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AMEN 2006 Progress Notes, Part 1


  • September 21, 2006
    7:30 PM
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our father in heaven we thank you so much for the traveling mercies your forgiveness forgiveness the opportunity to be here to attend the second annual Inman conference we thank you for the ministries of gives each of us for the call you given each of us into ministry we've heard so many interesting stories this from talking with people including the brakes and running the dinner tonight we notice America that some people got here which of all quotas here for one purpose to talk about sharing Christ in our practices where we go so we can for the all the gospel commission as you've given to us and when kingdom made everything is said and done here tonight and for the rest of this we can be done Jennings on an glory and most of all Ms. Jesus Christ the uplifted in his majesty and glory reprint just and for his sake amen we'll start with our progress notes where we have actual physicians dentists with ministries and action and each personal take a few minutes this is share what God has done and is doing in their lives and their ministry upon all Doctor Michael Dickerson up they can share with us what God 's been doing in and through his life Michael you are in Lincoln Nebraska right to make a Rasputin a comment flatline or not what is your ministry is one you are in an disaster relief project wracked my ministries actually training used to graph her disastrous and not only saying physically but also spiritually know how the Lord reason this point in this final that he was in his ministry the process of bringing his wife wasn't there yes over many her son-in-law to that point well to make it short I was the acquisition for twelve years level three Center in Colorado and Southwest Colorado and we started working with youth starting summer programming usually when using to Colorado and start teaching them survival different types of rescue and wilderness medicine and amazing arguments idea to do a four-year degree of bachelor of science degree and an internationalist and we taxi disaster work and so I quit my work my first I was crazy as a director the ER and when I quit school hadn't actually accepted this four year degree so we went actually worked with David Gates were limited in Venezuela and eventually gaining college accepted this degree we started the degree two years ago and were going for a third year we have a hundred fourteen students in man and as next you will be the largest division of campus a man was riding a leap of faith alas he told us a story about you delete the faith of a lot of lifting but it was tremendous all is still easily conveyed for me I still think my things very small will always be among the don't wait until mountains and not good for us and so when the students are trained what do they do what he said well the degrees nicely forty two hours is the main agree semester hours and we cram all kinds arresting so they do low angle behind the rescue Swiftwater rescue confined space dive rescue goes on in our wealth attainment survival in disaster management we spend time over seasonable semester receives in right now with David Gates program done in Venezuela and we actually bring easy and Hesiod abbreviated gliomas to a mid-level position we show many dental blocks for those your dentist equal to the practice has found the oral surgeon recently sacred for the and sleep all these reset fractures we viewed gram stained liver malaria in all kinds of fun things and we feel like a third will training is an excellent training for disaster as a new know with New Orleans Katrina it basically became Third World and so always didn't single out needed going to professional school or go directly out to work for an NGO patent be stingy also you got directly involved in the treatment rescued in an admission on there I like this everywhere SMS sore point for me but I will tell you what happened Trina happened and Michael the staff that we needed to go down to New Orleans our students are ready they had an EMT they had rescue training already and the FEMA even asked us to come down we're supposed to work with a Coast Guard helicopters and faculty that time said that risk management they were ready to let us go down to the risk management and so e-mailing out later for clean by now we had to have it all arranged so that when the next disaster hits we than watching all the hurricanes come to influenza this came through the mess we are ready with her students to respond amen amen one of the best human know-how to see a man fitting into this whole disaster relief program and being a part of this this ministry will always done is we've teamed up with acts have his meeting services group in a Florida run by Dale Bass right now David Canter and they go out and you apply in our disaster relief the comp hot Square distribution site disaster comes in they get even the National Guard or volunteer agencies run these big pots and they distribute water and water and food is actually selling and runs when these pods may try to set it up one of ravenous churches and what they definitely needs they need a medical component we've also offered to you the rescue component so we will be looking for nurses and I dentists and physicians to yes the next disaster that we have to try to run this map component we are now designing a emergency vehicles the semi- fifty four foot semi has to be slide outs and were making into a mobile emergency department we also have some big ten sixty five hundred foot tenths that we seem us for patients and so will be asking amen physicians and dentists if you like to join us a man he met with their funding come from programs like this one phone calls and knocking on doors okay okay can we actually don't have fun we've had some generous donors that have come quarterly skewness a trailer on refineries another sixty thousand official trailer and it looks like GE's in and donate half little unit for us to know someone would want to donate some funds to help in this program was with the contact other hand contact me at any college there or would ask a man going did you blessing in the tremendous work for you and I think that it gets the sense that amen members are active and in ministry and what about Lord that Stephan excellence thank you okay him a one of the Guthrie another eight in memory action here okay now tell you what extensive background in in in foreign missions are going to allow him about that well from my family roots are families that appears in Singapore I was five when we left so it was more of the genetic and early developmental component but since I graduated from medical school in nineteen eighty six and completed my residency in nineteen ninety one always had an interest in mission appreciated particularly Doctor Alberta Ministry of Loma Linda pointing to a focus in practice and in the hospital brain with patients and also Doctor Zeno see him Charles Marcel at the VA hospital there and that the seeds were planted I spent some time in the next two years would pick several trips to Cuba work of the church there and so some other orthopedic surgeons who are not evidence but invited them back to our home is in a couple weeks at our hospital of an African a few times sent to the hospital Italy Ife and then the hospital in Rwanda once and so I can have an eclectic blend of this is short-term mission and activities but it was really good to be a demon conference last year because the I was inspired again to start to apply these principles close at home it's easy to go somewhere else in some respects and no-fly and rappel down from the helicopter near medical work and then fly home back to the family has been waiting for you but it's a different thing to commit yourself for the long term and I admire the people who do that know what you learn from the Nieman conference lasting what really just recently got messier than talking you now the general topics I really appreciated the stories of how God has taken folks and just like that the person and and it was practice rep of his practice and head of this new direction and I was wondering what was that set something for me and I like to have those questions raised especially midlife crisis you know you want to know is that a new time is limited and out what really got me thinking though in practical ways couple of things one I appreciate it so much Doctor Phillips amounts messages last year I wrote those of you who know him but he has this book that he was so reaching some of the message from Christ ways to pray Christ wait prayer answered I was inspiring and then my friend Doctor Brian Schwartz a cardiologist under Kettering was talking about how he started praying with every patient and I must say that also been this couple conferences I see Dwayne Butcher back there he sponsors and conferences in North Carolina that I went to and attend as many of these conferences as you can and form some locally in a local chapter going on ask each of you to pray about that because people together and inspire each other in and whatever you can call us to do so so I'm getting around to what happened but I thought well if if Doctor Schwartz decided to pray with his patients I can make that's a simple commitment it's a step I can take so I went home and I I I jumped the psychological hurdle of its deciding that I would offer to pray for every nation every new patient would receive an offer for me to pray for them as part of their treatment plan and how do you ask a peaceful mission well what I do is I go through the eye I will introduce myself and I asked them what their going on the problem is I examine them and we develop development of treatment plan for them after we've gone to the differential diagnosis I think these are the things that might help you and his odors were in Google boom boom the last thing I do I say now there's one last thing and it depends on the body language of the patient who they are it will be anything from you I found that over eighty percent eighty five percent of my patients appreciate prayer as part of their treatment plan what is your preference and yell as fine or no does make a note on the chart and eighty five and ninety percent say yes probably eighty percent of those are excited about the way they so much appreciate somebody being willing to do that the first time I had Doctor Ray with me I hear that all railroad then how they think is wonderful now the ones who don't want prayer that's what I just put the charts I put it in the rupee is pretty straightforward and orthopedic surgeon prayer are no burns and I like that so I had had one patient come back and after his wife given the once over he simply have to change me from the opera prayer as he gave me such a hard time saying no and I had one fellow does this last week say looking like you know you can account me by surprise and really don't want it I just want this to be medical in one of these principles defined as monumental but the people who are warm to prayer on that then opens all kinds of doors and if they really like the idea of prayer I happen to buy cases these last year from Doctor Simard for which he was very happy of course but it was a practice expense because I'm showing is my patient self if they're very interested in price it will I haven't a book on prayer on and write it but experienced racial it talks about how Christ prays with us and for us the sun had people read this one young lady had been out of church for six years and she read the book and said you know after reading the book and so inspired him to start attending again so that I was a young lady has been working at the hospital have a number of other resources depending on what the needs of the patient are and how many patients smoke a lot right so little booklet from vibrant city the LP publishes this vibrant life you can stop smoking a little booklet healing power of prayer some things from glad tidings the lady who said yes to God Riddick a Catholic hospital so steps to Christ of course they come cheap easy the passion of love you probably seem that lot of people the Catholic priest was reading this and I pray with everybody okay the Catholic priest love that the Buddhists love it in you want to other give me poems and know-how were brothers in faith and accept no chances there is a neglected mix of people enough has itself quite a broad range of an end of people who appreciate prayer so a new book by Robert Whelen even adopted the verse by verse and in Ephesians great controversy of course for those her interest in that ministry of healing you'd be surprised so many people would find this a good medical resource in the conventional medical Roman Reed is a boy that's the best book on health of really red so there are a lot of opportunities to share materials how doesn't happen with everybody on this this is my resource list but then when they come back to visit beyond their chart is just assumed were to pray together at the end of every visit unless there's someone in unless it's awkward I don't force the issue of its awkward so I'm I'm waiting for the inspiration of this meeting am looking forward to being inspired to do now on take it let the Lord take me to the whatever the next level is I need to be more proactive in the sensing the spiritual need delving into that and leads a people erected to Christ and less of that kind of a generic influence in prayer and somewhat more specific we did also the chair and I put on a depression seminar with Neil medley has put together and our community receive it very well we just on the way down this week listen to Don McIntosh a interviewing some folks about the chip program and I know that that's an excellent resource to self Juergen enjoy this conference is lots of resources just pray ask the Lord to direct you to what your next step is and then take it taken in faith that even these artists is surprising how some of these books lots of what I want to my office have one called too busy not to pray in agreement pieces is not known and become a asking for the sentiment is unfriendly to get the books movement of impatience he also does try and I think I will inspire you this conference to do more ministry for him and we have to own a laptop another pronounced correctly but he will give us the correct of these we comes and .com when you see the dentist I don't come that is and where Coldwater Coldwater Michigan and Michigan right now he's a pastor and and then you go back to being a dentist and Adam ministry will also correct so give some background about your your dental training of the Lord whole to be a pastor and how he puts it you can use you for ministry before nine thousand one okay well first of all if I tell people that pastor and I used to be again test the question automatically is raised while tell me what happened but but it's a little different explain now that I'm a pastor why are you going to be a dentist again by Michelle which is quickly the candidate of the largest salmon have to talk a little bit back to write about what happened is from an early young age the Lord was calling me into the ministry and addressing all you can be passed I take the aptitude tests in Academy in and on the very top of it would be would be a minister and things and after that when the Dolphins sign something that I enjoy and and then when we went to Africa after I became a dentist and we took an aptitude test the same thing was with the top of it and the Lord was pressing them I know I'm going to be a dentist because I want to deliver myself and I knew you know that Islamic yearly amounts of money that they do okay I could be live a comfortable life being a dentist so when I want to get in contact to stay down there Lincoln Nebraska went to browse the dental school there I graduated but the Lord when he has a call for you he will never let you rest and I found that it was just a struggle it was all a bike cannot be satisfied with this so I thought maybe if I become a missionary in Africa the Lord will leave me alone so we went to Africa and you even if you're not doing exactly what the Lord asks if he can still train you and you can learn many lessons from it so we were in Africa but yet we were not in the will of the Lord completely I was still wanting to do my own thing and week we came back from Africa after a year and I said working as a dentist in Michigan and I thought while this worked for a while here that in the prison system and find maybe different job as a dentist but it turned out to be five years in the meantime the Lord kept working on my heart and he laid it on my heart is this is not where I want you to be your call to go into the ministry so I finally decided that I talk to that ministerial secretaries what would it be allowed to take it me out for me to be faster and he suggested that I go to Black Hills mission college I don't maybe you have heard about that but I bet where I went and after a while a few months after that Michigan conference asked me to be a pastor for them him in the church district which we accepted them why does the Lord call a dentist that is now pastor into dentistry you well here's not happen after working as a as a pastor is still working as a pastor and vision conference I had an opportunity to go with her family to a short-term mission trip to Mexico it was like a man have to check that is an individual Michigan has done this for eighteen years and last year 's group there's about eighty people most of them students and some whole families that went down to Mexico and on this mission trip yesterday we need dentists and that would be an interesting thing to do nothing to half weeks during Christmas time and go down there with the family what a wonderful opportunity we had dental clinics they had CBS they had the eight steps the new start program in Spanish health bears where they did all kinds of stuff and they built to churches this is into half weeks but when I noticed I was a new student accounts the second time I went into the small town out in the middle of nowhere and the pastor from that area said I'd like you to go to this town if you would and he sent the Bible worker of the local Bible worker with us to the town so we went and started next my wife was with me and she's saying when the term I don't know these same and one that likes to talk to people and visit so she was there with us and I started noticing we first went there they started looking at us suspiciously what's this foreigner doing here but as my wife was visiting with them even though she didn't speak the language you can still visit she was picking up the babies in and smiling the second day I saw how the spirit of the Lord worked on the hearts of people and I saw how the barrier started coming down the right arm of the gospel was working and I was such a thrill and a blessing to work for the Lord was doing history which before I had gotten tired of because it was just industry it was by myself but doing it for the Lord it was totally different and now the last day that the people were smiling and we were joking around and now the Bible worker from that area would go after we left and what an impact she could have because she was there with a local Bible work so then what happened is that you know what we could do this if I found a job where I could work a few months ago three times a year and get a short-term mission trips to cut a long story short I'll try to make it real quick the Lord said there's a little bit different plan ahead for you and I got in the mail awesome sermons and some information about Gospel ministries international Howard called for people to lay everything on the line not just a few weeks but everything has more you want me to do that and his answer was yes I do so we are as a family and there is another family going with this was an ordained minister who has had experience pulling piles of teeth he's already served and I have some faster expansion of the dentist we believe the Lord has led us to get it happens to be there very good family friends of ours and he has the Lord has brought this team to get there is an other pastor who happens to be his wife is a nurse on this pastor 's passion is training for workers and evangelists and there is a school where were going to be based at down in Bolivia and but let me interject in their I went to Black Hills Mission College after all that's going down with us when to back his music mission college this other one who hasn't told me the decision yet but I believe the Lord is calling him he went to Black Hills mission college we have a burden for souls and we want to work for the Lord so have you heard of a rise in Michigan well also went to Black Hills missing college and and not Pastor Flack whose as a pacifist line with us he he said he talked to someone he can't respond there his father said if you can get the manual from arise we will translated into Spanish so now the right arm of the gospel how does it work we go down there as a dental evangelistic team there's also a launch on a river nearby the Beni River that the tributary of the Amazon address owns this launch and they can't get get people to do Manhattan's musical could we use in and you can go up this river for about a month if you want and stop at these villages and then what you do is in the school that's been going for four years or this supports get it going they want to start at the evangelism Bible working training program and we will be using a rise material to train the local students young people and army of young people there in Bolivia so when the right arm of the gospel is going as entering wedge these local people young people will be spreading the gospel so I'll hopefully get him involved in the program what can we do with members of the to integrate this program well I'm glad to ask that because just recently I have gotten to know what Ayman is all about I wonder how can we staff this launch what if a man has a database of doctors and test that are willing to work for maybe two or three weeks out of the year would you be interested in going on a launch of a river and being the right arm of the gospel I believe the answer is yes there would be many people that would commit to me maybe even four weeks a year while we are down there doing the work we can have some preparation done and you come down there and you travel a lot holds about sixteen people and be medical and dental programmer don't want but we have just started we have purchased are we stepped out in faith and put down a down payment on an airplane where taking some flight training because in Bolivia you pretty will have to travel by air and we will be flying to remote villages and there is going to be medical dental aviation program is to continue to grow this launch program is going to continue to grow I believe the Lord 's fingerprint is in all of this work in and is just open it up and there's a lot of miracles I can tell you little more detail identity at the booth with Doctor Fleck whenever the blues are open I'll try to be there and if anyone are talking visit and pray together I did have to answer any questions that might have on the guns and the D using the right arm is meeting to do a mighty work through all of these physicians dentists and members of a man let's pray that God will continue to use us wherever he may choose to spread the three devices


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