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Serving God, Saving Souls: The Purpose of Medical Evangelism

Lorayne Barton


Lorayne Barton

Physician, Los Angeles County and USC Medical Center and Adjunct Professor in the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University


  • September 21, 2006
    7:30 PM
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Paul makes this afternoon Doctor Maureen Martin Doctor Martin would present his opening address she was happens us to consider what medical events of them rarely is and what role we each employ season active practice in neonatologist at Los Angeles County women's insurance hospital with ministry experience of the head of a nonprofit presence of a nonprofit agency and president of ESI Pacific Union and a board member of a man Jesus can't currently doing of a premed residency at Loma Linda University of Florida Myanmar the Lord is doing in your work among us in the business some marvelous meeting so far last Thursday I was asked to go up and see a gentleman it just couldn't wait you know we were supposed to have clinic it was supposed to start in a few and about an hour that this man was in a hurry and one way and so the nurse asked me filing please thought and see him a little bit early so I walked up to the room and locked into where this gentleman was found while he was scary this man was about six foot five I would guess it was about two hundred and ninety pounds I think covered from head to toe with tattoos and final season on the street highway and really loved it frightened a strong but he was nice she was pleasant he didn't scare me at all from ninety seven anyway and it was very will will this happen to me my rotation on the smoking cessation unit and I'm trying to help the different people get off of their something which most of them have been on for thirty or forty years so I sat down to try to turn on the computer all of all of you who work at the VA know how you get into the computer takes a few minutes to get all your passwords and everything like that and I haven't said anything much time except hello how can I help you and things like that and he turned to me and said but you got to kind of strange and I said well I'm Seventh-day Adventist and he said I thought so I thought so in case you're not wearing any jewelry make everything like that well I'm moving on that was when I was a seventy five what made you ask that question and he said while I was I is to be a Seventh-day Adventist I was a seven and fifteen years is to go right here it at a Capitol Hill church but I'm an alcoholic I smoke I drink I have been using drugs and he just just this last week got out of a absolutely live in our life sentence if I have gotten convicted I would have been in jail forever song praising the Lord today I'm in twelve step program ready to turn my life back over to the Lord and in other scary gentlemen before I even had chance to do much else we were able to pray together and we were able to talk and before he left after I did all the things that we needed to do this man actually came up and hugged me I've never had that happen from a big scary person like that this kind quite amazing to me that I first invited him back to tell you now need a anyway just because something just because you because the Baptist Church minister and his is afraid of course to come back to have been structuring well my topic today actually is titled serving God in saving souls because this is what we really want for a new I believe the Lord really is beginning to do any work and if you remember what the new general conference is famous for this year making this claim when he would tell the world and so a add onto that town and now and then our main speaker at ASI just here in August so what what are we going to tell them and so they could put all those things together now tell the world now where we can account but you know what I think we need to know why we need to tell and I think it's because they need to know every single person I have come in contact with it seems to me in the last year or two compared to the first thirty years of my practice just absolutely needs to know something more about nine or is wanting to know where else is currently absolutely not interested that you talk about one of those two things is happening in here oh and if you're listening to what the Lord is doing in their lives it can make a major major difference so tonight I actually want to start with three key points that's what we really want a man to accomplish and what we want our group accomplish were not very good idea what can we do how can we get more people involved and why haven't we as a church or as a group of antennas physicians once have we accomplished well-worn set out to do through through the medical work so many years ago almost a hundred and twenty years ago now what have we accomplished at this time and then the last point I'd like to make is how do we accomplish what what can we do to change all of this long-standing that we have not done anything at all and no we have a wonderful medical system all throughout the world so I don't want to I to any of you that you haven't already been doing the Lords work I don't want to I in our hospitals have not done anything for the Lord we have but just like Israel although we haven't really met the Lord 's plan for his work is true when Shaw so on what when I think we need to do is think about first what we want to accomplish and immediate question really shaping up what we want to accomplish but what does God want to accomplish their eyes and I think that he has a plan and purpose but is it my plan or is it his plan this is what I really liked it think about for myself in the face of these three questions are really questions that I personally have had and have tried to study out what is God 's plan for my life and what I so before we really get started and we just our heads again for Justin Lord Jesus I want to ask you tonight to come here to be with us to help us understand what your purpose is for our lives for our medical work or are educational work for are what purpose then you want me to accomplish and I ask your Holy Spirit to be with me tonight to be here in this audience that we may listen to your word piercer Jesus tonight I have two scriptures are likely to let out with me the first is Isaiah fifty first floor which is venerated and then later were getting that Isaiah fifty first floor the Lord God has given me the time to learn and I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is wearing another other persons that we heard many times before but I'd like to talk about them a little bit more the second one is often in Isaiah and Isaiah thirty five one hundred ten and you know this went very well as one of the things that is talking about the glory of Zion have solicited three hundred dollars versus a significantly long passage I think it's important because were going to talk about what these verses really means us I'm reading from the new King James version the wilderness and the waste lands shall be glad for them in the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice even with joy and singing the glory of Lebanon shall be given to it the excellence of Carmel and Sharon they shall see the glory of the Lord the excellency of our God strengthened the weak hands make firm the feeble knees say to those who are fearful hearted be strong do not fear behold your God will come with vengeance with the recompense of God he will come and save you now here's the first week of level and knowing what's going to happen soon when we got to happen then the eyes of the blind shall be opened the heirs of the death Shelby unstopped them the lame shall be like a deer in the kind of the dumb sing for water shall burst forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert the parched ground shall become a pool the thirsty land springs of water in the habitation of jackals were each led there shall be grass with reeds and rushes a highway shall be there in a row and it shall be called the highway of holiness the unclean shall not have separate but it shall be for others whoever watched the road although low shall not go astray nor shall any ravenous beasts go up upon shall not be found there but the redeemed show off their and the rents and of the Lord shall return and come design was singing with everlasting joy on their heads they shall obtain joy and gladness sorrow and sign shall flee away well you know those verses reminds me of what promises are for the future but I am here to tell you tonight that we can have those promises right now fulfill in the ways that we reach out to our families our friends our patients because God wants to give us that in everything I'm quoting here tonight is is basically from justifiable in the spirit of prophecy and one other source which all time later that I believe that God does have a purpose for each one of the Christian physicians and dentists that are here and you know most of the time the Bible speaks only about physicians and one that's only because I don't think there until about two hundred years ago my current so there is always ten physicians from the earliest beginning of time but there's only one dentist for a very few years and somehow I never given dataset now I think they were quite as important as physicians but I read recently that until dentistry came along did you know that more people died because thirteen were infected back and you know like two hundred years ago three hundred years ago hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people died because they got infected thirteen and that got into their bloodstream and that was very severe and only when dentistry was invented or came around did that we actually start really seeing the change in the lifecycle it's not all just turn position so as I forget to mention that if every once in a while you just reminded me that it's a very important thing so I believe that it really is God 's purpose to use every Christian physician not just physicians but doctors nurses and other health professions teachers whoever you are here tonight God has a plan to use you in his work and not everybody can do the same thing but he has a way for us to witness to two people that we personally come in contact with and that's where this verse about is given at the time of the learning he wants us to be able to wherever we go and we coming contact with he wants us to be able to speak a word at the right time and when we as physicians and dentists and others be just thrilled if we could just feel the people for this world but heal them for eternity this is our real goal with a man so were not just here to teach us to the in addition although extremely important were going to talk about that well why haven't the majority of dentists and doctors and other health professionals really accomplished the duties segregated we have been trying for so many years over hundred and twenty years to two to meet this goal we talk about a lot and a lot of people in my questions anyway are really interested in health message lot of people that have no background in medical work are interested in health message everybody knows it's the right arm of the message and talk about it all the time but why haven't we done and didn't we haven't got enough pattern had only been given enough instruction don't we have enough knowledge why is this who is our real pattern for medical missionary work is Christ Jesus is that enough pattern so why we been able to to get to this point were were actually all working together and meeting they actual blueprint that we keep talking about that would make our whole message is spread throughout the world might wildfire well I found that that is a really very very deep question now the Bible should be our textbook not for every medical problem certainly doesn't tell us how to treat every single disease or anything like that but this book that teaches how to treat every single person every single patient it does teach us how to treat people and that's one of the things we need to learn as a medical professional so I didn't find as I studied I tried to study for myself why we haven't been able to meet all of these goals in line found several and testimonies volume three I found that there is a great necessity for Reformation among the people of God and the present state of the church leads to this inquiry is this a correct representation of him who gave his life for us well what about the medical missionary work is there any difference what about the medical ministry were saying that about the church in general I think the same could be said for our medical work are we as a whole as professionals medical professionals are we living up to getting a correct representation of what God 's plan was for us I think a lot of us have a burden for the sign of the largest question on my part that this is a burden that we have not lived up to it completely yes we've done a lot of good work and there's wonderful mission work going on all over the world and we have our wonderful medical school and dental school at all the different schools that are out there and Linda and in other places of the world that is where God wants us to be in I had to realize that we have to map that vision completely we met partially but not completely three weeks ago Linda walked into my office it was my day to do women's health and it was a very interesting day because I was pretty busy she was my last patient of the day and shake a man and was just for her routine yearly check up and as we were taking the history and getting all the information she said to me you know I've been really concerned as to why I haven't been able to get pregnant and I said all are you interested in getting pregnant I looked at her age her age was forty seven I was young working to Finland now maybe ninety one when he was thirty eight thirty nine she was forty and I said to her well has been trying for very long oh yes I've been trying for twenty years and I've never been able to get pregnant and I've asked many doctor 's note and tell me anything about why I couldn't get pregnant and I would like to know you know it's part of my workout you know why can't I get printed as I took a little history she was a very pleasant lady very well-dressed very nice looked like she actually looks like she could have been an advanced girl she was dressed well she was not extravagant she was conservative working but as I started talking to her a little bit more to try to find out little bit more about her history or her family her marriage maybe if she had had any other problems I found out that Monday had only been a Christian for ten years about ten to twelve years she and a missionary in India she was had lived a pretty seriously bad life you might say before that but she said the Lord should come to the Lord and ever since then they've been just wonderful she panicked and that she was a missionary she was now attending out wonderful evangelical church but it really surprised me she had seriously over fifty partners she's never been married she is currently with a person who she didn't even like she's trying to get pregnant okay that's a little unusual for me I I work in a neonatal intensive care unit I see women every day who you know background the pre- pre- unusual we get a lot of people from the jails we have a lot of patients that are on drugs and alcohol and smoking but I haven't seen that many patients before who had forty or fifty partners as I talked with her I started sharing with her do you think that's what the Lord really want to do to be with this person there is no know you're not married you haven't even made a commitment I think about that and she immediately written also nine nine nine oh this isn't right I know the Lord is happy with me I know this but I just don't know what to do and so we started talking and her problem was not that she needed to get pregnant her problem was she just had no self-esteem whatsoever this is what happens to the majority of people when you start speaking to people that have a problem whether it's smoking with her drinking letters drugs no matter what it is whether they're hearing voices no matter their background is so so sad they have much much need for the Lord and this is why I'm saying to you these people really need to know I was able to pray with Linda I was able to give her some materials I was able to to talk with her about what she could do to change this situation and give her a little bit of hope for not just living from day-to-day and living that kind of life so what did I find as I started studying child how to make a better chance that we could have our health message really do all it was sad I found out that one of the major reasons that people don't have this happening as a group and eventually we can see that people are living for the Lord an and for sharing sharing the Lord with others but as a group it's because they don't have enough faith it's listed clearly in both the Bible and the spirit of prophecy that is where filled with selfishness which is the root problem we cannot get to the to the point where we are able to help anybody from the spiritual nature so it is the basic problem that we have had for all of these years is selfishness it's not the abundance of our meetings it's not the abundance of how much we pray you I found out that it's not how much we pray it's not any of that the Lord accepts the numerous things but it's doing the right thing at the right time and I believe that that's what this organization has been found for I really believe that this organization has come into being so that we can get back to the right thing doing the right thing at the right time I believe that God is calling us to have a spiritual revival first and then a medical revival secondly for our group and when I was reading this assignee of the Reformation and you know this type of thing Reformation great revival revival it signifies that you have a renewal of your spiritual life so I guess that would mean he was to go back to church and start training again you do the things that we think of as spiritual revival is but a reformation that signifies that you're just getting a complete reorganization your changing the way you got everything fast that's what reformations will read permission doesn't bring that good fruit doesn't bring in will I myself connected with the revival of the Holy Spirit so you have to have them both together and Reformation but you have to have revival from the Holy Spirit and our medical evangelism has been broken and it needs healing any of you ever broken your right arm your broken right arm yeah okay I think your three people I broke my right arm very severely what about forty five years ago so severely that I couldn't work for three months and had to have two or three surgeries it hurts to break your writer also if you're right-handed you can't do anything I had to have my husband helped me to eat and rest to take showers at the beginning all of those things that I learned to use my left arm pretty well I didn't need any help anymore but that's a long time to heal and you know when you have a break that is severe it doesn't always feel totally normally either positive or orthopedic physicians I'm sure you know that sometimes when you get a break that he'll always straight and perfect again now I have had other x-rays taken since then my other people who didn't even know I had a fracture and they always say when did you have your fractures innovate now because it's not completely back to normal so have you ever wondered in the past Ellen White told parents to their children out of Battle Creek College I'm sure most of you here have heard all the stories about them John Harvey Kellogg and I know that you've heard about his life quite a bit administer pre- familiar with John Harvey Kellogg and what he did and how he built the sanitary and too large and all of those things that he did I'm sorry setting what went wrong with our Adventist medical system I was pretty sure to find out that Mandel started right at that link at that time we may have just thought it was all just related to one person and it was any way relate but what did it what does it really do well first of all when you look at John Harvey Kellogg 's licenses and to put him down or to demean him an update on just using him as a is an example of how a person in their life as a medical physician can go down the wrong path and then that leads to consequences of a large degree that doesn't get you back on the right track very easily first of all he went to the University of Michigan after having done some little course is taking something like this three or four month course for while he practiced medicine for a while and realized I've got to go back and do it right so they went to the University of Michigan with several other advocates physicians and others and guess what they did and still they were very similar to a lot of students today they stayed up late at students they stayed up frequently especially John Harvey Kellogg he would stay up till two and three in the morning to study I'm sure he made good grades but he stayed up late every day life that important we'll get to that something again was he compromised on many different issues and uncompromising for example he was quite musical I wasn't aware of that until I started studying about it was musically play the violin and several other instruments as a matter fact and he was because this was a public university in the day when he and his brother were invited to playing her violin for dances and so he compromised he was a Seventh-day Adventist as you know but he on a justifying that playing his violin advances because the students were at least having exercised so that was kind of important so little compromises offered his early life and when he was studying and in some other characteristics about him through the years these are not necessarily in any particular order but I just thought they were interesting because I think it affected the way they are in the way he worked in the way he interacted with church and church leaders he had a desire for personal recognition this was far greater than most people 's desire for personal recognition was so great that he would sometimes just go out of his way to make sure that you know his name was paper or that people knew who he was or that he has written that particular book or that particular article he had a tendency also to assume complete control over anything he got involved working with Mary and controlling individual and any project he was associated with it wasn't good unless he was the one in charge of very important and character defect in my humble opinion he also resisted reef reproof and suggestion reprove and suggestions from somebody else in your group or in your among your teachers extremely important that you learn how to take reproof and to take it kindly unwisely and whatever he also at times back and forth and even though he thought so highly of himself with very severe problem with feeling unappreciated and I seen this happen with a lot of people especially those are having trouble with mental in man to himself but at the same time they often get depressed and feel appreciated I feel like people are not getting them enough enough recognition he actually admitted to Ellen White several times in letters and also in talking with her in person that that selfish pride was one of the problems and he was so strong-willed and suffering and it is also making irritable and one of the reasons he was irritable was that staying up late as a student and just stay during that time but it continued throughout his whole life he also never claimed to have patience and I don't mean patiently take care of but it was impatient he was a very impatient person and a claim that was his least virtue he didn't really think he was patient and he admitted that when you really go back and look at his life I think today if there's any psychiatrist among us we would probably call him bipolar I don't know what those of you who think that he had extremely I think bipolar tendencies with racing thoughts all the time many many people that that do all these things are very very involved in involving everything at the same time they often have racing thoughts but he had many of the people that were around him people in the church and and other centers were trying to fill in sometimes he'd been amazing and it would be like this that they couldn't understand what he was nearly talking incessantly but they are it wasn't making meaningful sense but at the same time you have great powers of leadership and he was very persuasive know how he was able to persuade people that to get a sanitary and that things like this and great public relations abilities and I he was the investigator and the natural remedies and the things that Ellen White had learned in her vision things that the other natural remedies people of the state were involved with and he was he was very much in favor of the health message so he was one of the ones are promoting the health message the most in our church in the early days he persuaded trying really hard to persuade others about the health message of the seven patents church he worked hard to persuade any American can find to a vegetarian diet he gave persuaded people to give up coffee and tea alcohol tobacco he was one who promoted only two meals a day and he spoke against to much protein too much heating over all that you say talk about not overeating not getting on base as they had some of these people that and that overweight people should limit the amount of food that they were in the total amount of calories and he also said they should eat more fresh greens and more vegetables and give up sweets and along with it he said that that alignment exercise and sweat baths which would restore people to health wow I think it would make the best internal medicine metabolic syndrome Doctor today don't you I really think he was he was it was really into making people overcome things that we would probably call today metabolic syndrome and diabetes in overweight however he contributed largely to the differences between the medical professionals in the church and the church leadership he was the one who was there was a constant battle this was just sobering narrative this was ongoing for many many years in our church that there was this battle between what the ministers were doing what the doctors were doing he had a long I want on the physicians of the day and so most of the physicians signing with Doctor Kellogg you know when that direction because that's what when you believe in he became very very interested in humanitarian covers of estimate was very interesting because I've seen a little bit of this in my local area where you know a person may get just so overwhelmed with humanitarian things but they don't want to bring anything related to the church right they want to go out and do a lot of things and just get known for seven administered are really nice people and we like it is going to do that what he did wherein Elimite so much that she talked to him about that she said he was making this two-pronged he was using funds that should have been used for other parts of the work you know she was she kept telling the people of of the medical profession but that was not the only goal that their goal was to save souls he was focused that they should go down to Chicago they should start all of these endeavors they started a Chicago medical mission that was one of the largest down there and they had homes for wayward children and for pregnant women pregnant young girls and for a gun is a place for seven hundred homeless people a certain some week seventy two thousand meals a day they were doing all that they were helping people get back to work and this is why when you read in the testimony sometimes that were not supposed to take all our people down to the city centers incinerated I wonder what we all know that you're not supposed to do those things which are supposed to do those things he had just and now the whole length of the message the message no longer had any theology when it was only humanitarian and then we began to cast doubt on fundamental doctrines that's when I started when he got so interested in working with others and involving other groups and humanitarian things that actually theology started to panic go down and you know what it was a very prominent position but he had very few friends it was only close to like one or two of his viruses brothers and sisters even got it really had a falling out even with his own brother will we hear a lot and they hinder one thing for many many years and in his life they were close again because they basically was supporting his brother another thing that I didn't know until I started starting what went wrong with the with the health message and particularly what role did he play any marriage in love a lovely lady she was ninety seven and she was seven a Baptist who come to work for him and sort of like a administrative assistant she did a lot of dictating and writing letters for him etc. and so he did not stick with the seventh day of us I'm not saying that never is that you know I'm not saying that that was a cardinal sin but he didn't have that strong commitment to stay within the Seventh-day Adventist church and then when you realize that people just wouldn't exercise he was promoting exercise all the time they started to develop a lot of chemical exercise machines any of you have been back to serial city answer to his museum there how many of you have visited the talent Museum it's really fascinating is I didn't know until I went there how many things he invented it wasn't shrewd investor and much of his you are offering I think that his permanent home there when I can find out that he was really the father of most of any type of weapon that we use the inventive designer dynamometer which made it measures muscle strength and he was heavily and this now there's nothing wrong with that per se really is just how he divided his time when he spent his time on not he also invented a sanitary equipment company Sony had always been this is on the side of this was his business for developing and making all of these machines Saturn equipment company and even developed a light baffling even figured out that if you see like going through your finger this is something good about that to the blood vessel so he invented these things reset inside the white boxes and and this is supposed to heal you and make you feel better whatever he invented a lot of these things and then remember I told you about me hasten to say that very late all the time during medical school time is never changed throughout his whole life he he was working hard his whole life from four o'clock in the morning till midnight almost every single day this man did not rest if you wonder why certain people you know how these kind racing thoughts and problems I think it has a lot to do with his lack of rest in X and exercise we know the exercise on the bicycle we see pictures of that so I always thought it was very good exerciser but what I found was that many of the things he advocated for others he did not really do sound interesting is seventy he talked about eating proper diet and two meals a day frequently you would not eat anything or he would eat only one meal a day he didn't sleep are contrary to his own teachings he was extremely irregular in all of his health habits humanity children himself but he became a fosterfather and adopted some children had forty and forty two children that lived in their home and they kicking all kinds and has a tech and just because their parents had died in neighboring sanitary and I would bring them home so he and his wife trying really hard to reach out to other people think that it was a very humanitarian person and so they got a lot of thinking okay we can take as it turned out okay and some of the really bad kids so they did that they would go down and get cancer prostitutes and others would abandon their children and they tried to raise these children that believe it or not these children did not turn out well and so actually proving a lot of what Ellen White said about how hereditary alcohol and drugs affect children many of those children never did turn out well not saying every single one earlier in his career when he is more in the forties fifties and sixties he actually became mentally exhausted many times he had to take off and the way he would do this so that people wouldn't know it because everybody thought he was a healthy person his wife was a little bit more delicate in her health and so he would say he was taking her to Florida for the patient and he would actually be so exhausted that he was like mentally unable to do anything for sometimes three or four weeks it collapsed several times and complete physical collapse probably a complete mental class same time and he said he never knew what it don't like the rest of her life to develop TV and announcing that they develop unique because it is exhausting schedule so enamored effort to return cells any loss most of the organ organizations they started in start things like orphanages and huge orphanage they had all kinds of things and he wants most of them eventually that because he didn't care about going into debt that wasn't a big problem they just went into that he advocated for public recreational areas in Battle Creek where he led a fit if the city when come around the way he was thinking what would he do you just go off and get himself he started a great day park and playground on his own property has a lot of property and huge area a must of been a fairly wealthy person and had large home and everything so he put it on his own property including a big swimming the way that had a swimming pool and playground and all kinds of stuff and Microsoft said that he was converted in eighteen eighty eight during the time eighteen eighty eight conference happen she might she said in her writings that John her Michalek was completely converted thoroughly she said verily but he left the church in nineteen oh seven really never came back why do I believe he planned the leaders of the denomination the pastors leaders for the denomination 's backsliding and health message so he was always against the pastors pastors were following the health message now is one of the things we began to criticize the leadership especially it was upset and because they were often persuading young talented men to go into the ministry we are going to medicine so there was always this tension between him and the Masters and he had his own ideas on ideas his own yardstick for deciding what was right and for whether online messages were right he didn't just accept them on face value he never did that they can judge which part of her writings were right and which ones were not allowing I going to all that extensive detail I think perhaps some of you can see some similarities to what can happen when you do not live a balanced life when you start having a judgmental attitude when you start allowing yourself to criticize leadership and when you start feeling that what you decide is better than what anybody else or what you and your colleagues or your church members can do together so I wanted to go in now to the third point the third and last point that I have which is how can we better accomplish the plan somehow got derailed during that thirty or forty year period that he was basically in charge of the health passage commonly become successful physicians from God 's point of view well again Ellen White says in visions of the night representations passed before me of a great reformatory movement among God 's people many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrought now I know that if you're like me all through my medical career I've always wished that I could have more miracles wish I could see more miracles I prayed for many many sick dying babies that were not healed and I'm sure the same you sincerely pray for people they haven't all been healed halfway not all of our patients are going to be healed and necessary I know that I prayed for patients I pray for my own mother we had my mother was dying of lung cancer and brain cancer my mother never smoke my mother was never around anybody you ever smoked she was a lifelong Seventh-day Adventist and had no know they had health so why is it that the Lord doesn't always heal last year a few were here you learned from older family that God doesn't just heal in every case and it isn't that it is his will is always God will heal right but it's for his glory so why in some cases are people not heal and other times we see another person were they somebody anoints them and they aren't healed miraculously and sometimes in the same church are in the same time one person might be healed and the next person is not well we know that it's probably because there are many many people that God wishes still to reach an we don't know the hearts in my own money for example I think I sort of know you know when when Eileen was growing up all of my sisters were Adventist and four of them what the church only one of those has come back so when so when we had my mother anointed my sisters came and it was beautiful beautiful service you can never thought no my mother called for them herself we can say would you like to have initially she wanted and I thought everything was done right but after we finished a few days later when my sisters is still fairly bitter against the administration said that with the worst thing I've ever heard and I will never ever have him do the general service Gazette was my mother 's sister no my sister was controlling the funeral service she was letting even do anything at the funeral service so you see we you know why God doesn't heal but sometimes there's other people that still need to be reached but I didn't know this and I don't talk only about no prayer and healing because it works in so many other ways we know that it works by having excellent medical care this is extremely important as I told you I have not seen very many babies that were dying that I pray for that suddenly revealed you think will win it because the baby to be but then become a Christian or something like that doesn't happen very often but what has happened over the thirty years that I've been involved with babies almost get no deaths anymore unless there are severe congenital anomalies or extremely premature why is that because of advances in medical science so we have to have both right we have to have excellent medical care and we have to have prayer we have to have dedication but it comes both ways God is definitely in the business of helping us by improving medical care so those are some of the concepts that I have will how we can help others is to SMS I found actually administer nearly then I think as it should really wrap it up it humans would open the windows of the soul heavenward and appreciation of the divine gifts a flood of healing virtue when poor and so we will have flood of healing virtue if we open the windows of our soul to heaven another quote the physician your desires to be an acceptable coworker with Christ will strive to become efficient in every feature of his work the true medical missionary physician will be in an increasingly skillful practitioner so this is why I believe Young God has a place for both sides of the medical missionary work we must have a good good instruction and a good quality surgeries and a good quality teaching that makes us good physicians talented Christian position she says having superior professional abilities should be sought out and encouraged to engage in the service of God in places where they can educate and train others to become medical missionaries so are our universe they should be there it should be there to help us to become efficient in our training and it should also be there to help us to learn how to be better than commissioners and I think as are medical students start to see leaders who are doing this there are really good in their practice they are excellent in their work they are getting the best training in the world but they also are willing now to pray with the patient and into the kind to patient that this is going to effect for the physician religion is not to be merely one influence will this influence dominating all others that was a really excellent quote that I and if the physician faithfully and diligently strive to make them self-sufficient it consecrates himself to the service of Christ and takes time to search his own heart he will understand how to grasp the mysteries of his sacred call he was so disappointing educate himself that within the sphere of his or her influence will see the excellence of the education and wisdom gained by the one who is connected with the God of was how another physicians you want to perform their duties well must daily and hourly live the Christian life is important that the physician always be under the control of the divine physician in the life of the patients are literally in the physician 's hands were told that the sick and suffering will have much more confidence in the physician who turns to the Lord Nelson pray you know that the patients rely on our words they rely on us they trust us for what we are offering to them and Tom they feel a sense of safety and security it's almost like the placebo affect that many many patients will get well just because of the way you treat them with the precious privilege of the Christian physician to provide prayer to invite God 's presence in the sick room if you cannot do this this is something that I was really really touched me when I found it the physician who could not cannot do this that is to offer prayer loses case after case that otherwise might have been saying part of the reason is that the patient is inspired by confidence to open the heart to the healing powers of God the energies of the whole dealing are the finalize the life forces try remember that we should give thanks to God when women when a patient comes in thanks to where not to take the credit torso this is a really important thing all of us like to get a little bit crazy now and then ordinary to take pay cut praise ourselves always to turn it around back to God and tell the patient in addition those that do this that that they are being healed by God and whether we realize it or not every single physician and dentist is entrusted with the cure of souls so as soon as human beings as Christians in general here is mother adhered an educator in your teacher Aaron nurse to you is entrusted the cure of souls this is something that is extremely important remember personally read and I said the beginning and online says that the verse is not just for heaven management we live up to the pain word of God if we are willing to put our lives in Christ for the saving of souls that passage is from here on earth as well so that when it says that now that death will hear and the blind will see in lame will walk she says that's for here so whether that gone through some medical treatments or whether that sensory miracles of prayer I do not know that it is important and often we miss precious blessings just because we neglect to speak to people you know since last year I think I had worked during now and I do hope previous thirty years why because I feel have decided that I will take that risk and step down and talk to people and sometimes I think I said anything important is not to be trying to say something about us but went down here's what I've been hearing in the last few months that is different than what I've heard before while you really care I've heard people say I think anybody cares why should I care before and I've had people say you're the only one that looks at me when you talk all the other people sit there and just writing your notes are earned getting on the computer so tonight here we have three types three groups basically we have medical and medical students we have those of us that are in our busy practice years and we have those of us are either pending or in getting near the end of our careers are already retired and I believe that the Lord is calling each one of these groups to do a special work for him I really do I think every different group has a different type of ministry one thing I've learned from my own experience and from asking a lot of you is that it's much much easier to do these things I I also have been carrying things around town if I brought it with me tonight again I've been buying books because if you if you put the books out in the waiting room or whatever people may or may not think about I've noticed in hospital waiting rooms like Adventist hospital eleven being administered pick him up and take him and so I despise them and take them to my room and my little roof case when a patient I think is willing to take something I've been given to him personally and are not as likely to turn it down I find all kinds of little bugs one one of my favorite right now is Doctor Arnott 's twenty four ways you know to improve your health online stacks of those and I went on obesity because I'm taking care of lots and lots of patience that are in a three hundred and ninety seven pounds and four hundred pounds Julie's little booklet and area computer literate I use the Bible info .com so that you always have a little gift unit everybody and I don't pray when everybody but I pray you far more people in the last year than I did in previous whole time I think some of you have been as well I'm very very happy to see that one of the things I have learned you may not be able to pray personally with everybody especially in settings like where I work that you can pray for everybody so what ideas before I go to work in the morning I pray for all the patients I will say that because I might get too busy and painkilling benefit when I get home all pray for them or after a season especially the kinds of people I've been running in zero mentally ill everybody has posttraumatic stress disorder and science is just rampant and so when you meet these people they need something they need to know that there is hope a lot of these people have zero hope so I learned from my own experience and from talking to several of you that it's much easier to do these things if you're in your own private practice but if you're in a group you're working in a County hospital in working at the VA hospital or a big place where you're in with other people it's much easier to get son like that I know there are many students are tonight but if any of you hear this tape I want to think about this in your career think about how you can more effectively work when you are working alone in comparison with trying to take a job at Kaiser for example it's not as easy to will do things that have been printed and do it every day as toddlers telling you can pray with almost every pension you can do about almost anything and so you can have that type of the other thing is that every story I have heard of doctors or dentists starting Bible studies out of their practices or starting churches from their practices is involved in private practitioners these are not people that are in the group usually unless there were one or two other patents positions so that some of you I'm also extremely happy that many of the medical students are opting for not for mission service this is something new and so for those of you who are looking for people to go to a different mission fields there is there is a change happening among the medical students and among the residents they want to go on mission service and so I urge for some review right here that are interested from Loma Linda there's an huge mission field right now almost all of our hospitals overseas or in need of a mission service that you know what right here in California right here in United States everyone in our hospitals need more advanced positions us well and it sounds appointed in Glendale Adventist hospital where I have worked in the past there are very few evidence physicians at the hospital this will how else can you work at your medical student what about your classmates that are in Athens there's lots of and some of them will become evidence in work with us if we reach out to them I'm also amazed that the retirees are doing so much the retirees I believe Ken can probably do the most right now believe it or not I think this is the group and outreach mission work that go to these places and stay for three months instead of one week or two weeks so I want to encourage you please ignore retired or nearing their retirement and if you're still in good health take this opportunity and going out one of these groups that needs this kind of work we needed all over the world and there's many of our members right here tonight that are doing work in some other area and we thank you for sharing with us what you're doing because we need to have these in some way that we can now connect with one another and help these newsgroups out so prayer sharing Scripture inviting people to come taking time I think still taking time to smile to shake hands firmly asked people what can I do for you and tell you I help you today I'm I'm releasing it really caring is the most important thing not acting too busy taking more time with each patient you might have to see less patient I just cannot believe how many people even just this week and last week had told me and how they were blasted and noticed that I seem to care I really don't think I'm doing that much so in closing I wanted to read for more little verses very quickly the first discount in Zechariah to verse five the complaints echo Brian Wright Zechariah tumors five libraries I read very often for Ryan says the Lord will be a wall of fire all about her and I will be the glory in her midst the fire all around her is the fire that was surrounding juries as far as to surround the church is the Holy Spirit 's fire alarm went to be the Holy Spirit send the Holy Spirit to be around us and this is for the glory of the Lord the second verse is just across the page in Zechariah four six which of course is when we know well not mine my nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts none of this can we accomplish on our own we cannot do this by trying harder by printing more by giving out more magazines my doing anything in our own on our own way it's only by the Holy Spirit 's power I think all of us here know that the third verse I'd like to use enclosing is Joel Mrs. Joel two twenty five and I use this for myself and for any of you feel like you haven't accomplished much you haven't done much in the Lords work in your practice you have lived for yourself you have maybe not thought too much about how you could witness in your practice so I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten assistantships first we often use talking about you know children coming cancer got into drugs or have people that their life has been completely ruined and now they're trying to come back I'm saying you can do that also with your practice you can do that with your there were different if you are not done what you think you should have done our right to do we need to make a change in our I see that I was really making that big of a change is in intensive care person I I I definitely was witnessing whenever I tried to your colleagues like the never really that witnessing to printer babies but as I thought about when I was interviewing retirement as I was getting close I decided I would go back and take a year preventive medicine it's been a blessing so some of you might think about I don't feel like my years were wasted or anything like that but some of you might feel that there is true and so there might be something to be some short course advantageous and go out and help with mission project you can restore the years that you have done everything that you wish you could have done for the Lord and the last one is Zephaniah one seven nine one fourteen of his books in the Old Testament and I Zephaniah one verse fourteen and this is my favorite for the evening the great day of the Lord is here it is near and Haitians quickly so brothers and sisters physicians medical students nurses and conclusion were promised nonstop and his healing power we need only to fulfill the conditions to be available to God to look for opportunities to look at people directly to shake their hands to pray with them we need to remember that whatever is for God 's glory will be accomplished here on this Earth for eternity thank you very much would you like to join me tonight in this rededicating our lives would you please Lord I think you'd like it we can be here together to consider what your current as for Lions medical field we pray Lord that we may have a restoration and revival of medical evangelism within our church this movement will not only grow and prosper but that it will be for the saving of many souls for eternity please bless each one of us tonight Lord may we get a good nights rest when we wake refreshed in the morning to come back and here what you have in store for us thank you Jesus


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