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What's the Connection?

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training


  • September 22, 2006
    11:30 AM
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Robin Robin today we just again confess our need of you when that's what has brought us to this conference and we don't know how to go out or come in but the problem is sometimes we think we do and we just ask today that you would give us a new experience with you be with us in this class help us to learn and help me to learn everything on us here today I've learned him the people of God to the programs and I look forward to learning today so we ask again for your spirit and we come in Christ name on it if I'd is true that you learn much more from the people you're serving then they learn from you well maybe I'm the only one but the this really really happens while I want to talk to today about what's the connection you know the preacher that was I was really a sermon the other day that he wrote and he said God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in him you like that God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in him the problem is that we many times as people and in society we get satisfied in things other than the Lord and things of the Lord 's way and we do that we can go for a while telling my dad he tells a story was driving down the road one day little boy they were the model T and they would this have a great time and he looked out the window of those is way over this came right faster oh what a very negative overall of motor that when I went over right then and they looked around and as no other cars there is no way of them if an event and my grandmother well I wanted to go the length and breadth of the SOL is all right at the grandmother with the right fellowmen as you will arrive after one out into the field of a grand vision I was allowing our window we stopped the car and went in also things can go for a while for a good year you can enjoy but the whale has fallen out the pitcher is broken at the fountain right and that no one had with people you know they go along in and in and then they they need help and they make a result recognize that so they get out of the invincible twenties no thirties and the wheel comes off and they come and we get the chance to show them how they can be satisfied in the war found this my family my wife illuminates the premises smoking or Elizabeth 's real name and speaking to me he is out to get the idea that my pictures and no smoke is six to thirty six the other day and feels quite something with Mickey and this is my newest this was a early shot probably too early to be taken and Intel that is do you tell what it is by looking while them just looked up in the corner will tell you but there are some telltale marks there and the problem Malcolm counter this is right when he came out with his right when he came out this is like a minute at this point it looks so sly looks like his mother looks like the disease episode of this with us my family Sri Lanka literature search was shut down with the community notes of what would they say what program or service within a menu continuing why and maybe this isn't the best thing if you're here because you want to do things on your practice but if your practice was shut down what would they remember it for what wasn't that your practice had that no of records that what is the difference I think were coming to a time when the defining difference will be spiritual things and were in a time when people are more and more open to that we can stand on the shoulders of a lot of other people but people now are much more open than they were in the sixties and seventies and in the postmodern era in one experience that you know I was with that so much for this post month of the sky Sox nearly goes out of this one experiences and when they get sick boy when experienced another look at what's on your wall of experience and training benighted blackmails the rubble reverence and as some are but while sales story about the church there this is our church and weight we waste done a number of programs over the years and one of the things that physicians in my church with his Doctor Phil Mills was there for thirteen years of me Tony was rapture with a C that's captured and then read Dalton Georgia I won't name any names and this he was there and I worked also my his compatriot Madalyn Alice Kevin brought Kevin Brian was the position of gerontologist Doctor Mills is in physical medicine and where was really partnered together and they would invite their patients to different things and we would work together and over the years we started really developing I would just made a bunch of mistakes together be honest and through making those mistakes and stumbling through valves we start to learn a few things of and from the Lord spoken by me were told he statement workers engaged in educational line in the ministerial island medical Mister life must stand as a human all laboring on the server supervision of God one helping the other each blessing each and this is what happened my church I got to tell you the last thirteen years was this a blessing I mean leaving me glorify God machine it would fit in and just fell in August can wait to get up in the morning and I can hardly stand to go to bed as bad as Kellogg is but an there is nothing like it and for you you faltered in the medical and local areas you know understand is a pastor it was such a blessing to work with health professionals that want to do awards well and I imagine that it's a blessing to work with after the one of you that you sell and talk about several things here in the making the connection scientific excellence sacrificial service sufficient time sources of authority spiritual pathways being established the first of all scientific excellence what we we found in our programs is that of no substantive refractive index scientific excellence in your clinical area you need to be the best you can be and in your presentations for your programs on scientific excellence is a documentation of God 's right arm activity of the researches God gave us the ability to do research and so I I just love professionals that can bring that to the table like yourselves and the people in my drizzle scientific acts of the wind on the chip program is a follow-up to a lot of different things one of the reasons I like that is because now there's seven scientific peer-reviewed articles of the development program and that's helpful when you're talking to people and you say this is from that magazine the other so scientific excellence when it is received I was interviewing Doctor Gary Frazier recently what at this receiving Lebanon four years ago was indeed a remarkable gift that is increasingly being validated by science there are more than three hundred peer-reviewed scientific pages in the medical is run at the South trolley run at now but in his book that Doctor Fraser the locks for coming to have that book goes through all of the different studies that were done in she is me this the evidence of events living longer living better was a review article by Gary Frazier I'm sure you contact in the Loma Linda and if you just go to Google if I was a Google right now put Gary Frazier and Oxford University and Evan studies excellent resource to have but this is a blessing so in our program this is one of our meal for life Doctor Weaver of you know we have them all come together and they just love getting together and commiserating in talking it all day here are the results from our program in terms of this particular program friendship cholesterol whatever the children tenderly with other one hundred and seventy five so we see that pretty consistently and though if you take everybody that goes down fifteen percent those that are greater than two hundred is a goat on greater amount twenty percent and every drop in cholesterol as you know is a significant drop in the risk of death from heart attack heart disease and is the largest ecstatic coming and now they say that in a and and they just know you get together talked of as a sum of your neck and have these resulting item ready for that but eighty percent of them are having is becoming a result and in the way goes down over the month program people are just excited about that little bit more for the men and the ladies and those that are taking blood pressure pressure medication and those are taking insulin Daniel and then there's some elegant studies of Doctor Caldwell asked the showing the improvement in the coronary arteries angiography after a thirty percent improvement after sixty months of a plant based diet so he held the appreciable change and these things are a documentation of the divide that they really are documentation of repentance now you have the science of repentance this is a and that the gift of repair and of the people say that the inaugural talk about that the programming free people output am always thinking about these things in our hot so that's a little about the program that we've seen and there some reason was going slower than this is another this is a little greater improvements of thirty two months on a plant based diet with the program I'm not making a rush for the children what anything you use in your medical practice whether this is just documenting excellence okay and people have to know and some people just they obviously know that you help them when they come out of surgery right and they obviously those things and they had the same County gratitude that we've seen in these programs are physicians in my church were not really a me a doctor of physical medicine and gerontologist or another car people from the nursing home and he was using people in the butt in and they can refer a lot of different people okay and the other great thing that I've I've noticed is that you can bring in other people on your team to me you don't have to do it all the different rooms about the DVD I love DVDs of every edited do a good job right but what we tried your program is not just witness to our church but then invite the community and the alumni back and then we bring in special speaker is Doctor Colin Campbell and these people are in search of the gospel as well and it's been interesting to me the relationships of the been built by our local church with these people that are not of this faith and they I can show you the e-mails back and forth between he and I is worth studying for different things and concepts and you guys can do more of that than I ever because you're always consulting talking to people in those relationships are there and it's exciting that the health message is the entering watch the people so what do you do all after the program to bridge while your there already the writer watches the entering what is meant I mean right that's a pretty simple concept but if the answering watch so what you doing herein right move among them are downright split open scientific excellence and then sacrificial service I might say so the first part we brought in these speakers one but the second thing that you have to have you wanted to make a connection with people forget that set you have to have the site and secondly they have to pick up some way from their practice or from your church or from your program sacrificial service how are you sacrificing a listen to Doctor Weaver why don't they deal succumb to pride by mentioning him in the surgery for that but you know I now do I want to score the daughter years ago and you could tell in the program that sacrifice was throughout you heard this morning scientific excellence and sacrifice were then programmed that report the genocide the excellence and did you get a sacrifice well we always take the people with us on vacation we have of it all these volunteers and so our program is like this look you might think of is to make some money that if you want to make a spiritual connection you better look for ways to have sacrificial service and when you have sacrificial service people don't what's wrong with you they say you must be willing or you must love me one of the two and you're too smart to be that the innovate and that's what they say Amanda 's crystallized and I further simulate that is it will wire these people commented in a been there all day at work and this and that and here they are Doctor Salazar would listen that and there volunteering their time you know what we've lost in Madison and maybe I will be headed in this regard it as well is is that is the visit in someone's home with a new you had come to see them so we have clinics and we have visibly that and and sometimes people just think why does the number you have to have creative ways to go beyond and this is an essential component though lots of people think that this is you is this trying to collect a bunch of pictures of the president and they are just helping you with your collection right that's a good thing and that so you got a have an endowment model that yourself and then your team this is my team they're dropping like flies I'm even leaving the church now to come out in California but the Susan barks all day and Doctor Brian 's office budget five thirty the morning of our screening days and she's there ministering to the people talking Jan again and because of Altman Jan is my health director at my church gives us that deliver time worked all day consider scrubs just as nice as can be I don't know how it posses even that nice of the working all day but distant Amy poster art this euro an hour later are you still here Honorable David and everyone in research seeing their mother like you made her his your mother doesn't matter who you are a necessity comes across to me and she do anything and people get that sense and the people 's faith here they are that the listing of this particular time to Amy this way you can put a hook in their mouth to him and we want to go it would have been a lot using government and that's what they would do and the sacrificial service lays the foundation it's what is called disinterested benevolence now this is a misunderstood term and the other search amendments on this one is more with Ron disinterested benevolence vacant maybe I have to act disinterested by road to know this man is understood to everything and they'll never know the discount by osmosis pick up the fact that I'm got and any staff amid osmosis unladylike of most very good at but it goes beyond the I mean in speaking about the early sanitarian 's in the work of the Advent movement only had this to say should those connected with this enterprise faced a look at their work from a high religious standpoint and discern from meals also principles of present truth to imitated theory and practice those were the heads of institutions where the sick are treated only for the recovery about it he had asked to celebrate it at people coming only for the recovery of their smile or only for the recovery so they go and are you looking at that when not then they may come for them are you looking at that way what would happen the special blessing of God will not rest at our institution more than those were corrupt theories are taught to we find a way if we want the blessing of the Lord to have the sacrificial disinterested benevolence now the minister somatization of the note was again you forgot to put up your mice as I studied all the statements always write about distant and disinterested benevolence you know what it really means you are so interested that the people you serve come to know Jesus that you don't care what it does to your reputation to talk to the report that waited for that heresy is region right the sacrifice sacrifice and any are so interested in them that you know you're in your de Tocqueville about who your best friend Dave's and you can find within Outlook I know I said is evidence that certain times when you don't talk about certain things in the brother of those but your intention is to look for every opening you don't say self sacrificial acts of scientific excellence sacrificial service sufficient time if you get to make a connection it takes time and may not be your time maybe your staff time but it is there to be some a your time ultimately you look to the Bible it always comes down to time Jesus with not a lot of time sometimes but you had to spend time with people of the clock is moving and notice the statements got service of the management ever ready to move as fast as his province over the way the leg is time for saying the work and defeated sometimes people are only open for that moment just before the surgery sometimes early open when they're going to that medical crisis and they'll ask that question and you could say I'm too busy and you know what that does not come up again for those people one of the things I would love to help physicians and dentists do I'm moving from the church year two amazing facts college events one of things I would love to do is trained by the workers that can work in practices and help people with this where they would learn enough about what you do to be able to interface with people you guys are the rainmakers in your organization spiritually and every other way but what is the most important data remember the timing the most single victories and most fearful defeats have been on the turn of the minutes minutes and just the words he says spoken at the right time and this happened so much in the clinical arena Jesus when he worked with Nicodemus was the middle the night and he knew how to work with individuals that were of high standing he protected his anonymity but he went right to the core in his interview and he answered his questions and John for he knew how to work in the middle of the day with a woman that no one else would talk to there's always going to be different based on violence and sadism our programs we find the more educationally advanced the person is the more time in the more personal work it takes a man many about as then in effect this is this is very true and luck I love the study with people that are smart the right and I approach them just like I would anybody else in certain ways they have the same needs exactly the same needs their lonely I wonder if this they wonder if that Jesus recognize that she said look I want everything you got to drink so this is what happens sufficient time is spent like the reason I like programs and to be a part of the race I like the chip program we visit for sixteen programs out is because it's it's over four weeks this month most people don't spend that much time with anything else in their life since high school or college and you spend time with them the same group and a sadistic experience they haven't had for years and that sufficient time allows you to build that relationship with four times a week for times a week for four weeks and then on Sundays during the we have we eat together and by the way up I thought that eating with people who dad is very important if you are my spiritual roof connection with the devil who was important he ate with the Joni was on someone else is going to MRI Friday humanity and but that set so second that the next suite that scientific excellence abyss sometimes I made sacrificial servant so there's a time and an source of authority when people come to you because you have demonstrated scientific excellence and you've shown sacrificial service and sufficient time they give you more and more leeway you may not know it you think all afraid on the talk as you want I'm leaving my church 's been thirteen years there last three weeks I I have been averting a fun with unapproved five farewells her I got to catch up the average definitely states two or three years of the church and I get the printer farewell sermon every selloff I haven't been able to do that I'm doing a series called how to farewell right you know what's happened in the series I shall left many times a day because when you think when you realize that you may never see someone again or have the same openness you act differently and do they act differently last week I got to be in the my sermon was some more I told the people is that I don't have any cute stories I couldn't think of anything to finish the sermon I will like to say the lust is prayer Lord I pray and God gave me the gift of tears I started to cry I said will you except the Lord in heaven except the Lord twenty people came for and want to be baptized the rebaptized why my saying this you get nervous about talking to people what what if you've got this could be my last day this could be the last time improve some of the minutes examining so don't be nervous about this he uses the God-given authority God has given you and he has opened up the entering wedge herein right to get a misaligned mound then it will explode completely open but the Lord give you was about what to do with that sources of authority the fact about every program at how successful every practice is the people we see including ourselves die than that who we are people another major programs they die people would go through your stop smoking thing they die people to your practice they die this is the greatness thing in the medical practice we go every day and we talked to the spaces we talk about saving lives but in forty five years most than that we treated her death in one hundred euros zero most well for breakfast right and so keeping that in focus will really help you in your making that connection on my file is a Chip Graves at scientific excellent sacrificial service at this time sources of authority in the spiritual path is that why I didn't say remote sources of authority your source of authority is one thing but the second thing is when people come to you they come or come to our program that has scientific excellent they come because of the scientific excellence that's the source of authority you got the John Sean EMD and all the other things that make alphabet soup of the go all yes lot out that's the interesting look at the experience and all bundled up on Google and see what happen you know if there's anything any redundant by this moving company last week I was about ready to sign the thing I look them up on Google Google and it was these horror stories save me anyway so I source of authority they come because of the scientific evidence but you have to switch them if you're going to make the connection through all these different things from scientific excellence which is a documentation of God 's right arm to research to the revelation of Scripture Hasbro property he got a keep that in my eye always had a modern every conversation I'm having I was talking to studio I'd have been if I was talking about talking on the plane Odyssey wherein my on the court with this person Michael Jordan was a good black basketball player because he knew where he was on the court at all times and I try to figure out where I am with that person always says that we should visit every better neighbor another spiritual condition if she says about your neighborhood what about your practice and how can you come to know that through your spiritual some surveyor this event only Doctor Guthrie when he says he didn't feel the prayer not break down give you gay director in the spiritual condition right there is that simple and then try and move them along from where they are I especially like the ones as they don't pray with me because of the greatest challenges there may be under conviction when they said that it may be an evidence of the Holy Spirit right I may but it is though though I'll think about you that means to pray again run an exciting story last Sabbath made the appeal managed that it was such a program said it is indicated thing is that my wife got me here was an atheist he told me all the reasons why I use the material in talking with you about today last Sabbath after two years to interfere he came forward for the appeal I went to his home I said what do that maybe I've never think with some of those for appeal that I just fill up the back Klesko especially if their intellectual I discussed this guy designed the global fly area living with only around world electrical system for that much of program right for criticizing the what does it mean he started to cry was he spiritually into his cry and I said George is the best thing I start to cry because why you cry I said well resist both try the water of life you know something like that is that you have been born again the tears on the outside let me know that you want some more water on the outside through baptism you want to start a new life the two weeks before he said wow my wife wants me to join the church but I have to do this and that the other he said look is anything you want me to do I'll do anything around the church and born-again right so you don't get this book by Louis Torres that he's written a book on the signs above of conviction read that book benefits is worth gold like I think people get mad at me I'm not really spiritually open at all I would so rock had Louis tour that might certainly was doing this campaign would be this lady was really mad and will like that because Nancy is a good interest what is wrong with you you know for sure after no side anyway we got a study more about these things okay okay a spiritual pathway than is spiritual pathway is established the source of authority were moving from science to the Scriptures right Mister proxy and your programmer your practice or your interaction has created the spiritual pathway because your spiritual person you're the bridge to the future you're not like Bill Clinton Clinton brings the distal tablet the river all the way to Carolyn Milligan 's bill if you're listening so and that's a very far before that Stanford but with homeland security in a room of cellophane sample you're practicing your program is the and in bad ads of the web 's true is a lot more where that came and it's the right open the door the body has to go through another thinkers of the fingers is go through the door closes with so what comes next health reform is closely connected with the work of the third message it is not the message and after we have to remember and that's why I think ministers and physicians coupling together is so powerful and I just wish that for each of you men will never be truly temperamental the grace of Christ the abiding personal art document saying this with his recidivism comments circumstances cannot work reform Christianity proposes a Reformation in the heart what price work for them will be worked out under the dictate dictation of the converted intellect the plan of beginning outside and trying to work inward is always fail and always will fail to your practice your program is only circumstantial until you start working from the inside out people will come to your program for different reasons and outage while available units are in the below of the level of the lowest body of the wearer the instruction of their site oh there is what I want and dishonest without any time I mirror me know if you it was that team volume one pages one to four with five fifty nine hour so I remember so well people come and that they make these decisions ask questions and they begin to say what is the connection between this and your program your program is great and it's it's all on the outside at first and your practices great it's only outside at first but if you've done these different things they'll begin naturally asked questions and it's always best to be answering questions and trying to create a false moment site my wife anal what when I was converted file I said I'm been converted I want to get married and I weeded out a lot of ladies you know at first by my methodology and then I learn something you don't have someone to marry you and tell you know they can say yes those of you are not married this is the principle those the listing on the type you can take the photographs don't ask it so you know don't talk about the Sabbath they can ultimately will receive full talk about any aspect of the faith until you have these Sharon's using website and you can get there I've seen this in every point of doctrine and the church teaches so that we could ask questions and that's how I came up with the title for our seminar what's the connection that was a question that I haven't come up with that it was it was the connection between the new church what's the connection and precise it you know oh and tell someone why the sky is blue this is blue or you can explain why you want to begin throw the little answer than they do want like a little more than you gave me what you got insurance on Saturday as well we want to beat the rust is a lot of traffic from your church may laugh to win your answer to get traffic jams and we go a day early and in a sentence now why you doing I see you call me a liar as he had a nice chat while you are there is little more to you know and this one minister gave properly about fifteen minutes of number program now one minister can confirm me she is to send messages about this all my church members I also will look always planning on you to do it and he said the survivors of this place is a call really why you hear the sunset so okay we might become available on longer than your church ahead and filled in OE at the sky was able to Larry is that the way this got broke down the presence he came to the program he was the past of the huge Baptist Church America at the end of the program he kept asking what's the connection and he got he says I like you to come visit my church on Sunday aside will is a you come to my church Saturday I go to your church Sunday we don't have a conflict discount and needed to begin our church right so I go to his church last week I got there a little late to the latest the Sunday service for the laws with me and we come in and were like this is like two thousand five is packed out PacBell church right the only seats are available right on the front row so we go up and said in the front row this is a Baptist church front row is often reserved for those that are making their first decision for Christ you are off to reveal so I got to the front row and the vesicles and creatinine is passed through the second is notably a Robinson flap and I think that was a cheap shot that was that was rather ungodly no as I left about that but they came home in the message seems seriously the Adventists and again will know you and the show 's numbers on the screen opposed electrode come in than his wife handed our recipe for lentil loaf two thousand five hundred people amen and it all started with him asking what's the connection of saying your occult and one of his church members showed up with an extra messenger Preston on your here said the commerce and he did I called local source of job so that the program there and listen yields only you know where I call and I got back to bed and when a friend help method will break down prejudices so we practice it I canceled to work for vanilla so Christ method then in making this connection is very instructive this morning we learned and meant I was so excited to learn lesser of abuse morning about the Sabbath and sanctuary being connected with the right arm of that exciting I've just got some selected goosebumps when I found the anyway what Jesus did whenever people were healed Norbert Luke seventeen ten lepers came to be you what's expected the show yourself to the priest out of sanctuary and the only one that was really whole came back work on our program that I don't worry about the end result as much as where I again with the person I don't remind releasing them if I'd done all those asses correctly they go back to their church to go back to their doctrine are just like just like the people that were healed back injuries is that you know don't tell anybody and they tell everybody right and then there's about ten percent and Doctor Nunley 's program in depression recovery it's about sixty percent but about ten percent of our programs come back to the spiritual follow-up what's the connection you ask in advance of how many people get baptized from an evangelistic campaign is now much higher than ten percent of the good campaign think about that so they'll come back but it's only if you understand I think these principles also your picture George Mrs. Jordan came forward last week and he and his wife and they came in from such a program two years ago within okay I just put some testimonies appear that his testimony this is a minister and his wife who came into the Adventist church to the chip program and three ABN I first heard about the health messes up through the end of the colder Churchill the church becomes a place of healing medical missionaries who labor in advance of the guys are doing the work is high in order as their ministerial fellow workers in the higher walks of life will be found many who responded the truth because it's consistent because it bears the stamp of high character of the gospel not a few of men of ability the one with the cause will enter energetically into the Lords work connected new voter position to see that happen so what about the seminar then on we don't understand five basic keys I've recovered some of these vital or breeze through the middle also you little bit about what we've done I talk a little bit about the three angels experience what we do the three Angels was tried all kinds of different approaches in the alternative mistakes and then we discovered a program work trust chip with Fed about eight hundred people go through our program now ten percent of the alumni are involved in many of them have made decisions that got friends in the business community in the church committee the medical community and with the general public physicians call me up and I don't even know as the pastor of the church and say we were a Java program I just have this or that winter next program as after ten years of doing and those things that happen so we have to understand motivation with people on it and I went over to this vegetarian Congress with Doctor deal one year and that when you deal with health and the Eucharist you start to involve your members in people you can get a lot of fruitcakes that come to your future dominated notices no one these the zero-sum wackos out there I was at this Congress and I talked to the sky was a nice guy 's a wacko wacko minute as you delete this from the tape one of God 's children who has a different perspective than this particular man came all the way from Africa to the budgetary Congress it can't see the pictures but he is I was injured and he and his arm was hurt he almost got killed because he was coming to the budgetary Congress at all the farmers around them in Africa raised dairy and in beef thanks and they were afraid that he would bring back in the the probably lose the benefit would try to kill but he did his best and he got to the vegetarian Congress he was there any phone with a harrowing experience of how he risked all to come to the Internet Congress and I said what motivates a guy to do that I made I will not go to the vegetarian Congress about a detail right scientist who will wire you will wire you and interested in it it's as well I believe in the oneness of all life was like that's having an outside either I don't know them even if the as yet is not really good but Kellogg often than that but anyway so as I I desire to have spherical compassion I will send it life is what does it mean and look it up your mother was a and I begin to understand his motivation was a spiritual that it was intense that was his motivation eating he believe that you might have another liability didn't do things right and come back to the karmic type thing I saw it I had a couple of these people come to my program that were of Eastern wasn't in August that you must be born again that's probably done that like a thousand times and am a whole different paradigm right and you have to understand the quadrant to make unattended integrated we want trying to say to you is you have to understand the motivation of people to come if you can help them make the spiritual bridge because the things you think you might need to say I'm in for a lot of people say well I got this amazing fax fliers with it so that I write for everybody you give it selling out doesn't work that's why you have to kind we another spiritual condition know what their motivation anybody that's made it a decision at our church either one of our positions myself of the other people that study with people the church they know what the motivation what's motivating people in Alaska my sitdown sick once bringing a person to the center where sit at the table why is this happening now what's going on well is that the think are some of those other guided the this is not a picture of his arms he was too terrifying to even take a picture again Internet but this guy had tattoos are one arm is a vegan and the said Revolution and I said you know they were standing right in front of the store right here this was exact picture where it was I do not think a picture of a Muslim man of you and he had the advantage on the Congress finally was with the revolutionary as it's oh so why are you ventures as I want to our revolutionize the world that may follow if I can enter in a one or revolutionize the world they looked right at my belt this is what share of belt made out of his East vegan revolution I saw that my life was in great danger right this guy had a huge muscles slipped in writing without a list of my shoes I bet this is it I want to three strikes you're out driving in this is an so I know that all was lost as I said that wasn't well served this is human skin is all exactly honest I got a run in a site terrified of a good but this whole idea is knowing the motivation of people but here's what happens regardless of the motivation of people don't know that those this is what you got understand those that are willing to inform themselves concerning effective sinful indulgence on how and who commits the worker reform and I said I know I should be doing to tell me what I should do you ask a Y and they say because I want to be able to go to Las Vegas next year with my friends their motivation is somewhat felt the family would agree with that will maybe they're going to some church gathering in Las Vegas Idaho but those who commence this work of reform even from selfish motives in so doing place themselves with the truth of God may find access to their hearts you remember they got their motivation and remember so they can't understand causation is a picture I took in Scotland what is this is his this is actually a picture of the place where the site with an cycle Britannica originated right here near the place but this is a picture of all the people that were smokers they were starting their cigarettes there again it well when I put them what is the leading cause of death in the world that's correct usually after the list of heart disease as a cancer but really the leading causes sent I was walking down princes Street is a place and there was this manner any of the sign after death judgment repent was walking along all these people to school and run I headed straight he knew what was happening and people were going to die there was interviewed just was he witnessing it was when I walked right past was like all men that goes in embarrassment to the Christian religions of the Internet but I was over there considering being a missionary to Scotland I have met anyone that was really doing anything this was the first time at the literally doing something so I go back to what I said hi my name 's John and I really enjoyed your sign and he said are you Kristin nothing is wanting to keep moving on try to help people that are not saved in the kingdom I said to them just a minute because I really if you want to follow me you can do that I've got another sign back in the office you can carry assigned to was like one in the war Roosevelt I realize this was the first signs of the times Gaiman this was the really the real thing so I began to talk the reason I said what I said to what you know he knows what what religion are you will break in the crowd he would hand out flyers I saw the Seventh-day Adventist I go to church on status in accordance with all commandments is almost as from appeal right there they said so I will you might question George's method and I would not may be suggested for your practice but he had understood something he knew that the seriousness of the problems and you downright alarm I might say you want to be a little more subtle than this buddy don't ever forget that the reason people are coming to your office is not because of your marketing scheme is because of sin don't ever forget the reason why hospitals knowing very well that this may send is doing very well all you saw were making a lot of money in the practice this year send is doing well understand and when you think that what happens you begin the bank these are not people that are making me wealthy these are people that what need the message of salvation this was a big concept to me saith the history for Minister databank search anyway I maneuvered a methodologic unit self question is what is sin some people say immediately transgressing the law thank you for that example this does not help so much in working with help context instead of them well dedicated even transgressing laws of God welcome to the office today because I don't work it out with most people while it will work maybe that but what I find is more helpful is this Isaiah fifty nine two your sands have separated you what this family do the wages of sin is death when I talk to people about that they begin to resonate it it leads to death and ultimately the second one I sent to talk to them about how they're being separated prematurely from their grandkids other being separated from each other from their wife or husband doctors those relational cuts of they respond to and I'm really using the language of sin in dealing with their problem self motivation causation another was keeping sent and then understanding of basic struggle when people come to you this is their struggle and MMA have a surgical problem whenever one of lung cancer that if the big lobe out of something but really it was because they gave into the flesh and the essentialism materialism egos and got them this a look I like it it tastes good and I have the money to afford it and I want the lust of the eyes the less the private life of lesson that leads them along with their genetic vulnerabilities visiting the Wizard of Oz on the children susceptibility to disease process that they are presenting what but it's all an issue usually of the mind that's presenting now when you introduce it to your chip program or to your health Robert your spiritual practice or your Bible study this is within this is the spirit and scientific reason is presented let us reason together God gave the ability to do this and the faith looks reasonably saw that sphingomyelins in the right 's reason was a luck yes and this rest of this is right conscious of that this is right yes I know that's right I was it is worth my attention and therefore the love is a way this is right so you have the spirit that wars against the flesh and we are out the people make the connection I do this it were my lessons by the way with people they see when they are moving we use when you show them the great controversy between the flesh and the spirit than this one we do then you begin to be able to deal with everything depends on the right action of the wealth of the grocery forty eight not by the will of the flash John one thirteen but by the will of God work out your own salvation with fear can export is going to work with you both to will and jail jailed his good pleasure and help them understand that they have to be born again and then got into Zen and they can then not had that going back to smoking or this or that or the other but it won't happen unless there born again we only have circumstantial evidence origin program or with our intervention or whatever we've done we've always given them some time so that hopefully they can use this and the the the power of choice the thoughts have to be underneath that you know the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down strongholds for the casting down imaginations and every high thing bringing every thought into the captivity of Christ and so if the thoughts are right the Phillies will be right in the thoughts and feelings make up the moral character right so I'm helping them with this and this is what happens in a tentative program would try and educate educate educate and in the foster right and the failing to write and they chose it and they see the benefits they documented the gift of repentance that skunk and legal lining is that they get a sense of gratitude is a what's the connection with a look on glad USA question because if you make this connection you'll be able to sustain what's happened here and if you don't you probably won't and selling I think when we work with people we have to understand the basic struggle okay then they goes well right now but a move on .com self of you get in the death and bodily Doctor Timothy Jennings is a psychiatrist the three ABN I interview physicians and dentists does anyone want to be in my program please contact me I love to interview people I interview many different people and he shared this chart but I went through and looked up all the scriptural references so it's kind of an amalgamation yes some of so what happens inside of the Munich -based programs people in light of evidence given make informed decisions in developing things they go back if you will repentance to the future guys fast food without man fast food and God gave us visibility John Stott 's book your mind matters of the great quote although it is a proclamations that haven't declare the glory of God the earth so forth if any workday and debate of speech tonight and I know the text there is no voice rate hasn't gotten out so there's this message going out although it is a proclamation with housemates invoices outwards yet as a result of it all men to some degree no got this assumed ability manager reading what God is written in the universe is extremely important because all scientifically research right I help people make this connection in their minds in the seminar and I I seldom that really in the chip program or the help program or the intervention they been through this is caused them to do things that have brought health and actually like Isaac Newton said said are beginning to thank God 's thoughts after him that's what science well done really is fit he drops up again he turned his signal George later in the day and it was still there sign and on assignee recommended repentance and I often thought about George this is really it are practices are all about repentance people come to you not because they want to keep the process going on it's been going on I broke one bona fide like a break of a few others that I understand I will return two hundred no one says that right they have come for the gift of repentance your practice is a gift of repentance for this and is a very spiritual thing repentance is not this multitude saw the day of sending even make an outward Reformation I can have because they fear that their wrongdoing will bring suffering on themselves but this is not repentance they lament the suffering rather than the sin so in what is truth it's a change of mind purpose a part of the life the word means not merely sorrow but for sake then and turning away from and when you start to see people talk about when they come to your office they come your program and they say I realize that what I'd done has led to the breakup of my marriage I realize what I've done is something that God doesn't want tonight I do anything to change and begin to cry what you know they're starting down I've had people do that in and NRL programs and I'm sure you have in your practice repentance is not just while I'm going on the highway on how to turn this way is it still going to get it it's going the opposite way I have a dog over Romania this document was crafty we become encaustic which means traffic and the like and remember and not crafting this interesting ability he can find most anything you decline this latter any Bell operating and the problems he could come down so if you let them out he would find some a climate later I will probably not like that's hotly debated please barking and he's crying out for the gift of repentance on a big and we go out given the gift of repentance and that's what we need with this we must neither accept nor be drawn away by car God wants our practices not to be superficial practices that just put plastic over the right at all possible he wanted to be the full meal deal by happy meal happiness forever in the right and you know you can't give someone a gift of repentance unless they want is not twisting arms but your heart has to be there my heart is to be there men will never be true true temperance of the great surprises of my Purple Heart we read the far right circumstances cannot work with brokers it was the Reformation Art what price worked with Emily worked up over the dictation unconverted and like a plan to gain outside framework and what has always failed always will so this whole idea of repentance has got to be front-line in our thinking events include sorrow turning away from sin we may not renounce the less we see it symbolism until we turn away from them heart is no real change Christ must be revealed to the center of the Savior die for the sins of the world Lamb of God upon the cross of Calvary the goodness of God leads us to repentance methods you want to show your practice the goodness of God leads people to repentance nonscientist one less thing about George I was so impressed with Georgia don't indicate you show me he said he had all these different signs and Arsenal this was just one side whatever right he would take on abortion and different causes using tax and you'll get beat up it's only about it but his whole life was lived fried brain people this work and I was very critical of Christmas under the lesson what am I doing and I have a pencil known and read by all men later that day I was walking down the place and in Edinburgh about time for me to get back on the training go back to the venturing Congress I given enough time for that mansion many don't want to kill me vegan revolution as I got on the train to go back I can walk along this road were Sir Walter 's God of the monument the benches there and roll I was walking right and I so I sent to couple sitting there any of these couples had their signs like George's Salazar they were exactly delivered different topics I went to my said I didn't know George listen yet another George is a top originally George when he was carrying a sign Monday convicted us and I had a really serious medical condition relative in that much time and I said I wanted Kerry signs like Georgia the rest of my life and I want to live I went back to the doctor next time he said my condition was miraculously got Doctor blessed me George had fruit for his ministry at I still wouldn't recommend it to you that you naturally but God can use what you do you are his epistle to be known and read by all men understand motivation causation the basic struggle sources of authority we got a lead people from the textbooks from the scientific studies to God 's work now the awesome power of God and creating a cell spanning the universe heavens declare your cells is is is power and this whole concept of the quarterly world as it is from the ration consisting of the Bible provided a basis for belief in cause-and-effect concept of science that writing done but also reprises within the consistency of science only as they study this Ariel Roth does only in the Judeo-Christian context good science of floors everywhere else than for and so people understand that I start to help them understand that okay dealing with issues of the heart is a principal motivation causation understand basic struggle and the source of the Torah dealing with this is our when people come to your office I think the enormous is right not everything he does is right but this statement is right real epidemic in our culture is not only physical heart disease but also what I call emotional and spiritual heart that is profound feelings of loneliness isolation alienation and oppression that are so prevalent in our culture with the breakdown social structures that used to provide us with a sense of connection and community so we have to never forget that and we have to lead people to the Savior can give them rest no I want to share with you then it will take a little break because you're probably tired here I need does it when the right really okay I think you going I would like well assured event is co- noticeable of this study once the connection is a series of studies that was designed to help people that were going through the chip program or other like seminars but the principles are pretty much the same anyway you would be witnessing what I working with the several physicians and their practices to put together studies for their practices or their ministry like Doctor Natalie 's depression recovery seminar I'm writing a series of studies for that these are their basically the same and I want to say the concept now of leaving people from one to the other PC hereby get down this I'll come back to this woman and time switching to this okay Ms. look at this and what's the connection again these are just all the concepts we learned I'll take the credit for any of them but these are the things that that the people coming to our programs upon us and in the Sears what I'd done this is up from the back of the DVD leads people to consider health from a spiritual perspective it's built on the belief that life intentionally come through a living relationship with Jesus Christ the first lesson builds confidence in the Scriptures is the ultimate source of authority through a study of the original dying gods Exodus health program the remaining lessons explore the first chapters of the book of Daniel from health perspective lay a solid foundation for the study of Bible prophecy what's the connection has been used with different summer so the philosophy of health ministry everything I discovered with you just now as in the book is twenty six pages that go through that study and at some other things they are excellent materials to look to help you study and coming there just that they're basically from gems that have been gleaned from working to know the team there would stop and they also are good teambuilding material if you have others like if you want your nurses or your hygienists or whoever works with you or your people your church to go through it and helps to train them on this promotional material and it we use this as a follow-up to the chipper will we are and I have that on one of the DVD there are a DVD presentation for bread studies that show me I don't recommend showing me I recommend that you do it you leave the studies of the PowerPoint are there as well always think it's better for you to use your own personal gifts and plus your your your much better look at the main and then there is a invitation at the follow-up to the prophetic studies so that it is now closely in our program we learned that you have to have a plan you know when someone's unserer office you know what's supposed to happen receptionist talk to them they pull the old chart they make sure that this is all of the day to get all that information and is a flow and you know that flow is right so you got a note and the same thing is going to happen when you work with the with the Lord as well and what we've learned in that is that during our four week program I get assignments of people each week this is what you need to know about the people at your table Alaska was happening and the reason I I talk about that is because I just learned that by a process of doing it myself so I know how to ask them those questions and different things may be another name is pretty basic you may renege another working or their families like it was a concern of theirs first week and I'm always asking them where they are in terms of the relationship with and then we begin praying for them now we all pray in our programs overtly at first and I guess the reason for that is because we want the people to give permission but we start to pray when they don't know and we've seen a great difference when were praying for people even if they don't know about it behind six I could sell you my jural books from the time we just pray for people the check marks each time they pray we pray different things and sometimes when they start to come along and I have that relationship I'll take out my book I must sound their name of the checkmark you know a you know what happens there don't go wall either you know either your fruitcake are you really knew you've been praying to the Lord for me and the reason I develop back to the emergency room I worked there I work with all kinds of people in this emergency room in Benton Harbor Saint Joe there was a pretty rough placement harbor when one guy got stand right in front of me the triage that would document and he had been with the with somebody should've been man's wife and son documents added right through his heart he died as of the rock twice right and that the nurses there and the paramedics and the people were either very spiritual very cynical of me never wanted to ways and so in an environment in our with very secular people and the people coming in you know how you pray for people and I learned that if you tell people sometimes you your pray for the McCann terrified one of the summons room I said I'm praying for you is that it's all this free download like so I I I like I kicked it back in not that I said I've been thinking about you a lot saw this I use my thought process when I pray that I but what happened was and this all sectors and again under your this amount what happened is I begin to develop this prayer life I get off work I will go to the YMCA and I would pray while I was swimming when it felt to join us William is relatively boring so I'm swimming put in my time right but I swim a lap for different people and is not meritorious or anything instead but will level like that but I was laughing for some people I slept two or three in the seventies less and and and I Melissa Scott Long I just think paper so I laminated and that I put right in the pool and I will go I couldn't make the check marks as well but you know what I would pray for his people and I saw how powerfully happened to those people 's lives and that it was it was moving the right arm of God I now understand that just I can just tell you this this powerful stories whatever your program is whoever you're working with it you want your half your your your staff in your clinic to have a more spiritual spirit start praying for the inability to do it safely contains as probably get of the universe and what I thought of trying an emergency room I'll tell the more this tomorrow if persons were good but when I started praying heroes are working on me I was talking to a doctor from Ardmore my brother-in-law Jewel nephew is a pastor that works with my brother-in-law in Ardmore as a Bible worker office manager and when he went into that practice you know he does begin to notice the things that can really change the dynamics and you get a study where you are and what you do will many times set the tone arrived to say one push for this lady of average River name was Kim but she was a receptionist but she thought she was in charge of the universe and I think she could have been if the O'Reilly with him seriously he was a terrifying human specimen as it was larger than she should be and she was the wood here was her largeness to intimidate people including me and I was the charge nurse and she said I have been here thirty years on this and that no as well as with this person you know I have his encounters with her I center wants up to the supervisor and the relational of lots of job right I still love the person I wanted her to make you know so I just begin to pray for her so Lord do what it takes to me and to her to make this happen and and and see her back the next week unless and I wasn't moving God works in mysterious ways right as she was she was a slut that has you was so big we had to put her on a stretcher you know as you go home and house I was like Lord is this an answer to my friend out in a first there was the slightest piece in common it was like Oakland campus God I was like this is not right on the night I can be rejoicing in the falling of my my friend Kim and so is the fray about Alyssa what he wanted to I go home alone can fix me take him something to eat she likes the you know Esther started I knows you were right so I think these roles I hope big roles they were my wife is limited but that goes pretty good at rights of these rules into her that was he in the problems into the problems when she came back zero the clerk I never had a better friend when we say so in your practice were you are that he hear the spiritual leader what you can be the spiritual leader even if you're not the position there I found that out but if you're the position you really are the Dennis you can really set the tone cell in our helper Rosalie did was we took our people the tables and we pray for them on this list and we have different people at each tape sitting in the state of and though I guess this down again is sick and save a lot of pale parents we had to eat meals with them on Sunday and it in your practice or whatever you know it's a great time when you eat meals with people the drug reps will bring in the meals does this happen for you and then you have them bring in certain things that they don't usually bring in I like working with drug reps know how to tell about the first drug pusher decision on this problem that started withdrawing combat drugs need a good drug for you that was an awesome website and some fellow he is another dose that would get you high enough they love it that is wow man is the sewing table pairs meals a and and we have a game plan for this post abuses on the book and then delete the settings for your situation change you know there's not one-size-fits-all Jesus met with Nicodemus in the middle night away at the moment well that he fed the five thousand so you've got different settings but also I think everything you do come down the one-on-one interaction I'm leaving the group small group or whatever you know what happens I have to I seem to make changes in a group but then I got to talk to personally say no United get-together will talk takes them over the all that don't don't think some of the new doing you guiding you you you had a sitdown with them as they do not notice this value terrified about this when I look at I was terrified about you but I tell you what a silly thing really works they see that you care small groups the presentation of Christ in the family the fireside in the small galleries and private houses a more successful in fixer securing soul to Jesus that are sermons I hate this delivered and I love it really service delivered in the open air to the moving throng or even in halls are churches that hurts pastorate was true a chance feature discourse may set my lead train of thought which will through other influences within the your one-on-one visit to other influences brought to bear on the results of their conversion but these cases are rare we cannot afford to labor with such uncertainty results in think that's followed in the administration coming hospitals of the cathedrals of secularism and we think that there just can it be taken care by the hospital know by follow-up clinics in small groups so in our church we did small groups that we would bring people into I would try to have them do the scenario small-group setting up with their highly to third Nicodemus had one-on-one and I tried it also the seminar setting I would say that all to win our all in the one-on-one small groups are successful more successful than these different things that said there and she called those of the methods of risky going into the family into the private houses is really words I think people I only have a little bit of time in life unless you live forever so in my health classes are different things I try to say who was wistfully looking towards heaven go and then secondly I say who was the most highly at least in my humble estimation of Lebanon Spirit who is getting bigger the best use of my time I mean that sounds judgmental but a Nicodemus or that kind of a person can really bring great leadership I look for people that maybe our leaders already what they're doing that I took this guy was a contractor against one of our health questionnaire all these people were now his men were conformist and I get the cheek and all the engines will follow so I went to went to his house which was out tonight had a visit to see if this was the rig


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