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John's Work, Our Work, Part 1

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • June 27, 2012
    7:30 PM
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or a single evening everyone will very thankful to this evening 's top guns are analyzing is pressed together to study we are here because this arena is trying to the spirit of God fall afresh on us amen all right to be talking about then this evening now if you looking at your bulletins you would see that is a different title into the message that I'm sharing with you but that is not the title that God has given me this evening so I'll be sharing that with you shortly but nevertheless without a go-ahead and possible when prayer because we have much to share and little time to do it so much is able to invite if you would please kneel with me so that we can personal injury of this type of father in heaven we come before you dear God in holding on to because it is our earnest desire that we indeed see the outpouring by holies bothered them many things in submission to search to get done in these very final moments of earth history and what we recognize that it cannot be done by Mike by power but is only limited by your spirits a little and so we come committing ourselves asking you first give us of our sins and that you also cleanse us from all unrighteousness that should help us to even behold Jesus we trust the Bible holding him we shall become changed into the same father I commit myself into your hands me please take my life in the consecrated Lord and I think even you heard this prayer and trust intervention we all season and now I am not sure how my friends pretty much from this rule onward are going to be able to see the screen so I guess you just trust me to read it and that's all right but nevertheless limited ahead and begin now with calling him to the Lord to ask him to fall afresh on us to pour out his Holy Spirit in our hearts in our lives because we know indeed we can't do anything without Jesus Jesus said in John fifteen five without me you can do nothing in the way that Christ is receiving the hardest by his spirit amen now there are many reasons why individuals at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we want to accomplish certain things they want to overcome certain things done many various reasons but one thing I want to show you that I would dare to say if the ultimate goal of receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is not an acceptable and turned it with me to the book of acts chapter one and with a look at the highest heights of why God is giving his spirit to his people and why his people should be bleeding and crying out for the outpouring of his Holy Spirit must turn to the book of acts chapter one now what do you notice what the Bible says here as we consider birthday accept the one in verse eight notice what the Bible says the Bible says in acts one eight but ye shall receive what power is is what you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be what witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all today and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of your great purpose of God pouring out his Spirit upon us is so that we may be effective witnesses to share his truth with others so the world can finally be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ the Bible wants that the Bible is encouraging us that we ought to receive the outpouring of God 's Spirit so that we may be able to fulfill the great commission now understanding that this is key when you ask for something remember what the Bible says in Proverbs four seven the Bible says therefore get wisdom but with all thy getting get what understanding so while you are asking for one thing you want to understand why you're asking for we are asking for the outpouring of God 's Holy Spirit so that we may be the ineffective witnesses that he has called us to be to this world that's the great gospel commission amen amen now understanding that was the point to point to is this because of the fact that God wants us to do this they're a great witnessing effect of the Bible tells us about in Revelation the eighteenth chapter go there with me now Revelation the eighteenth chapter perhaps this would be the great highest of the highest experiences of the power and demonstration of the Spirit of God allowing us to be effective witnesses to the world notice what the Bible says in Revelation and returning to chapter eighteen now when we get to Revelation eighteen please say amen in revelation the eighteenth chapter was signing a verse one I went to notice what the Bible says here the Bible says in Revelation eighteen verse one after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils and a hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and he goes on to say and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her home by people come out of her my people that need be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her play now the Bible tells us number one we ask for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit deals that come to us anyone out one of power so that we can be what witnesses now in revelation eighteen we see God demonstrating this power in a marked manner ruled that Clyde the loud cry of the second Angels message repeated with her boss as until all of God 's people to come out of what Babylon amen now this is what is termed as an outcry is an angel with a strong voice a loud cry not as I if we want to receive the refreshing if we want to receive the outpouring of God 's Holy Spirit so that we may do a work that is designed to finish the work Christ finishing at work within us so that we can work in us and through us to finish the work in the world if this is all great goal if this is what was seeking to do their something imperative that you and I need understand you saw the quarterly don't want to look at this it says everyone every actually converted soul it says will be intensely desirous to bring others from the darkness of era into the marvelous light of the righteousness of Jesus Christ the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the hole when his glory did not dissuade that all right it says will not come until we have an enlightened people that know by what experience what it means to be laborers together with God when we had entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of the Spirit without measure notice but this will not be while the largest portion of the chariots are not laborers together with God it says God cannot pour out his Spirit when selfishness and self indulgent our soul manifest so therefore if we really want this for not all off fresh on us we must understand in the Arroyo government have to play as it relates to this ideology called soul winning a man we had that happen and brings the ideology of soul winning if we really want to be prepared to receive the outpouring of God Holy Spirit amen all right now question are we not living in a time where revival and Reformation is the greatest and most urgent of all of our needs yes yes we are now there are some who would believe that revival and Reformation some who believe that revival and reclamation is an independent of doing a saluting work in OS X some people believe that when I need to do is play more and we need to pray more famous something with it when I need to study more you need to study more amen some people say I need to go ahead and do the highest different things but very few individuals when they think about revival and reclamation and that being able to take place in our lives and in our hearts so that we make all the great gospel commission there are very few people who connect the work of soul saving and the process of bringing about revival and Reformation now does the Bible teach that when individuals go about seeking souls that it does something for them to make them more spiritual and more closely connected to Jesus amen go to the book of Isaiah chapter fifty eight less notice I say the fiftieth chapter watch this now in Isaiah the fiftieth chapter must notice with the Bible sincere question is does the work of soul winning does something for me personally as it relates to the experience of revival and reclamation notice when the Bible says in Isaiah fifty eight and Isaiah fifty eight gentlemen to consider just versus the him but I think you cut it between verses six to eight nozzle the Bible seven hundred and fifty eight stock number six it says it is not this the fast that I've chosen to lose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free and that you break every deal is the difference on a fat than what some people used to benefit number seven is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry and that now bring the poor that I cast out the house when Dawsey is the negative outcome in and at the hide not thyself from nine own flesh now is this not a sobering work that has been described as twenty two versus yes it is but did you notice now I want to catch this what's the first word in the next verse then now less what has been the as a result of this so something is going to happen when individuals get out of selfishness and self indulgent and they begin to reach out towards others notice what was a fit it says that in shout behind light break forth as the morning and everybody in your signals will elaborate you business health shall spring forth how speedily is and thy righteousness shall go before these the glory of the Lord shall be thy re- reward so the Bible says that there is an effect that happens to you when I when we get out of our own selfishness out of our own self indulgences and we begin to reach out towards others and seek to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ can you say amen to that now watch this regional respect numbers had nothing to say about how many people joined the church I think anything like that number is that the zoo so in other words it's not so much that the revival of exhibition comes in as a result of numbers that come in contact it is in the WAC that something happens to you want to leave the results with me and though markets and the doctor I designed that it is to do something for you but here's the next question what exactly is solely in other words yes okay we can see thus far so learning the very necessary effort so Lang is something that we should be very much involved in but the next question is woke how do we really look at the idea of soul winning in other words what does the soul saving it looks like those of the Bible says in James at the five now want to check this because this is a beautiful lesson that we look at right here James chapter five now in James the fifth chapter while God definitely and is encouraging us to showing us that in order to receive the great refreshing we must get to work vascular play a part amongst all the other things that we do in the name of the Bible and the formation but I watched it seems that the five what really is soul winning anyhow the city listings five James sent to find him another look at verse twenty and James chapter five in verse twenty here's what the Bible says the Bible says let him know that he which converted the sinner from the error of his ways shall save a soul from death and shall hide a multitude of sins now in the eyes of God is a concept of an idea of what makes up soul winning the Bible says that Windows 7 is converted from the error of their ways it says that that is a soul that has been saved are you following now question our best interest in the church yes August interest in a while yet so therefore does the Bible differentiated or is it the same rule if it's a center that with an error of their ways and an important ally you know that means that if we find brethren that even in the charts blah walking and he will document erroneous teachings erroneous lifestyle and one of God 's messengers reason those individuals and helps bring the power of presence and ten MIs and redirects back to where they were one minute walking in and how do wanting in life and the individual turns an error that it was in the eye the vessel one amen and so it is that would be going to the world if you have those no not Jesus and we show them the errors of their ways that we obviously in the individual choice and the essence is that not a soul that is what so that new vessels can be saved even though they have membership on the books in a and then now if God wants us to get involved in evangelism and he wants us to get involved in the soul saving work of soul winning business because he says not only does it bring those who know me not to me but it also brings he to me here's the next question what's the method of evangelism that we should use that becomes a very important question what's the method of evangelism losing is because there's certain forms of evangelism but to bring about one fruit and it is not a form of evangelism and to bring about a whole different from the human example of what I mean go to Matthew chapter twenty three in Matthew seven twenty three or what to look in a statement here about a Mesolithic work but I want to notice the fruit that comes from this type of mechanistic workman for the Bible says in Matthew chapter twenty three notice what the Bible says as we consider the first fifteen Matthew chapter twenty three and now we're looking at verse fifteen the Bible says in Matthew twenty three this is what it says will undo you scribes and Pharisees and when the call typically this is well described the Pharisees hypocrites not hypocrites it says for income passing a land to make one proselyte in order with your solid work ethic to compress the land to make one last life to what happens when he does when they went and is asked to make one class tonight but that is if and when using a you make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves that must've been some bad evangelism because there is definitely some bad fruit I follow so therefore it it it would be for less than to get out of the mindset that simply because people come and everything is all right just because they got number me to did a great job it could be that we just baptize the mixed multitude and all the new leave Israel to become twofold more the child held in themselves you see the way God measures a minister is not just simply by how many people came in notice as racist as this the conversion of sinners and that neither the connection is that the conversion of sinners and their sanctification through the truth is no one strongest proof of a minister can have that God has called him to the ministry so if the telephone is not just simply the fact that the person has been converted to the to the church will come come into the troops what is that this sanctification there is a change in it like that going and great without the evidence of his apostleship is written upon the hearts of those converted it says and is witnessed to by their renewed lives Christ is formed within the hope of glory a minister is greatly strengthen by the seals all of his ministry actually apostles three twenty eight so therefore we see that truly is an attempt by the grace of God if it is follow through why is it leads also a sanctification experience of those will come in so that they are becoming like Jesus are you following this is the kind of work thus far that God would be please to pour out his Spirit ultimately without measure but now his frame notice that whenever God wanted to make a point clear to his people it's interesting how you would do it when God wanted to make the plan of salvation so clear to his people that by the grace of God they would not miss it God said let them make me what a sanctuary that I may dwell among them Exodus twenty five eight so God is like it's almost like when God was to get certain points across all the major efforts at events and things that he wants his people to experience an accomplice God will always give us beautiful models says all right on the to give you the plan of salvation I want to make it plain to you therefore make me a sanctuary and it is through the signs are that you'll understand the plan of salvation when God the father wanted to go ahead and allow Satan 's concepts of him to be for God would reveal himself to us how to do it he did none other than Jesus John fourteen I remember Jesus said if you seen me you have seen the father Jesus is not the father but his lifestyle his weight is tacked up with a demonstration of his father 's lifestyle ways and captivated so if God wanted us to do evangelism if God wanted us to do a soul saving work if God wanted us to do all these things what not God be consistent and once again give us a model and you know what he did you know the model was John the Baptist when God wanted to bring across to the hearts and minds of his people he says I want you to prepare the people for my coming God says for my people in the last days on the make it simple for you I'm been again you are model of how you can go about doing so saving work soul winning work so that bypass model you'll be able to Manson beautiful Jensen beautiful principle that if we thought were thankfully God says you'll know exactly how to finish the work now to John finish is working his day job prepare the people for the coming of the Lord and so it is you'll find that when inspiration says that it says the work of John the Baptist is our work thank in advance April eighth nineteen oh three the work of John the Baptist is our work even in volume eight of the decimal integers page nine it says what is I work the same as that given John the Baptist is a God has called us charts in these very last moments of his history to go ahead and do a tremendous lack it is a Salcedo work is the regionals within its originals without but at the same time the problem is is like the Israel of old we gave so much of different places we get confused on what is the lack and how do we go it resulting in a constant 's ideas in all these different things strange things and a lot of times we call this evangelism and many of us are doing just like the Pharisees of old we compress Sealand will spend five thousand dollars on hand built synagogue the neighborhood every difficult than a couple of folks come in and sometimes if we're not careful we can make them twofold more the child that children of Hill than themselves than ourselves so therefore God knew I can afford to make any mistakes I must give them a model and dots as the model the company given is none other than my faithful servant who was the foreman to prepare the world for the first at nine his name was John the Baptist and God says if we understand his work carefully you'll know how to prepare the world for the second can use a mentor that now there are several things we could consider that I would not dare allow us so therefore I want to try to build on some very key point of things that we can consider as it relates to John's work the first thing I want to look at was John's field goal was John's field because every event that has a field that they need work and an again because John Clark we find is very much harmonious with the word where supposed to do that we need to understand the field and get an idea to feel that we can know we should be doing now trying to Bibles to the book of Matthew chapter three is noticed that the Matthew the third chapter with focusing on the field right now Matthew chapter three in Matthew the third chapter this notice for the Bible says we consider John's field the Bible says in Matthew chapter three one is to consider verses four to seven method seven three versus forty seven was drawn steel is what the Bible says the Bible says this is says and the same John had his raiment of camel 's hair and eleven girl about his loins in his meat was locusts and wild honey then went out to him Jerusalem at all today and all the region round about Jordan and were baptized of him in Jordan confessing their sins but when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism he said unto them all generation of vipers who would want you to flee from the rapid bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance notice that it was not just simply laypeople that was John's field but it was even a leadership that was John Field the Bible says that John would say even to Pharisees and Sadducees repent so therefore that means that the same way John had a field where it was those within from the leadership to the laity that means that in like manner when we consider our work to do because remember that Augustine is a majority yes there are some bit of August so the music even in the chart absolutely convulsed all that need to be safe and it's a good holder provisional leadership ought and could they possibly be the way absolutely so therefore we ought to understand that is not sacrilegious if we have to take somebody on the path of para and bring them back on the straight and narrow even if they hold the title passed even if they hold the title is even if they will not position perhaps and one of our conferences every body gets the single missing when I got has faithful individuals in all various forms of these individuals and I do believe that solidly got plan on when exactly I know that they are definitely a few thousand when the bow beneath the veil and I believe many of them to be here this weekend but at the same time we know that brothers and Susan is a large number of individuals will be given heavy responsibility to feed the flock meat in due season and unfortunately the people of faint so therefore we see the John's message was a message his field was filled with and from leadership the laity a man but now must go to Matthew chapter twenty one this notice something else now Matthew chapter twenty one it's a nice balance Matthew seven twenty one not out on this Friday out why one of building a point right here Matthew chapter twenty one now Jesus was presenting a parable and he was you know talking about you know you get a parable to the Jews in and how there was some loyal obedience some were not and who was the one begging for the best example and ultimately Jesus was seeking to make a point about John the Baptist I'm skipping through those verses and bring it right the first thirty two when Jesus hones in on the point of John the Baptist knows what the Bible says the Bible says in Matthew chapter twenty one verse thirty two it says Ford John came on to you in the way of righteousness and you believed them not but who it says the public and the Horowitz believes him and he went yet repented not afterwards that she might believe so collected the Bible allows made up John's field harlots and Republicans in fact of the book of Luke chapter nineteen chapter three revenue three less than a something else the third chapter is viewed even gets more broad than chapter three verses twelve to sixteen a little chapter three verses twelve to sixteen list notice the even broader field than what we just saw between the public and unarmed the Bible says in the chapter three starting in verse twelve it says there came also publicans to be baptized and set up to him Master what shall we do anything to them exact no more than that which is appointed you and double and then sell divisive and soldiers likewise demanded saying and what shall we do anything of them do violence to no man neither accuse any falsely and be content with your wages and as the people were in expectation and all men used in their hearts of John when he went to class and not John answered saying unto them all I indeed baptize you with water but one mightier than I comment the Latin of whose shoes I am not working on those he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire here is that we see that John got a message that was two Pharisees and Sadducees and exactly the also public in Ha'aretz soldiers and unless those on John had a work that was the work with in as well as a work without it with the balance work and any time you begin to individual say well we just need to focus on the inside some ministry they are taught all can reach but this is according to the model that is not right now we are definitely given attention to the increased while there's no doubt that the image is going to tremendous child and therefore need a great amount of attention we are not to neglect all outside brothers and sisters I remember how that is a grossly short story and when I was at the grocery store I saw this lady and new houses get some groceries like I normally do and his sister had Sunday's growth is coming out of phase and he was one year and one year one year not typically when we see people with this country on and on we have optimized and we just walk away that this is not good that the spirit of the Lord arrested my attention I had to go to that sister and I nearly went assisted in almost the exact words of Jesus and I visit his sister do you want to get well because it was evident she was a physicist do you want to get well you know she says he said well my doctor already said down at stage four in my cancer and is not much hope in the ethicist is always open to trust in Jesus as he was a son well I don't know I don't know and I did the best that I could share Christ with her in those few moments while she was working a job one week later I came back if she was then came back I said where is Ms. such as they said oh she died just a couple of days ago now you know what her probation closed the Bible makes it clear there is no repentance in the race number of the sisters we are neighbors we have bankers we have also the people that we see on a regular basis and while we realize that there's a bank crisis is coming and brothers sisters it is great and learning a lot about event throughout this weekend we must understand that while the when that final test comes to us whatever decision we make is the final decision but God never gave that to us to become a law to say it nor all of those other people whose probation is closing on a daily basis we have to understand his own work within and there's a work with we have to reach both and this cannot be done by Mike nor by power but only by God 's Spirit saith the Lord so while we see John Steele we also must consider John's motives what was the motive of John's work because Ramanujan 's works are works of it at the same way John had a field we have to feel the same way John had mostly journalistically met now knows what the Bible says as we consider Matthew chapter three go back there with me now what was download when we look at John's motives less noticeable the Bible says Matthew chapter three and is considered as Matthew chapter three now in Matthew three notice what it says right here in verse three in Matthew three and verse three the Bible says for this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord make his paths straight now where did that come from this voice of one crying in the wilderness without repetition of something in the Old Testament yes it was now watch this goal to Isaiah forty and is look at something in Isaiah forty Isaiah the fortieth chapter watch this now what was John's motives notice what the Bible says Isaiah chapter forty yes go ahead let's consider verses one to three BC was repeated was obviously in verse three but now that you look at verses one to three Seaview anniversary of Isaiah forty if we did then you know line upon line Woodland Isaiah forty first Street where says the voice of him that client and wilderness prepare ye the way the Lord make straight in the desert a way of four this is versus one into a connected diversity in order seven verses one and two in verse one it says comfort it says congregate company my people speaking comfortably to Jerusalem and I heard that her warfare is accomplished that her iniquity is pardoned for CF receive double and double for her sins now and then burst three of course is the voice of one crying in the wilderness when God told John to go with people it says speak to them comfortably the work comfortably in the Hebrew is read to them with compassion that will become passive and otherwise John was not disciplined China cracked the whip and let a bunch of what you said is noted that the Anna L is little argument on that while John had a righteous indignation against an John was filled with compassion and it was the compassion and love of Jesus that motivated him to tell the people the truth though the heavens may fall you know we need a lot more people than they would comprise there are a lot of people today brothers and sisters that quite honestly one of the reasons why they would hold so much from the people is because in truth they don't love even the Bible says that if you love your child you chasten them and if an individual does not use Midsouth it actually says we hate them we must be moved with compassion the allowable make you speak up when that when nothing else would it's actually the love of Jesus that made John stand up so clearly that even when he looked at her and her e-mail you know what if I point out Harrison and begin to show him but he's been sleeping with his brother 's wife I know that I was my head but the love of God come strange to me I have to tell you know why John was able to do that you know I'm done with it with that so fearlessly working in an automatic awesome is that the book of first John chapter four he is the reason why the Bible says in first John chapter four which is the vibes what was jostled fearless that he would call sin by frightening even if it meant the loss of his life first John chapter four notice what the Bible says first John four yes amen the Bible says in first John chapter four verse eighteen there is no all what they are and love it says for what happens perfect love casts out fear because fear hath torment he that fear is not made perfect in love John actually log Nestlé told her the truth John ask you love those Pharisees and Sadducees told him the truth you see brothers of the viewfinder the ministry is based off of anger bitterness and resentment you not call them the goal and work it you messed up the work unit pleads with God give me the love of the shepherd and removed the spirit of a hireling so that I may know how to tell the truth as Jesus says in love now the reason why does become very powerful to us is that of the Bible tell us something in first Corinthians thirteen a voter with me personally because the thirteenth chapter were talking about motive what's the motive of your work we understand our field was the motive of your work first Corinthians chapter thirteen in first Corinthians the thirteenth chapter this motive should be the reason for everything that we do in the name of ministry Bible says in first Corinthians chapter thirteen the Bible says starting at verse one though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity I become as sounding brass or tinkling cymbal though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and/or have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have not charity I am nothing and though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and though I give my I be burning not sadly it profited me nothing did you know brothers sisters that it is possible that we could be doing a great work and love is not the reason we do it the many ministries that are absolutely perverted because this selfish motives but that will now notice this a lot to think about this quotation no matter how high the profession it said he was heart is not filled with love for God and his fellow men the unit is that a lot of the people they love to say what is a low shot when he got I love you fellowmen it says with love of God and his fellow man is not a true disciple of Christ it says all you should possess great faith and have power in the working articles yet without not his faith would be worthless with exultation it says he might display great liberality was Saturday from some other motive than genuine love be so honest with me before the act would knock amendment to the favor of God listen to this in his CL he might even meet a martyrs death yet if not actuated by love he would be regarded by God as a deluded enthusiast or an ambitious hypocrite acts of the apostles three eighteen so therefore if not actually do the work as Ghana 's tallest building in preparation for this wonderful refreshing brothers and sisters we must understand our field we must understand the motives and when you get his last one was a pause here and I will pick back up on Sabbath morning when we do round two of the study now let's go ahead let's take a look at one more thing within an elegant John's message is one of the most excited about how strong the rest of the other point to get through it because I want to bring this up is a nice Jensen he nice you will you as well I want to see something writing John's message now Matthew chapter three go back there with me very quickly in Matthew chapter three I like this because what would I get some really good instruction instruction from the Lord and remember your field is within and without is so much entailed in this map present agreed notice again what it says in verse to read before there's reading it again John's message was this what it was as Mister Gordon aversive is says and say rent why for the kingdom of heaven is at hand so therefore John was giving a message of repentance networking repenting from the repenting from this incident either they must be a pointing out soon amen Isaiah fifty eight it says cry aloud spare not that the Bible is like a trumpet and show my people their transgression in the house of Jacob their sins now the reason why this one becomes very important is because they are many individuals that believe that when you get a message where it is a call to repentance that it is not a message of love their somnolent tartrate that the Martha intimate is the common individuals to repent and tired from the Ibo belief that people begin to say things like you know what's best not being very loving or more of them out in a message of repentance and as I was giving it the individuals and in a brother came to mean his adrenaline and why do you always have to talk about repentance is a market to focus on the love of Jesus of the many eyes and I said I thought I'd is that Alice this is a budgeted event on a jet plane I sent you things out by lightning like his recent tells us to adherence antigens and why can't you just talk about the love of Jesus I simply ask you something do you think you can out love Jesus well of course not I think you know how David 's lust he said well I think so everyone is no sober the book of Revelation three the revelation of greed has no whining also Revelation chapter three notice what the Bible says now no one can out monkeys and some of you know that right now Jesus is God and God 's love knows what the Bible says in Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three Jesus that he speaking to the church allowed to see those were the Bible says in Revelation chapter three after God diagnoses than that but the clear symptoms of the sickness in verse seventeen A prime rate an increase of good and have need of nothing it is that this is the chart is the group of people who think the all right when they are all wrong and got his nose not about rigid miserable poor blind and naked and God-given accounts of them all what they can overcome the sickness within it what he says now as we consider verse nineteen it says as many as I is that with it if that as many as high low what is it to say I review and change since then he says these zealous therefore and repent I said the call to repentance is a demonstration of the love of Jesus Christ the conversation and rightly runs and sisters John was hauling people to repentance BC while John had this methodological look at this it was a method connected to his message and I want to look at is this that is the final closing point within a point of years and I will close it out notice there was a method connected the first thing John saw this as he saw his people that see self-satisfied and asleep in their sins or that some amount of the all right it says he saw it stable to see self-satisfied and asleep in their sins came along to arouse them to our holier life it was John's bizarre dear Steve and partake of what he was partaking holy life that goes on to say some things that God had given him that there was designed to what that word startled it says from their lethargy and clause vintage bolt because of the great wickedness you know that is more advanced and as we follow this model we would see far greater result in a evangelistic work when it be mechanism within or evangelism without that's why it is imperative that we preach the gospel based on time this is why we preach the gospel based on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in connection with the words behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world when people understand time they know exactly what to know John would present messages to them that when the Chinese strip them of an police of carnal security that people think they have to date been other people who actually pay my bank account is Medicaid then you begin to show the economy in Bible prophecy and all of a sudden there's a wealth that Don another person as well my position on Christie's specialist to keep me and you saw shown on the point and scripted with those very clearly that even people in the own household with an attorney guess you've let alone get business and everything else instructing stretch and you start and what happens downward spiral to the point that something would happen notice what is it it says before the scene of the gospel could find lodgment it says the soil of the heart must be broken up before they would seek healing from Jesus they must be awakened to their danger from the wounds of sin is what I call to repentance must be intermingled in the message analysis what would happen God does not send messengers to flatter the center he delivers and no all I think that these those all be on the sanctified what kind of security fatal security not amending the and evangelistic meeting of any monuments earthward he think my bank account particularly my job secure widening of the think they must understand that all these things all fatal securities investor because I trusted to get ready for these final events is limited majority of the people in this world of overwhelming surprise strike the securities now here's what happened is that he lay heavy burdens upon the content of the wrong door and sold with our rules of convention 's evangelism this event is it says finally to think about vision of his imminent now the only reason why women cannot like the big displays of people like Donald do that but what happens if this was public business was on Fox news so that this was seriously public art what happened was Joel Holstein was interviewed when he was interviewed to sit at the biggest church in the country Lakewood Church in Houston Texas passage almost in criticism twenty five thousand people each week and sin is not on the menu service of a Sinatra like the pesticidal and Illinois that he says all things that has no if they give people a boost for the week as well this is going to evangelical gold messianism seven Adventist people 's goals is that I think we years there's been a lot of hellfire and damnation you go to church to figure out what you're doing wrong and you leave feeling bad like you're not going to make it both been said we believe in focusing on what the goodness of God not you not below it I chuckled when I read that you know why does the goodness of God have a direction go to the book of Romans at the to list another direction because of everything that exists is on the menu all I talk about sensitively to talk about repentance conjointly to repent from it said but what about the goodness of God what does the Bible show us the direction of the goodness of God a weirdly known as the Bible says in Romans chapter two and verse four the Bible says in Romans two inverse or less noticed with his purchases if you have the same and now he is with the Bible says in Romans two and verse for notice or despises thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that the gluttonous of God I think you'll like repentance somehow using that Mister God says the call to repentance in the midst of the hour and you know what where the sisters it says the ministering angels this concluding that quotation reading from about John and how he can minister to the people this is the ministering angels present to him that the individual hearing the message from the deliberate is that the ministering angels prevented him the fearful judgment of God to deepen the sense of me and talk to cry what must I do to be deceived you take away all the common securities then guess what that person doesn't feel security and everybody what salvation is just that they had real methods of getting it so when the carnal in the fatal securities are stripped away then influence the class within what do I do now and so it says then the hand that has humbled in the dust lives of the penitent the boys that has revealed soon and put to shame pride and ambition inquires with the tenders sympathy what wilt thou that I shall do unto the messages that God has given to us brothers and sisters God has not given them a sanctuary message we ought to understand and I wait nobody in the sanctuary is when we begin to give the singular when it is rightly understood rightly preached rightly taught and led that it will cause an individual to begin to search your heart and they will start being stripped of your favorite securities after the things where you know that is coming to the study of the book of Daniel and Revelation because it is the understanding of Daniel and Revelation in connection with this regular and that brings us to present truth EAA brings us even to the first the second and the third Angels message and brothers and sisters this is the message of the hour this is the message that God is given to us that is designed to do the very work if rightly received and rightly understood that will give us the results that God is so longing and waiting for it to be done in his church as well as in the world what is there to Cleaver very good musically to cut is that right and make sharp cuts we do know that God says God is called a surgeon as they are beholding to Israel to stand as a light in the earth is says by the Meiji Cleaver of truth is says the messages of the first second and third Angels he has separated them the charges as well to bring them into a sacred nearness to himself it says he has made them the depositaries of his law and has committed to the great truths of prophecy for this time like the holy articles committed to ancient Israel the are a sacred trust to be communicated to the world we will stop here and will prepare our hearts the big back up on Sabbath morning who were not discovered and continue to look at John's message John Smith it was you know that I especially look outside of one of the John's life because you find that one of the secrets that made John Smith is so powerful was the life that he lived and you'll find it was to make our message so powerful is by the life that we live but it starts brothers and sisters with making sure that we truly realize that if my work is not in line with the model that God has given to us that I must make sure that I relinquish whatever is not in God 's order and do it as he instructed us to do it I believe brothers and sisters got was to pour out a spirit we have to be in the place and the experience and alert the receiving the same way there will be no last-minute righteousness at the coming crisis is not to be any last-minute evangelism you must learn how to do so learning work now and do it in God 's orders so if you realize you know what I have not taken my role personally you know there's a rule that said and business that says eighty percent of the work is done by twenty percent of the people and so it is that we find it unfortunately the same reality in pictures eighty percent of the work will be done by twenty percent of the people why because individuals do not understand their personal responsibility parenthesis is you and I must understand that gossip is an experienced he's reserving just so you when you begin to work as John and Sylvia realized that I've been working by John work I have not been in line with what God has counseled and instructed on how I am to play my role personally by the grace of God beginning tonight I will fall in line with Jesus and I will cooperate with you so that we do the work as he instructed me to do so that I may buy the recent got finished work light years with his glory that's it as I would stand with me him then know that Christ spent with you know that Jesus will walk with you even if enable you because all the bidding gardening what we must do is make sure that our hearts in our life and line with God in history and his principal to the model brings you find tremendous beautiful things from the word of God on our own your own search and father in heaven we thank you to God for the precious fruit that you made known to a heart we thank you for truth as it is in Jesus and what there is sold much more could discuss as we look at this model of John's work being our work but fun I pray just the few gems that we received in the short period of time may have an indelible impression upon our mind and heart that we will be determined to operate had so that you may finish your work within us so that we may finish the work in the Bible does give God a thing hearing up when we ask in Jesus will this media was gone audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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