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Evolution and the Sorcerer's Stone

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician




  • July 22, 2012
    2:00 PM
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are you are him who is out of begin it is more that we were going to speak on the topic evolution the sorcerers stone evolution the sorcerers stone so this can be more workshop and we talk about the whole one of things that we know that the home is that infiltrated by a lot of very different belief systems and want to represent you this evening is that one of the major ones isn't done by accident in fact Satan has a new religion that has been accepted by the entire world and I want to attack evolution not on the science of the abdomen of the talks were really honest from the spiritual standpoint so the substrate as we head into this Journal readers thank you for your savagery think of it is time we can come together and look at truth and word on how we can dispel error Lord give me wisdom now and it was all Nordic spirit of your truth for your Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth and more medically able to stand firm in what we know of God and even share with others we pray amen all right some of us are back in the book of acts as I said earlier and acts nineteen sorry in verse twenty three as a few verses before we stopped today the Bible says the same time there arose no small stir about let about that way for certain man named Demetrius a Silversmith which makes silver shrines for Diana Bob brought no small gain onto the craftsman will be called together with the workmen of like occupation instead serves you know that by this craft we have our wealth of course remember from the story from this morning Paul Panko cheese of one around the middle being cast oh this is the seventh on the schema one mess with one being the best man and this one even though that man needs seven amount so badly run out a house naked and did what everybody here the body is literally a wrong Bible because they begin to understand what it means you to call on the name of Christ and how dangerous it is the play with calling on the name of Christ so many of them than actually you begin up a prime process of repentance and one of the things that happened that his process of repentance is that and white as it was ten thousand dollars worth of books of sorcery magic books that are burned of course about ten thousand dollars and Ellen White today I tell you it was a lot of money by today's standards so a lot of money with the books were burned while once this begins to happen it begins to affect the economy of those who make money off of the occult once it happens to a lot of people in the city will start to lose money one of them is Demetrius at all of these other men will make the silver shrines to the goddess Diana Diana is relevant again Diane is the goddess that is worshiped all over the world at the time in fact Diana Morse and you don't want to miss this as we go into this because in Ephesus today if you go to Turkey and you visit ancient Ephesus one of the places that they are major pilgrimages to the little house in Ephesus which is called a house of Mary the mother of Jesus so people go to Ephesus defined at the Pilgrim pilgrimage to worship what they believe is the last place that Mary ever lived the problem with that is actually no evidence Mary ever lived in emphasis the only reason I say this with a noted John the apostle went to Ephesus and preach there and lived there and his silver since Jesus told John to take care of Mary Mary my this is what in fact actually better his normal records is probably never really even left the Jerusalem to browse Barry Wright Jerusalem while it gets interesting because marrying them in the new Diana what I mean by that is when you see people and I have this on allegiance and this kind of all and worship for the Virgin Mary on especially Catholicism but even now creeping into Protestantism I want you to understand that it is literally the worship of Diana of Ephesus that is been transformed that of entrance polls now to Mary supposed to be the mother of Jesus Mary so an hour but as they can to keep blowing the worship of the fall Scott Diana wedding God is taken actually transfers as a God Sabbath to Sunday I think that a lot of other things he transfers the worship from this pagan God to a biblical figure the mother of Jesus so that people would continue to worship Diana in how they worship Mary now and if you know what and you know this is because the seal of Pope John Paul probably the most famous and most loved Pope of all times at the end for Mary on it and he would pray to Mary and we had the job and in Portugal of Fatima we had that the appearance of the three children that is written in old believes is believed by many the world appeared to three children and name the worship Mary she gave three processes and all of these properties were supposed to come through so that the day more people don't miss this in many ways are more people who worship Mary then worship Christ another billion Catholics from a seventy minutes are twenty million -ish billion Catholics all of whom have I pledged allegiance to marry so that Diana that we're talking about here they worship an image that is to continue going fine statues of Mary all over Los Angeles right Los Angeles is big business in fact that on our Mexican brothers is when they come in from Mexico they keep the point that the image of Mary what are the specific name for that Mary of Guadalupe and I imagine the people worshiped the image you going to house you see to stand in front a house would aboard I love Mary inside this is almost back to the worship of Diana best of these men did they made those idols and is been transferred to today that worship still happens today is why the gospel is all poor people need to be deliberated from the idea that they must worship on file down to any graven image defined grace because what is taught to these individuals that if they're going to get mercy from Christ the only way to get mercy from Christ is the goal to his mother to get that to go through price to get the married because they get to Marietta Christ Mary Jesus will be too hard on you set a goal to the Virgin Mary and they say the rosary and account of the evening and into all the different things but that isn't a lie of Satan because the Bible says rock the boat directly to Christ amen there's nobody in between in fact Jesus never gives marry any kind of our high promotion when when Mary and his brothers and sisters come in the summer they yell you are someone another your mother and your brothers outside he is a he than does the will of my father the same as my mother and my brother and my sister to get that the Jesus as doing his will is what is more important for this is the Diana this is where all of that comes from as of moreover verse twenty six you see it and that not alone at Ephesus but almost throughout all a Paul persuaded and turned away much people saying that they be no God which are made with hands the ball is going around preaching is a lizard if somebody makes a valid and effective God if you read the New Testament and readable than I also stuff like the one God is good that you have defeated due to be most filthy dispatches of the God they wanted things of being a vegan what about Toby when a priest now be careful saying the word vegan it carries other of the connotation right because when you looked a lot as without a Thai restaurant Vietnamese restaurants I go to and you have been the statue who Buddha and what they put in front of moving plates of food in the statue to the full of course not but anyway flowers there to get but that is the same pagan idolatry of the Scripture we go to restaurants to eat addresses of bit strange not unless it don't even eat on his delegate is an interesting reality that this kind of worship still exists in Southern California and around the world today still exists for twenty seven says so that not only is our crap is endangered to be set not but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be what the supplies and her magnificent should be destroyed all Asia and the world worships jump mouth was so the whole world all of Asia everybody worship there would be marred this me saying they were full of wrath and cried out saying great is Diana of the Ephesians thought about it for two hours straight one B is enchanting great is Diana of the Ephesians great is that of the Ephesians is an interesting thing because if one would go about without raw superheroes as we get last that we talk a little bit about it with the Batman movie him have happened to the young man said he was these the Joker and I'll explain Nichols learned from a little light arms a ministry like Studios DVD the Joker a nickel about economic equities of the right is often a symbol of our RRs will be like a mockery of Christ said to be the Joker the mock ribbing price of Batman the demonic one but that the horns the dark Knight is supposed to be the hero but he really represents vacant because of the Moussa Therrien world what is taught is that a flip-flop foodie hero is and when enemy is right before rebels anemones cast down to Earth as we talked about last night he's got some hurt I think it was rebelled in heaven he was God on earth one forgets our visa what is a hero 's was a flip-flop dozens of variables of our tribes got a wife and get people to worship in the peak invisibility the good guy he's a narrow vessels of Arianism and is steeped in modern culture and in modern and many of what much of what we see when the other superhero that I don't talk much about him it made a big movie about is what a woman I want a woman is from this model of Diana Superwoman Luzon island where no man I get more into that but I will do the when you watch this thing it is literally the paganism and the gutless mark in only what he might not be in the eighties get it now he is becoming more open for me what he would have used one the guy is not blown wide open so will the time you couldn't just come out in a Christian United States of America and our pagan symbols and and and and false gods how do you figure out what to do it he sold to children through comic books to Disney Disneyland in the dark outlier within our children able to understand it's all for the witchcraft superstation is not praying to God when you was on stall R makes no difference who you are going when you wish upon a star what happens you dreams come true so you wanted to pray more just a lot was upon us what the Bible says Starr is Revelation chapter twelve bottles of the Dragon the Dragon through what Jim is tailored in what you do a third part of the stars and they what they came down they were passed down to hurt women so to start on earth is actually a demon so when you wish upon a star what he really wishing to demonic forces it's all the magic and witchcraft mixed in but that will not dump he couldn't get the generation of the forties and fifties in the United States and around the world they want to question God himself all of that but if we make the happiest place on earth Disney and we begin to slowly teach children through stores like snow white Cinderella beauty and the beast we did some about magic witchcraft overly romanticized children repeat them are aliens to some of the other cartoons mutism about flu with graffiti in the lion King I'm not going on on the children grow up and they are in the other one is not in the job terminated if the colt and witchcraft indoctrinated to just watch the Saturday morning cartoons and follow Disney and when you get older all of these things will be normal to you and that's the society women raised in the Magic Nicole Spiritualism who is so common that now the fastest-growing religion in high school and college in the United States is Wicca and witchcraft category was not advent of them not Catholicism not Islam it's witchcraft I want you to get out the that is because as we transformed as we get as which France and transition now sorry into him talk about evolution what I want to understand that evolution is a religion created by Satan that is a kinship to witchcraft that's what the plan would make today I wanted to see from that from the evidence from the words of the very people who helped start evolution and made them popular I want to understand that when you send a child is public school and unfortunately even the schools that are taught evolution that literally let me talk a different religion it takes just as much faith to believe in evolution of the doubt and Christianity by the David and Diana will start with the word the Bible to the Hebrews eleven and verse three he was eleven and first read through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear through faith we understand that the world were framed by the word of God what was Fremont Word of God the very worlds together contemplated the idea and any scientist good site is located if the earth was just a little closer to the sun it would be uninhabitable it was a little further from the sun we could live here is that a perfect distance the sun is the perfect size the move is the perfect distance it is also perfect we know many holy Word that this kind of perfection could of happened it is not spoken into existence a perfect creator at the design and layout all of the universe or some could never existed without more about Adam and the other white of it like this in a book education page two twenty six and twenty seven she says to education does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literary acquirements but upon information and values power above power goodness about intellectual acquirements character sure education and Ashley joined them about what character because true education understand is only one thingamajig would you have and what is it your character that you application is instantly trying to make you the best physician ever to walk the earth and you can separate out parts of the brain and nobody ever did tool education in astronomy can be in the design a rocket that can take us to Mars auto things are good although things okay for you to be brilliant in science and figure things out but shall education goals a few steps higher than that and ultimately the purpose of true education in the development of character and unfortunately even inside of Adventism many high schools have forgotten this anyway and how successful they are by how well their students do on standardized press the standardized test can't test character plot schools are fully if we judge the yardstick while successful our schools are based on how well our kids do on tests because you get that addicts excel in all of those death and failing the only does that in the final Dave will matter and that is whether or not you have a character that looks like the character of Christ the world is not so much need men of great intellect as of noble character with a lot of very smart people in this world killed lots and lots of people if you get what I'm saying there are Ivy League school graduate who gone out and done nothing because we haven't do what they've done what I design the cigarette was brilliant it is the most effective means of distribution of the one of the most potently addictive substance on the planet they could think most of the quickest absorption strength of the brain making audibles that lead toxic addictive substances in a world all devices in the world a cigarette satellite with great intellect that would not necessarily great character so what a great characterization what I can put this out on the market I will be responsible for four hundred fifty thousand deaths everywhere every year just in the United States is not a cigarette of one of most popularly abused things in China and across Europe hundreds of millions of people to die in the next twenty thirty years because the cigarette intellectually somebody was brilliant but ethically morally and on character they fail that's the point why does make it super geniuses really super Christians many people want to give there they're all they have to serving God it needs middle of ability is controlled by steadfast principle ability is controlled by what principle is the fact that you garrotte him as a delimiter is a you know what it I used to do this in the world now the dancer and world out of the church and dance of the Lord now and I see the villagers when a dance began little artifact I've seen where they have it as shameful as it is a obscene church is where I would've come to dance and literally sat on the lap of a pastor advanced I'll have to not be in the building but it was taped at Adventist Church looked like lap dancing something that happens in strip clubs inside the house of God was another avatar when I can the Bible to the otherwise the rhythm out your talent it's about how is your tower controlled by principal principle is what matters principles was about how the great football player in high school I could've benefited on my character I buy them didn't get him to use it on a Medrano scored their demos with that setup would abandon and thing God cannot give back to God that way but no principles the Internet personals as well you have other gifts develop the other just and use them in my service you say is true education the fact is that in the study of science is generally presumed there are dangers equally great evolution without whites begin way back when evolution and its kindred errors are taught in schools of every grade from the kindergarten to the college bus the study of science which impart a knowledge of God is so mingled with the speculations and theories of management that it tends to infidelity is in a people W White is not a nonprofit I don't understand how to complete a conclusion if a woman understood the very nature of what would become the quintessential intellectual discussion for the rest of time but she understood the theory of evolution wouldn't would be taught she is writing this at a time when most of the school system the United States still work there were eight of the veritably introduced all dollars and introduced in fact although I would really as we get to bed at about the time of the great disappointment at the time of the charges coming on the scene is the time when the theory of evolution is getting big it's amazing how many things have been right around that time everything from Mormonism to Jehovah's Witness are a great sermon on it for just the right time frame evolution is coming on the scene Ellen White season and in the book education is given a warning to the seven administered in advance of what we now see in this great conflict and controversy as he sang be careful be careful because when you mix this stuff up the study of science is supposed to make you believe more in God not the last in God you got out of what the universe Emmanuelle at the medical school and it was an amazing experience when a medical school but I want a very secular medical school and I were Christian medicals we resume I'm not at all Christian I had the worst of beaches were Christians and we are really appreciated them to they would never say the word we Paul was a we were designed not simple twisted words are you newly what happens but that's how I knew who the Christian the Christian science he joined understanding of all they say we were designed right so why would a first only what the deal of the cadavers and Emma run a remedy to say no one is ever fainted don't worry about it no one ever fainted going to the cabin to get out if I happens some I think he did that day as anybody open up in the body Stockton dissected over the next few weeks really like twelve fifty weeks you dislike the whole thing only to levitate every day when I went to anatomy lab I was more convinced that there was a God that studied biology and chemistry at Oakwood and learn about it another breath but to see and hear it and have them explain every time you pulled out these little tiny things in a human body that would sell him amazing when you set the human Isaac now this could be an accident field is way too complicated to be an accident in fact yapping about like that if you need site to live CFA revolutions of the ball because you needed right but if you do decide to live and in any K-12 site would've taken millions of years to evolve while you needed it what you do out of a million years you will learn regulations and why develop vision and you can argue to me that we can all involved in black and white shades for me to see what we need is easily to eat what we need is not evil we didn't need it we is too high of functioning site is to park a double function this is an accident knowing science should lead you to wards Christ as well I do say so whatever your studies science and it lead you away from him I think she was just really fun awarded that is speculation of their evolution as a theory of just this is what evolution teaches that the entire universe once sat in the order they used the cementing is not what sat the cyber on a piece of paper the entire universe but the hair and heavy the whole University Banner exploded that Barack Obama shrank back down and spam exploded several delegates will see about any sense this is what they teach and people believe it in fact the teacher out of nothing nothing exploded after the Big Bang is the generality of the big change because some of it is so ridiculous out of nothing nothing exploded as something to nothing exploded nothing explode what is nothing apart from to explode that's the Big Bang theory started to understand that it doesn't really make sense and is there that it leads to infidelity so he wants people to not love Christ though he does this so do not affix them the one thing the devil does of course it is Jules is the media I'm in the home of the Engelman on evolution today and by using the media he makes movies like Jurassic Park brilliant ballpark that will be that dinosaurs are millions and millions and millions and millions in northern years old they did not want to earth with men on earth couldn't just be six thousand years if the earth is not six thousand years old then the Bible is not true in fact every time he is a mistake four hundred fifty million years ago two million years ago three million years ago six billion years ago and I may say that what you're really saying what is saying by default in God 's word is not true that's what evolution is really trying to do to you tell you that the word of God cannot be true is not possible for it to be true so this becomes the myth and the fix will the story of evolution becomes the truth that's W trying to do and he got up to Hollywood Jurassic Park before entering the final will be the blood from a dinosaur the garden with the genetic and called it what a something out of it I'm Wolf is gotten a lot of dinosaurs and out of none of the people the fact that a matter is they found dinosaur bones and marrow still have blood in it dinosaurs are not nearly as old as the try make it out to be a Mac in Islamic art as science but Jurassic Park is all about evolution drive argued and the dinosaurs evolved into birds is the point of them one of movies the accident of course says something different he's a picture of the X-Men there and I grew up reading comic books I told you out of Friday night mama the twenty two of all away but the excellent basically says that myth is it evolving right the methods involve and just legitimate but is evolving to evolve into some arrows available of his sunglasses Marine beam of destructive Leitch comes out like Cyclops or human again wolverine 's ability to heal superfast and you get clogged you had on him I really want all the money and big mistake when you dig us out of the goal of the owner the right and you go through all of them and in a storm controlled environment much of his witchcraft really derivative powers but today from a medical sample what happens when you militate if you're not careful when your cells mutate yesterday cancer in fact the laws of entropy tell us that the work the universe is not becoming more ordered what was the second law of of of of of on one of physics when major laws in science a lobster because of it is not the world of the University more ordered it's getting less ordered evolution is like saying to Costco alive to hold flags collide on the freeway and make a Mercedes-Benz you laugh but that's literally what it's trying to explain to you that the statistical chance is important that we speak and it would be more likely than a junkyard we sit in the middle of Oklahoma Nebraska someplace on a park the cars scattered all over the place and the gasoline and a tornado enrolled on a junkyard in the junk yard and fully out of the tornado statistically speaking us a fully assembled car would land in the middle tires were aerated gas tank with gas oil in the oil pan seats in place everything in place and indicating this when you could turn and start how long would you have to wait for that to happen basically it will never happen you wait forever right you want a way to evaluate your first car young person wait for tornado in a field statistically speaking of the math you know how the devil was brilliant of getting a smart devil he was the covering cherub in heaven Ewald acquired a record of any of these smarter than any of us could ever imagine so he figured out in order to do this I can kill two birds one stone I can arrange the belief in the Bible if I can save the world and what is six thousand years old but mankind is more than six thousand years old is in it and whose of the makeover three million years old I given a Bible but on the flip side of it I can make its own evolution as possible if I simply say it just took enough time as evolution is it another work because we have reported Earth history for thousands of years with at least four thousand years three thousand three thousand thousand five hundred three thousand years of the reported history not of it shows any sign of evolution Angel was okay while we sought a half no have a load of passage happen visiting turn into a amphibian you know where and whenever that he was a member in single file the only way they can really make working that have to be millions and millions and millions of years but it's a farce 's natural but it happened that way so speculations on the chemical origins of life this is from the bomb of the journal nature two thousand eight the speculations of a chemical origins of life are almost universally covered in school curricula under evolution I watch with this evolutionist says and in the nature journal despite the questionable relevance of the topic of the four evolution and is rather uncertain scientific basis the audit this evolution this that evolution is that it has a rather uncertain scientific basis in this regard to them as of now class we don't have any details yet we know we evolved there is no evidence that we vault where all the half things in the world wrong with where all the animals are still evolving as I talk about the missing link weren't really has never been taught how good God allow it to be found I hope he doesn't allow it to become solid talk a bit about from the Scriptures input from the book attribute to the supernatural are not maybe averted his book by Roger Minoan amazing book again I said last night if you read this book you should be prayed up first the very heavy book is a man worship demons and came out of demon worship to become a Christian and he is telling you what he learned from the demon priest and I'm initially some clips from the book and a quantity of the seven minutes when he happens to land another advantage that work a guy was studying to be an admin is one of given a Bible study for eight-day strata hold eight weeks with a Bible study this outright at eight days because the deadline to get out of it's out of the satanic worship if you get out of it by Wednesday night that he would've been stated and what a number of able come out of it so God showed up to Rosamond only wrote the book the power of prayer on a lot of other good books is very very very very interesting story and he says there is us things at the beginning of the eighth century of the demon priest is speaking here and Rosamond was telling the story of the beginning of the eighteenth century the demon present state of despair counselors of a great general counsel counsel to prepare for the industrial age that would soon break upon the world Satan foresaw that an age of scientific discovery and intellectual enlightenment immediately follow up on its heels it would usher in the end times the close of the struggle between the forces of good and evil Satan descriptive Remington twelve thousand and eleven beware ye that live on the earth why do the same the devil is come down among you any know the what a short time the devil is very aware to do not much time left we act as if we have all the time in the world is of the devil knows he knows time is short please ready for the world to put the devoted time and in the second paragraph taken out of the rock to metal speaking again of quoting the demon priest sensation had been studying the prophecies of the Bible it is an interesting estate study the prophecies of the Bible since they never study the province of the Bible he understood the meaning of Daniel twelve in verse for that describe the time of the end of our many shall run to and fro and our knowledge would be increased even recognize it as an ideal time to separate humans from their creator but leaving earth multitudes to perdition so he sought it technology and science so you know people say to me when I tell them that I don't believe in evolution is it well science created this DVD science created my iPod 's highest-rated my iPhone the hottest science of evolution is what happened I believe science section of the study to be a technological revolution he can actually get the world based on the fact that science is all around to believe the lie of evolution free schools on the far firstborn Ms. Rodman organs begin the first part would be to convince human beings that Satan and his angels did not really exist the second part sought to obtain total control of the people by introducing hypnotism ethanol and beneficial science the third part of Satan 's plan would destroy the Bible is the demon priest begins bill the third-party 's plan would destroy the Bible without actually doing away with a single drive the thought of God out of the minds of millions through the theory of what evolution the demon priest told Roger Minogue nude back it is back in the nineteen forties at the Marotta book about a merchant Marines returned to Montréal Canada he says they look it look double understudied to drive down out of the minds of people with the theory of evolution I want you to understand it when he teach evolution in public schools when it did you even in our own Adventist schools literally what is happening in the great controversy is happening wars happening spiritual warfare is happening and what the purpose of evolution being taught and I just spoke to someone what do I throughout a visit one of our member that Alta Dena and I went Monday night in a house that had been ordered family of speaking that a daughter a graduate of one of our universities one of the one vitamin controversy around this very topic and she said yes he sat down one of the classes in a tedious that I believe in evolution is an amazing amount of teaching evolution in case I believe he said the teacher said but if you want more on that speak to me privately so what if it was really happening at one of our institutions when the professor said you know I am an evolutionist on on on the Christian school on Monday to convince you of evolution but if you want to learn more about evolution speak to me privately what is really happening there evangelizing about what a Muslim school and I know I couldn't openly evangelize the bikers the how do I think it am a Christian you are Muslim the minor converging on this if you have any interest was about Christianity what speed to be privately that nobody has asked that if the class of promoting Christianity is stupid you dangled him privately to talk to him probably a lot famous plan to destroy the Bible without actually getting rid of it but that failed the first times in drive remember of the dark ages it didn't work by getting rid of it has to be the most clever thing I ever heard of the demon three speaking the Lacedaemon please last that is the most clever things into the devil of a thought of Charles Darwin he goes on to say born in eighteen oh nine and Thomas Henry Huxley born in eighteen twenty five both came under the influence of spirits listened to this book came of the influence of spirits at an early age because medical doctors use hypnosis hypnotism as a form of anesthetic did you get that the tools people who helped found evolution the deal increase the amount speaker someone was really a one arising rules that he heard said that they did to me we started it were under the under the power under the guidance of illness that under the guidance of the spirits of demons from they were children because hypnotism was practiced on them Archuleta ditched his hypnotism progress on children today of course you do many different types of psychotherapy and everything well unwarranted if you are careful when you watch television you can be hypnotized television when you watch television and you lose track of time you know he's ever two hours want to improve it to our marijuana Joshua was over fast anytime you lose track of time while you doing something is a form of hypnotism to a setting on the delivery so those are the spirits decided that when the two children became adults they would be the instruments to address the religion that we know as the theory of evolution notice the demon priest the right was what a religion by tying it with the scientific revolution where bringing across the world at that time he says to my shock and amazement the present at Rodman owes a good his shock and amazement that the spirits consider anyone who teaches the theory of evolution is the deliveries begin again the members of saying the spirits consider anyone who teaches the theory of evolution to be a minister of that great religious system did you get that if you teach evolution you are a minister on that system after teaching evolution in our institutions guess with their ministers for me literally Satanist ministers are being taken our institutions or in the public school system are religion and the individual receive a special unction from Satan who himself to teach evolution even present you get special power from Satan Satan gives him great power to induce great power to induce spiritual blindness to convince and look at the last word there and to convert the modern evolutionists because they believe it is because Satan has given power to those who teach it to induce spiritual blindness on people so that they won't believe it's an LB convergence of that religion are you get what I'm saying is not an accident that the world and honestly this is the devil 's handiwork in fact the editing reprise both are in fact he holds up people in such high regard that he assigned a special retinue of Angels to accompany him or her on his or her life is the greatest honor that Satan can bestow upon a person in the presence of the galaxy did you get special to go and help you with your life okay something you think the superstars are superstars by themselves we think that the JVs of the world always people superstars because they have so much more talented so smart everybody else will you understand when you want when you when you agree to do things well he gives you special power and reward the rate will all doctors lawyers all the potatoes in Montréal at the time were all in the Demon Temple when Roger Minogue I don't challenge you to tell you that today the same thing happens the British menacing than his counselors and concluded that they could use the theory of evolution to destroy the very foundation of the Bible they can turn it against the creation week the fall of the plan of redemption the stakes were so high here but the spirit but Satan himself to a Charles Darwin in setting up the principles of his scientific concepts the demon presented Satan himself toward Darwin and how to layout the theory of evolution because the people believe that they would stop believing in the creation week even Christians now no longer believe it was six literal days of creation that they eventually millions of years the Pope himself up and I wanted John Paul the ball the rest evolution out of the poll was evolutionary to believe in the Bible how old listing is retorted Charles Darwin Satan himself they understood and Fatah at a teacher with what I consider a friend of mine who teaches at one of our institutions are in Southern California will say which one is only two so your very own right when I related to the economy the government gave way to learn to University and were talking and this person said to me she was she was happy Sabbath and we went on to start talking about changes that are being made at one of the two Institute one arts University that are moving the University towards being more Christian and she was upset she said because you don't see the seven MS on Meadows but is that how can I coconut a Muslim scientists he said how can I deny the theory of evolution and also the people I got if you believe in the theory of evolution while you keep the Sabbath the world is really millions of a leader I wasn't really created in six days and equitably benefit day everyone the seven they won't get a solid one which got happy Sabbath that you don't live in and they teach at our institution having once been a Catholic priest our guide concluded and remember the demon priest was also a Catholic priest it is the demon free speaking having once been a Catholic priest I say that it is impossible for someone to believe in the biblical creation week of fall and the plan of redemption and at the same time holds evolution such a hodgepodge of ideas has to be the greatest form of blasphemy known to the Creator who said that the demon priest said that but even preset if you believe in evolution is the greatest form of blasphemy to the creator and area artists Darwin on the left Oxley on the right and Darwin of course just looks one yellow scary on in that picture and of course Darwin on the night of the class a comparative anatomy class at University of Alabama in Huntsville is prevented the time and I'll try to take some of the classes the booze my science GPA or Iran while one relates to the class on as I went over to yours out also which is of course a secular state school in Alabama same tell University rot at the school 's follow romantic impediment I'm glad the man teaching the class came out and looked just like Darwin Yum of the again on overall and a beard advertise on that I heard many great preachers preach when this guy taught evolution in the same speaking cadence of some of the best preachers I never heard anyone to read such of the supernatural knowledge year later I understood that he was literally converting all of these deep South Bible Belt Christian students that was is Alabama almost given a classroom under that that is because what I will do all the little girl at the diamond class at all and raised in church yet they rented the one teacher who could convince them that all learned in Sunday school was a lie else Gary glass so I'm a read during these two years from October eighteen thirty six to January two thirty nine is a Darwin 's optimism Darwin 's book on Darwinist begin here I was led to think much about religion this is why I while he was on board the Beagle I was quite Orthodox and I remember being at heartily laughed at by some of the officers though themselves Orthodox for quoting the Bible is an unanswerable authority on some point of morality this is Darwin speaking I suppose it was the novelty of the argument that amused them but I gradually come by this time to see that the Old Testament for its manifestly false history of the world with a Tom Babel the rainbow design etc. etc. and from its attribute things about the feelings of a revengeful tyrant was no more to be trusted in the sacred book of the Hindus or the beliefs of any barbarian Charles Darwin didn't know the theory of evolution balanced and beer and thinking of all science he wanted to the theory of evolution and created it already having cast the Bible out of the book to be trusted don't think that he wasn't just this objective scientist stumbled upon a theory in fact by his own words from the Bible out he no longer believed it he said by further reflecting that the clearest evidence would be requisite to make any sane man believe in the miracles by which Christianity supported but the more we know of a lot fixed laws of nature the more incredible incredible numerical become is not wrong there actually the men at the time were ignorant and credulous to a degree almost is almost incomprehensible by us the Gospels cannot be proved to have been written simultaneously with the events but they differ in many important details far too important seem to me to be admitted at the usual inaccuracies of eyewitnesses by such reflection is these which I gave not of having the least novelty or value but every influence me I gradually came to disbelieve and Christianity as a divine revelation Charles Darwin began to question the Bible because as you know what Jesus miracles really couldn't happen on the system laws of nature would never allow it but we know that Jesus is more powerful than the laws of nature he stood up on the bow of a ship in the middle of the storm what you say peace be still in the Bible says even the winds and the waves of trade him these after and follow the laws of nature Darwin now you can see what's under that under the impetus of Satan himself and Salesian writing this as a way to begin in Europe what has now been almost completed successfully enrolled at a raise from the Christians of Europe all-around lives of a belief in the Bible more of Christ that now not present all over Europe and Holland and England and Spain all over the place in Europe I can tell you the most dental and I just got back from Australia which tests out what is happening there and not people don't want anything to do with Christ all of the great reformers all of the great pastors and preachers to come out of Europe Europe has become almost completely secular no one wants anything to do about it starts right here with these words the Darwin of giving thoughtfully right to Darwin present answer your doctrines he skis writing to Darwin I figured and I'm prepared to go to the state if the requisite I trust you will not allow yourself to be in any way discuss the annoyed by the considerable abuse and misrepresentation was a mess I greatly mistaken in store for you and as to the curse to be which will bark and yelp you must recollect that some of your friends at any rate are endowed with an amount of combativeness which the UN office and justly rebuked it may stand you in good stead I was not Huxley says I am sharpening up my claws and beak in readiness they were ready to go to war against the religious establishment this reference here to being burned at the stake with them saying that because they had this new religion pyramid be persecuted by the Christian church like the Protestants were once persecuted Carl Sagan America's greatest evolution is the one about America's most famous evolutionist says there's the idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous but by God one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe but clearly there is such a God this dot is emotionally unsatisfying it does not make much sense might make much sense to pray to the law of gravity the fact that evolution is make on God this is why Roger Minogue 's being the present evolution as a religion is a religious discover trying to erase Christianity and replace whatever why the double Hindu erases the Bible if you write the Bible your way to the plan of redemption for John to several children in the last time and I have heard that antichrist shall come even now are there many antichrists whereby we know that it is the last time evolution itself is antichrist the unit of my thing it is the antichrist is a muddled e-mail me and say that but it is antichrist it is against Christ why because John one and verse one that in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God in a word what was God when filled with his coming out that verse you need to get them with the same was in the beginning with God wants first three all things were what made by him and without him was not anything made that was made if evolution is true Christ is not the creator of Christ not a creator John is wrong here John is wrong here he's wrong and is often John three sixteen where he says of God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son all of Christianity falls if God is wrong the Genesis chapter one and two integrated world why would you believe him and John Bremer sixty first John four to set him on no leave the spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of antichrist whereof ye have heard that it should come and even now already is in the world ye are of God no children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is what in the world Europe the failure will magic witchcraft who noted at stuff Ottawa diktat in the Philippines their name for what is it will that sounds like you now know it but that's unlikely everywhere in the world you know it exists amen in America we haven't strong in New Orleans all over the country but but greater is he that is in Austin even as in the world found thirty three six in person I said by the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the holes of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was done and he commanded and it what it stood fast that's the best of the world came into existence is that simple revelation fourteen seven like this and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to present to them that dwell on earth and every nation in kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters to take away God 's creative power is to take away one of the Angels messages and the take away the need to worship him we got a great or what we were serving analytes other like this there will be false dreams and false visions which have some truth would lead away from the original faith the Lord has given us a rule by which to detect them to the law and to the testimony and they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them if they belittle the law of God if they pay no heed to his will as revealed in the testimonies of the spirit they are what I said below teaching and practice of preaching and try to promote evolution are deceivers a man to tell you today that what God has called each of us to do is to believe him and I can tell you for life experience the Don I see that because I want and I'm notable I know many now usually form a drug addict and now they have been washed in the blood of the lamp and live a clean and sober like an ape and in any proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ of the informal bloods encrypts come to know Jesus Christ and are now walking law-abiding citizens now working to draw people away from gangs of the people who live all kinds of lifestyle when a comfortable price in a different person in the world and tell you they cannot change what I'm telling you the greatest miracle you have a witness in the miracle of the conversion of a sinner whose life is changed and a walking notice the white and the all things are passed away the all things of Dunaway would possibly become a preacher in Jesus Christ that is the only evidence I need because guess what that's what happened in my own life I know what it means for Jesus to come into your heart the Holy Spirit to work on you and for you to become a different person and if no other thing you need to know about Christ I challenge anyone to try again read his words study with his word pray and come to know Jesus Christ you can not be the same for the Bible says that God 's word cannot go out and come back void if you're open to God 's word is going to change a life if we preach God 's word as much a single slice is all the evidence on the evidence I needed him as Jesus himself of all young people going back to school in the morning for this fall many way or maybe it is on audio personnel and to be going to Ivy League schools and always replaces let me challenge you to remember that his sister the classes were trying in thank you in this religion of evolution to serve the God of the universe and is all reason you need to believe in sums as Ellen White but the speculations that will lead to infidelity leaves you did not trust God I challenge you do better in school if you study the word of God before you take any we read any of your arm by the medical school out of practice I read the Bible first the reason I did it is because I believe the that if I get them God gave me understanding of his infinite word all the signs of this world becomes what you understand what God is teaching me all of our great talk to them I have been about the sanctuary all of the great doctors that we that is that when you begin to study them and understand them as well a sample challenges this year and not me just great scholars who bequeathed dollars of the word study to show yourself approved unto God rightly dividing the word of truth amen amen let us pray father God we thank you we don't have to believe in evolution to believe a lie to believe that will be cumbersome for Maureen 's life said it was a big bang when nothing blew up dead father God we understand a loving Creator wanted our love step out of nothing and spoke and it's the same in the Jesus spoke this world into a system are restarted to dirt in need may the father got not one of us is an accident we are here on purpose and that God has a purpose for each of us has lauded this year I hear this message would know God 's purpose is to help finish this work the novel software Jesus is precious and holy name


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