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Why I'm Holding On to Tradition

Adrian Zahid



  • July 14, 2012
    10:00 AM
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him it seems every time I speak what is figured out how and is always a pleasure to be here and I hope in the near future I can start regularly attending here as well again as agent and hear every Sabbath for six years and only ten but there is every reason have a lot of studies during the week and I should go to regardless of the week even the ones of her girls only show him staff attend a girls only to guys only to married couples in America pulls studies whatever I did everything everything possible I love this ministry and it has been a source of great spiritual growth accounts a special group from so as we begin this father as we look at your today we ask that you guide us and help us to understand room yarn history and that what people have done before us so that we could position in discrete relay time we ask that you bless us as we open the word and receive into our hearts and used in Ukraine were looking at Thessalonians for this quarter in the salsa lesson and it's good that we're doing that because today I went to get a jump alone ahead and go to one of the chapters in Thessalonians and on the beachfront so if you would need turn to second Thessalonians chapter two we looking at that chapter today as much as possible and look at least ten thirty fully redundant with an unprecedented times as a legal enough it's amazing what we are able to accomplish today when I came to the United States in nineteen ninety eight July seventeen nineteen ninety eight is almost fourteen years ago and when I came here communication was very expensive and limited the only way I can communicate that my parents was through e-mail I had a Juno account back then and I used to use juvenile to you know my parents and they had Hotmail and then the regard of Houston are hobnailed and the use Hotmail messenger MSN messenger to chat once in a while but it was really it was really limited and because I didn't have that much money in those days I could only afford to phone calls a year and those were nine hundred phone calls on the phone card and so I talked my parents twice year and talk to them and you don't hear the voice from time but as the years progressed we graduated from Hotmail to Gmail and Gmail chat and then from Gmail now we have Skype as interesting because my sister is still in Pakistan and she scribes us almost every week we can see her she's right there on the screen and we can talk to her and it's very different and see my sister in fourteen years so she's honestly grown up now and I've lost a lot of hair but it's it's amazing technology is just amazing for those of you who are in Facebook many of you and myself included I came back on Facebook after six month hiatus the technologies the statistics say that we spend the collective all over the world like a million users spending collective of fifteen hundred years on Facebook every single day and time can imagine all those minutes out on everyone at the together and living fifteen hundred years every single day is and the sheer amount of data that is produced from our interactions and each other no matter how many privacy filters he put on and whatever else I did as neglected and people like me who are advertisers use it to our advantage and business is as amazing and it's you would agree with me that having new and improved technologies technologies that improve our lives medical devices and products and services that improve and lengthen our lives are important there got in many things having something that is a version eight beta product and then you produce a better product is better for the market the market rewards you by giving you money for producing a better product if your competitor has something and they're offering a certain offering and you pretty something that's slightly better even ten percent better you can instantly doing just think that is the ten percent ahead of the market and you can make a killing but there are some things in our lives that are intended to remain same and in the face of change there are some things that are supposed to remain the same and the sooner we realize that an abrasive the better it is for us as of today with a look at some of those things that are supposed to remain the same in Paul's time and second Thessalonians chapter two verse one is has now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together so here he is talking to them he's writing this letter and in and in and in Christ's time in the apostle 's time used you see a growth in technology and growth in methods when Jesus was on this earth the primary way that she talk to people was in one and one interviews and then occasionally he would gather a lot of people gathered around him and he would deliver a sermon and then the people would hear the sermon and then go back home and continue on with their lives and then Jesus would going almost like a circular path around Israel and come back again and preach one more time and so on so forth and so they resist this process of a preaching to large crowds but over time this became less and less able to do because crowds were associated in the Roman Empire as with rights there is a lot of instructions a lot of revolts as I did in heart harder to get a big crowds together to get in the message and so after Pentecost they began to do different things different ways of delivering the message and you will see in Thessalonians that Paul which is one of his earliest works by the way of Paul started to go into the synagogues and reason for the Jews that were there able who believe just like he did and as a way of bridging to the Gentiles even begin to talk with some of them were tending the synagogue ruler affiliated with the synagogue and begin to work his way into the city and now when we look at the disciples and me when we look at acts and be read it seems that every chapter something new is happening it's nothing big is happening in every civil chapter but in reality it's many many years condensed into one chapter and so this is a this is a this was in any event they were doing this was really a life long process this is something that was part of their life Paul as has Shaw his job was to be a tent maker as a maker he was so intense and you would earn his way and while he was in the marketplace selling his services he will interact with merchant spare and you'd attract travelers and he would be able to find some way of gaining a spiritual connection with them and share the gospel and in those days they put so much effort into that one person they were talking to it much effort into mentoring a single person that person that will go on and mentor somebody else and I present one medicine the us and the quality of the conversion was really hot the quality of our conversions in the seven down his church is really low and the problem is is that we are focused more on events than we are on a lifelong lifestyle of soul winning so Paul in his process of doing this he realized that because of him being in jail every so often and traveling all over the place and sometimes not been able to come back to the city archivist kicked out you realize that the best way to reach people would be to write letters and early on when he started write these letters some of them are condensations of his sermon ideas but a lot of them are just simply letters people started to realize that there was some value to what Paul was right there was some are spiritual quality to what he was writing and early on the leaders realized that Paul was being used specially by God to write to the churches and so he would write a letter and he would send it out and the letter will goal and it would be red in front of lots of people so on traditional Sabbath morning just like not right we are here we would be probably gathered in Sony 's house listening to apostle Paul's letter someone up front would hold the letter and would read it word for word all the way from and asked why you have these greetings and you have that at the end you've got some you know special individuals are called out for various reasons because it's really a matter but the value in the better people realize that an overtime to begin they began to compile these letters and they realize that this is becoming part of Scripture and then later on in life John and Peter and James and other apostles began to write their life stories as well so that it could be saved for the record but in Paul's time and invested in this city with the Thessalonians in Paul's time there was some activity there is some ideas that are floating around that Jesus was coming very soon and he was going to come in their lifetime now this is a very powerful message whenever you preach about Jesus it is it is a very he's a very powerful person and it has he has an effect on people 's assignment is not a preacher it's Jesus is only talk about Jesus he has a very marble effect in people and when you say that the possibility of seeing Jesus in your lifetime that really gets people 's attention and so in that day there were people that were preaching this for Jesus is coming soon and he is coming in your life and so Paul through this version of the Holy Spirit wrote this letter to counter this false story was involved in Jesus coming down was a father Jesus coming soon what was false was that he was coming in their lifetime is he somebody misunderstood that the the process in which God was was was doing his work was doing his work and so was carry on his work and so need for God when he didn't understand that in order for God to fully demonstrate to the world what his version of our life should be manifest to have a choice you can have a choice of Italy one thing so to be fair to Satan Satan would be allowed to run what his version would be on this or and so he would be given time to create his system and then run the course of history and so the Christian church needed to be warned about this because in the end the onslaught of this new system that was to be created God would have to do something for his church alcoholism master at military strategy because this is a war and if you ever think that sending and the suffering and whatever else to be expressing this world is not a result of the war think again this is a war and so in the face of open army coming forward that is that although numbers his current army which is God 's Army of the time on earth God decided to do something I was very smart those brilliant that was that he would divide his people and conquer because he kept them altogether they would be eliminated and food of the limits of this world and units are all over again four thousand years of work with having gone down the drain your sentencing and so what he did what he would do is what women look in the shopping today so all is not to say that she shall not be shaken in mind were troubled neither by spirit or by word nor by letter as from us so you never some other letters that were being circulated in Paul's name so you my word is my spirit letter as from us as the deity of Christ is at hand so what he was saying his guys we know that you want to see Jesus that's a good thing but the day of Christ is not a hair is not going to happen right now and more specifically most probably it's not going to happen in your lifetime so what you do not the urgency is lost at sea this is the important thing when we believe that some things that have been fastened we think that is what happened now then our urgency and our motivations change suddenly on the inside but the moment we realize that it may be a ways away then just like when we procrastinate before a test we decided procrastinate and not prepare ourselves as a Paul wanted to make sure that it informed the strap and so he decided to describe to them under the and under the influence of the whispered what this would look advertisement of rapidly go through this and I make my points so and Percy says let no man deceive you by any means for the day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that the man of sin be revealed the son of perdition so there is going to be something of revealing some man of sin would be revealed fully revealed before that they would come as a whole is this venison the son of perdition who is this person and it says in verse for that what was it an exalted himself above all that is called God or the portion so that he is ask God sitting in the temple of God showing himself that he is going to hear the identification here's how you would know who this medicine is and how to be able to identify so-called latest prediction this prophecy and he said over the course of history there's been a common general falling away because all the way and that are the falling away is this system this thing going to be created and is going to do these things is going to pose and exalt himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped to go to become the supreme object of worship on earth and easement of yes God as sin city and the Temple of God showing himself that he is and sold several hundred years past in history Thessalonians when Augustine Paul was beheaded Peter was crucified John Ms. Excel Atmos he wrote Revelation and and and and the book of John and his letters and then eat he passed away from the scene Polycarp and others came upon the scene and they remember what Paul and when John especially John has said and that the Scripture was there but as time went on more and more persecution began to intensify and so they began to go into catacombs and into the hills into the valleys began to be separated it just seemed like it was his circumstances dictated that they should be separated and so they took it so that they had and they separated someone to Africa some when to Asia some went underground some went to the Swiss Alps in different places like that and began to live as far away as they could as safe he is a good thing they live in the mountains that run accessible to live in the valleys that were undiscoverable delivered in the deserts that were on travel in order to hideaway from what was going on and because circumstances dictate and for those that got caught it was pretty good guide in jail never they were burned alive in perfect peace and control off cliffs they add some things happen to them their lives ended so people living in isolation in prison for years and years and years and finally went mad and I different things that happen but this is this is all predicted and they knew this would happen and he saw coming and so what was the system what was his creation what was his medicine the system was this evidence it has a message was not only since Paul's time it actually has this was way back since the dawn of creation even before the from the beginning it has been around and it is always said that whatever God has created I have something I has something new I have something improved and so you see from the beginning of creation you see at Adam bringing forth the length of the sacrifices he had been told as we brought forward and that he taught his son Abel and his son came to do the same thing and then came brought a new and improved site proves invest why Oregon got accepted nobody not an immediate lead of the fruits of all that type of worship that the system that will believe of having a better way of doing things in my life prescribed merely resulted in Abel 's death you want in history you see the world getting more and more wicked and then you see God repenting of intriguing than ever you said you don't understand cover the world of water and from the mall and this is a lot decided on what he found a family that he could trust and he asked the family to create this art can save everyone who wanted to be saved but unfortunately nobody wanted to be saved and so the family was staying in and introduce kids and maybe a hundred years later or so on so forth these kids grew up their grandkids grew up and they decided to create something new and improved God said they would never reflect coherently suggest and to build a tower and then God separated out my languages and eight they went all over the world and then God said then God sent his family and always working to families he said the family he grew them legally Abraham Sampley from one child into a million people who sent you brought them into Egypt and it grew from there when they came back and got said this is the way you should go these are the ten Commandments you should worship idolization do this and do that there are some people there the sink should be really there's always there's always a group of people that always think they can improve upon the end they always reason that has not said that in the past and best tradition but now things are changed and we are living in a modern society and we have grown from then we are more evolved we are civilized people we can police ourselves we can control ourselves and so we need new and improved ways of serving and so they created a system the system was that one person would be elected above other bishops and it happened to be a certain bishop and he was elected and they gave him all these titles over time it wasn't just one person was a system and so the system produce more and more of the of these leaders and down through history and so they were given different titles and some what was written down here you can see what we can see what they are one of them was Dominus Deus non- Noster which means our Lord God DS altar in terror and other on earth it on S Dominion Theatre at the dominion of God and many of the Pope 's essay and different things like that you know different systems of that and what what a system where a number of a grade in one swoop in one act they invalidated both the Sabbath and marriage because marriage and even was was created as an ultimate symbol of ultimate expression of love between man and woman between humankind in human beings the only special love was expressed through marriage with a change that community ultimate expression of love towards God and man would be celibacy and they went on further in that automated this got created on on for six days of any creative assignment as a memorial for his creation they decided that they would improve and venerate the Lords resurrection that he was resurrected from the dead and so and so forth they went on beyond that date they created a system of priests a system of confession a system where that took place at Christ's work in heaven and brought it down to earth they outsourced the work of heaven to earth and it began to integrate their system they went on even further than that they created God has always had one way of salvation one Church one spirit one Savior one way one commandment to love God with all your heart with all your soul and all your mind and those ten Commandments are an extension of that one command migrated everything is done is one way is he lying vice versa in a dissent also the version be an emergency University injury a pastor happiness integrated process salvation he greater one way to salvation comes to Jesus but man created different ways that you want to be a regular member and voting confessional or Ruby Sigurdson all day and I go to confession and start again next week you can do that if you want to reportedly want to survive and join the Francis in society if you want to be if you want to be I wish you want to workspace salvation you can go different way as so as to what is always different things that they grade all the different ways that you could be saved because saving people 's parable and I created a great always different ways I got been created always new and improved ways of being sick and so always whining about this in his time and he was even these are things that would happen and then we seem to history we see this happening every Scripture and the service was taken away and it was locked up and we decreased the reader and even then it was environmental and understand and there was a man was a genius and he came up with this idea that the Scripture should be in the natural top and humor he wrote that into English interested in English and the they hated him for that and then in other person went on and did it again which is Tyndale John elected the first time Nintendo the second time and even in between their son which was the Reformation where Luther and his company they rediscovered right to suspect they amended me discover Christ by faith then the system created another way of righteousness which is writes by works improve adjustment system so you want to follow God and you want to do certain activities and you want to make sure that your mind was so centered on God what is always a person be to gloss version eight through history and Paul warned about this and as he continued he talked about these things and he suited these things would happen he talked about it being a minute on the street of iniquity to be something that it was late and it was obvious something is latent in all his but a lot of things are not in a slice of successful a slice of successful when you go to Newport but I learned world was every every weekend and I just I like to relax at the beach walking back and forth on on Saturday Elkhart I don't have it appear at Newport here about what is too busy but there is in the middle of those fears there's this church is called our Lady of Monte Carlo parked right there is darling among Carmel Church you think about it Mount Carmel there was Ahab there is Elijah there's a fourth e-mail profits is journalism yes there were some ladies there as well but the lady that is mentioned in the story he learned for yourself is something that are obvious but some that are not at the things that are not uneasy Trappist but behind this system is this idea that we can improve upon what God has given us something new and something improved going further in Scripture Paul talked about holiday holiday would be revealed I was a good one would be revealed and how God would destroy the precise method that he would use to destroy him destroy the spirit and he would destroy with the brightness of his coming and then he went on to talk about different things and basically he said that the reason why they would be destroyed is not because God has determined that some would be created I mean all the degradable summer credo for destruction and some for righteousness and suffer everlasting life that is not how God creates things but then everybody and he brought everybody in this world his main goal was to live forever you want to live forever but the reason why is found in personal races who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness they can question the system and people and take pleasure so what is our role what is our role in the seven our role at this time in history just before history poses is to call good people out of the system to let them know how things really are evident in no that God has the one true way of salvation that is what we are called to do and it is not in sermons that were to do this if I were to do it just like Paul did in his day when he was calling people out of the Jewish system and he was calling people out of the Gentile system it was through daily every day ordinary work ordinary associations done an excellent anyway masterworks as well as all continued on to talk about these different things he said that we give we are bound to give thanks always to God for you brethren beloved of the Lord because the Lord from the beginning has chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth this is the way that your Saints from sanctification which is a lifelong daily process of renewal for Christ and believe in the truth certification cannot happen if you don't believe in the truth and going on I'll continue to wear onto the icy call to you by your by our gospel to obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and now here's his appeal therefore brethren stand and hold the traditions which we had all she had been taught whether by word or virus hold on to those traditions is the God and what he has what is described for salvation is not new if someone comes to you and says I've I've just created a new antique for you would you buy a home not what God has created is really old it's not new everything is presented as new and improved his menstruation because has always been the same the way to salvation for the Angels billions of years ago with salvation by faith the way of salvation for us billions of years later his salvation by faith faith in Jesus Christ so these people were to hold on additions and what do they hold onto the held onto the doctrine of all baptism when it became unpopular and the system created infant baptism and abolish adult doctors they they held onto the Sabbath they held on to write a Scripture over and over again in memorizing the Waldenses and see they were all separated in different areas of the world they held onto that they held onto data is held on the baptism in eleven decided to some groups held onto the century doctrine and others throughout history held onto various aspects of June apologists would come back and along the time of history at the passage of time they took on a lot of other things with them in all things that are wrong then they took them on but somehow the kernel of truth continued down through history they held on to what they were interested that little piece of lightning and after seventeen ninety eight God began to bring all these rays of light always raise all these kernels of truth back into what he created to be his church once again and when you look at all the churches in the world there is none that keep the Sabbath and keep that believe in the second coming of Christ they believe in the psyche of marriage that believe in the work of Christ in heaven investor judgments on support although it often although students none but some of them and we've always not because they were brilliant and even estate of five we only did these people who held on to those traditions in the face of torture in the face of flames in the face of rocks in the face of beasts they held onto those traditions and they pass it on to the children and they pass it on the first simple reason because they wanted to the fraternity and desolate was granted but today in our time when we look at our church and I look at our church and I read about different things in here but what's going on there is Neil and improvement deserving suggested maybe manageable back and re-examine Genesis chapter one through eleven and find out new ways of harmonizing Scripture recites there's new methods are presented in marriage in the nowhere either because the US government and others are beginning to look at take a second look at gay marriage that we should look as well this being documentaries and things that are being produced of loving Seventh-day Adventist gay couples that we should accept into the church there is new and improved methods of worship styles is new and improved methods of preaching is new and improved methods of of various different ways of reaching people that are being presented today but I'm here to tell you today that I am holding off to tradition because from the beginning God has committed all these different things but the greater one waiting for salvation you want to be confused and he made sure that I will salvage is consistent to history for every single person who wants to and so when people look at you and they say that we live in a lifetime of living in the age of Facebook and twitter everything in the age of fast technology and and all of our civil rights and so on and so forth I hope that you will say I'm moving on tradition because at the end of time those that will find themselves in heaven are those who embrace God 's way of salvation that is old and that this tradition and everything from that time every minute is new and improved from Cain 's sacrifice all the way down to the Tower of Babel and Mount caramel and whatever else it has been suggested through history is proven wrong and the way that is given to us is the same way that was given to them and I hope that in the face of all that modern society is to offer these different things that they have to offer I hope that you will say I'm holding fast to tradition May God bless you as you hold fast efficient as you look forward to the coming of the Lord and if you see it in your joy mingled with his sisters of Thessalonians church when they are able to see their work fulfilled in us regardless


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