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God's Right Arm Revealed

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • September 22, 2006
    7:30 AM
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therefore welcome to those currently early morning meeting we're very grateful that my young pastor text let's see how is this a former pastor digging myself our pastor is here to share with us the morning devotional I had the privilege of working with him for more than a dozen years and continue to work minimum various projects and we are thankful that he has consented to come and share with us pastor Macintoshes being very involved in medical evangelism he wasn't hers we were able to prevail on him to accept the call and pastor a church in three angels in Wichita Kansas and he has nursing roots showed through in this committee pastoral ministry I believe that you will appreciate what he has to share with you this morning I'm going to go down and work on me the computers of the colors improve and faster time frame for your we know this is a blessing all right let's just ask the Lord to be with us today as we begin our time with him but in heaven as we consider the right arm today we realize it can only be accessed through the Spirit and through prayer and that's when we come to the end of ourselves that we become we come to the beginning what you can do and they are just want to ask for your presence Lord I have nothing to bring but you have everything we need and it is only through your power and your mind that we had anything so come with us this morning we pray in Jesus name on the belief that that I want to talk with you today about the right arm of the right arm revisited I can't see my strings I may here it is little with if you don't mind the right arm revisited now I have a mic here I think it's okay as I thought about this conference I feel there are some familiar quotes that come to mind that we've probably heard it many times the medical missionary work is to be the work of the church being to the work of the church as the right arm is to the body coming in for that on a country or that millions of times hundreds of five thousand medical missionary work in the right-hand of the gospel so the right arm and the right hand I was listening to a tape by Doctor Harding on the hand he said a security arm is useless without the hand I suppose you could do some very gross motor movements and maybe nothing to be blown away but it's true the arm in the hand go together the right-handed his open door through which the body may find interest in this is the part of the medical missionary work this is the part that the medical missionary work is to act so these are the familiar statements that though we often hear but I have this against practice that whenever I read something is always writing men have time every time and I'll accepted and act on it because I know that one about how you will come true but I go back and try and find where she got this idea in Scripture Internet and your health work I think it's really important to do that and one of the statements that sometimes is been misused I'm not trying to misuse it but this is always a positive thing and not repeating what I have said thanks that the whites of the essence of the whites of that find out what the Lord God Lord God of Israel says in the new ligament now I'm not trying to say that he has that statement to ally himself I mean but I'm thinking that always mean go back and do your research in the Bible as best you can and I have never been disappointed ever been disappointed in that and I have always been in all of the spirit of prophecy as a result it is it's a discipline I would I would probably think you are familiar but what does the Scripture say about God 's right arm and felt when you look for tax that deal directly with help in the right hand through her right arm and script or they're not very many here's one length of days is in her right hand was speaking about wisdom and in her left hand riches and honor both have their purposes and oh and have their problems as well but other than this accident I would say also Daniel chapter five you know when Bell says it went against everything he knew to be right and God said don't you know that I have your run and lose your entire life in my head right this is this is another pretty direct textbook on those two tax not a want to do your in for me otherwise but overtly mentioning the right-hander right arm and healing I don't see anything except the sex directly but in studying God right hand and right arm I think you'll see some powerful connections as they clock in the back of my church Doctor Mills put that up for me okay this is no need to here's what I discovered as I was looking at this concept God 's right hand actually both hands are talked about when God is described as the creator is an example all Lord God behold I made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm and there is nothing too hard for the Jeremiah thirty two seventy while it is there's different passages I know you can find where it talks about his hand but notice this when Jeremiah Monahan also have laid the foundation or other Isaiah forty eight thirty I have also laid the foundation of the earth in my right hand has spanned eleven when I called them they stand up together so here we have both hands alluded to the right hand especially alluded to this interesting the right-hand ministry of God the creation that that the right hand with both hands were advised that anymore it seems as though one form basin and the other filled it in it that they work together by the right hand is the dominant hand of power and authority and God himself the name Elohim means the mighty of it maker of the mighty relationship make my day one he created light and dark and there's a relationship between those of you don't have one you don't really understand the other now I'm not like Plato said that means that there was good and evil from the beginning of time but there are light and dark cycles that we know him back to body and impact our health we can learn about many of those dates show me created the Erin the water O2 and H2O she holds our breath in his and were told in the day step five day three he then created the land and plants and it's arresting the relationship you can say between each of the little relationship between all of them he plans usually have land I know that there are those that are not on the land with land and they need air of any water many times a minute builders and aerobic classes with some exceptions aware of these but by and large and the mayhem light and dark as well but you see this is God 's forming things in the Hebrew word is told not tofu motel who deformed thing and then you say that he felt from God God doesn't form phase and then to say well there's no purpose he filled and if we want to understand root Bible and the Reformation when in understand for us and who can develop day for you then see the connection may would you probably many times seen between day one date for the light was filled with the son of a dark moment in the air was filled with the found water was filled with fish day five Monday six the animals and reform the man named them and then it came to the end of that day he recognized there was not someone that looked like him and he was feeling unfulfilled and then the first surgical intervention came about and there were good results with Doctor Nunley says you look at that first outcome of the surgery and seven one oh man so you have man and woman for this wonderful as all this this is all an expression of the right hand the right arm of God this is his creative act that was all memorialized a seven with the Sabbath and Leslie Harding doesn't his book like the provocative suggestion that sahib or the Indian world I guess I gave his father like as we have New Testament related bothered by always means the place so he formed the Sabbath and then filled it with that first family relationship of husband and wife in then in relationship with him the list Rabbi Hassell is that the Sabbath is a sanctuary in time so in the first activity of the right hand and the right arm we see that God teaches us something right arm ministry is to not only form but restore relationships think about the people would come into your clinics or to your practice think about the relationships have you heard some horror stories think about the ultimate relationship with God God never meant for you to see what you're saying everyday living government and his creation was perfect and his right arm then led them to the Sabbath a time of perfect harmony and unity a time of recharging now this right-hand activity of God the creative right-hand activity of God is memorialized by was commandment the fourth amendment where he says remember the Sabbath day for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth see and all that in them is the action of God right now it's interesting than the Deuteronomy were told that there is reversed to that from his right-hand with a fiery law and so God 's right hand form that line you remember the state of my own wife of the law of God is in every cell of every tissue in the body you can see in the initial work day in day out your but seeing an expression of God 's creative work is writing and then we goes wrong the work of the enemy review of marbled recently at the wonder of God 's creative writing this amazing of and on the front line you get the look on the outside and some of you on the inside and look at things that other people don't get privileged to see and you get to see the wonders of God 's right hand the average essay price guide for that beer patients recognize that your say something just awesome I had a physician that I worked with in the emergency department for making faster was Doctor Wilson and you he was a Christian that I tell you something and what when I worked in a clinical setting it was the right hand ministry of people high school that led me from being an atheist to be a person number one and then let me from being a Christian to being a Seventh-day Adventist the awesome power that your influence has it you may not understand or even appreciate Barbara Doctor Wilson he was aggressive every time he said he do anything say let's ask the Lord Albus wouldn't make a big pleasure let's ask the good Lord I will wait all the waterways that help us out and and then he would always be on time have you relate what coming to isolate many times on a huge enjoyment but purposefully letting if you're going into the hospital or the clinic every day and you plan to be late who knows that year office staff and then the patients and everybody else and you know it's suspected that Doctor Wilson was so on time that he and he worked in the emergency room was just living at his own practice you would come in and work some shifts once in a while and he would be out there are three that he would be so I had opened her that he would be meeting them face is in the parking lot was there good Lord these outlets is all yes then and he was like greased lightning I think Manny zero make a mistake if you learn something rough video description of this when they were walking out elbows with general I think the work for you from making errors you really I can't remember a time when you know we do these chart review I can't remember a time and checking for him and everybody else always tell me always to take her time with no one does the no doing that Lord help and people knew he care and he was always giving credit the Lord for what happened from his right hand with a fiery law for them are never talking to Doctor Mills once and I told him that I had a very upset stomach during the document is any decide to me well the first does not come costless thought about the premises that doesn't sound like something he would come up with so I looked it up in my computer and I discovered this principle and these little things that we drop a small scriptural words are like the Holy Spirit being dropped into our practice into our life a life as we should know the promises of God so we have been stored in our minds when a patient comes in we can just drop them in where they need to be dropped this is right and I was very concerned about the stock morning because it must be like feature for me but I'm becoming a teacher nonmoving for manifesting to five the limits of the business and like I have some illustrative but he's helping me praise God so the right hand of God he will have made a glass of your work I will triumph in the work of your hand Psalm ninety four and one is that Psalm a celebration of your number is set so we celebrate the works of his hands on the Sabbath do your patients know that you celebrate the creative writing arm of God on the Sabbath can they see in the state difference in how you act on the Sabbath I want to talk about that more tomorrow morning I've been blessed to see what can happen when there is a distinct difference made on the same day in the medical practice I will talk about those blessings tomorrow so this glory in the work of God in his hand his right hand thou will sell me the path of life in thy presence is fullness of joy at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore when God finished his creative work and that he came injured and I picture him introducing Adam TE and all the pleasures of merits on that Friday night Rabbi say were taken advantage in all of their perfectness and beauty and that all in the presence of God this is a sanctuary illusion isn't it when were in the presence and were at his right hand where are were in them most holy and when we study God 's right hand in Scripture it is directly always related to the Sabbath and for the sanctuary this is the Adventist advantage this is the difference so God why handiwork is memorialized in the Sabbath commandment of Exodus and it was pivotal in the creation and as we will see the redemption of the world of the devil hates the right hand the creative right hand of God faith in the fact that he call all of creation into question this was a perfect world a set I this is very questionable it is a complete I'm a lucky guy all of these things and what you don't have this one is that one right over there is it's not really complete is this really where all the pleasure it is I mean if you come with me annually this road into high much higher than you were before I'll give you anything holy experience this was a counterfeit of that sanctuary that pleasantly goddesses look common in my presence and there is fullness of joy not in his so this attack on the free-agent right arm of God was an attack on the sanctuary on God 's creative power and on the Sabbath you won't rest until you have more human he'll really have rest until you know good from evil and how they view pray to God for the day when you don't have to see what you see day in day out the Rodriguez and José well respected and let you know that I feed the family I hope you don't do that but I've heard people say that ranging was question is a complete list with the Devils tech notice twenty ten conflict occurs in a double plot the fruit and placed in any sand I'll suggest that he placed it in her right hand he tried to call requesting God 's right hand and then he tried to corrupt man's right hand notice why am I saying that all twenty six agents and I have loved the place relied on as well if necessary three tax business gathering not my soul with centers announced talking about what centers nor my life with the bloody man their right hand is what the devil tries to corrupt the right and financially economically in every which way so one forty four eight eleven README and deliver me from the hand of strange children whose mouth speak of vanity and their right hand is a right-hand of what what was the she was a sinner and her right hand was corrupt I just want to make the obvious have you made the connection already the housework is called a lot and tries the corrupted and how do they try to corrupt it they try and take over everything you use your right hand for where you left them but your bill when you specifically try and attack you and your Sabbath observance and in your view of the heavenly sanctuary which is the only reason we have a help message I might alright my friends last night as I listened to the talk about Doctor Kellogg in marriage is something that is my mind immediately went back to my own family history my great-grandfather was the first Seventh-day Adventist minister was met it in our family and he became that as a result of the healing ministry of the church he went to attend meeting there was anointing and he saw someone healed and he said God must be with his people he became a Seventh-day Adventist minister and he was a call quarter and a church planter and a knock on the door several people there many places about forty churches left out with your ADC doctor what to think Carol's small business told me that my great grandfather had brought his parents into the church for his grandparents he came and brought me pictures the next day well here in California am moving to California soon from the Midwest I have a whole set of family members that are Seventh-day Adventists or now nothing you know they tried to do back at the time my grandfather my great-grandmother became an address they liked everything about the message but they didn't like the health message and so they tried to do everything except for what Callaway said about the spirit of prophecy in Mister Prosser got help then they tried to get away from the sanctuary doctrine balancer came and visited their home there some people like balance or even today and they attacked that and then they have over the years even lost the regard for the Sabbath but the others are very prominent in the Seventh-day Adventist faith was interesting for me to receive phone calls in my late twenties when I was at home from my great-grandfathers are rather my grandfathers brothers my great uncles they were the ones that had to choose between sanctuary message as it relates to health and the spear proxy and being a seventh a Baptist and that some of them when the opposite direction one became a leader in the Theosophical Society and was good friends with Catherine Coleman can't help but have the spirit of prophecy in it somewhere it was interesting for me to feel the phone calls of these men in their eighties I got sick they called up and they said we realize now that we should never abandon that message of health we realize now the great truth of that and I want to talk to my grandfather who was still a state asking what we do now how can we redeem the time brothers and sisters I am thankful for the Sabbath message of the Adventist church and of Scripture are you it is a documentation is what God uses to remind us of his all right I'm thankful for the Sacramento thankful for that lays the foundation for everything we do I've seen it played out in my life I've seen the test of the research done in family villa summarizes first action and then we'll move forward God 's right hand was pivotal in creation he created a perfect relationship is the God of relationships he forms us and he fails us and he wants us to have purposeful lives this is the all-purpose of his right hand activity and creation the Sabbath was to remind us of God 's power or remind man of God 's power and of their purpose and the way we relate to the Sabbath helps people also see God 's power or where we get God 's power to come into our lives remember that when most well I got infinite limits number four family sanctuary in time it is so important how you relate to the seventh of the health professional I would love to hear some of your stories about this on some of my own tomorrow number five the double attack and perverted are largely perverted God 's right hand ministry and he wants to attack and preferred your ministry as well the reason were here this conference the reason amen is started is because people in the sense that there's something more to God 's right hand it's here it's his creative power MRI why I love reading your message dated by the way of them came up with that all the different things that I don't have a most radio bylaws and try laws and all those different things but it's a beautiful what the Lord has inspired you to come up with your name you'll want to get things and say look at the prophetic basis of health all man unbidden unloving that idea and and and look at the theological foundation though you'll know how to make the minister for all you did it all in the finance the right-handed creation in the beginning God created it was beautiful but at the end of Genesis as were aware Joseph died them all and was put in a coffin God 's right arm frustrated but I am thankful to God 's right arm is also the arm of redemption that had her death it is a hallelujah to that even though the devil tried to take it away God comes back again behold the Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot say nor is there having that it cannot hear each of you today are an expression of that redemptive right hand look at the person next to use a price and you want it to does the metered and measured way out God started to lead his people and as I look at this right hand and right arm to Scripture this is where the eye will stretch out my hand and smite me that with all my wonders in there that he will let you go got begin to address cognitive distortions alike Doctor Nutley seminar addresses cognitive distortions already address cognitive distortions day in day out and how many just get so targeted skill here's the medication all right we all know that God stretched out his hand in the signs and wonders K Pharaoh shall not harm you that I may lay my hand upon the agent and bring forth my armies of my people the children of Israel the land donated by great judgments the objectives all know that I wore when I stretch forth mine hand upon Egypt and bring out the children of Israel from among them one hand what Exodus fifty six your right hand hold war has become glorious power your right hand all warheads the enemy of these as you stress out your right hand and the earth swallow you seeing any new best of right-hand ministry here is the creator but he's also a lot restorative the Redeemer hallelujah now notice what the right hand remember in the creative act of God right hand he created a perfect world and perfect relationships that lead them where the Sabbath as a sanctuary and five notice what happens of the redemptive work in restoring that the company says by the greatness of your right arm they will be still as a stone speaking of the Egyptians tell the people pass over whom you have purchased you will bring them in and plan them in the mountain of your inheritance in the what old Lord which you have made for your own dwelling the award which your hands have established which can is leaving here the right hand and where does the right family always back to the sanctuary Moses admitted that sanctuary for forty years on learning what he had learned in the medical schools of each my right he had lost the patient on the operating thing Brian he was trying to fix the problem and the net guys that better work with some seemed for a while now I'm a loveseat to an ear with Peter my politics but he sent it back as you study this action as he went back to this very mountain itself you know the story any other word all of these lessons back in the anatomy and physiology lab you know the blue remedial training and so the point is he was taking them back to where God affected him and this is such a big point when we think about our practice in our lives you cannot take people to the throne unless you've been going through the van prayer meeting I was talking to my church in accountable most about my church eliminating it to come out here and with my next the last remaining and my sheep Damon and one was talking about how was so important to listen to people and I was fearful because it was a new member and are some things you need to listen sooner something to you don't need to listen to and José Honig and say this cannot put a root of bitterness and her against her pathways leading is going to be vulnerable without her separate for a while wealthy got excellent elderly whatnot but I interact I would like to say I was asking for the test when I say Lord please help me and I came back here and I said look you know I think you really should listen but the finger proceeded to listen to the most is God Almighty every morning and if you listen to him to him enough to know what a nice listen to what someone else to say maria about that so Moses was pale and it is interesting to see that Moses would know what amounted to go down amounting to all this and this was all before the people she was going on it was like that and exercise classes Doctor Clark the morning they came down right what was he modeling he was modeling that God wanted them to go into the sanctuary experience and very is very presence God wanted the people also will you be able to go up the mountain to believe that's true Revelation fourteen shows them where on the Bible among the top in the presence of God right so this whole idea of leading with the arm is provocative and very practical applications for I update on the story here because receive I will not when I was working in the emergency department in different parts of the hospital I was not a Christian and is a terrible place of work if you're not a Christian or if you've fallen off the way and coming to realize that your thoughts and needs you way out of the path very rapidly you're only one day away from being far away your yearly a series of thoughts away I'm with you come to realize that it's thought by thought is I was there and I was blessed by the influence of another physician some people say will highlight witness in the in my work with this particular man always would have all notices right-hander not although I do remember he was right-handed the relativist journey what I could read it had been damaged somehow the right-handed than an he always had in his hand either his mobile but he would later the charts were the spirit of prophecy book everywhere he went always had in a marker and then when something would come in that wasn't too often because it was very busy he would open that up and just read a couple paragraphs we seem to any powers had that had a profound effect on me I said that guys crazy but the more I thought about it I saw the difference in the patients in that man man's practice there was there was a call there was a piece and people knew where he got his power his hand was on the words in his other hand was on then and I begins up as I was converted to the same thing I think my vital to the emergency room I sat right up there and if I wanted to address certain to celebrate another book that had it right on the time I put them together sign-up sometime during the sentencing what is this what you really this conversation but you can take some people we can't fix on where you have been and where did Moses want to take people to the section he brought them to the border of his sanctuary in the mountain which is right-handed purchased looked on the site claiming to you your purpose is to lead people to an understanding of the God of the sanctuary the only difference absences and has with any other church is this beautiful sanctuary doctrine that shows the fullness of God 's truth nobody is saying find ways to proclaim Isaiah fifty three twelve Moses was there as God 's visible right-hander who led them by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm this is an interesting surgical digital isn't it you are connected to that had remembered Daniel chapter five that and was unconnected in the vision of Bell says that because he was following and sailed to never come out of battle and but for Daniel he saw the connection point for one of the blood was handed for the other it was a powerful man in that same chapter now here's where we get to disconnect the right hand and help in that same chapter actions fifteen as he's leaving him to the sensory notice what happens it says that if you doubt that he the voice of the Lord your God all is right in the sight of his demands and things that I will put none of these diseases on you which I have brought upon the Egyptians can you say that the pathway to God 's presence is sanctuary to the Sabbath will also bring every other blessing in its train if you put him first Saint me for all these things will be added unto you that right this was happened in the city worst of the river and had clear up that cognitive distortion failure to be saved by the blood of the Lamb they were super frogs and he said well that's good but not very good what would you do if God jumped into your bath or into your kneading bowl into your bathroom and the frog when everywhere got to be good and like everywhere the second they went from that distortion by God 's power for writing and what they say finally when they dealt with the bottles worth of the Beatles and the buzz in the fleas when they say this is not just the Yahoo got not just the hand of God this is a lot bringing her the right of the right hand was clearing up the big distortions like the Nile and the little distortions like the flea and when you're led by the Spirit you can discover in your patience and the people you're treating the fleas both lead on this and I also write now is a similar thing is interesting and Scott let them from these distortions he took ten distortions away like replace those ten distortions within firms the data management it had brain surgery or the transplanted these distortions with truths but as they also went to the sci-fi notice something interesting as I think about this I was ruminating on the state were valid make that people that are translated in the time will be nineties less foods and someone had a cost analysis I was no going back and I was thinking about the paradigms of Scripture and that I began to realize when the people left Egypt Egypt they had all kinds of unclean animals that they would eat then when they came to the sanctuary only clean animals were memorialized in the sanctuary service animals were using outer court Leviticus can you do see them some sometimes be eaten in the holy place but mostly in the outer court occasionally annoyed voice but then you notice in the air in the holy place there's e-mail from Peter theirs in the table sell rent and many pictures you see also flying on a picture and many times and adventure someone suggested there was great juice and soda are you saying bullying celebrating communion but think about it in a preventive health contacts you see in the flavonoids of Andre is saving complex hydrates the introduced with little olive oil to listen light on the subject is a fairly using the prayer ascending there is a will these are all dealing with decimal laying on the new move into the most holy place and you have man alone what is it that what they say we start talking about what diversity what is the vessel most holy place then you know that you are moving all in place of business what are you a lovely thank you for the most holy place by the executive out of you to let me take you into the presence of God you'll find rest for your soul both they that think that they'll think that okay in zone a thing but this message is beautiful thank you we as God leads his people think about the Allman it's a perfect match is not a perfect not only the perfect math and I used to work in the hospital that's a European the wife of a citizen on unarmed but when you study the Allman study on the eleventh and go through it powerful studies on what it can do do you see this disillusion my way out there on a limb by God mostly in the sanctuary and memorialize or the things of earth and replaced with the things of heaven and how they got immortalized his right arm activity how to do that to memorialize the right arm activity of creation in the action is demanded for his essays I made heaven and earth but in the rent is that he faces the Deuteronomy the second-guessing of the law God is not just a God of the action as he is the God of Deuteronomy Angels is a second chance if we mess it up it wants to restore untitled for a guy like that he wants to write his lot my heart and on my mind hallelujah and notice what he says to help us remember not just as creative arm but his redemptive arm is restored remember the Lord your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand and an outstretched arm which was withdrawn with was the right when we know it because of Exodus the kingdom and in that very commandment is that commandment of the Sabbath we have that Sabbath commandment pendant is enshrined in the sanctuary that reminds us of the Sabbath all of these aspects of the right arm come together I think of right hand and right arm ministry that you see how they are inextricably linked with the ministry can you say that only uses these statements there are no overt statements that are connected or not many the right hand with feeling but when you look at it this way and connect this is there the surgery has been done the right arm is reconnected under this and I think you should do because you're right there in three minutes the three how do we move the right arm through prayer I want to tell you today that is because the prayer of the nurse in a prayerful patient but I'm a seventh Avenue Sonoma life today sometimes we can get so far away from what ministry is supposed to be that God has to speak to us as he spoke available and I well remember that day as I was working on it busy for MedSurg floor with a slave I've been taking care of for some time with started to talk with me about God I was telling everyone I was an atheist and agnostic in an attempt to identify my true life and that she wasn't buying it she kept asking probing questions as if the Holy Spirit was directing her finger to the life and lies in my life and if she did that I became more and more uncomfortable and I asked not to go into her room over again but her parents are her sons rather she was the parent of two physicians in the hospital one was certain other with a cardiologist they specifically asked for me to take care this was I thought if there was a devil he would do that but I didn't believe in those things but one guy was doing was putting in the grip of his hand I remember the last thing that they lived I would tell I didn't believe in God that I didn't believe in prayer I told her want to go with your daddy resume doesn't momentous as I said to him was a menace or Marxist they probably will have man's record she goes your answers don't help me what would your dad say to me she had AAA she was ready to die it was not surgically able to be operating on Tim's is getting and giving of medications to lower her blood pressure and she was just there waiting for the day she died I came down the hall and gave her meds she wanted to talk to me I said I got to give some other medications and Russia several hours later her like a month and this time her daughter came out and said she's got a lot of pay under with them it terrible pain and you know that I immediately called her family who came in and I discovered that none of them wanted to be in the room with her because I didn't know how to really deal with death they did not pray should raise them as atheists I was telling everyone I was an atheist God was showing the investor dentistry I went into that room that day and there she was with talk about all these things and CNS me how to pray and I said I didn't pray for him my dad felt my last conversation with her before then I went to the room there she was die for a minutes from death best looking me right in the eyes and she reached out her hand to me the hand of faith but I didn't have and she said will you pray for me will you pray for me the atheists asking for prayer I will have with brothers and sisters and I said to her I don't pray and dotting the nurse who was with me he was a powerful nurse she jumped across the bed ready by the next season at him I and the lady great would you only and I pray for the first time I ever pray for patient and the lady died the stones will cry out people what the Lord they want to know his presence they want to have his rest they want to enter into his sanctuary I'm so thankful for that lady 's life I'm so thankful for that lady staff away encourage you I want to encourage you to remember the powerful right arm of God the creative arm remind us of what he wants us to be and the redemptive arm raises us where we are and we can be used by God to bring attention to his salvation rests to his Sabbath rest to his sanctuary into a stratum father in heaven where thankful Lord that you've been here with us in spite of us and were thankful for your powerful right is remind us of it day in day memorialize in our lives let us be a test that can be known by others the realizes none of the excellence of the glory of you in Christ's name we pray amen and on


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