripture reading today we heard the first several verses about John the Baptist verse three what around preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins and that he painted a picture quoting Isaiah the prophet saying voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make his paths straight every valley shall be filled every mountain and hill brought low the crooked places will be made straight and the rough ways made smooth and all that are blessed shall say the salvation of the Lord now that when that is alternately the veil what is that both the I oblast saying the salvation of the Lord that's not only understand what Jesus said but it's understanding what he did and is not only understanding what event is doing what he did and it's JJ waddy buzz of the two things that the baptism of the Holy Spirit will bring I been in intensive splendid outburst about no what does it comes out he says that will sermon now going to many stats about the game out to be baptized by him brutal papers who warned you to flee from the wrath of angry about it this morning the agenda WIC and as a group are traitors out there and they said to you while don't brood of vipers how wonderfully for the rat trap will outline we think this is a little too direct right let me back is suggested to if we are not baptized with the Holy Spirit is in every day where vipers when dangerous place I am a buyout of the Holy Spirit in my life my wife sitting renovators he probably nodded I can be a danger in a library is a mail of vipers is not like it a snake the dislike hangs out with his hello I mismanaged anybody know I would like to let you know when and obviously for you today one hundred that's not one of my Perez a bike where is the kind of snake that you really don't say until you step on and when you step on it and bite you and Josie Avenue Nelson family members like that is just wonderful human veins it out anything from them until you say would you clean up your room please back at I had a standing idea by birds north end were not baptized with the Holy Spirit are is not looking for service and when where where where it has to start when I wanted to know is a lie how would you get that out of that passage was look birthday therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance I would come back to me bear fruits worthy of repentance and don't begin to say we have Abraham as our father should always honest I will understand the advanced and I'm a third-generation Seventh-day Adventists I live on a minister my dad was a minister it is now is a minister and other metadata job not been a minimum that's not good enough you can have a pedigree the gulls always back but a lesser back to either the Holy Spirit Europe Viper for I say to you that God is able to raise up is able to raise up children of Abraham from these stones so another words I thought my nose filing a looking for are not the words of ours nobody is born on the bus nobody is born on the bus and you can follow up to Boston and a guy I dated CYC WIC we learn that Emily world events and leaders they got maybe been disappointed as a bit but the point is I don't care how high up or lowdown Leon Orfield we are in the rate of the difference when the baptism family moment by moment of the Holy Spirit event I now look at this I find this fascinating than acting as a disk drive what the baptism of the Spirit is the bead blasting verse ten saying what shall we do then I have no impression a good sermon when people say how to lie reply that practically in my life how is it that I applied this idea of the baptism of the Holy Spirit practically in my life how I know whether not have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit what should I do I know that I can't manufacture the spirit I know that the spirit is not something other than that you know I just have it something as against I know I have asked metabolites that I doubt that if someone asked that question that is the most prizes quested in the world it advances a campaign many times we say do you want to get baptized and as a lad of ourselves payment allow only one time in the adjustment doesn't say that both is what hinders you from being that this is one area where else the key question sixteen times in the New Testament is what must I do what can I do have last week noticed that it was someone with a sediment now I get baptized what I need to do to get baptized facility where you anything I'll tell anything white orange and last-minute hell out of it that I want to be baptized as he started baptizing yourself right there with tears anything that is not much better Intel heart it in the journal heart saying that leads the hydrotherapy experience in the eyes when those tears are flowing you know it's okay to go next failure I drove back to the maven so the lady said this evening he's got to catch the lucky we do we answer this end in view as do Julie M Jim do you ask not an egress flow let him do likewise what's he talking about here is this practical stuff is as luck if you got to a close in your closet didn't realize that because somebody else is on leave six hundred and sixty six dresses what I do the number you know the reason I did was because Solomon says he multiplied women but when it's a problem to the new multiply women he multiplied says he multiplied money and you know the the the the the number is they get that money six hundred and sixty six talents go so I'm not a words Barry practically put when were converted we want to minister to people that have no clouds can you say amen to that let me ask a question do you think there's anybody within ten miles maybe even five minutes of their if I take up his coat was due to mix things name United Jihad appear do you think there's someone within five minutes even two miles until that might need some clothing is a very practical stuff is so any saying is by the why most people back then only had one during any user was made by their mother that's why when they were casting lots for gazes outward garments that was so poignant you know that was the mother standing there probably piece of clothing is worn for many years so very practical secondly interest on Orlando likewise unknown words if you got extra food in a wide five someone is hungry for a goblet vacancy was at me here and there goes the next group tax collectors and they say watch and wager recessed collect no more that's been appointed to you and by the way could we even feel like tax collectors Nebraska could collect too much money and hang onto it for ourselves is attracted others and people out there that need financial help Julia do understand what is explaining to send out I went to baptize you with the water here but what you really need is a baptism of the Holy Spirit water line is a enough Holy Spirit as applying met with the clouds and with their boat and with your money and with your attitude and with their power back to come down to the soldiers don't miss use your power or authority and then the punchline jobs first fifteen is a female as the people were an expectation all reason their hearts about John Wesley was the Christ are not John answered saying all I need baptizing with water under the water guy that the majority of the world the majority of water one mightier than I is coming whose sandal strap on not wanting others it will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire now was this before well this before after the A fours and how do you see that in Luke chapter three a practical demonstration is Devin of what baptism really means something time figuring about baptism as a mental assent to a list of propositional truth I know about the Trinity I know about that signal I am not against exposition and understanding of propositional truth and I love taking advantage time I love it but what's really needed is a practical demonstration of the love and character of Jesus Christ now I happen to think the probably understanding his teachings go part and parcel with that but don't it be that in our ministry and in our ministry and in our witness and an overall philosophy of life we've got compartmentalized the matinee maybe one organic cadre for baptism was a dog of the house inside the Bible says that a mountain will be brought low memory Valley exalted of all the crooked places will be made straight mom and dad are there any crooked blazes in the little kids like that need to be I may not the study around the sale of for the baptism of the Spirit was not saying you have to do is to get baptized but behind the scenes let's begin to sink the Lord together let's begin the prayer played with alarm but somehow this little guy is little doubt will start to be infield of the Holy Spirit through our example through whatever and then we see these fruits and related matchup loaded Johnny was converted we painted the neighborhood although all of those people he was giving them food and so now we decided that he should be baptized a member this is a picture that could there be a disconnect could this be a problem that were having honor to my notes you know there's early rain we talked about it first of all started with Jesus that he wanted to share with others and what I just shown you what he really wanted them to have is acts chapter one practical power in witnessing the monumental truth that's what he taught but he wanted do what he did that's what he did what he taught and David and the compromise heart I love your new taste of that I think that when this happens I hope it gets really happening to these of you think is happening once in a while we see someone does fully full I forgot everything if it really happened pervasively we would have an evangelistic explosion search today what what you think of this way you empty out your closet and get away everything to people that were in the one of them might dance there and I don't of your villain and are not the alike to give things away I was overloaded out of prison and a others offering appeal in these three ladies definitely the tendency to add it will get back to you press down second together in a land over there and it will get back to you especially received and they said thing with us you can always say if you haven't already been advanced to play the first file in the second row of Brazil by the end of June and it will come back to you and I liked it because it was demonstrating the true that as we did have in this practical leg against Bakula is true my uncle Frank someone thought within my uncle Frank who was last night this guy was the sky was baptized in the Spirit believe he still is he it was a barber 's villas in to give free haircut scene visit people in their homes some of you folks only free haircuts brother and so even the minister do you Buddy would go give these free haircuts and at a pitiless start again against the digital world it over his lifetime as far as I know he has been given for houses for house and his vendetta sixteen different tarts last time I saw McKenzie driving the Cadillac but I don't like white Cadillac egos of you know someone without someone gave it to me but I'm fixing to get away to someone else is that more cars and more houses and he doesn't even make as much money as most of the all but because they dance not only do people live in again Dan and he becomes a conduit of giving payment this is the baptism of the Holy Spirit made he would have limited his barber chairs we don't want to you to listen what the problem and they would take a DVD or something to be collected in the DVD can just watch any television program an entity related to their innate cynicism and I just can't cut it this generates obvious traits with the gun of the Zapatista look I'll take authentic clipper that I know is there's too long and I got ago and I know they need a lesson the next of this baby day who knows how long it is the custody goes out that they don't want to get sick more often goes next is not as an that if you get that haircut or any get is that after there had event so a man whom Julia Reynolds now I love them it is see if I can somehow bring us together with my notes I believe that this practical demonstration of Christianity is what Lackey in my life for understand the lives of many of you here today and in the life of the church corporately I enjoy this set I believe that's what's lacking and I believe and I think I will try and prove I believe that the very things we saw in Luke chapter three that were associated with the early rank baptismal on the very things that are needed in the latter rang baptismal we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that needs to be demonstrated in practical powerful witnessing way Allenby Steve I could prove it to you you know we talk about the third Angels message we talk about the three angels message is coming together we talk about them coming together and the sounding of the loud cry and Ella White's writings allowed try and the latter rain and the baptism the Holy Spirit are synonymous the same things so you at least two groups in Revelation fourteen you got those who worship the beast and his image they have no rest day or night they have a counterfeit experience right and then you have the house Revelation chapter fourteen twelve areas the once patients it's a gift of the air they then gave the Commandments of God what's that the gift of faithfulness what's more is that prompted the gift of the and I have the faith which names is a summary statement may have a baptism of the Holy Spirit like Jesus did so revelation fourteen twelve is wrote his picture of someone as Phil saw filled with the love of Jesus that they love like Jesus then so now with the Holy Spirit that they'll play like you I recommend we heard last night once you have the Holy Spirit wants to be an outline you have resurrection power I want to get that spirit to others give them resurrection power in that resurrection power he then daintily designed within the entire church was raged but it has been the context of what patient in Dorrance movable moaning here is the patience of the same year that gave the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus is this self aggrandizing no next verse in Revelation chapter fourteen verse thirteen blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth and there were there what that worked with thousands of these people are dead their dad to sell I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live but Christ Jesus lives within me was Paul working for Christ getting involved in helping people were hungry then he collect offerings for the bore then he shall himself spent by itinerant travel was a bitten by snakes many fall into the ocean was a interested yet is there Wednesday so this baptism of the Holy Spirit described in the third Angels message is a death the cell damage then then what happens there's a demonstration of Holy Spirit power patient endurance in obedience to Christ and living like Christ only what the Christ of the most up healing teaching preaching it was dealing with practical medical missionary work is limited so this third Angels message has to be tied up with that practical element RI and I believe that's what these this loud cry is related to know what to tell you something the purpose of the Adventist church is to give that love try and here's the thing I mentioned last night it's kind of trouble you me did you realize that at one point in this church 's history LOI said they were beginning to give the loud cry of your life that underrated keepers of you who don't haven't heard that November twenty two eighteen ninety two the type of test is just upon us for the loud cry of the third Angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ is in pardoning Redeemer so the love tries she said the third Angels message had already started and is as there is this is the beginning of the light of the angel Revelation eighteen Scolari shalt build all our so I have begun this was written in eighteen ninety two just four years after that eighteen eighty eight message finally there was a company young people who were praising availability why stairs but don't realize there the day and they began praising and when I began preaching people began to fall love with Jesus on the cross they began to understand something about the baptism of the Holy Spirit my great-grandfather came in to the church right around that time I still have his sermons I does look them in my file yesterday you noticed there was called receiving all adults how to have the baptism of the Holy Spirit it was bedtime but the sad thing is even though that theology was right they never start again around the practical aspect and pretty soon they began to dry up they try to start the start to dry up and not so there's a lot going to do so they discover the Laodicean methods and in eighteen fifty eight was the first time but that it was more pronounced to be in the priest 's methods of Laodicea but that was rejected Jones and Wagoneer in their preaching or rejected largely by the church there still is a debate today even today there's a conference not a part of the country but the eighteen eighty eight study committee and there was visited by the ghost back and forth in the church but the fact remains that the prophet of the Lord said that at one time a loud cry to become had begun and the Holy Spirit began to report that another group in the church today is his own unannounced out what was wrong it was wrong but we really need to do is turn back to a basic understanding of Christianity Johnson wagon is understanding Christina was all wrong they were kind of extremist look what happened to them and we does need to hear righteousness by faith as traced by a hyper Calvinistic justification by faith only message know why so much about what he doubt don't worry about so much about what you say Jesus dad and said everything and if you mess up is therefore he got governed a large amount the Lord be happy that's the kind of sloppy agave that the namby-pamby approach there is a and eight to a splitting apart of justification and sanctification say what it if it happens it happens right as God but is not so worried all early winners were basically wrong hello I was wrong to suggest that the emotional author under November the use in a problem with all that hundred is a problem with that it might be alarming to some device that is but you know there's more evidence that Ellen White had the Holy Spirit then anybody else in his room I mean if one of us died today I hate admitting to myself we would never come to the stature of influence that Alan Whitehead on the world economy is at the trouble you are all I gently let a hundred lawyers we wouldn't have that influence because you know what she allowed the baptism of the Spirit to come on CNET at this talk about these things she actually let these things this disease is related to your doctor and but does he take people in Toronto one Township forty seven people say in her home she bring all kinds of people under all she would be like okay I got to get Memorial start writing this and that seed right right right it in the afternoons to deliver things right over here outside she would dry all these different fruits and everything is another all drunk but back then they had these different orchards of different day to drive those apricots and this and that it is and we got a seventies of the people around the world we got it and as we got to do that and by the way the statement number one on the chairs on the takes himself to Mrs. so-and-so in the religious Avenue never read the stories about what it alleges a result is more effective prison inmate and it was really measured by what practical godliness well you know I don't believe these folks is a hell away was wrong in the early part is wrong oh I think we need to see a justification and sanctification that are coming together and I believe that the Bible says this but just that's justification shall land of that segregation by bag a man and you know the better handle on talking to maybe the focus needs to be more on the job because they're overburdened with the one overwhelming burden of sin and maybe sell my doctor needs me Shaolin because this am I I I just have enough there by faith but we need those messages together amen the just a little in fact that's why I think I'll like to say that the third Angels message is justification advantage because it's the just and sanctification coming together and alright now our 's is a truck this is a problem let me know get to my point look at Isaiah now tipped to fifty we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit I suggested the baptism the Holy Spirit is something that we get only from Jesus he got it because of this class bearing life is life and that all came together on the cross the cross would not have been significant if he had taken up his cross daily and follow his master from the very beginning yes or no it is okay I had this really nasty life but I'm a get up now and I'm across without many things absolutely nothing but he went about doing good and when he died I just asked me to read this you know why the thief on the Ross was converted just read this in the pen of inspiration as that they've hung there saw what price was going through it says that he recalled to mind all the healing this man had done he recalled to mind are the ministry this minute and as a result ups thinking about the practical acts of kindness and goodness that they've on the cross was not so I converted another trust baptism of the Spirit in diseases like okay now organizing fifty eight now man and I can't discover something I can show you right now but I'll tell you I believe that Isaiah fifty eight is the foundation for the book of Hebrews I don't really like me talk about which I why because in the book the Hebrews in the book of Hebrews there are two days that are primarily focused on it he presented separately five says forsake not the assembling of ourselves together such as autism and her son and so much more as you say but I approaching and that day is the day of judgment it's Yom Kippur war it is the day without estate over one and Hebrews is another day in Hebrews mezzanine receptor for MMA my son answers there remains therefore a savage is not a smiley at me I sent it to us a Sabbath keeping for the people of God respirator workcenter it is worth assessment what are his works will they do not do what works the Sabbath is connected with works and in Hebrews chapter tenant talks about exhorting one another to allow and dreadlocks today's duplexes of God lacks and I believe Isaiah fifty eight is the key not only for understanding the book of Hebrews but for the return of the loud try to govern the church we show you what he presented to Devers won cry aloud 's turnaround from loud cry crying aloud that's a lot allowed tries the same as the one A same as the baptism of the Spirit there is trial out spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet down my people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins yet they seek me daily and the like to know my ways in the nation the dead righteousness did not forsake the ordinance of their God they has to be the orders of justice and they take delight in approaching God notice this there is no Sardis in this particular description of this lab dried search of doing what taking delight in approaching there's all kinds of prayer ministries in that church they might have a prayer room a prayer ten a prayer both they might have all kinds of that they got that going and you see that there were back they delight in approaching they lacked even fast we have fasted in the burst rate we have afflicted ourselves can you see that these are all daily job alerts a person assault last date prayer days seminars J Y phase elemental piece GRS database XYZ outing at the boy him him them now the problem is the problem is what restraint why have we been they said and you have not saying so bad other damage on the people we understand this is not as also Isaiah fifty eight first thirteenth if you turn your foot away from the saddle from doing your pleasure on my holy Day called the staff of the light only did the Lord Honorable so I'm not doing always more money -year-old money must be your own words the usual delight yourself in the Lord so they are sound of gaping people congregate around a sermon preached using the attached original red both of those the problem is the problem is the same element that was missing here in Isaiah fifty eight is the element that may be missing here in two thousand and twelve the problem is although things are happening that God Bible prophecy seminars I believe the Bible prophecy seminars that proclaimed the damage on the message that proclaim to send a message they may be baptizing lots of people with water but that is not something that may let the baptism of the Spirit best display and practical I remember talking to young people now as we messed it up look at anybody next unit they have blonde hair like me wiser and great snow in the mountains you know we've been here too long in I think anybody has a pair my color regardless died and I know it's my color I think that I think does calling us to repentance and to admitting that we really haven't had the element elevated status right in the middle of Isaiah fifty eight then it gives the antidote with reports I do this there was something interesting water bring to your attention back in eighteen ninety two eighteen ninety three idem or exactly the data have in my notes here but there was a general conference that was call and there was someone who arrived at the General conference that was preaching a sermon operating today and guess what his name was John Harvey Kellogg Johnson Wagoneer whether I'll like it is there John Harvey Kellogg was there he preached five sermons five servants here they are but was at that arena do you know those sermons that they said look for praising the first part of Isaiah fifty eight were printing the last parted Isaiah fifty eight and worked phrasing but the loud cry has begun but where those works well those things from the middle of Isaiah fifty eight where is that where are those works do you think that the minister 's advantage like that when I happy with his bridging is that the people in charge of all the different ministries that day were happy with what John Harvey Kellogg that in fact they were so displays without every delegate they never published these are in the general conference both may never at this I was also nice sermons but we can't afford to put the memories die would you like you just don't like certain that the court city he pulled out the spear privacy in a begin saying things this is awkward testimonies volume two testimonies volume one page twenty four nonwork the whole chapter is about Isaiah fifty eight visitors prayers exhortation of time doing and talk that's what I'm doing I see France that's a quote from Illinois but friends that are manifested a good works in caring for the needy the file is the Windows are genuine fruits and grow naturally how to demonstrate that you might want to pay twenty five all are praying all are what an abstinence from the Miliband last night they unless we resolutely take hold of this work the work in Isaiah fifty was this one again what I'm doing right up it is not the abundance of the meetings of your meetings that God accepts without of organisms that of a six thirty was at meetings all day worked otherwise they were meeting and were going where many were many is not that it's not the number is prior it's right doing this harkens that Isaiah fifty eight Kellogg added me nobody really happy with them from the one side except the one lady Isle of Wight allowed I is going to begin they were saying it had begun but he's getting up to say is going to begin when is going to begin with are doing the things the Lord in this chapter says with a loud cry you know it was doing at that time is of the colleges tell you about it does not I got some people that I want to search was and what he had done was he had taken the entire city of Battle Creek it divided up in the grads in the input teams of nine people in those nine people and on and campus all the needs of people at health spiritual emotional mental and campus all day and then it essentially started doing if there was a group called the burden bearers that one out and it's dominated one shot they chopped the woods there was a good book of mothers in Israel that when I said look if you need help with the guest will take care of the kids there was a group of people saying will do this with event will take help you with this and that and I said that we want to report every week you just go back and the people there especially means you just make friends with them keep working with them and Gala Gonzalez happy there was a revival coming at Battle Creek and people began to be drawn to the message so they started to answer capital and people began to be drawn to the masses because now people were not just baptized they were baptized with the Holy Spirit and as they came together they were praying together pray about practical things like what John Howard in a help message out I'll got all your help Henry all got out of you do that back in and out of her mind that you do that and God began the blast and people begin to come at it again and again what success that has spread to Australia because our wife said that's what God wants us to do that's what will I surrender loud dry and she began to talk to be blunt down there they did that and they start to go out and they started by the studies up and and people started coming even look at the lots even today you can see what was happening I will tell it made the provocative suggestion that some now are beginning to make again including our general conference president that is that we need to have a revival of medical missionary work of every agree with that there must be a revival of medical mission work around me you have to be a medical person to do that it's really not do you think cut grass you can split what how many of you can you understand it's just finding a name and meaning it that's what medical Mister George's is finding a name and mailing it was the promise is between these two card doctrines of Evans is in the David's Oliver is one of rate the Sabbath verse thirteen forty one is the antidote for this idea that God is not hurt are not seen as not answering burst rate it's bound verse six is this not the fast I've chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the Halliburton 's to let the oppressed go free and that you break every out is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring it into your house the poorer cast out and when you see the naked that you cover him as you do not hide yourself from your own class Robbinsdale and that means you want to sell any you are one step practically what that means I want you to take testimonies volume two and opened it up to the chapter called doing for Christ it's basically tells you exactly what that means and it talks it starts out with this idea cheap rooms versus genuine fruits it talks about Matthew twenty five you done the least of these you've done it unto me and then talked about undefiled religion it talked about how about it is as well if you really want to see Jesus out if you want to see Jesus out of your life stages is today whether this it was I was hungry and thirsty it was I was a stranger it was Iowa's naked it was I was sick it was I was in prison it was I was fantasy it was Iowa's I was I was not as he basically said if you want to say Jesus God take care bottles as a people annual sages and you can say have gotten is that I love this part throughout the chapter I don't have time to have done it at all cellular reviews you know she says she says there's Angels all around us and sometimes we don't know about were entertaining agencies quoting a possible there are not recalled Angels because they're strangers but there really as this is an alert having a want to see some strange aisles strangled and all I guess what she said she says the poor she says all these kind of people that he is saying many drive-by these are people that are sent to task whether or not you have the baptism although always Barrett strangles all rough busy deals with all the objections to document these insert orphans children believers who lost their homes because they come out after the break children's is strange is that like a lot and I destroy Angels for she talked about the borders he talked about twenty visitors will I have heard many excuse themselves providing to their homes and I say why I have nothing prepared I have nothing to payment and we deliver this vision goes on you don't have anything prepare you have no right sister imitate the case brought to deal the Bible go to your neighbors a friend lend me three loaves for a friend of mine in this journey is kindly and I have nothing to set before him we have not example of the lack of bread ever being mayonnaise gives to refuse entrance to an applicant that is as well take care into the Windows wrapped up she shared her morsel and guess what happened on miracle is talking strangled those only reason I am poor how I can do because I am poor out how you got well some pleader for help they love to do advanced rank saw sunsets of one set themselves up for Billy suffering trials afflictions and Olympic countdown present time you are several but world is a remedy if you called the naked bring the boy that I cast out into your house deal by Brandon on Greek ten night light so bright for this morning and I also spring for the speedily and see quotes Isaiah of February check us out every abduction this is as there's domesticated beltway debates all want to doubt all know what my church is organized as a melancholy minute don't ask how now it is on some at right now might as well no president has raised later now you are deductible single mounted talk to my voice he talked about ringing inanities are not alert and not just taking them showing them love and affection she talked about open your heart and open your home to talk to about all men could go on and then she does this on page thirty two this is to set this up again and asked Jesus was in your kingdom Jesus answered you don't know what you ask are you able to drink the cup that I still drink or be baptized with the baptism wherewith I baptized so she likens the entire chapter to the baptism although we got here as the incoming array does not together reduce she talked about it she talked about Isaiah fifty eight is that this is the spousal work now before us he says this hunt the labor was not on them the hungry the form will not not on them to hunt you up in a tree to view a home for themselves you're a search for them bring them into your house your to draw your select event viewer with one hand reaching help by faith and take all of the money arm of bring salvation while yet you reach out the oppressed and that she talked about all the promises that come as a result wonderful promises in Isaiah fifty eight yard out will spring forth light will come all of these pictures to give I said that Dan O'Donnell is nice in the dig is what the same language this news to describe allowed try you really want the log truck out of you really want to see Jason 's it's whether you're a it's within our grasp amen the real question requested is whether or not we'll have the love of Jesus whether or not will have the faith of Jesus to have a lot of data this is act like Jesus but to do what Jesus did and I have the faith of Jesus is the second thing is really just close with how she closes many may still dream because I have spoken so plainly but does I still continue to do if the Lord lays this burden on me and this is why I brought this all up today God requires those who occupy responsible positions to be consecrated to the work I began to ask myself of my consecrated to work if they move wrong the people will fill at liberty to follow in their footsteps if the people are wrong the leaders lived not their voice they sanction the same when the set is charged upon them as well as the offenders those who occupy responsible positions should be modified to continually fill the burden of the work resting upon them basically the column Isaiah fifty eight is the call of the cross Jesus took up his cross day by day and died on a cross in the Holy Spirit poured on it because you love righteousness and hated lawlessness is healing ministries and was expanded through his disciples who took up their cross and follow the and the entire world was raised in one generation and asked all or as Wednesday early rain it's the same prerequisites for the lettering when Isaiah fifty eight people were David Silva people were sent with people whenever you think it's been long enough how do you think the latter rain has been long enough income do you just want to confess that many times it is complained that nobody else is doing was right I'm so thank you for general conference leadership to try to do is write that trying to give a course and direction even if they did I think I still want to elaborate a job I want to invite our quartet to come up Morgan close like it is I think there might be some words on the screen to work in the same I'm going to Calvary on evidencing the first two verses of the more interesting the last first but this is our son of appeal we can talk as much as we want about this and these artsy presents online trading today with Jay thought that she went housing to play out will the Holy Spirit draws us to give one to make away will the Holy Spirit have us share our bread will only spirit lean from our knees to actions will we follow the master list of these words as they sing and then will sing the last first I am going to Calvary I am not trying to the moon as you do and the all and you who is of the the Islam of the use of us of the all the way and bad you the rule you to and him and the father although the learned man a few of the are a concern as green and in the God alone the road and I have a on your dad and the will the mad now that he and who knows and you and you and you the last verse all I am gone as small as grey as they are called in the name game long as the land you are indeed you in a law of the Lord that in man you will the student is not going to calibrate would you like to come with me Sonata look at the cross is not enough Jesus calls us and he pleads with us he says take up your cross and follow me and just as when he took up his cross and follow the master 's bidding and the Holy Spirit fell on him the assurance is the same to us today as we take up his cross that spirit falls on us as well do we need a spirit to relaunching the spirit was pretty good father in heaven today were thankful to be a damage him and people were thankful for that message we believe were living in the time in loan with Bank of Annette Sabbath message with that lead on that Sabbath day you did seven healings and you demonstrated the eye day at Isaiah fifty eight aspect of the staff to this week on outreach we ask that you would go with this that you would you would give us patient in dormant since that's what we need to learn that you would give us obedience to the faith as we go that you would increase our faith give us the faith of Jesus that he would pour out your spirit on our lives today and that he would bring that latter rain to your people will thank you become in Jesus on our own long and this media was run audio verse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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