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Health Education as Introductory Contact

Arthur Weaver


  • September 22, 2006
    10:45 AM
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the awesome number one movie stories one one one oh I know thinking a little bit zero about the film of the interesting things and happened to us heard some evil talking about the problem of praying with your patients I should say that the sergeants of some of Vanity Fair week because of the fifty years of the practice of fifty plus years I guess I practiced surgery and I asked measures would you like me to pray with you before we do this operation I only had one turn without so that's about the party high percentage from a few two thousand one research started it's amazing that they'll they'll be happy to have you pray for them another interesting thing I've noticed is that how God works from very small questions in the attachments on just the items in private practice in Pontiac after I finished my residency and a nurse came up to me one day and she said the doctor we were strongly in the Bible where it says you should need me she had discovered I was a vegetarian is at all you doesn't say that the Bible mother says a lot of other things about what we should he knew would you like to study that she should now contend my friend Mary come to adjust from that we had two baptisms of the nurses are so let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you have opportunities they about I talked a little bit about the car overall nineteen sixty six two thousand and six experiences in the trying to utilize health outreach to meet the people my wife and I firmly spent five years in Pakistan from nineteen sixty one to nineteen sixty six all I given some lectures and high schools in the light but we never had a consistent health outreach and when we returned to do Michigan I've taken a position teaching surgery Wednesday to University of was nineteen sixty six interesting things were happening particularly when smoking feel them at that time I remember when the Surgeon General fired the cannon across the file of the tobacco industry and came up but actually said that smoking causes cancer development many people thinking that a long before that it was interesting that we do not report came out on January eleven nineteen ninety four the committee and social report by actually six weeks before that and know why he delighted because he was a smoker and he wanted to let anyone deceive a good steak with its so he waited six weeks of what would I say okay there are talk to the typos first time I saw that it will I should value you would come to this PowerPoint is the first one I ever did get you guys are trying to drag me into the twenty first century are twenty seconds under what whatever and I found the carousels work so well you know you click the clicker is in the overhead you know like that of thank you very home I have never even noticed the large type it myself it was nice it was the nineteen sixty four is the was quite interesting that there was in the Adventist church of course you probably remember what I get that trackpad it Doctor McFarlane and most of Lautenberg and had started the five day plan on the first one there in Trenton Massachusetts in nineteen sixty and a good developed a plan at night and opened up to the church the Mac OS X of a interesting in nineteen sixty many of you young people can remember but to more than fifty percent of the males smoke the women were working hard to catch up smoking was sexually the athletes were advertising it to all the movie stars were worth they are showing it was cool that was sophisticated where no restraints on advertising even advertised in the medical journals on the majority of physicians moved to give young frustrations and be grateful you didn't have to go to medical meetings where you'd end up with a terrible headache because you leave that are aware where everyone not was smoking the only public non-smoking session will will raise cigarettes were sold without any restriction then you could buy a month while not everyone are it's sort of interesting that 's pharmacy advertising I think it was in nineteen seventy one that it was in January favored January two hundred and eight seventy one northern Maine in January had to be after the Super Bowl something to put into the Michelangelo Monday Roberto yours solely allocated back to the Detroit metropolitan area nineteen sixty six smoking risks were getting some more media attention that was actually no support actually in the metropolitan Detroit area at that time to help people get over their addiction of the five-day plan had some media attention I know that while one of my given when I give it a try one of the nice things about it then was that you didn't have any trouble getting media attention if you have a non-smoking program merchandise is much more much more difficult now I've noticed that you can have a couple cases of the lesson learned dysentery from eating spinach in the will be covered in all the news but you can have twelve thousand people die the same day from smoking and lowlands of paying any attention but if we order them to stop smoking clinic you need to do is go to the newspaper of the radio and I would be happy to give you some publicity it was so very of God given a thing that happened I think Therrien in Detroit at that time on WJR was a big good big radio station and found and the may not all the biggest guy on the radio and that whole area was J.P. McCarthy led the morning drive time on music and discussion session and in addition to that he had in the the call forwarding program and I you know that I was doing some of this stop smoking playing so in conjunction with the Michigan Cancer foundation you said why don't you come on for my half are interview John about the stopping smoking at that time I ignorantly was impressed that this was an interesting thing going on that is that well on Doctor why don't we do one on the area in morning drive time I did quit smoking zone course we were having this whole thing in the morning I was talking on the phone on the way to work at the and the minimum cell phone I stop you know one of those studies of one's life I haven't caught on cell phone yet that you just made when did you drink your room your mailbox I said what Solon J.P. McCarthy and I when we became friends and the any time I wanted to get publicity for any of my programs he gave me the phone number where you get by all of the secretaries and everything you get right into the program I can call in an movement and he would say how here's not that Seventh-day Adventist optional and that would govern your will a great deal of luck on the call and a globally downed indeterminacy reminiscent this was a big station at how the TV people heard about it and they said the why don't we do something on TV and with the conjunction of the Michigan Cancer foundation 's recital was quite a program we were going to do was also wondering in their studio in prime time seven thirty in the evening for four I have all five days five nights in a row in addition about their son and five faultlines where I left a message of encouragement for anybody who would do would call in and in addition the last we made up a little brochure of a stuff on how to quit smoking we had ten thousand requests and soul we had the slime audience and then I would have lived come out and shoot some of the patient problems is that now the thing that's amazing I still run and the people say when you cut that long on TV I quit smoking anyhow it was interesting because I wondered your what is really happening to the smoking habits in Detroit during that period of time and I talk to one of the tobacco wholesalers and I said what did we do anything about drop on the sales of the Bible like a shot he said yes the month after your program sales in the metropolitan Detroit area drop fifteen percent of Saul then the newspapers they wanted me to be a star running columnist for a while I'm on the smoking and just illustrate how at that time that this was a this was a hot topic and quite easy to do get attention and there were all kinds of opportunities for clinics the cities wanted me to run them for the studies like Detroit Livonia Southfield in wireless sales I tell you guys that always your new one for Warren and pneumonia stop smoking clinic that sponsored by this is overdone Melissa Leo give you a chance to doing without much effort just show up with your overhead corporations were interested in regards possible gateway for GM or Chrysler and all of their sub suppliers Michigan conference was kind enough to allow me to have a health educator that had been trained John Swanson so that we could come basically all of this system within from the school system we get it from the charges and some of the hospitals I did one for a long time for the main Catholic hospital in the in the metropolitan area Protestant as well as a Seventh-day Adventist churches and we had the privilege of helping people also oversees having them stop smoking clinic in Russia when conjunction with the thought and pastor Friendly's one of his evangelistic programs with fifteen hundred people the one on Pakistan and Taiwan I even did some TV work in China so smoking was and has been a great outreach to make friends and do a lot of good for various people but estimated the number of people actually influenced by our stop smoking programs over a hundred thousand hundred thousand people in the past forty years wildflowers on the problem of the problems was a recidivism and when we would do studies we would find that would come by the end of your clinic most people would quit smoking but over the course of the year probably the move was going back to smoking it's always not well once Shauna may negative six anonymous I should value that it didn't work very well simply because most people would quit smoking or doing well didn't think they needed it most people are going back to God like smoking in one method gone back to smoking so you lost your audience and in a short period of time so we thought we would try another approach and we Incorporated a nonprofit corporation called better living seminars and we thought we would put on other programs that we can then try to get the people to abandon her smoking legend of these other programs and perhaps then they would be less likely go back to smoke so we started nutrition school stress control weight control exercise and and whatnot and we try to get people into these other programs we discovered in the one ninety one MoveOn and other aspects of their helpful practices they were far less likely go back to smoking and at the end of the year we would have fifty plus percent that had gone back to smoking so this works far better than trying to keep talking about the battle after you've already already covered the topic then there were the hard-core and we thought something was that I need a live-in program well then we thought well what can we do for a living program is not about healthcare and the church should Michigan has one called camp was solvable and for twenty eight years now every may we've had a health camp at campus level no people therefore we love him help education it's a live-in program for lifestyle changes incorporating health glasses with recreational also give you a chance to get acquainted with them which is the essence and the notebook making any spiritual and advance some of them beautiful camp with a with a private light people do like to be tested so we check their blood to when they when they come in and we have all that we have the stop smoking climax classes as well as health education classes out of a six ring health seminar that last for a week basically run by volunteers and we had him for coming to classes and parlor recreation we have a weeklong camp dollars it's amazing what people will do for visa papers was that these of paper can be spent for things like T-shirts and and other things before you before you leave the camp but the we by care what they're doing is writing down the miles of exercise we have people walk fifty miles during the camp there is a nice boardwalk around this link which is good for about two and a half miles and will week we set up some things I found a competing against each other a while while there are out there I think one of the main attractions I should say when we started most the majority of people were smokers who would come up their equipment had been able to succeed otherwise is not true anymore the majority of people won't learn our for nutrition the Robert other lifestyle changes although we still have a fairly active with stop smoking room but I think one of the main things I come to learn is the phone of which my wife is the is the main range of so she wasn't born yesterday obviously but the it's interesting to me in one week of ongoing food how you can convince people that this is the way this is where they don't understand all the people to come up to stop smoking most of them have no interest in nutrition many young woman never heard of a Seventh-day Adventist order vegetarian hardly four for that matter but it's interesting to me that's several of the people who will become the stop smoking with no interest in nutrition and left vegetarian fact is to apply for session friends who came to quit smoking left as vegetarians and last I knew they were still they were still registering still on smoking while the other hand various mentors the Chinese music than trying to work with them chopsticks are on time goes flying energy Star this is one of very prominent beside the lawyer he came up there in the first and first year is a game because his wife asking for a birthday present for her is even a three pack a day smoker and the he only ate peanut butter and bread sandwiches but over time while he is convincing everybody this is the way to go factors he has insisted on the go to die in the course of making one good vegetarian Italian meal so that people can understand how good things are on the causeway we the recreation the most Maria Munoz canoeing canoeing domicile will remember all we have on horseback riding the even have goal cards and other things to do to make an interesting time for them in addition and interestingly enough of any of you have a hard-core smoker can quit May thirteen contact me with my people come as far as Washington state actually a still cheaper than the Pritikin 's program is other high especially when about four hundred dollars you can get everything we were quite volunteers you don't pay any money there is a nature center beautiful thing people don't want lot of fun one of the outrages we vote that you can get into the spiritual aspect is the we call the barn him sing we do that every Friday night grandson nice place to use some of your relatives you know make them part of your part of your ministry but after they him saying but some people enjoy we have a question-and-answer program we let the Mets ask any questions about the camp and the way it runs also about the Seventh-day Adventists in the church in the way that runs in what they believe and now you're answering questions and you're not preaching to them which we think is very viable thing ridiculous spiritual is what is found to be quite important in us and our best way is it every program we run we hand out one of these forms and they can get on the mailing list we now have eight thousand on our mailing list it's computerized so that we can tell what their particular as was once really important areas in they can add any of these interests I have what you knows the true spiritual interest in their informal Bible study groups and biblical perspectives on how so is there checking there she is a you can identify those that have a spiritual interest without coming across and make them think that the only reason I got you here is to preach preach religion though you while I find this is fleeting I should say it all that there is a changing community interest nutrition is no one of the letter draws and there's all kinds of prepared programs Michigan conference several good ones as we learn Natalie 's program lifestyle America chip and the health Expos in all of these I think are our better introductions found then are the stop smoking clinics although we still love them while one of the best introductory programs I think it is a holiday tasting extravaganza doesn't necessarily have to be in a holiday time but here we happen in the we have in the metro area about and this is run by my daughter-in-law together for us we have about fifty vegetarian cook should come with a vegetarian recipe of plate that shows how that meal will look and they get these little love not talks with a number on the bottom so you can tell the players by the scorecard and then they they take all these little tastings day problem with her she liked the mark whether they like there were dental like a ligand of the recipes for them and we've been doing that now I think in nineteen years and it sells on every air we do three servings of sin two hundred each so we have six hundred people and this serves as a nice introduction to vegetarianism allotment of yours in my left is my first wife sixty one sixty one years ago she's serving there you can see the little one month cup in her hand of people bring and bring their friends the whole tables and family young people in the Pathfinders I go around there helping serve the cleanup it's a great way and then if you can follow and when the supper club where they come back once a month I is the important thing in working with with the many of these people so one of the principles of the spiritual interest number one do it now if you have Faye expressed an interest don't let it set we found that if you know someone says I'd like to have a Bible study or the set of the other thing that you went a month or do frequently it cools it's best done by the individual who's built a relationship with them if you tried upon him off on the pastor or the Bible worker doesn't work very well there are multiple options small groups with Adam and our whole mind I now have a group of non- Adventists that I study with every Sabbath morning very why will your related seminars nonthreatening church activities I heard him say to people again we take people was everywhere we go we taken him to great lengths to their student program we are planning a trip to Ecuador in January I would say probably twenty percent of our people will be non- Seventh-day Adventist it's a it's more ways of developing on church or relationship whatever you do keep in touch think long-term what will happen all at once relevant relationship prior may work a miracle my the head nurse in the University surgeon office of the University worked with me for twenty years then we discuss religious things from time to time I prayed with her daddy when he was dying on and a few other things I gave her a set of the evangelistic initiative lay on the far side of town about to it on our quarter drive from where I lived I lived in Northfield she lived over in Sterling Heights resulted was always difficult to get together and we did that one that I centered your answer of evangelism she went through that I was about to be baptized and the usual late and get married and she lost interest and the like in talking to them nice and that you would drive all the way around town the government Bible study class on someone when she does I think it would have and she did we pray she so I'd like to get my husband to go much with both in the last with those minors father in heaven thank you for these fresh testimonies of you in the years all with one goal use us in your service were thankful for others who shown the way and may we follow not just in their way within the footsteps of their following Jesus Christ analysis browser go to the breakout sessions thank you for hearing answer this prayer in Christ name him


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