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Harboring A Fugitive

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • July 7, 2012
    10:00 AM
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will become due in the name of Jesus we has to be gone to look upon this mercy with Ava off I was six but for the sake of Jesus Christ father if we've offended you forgive us grant was big on a revelation of your will for us Grant is a clear review of your own love for us be gone because as a reviewer don't know for us I will know for you grooms bless all of us particularly our guests speak to the hearts I pray but not only us big on where ever people are worshiping you on this holy day blessed with your presence I asked in Jesus name but all adults people say a man and a nano subject for today harboring a fugitive what I say hobbling a fugitive asked before reading from first thirteen acts chapter for reading from verse thirteen and other reading from the King James version axes book number five of the New Testament your habits look at all right my brothers always gets asked up before one for slicing thirteen Bible says now when the soul the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men with their marbled advent of the knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus and beholding the man which was healed standing with them they could say nothing against it but when they had commanded them to bowl aside out of the console they conferred among themselves saying what shall we do to these men for that in the own multiple medical I been done by then is manifest to all them that dwell in Jerusalem and we cannot deny but that it spread no further among the people let us strictly threatened them that they speak henceforth the nomad in this name of the cauldron and command of the also speak I will teach in the name of Jesus but different John Ensign said whether it be right in the sight of God department to one of the blog junkie but four-week but speak the things which we have seen and heard I like the statement in verse twenty we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard now this passage reveals to us and unsettling truth the agency that is most active in suppressing truth is the church not when I said the charge I believe the church necessarily as the formal structure I will say the church is passed a resolution on the highest level of the GC session to say we will suppress the truth I am not saying that the litany and let me modify my words the most active agent in suppressing trolls resides within the church is not different etc. with only businessmen say that rent disputes that the SDA church is suppressing truth I'm not saying that I am saying the suppressors of trolls are upon us of their part of us and so to Sanhedrin sat to the Disciples of Christ albeit it in an attempt to deal with the spread of trolls they said on multiple medical been done by them is manifest it is play up to all of them that dwell in Jerusalem and as we cannot deny it one of the purposes for the proposition of the gospel is not only the baptism of men and women but she will make it impossible for anyone to deny having heard the truth so that no one is without excuse now having admitted that a notable medical was performed having confess that it will also feels they can't not deny it there proceeded than a strategy to suppress it but that it spread nor from the among the people who lead astray please recommend that you speak henceforth the nomad in this name I repeat the greatest damage to truth is done by elements of the church not the world three times the Roman set of Christ I find no fault in him every attempt pilot made to release Jesus Christ the church saying crucify for the third time the risk of being tedious the greatest danger to its roof comes from those commissioned by God to proclaim the truth a vascular surgeon that's one thing I want to keep in mind let's go to see something else that we need to keep in mind Matthew chapter twenty three reading from first written on our subject is harboring a fugitive Matthew twenty three reading from first printing about a familiar passage in the Bible if you don't have a Bible and use it against someone who has one I think it's safe to assume the person is nice so you delete all the and read with that person it would be tragic if I were wrong in my assumption Matthew twenty three rating from first recognize doing that want to scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for ye build the tools of the prophets of God is the sepulchers of the righteous and say if we had been in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the righteousness sake if we had been alive hundreds of years but I will file this lawsuit profits we would not have done that love Jesus Estevan be witnesses unto yourselves back here all the children of men which killed the prophets set up therefore the measure of your fathers what Jesus Christ is saying that while you may not physically isolated anyone because your mind is similar to the minds of those who physically killed you are no different from their talk and you are similarly held guilty and so he tells the divorce thirty two of Matthew twenty three Philly up therefore the measure of your fathers what this event by philia God gives all men and women assert a portion of probationary time less consumer that time a computer and broad perseverance but he puts events until not contain enough is filled to the brim with iniquity and so impossible to ever have a dream in Genesis fifteen incentive and four sixteenths but in the fourth generation they shall come him again for the in the putting of the entourage is not yet full I bought give them four hundred years to fill up their iniquity or to do what was right and so Jesus is telling the Pharisees of his day there is still a little time left you might as well fill up the measure of the guilt of your fathers because you are as responsible for the death of the profits as they were evil for you did not put physically now in law and unreliable this is called being an accessory I thought of giving the sermon accessories to murder what is an accessory accessory as someone who while not being physically present in the commission of a crime is still regarded as guilty why buy even advising is not instigating all concealing the chief at the endocrine of therefore is held guilty whether the person does not act before or after the commission of the crime in other words if you've contributed in any way enterprise hiding the criminal advising the criminal evil will you did not commit the crime physically you may not be regarded at the chief act up but you are a participant in the crime in the eyes of the law now this is also a biblical principle because the Bible says that those won't have pleasure in unrighteousness would be not necessarily commented but simply have pleasure by the way let me say to you there are many questions of urgency I don't believe that a homosexual lifestyle but if you do that's okay I've never than they already issue was the Bible has a problem I don't drink but if you want to drink it's okay setting is not okay to you or anyone else do not really arguing the medicine again you what I must be offended by sin whether that sin is located in us are in someone else as of the Bible pronounces judgment on those who have pleasure in the sins of others and so we've looked at the action before we look at Matthew twenty three in Russia before we discovered that members of the church elements in the church of our most active and aggressive in suppressing the truth we saw in Matthew twenty three twenty nine to thirty through that one can be held guilty before God not necessarily because of a physical commission of a crime but by simply having the same mindset that our people will be condemned before gone for slavery we never get to sleep because I had the same line there are people will be guilty of genocide will never slip anyone so what are the same mindset of the people will be guilty of aiding and abetting one of the greatest enemies of God 's people simply because they have a mind that is not contrary to what was and because but essentially supportive all on him explained that in a few minutes and will be enemy of God 's work is our subject is harboring a fugitive second Thessalonians chapter two reading from first three wanted both of you coming in I think they are one or two isolated C somewhere second birth of second Thessalonians chapter two we shall reverse three Thessalonians had believed that price was sold to come on Paul was trying to correct the thinking on the issue of the second coming of Jesus Christ and so it would be a disturbing Thessalonians is in the New Testament modem our human system licensee what's your name will Alexi Alexi God this is good to see children the house of God you love Jesus Grunberg of Soto we can we say about all right second does not accept authority progress rate for that day shall not except there can't be a falling away first and that man of sin be walked revealed the son of perdition who exalted up was of himself against all that is called going all that is worshiped so that he has gone set of the temple of God showing himself that he has gone but it is interesting that Paul says Christ will not come until there is a falling away and that man of sin Rayfield why does the man of sin have to be revealed by the same has been in power since five thirty eight eighty from five thirty eight the debate last one thousand four hundred and seventy four years let's round it off and call it fifteen hundred years this power has been in the world yet the Bible says he has to be revealed later in the wild for fifteen hundred years this awesome power has been operating in the world and operated with frightening success the he has not yet been fully revealed to the world and so there must come a time of revelation but not Revelation will come after there is a falling away but we suggest something troubling people in the world on four-way are you listening you well-dressed which anonymously let it ride again people in the world will not fall away some of the following low in must have to do with people where in the church but would start a bone density with shirts that have always made of many charges when here's my skillet again and there were many churches the canonized the authorized regardless I move our provides that in Malachi is the tonight because I can't like the Jebusite each one had his or her own religious practice may have always been multiple charges by the Bible says except they called a follicle referrals no one falls away from Babylon in a photograph what follows are you in the unorganized movement this is going to be a habit you don't follow it from that which is followed in the form away from the opposite of original was somebody say is an I also always there has to been among those especially commission in charge to proclaim the truth was lost don't you have all right versus the Pope 's new lost and Friday and simplicity is power the world is divided essentially little groups not false prophet out of the world but the world else people the world and that when I was in my editor of the world and Babylon have the same line the world is essentially divided and has always been divided from it is of kin available into two groups Christ object lessons page twenty three paragraph rate but that of his prison informs us that all ornamental groups of the world and only two goals were to recognize of the judgment also Violet Baltimore handles what they now are falling away cannot occur among those who violate laws off the falling away must occur among those who obey Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore has been a trusted mouth of the troubling statement I wish to make Mrs. Randy C said on a life of Peter Gregory article this is my the falling away they occur among us before the man of sin is revealed with visit differently they are elements within us that do everything in their power to stop suppress short-circuited any effort to speak boldly about the medicine is the controversy project by the GC just initiated a minor I guess I will have on their toes at all levels of authorities who were sick of this project did not want unless the written version of the book distributed one that is our friendly enough my own expression white lights they are a friendly anything that makes life present for the beast is our friendly the very people raise up to explosive out of sight out of better ones will do everything in their power to suppress natural that would expose this matter and so I say as I read second as Lord instructed through the first three and was reimbursed for the falling away must occur among those charged by God to reveal out to expose this power when of those sympathetic to the beast fall away then there would be nothing to prevent those welcome lift at the chart of the charge given to us by God exposed by preaching and by lifestyle what I say by presenting them and by the lifestyle that's really learning this wickedness of the venison neck not those who have been through as a visit Jesus gives Tyson not by even by the silos to the work of the mystery of iniquity let me say that again you involve those who have been through as it is in Jesus give special even by this Highlands to the work of the industry of iniquity that the salt level always sound the note of alarm what I like to say that we as God 's people must be allowed in letting the world know that Satan has an agency that he has zeros with molecular success dollars and him anyhow about the hundreds of years to win the world and to draw millions under the sway of deception about power Bible calls the man of sin Melhorn beast to be more modern the papal power this message has to be given at the risk of the loss of life liberty and property of the risk of losing life as we know it we cannot defend our lifestyles by suppressing the truth because we are it is an abetting one of the greatest enemies of difficult of truth about enemy is a pivotal system I told both of you who came last night Satan works through agents it's already ten minutes a while something seven works through agents it again through the circle event for the whole eight many will double cave that if overall Sarah why portfolio rather have a very big are yes it will not moment of making a satanic suggestion she was an agent of the enemy because that suggestion was not of God notice I said in the moment when she made a suggestion she was eighty and abetting the enemy is the moment and it was at the lifestyle God bless us is there banal that recommendation which calls trouble for hundreds of years and still causes problems to me Satan 's agent accorded revelation but the Lord beast Revelation thirteen eleven to eighteen under Leopard like this revision thirty one to ten we know that the wallabies to be what power Unitas is a letter this will the freedom this land of liberty when the United States was fourth identified in prophecy by Jim Andrews it was identified at a time when it was fortunately impossible for anyone to believe you like this this could be the power spoken of in Revelation thirteen eleven thirty did I just impossible given the condition of the country about five its place in the world stage today is easy to see that but the day because we have a reputation as a land of freedom the land where you can come and whatever you like it is virtually impossible even to get some Adventist to believe that the same land of freedom will all come talk with established out and restrict religious freedom and the otherwise invisible every article every principal constitution would be changed that's one agent of the enemy the other powerful laser is the papal system of the Bible predicts that power has to be revealed fifteen hundred years and is operated under world fifty hundred years really has not recognized the danger with it golf has called his people and one of our missions is a sacred celebration is to make very clear to the world whether my present of all my books that should go clear around the world as beings of light as an ally so I thought all the leaves of autumn message that exposes that the people system is the enemy of God the entity of righteousness the end of the official of the great danger to the salvation of men and women in testimony forty one through three twenty one paragraph two at watch right in this fearful time just before Christ is become the second time Gault 's faithful preachers ought to bear a still more pointed testimony was born by John the Baptist are responsible important work is good for men and boys will preach all speak small things will not be recognized as false shepherds of FOIA is upon them what I say of the airfoil is upon them remember there was a revelation revival to one's of Matthew twenty three of three or four Memorial is upon those who don't not speak the truth as Christ would have us to speak we must raise the truth directly with whispers that shows pointedly yes we must be wise as serpents and harmless of dollars but our handling of the children must not be an advantage for the entity admitted that statement is a rent dispute statement is not official stewardship it's my be opposite of Catholicism is open to visit again to sleeping with your eyes open representative the opposite of Seventh-day Adventist it supposes original like Catholicism Buddhism I know someone of sign letters and seventy some will write articles I was reading article someone opposing the great controversy project giving some well-written reasons of this and well written it is grammatically that wasn't well written reasons why the project is no good it shall not be counted forward one reason was the one reads big book study how the Abhisit Howard popped arguably have you seen the size of out-of-pocket and I have it in the lives of those silly books were spread out or sold what the Michael will say loudly at work the word is Satanic I hope your children never read Harry Potter but that's a sick people have the capacity for the nonsense but was brought touches a hot Mac capacity now switch is that it entertains and accommodates trolls lately tell you something at the house artist in the sand got been discharged in the chart by reading the great controversy I believe that but more than any other book published by the truck has brought howls as English arts don't listen to the argument because the book you think people read what they want to read the other hardware device that presented was that the postmodern mind if you know how I get the proposal on additional to what I do I despise that term it is it rules us like a box we bow before as has power beyond our capacity to the Baltimore web postmodernism will not appreciate and understand how to get a hold historical events and bring them into him economically what was the representative in Iraq the postmodern mind will not understand usage of the Verizon power called the Holy Ghost can somebody say them and we need to leave room for the working of the Spirit of God the problem is not a postmodern mind the problem is us I've said this before visit my sermons by divine from Genesis to Revelation once problem has only been the Israelites patent office the really nothing I like you Matilda was listening you will track the history of golf dealing with Israel's enemies in what bothered the biggest likable the Philistines the Amalekites the Canaanites the Egyptians where the geophysical Studios life how many soldiers escaped nun when Deborah Levin Mira the fight against Jeb and the captain of the Canaanites and judges for five comment of them escape God is demonstrated by people I call out to eliminate your enemies Bob's problem has about the problem being the candlelight the Amalekites that satisfies any of the other sites God 's problem has always been safe with me the Israelites not unlike rights and testimonies volume five they forfeited by paragraph to go on was called Ms. George give this day as he called it in Israel this time as a light in the what she's saying is as verily as Israel was golf special people back then we are his people today can use a map and we are struggled some debate as they were then and golf problem today is not postmodern people whether they are it is not noticed is not able to Britain's digital thumping golf problems for the illuminati for those of you who fascinated by the illuminati cause problem is the other stocky you know they are the OSI we are also problems when we understand the charge given to us by God Armendariz opt account out that responsibility all the enemies of God will flee several different ways of life rights in early writings page two twenty seven but enough one I saw much of the guests when you would analyze writings and UCI salt set up are you with me there's no room for discussion argument goes Apple 's call I have a right to give an opinion note that I saw that of the charts have always retained a peculiar holy count up the power of the Holy Spirit which was committed to the disciples would study whether this it would be healed devils would be rebuked and cast out as she worked in my case and arts are off to her enemies I saw Suzanne what went on in the early charts to housing years ago that we admire from a distance would be happening today in the church and retain a peculiar optoelectronic the peculiar address said amount then again particularly and I said no thank you edit Bartlett said the man naked and romantic behavior is a man to get adolescent style property begin in Colorado schools they can Colorado hospitals begin in Colorado family we would be as powerful to be as those people working thousand years when even more powerful if the world is suffering as to pass the why because the people with the responsibility to bring the power of the enemy as agents of God no as it is about all powers not natural to what it is not working for us the people commission in cooperation with golf to break the power of the enemy and to exit polls the power pulls people are harboring a fugitive is a surface visibility the high is among service of evidence but it's only something those of you who do that you are committing a crime against several other picturing the eternal destinies of men and women from Jesus Christ shed his blood and bone will not let that pass easily if you want to send out this leave the church together Kathy got arduously something I complain about you got your Catholic Pentecostal of Adventist medical Ugandan activists for your right that that this argument out of your Seventh-day Adventist you have been given such a body of truth molasses and a half when I said no one else I glaze in a Jeremiah and Ezekiel must eventually fortify paragraph two seventy but it's habitual to my dog as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great treatment of truth yes come out from the court of the world and brought the interconnection agreements have yet that he has the greatest mouth of truth and entrusted to mortals the great test of functional Apple entrusted from Wolfowitz has been given to us I figure with respect isolated Ezekiel didn't have Paul didn't have John the Baptist did have it done deal didn't happen she wanted and happy we were to do I don't be too direct in your criticism of the papacy don't publish anything to offend the Vatican don't offend the Pentecostals will send move of the safest one of them Muslims want to say that holiness people and what was left of that is not as so we prefer to offend block mental citizen of England is Mrs. and we wonder what's wrong with God revisited locker rooms revision of families were digital studies revision of everything under the sun none of which in the eyes of the world is a criminal act to visit again what absorbs us are not criminal behaviors in the eyes of the world but when Jesus was telling someone a few hours ago when a Christ centered and seventeen as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be also the coming of the Son of Man he did not miss murder rape and regular the cars robbing a leading citizen he said eighty the drawing they bought this old they planted they build it they mounted why this would give an advantage that's what they were doing a full slayings was the priority of the kingdom of God is a secondary concern I did this with the help of some of us our degrees with the district to help not because there's anything inherently evil in the degree but because anything that takes precedence over God takes you straight to hell it becomes a block I will work our mission my brothers and sisters is to preach a message that exposes sin at this highest level of the fat is the work of the papal system the man of sin as I said again let not also have the tools as visit Jesus gives sanction even by Ms. Highlands to the work of the mystery of iniquity let them always sounded the note of alarm the note of alarm in the event a time in which we live the Lord has called his people and has given them a message to better evangelism seven oh five paragraph two was the message he has called them to expose the weakness of the medicine bottle yes revenue wise as serpents harmless as doves which is the seventh two thousand years ago and being harnesses above does not mean being quiet there was a serpent does not being been complicit in murder when we preach watered-down messages with preaching era it is an engine again so watered-down is our saves no one trolls want to doubt his era and saves the lot price object lessons Bristol two I want to write the Israelites hadn't missed represented going before the nations when we wanted on our teaching we misrepresent gone before the nations there were a lot of fairly useless but I decided a hindrance lotions refer to the asthma she said there were useless and a hindrance to him right as stands their religion was misleading on its rotten related rather than salvation Christ object lessons to be stupid two we are in the same boat to be there are people pushing the vegetarian lifestyle more vigorously than we do that people pushing a certain kind of education that is biblical law will vigorously than we know Microsoft eleven by Jeff Beasley temperance in all things how to want to think them from this place is nice air-conditioned auditorium I wanted to make a personal commitment commitment one I want to recapitulate the Christ a commitment a committed life to Christ is alive committed to lose it if necessary you'll read about Fox's book of martyrs I will marvel at how people lost their life of God on behalf of eighteen eighty if it went genetically clear whether the state singing but we will not risk a finger to the walls were it all sometimes families divide the husband was often would agree a Eagles of New Zealand the wife is in Greenland Avenue as far as you can get someone says a wife or husband will use it in New Zealand all percent a degree all blessedness another fireman of the goals of the missionary working somewhere that the families in Brazil and someone says what husband is in the background what version I wrote one doesn't he know his home as a primary mission field if he is the category or that's okay are you with me is okay but if these doing mission work one of irresponsible that's how we think because vision of value but agree we should all value in mission work and so my first commitment I want to make we can't let all life to Christ life committee the price is a life committed to the cross commitment to study what I visibly if I were to do a survey now on the basic eleven dozen ninety nine percent of you would flunk you have no clue Ms. Lindsay hopelessness they can eat you have no clue of course an assumption I can approve it right now but I don't any opposition you have no clue what really you ought us have been that's probably is one of the one wife of Batson but other than the processes the teachings of Daniel the teaching of revelation righteousness by faith the possibility of the trouble shows how disgraceful work how is eternal life given to us how do we heed of the tree of life human today these two things we have no idea of an ignorant person is a hindrance to anyone in that person is unlikely or should be removed on this subject the special right now the problem with the original writer as well how many know what you believe was right his is a true as no those of us who by our lifestyle but I will want to go preaching harbor fugitive will be as guilty before God of the crimes of the papal system the Middle East had to say well the grid what was that the instrument of torture call the of the Spanish Inquisition and fifty million were killed we so often went by our you know our present lock explosive we are just as guilty of something else to ruin your lunch the Bible has a possible total much is given finished informing much is required to listen to the nuptials of escape in the fires of hell in the fires of hell the loudest screams with government official at the white lights in because the greatest love of truth F committed to mortals I begin with lots now you could accept jokes to hold much is given much is required you'll connect battle but he would say Lord is Lord 's will and didn't lock the college as well as will shall be made of how that is trying to a strike you'll connect those you on this town if you're up in the middle and burn they are not the weight of the father would it would've been better never than obese roofs that the nova at some level and not give up the van and not please do not proclaim to open the criminal and so my commitments I require of you one we commit to life to Christ to commit to study the word of God three two defense allies in some way what about Elizabeth and its many people of individual stories are short I was in Uganda to put the crusade will the siblings worked roasted evangelistic campaign adding the I was in a hotel stay I went down to the lobby to the something I saw this young lady or event list of articles and people selected while you watch it and wonder why why you hear and she told me that she also did the same thing why you and I told her I said I was leaving she's an applicant for this I said you be here five thirty car comes for me come with me she came that was all I said was I was in Dar es Salaam Tanzania Santa Barbara 's evangelistic outreach I went looking for gems like this they should because my Bible is levied on the high and I when we got the I called elderly man Telugu negative receptionist I wanted to come to the meetings she says you come to give their life to go about can you find someone's applicable to invite someone to all the church of trust as an aside I've got to say that is a sad and white so once a church of frost who knows what may happen there are people simply waiting for an invitation to come to Christ my brothers and sisters let's stop harboring a fugitive by our cowardly approach to the proclamation of truth is a blade it must collect pickups with love but it must cut and so I commit my life to Christ fully without reservation last events page one ninety one paragraph five except nothing less than all reserves the right and up and so I is for cytokine with myself to Christ without reservation for the properties of the gospel to three just messages present truthful magnify the Lord make it honorable that they bought presented one is about a block that's what I recommit myself to study the word the hide it in my head so I can proclaim your ability was similar I recommit my life to you without reservation shall write an open of God you had to Second Amendment father I make a commitment to study the teachings of the church with your other hand verse one set up with him him him and if you will enter heaven there will be some soul in the course of glory that has found an entrance that through your instrumentality that I licensed but that statement begins with these words there would be no one is saved in King the kingdom with a starstruck exhibitor there will be no one is saved in health with a starless trial if you will enter there will be someone at the clouds of glory will this follow metros through your instrumentality last event history have you ever brought someone to Christ risen hands of sleep have you ever brought someone to Christ Bible studies baptism so that if the answer is no your life is still unfulfilled recruitment of God father I want to experience what it's like to lead someone to the truth of your strategy would simply be to invite someone to make a vertical is anyone listening to the human college of the church listen to the truth and you been considering being baptized if not yet made the decision you've been considering it to make a decision about what you write him consist to come come come come come quickly before the double changes of life Wells Brothers as well as you'll come come come come come come come come you may think about it this is the type to make that decision called the devil once young people he gets you young theatrical life lesson first that if Gore gets you young people for life this is about bless you come someone else you'll be considering baptism being the decision alters you have will think of your friends are your parents you just make the decision that voted within consistent of the shot I idle which is supporting her I like what Matthew anyone else anyone else don't you come anyone else you think of baptism and oils calm calm calm sister gone Miss you come right over the shoot location names somewhat a couple of ounces and you come home as in both New York is one of you might include her sister going to come over the White House welcomed with all right Google miss you anyone else anyone else you think I have a say rebaptized tomorrow you'll be thinking about it at all thought make the decision decisions have power someone else six seconds Michael's a new figure baptism in making a decision not come someone else please call the left edge of the left of Christ there are many young people don't come to Christ for fear being left of my good friends we'll talk to their color someone else I'm making a decision today to be baptized us come like a brother but blessed from my heart God bless you someone else come on be afraid to scope it does walk with you thirty seconds joined the Army guard was called to proclaim the truth that reveals the man of sin and brings price back that prepares the world to receive Jesus Christ anyone else fifteen seconds closing off harboring a fugitive the top of the Spirit of God Paul Mendelsohn has bought ice cream double the names and what else all right okay established my friends the government of moving does anyone have a special spiritual struggle and you want special brand versions a special spiritual struggle and you need special prayer and wage in industries as our who has relatives outside the truth their board not a heart elects you come back to become the first of what comeback I still have has no spray of all that heavily reflected a golf reimbursement seems endless reflected a goal that you are not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance thank you for your words thank you for the hospital convicted that God psychically commitments that have been made in factories badly forgive the big dog that my meager efforts you perfected on the playa to every heart that listen goals will be listening by you radio or Internet whatever electronic means they have the connect of this message father from my heart I presented those of the decisions to be baptized at some time in the future I pray for my heart that God got no power on earth which is demise I'd rather they will recognize that someone called Christ died on the cross to make salvation available to them and so I pray love writing the Hollywood round of a measure of the spirit to sustain live in this decision which is right unless the decision to go on be an inspiration to others under their family members when harassment you will I had father and restrain those family members if they are friends will think this covers you send your Spirit to restrain those friends that the special souls who make the decision that has brought joy to haven't remains steadfast in this commitment to going to the one of the baptism of the time is right father if there goes with the biggest decision of what afraid you give them no rest until they collapse on the cross because when one collapses across life begins father blessed Advent hope we find your first witness on this campus when I'm your people trying to live the life and brings the word blessed the efforts we pray couples as its first arise up the car and do the work recalled to do with you as the expression of the righteousness of Christ exposed men ascended that the coming of our Savior maybe it's a notice humbly pray to God same as when you come we pray in Jesus name before his sick father I want close before including those not members out of the charge goes well special spiritual struggles in the own mercy in your ineluctable polity gone have been subsequently big on sustainability and save lives families and friends outside the ark of safety in Jesus name we pray that all God 's people say amen and amen God bless you God bless you God bless you a very happy for your decision of bliss you don't change your mind don't change a line called Mister what about the fight for being supportive like a brother going to assume God blessed


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