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Old Testament Types of Jesus

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • July 6, 2012
    4:30 PM
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and I introduce our next speaker good afternoon everybody and welcome to another session before he was my boss the next theater was my pastor and I remember one night we were playing basketball at the gym and sacramental harvest Academy and I have the great misfortune of locking my keys in my car your .net well I made a mistake once of asking a police officer to help me out to Mike a half hour to get me and my car within the next figure when I asked it because I asked an experienced breaking into cars and only took them five minutes I like to welcome bachelor degree and speak for us I've never been introduced like that before thank you Dave I do appreciate it it all along that line we we had a gentleman that our church it was a good and neat story men have a more rough life we saw the select committee church he was just as his wide at the side of a barn all muscle shaved head tattoo from bow to stern and we are Lebanese out right up front and you know when your visitors and church said come down for a double to make a pronouncement or what there to do it and turned out to disband the most wonderful testimony into prison gangs and drugs and he found the Lord remarkable testimony he died couple years later from heart failure of our member one day shortly after he became a member and certainly the central church should I lock my keys out of the car and someone said our pastor can help you him talk about the irony of me in my suit helping this guy from prison this was a really great friendship after that right on I have limited time a lot of want to share with you and them I want to talk to you this is different from my getting up and maybe destroying an inspirational message or sermon I want to talk to little bit about why the Bible is precious to me and how I study the Bible and hopefully you can glean some some of the edges of the field from what I share for yourself on the first of all just to boil things down let's assume that you have realized somewhere along the way that you're here on how old you were when you first realize that you were and he became aware that you exist within somewhere not long after that you'll start wondering why am I here in the secret to happiness in life is you need to answer three very important questions all I want to welcome Mrs. bachelor were you sitting at your miles for birthday so what does the word so glad that we could spend this afternoon together we flew over from home and the boys with grandma and that another other places in medicine and having fun together so we were spending army with you anyway three big questions you need to answer where they come from what am I doing here and where my going if you can't answer those questions then on how you can be happy or have any security or peace I ultimately after seventeen eighteen years of trying everything I could figure out came to believe that the answer to those questions are and I fell in love with the Bible and my first allegiance is to the Scriptures the Bible changed my life I became convinced that it is the map with the purpose of life that God has communicated to humanity his perfect will in this incredibly blessed protected inspired book it is unlike any other book and there's a lot of good books out there that the Bible is apart and above and beyond any other book it is secret it is holy it's the word of God Christ came from the father God became a man to communicate cool he was to us in the Bible says God became the word and unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood half naked Christ in you it's off to the word the Bible everything the reason I'm a Seventh-day Adventist is not because I never even heard of this church before midnight had a Jewish mother Annette 's Baptist father went to Catholic school and never heard seventy but when I read the Bible and found all the divisions among Christians has visited many different churches and worship of charismatics and evangelicals unlike the Christian people that love the word that they just something was off and I praise the Lord I believe the Bible is the truth I want to know what the truth is and ultimately some of you heard the testimony I I found the Seventh-day Adventist church I also read that the Spirit of prophecy innocent witnesses right winding up with the Bible and the survival is the reason that I became a Seventh-day Adventist and what really became exciting to me is when I came to realize that the whole Bible is about Jesus not just the New Testament I remember worshiping with my friends from my possibly charismatic churches and I'd ask some questions as I read through the Old Testament like about at one I feel and I said well dismiss the Bible Jesus read the ones no New Testament and ten percent of everything Jesus said he's quoting from the Old Testament and if anything one of the great diseases that modern Christians suffer from is an ignorance of the Old Testament as the Old Testament is the foundation on which the whole New Testament rests and in all talks about Jesus you do not first learn about Jesus in the New Testament you find out about Jesus in Genesis and if there is one central theme of the Old Testament of the New Testament writers tell us is that you see Christ in the Old Testament now I'm good to read a little bit to get someone to stay with me because I normally don't read so many notes when I preach but I want to share a few things were going to start with him this is from the book that I might know him impeached two oh eight and she begins by quoting the reference in Luke chapter twenty four for the two on the road to amass and don't know Jesus with and they hear Jesus hears him complaining about we thought Christ was the Messiah died without bodies Mussina we don't know what to do and in Jesus it was a sad indication that you have with each other and finally he says O fools and slow of heart to believe all the prophets spoke on not Christ would suffer these things and entered into his glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded on to them in all the Scriptures how much Bible was in existence when Jesus did just the Old Testament he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself all the Scriptures talk about Jesus after Philip found within John one verse forty five he said we have found him all of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote Moses along the prophets wrote about Jesus and Jesus said John fibers thirty nine or forty you search the Scriptures for and then you think you have eternal life is either a bit testify of me the Old Testament there was no New Testament when he said that testifies of Jesus and so the central thing I want to share with you is that as I read the Bible UN Old Testament I look for Jesus and I see him everywhere and is not just Christ I see pictures of Christ through all the Old Testament heroes I see also the New Testament but I see the gospel in the stories that to me it is one of the greatest signs that God is God that he is sovereign in that somebody could live their life and then finally be buried away and you can look at their life and it was an inspired Bible character and you can see the gospel portrayed in what was reported about their life and they may not have ever known they were leaving out types of the gospel in their life only God can orchestrate something like that but only share little amazing fact with you maybe you've heard to say I share it on the radio program of the wreck of the type on April fourteen nineteen twelve the huge ship Titanic was steaming across the Atlantic towards New York and it was deemed to be the unsinkable ship out right now April was the one hundred year anniversary of that event on its main voice the Captain was encouraged great record for speed while making the crossing as most people know after striking an iceberg and sank will ship went down only a matter of a couple of hours out of two thousand two hundred people only seven hundred and eleven were saved since then have been many books and movies and stories about the Titanic but there is one fictional story of a fictional story written by a merchant seaman by the name of Morgan Robinson listen carefully Robinson 's book was about an unsinkable passenger liner that sank while carrying an elite group of people of the time the ship and Robinson story was called the type and in the book that was titled the rank of the Titan even though the book is fictitious events in the story of an amazing parallel to the events of the Titanic is a few of the comparisons in the book written by Robertson called the type they reckoned the Titan got one call to tighten one called the Titanic the Titans eight hundred feet long Titanic is a hundred and eighty two feet the width of the type ninety feet Titanic ninety two feet the top speed of the type was twenty five knots titanic twenty three knots the watertight compartments in the Titan nineteenth Titanic sixteen propeller three on both ships which was unheard of in the day capacity the type three thousand capacity of the Titanic three thousand two hundred and fifty other people on board there were two thousand the Titanic was two thousand two hundred and twenty four votes no problem on the type Elliott twenty votes in the Titanic known in ceiling of the type they were going from New York to England the Titanic was going from England to New York both ships were advertised as being unsinkable both suits were encouraged to break speed records during the work voyage both should say striking a pyramid shaped iceberg that had just turned over both ships were on the maiden voyage most of the well-to-do people were on the type and the Titanic only one third of the passengers on the ship survived multitudes had an adequate number of lifeboats now interesting thing was Robinson 's book record type was never published each time the editors rejected his book and said that it was too unbelievable to ever occur interesting thing was the wreck of the type was written in eighteen ninety eight Krista Titanic sank in April nineteen twelve what are the chances of there being that many similarities are most makes you wonder if that semen was given and somehow I trust that Eckley if it's a coincidence it is a very amazing coincidence but I wonder sometimes of God gives people certain insights to try and catch your attention help us realize there must be a God but these things can happen when you read through the stories of the characters in the Bible there are too many coincidences between their lives and events in their lives and the life of Jesus to think that it's a Quince 's and Bible tells us that we should lead the server the spirit of prophecy in the Bible tells us we should read the Scriptures looking for Christ in these things even Jesus said it give you a quote from my own when I never read it one more time that I might know him page two oh eight there is one great central truth that is to be kept ever before the mind in searching the Scriptures what is the central truth Christ and him crucified every other truth is invested with its influence and power corresponding to its relation with the same it is only in the light of the cross and we can discern so here are the logon the soul palsied by sending the endowed with life only through the work one out upon the cross by the author of our salvation the love of Christ constrains managed to unite with him in his labors in the sacrifice the revelation of divine love awakens in them a sense of the neglected obligation to be like bears to the world inspires them with the missionary spirit and truth enlightens the mind and sanctifies the soul you won't vanish unbelieving inspire faith when Christ and his work of redemption is seen to be the great central truth in the system of truth a new light shed upon all events of the past and the future beer scene in a new relation and possess a new deeper significance the Old Testament notice is is verily the gospel Old Testament only tells us is this is verily the gospel in types and shadows as the New Testament is in its unfolding power you don't just read the New Testament find the gospel in the types in the shadows you see in the Old Testament the gospel is there and that's how it should be read of you some examples in a moment the New Testament does not present a new religion how many times when I was worshiping with my charismatic friends and I still have a lot of friends that are non- Adventist Christians and study with matter-of-fact just flying over ours talking to Karen I'm slated to have a meeting with the president of the national religious broadcasters convention and another president of another ministry name because the other ministry has wondered if Seventh-day Adventists are occult and if we should be allowed to be part of the religious broadcasters of is nothing in our core beliefs that goes against what the broadcast subliminal broadcasters and Jews and everybody departed and so were trying to schedule a meeting and I hope you pray for that you have the president visit with us at the office and the great opportunities in America witnessed by the way a lot of these leaders of other churches watch amazing facts the replace him unless I totally didn't even think about this it just came to me I'll mention the circular limit one of the ministry leaders I have any of you be honest and never heard of Doctor David Jeremiah and his political turning funds you okay good man I would only agree obviously he saves energy capacity so you love the Lord loves the Bible preaches the Bible sermons and we met years ago at 's program is one of the top ten Christian programs in the world we met several years ago at the religious broadcasters convention and he came up in the City Hall watcher programs are really preachy preach the word is very nice and so we've met here a few weeks is a little bit very nice he came to Sacramento and rented the Arco Arena earlier this year I met with the date was and he sent us some tickets sold he worked with all the various underpasses to get their churches together it was a nondenominational event and it was Friday evening I thought you don't forget it I asked Karen prayed about this now we are going to shake and say hi if we can anyway so it was just of the gospel presentation recently go so we went and this is article reveals the biggest basketball seating area in the Sacramento area and we've been getting floor seats because we broadcast on the same station as Doctor Jeremiah four rows from the front of the local sponsoring pastors were sitting in front of us because were on if I radio 's receptor never told him we were coming never said anything to him to set down front the first thing we realize they broke up the cameras videotaping the whole thing I thought Karen is a mandatory six F and I told Karen and and then I said no the music here might be a little rambunctious I just feel that was one of my real concerns so we set up sure enough development and very talented you know it wasn't my kind of music and the soliciting their names on the camera when my with whom I can look down at on Friday be discreet and then eventually after the luminaries and such he finally comes up to present the message he looks down and he looks at me is his friend with a special guests in the audience inside him and pastor Doug bachelor of amazing taxes here if you know he's on television more than law and order him to does not exist in the nest then I will be Sunday keepers I don't know if there is another element is in the building meal and they come up and asking Karen right for pictures and autographs a missing we want to program but also some egregious religious sitting in front of his brother Douglas a legacy here we see on television every week and watching and listening anyway you know why went down that road I have forgotten how I remember I was always talking about one of the great flaws Lacey is that a lot of our Sunday keeping friends are missing out because they believe the Old Testament because the argument of the Christian reasonable Bible I think you have no choice but to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian you can understand the difference in the covenants it's a slamdunk it is so clear to me anyway back to when I was reading your cell phone the Old Testament is is verily the gospel in types and shadows as the New Testament in its unfolding power the New Testament does not present the new religion the Old Testament does not present a religion to be superseded by the new the New Testament is only the advancements and unfolding of the old Ava was a believer in Christ is verily and when was the early C- power as was Peter and Paul he knew it was a representative of Christ as surely as was the beloved disciple John God who walked with unit was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he was alive the world and just as he is now the truth for this time is broad in its outline 's far-reaching embracing many doctrines but these doctrines are not detached items that mean little the United by golden threads forming a complete hole with Christ is the living center of your or the expression they can't see the forest of the trees are in the way our person can get so far down in the weeds and missed the big picture you could be so close up to tapestry all you see is threat and that's the latest of a lot of Christians if you stand back and you look at them the pictures of panorama of the Bible you're in a C Jesus all the way from Genesis to Revelation it's all about Christ now I'd like to quickly go through with you and I've got my my this other quote here I like to quickly go through some examples let's take some Bible characters and about when working on a book right now God willing that will be done this year is talking about Christ and all the Bible it's a quick summary of some of the Bible characters in stories and in the typology to you see in the Bible first of all when you look in first Corinthians chapter ten verse eleven December eleven after Paul making a number of analogies of Bible shirkers and how to apply them to the New Testament I heard down manual back in just a moment ago is talking about clothing representing righteousness and by the way when we make a little disclaimer here be careful when it comes the Bible types and symbols and typology that you don't start reading the Bible so that you see he is nothing really means what it says you want the Bible to be a reference on his history and its physiological study but then sometimes take a picture when you stand back and say do I see Christ in the story but don't take every word in the Bible to who I wonder what the hidden meaning of this is because you can get so your you know you just overdo it inordinate there are clear Bible symbols that you can look at and you see them first Renteria 's ten verse eleven now all these things happen as examples and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have the word for examples there is too close to increase our types and he talked about the rock being Christ and the children of his word baptize in the Red Sea Red Sea going down represents baptism and they were baptized in the fire that killed her fire and they could get to the promised land until they went through the water and they went through the fire and is a good spiritual written about that and unless you are born Jesus said of the water end of the spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven are whole world was baptized by water back you know what state you will be baptized by fire when Jesus comes again and then he makes a new heaven and a new earth and it talks about the Christ was the water that flowed out of the rock and Jesus is the bread that comes down from heaven so you understand what these some of these symbols are all right him writers are most of them understood that and you'll see the symbols woven throughout our hymnal do we have to guess that Jesus is typified in Adam Noah Paul says in Romans chapter fibers fourteen nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses even over those who had not sinned according to the likeness of the transgression of Adam who is a type of him who was to come how could Adam be a type of Christ the mean after all he felt well but think about the for all was made on the sixth day of the week he was asleep until God reason and mayhem Jesus by the way I was naked when he was made Jesus the second Adam became naked on the sixth day of the week and he breathed his last daughter opened up out of the side and brought out his wife on the cross Jesus I was opened and out came the church in that blood in that water it's interesting that Adam fell in a paradise and Jesus overcame in a burning wilderness Avenue so many parallels there I don't have time to go through them all but if you look at Kane and Abel Abel in particular able is a good shepherd is and why is able kill the first murder is a good shepherd is killed and he was a younger killed by the older it's interesting how often the younger in the Bible becomes the one who is the chosen line is not killed because of his dynasty still because he's following not because of his goodness why was Jesus our good Shepherd killed by his own family in the end of time the battle between good and evil it's going to the two groups acclaimed worship the same God one will be persecuting the other because of worship and the right to market the beast and the seal of God in fact outside the gates of the garden can enable both claim to worship the same God they worship differently and one persecuted the other nonsense happening in the end of time and hold gospel story is in there by the way the blood of Abel speaks to us today Hebrews twelve twenty four and Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant and the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things in that enable your member when the blood of Abel cried out to the father the blood of Jesus speaks of the five you are you going quickly Genesis five twenty four he never walk with God Judy tells a scenic the seventh from Adam meaning the seventh generation seventy in a perfect number unique walks with God he has this wonderful relationship Jesus walked with the father unique as a preacher of righteousness Jesus was a preacher of righteousness what a preachy said the Lord is coming with ten thousand other things that Jesus preached that he was coming again with all the angels of heaven Enoch goes up he ascends he's the first one who is translated Jesus is the perfect one of the father was translated jumping down to Noah is no type of Christ all the world is saved through Noah anyone here not related to know like to talk were all saved through the bloodline of Malawi and Noah build an ark and you had to be in that arcade unless we are in Christ we cannot be saved that arc was beaten by a storm it survived G Jesus was beaten by storm of persecution and yet he survived in the story of Abraham and Isaac many things we could say here is much more would it say about the other characters to especially in the story were Abraham gets that message from God it is a take your son your only son the promised son who you love but always the younger son and he took him up on the mountain they went three and a half days in place of sacrifice in order to get to three days journey the mountains they leave the service and go up the mountain half a day 's journey Christ from the beginning of his ministry his baptism when he was anointed for his ministry during a half years they been a year prophecy to the place of sacrifice by the way almost the same on both the mount Mariah was the same mountains where Jesus died it wasn't any one specific moment they believe it was the spot where the Temple was built Christ died right across the valley from that on Calvary and so very same spot and as a going up the mountain together the census of the father Isaac we got to the apron my father we got the that the land of sorry we got the fire and we've got the wood and the wood was placed on Isaac 's back Jesus went up the mountain with the wood on his back and he said but where is the land is a great great statement Abraham says my son God will provide himself a lamb to see the gospel in that story anyway to get them out after Abraham is willing to make this incredible sacrifice of his son to follow God to have faith in God believing that God was able to raise him up as Jesus would be raised to than God stops Abraham and he directs them to a land which is a male lamb that is hot like his horns in a stick and I would think if there is a foreign bush so here you get a RAM with a crown before it's the pizza place again a type of Christ jumped onto Melchizedek had a lot of interesting questions about Melchizedek some wondered was actually Jesus will not use a type of Jesus but he was a real person and that you can understand that the also from the spirit of prophecy some people wonder if Melchizedek was some kind of apparition or this was a Christophe any one of the examples were Jesus appears in the Old Testament because Paul says without genealogy without beginning or end policy saying that there is no genealogy meaning like Christ him news from everlasting to everlasting he was a real person of the genealogy listed was no genealogy for several Old Testament characters by this ideology from the young but he really live some of wondered if milk is a neck was sham you realize that Shannon was still alive what person could be a high priest that would be superior to Abraham and one theory and I'm not endorsing this is telling you the one theory was that after Abraham becomes settled Shem who is still worshiping the true God he came and he moved into the country knowing that God had given that land was people and he was a high priest in any event whether that's true or not the point is that Melchizedek means King of righteousness is a type of Christ who is our king of righteousness Jesus and following a battle with the enemy to liberate his son he is a nephew a lot Abraham returning he paced hired to milk is that who comes out to greet them and brings them of bread and wine what is Jesus due to steal the covenant with his people isn't it through the bread and grape juice and he is our king of righteousness and by the way he's called the king of Salem that place where he is the King of was later known as a general shallow and that means city of peace Jesus is our king of righteousness of the new Jerusalem so yes Melchizedek is a very different type of Jesus the Christ there we can jump to Jacob and I can talk about Isaac President already one of the mountain he was that sacrificed with Abraham Isaac Jacob by the way you ram Isaac and Jacob this one were simple all three of the patriarchs him they bring their wives out of Babylon or Mesopotamia into the promised land Abraham takes his wife Sarah brings her from babbling into the promised land I him twice as fast by Eleazar from Mesopotamia to the promised land in the Jacob goes back to Herod he gets his life from across the Euphrates rings are back to the promised land and then ultimately got steeper carried about with him in the Old Testament God calls them under the high priest Joshua was Joshua meeting great Jesus 's same name right brings the people out into the promised land and in the last these guys is that when this fall and come out of her my people he come out of babbling into the new Jerusalem into the promised land is so you going to take a really quickly Jacob he is called the over comer all Israel is named after Jacob the new name that he gets because he goes from being a deceiver to being a prince with God we go from old means a new name is and I think you'll give us a new name he becomes the patriarch of the twelve tribes Jesus finds the twelve apostles of course you got the names of the twelve tribes and the twelve apostles in the new Jerusalem is much more I could say about Jacob he anoints a rock is in Christ the rock of ages isn't he the anointed word for Messiah in the Old Testament is the anointed crystals of Christ the New Testament is the anointed then go to Moses wow we spent a lot of time with Moses Deuteronomy eighteen Moses himself said verse fifteen the Lord your God will raise up if often from among you like me from your midst from your brethren can usually hear that's when John the Baptist came along we went to Minnesota are you a lifetime to know this and are you surprised me we said it was this nameless accident would come most promise are you the second half and a question arises several times in the New Testament who is this great prophet Moses spoke about you was Jesus but the similarities between Moses and Jesus by the way Jesus did as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so the Son of Man will be lifted up remember Moses lifted up the serpent on a Poland that everybody looking and live crisis if I am lifted up I will draw on man it is through the look of faith Christ dying for us on the cross we are safe from the venom of sand like the children of Israel were after they were bitten by the service we've all been by the servicewomen is through looking interface your member the story in the Bible where the Amalekites attacked the children of Israel from behind after they crossed the Red Sea and God tells Moses to go upon amount is it lit your hands and intercede for the people and so he trained for the people while Joshua was fighting with the Army against the Amalekites as long as they could see out of the corner there I Moses up on the hill interceding they were victorious but Moses hands get tired and eventually put them down to rest and get the circulation bank again I membered military school one punishment lesbian to stand like this in the military unit and you get we aren't just burn can hold up anymore and he let his arms down and also the enemy began to get the victory is always needless to back up again it needs to prevail in any reserve Aaron and Hur held up his hands the point being as long as we can see Christ at the right hand of the father spreading out his hands ever living to make intercession for us through faith and made intercession that he is there as our mediator crisis on the site of the old stoves we had three settings low hot one in between whimsical medium death were low which sent got as high Jesus is the latter that Jacob dreamed around the preaching from heaven to earth he is the mediator between God and man he's our intercessor God became a man in Christ is our perfect example like most of us interesting that Moses was born from among slaves enslaving line but he never was a slave Jesus was born from among men but he never said water means multitudes of people Moses was drawn from the water Christ came from among the people to save people other so many analogies of AC I get time for a few more both Moses and Jesus were saved from death as instruments there was genocide against the baby boy is when Moses was born the devil was trying to prevent the Messiah from coming it also did that with the seed of David when half a lien was clean and he did it again during the time of Christ were here till all the babies in Bethlehem interesting parallel the Bible says that he grew up even though he grew among the people of Pharaoh he never was one of them he wanted to redeem his own confused earthly wealth you can read in Hebrews chapter twenty four by faith Moses when he came to age he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God and to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin for a season that the devil come into Jesus with a worldly wealth all the kingdoms of the world I'll give you a few down then he turned his back on it because of the joy of saving you and me it's interesting that Moses finds a woman at a well and ends up marrying her and Jesus meets a woman at a well and who has had six husband wealthy got five husbands one boyfriend a crisis of becoming the seventh Moses married one of the seven girls that came to the well Moses is a great long different pieces a great lawgiver Moses was a judge Jesus was the judge Moses had seventy elders and twelve tribes Jesus had twelve apostles and seventy degrees sent out Moses fast the forty days and forty nights as did Jesus and Elijah Moses was a good shepherd Jesus was a good shepherd bread came down from heaven during the time of Moses as it did during the time of Jesus and what shall I more say what time would fail me double defeated the servant became down from the mountains to teach in the same Moses was blowing on a mountaintop in God he so bright they can look at them Jesus was blowing on a mountaintop the spirit of most stunts and I will take of the Spirit is on you and I will put it on him Jesus did he deliver his spirit to others he breathed on them and said receive ye the Holy Spirit Moses delivered the people from slavery and use his power to save them from bondage can Jesus save you from slavery and deliver you from the bondage of the devil they both built a temple most is the one in the wilderness Jesus said destroy this temple made with hands in three days I'll make one without hands you are the temple of God collectively not only is your body the Temple we are the temple of God they were willing to forfeit their lives to God 's people might be saved Exodus thirty two thirty two if you will now forgive their sin if not take my name from the book of life that your people might be saved Jesus is not my will be done both were resurrected how do you think it isn't Moses appears to Jesus on the Transfiguration him reading your verse nine Michael Caine and raise Moses Jesus is also resurrected home so much more what about the parallels between Joseph and Jesus all so much there was Joseph sold by his brothers because it is that Mister is goodness if you have a long relationship with the father he was the youngest Moses was the youngest David was the youngest and they take your brother Joseph ever thrown a pick crisis put in the tomb and they cover a road with Vladimir presented to their father in to cover their sin they presented their father a bloodstained robe what is that the covers arson is that the bloodstained robe of Jesus Yeltsin Jesus left behind was a bloodstained robe Joseph was beloved of the father prices the beloved of the father of both are described as highest yield is no real sin recorded in the Bible of Joseph W examples of purity and innocence one of a couple of places you can point in the Bible of men who are not overcome by temptation they get the victory and you know versus Job in this a few others there but that Christ got the victory was Joseph falsely accused false witnesses put him away false witnesses for Jesus away does Joseph forgive his brothers after all he goes there because of this and he freely forgives them in Jesus as he's been stretched upon the cross of Christ father forgive them I can't even comprehend they don't know what they're doing Joseph is sold for the price of a slave Jesus is sold for silver in the price of a slave Joseph goes to Egypt Jesus goes to each because it is going how we are saved Joseph tests his brethren with bread Jesus tests us with the word of God and there's a miracle with bread Jones is in prison is so much out of time forget about a third of the Genesis is Joseph a third of the book of Genesis really dealing with Joseph so he can cover all very quick there is so much more here Joseph is in a prison and while he's in that prison there's one on the right is while the left and want to save them on his loss and he interprets her dreams Jesus is flanked on the right and the left but one received because he he speaks our faith and the other is lost Jesus interestingly enough as a Joseph at his birth his father and his daughter Joseph at his death Joseph of Arimathea and is it Joseph has dreams connected with the birth of Christ his father Joseph and so much more here friends in a wedding and I just I don't have time to read everything I really want to read but I like to summarize something for your use you can go all the way I just got a lot enough genesis of me what shall I more say if you go to Hebrews eleven and you talk about getting a company in mind you talk about Ruth Nielsen stories of the King 's and David and there so many stories and semester so many stories of Christ in their somebody else wrote this I've edited a little bit I took some freedom licensed through it but I thought it was good in Genesis he is the seed of the woman in ecstasy as the land for sinners slain in Leviticus using a high priest in numbers the star of Jacob and Deuteronomy the prophet like Moses and the great rock in Joshua he is the captain of the Lord of hosts in judges he is the messenger of Jehovah him CSR Kinsman Redeemer and faithful if Samuel he is a great chance at the first Samuel second Samuel he's a princely king at first came using the choice in second Kings he is the holiest of all in first Chronicles he is the King by birth and second Chronicles the king by drug in Ezra is seen as the Lord of heaven and earth and Nehemiah is the builder and Esther he is our morning TI and Job these are these men are reason returning Redeemer insolvencies the son of God and the good Shepherd controversy is our wisdom Ecclesiastes he is the one the above the sun in the song of Solomon he is a great church longer the one holding to wait altogether lovely the chiefest among ten thousand in Isaiah he's the suffering and the glorified service in Jeremiah he is the Lord our righteousness in Lamentations he is a man of sorrows in Ezekiel use the glorious God and Daniel gives the stone in the Messiah and José I can use the risen son of God into old he is the poor of the spirit in a misused eternal Christ in Obadiah the forgiving Christ in John a Hughes the reason profit in my fifties and therefore my in mayhem he's the bringer of good tidings and how to get these the Lord in his holy temple in Zephaniah he is the merciful Christ in Haggai the desire of all nations and Zachariah he's the branch in Malachi is the sun of righteousness with healing in his wing 's and Matthew he's the king of the Jews in Mark the service to loop the perfect son of man in John is the son of God and axes the ascended Lord and Romans he's the Lord our righteousness is in first Corinthians he's our resurrection second Corinthians our comforter in Galatians the end of the wall in Ephesians he's the head of the church in Philippians he says liar of every need and Colossians these the fullness of the Godhead first Thessalonians he comes first church second Thessalonians he comes with his church first Timothy he is the mediator second Timothy the store of crowns in Titus is a great God and Savior and Philemon the prayer of crowns in Hebrews he's the rest of the faithful and the fulfill or other types in James he's the Lord drawing night in Peter the vicarious sufferer in second Peter the Lord of glory in first John is the way in seconds on his the truth converge on his life in June he is our security and revelation he is the lion of the tribe of Judah the Lamb of God the bright and morning star the King of kings and Lord of lords out of Omega from everlasting to everlasting so much for Jesus is the Bible if you want to get to know Craig Christ that her friends look for Jesus and everything you read the gospel losing all these stories they all testified on this closest segment with you with prayer your loving father of mortgages stirs my heart I trust each of us when we see what a supernatural spec document book the Bible is that it is just we can never plumb the depths of the meaning and the message that is in its sacred pages and I pray Lord that as we approach the great privilege of reading your holy Word that will do it in prayer that we will be soldiers in your army I pray that every time we open this book the languages lays out its pages in your hearts souls and I ask Lord will bless the remainder of this conference pour out your spirit and help us to see Jesus and lift him up and all we seem to in his name we pray and


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