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Pews to People

Rod Willey


  • September 22, 2006
    10:00 AM
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him again here without I would like to pray with me once again for having a father I just conceive is now Lord asking that's where the government now to be your words but afraid she would help us to block things were lying there we have swirling around maybe that the patients are the needs of the world that we had ocular health assistant block those that we can hear your voice just now learning to train its as a story is told it is your story Lord I pray that your name would be raised by my Lord that's what has happened to Donna Knight would be just a small thing compared to what it would be that you have for everyone here with ratings and cards naming them all I graduated from Loma Linda in nineteen eighty five really excited was really hard to get throughout one of those perfect students was I always envied it took a while for me again said that really get me down and it was hard to get your school outlay when I celebrated when I graduated from there I had had the world by the tail and I was so excited about it we can hardly wait to get back remove your Illinois where I decided I would associate with a Dennis per year and I was go back to California where I was probably regret we're going to set up our practice their was twenty two years ago and were still there the longer it will happen through that time was was really incredible for the first few years of my dental career I ate lived and breathed industry we've got all the sacrifice he and I had goals oh yeah I also goes I wanted to have a large home nice cars nice vacations all the things that a good career can regain and I remember so I went on it was a got so into needed that is all I could think about I would I would go to church and I would time I had printed down the pew in front of me and I I be thinking about the production of the last week or the patients and what was coming in the next week or the problems in the office I couldn't get it out of my mind about what what what I was doing was so hard even hear a sermon during those times when life really pretty well we have four children all adopted all blessings from God we're very involved in church school Board Chairman by the elders in the church actually we didn't really have a focus on people on the outside you see I thought there was two things you have your church life and you think that you were done with and that I grew up with and on the other side you had your career and an that was that was being what you tell us what you are really all about was that career I remember it was a cold winter weekend we went up the season good friends of ours pastor friends up in Michigan we drove up when we visited with them then remember we're sitting there talking and telling us the pastor about all the things we're planning and vacation we are looking towards going on and I can remember again my dear friend of ours who said something to just completely sent this back to completely vacuum of my wife that she was talking said Donna we can do with your pride while we may pride me she was a traitor a later she was involved with the school as well within our times and we were good church that was we mean in her pride you say he cared enough about us to to really cut to the chase we had to do with your prime she said often wrestles with the mad machinist was lucky enough fire that night unless you sign there what you saw was the future of a direction that we were going because eternally that was where we would end up in fire another way back from to our home we had a passer Manders University and she stopped there she she got a new Bible she looked at she got some other books now Leslie Harding 's back about the wilderness sanctuary she went home she started reading that she started studying she started learning even with really interesting because the time when I she got so excited about what she was learning where she was at that I come home at the end of the day and breakfast dishes were still on the table I was getting worried that wasn't her was lighter but as she would get up early in the morning and she would go through these devotions and I was as I was getting ready for work she would start telling me about the things that she had been studying that day as you start reading them to me and I remember going through my mind as I was working on patients and doing the usual drill and fill that I would be thinking about what she said I remember one day something happened easy I never really listened to it that the church in the office my spiritual walk and my business life one day my office manager came to me in she started telling me about problems we are having in the office and I said you know in resonance it is very simple for you have not hiding windows on it happening because the people are talking each other the Bible says that we should go to one another and asking I brought everybody together for the first time I talked about what the Bible says nineteen eighteen principal and now we should talk to each other and if there was any problems in and get someone else in it but to try to work it out amongst themselves and their difference art and art office these are calming down it was enacted I wanted to our office manager 's office and I could tell something was very wrong she was in there I add is that I said Angela I sorry tell me about things was going on in our life then and I looked at her and I said you know without guide your life these things are never going to change and then she did something that absolutely changed my life she looked at me and she said would you and Donna would you guys mind studying with my husband and I have taken that because I never got up I will study our thinking well we know that the pastor he does so when the head elder adhesive was in Bible studies that we know I was thirty seven years old at the time twenty years anadromous education all sources seminars all the way along and nice things we had all the stuff all the training but not once have I ever given a Bible study someone working on it and and I just kind of blurred out Wilshire and I walked out he went to the assistant office manager she told the assistant austerities that I was so excited Doc and his wife are decided with my husband and I and assistant office manager she looks at her she says that she says you know my husband and I we really don't know anything about the Bible being deeply they would mind if we came to so we ended up doing the final segment my office manager does not measure their husbands I went home that night I told Donna what was going on I was pretty excited about who we were pretty nervous and we didn't know what to do and I got all of these brochures stop a moment and start looking at that it is written in a amazing facts stuff and all the different you know different stuff is out there I went your own volition nothing seemed that nothing seemed that none I got together we did one thing right we got our needs we pray we just ask God to guide us along the way we got up off my knees we both felt oppressive what we needed it as we does they needed to simply start the Scripture is open up the Bible to start Joseph's honorable goal we decided was if we could get them to learn how to study the Bible if they could just learn how to search Scripture for themselves and we would have reached the goal you see if you teach someone to fish they can eat for a lifetime of forgiveness Thursday only have nine nonvegetarians thirty Ginger Scripture they learn how to search the Scriptures we can eat for a lifetime to this night remember that first day when we got together Neves they came to our house done I worried at his quandary and it was it was a half hour before we started and we got in this argument earlier yesterday justice wrote O'Reilly remember what I remember one thing I never thought anything on hold with spray we have people that are coming here this is pretty much as ask God to be here we got down we knelt and asked God to guide and direct in this study they came and we started teaching them about about Scripture we had two days of leave we start with the description with the I will send one was that only the rear to bring to the table with the Bible and that the Bible was indeed the word of God and if it is in the Bible and it's definitely true the Bible cannot contradict itself because if it does and it cannot be perfect therefore the areas where appears to contradict itself we have to search into that more deeply and find out where that word problem is and how does fit together we don't have a cross-reference of Scripture is associating they were getting so excited about a week after week they got to be the thing that I always look forward to it no longer was drilled until I can hardly wait for that Sunday night to come along oh by the way they all had they both have young kids we have an indoor pool in our our home and so we got a a local swimming teacher to come and they talk to kids when classes night neither one of the kids knew how to swim Selena Perez wanted to miss the kids would let him this because they want a swimming class but it was such an exciting time and by Christmas of that time it had grown to seventeen people if yes this young couple are these two young couples and one young couple his parents came to him and I said you know there's something different about you kids is something that seems really different couldn't leave out Bible study you guys have been going to do you think that they would mind if we came to this happen over and over until we had a whole bunch of people that were there but was it Christmas time is an exciting thing on our office managers husband ex- Marine and I begged strong tough guy and he becomes dizzy since then this is so great I'm so excited about this year we are serving God Scripture at Christmas time to day Jesus was born in Ghana let's have you fellas that right if it you need Jesus was actually born on Christmas things oh yeah everybody knows that disheveled on which you and remember me I had been looking for that location relative down relentlessly sober laughing all week long wondering whether the brain he comes in the following week anything violently put down the table and he shaken his head and he says I did not find anywhere where Jesus was born on Christmas Day but they were identified Saturday the Sabbath I recognize elected men argued that this man presented on our seventh message the group that day it was illustrated these week after week it just became so exciting absolutely changed my life as they would ask this question we can have the answers sometimes I would look at Don and I present it to the people I do what you think we were going so cross-referencing from Scripture Scripture sometimes wouldn't have it all we would just simply leave alone when Jim the answer to it is a list of searches out and if we were to come back with an answer and I get on the phone to make a pastor friend had passed him in and out something for the next week this is going so well the people were so convicted that had yet invited the church Cialis got a little bit afraid to church where they said no when any came up to us I said you know I'm rundown and you think what would you mind if maybe could we go to church with you this coming week is now that would be great and so the two young couples they came to church they came for a couple of weeks if you have had experience and seminar is a large church services have someone who's never been in the church service sit right next to you it's eye-opening because some of the jargon that we use unconverted some of our administering and may not make sense to these especially for young people I start hearing questions like if during the other fellow inventors found that wasn't in the eighteen hundreds or earlier why is only and the demand is there ever a women pray why do we have all of these all of these announcements that are going on is there you know I'm I'm just curious it seems like we could spend more time doing something else I start hearing questions and these are young people and I just now fallen in love with Ashley with the Cancun with these with these people are during this whole time they were wanting to do something that was it was exciting to do when I'm going to Cancun in doing this vacation I love them they became my friends that they were they were they were like family and one day they came and they told me well this is Sabbath that we were there and again after that Sabbath service they said Rod yell are really enjoying the services than the Bible studies were really not gaining anything from church service I don't think we went to church anymore I hit like a ton of bricks this is the church that I was married in the church her kids were baptized dedicated and my wife was born and raised in this church was a wonderful church wonderful people our friends were all there but they didn't identify with this I went to our we had a meeting right after that it and we went to the conference president who that's all we could talk about anymore the studies of gas around Donna Howard and the cowardly Bible studies and I said well I told what happened and he looked at me and he said you guys need to plant a church assembly meets with the church were not farmers we can't plant anything is that you need to start a church and we said no and he came back a second time he sent Brian Donna please consider in winter we only have one church in this community we would like to have a second church after not identifying with that and maybe they would identify with the different service within no a second time he came back a third time analysis and by then we were feeling really impressed and compelled to do so I can understand how I can do this by this time I was so busy that we barely had time for the Bible studies and the practice was doing was flourishing was going so well there was no way I had time to actually putting together how the world we do that size I was enough for a speaker I can only I was intended to do such a thing we decided we would go ahead and try we went to the people and anything is the broadest two this was our love for them because they couldn't stand the thought of them not identifying with the church we went to this group we has to resent would you like to begin a church service where we would actually worship together on Sabbath by now they were convicted on the Sabbath they were saying home they were there and why got a call that do this I don't know yes I do because we need a second church in this community and we learned a very close lesson from here we searched around for a ride area and we couldn't we can find a church that was open but would write to us and play my wife said to me said Rod what would you start awaiting the bill of us and we can do that the love we do that but I had a nice vaulted ceiling and so we ended up thinking that we could take all the pictures out Natalie ended up doing we took all the pictures down from dentistry and took all the way to ensure that we put in nice chairs and put it all podium and we started doing church service there we learned very important principle and that is this is an imprint of principle that we all need to know very closely especially for thinking about about what all were laymen another this summer where you are with who you have with what you have all theater had was about the only hand Jesus said that the UN out of the water he preached an incredible message from Peter 's vote all we had was all we had was a dental office so we started in the dental office with you we had people that we are studying with with what we had spirit of God and we were there for six nine seven it was such an exciting time in a grueling finally there is a bunch of kids in there and they were just having to sit in the front and all the LB adults where were sitting on the chairs and we were just loving life we felt that God had called the suggests simply grow to this point we were just packed in like sardines but we need to do something else we call for a meeting that night meeting our house and we asked the people they would like to do that they said yes we decide to search out the area and come back the following week to decide and see if there was another place within the week of me following week we get back together and are dull lesson teacher not yet assumed that she see we haven't had a baptism to was Donna nine when a couple we can do it also our adult lesson teacher was not a appetizing number our youth director was not baptized member our clerk was not a peptides member and head deacon was not a baptized member we got together that night stand he says well we'll couldn't find anything there is only one person felt something was an empty building a school building in it we say we should look and see what that looks like we say we were going and he had made arrangements to go and see it following day we went and checked it out with the selected custodian the show is the billing Phyllis sixteen classroom building on nine news twenty five thousand square foot building on ten acres to ball diamonds gorgeous building any well you enjoy scenarios you can read that it was going up for sale minimum does a hundred and fifty thousand for some reason do not and so I nice well-rounded villa rent does become the meeting at nine and our good friend in the adult lesson schoolteacher teacher at Sabbath lessons that he was stepping into the Jordan going across in the end of the promised land and he lets in the end I and he said lightly when it begins we need to get this building is as you know we needed to step in the water I told U know folks hope that we can do this in the retry why easy as a company status with our church we been very careful in making sure our time with the conference in Windows follow the guidelines right down the way in organizing the conference everything was to the button that she exactly what the conference and assess new Whidbey we cannot do is purchase property the church and so I tell my thing you know I'd like to do this but we really well were not a church status to become a church where the company says I go through trying to explain this to them you know any settlor to become a church as well they elected the same base that you have no how long you've been there the number of people that you have that's that's coming and you know the number of baptism that she had an election he says will take me baptize and I live my life a living MSN entries are here elected like me raises hand and Linda raises her hand and Lily raised his hand and raises her hand then he raises his hand any rate raises her hand we had eight people that night right after baptism then our visits Haiti I'm fighting back tears I can hardly stand we get down on her knees we pray that we get up off my knees and vote on this week we vote yes it was unanimous it were to buy this church I put in there I thinking over to do this and we need to you sure we allow God to do we need a driver flees the places that would have the minimum bid hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the building if anyone builds on and if anyone gives a dollar more than that there was address and God wants us to have no one else bid on building and they will guarantee that everything works to fix the roof and everything works well for year well I called my dad and I told what we've done and he says well yesterday we just did something we can do it I will howl in all it's all about the whole thing so well I would just purchase of privately and then we'll just let the church River lesson that way it's Israel's illustrate to doubt that is the only thing that came in it we got a four hundred fifty thousand dollars a day agree would be with guaranteeing that everything would work that throughout the whole thing what we did not realize is that when you donate of a building to a nonprofit organization get to write off the appraised value not what you pay for it appraised at eight hundred thousand dollars we literally change save more in taxes than what the building cost that is what can happen when we step out in faith we do what God has called us to do is not that I only have about three more minutes here I is so incredible we've had we've had a little over a hundred baptisms in this time it's absolutely change your life my life is no longer about drilling and filling I got to tell you just a couple of stories of things that happen one person he came in right after this that we had we're having a air-conditioning problem and local heating and air-conditioning guy he comes to us and Willie just been baptized someone that was he was my maintenance man at the time one hundred is one that has been baptized and so he was showing air-conditioned Iran the guy says well if you like a guy get you part to fix it up but I'll be back in just a few days with insects and lilies of the other anytime a Friday night or Saturday were not opening so I wouldn't come in anyway that's the Lords and weekly Cincinnati says you go to church and says why don't go to church I just know that supports a piece of the five turns out that someone had given a great controversy to him in his home couldn't and it sat there for six months he finally picked up read about it was convicted on the Sabbath I talked to him he says I don't knows it is e.g. white guy boy he's really very rebaptized rebaptized George there is so many stories like this and I can tell you but I can tell you like to just finish with this what if we had said no Wesley said we cannot do this work with Sindelar not me or would we be without a problem with time tonight I finally get it I got my knees went in I pray Lord you're the creator time creating some time we don't have time to get all this done I was impressed that I needed to hire another dentist our practice is absolutely flourished since the point we started this ten years ago to now we now have nine Dennis the word forming for specialists a full-service dental laboratory a huge huge double bass are cracks in the top one half of one percent in the nation and I have more time for ministry in undergrad we don't have problems that God does not have answers to God does not call us to something without giving us the ability to do it and as health professionals God has called us here for a reason per the experience we've had this were just ordinary people there's nothing special about us but God can take ordinary people and he can do something incredible with ordinary people if we had sent no we would've missed out on the unseen the miracles of life 's changed my life Michael pastored a church would never have paid pastor there were treated like a passer through aggressively got all the passive means we actually have pastor 's credentials and doing baptisms they finally got tired coming out doing baptisms until the solution should start doing myself there's been such an incredible time incredible life again what I would like to leave you with is this start where you are with who you have with what you have pray and ask God to send someone to make it clear in your mind what it is that God would have you to do so that you too can experience a lifetime of joy in Christ thank you


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