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Repentance and the Latter Rain

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.




  • July 1, 2012
    9:30 AM
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Hope y'all have a restful sleep was a restful prison God is good no I I will have my thanks for the being invited to come out here and to share with you the Lord is good and it has been a rich blessing for me and for my family and dies I trust that being here has been a rich blessing for you to me it is a great honor to be addressing a group of young people and as well as more seasoned especially the young because because we need we need are you I have been a teacher pastor and youth pastor and I have seen the ranks of our youth decimated and dad to see young people be excited about TSS excites me you know I suspect you are my life to the Lord there's been an that the most important thing for me has been the coming of Christ anything that I study that really I sink my teeth into relates to that are you with me so I am very interested in the events that are taking place around the world and obviously the advance are taking place around the world are clearly communicating to last the footsteps of an oven approaching God into the has-been anything to me that has been more glaring in decline the soon coming of Christ than to see an awakening within the use of the Senate Baptist Church and in two thousand and five when I went to GUI see the very first time and I stood there in that convention Center in Chattanooga and I saw over thirty five hundred seventy Ivan 's young people my eyes welled up with tears because I knew we were at the and the last weapon in the arsenal of God 's church is coming online add similar what's what's amazing is the rapid testing your counterparts in the Sunday keeping churches there is an awakening young people in the sunny keeping churches no longer want to be entertained they want to pretend they want to teach and I believe that soon those young people are going to discover the three angels message and those voices again and plan to give the loud cry something 's happening crisis coming soon in his time that you have been here we had been here the Lord has blessed us and and so many will be going home to share some of the things that you've been learning here a man I mean that's the goal we did when you know you eat and you exercise right we just eat we get fat in a and so is the Lord 's been feeding us spiritually were to go home with a message for my young friends ensure something before seeking to apply to anyone let's make sure that we first apply to ourselves in the right because the loudest sermon we can never get is the one man and and as you leave I want to strengthen your hands with something with with some quotes here in the spirit of prophecy I grew up in Southern California this is my state and it is a joy to come back right now and teaching at Washita Hills a collagen Academy is a blessing for me out there but there's something about coming back home and and just smelling the California air I tell you I have been blessed I have but I grew up in the state and I have pestered him down to the yard and when it is cut into the other night on the challenges among the window that is you leave I want to strengthen you how to strengthen your hands or share with you before I do things look pre- challenging event you know when I was in the South I I came across a song it's about I will listen to gospel music I was out visiting out with some friends and Andy shared with me the title of the song it was entitled I read the back of the book and we win we got to keep that in mind let's not look at the problems let's look to Christ as I look at the crisis is look at Jesus does not focus on what's coming let's focus on who is coming because that's where the strength is found friends and I will share this quote which is not involving two selected messages three ninety nine movie in a paper and pencil moving money into the selected messages three ninety this is what it says there is no need to doubt that money to what to be fearful that the work will not succeed God is at the head of the work who is and he will adjust everything is and he will set everything in order who will Yellowstone convicted who was innocent everything in order if matters need adjusting at the head of the work God will attempt about and work to right every wrong do you believe that let us have faith that God is going to carry the noble ship which bears the people of God safely into port you believe that my young friends hear me the last train is leaving town and this is it there is no other train after this this is God 's church there is a limit the another one and this church is going all the way through are you with me on a review no has gotten a living church was the answer church has gotten a little church yes he has a chance but it is the church militant not the church triumphant again anyway we are sorry that there are defective members and their Arkansan and we although there are evils existing in the church and will be until the end of the world listen to this the church in the last days is to be the light of the world that is polluted and demoralized by Sam the church enfeebled and effective needing to be reproved warned and counseled is the only object upon earth which Christ bestows a supreme powerful if you missed those his supreme regard upon this church what else does he hold in high regard but that's the church to church we need not worry about failure not to talk about failure we are going through brothers and sisters by the grace of God but we need to focus on Jesus and when we go home and we apply what we're learning here to our lives when the Lord was upon a hard to deal with something let's make sure we do it in the spirit of Christ be with me let's make sure that it is interesting to me that if God in Christ refers to the church as his bride how does he feel how does he want us to address his bright the number of urinary how you want people to address your life respect is less make sure that we do we work with humility remembering always that we need a Savior is what is not right God is good and so I am encouraged working with young people it is my crib it is my great joy and I I cannot of the Catholic Church and then I I went into the world and I praise God I'm so they happens today and I look forward to the soon coming of Christ and it is soon friends is very soon at this time I I want to share message which is I believe the Lord has laid upon my heart but I have not qualified to give it without his help self and ask you on this last morning in which we meet together to kneel with me before the master father I want to thank you for your kindness your business and your tender mercies Lord what are privileges as it has been debated to be here father each of us have arrived here under difference in various circumstances but behind the play and counter play of human affairs is the guiding hand of God your hair are being here has been a divine appointment you have ordained from the very beginning and so here we are in the closing moments of Earth 's history we come we come to you Lord broken we come to you Lord meeting but we come to you the only one who can supply all our needs father I pray that as in this last message I craving your great wisdom to the power of the Holy Spirit you will pull together the things that we have learned throughout this week father you know that the humble instrument that you have to work through this morning is not up to the task the father in your great power work it is feeble instrument I pray that you will hide this instrument behind the cross and that only Christ will be seen and heard dearest Lord Jesus thank you but I request itself will not not be manifested now but only crime there are souls here that hang on the balance in the nuclear message father I cannot give it but you can and so you are promised to supply all your needs according to riches in glory in Christ Jesus is according to Christ's promise and the promise to him I grasp it and I thank you for its enough father I pray you bring to my remembrance would you want to say the illustrations bring them but withhold anything father that does not reflect your wheel at the star and I think your masses on the name of Jesus on how the working be bringing out the tax and the causality using will be on the screen if not I will ask you to let your Bibles if you have in fact I ice on so I apologize to you I just have a lot grand vineyards a little faster to work this way because I like to use pages turning in James and this morning I am to be addressing something in a book of James chapter five and that has to do with the role of repentance and the latter rain I feel I I I I am very thankful for the fact that God has given to me this opportunity because this business is a passion for me I would be ready for the second coming I wanted a home and so there is a connection between repentance and latter rain but we have to understand it if there's going to get this going to be success in our lives and being ready for the coming of Christ there is a preparation to believe in the book of James chapter five we see an illustration here that that that opens up to us this topic James five percent and an eight it says therefore be what the patient brethren until the coming the Lord now no strange and see how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth waiting how patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain and now the bridge you also be patient establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord is what is at hand Israel was an agricultural society the Lord ordained that way because God is first lesson block is nature and by acquainting Israel with the soil he had many lessons to teach them that they would understand much better if they were involved in the selling of how many here have Geico reservoir you'll understand little better when it is sharing those of you did raise your hand on encouraging to get one started the Lord will be waiting for you the Lord has lessons to teach us that he uses this illustration of planting and harvesting to illustrate to us the work of the Holy Spirit in preparing cost in the reception of the rain and you know that is a lot of work to be done in preparing the soil and the farmer is to do that he has apart the play but can the farmer make it rain now the farmer has a work to do but he is dependent upon the Lord to bring the right and the rain comes in two different degrees the early rain is a soft rain it prepares the plan and gets a growing the latter rain brings it to maturity for the harvest are you with me and so it isn't this that the Lord wants us to understand the work of the Holy Spirit in these two parts now is the rank we know that the early rain began to fall when at Pentecost this is the counterpart the early rain began to fall at Pentecost upon God 's people we know this as a historical fact and we get excited when we think about the latter reign because we know that when the right window lettering begins the fall right behind that is what is the second coming of Jesus and so is unfinished this track this topic excites us doesn't it but the question for us at this hour is how many will be ready to receive a letter share with you a quote that to me is very sobering to me is very tragic but he gives us the framework of this topic and draws our attention so that we pay attention in volume two testimonies page four forty five we find these tragic words from the profit you can almost hear the tears in her voice I have try in the fear of God to set before his people there danger and there was and has endeavored to the best of my feeble powers to arouse I have stated startling things which if they had what the league would have caused the distress and terror and let them in seal in what repenting understands and iniquities I have stated before them that from what was shown me but a small number of those now professing to believe the truth would eventually be saved not because they could not be saying that because they would not not because they could not because they would be saying in God 's own appointed way my friends God has a way to save and that he doesn't need another way it is a very successful way but evidently were trying to find other ways and are not successful it's not that they could not but that they would and this work has to do with two things would be leaving and attentions did you get when the latter rain falls not everyone will be ready review and Herald eighteen ninety degrees to be in the church is a wonderful manifestation of the power of God that he will not move upon those who are not humbled themselves before the Lord and open the door of the heart by confession and what an repentance in the manifestation of that power which lightens the earth with the glory of God they will see only something which in their blindness they think what dangerous something which will arouse their fears and they will brace themselves to do what to resist why because the Lord does not work according to their ideas and expectations they will oppose what irony were trying to be the very thing work right for most in the end it's very interesting you know what I what I would introduce us into our hearts but a value by often think about that painting with Jesus standing by the door knocking it were told that Jesus used is at our heart 's door knocking to come in a net did you and what that opens the door 's confession was an repentance that opens the door brothers and sisters do you want Jesus in your heart today I want to I wanted in my butt what were seeing here is that this problem revolves around repentance or rather the lack thereof the apostle Peter window when the early rain began to fall I dressed this problem and asked three nineteenth he said this region hence therefore and be what converted that your sins may be blotted out so that the times of refreshing which is what the Holy Spirit may come from the presence on the lunar there is a connection between our reception of the output of the Holy Spirit and are willing to cooperate with God by repenting are you with me does this make sense this morning I would like to look at the work of repentance within a look at this in three parts first within a look at what is true and false repentance secondly within a look at how to attain the true repentance and thirdly how to prepare for the latter rain through the work of repentance if you witnessing processing a look at what is true and false repentance what will the truly repentant center center be constrained to do in other words what is true repentance look like you don't think the centers especially those with created work with committed some whoppers we think of King David was trying to adultery and murder seems to be a whopper to me what you think and a Psalms thirty eight verse eighteen find these words of King David he says I will declare my what my iniquity you know playing games heart I will declare my iniquity and then he says I will be what I will be sorry for my said is in repentance is not only involve acknowledging the obvious but it's really been sorry for you with me when denies as a father I want to see my children in heaven everything here and his feeble and effective as we are his parents which are best I am restoring an incident story the story is me incident that took place when my son was about four years old I know he is right now is probably hiding but John is about therefore and we have somebody living with us at the time and this person versus person had had out how rather nasty habit of using the Lord 's name in vain I tried talking to this person about it but some habits does the Google way without but job anyway my son picked up this habit and I looking for in one day I heard him using the name in vain this greatly disturbed me set up inside and I talked with my size of Bobby Jesus is not happy with this and doesn't want us to use his name in vain and Daniel hee hee was very attentive he was nodding developing and agree and Skadden then went in on the opposing it out the next day using again so I went and die I said that I talked with Mister McGrath and commitments we have a little ten Commandments in the I frame and I had to the Dominican national economic theirs he was not taking the lead I got a link to skip our document 's body we don't do this and he was impressed without him and I was good and we laughed and the next day he was doing it again so I went over grab the frame again and we went to his room I went through it again and this time we pray you agree that this wasn't good and that it was seven and we run away to church and as we were driving into the parking lot of the church he does it again and this time he looked at me at illnesses it to see what will you do now and I asked my wife and we had a friend with us to go handling with each integer and wait for us I was perhaps the care of this and does I asked Bobby to stay in the car and dog house and come right back as I went on a talk to the Lord and I said Lord I really don't know what to do I've done it in a note to do that and I'm obviously not getting through I listed you but I'm just it have to tan his backside I said Lord I'm bigger than him and I can do that and and and and I can probably be very successful I'm sure you will do it again but when I'm done but it won't be out of luck for you I'm afraid it will be out of senior and that's manager I said Lord I am asking you please you got to do something to reach his heart I redesign summarizing Eric 's heart but I would have to go after the because I feel if I do nothing I'm doing a great sending your eyes silently in a car and I explained to Josh was about to take place in his role and and isolate him why thanks you listen an anathema at RU ready music and I have to say that I I I I maneuver allows the leaders I will I do what is Mohammed wanted to associate land utilizing so I I just sat there when we do not remember what were my parents was the belt I survived and and I thought well then I guess that's what I'm getting at such of them I don't explained in the process and you immediately assume the position which told me which told me he knew so that I at least there was some consolation for me there suddenly I'm in the backseat of my ninety one Mitsubishi Gallant there just isn't a lot of room back there and I had them over year and he was assuming the position and had made up my right hand and announcing it into again and I wanted it was one time just to deny you if you press this impresses this about salt after one time but there's so much I was in the way I was learning how this works so he was there and I said you were going okay and I came through and by the time the bills got to his pants it was barely tap because because the blow was the selected and got he cannot like that is just around such abuse minors another don't even count the back and so I need at this time when I came again through our skin have to come through with gusto to compensate for whatever was I was deflecting the blow which is part of the seats and Muslim system ranking through with gusto and to once again by the time the belt that's his pants it was barely a tap but it was at this moment that I realized what had deflected the blow I place the bottle on the backside of my hand in an attempt to avoid getting your hand and letting them down I got myself right in the with that buckle the first time I was so focused on I wasn't paying attention for the second time I hit myself in the same spot and this time I felt and I got the belt and I was just arriving in the backseat of that ninety one Mitsubishi Gallant is it hurt like everything and dive in the midst of my pain my agony I suddenly heard this little voice call out to God and when I looked his eyes were welled up with tears and I realized at that moment that God had given me to use my son said to me I'm sorry he had connected the pain that I was going through with what was and I said to him Bobby what you doing that and I am asking you please don't ever do that again this that was never a problem with my son again the Lord gave him victory why is he associated his sin with the pain he was causing his father and it lost its interest in his life it broke its whole my young friends repentance is when we come to understand that when we sin someone has to deflect the blow someone has to take that blow went when we when we sin repentance is understanding the pain we caused the heart of God in every departure from wrong causes anguish to his heart every departure and return from because we love the one since is acknowledging what is wrong and turning from because someone has to deflect that is repentance Ellen White instance the Christ page twenty three has this to say repentance includes sorrow for sin and a turning away from it we shall not renounce sin unless we want we see it sinfulness until we turn away from it in what an heart they will be no real change in the life the gospel is about you it is about change and true repentance is a part of that is understanding that someone must deflect the blow someone has a the price is someone we love in return from them as a result but not my share with you fall to repentance the Bible mentions another kind of repentance and is filed a second Corinthians seven verse ten here the apostle Paul writes for godly sorrow produces repentance leading to what salvation not to be regret regret it okay we just talked about that when I watch this but the sorrow of the world produces what is a death it is a repentance not medicine because of this and we come in and because of that because of the consequences it's not because of the suffering we call someone else but because of the suffering it causes Ellen White has this to say about the kind of repentance instead the Christ page twenty three there are many will fail to understand the true nature of repentance multitudes sorrow that they have seen anyone make an outward Reformation because they fear that their wrongdoing will bring suffering upon themselves but this is repentance in the Bible sense than the suffering rather than such was the grief of the saw when he saw that the birthright was lost to him wherever they are terrified by the angel standing in his pathway with drawn sword acknowledges guilt list you should lose his life but there was no genuine repentance percent no conversion of purpose no of Lawrence of evil Judas Iscariot after betraying his Lord exclaimed I have seen in that I have betrayed innocent blood was a trial but it wasn't born out of the fact that he had heard his Savior it was unaffected he knew that there was punishment waiting for him that is the difference between the true and the false enough to remember learning a new riverbed the story of redemption I encourage you to read I encourage you to read that story it's a very yellow light brings us the fantasy doesn't bring out a controversy when the segregation is very interesting that after Lucifer I get kicked out of heaven and he gets his way he gets his freedom and he finds himself perfectly miserable in as we altered eon he then does something he wants to meet with Jesus in private so he gets an angel one of the good angels and says I would like an audience with Christ Antichrist comes and the and Lucifer Satan goes to him and says you know I'm paraphrasing okay I can about this thing over and that you don't I I was wrong and I would like to go back now and Jesus with tears streaming down his things CIGNA he said no at that moment I see a similar range in short says the Jesus Army to pay now to you my initial thought when I came across that I can't mess up animate all the trouble we could avoid it Jesus had just taken but that's not so easy his response revealed the fact that they really would love to repent you see if he was truly repentant many want to send this my Lord you're right I deserve I am so sorry just put me somewhere in the corner the kingdom until you decide what you do not repent you see the difference one is sorrow for the act the other is one is sorrow for the act is not true repentance is sorrow for sin but fall to repentance is sorrow for its consequence true repentance opens the way for the receiving of the A the faults will block so how is true repentance obtained it is done brothers and sisters by responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and John sixteen eight we find these words when he Holy Spirit is calm he will reprove or convince the world of sin and of righteousness and judgment is in the work of the Holy Spirit is to show us what is right and wrong because without him we don't know what's right and wrong and we have a natural bent for what is wrong do I hear an amen we can tell the difference without the Holy Spirit working notice when you go to the grocery store and your in-line device something in your eyes fall upon that magazine which is by the way for the most part rock and pornographic the way people are dressed in NARA that's even ridiculous whether or not are you rolling your eyes when I thought upon it the something in your head until you look away Linda do we respond the Holy Spirit speaks to us through our conscience women and men were about to do something or in the middle of an something says let's go do it that's it how do we respond one of the ways that he educates our conscience to recognize his voice is through his law Romans three twenty by the law is the knowledge of what is said were family right here with me open your Bibles to Revelation fourteen let's talk Revelation fourteen a familiar passage verse twelve here is the patience of the saints here they who keep the commandments of God and have the faith and who now this is the description of the people of God in the last days the people that we refer to as the remnants as prophetic intent people the hearing that brothers and sisters if this were to describe us today a people who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus why are we still on this planet God is waiting for it to apply to us we had the message that we got apply are you with me you know let's take a look in it when we look at Israel as I'm just I I I we got a look at this thing right in and don't think about your neighbor or the church back home I'm talking to you this is to me are you with I will send out and then is a good to to to to present a benefit is a good to keep this up is that you have a help message and kindly help message and that the time is a good to proclaim the coming of Christ but does it but does it make you uneasy when we consider the fact that that is a description of the people the crucified Christ there is a difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law and the people in the last days of whom district is talking about are going to have both they're going to be obeying the letter and the principles will be in operation in the life are you with me let's just go to some of these and and and justify some of these out the first one says also have no other gods before me now we look at that and say with that kind of silly were not worshiping the gods what a second boy talking about here is who is the highest authority in your life and mine you and I work in places we go and schools are places we send on various boards and committees or whatnot but when something comes up that's in violation of the will of God where do we take our stand globally obey the God of heaven over to get into the peer pressure the group around us where do we stand on this commandment the second that's a hat not make unto you any graven images okay we don't bow down to stones write a little idols but brothers and sisters can we still have idols in our lives doing something that we hold is of greater value than God and you know how we determine what it is that is of great value to us is is is the way the parameter is is what it is worth spending the most time with what what it is worth putting our our our monies and energies towards are you with me don't know any losing what we're not only talking about the letter but the principle where we spending our time in our money who has a greatest thoughts and energies on talking to me to I have to think in the dilemma like the Holy Spirit suddenly appears you thought you know that you let me the third one thou shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain our speeches to the beach of the glory of God that name when the Angels here at the veil their faces and sometimes we have veggie slang words like gosh or godly orgies and all of these things are derivatives of the name of God noted up at the good the word of God is holy and with the handling in a respectful manner not trifling are you with me heaven forbid that we did remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy it's a great thing that we don't go to work on Sabbath but the we go to the restaurant has some videos to work for us I would accomplish to someone else's crime are you with me this is happening to us as a people and only that but we can go to church but where our thoughts on the Sabbath what are we talking about on the south isn't about Jesus is about his work on that unifies anyone must assert our own hearts is beyond if we really could be serious about receiving the latter rain let's get serious you know many of us are saying Elgato 's not real to me you know why it's happening as kids were not being real with them if we want God to be real we got to be real let's look at this thing it's looking into this law that would see are two conditioning that the Bible says honor your father and your mother knew it doesn't say you have to agree with them it but it does say we have to not only when their president but even when they're not be with me even in our thoughts it doesn't mean we have to agree one we disagree we do so respectfully be with me as far as possible let's agree and be obedient but when we cannot because it interferes with our loyalty to God duty is clear but we do it respectfully the same thing by the way were dealing with with with authority anywhere and at never six stop not till about the news one pastor auto blow people away you know though that we can kill people who gossip is called character assassination do we talk about people you know that we can hate people Jesus calls hatred murder you know I don't take care of my health that's the killer Mister got to know more please is a quick suicide many of the lower but these are the principles that undergird the law of God thou shalt not commit adultery no problem there pastor a faithful where your thoughts what are you watching on the unit what are we watching pornography in according to statistics right now at the men inherently deceptive nor I'm sure it's not too year but according to statistics happening here is that I'm proud those of the steps and that's Christian steps not just the work that is adultery is adultery now for men it's the pictures for the women at something different it's the novel because women are relation that's what turns them a influence the novel reading that if the pornography for the win there are different ways to commit adultery brothers and sisters is not just the physical act vendor stealing you know we can do it in the little things by taking advantage of someone on a great deal it could be stealing somebody's reputation or their Harrison will bear false witness that means all my mind the one nine there is no such thing as a white lie if we say something and we follow it up with just kidding either beware when they notice anything is another way of lying to its remaining silent in a crisis we are bearing false witness thou shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor brothers and sisters are we satisfied with what Jesus is given to us or do we are we more interested in what something else is wearing or in their muscles are in their curves window envelopes were in the car when the computer or in your life that seems to be easier than mine do we believe that God has his best interest for us and is given to us precisely what we need when we look into the law and we go beyond the letter and we look at the spirit it's a different ballgame it is a different block brothers and sisters when the law is written upon the heart its letter and spirit it's developed by Jesus Christ that's what I look like I love reading about the possible he was sincere even when he didn't know the antiwhite has this to say about him is that the Christ page twenty nine Paul says that is touching the righteousness which is in the law as far as outward acts were concerned he was blameless but when the spiritual character of the law was decided he saw himself a sinner judge by the letter of the law has been applied to the outward like the assisting you think of sin but when he looked into the depth of its holy precepts and saw himself as God saw him he brought in humiliation and confessed his guilt he says I was alive without the law wants but when the commandment came sin revived and I didn't want die when he's the spiritual nature of the law seeing appeared in its true hideousness and his self-esteem was gone it was God brothers and sisters in these last days there is a danger of us thinking that will be safe to club membership now there isn't anyone that would actually say that but we fall into this we cannot be looking to one another nor to the church down the street we must keep our eye single upon Christ it is in Jesus that we see the law in living farm and our allies it must be comparing it with Jesus or not hearts are not in a break but I can understand what we're doing to him and to ourselves if were not doing unlicensed and compare to that of Jesus is the Holy Spirit applies both the spiritual as well as the later of the law into the light our job is to cooperate with network is to me this is no as the remain experience did you have here in the United States is collaborating with the Holy Spirit in this work of reviewing missing with it I like walking with my confessing and turning from that sin to the power of the Holy Spirit watch this fleshed out and actually apostles forty two the work of gaining salvation is one of what I what uncle partnership I joint operation there is to be a cooperation between God and the repentant this is necessary for the formation of right principles and the character man is to make earnest efforts to overcome that which hinders him from attaining to what perfection but he has always depended upon God for success I have heard other side is not sufficient without the aid of the buying power it avails how much nothing God works and works resistance of dictation must come from man who must draw his power from God on the one side there is infinite wisdom compassion and power on the other wings sinfulness absolutely are you with me brothers and sisters when God gives us victory I have nothing of which two books we can bring on anything don't accept an applause or a pat on the back all the praises the Jesus Christ Jesus is when you have been we have done what you were told to do consider yourself an unprofitable you can't say in the SL in season were beginning to see that unless the early work rain has done its work the latter rain has nothing to work with you see when I planted a garden in my yard if I don't water in the spring it's going to die on dependent plants in the fall when the latter rain comes in hints that darn it's not to bring anything it's bad the early rain had to do its work to bring along a preparation for the latter are you with me repentance is key to resist this work will prove fatal to a dance steps to Christ page thirty three we find this quote every note watch this this is the reason why we cannot fill around soon this is why we cannot justify sin and excuse it every act of transgression how many every neglect or rejection of the grace of Christ is reacting upon yourself it is want hardening our training will be maddeningly understanding and not only making you less inclined to yield but the mass table ball to the tender pleading of God 's holy spring is seen in the early rain it's not doing its work in my life the latter rain won't take you with me you know often times people have struggled with your infections and you know we have enough your infections what happens to your hearing without it was you lose your hearing when we wholly would soon we are creating scar tissue in our conscience and were making it more difficult to hear the Holy Spirit until we find out in the Bible calls out what is grieving the Holy Spirit but what he is it that empowers this work in the life what is it that empowers the Holy Spirit to be able to come into my life and work repentance and to me relevance two four we find these tax or despises thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leaders need to what to repentance is my son and I and my daughter to have a great relationship with me and when that moment when Josh saw me hurting it was hurting someone you love his sin which at the moment was not a big deal suddenly became one as we come to know God and come to love God we got to want to do injury to them I am a teacher and I was teaching at the school I won't name it but it wasn't want to talk him and I had a class on your group of juniors they were being in in in D in the teachers lounge the teacher stockings that is on the very first meeting and learning mentioned my class it was this collective groan I can take that as a good sign and so I went and asked some the teachers what was going on and he mentioned to me the problems this class had these kids didn't like each other evidently and had caused some great along the way and in some inmate it is a hostage about this class there was some shenanigans going on about you but I have not idea I will tolerate and is now I really doubt it I was ready to just lose my marbles but I knew that wasn't a good thing that doesn't under God at all does it that's all I can does at the space allotted up to help me around his adrenal real bad witness right now and down accept document mine and now it was making the question to the class was looking for was a response and all of them turn to one individual the class is identified the leader but those looking for allegedly the leaders I got the clock the question in the onlookers and bingo so I quickly counted that first class I I I got the field I lost that battle I got the feel by where he befriended a young person off-campus we played basketball together he gave me candy I don't do candy but I hate it and but I worked with him and and and wanting now he didn't want to jeopardize the relationship we had any I wanted to the rest in order when we love Christ that's the response this response I'm sorry I cannot make over little bit okay the work of the Holy Spirit is a copartnership the power is found in God not enough if right now you're thinking about how you and I to change ourselves it ended up in despair we need the Holy Spirit given the story the paralytic how many years at this man without walking thirty eight thirty one walk it it is a dry there were no wonder he encounters Jesus and Jesus says get the law and at that moment that I was available now he could made a decision said Wednesday it may a lot but he responded to the word as he did he was able to he had exercises will but the power came from taking from the when we understand this loving Savior we will have the confidence to get up until system I really appreciated other roasters talk to us Sabbath morning any point it is the John seventeen three only look at the Belfast John seventeen eighteen verse three I love this tax because Jesus is than a defined for us what is eternal life we would make to define it in a sometimes and even when you ask the scholars note the red book is about four inches thick the just is a seemingly gives your sentence bunch of other hears eternal life brothers and sisters burst for no of the first three and this is eternal life that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom I said and what has this to say Jesus is the eye is kept fixed on Christ the work of the Spirit sees is not until the song is conformed into his image Arnold responded use us as we come to know Jesus and the love of God wanted to have a different perspective on sin it's not going to be what we thought before you know when I came out here I was hoping to run into some of my classmates my heart exactly fit in everything because they're not serving the Lord and I went on Academy I was hoping that would be here why does they knew what I was like before in fact I got to get him close to those arty starting to turn to the Lord but but Margaret and Roger we knew each other in last year so nothing too many questions but I was hoping to see some here because I want to tell them of the love of God I want to know there is a Savior from sin one analysis anyway brothers and sisters listen this is why devotional life is not option devotions ours optional is breathing are you with me if we want to be transformed and he may like Jesus if we want to see sin for what it really is we got to see the safety and as we spent time with Jesus imperceptibly LMI tells us little be little little by little he will begin the process of transforming the interesting thing is that as long as you're in my eyes fixed on Jesus were not to be seen so much of the transformation of the people around us and announced they will not devotional life is not optional spending time with Jesus is critical because you will know the truth and the truth will want to freaking out I am trying now I made a decision to saturate myself as much as possible Scripture because the powers in the word and down so I'm really not into the electronic gizmos the film I think I have turned my life would be made easier with MP3s or iPods or whatever but I still operating up CDs bigamy but what I did on this trip around the gate were right after this went on vacation and I bought some CDs that the Bible dramatized its sauce you can gain for not making stuff up it's enough these by the Sea of Galilee are getting away none sink and god during creation week we mentioned the verge of your bird singing assessor to think what the output of the that the narrators do really I pray the Lord always awesome set and I love it losing in and I had my careless until he was at you with a captive audience in my past market a listen that was also it was I want to saturate myself as much with Scripture as I possibly can because I need Jesus I need to be transformed I want I want to ask you repentance anytime I see and I want my heart to breach and a lesson on Jesus along I want my heart to break one two Jeremiah thirty one first three in the words of original CD I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness I black drawn I would like tells us in the instance of Christ in chapter three if we don't resist will be drawn to Jesus is amazing to you for notices spending time with him we come to see him and recognize his voice once the effect of this drawing and spending time of recognizing the character love of God sets the Christ page twenty eight the sole desktops will hate it's what if selfishness of boy is self-love and will seek to price righteous and will seek to price righteousness for the purity of heart that is in harmony with the law of God and the character of Christ this is the reason why were still on planet Earth is because were not engaging in Atlanta waiting for you to make yourself better he's waiting for you to connect with him so he can make you I do with me it is the Christ you know I used to think that God would really reach into my heart in Rick sent out but I've since learned that he works with until I see soon for what it really is an eye on this if I had a classmate 's record run amok and it would have given your horrible testimony of my life before I came to Jesus you know that the things I used to love and hate in the things I used to hate I know nothing of there might be some inherent nose thinking I have no interest in spiritual things different that's our natural condition for all of us but as you spend time beholding Jesus you will change that for you to change it don't wait to feel it before you moved to Jesus Jesus right where you are and how you can let Jesus take care of it different it is not cooperating with the work of the Holy Spirit through the rest of the reset that the repentance process that we are prepared for the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit it is a nice I said repentance process it's a process you see as we spend time with Jesus and we come to know and better wilderness is what will really look like and that's not fun remember Laodicea doesn't see that it's rich increasing goods and Anita nothing if you feel that your experience is really good human travel your eyes are not on Jesus but if you look to Jesus you're not good to look better you notice that when you gave your life to Christ and you draw closer you look worse into the rescue zero cents look to Jesus although I did confess to from alone in life because money will become just that was going on at my church and I think it's a learning parabola did you want to get the building and become just like the thing you like this that make sense to pick us up and your spouse take it to the Lord in prayer and then leave it there and keep looking to Jesus otherwise that's all you can see and then you become like the notes posted if we're really going to be ready for the latter rain we got cooperate with the early and that involves the outpouring that involves repentance confession take a look at Alan what she has to say here on the early rain because the early rain experience is all about character development customers ministers page five oh seven five oh nine at no point in our experience can we dispense with the assistance of that which enables us to make the first dark the blessings received under the former rain are needful to us along to the end as we seek God for the Holy Spirit and while working need to focus on mind a conscious dependence upon God for the perfecting are you with me it isn't cooperating with the early that we prepare the way for the latter there are a lot of people praying for the latter rain cooperating with the early and wet files divinity lost work of the Holy Spirit is to write the principles of those laws upon the heart to get us ready to go home the nose take a look at the work of the latter being because it's work is not about character development of the early have eighteen ninety seven the latter rain right part of this represents the spiritual grace that prepares the church for the coming of the Son of Man but alas low-slung rain has fallen there will be no line the green blade will not spring up unless the early showers have done their work the latter rain can bring no seed to perfection and there are folks out there and I hear it and running to it who are waiting for the latter and to protect the characters it's not can happen policy with the E is for supplement to the Christian experience and usability why eighteen fifty four at that time while the work of salvation is closing trouble will be coming upon the earth and the nations will be angry yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of authority by the way that was news this morning we just read is happening right now at that time the latter main refreshing of the presence of the Lord will what was or to give high alert to the loud voice of the third angel and prepare the Saints to stand in it when the seven last plagues shall be poured out is to empower us to give the loud cry and it is to seal us to go to the time of trouble these data that's what it's for if you witness a net that's what it's for it's not for character development the last generation must experience both testimonies the ministers finally if we do not progress if we do not place ourselves in an attitude to receive both the former and the latter rain we shall lose our salt and the responsibility will lie in your who cares what the pastors knowing if I'm not doing what Jesus wants me to be doing are you with me early writings and seventy two I saw that none could share the refreshing unless they obtained the victory over every visit the new backup watch this this what connection with the early rain and the latter I saw that none could surely refreshing a listing obtained the victory over every visit over pride and selfishness love of the world and over every wrong word and action we should therefore be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and fearlessly seeking for the preparation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle of in the day of the Lord Lynn I'll remember that God is holy and unholy means can dwell in his presence we living in a game people are preaching there was an active sinning right up to the second coming it's a lot that you hear me it is a light don't believe that it fatal there's no truth in it listen it Jesus Christ can keep me from singing he has nothing for me and when we say what he brought us into the second coming were talking more about the power ascended were talking about the power of God are you with me this is a logical no way when I can be singular distances and coming singer accused God and his laws could not be capped in in the last days is going to be a generation that's going to believe that God can do this repent of their unbelief they submit to the process in Afghanistan is eliminated by the University was a liar how can we be perpetuating that live by single digits in the second coming with a disservice to our master will give up everything the citizen is opened up the arsenal of heaven help brothers and sisters on you attend that God can sustain the reason why we keep messing up as does we keep taking her eyes off Jesus there's no hope in us give up on that noteworthy and you can ever make yourself worthy but Jesus is worthy and he will make you with are you with me so right now what is our greatest need review and Herald eighteen eighty seven all rely true cost Nina Simone this is the greatest and most names there are people not going to apologize to you last night I lost my patience with one of my kids it was hard going to sleep last night in hero 's thinnest and appealing to business units none of Ahmedabad Jesus and I asked my my my my child this morning for forgiveness as I lost my patience regarding this has to be going on in our homes be with me listen there are people here who have had some wrong things happen to them in the past you've been wronged your friend you've been unjustly treated my apologies gone there is a God in heaven and then Jesus is but he does ask us to repent and need you to forgive not because they deserve it forgiving someone who harms us does not justify what they did but it does open the way produced a work in my life and there because we have to understand that we have caused Jesus a lot of pain and it is willing to forgive us we've got to be willing to do the same towards others not because they deserve it any more than we do I you with me but if we refuse to forgive others it blocks Christ wants to do in our we have to ask the Lord to give us the courage the love and forgiveness to extend to others in an a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all he needs to seek for this should be our first work there must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because when unprepared to receive it I heavenly father 's more willing to give his Holy Spirit to them generously passed to give good gifts to the children but it is a hollow where I want to work friends by concession humiliation repentance and it was prior to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant is a blessing on revival need expected only an answer to what let's be real with God and God will be really you have eighteen ninety five the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the churches look forward to is in the future but it is the privilege of the church to have it when no secret pray for the believer we must have it and had understood what is waiting to let them wait any longer not at all let's cooperate heaven is waiting to eighteen ninety seven unless we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the latter rain it may be falling on hearts all around us for we shall not discern a receipt God is waiting right now he brought us here brothers and sisters to hear this message because he loves you and me I thought about what you can do without he can do that about your goodness it's about his goodness etc. your strength it's about his strength it's about falling on the feet of Jesus thing I can do nothing by myself when you please help and if you begins the process of showing us what is standing between our soul and our Savior that's the honest and it would this is the only way the call to gain instant is the call of Peter repent therefore and be converted to juices that he blotted out so that at times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord let's deal with but let's deal honestly you know one when I was writing my Christian experience I was in a church and you know I love Fellowship nine thousand I love it when I went out as a group to a restaurant to eat and I wanted my with Phyllis Church and Emerson yesterday ordered a soup and Duncan knows you regularly reveals orders is in the future it might be something you want it I want I looked over at his house Internet it looked right and look like me there was one menu left because Mister forgotten I reached for it I nearly ignored it I heard and I look to and I thought after reading what was in the one just me it was part and not wishing to embarrass God says take it to people how about I don't know Jim and I sent a black he looked at me look at it kind of surprising he said oh whether soybeans in here as of the soybean counteracted the part you know we love but we do this we witnessed the others were really good at sucking soybeans on stuff we should be doing essay will justify what someone does this run it's okay Jesus is love you it was okay beginning this guy even in a situation I'm justified in the position I'm taking God wants us to reflect his character but it's okay for me to lose my clover this because of this that we soybeans all over the place is beyond us we gotten up with the soybeans and would have to call soon in our own lives when it actually people really aren't any serious it's the lowest up again if we really are to be so is about getting ready for the outpouring of the A six and it does it again with calling people out in the church begin to hit right here before I address anyone I need to be address and IP address in the things in my life but now I want to and with this quote doesn't want to leave here with courage out steps to Christ page twenty eight asking to what brothers and sisters repentance is a gift you and I cannot yell so excited for you and I cannot generate repentance which is steadily getting you know where you might want on my human rights of my life is a mess no idea and area my life as I was reading my Bible nothing to come to my mind I was involved in things that didn't bother me even when you don't deny through the journey I was doing things I knew that in approval and I was doing anyway and this bothered me and so when you went to the Lord United alloy this is really bugging me it seemed to me that I should be upset about this and I'm really not will you please give me some are not we did break my heart over this issue so that I can see it the way you do but when you think it's a prayer God wants us to pray absolutely anything and I continue to pray the prayer because as I continue to draw closer to Jesus he is continually revealing more and more stuff to me and whenever you reveal something beyond this week in weird stuff we didn't want to hear them talk about money and mentioned that one is not a business market I was going wild you know the as I sat here and let me ask you I'm telling you is also convicted me until stuffing my face but you know later on after enjoying her message here than addresses as you cannot amateur night I asked him to forgive me March and exercise my will in your direction now and will you please father convicted to repentance I wanted I will matter to break over this is your 's is a little ridiculous is the real with the Lord the gift is a repentance but Disney asked him to give you at the end of his asking you just can't this isn't rocket science to reveal Christ knows the connection how it's connected with the revelation of Jesus and the most Allied to reveal Christ to you in his infinite love is pure perfect purity in the Savior 's life the principles of God 's law love to God and man were perfectly exemplify benevolence unselfish love was the life of his soul it is as we behold here as the life of our Savior falls upon us that we see the sinfulness of our own hearts devotional life is not repentance is again brothers and sisters Jesus is coming soon he's coming in you being here is part of that preparation he brought you here I don't care the excuse I located a drag here behind that was the large and now you're going home that Jesus working so that others can see the power of God and glorify him and respond soon the latter rain will fall upon graduating people who have come to know by experience what it means to be humble and brokenhearted subdued by genuine repentance then Jesus will come and take us this morning there were worked with have a herd mentality I I hate making appeals because now they want to be left behind Saturday followed by his menial here I'm a geeky time to pray but if it's your desire to be real with God address to stop the Holy Spirit and talking to us about this whole week but stick to write father thank you for your kindness in meeting with us this week and revealing to us your goodness in your incredible patience which is beyond our comprehension of father help us to be as patient with others as you are with us father you don't call us out help us to be respectful to others not be calling others out help us Lord to be more concerned right now with what you try to do it I like and stop trying to fix it nobody else for your design to pour out the latter rain upon us but before we can receive it we go with the early rivulets where father this week you have shown us things and some of these things with computer conveniently site sidestep defending ourselves and in justifying ourselves unable work by slapping soybeans the father tradesmen to stop doing we want a real experience with you and so we ask please help us to be honest with ourselves to be real with you when were broken were sinners in need of the same year our hearts are messed up we understand the motives for even the good things we do so Lord we just want to come to right now at this moment on I want to give everyone just a moment of quiet that the loving father to present what it was you have been leaning upon us over this week gracious father when we leave this tab and we go to our rooms there are some people we got apologized to and will we get back to our homes their people Lord we got to talk to theirs and things were gotten it right by their things at home you been talking to us about of getting rid of we haven't done Lord help is not a purpose and how we go home to deal with them take care listings now get that off the computers get those things out of our house father we know you're coming home you're preparing the people we want to be part of that we want to get passed by and we thank you we praise and so Lord glorify your name on each of our lives and we go home the two independent minds that munitions will thank you we has assigned rights to this media was not a disease audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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