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Strengthening the Home Base

Phil Mills Sr. Lyndi Schwartz


  • September 22, 2006
    11:30 AM
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we are very grateful for the presenters that we have this morning on what is perhaps the most important presentations of the seminar is strengthening the home base of you look at what God called know what to do it says he was called on a mission to build about to the saving of his household if God has called us the medical evangelism is called us to the saving of our homes medical evangelism is not out of of our home is not one more thing we have to add sharply it's the one thing that can save us and those who hears of beginning our presentations will be a very thoughtful helpful presentation from Doctor Schwartz who is a wife and a physician and that will share with us the key ingredient to a strong home and strong medical evangelism and you know and I thought you just lament that the soft and effeminate system recommended there with us if you and your physician why physicians at my running your business is as well as while this vision as well as life okay so that we have coming in common this is invalid by Adam and I had thought about what I was thinking about this site and getting with and the Philadelphia letter a reluctant participant today that infectivity heading it's a as if this is a physician only been at a fast and thankful that no it was not to think about how much this particular site although the Lord has really impressed me over the years that there is one thing that's really important and I want to talk about today I'm going to stop Acrobat when it just me test before we do and I'm sorry if the demand by seven men heating elements for your wife that there are three tax that wives now know about I don't want to open your Bibles yet I do looking at the above of thinking but John is a hot book to find a hot time finding this province and I'm saying off the price of these three texts are found in Providence but the first one is found in Providence chapter eighteen is twenty two and my Bible as they suffered from travel and is not the looseleaf edition back to the loser leaves this morning it really is don't know what to do about that affect my security blanket pravastatin eighteen this twenty two says he finds a wife finds a good thing Dana 's favor from the Lord that's one test in this chapter twelve that is that all there is an excellent wine is the crown of her husband excellent wife is the crown of her husband but she who causes shame is like rottenness in his bones and such that letting the Almighty to crown the husband the last text and profits is profits chapter thirty one list ten and eleven to find out that she was way for the work is far above rubies the heart of her husband safely trusts so you he will have no lack of gain so when I want to notice is that it says that who can find a vacuous life and as we are why we don't want to be just the right within the Boeing flight sometimes I can be that much within about five but we want to be excellent way and virtuous life is that we want to be and so the question of why explore a little bit is on how do we become just that she was wiping my chin it says in the province that he won says a woman of valor that says in the sense of all forms of excellence all forms of pics of the foot of the Constitution I'm going to have you opened to the gospel of Paul and as I have that come to appreciate the writings of Paul I believe I it is the gospel of call to attempt going to debate the wife that is the case but the small is one of the Gospels and use the fifth gospel in all his writings but in Asian discussion would you get to look over and check to have one and from verses fifteen to eighteen very quickly I explained very carefully I believe in that Ephesians chapter one boundless three device fourteen the incredible incredible indescribable riches that we have in Christ and he is so and for all wildlife everything that we have in Christ back then he proceeds to have a benediction and this particular prayer is a benediction and he says this fifteen this fall I also asked either that your baby Lord Jesus and your love for all things do not cease to get back for you making mention of you my prayers that the God of the Lord Jesus Christ the father of glory may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him the eyes of your understanding being and that you may know what is the hope of his calling and I believe that the whole that is calling for us as what many Proverbs is to be excellent virtuous wife the hope of his calling what was calling as many things but we have been given a job to do the job you have right now is to be excellent virtuous wife and before we go any further I want to have first to get started bothering heavenly praise you for who you are and who you left to us and for all your attributes that are just passed comprehension and as we as a group begins to look into the today to find out what it means to be a virtuous exon length I discredit you send your Holy Spirit to enlighten the eyes of understanding that we will understand the whole this particular calling today Jesus said in a statement business from it I want you to go over to the second frame got eleven visas desecrate Ephesians chapter three and this is that this is a tremendous prayer this is one I think that's what actually memorizing as you begin to look into this particular prayer here in Ephesians chapter three I think give us strength and courage for any situation that we find something for this reason I bow my knees to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ this fourteen from whom the whole family can and heaven is named that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might do a new spirit in the Internet that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you are being rude to and grounded in agape maybe it would comprehend with all the saints what is the way and when death and height enter no big gap in Christ which passes all knowledge and there's a reason that he wants to give it to grasp this incredible agape it says that you may be filled with all the fullness of God so he said he wants to be shelved with all the fullness of God now what is the fullness of God 's judgment we just don't take this skill interaction here when you read this and he says that he wants to grasp he gave described he got said that anything got the assault widens so high so broad and so immeasurable tribute to comprehend this so that we can be filled with all the fullness of God the government when the fullness of God Peabody can volunteer what is the fullness of God 's character very nice I like that okay the owner has gone okay yes Islam God is not yet okay yes okay the weekend it's hard to make your love and I believe love is the character must be essential ingredients of the character okay not the next few minutes like this we want to really delve more deeply into this concept of the fullness of God because I believe even call tech to VBScript with excellent wives yesterday at the fullness of God somehow they need the same thing so everyone had a wedding right everybody have a wedding did you enjoy your wedding I love my wedding it was a great wedding alumni wedding not the men may not appreciate that one of the medicine in Oregon November the and is a friend I'm sure this next question is do you women and men still enjoy a great love story with all of the love story I love great good clean love story my family love story on is on the music is the greatest thing on the right but that's a tremendous love story and I love a good love story within a day I want to look at the greatest love story ever told and that is the story of a courtship of God talk about today God so loved us set the record straight and when we opened the Bible I can hardly pick this up actually falling apart you won't believe how badly throwing up but when we pick up this book this is his the farm my story and I cannot have been picked to do something always looking to make sure their independence our ability to get the picture but this is his story and this Bible story we have here is the story and this is the story of his courtship went off so I want to start in the beginning and ending interesting thing the beginning isn't John chapter one twenty two John chapter one will be happy about the usability because if you don't have building on how the Bible with you maybe could look over somebody's shoulder but I want to start this story the way I believe it began in the beginning of every love story begins in the beginning right and so John chapter one the gospel of John it says in the beginning was the word and list was with God and the way was gone he was supposed to he was in the beginning with God I don't get upset about what that means that it is very important to grab hold of what that means is we begin to look at the courtship of God and think of calling he's called us to visit me only have a good understanding as we understand what it means that in the beginning was the word and when was with God well our minds are so financially can comprehend weight means that in the beginning was the blood of the word was with God which took place some time weighing way far away as in the beginning the first something with our way now we know from Revelation chapter seven verse nine that God the father is called the ancient of days and the ancient of days Macy's pretty all right to call an elderly seems to have make them look to ordinary but certainly he was ancient of days forever young old so he was the ancient of days we also know Colossians it says that he was before all things good why so before all things there was gone okay this text tells us that engrossed me that something was made so awesome and I suspect your times are going on in Washington Junior my for me a line of that Alina horizontal and a horizontal line a horizontal line that horizontal line represents creation editing digital Valentine Leno it meets all the same short anyway so yes a political liability particularly a vertical line creation and it you begin to look towards your left if you think about your left before all things were laid before all things were in and from that vertical line to your right is all things that were made and you begin to wonder what was happening all the time that there were things before all things what was going on before all that time and even began to wonder what could have possibly been going on in heaven the ancient of days before all things were ever made it is very important to look at that commitment to get a handle on that of what was going on in creation this evening and before for creation of Washington overlooking Zachariah Chapter thirteen now so far as the women go I want you to really begin to appreciate one thing and that is that the study of the word is our anchor I believe that strongly it's been my good analysis of the video at the end of the ink applied respectively the wise how that anchor makes us different think differently and said prior to thirteen delivery within the seven says I went over sword against my shepherd against the man who is my companion not what's going on in this verse there are two beings being talked about right one of them it says a witness against my shepherd against the man who is my companion is the one that's speaking it's God the father God the father speaking and myself and my companion is not the same and so we hit in Zechariah the prophet Zechariah hearing this and past his proclamation which is what this is the prophetic heavens centuries before there was even incarnation we have Zachariah beginning to give us a window into the mind of God the father and with shopping and with God the father is going to find is beginning to look down through time and recognize that there would come some point in time when he got some would have a painful experience and damage is evident what the passage says against the man who is my companion I don't know what translations you have but some translations have more accurately the one who is my closest friends my closest friend the one who was my closest friend and that the Hebrew word that he was the is on the fact that he and I usually go something like that based on needs and necklaces for this in no great intimacy in the Godhead is very important for us to recognize that there was incredible intimacy in the car got hit as you look at the next logical line to your left what you're seeing is that what was going on before creation was a relationship of fellowship amongst this triune God there was a lot of a month is trying to are we only begin to imagine there was intimacy in the Godhead that are very important thing to hang onto that there was not some distant floating off into space in a cloud and that doing the wrong thing there was an intimacy involved in fact alluding from a cost perspective Jesus Christ describe me want to go and look at that but he described in John ten seventeen the twenty fourth that F5 a lot can from the foundation of the world and then we have a description in product testing eight he Jesus Christ saying that he was the father 's delight and that he painstakingly joins together and play together many things together from before time began this was a dynamic intimate fellowship that the Godhead had before time began assessing the back John chapter one when he was it says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God who would use craigslist with God that wasn't intimate fellowship that God the son and God the father had also told all and Matthew Matthew second one was trying to become the that advantage and shall conceive and bear a son and he shall be called Emmanuel God with us that Mrs. Lovett there's going to be a change that God is who was with the father had every right to be with his father that intimate the same kind of level of of relationship that they had now something was going to happen that would necessitate a change now would be God with us and that would represent the tremendous sacrifice I want you to begin to look here with me to spend the rest of our government book of Genesis the first chapter someone started Genesis chapter one and point out some interesting in Genesis chapter one delivering I will I will look at Genesis chapter one what made the change then from front in the beginning was the wood and the Word was with God and now Selva said that leg is with what made the difference in Genesis chapter one we have had I'm not in the beginning this one in the beginning and now we know that something must have happened this is now creation nonathletic ally intercepted all eternity another political line and as we all know at the event is its contract to Scripture that there was something that took place back in heaven there was a war in heaven war of ideas family this was done then I look at weapons people have the businessman will award one for me this was a war so my dear that was different than what the Godhead had in mind and so beneath you in the beginning and at twelve was lost by such a vital and efficient to rest on that's a much leaving important thing is not a looseleaf yes it thank you well okay I noticed something interesting sitting in the beginning God created heaven and the Adventist dauntless three then God said let there be light and God saw the light the sport was very good and is going to buy the light from the darkness and God called and liked it was six and God said on the sixth of the seven again this go administrative support on Donahue can look through this it says and God said listen and let them bring forth grass and all the school passage it uses a word and says and God said are very important what is the word is being used that thirty two times in Genesis chapter one and is antiseptic to the way God is used and when that is says and God said what is that word that's being used is what the way God there is Elohim Elohim anybody know what Elohim means Elohim means master will master movement is also used to describe magistrates court judges the master I have the right and I can declare this to happen sometime fairly cold to masculine and God said and got rid off these things not chapter two comes along I think something very important instructed to chapter two again this one to three week because the reiterate and the creation story again says that Mohammed and the other and all the host of Denver finished and then emit the seventh day any drastic that the story is that the godsend not post for what you notice something very important let's forced that this is the history of the update heavens and when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the and the heavens now what's the difference between God in Genesis chapter one and the Lord God in Genesis chapter two the difference is the word the Lord God made says the Lord got there the difference they Hebrew is Yahweh now what does Yahweh qualify or modified about God now what we have is that we had the master will of God now we have Yahweh God and that is the covenant relational God is a covenant relation of God and I have very important coffee you look at these things because now we have something in the story in engines attached is the repeated decreases to be repeated again but you would need again and that because in Genesis chapter two we want to get a little bit more deeper into what it means God is entering into human history so we have listed the master ruler now this is an Italian real story the role deal that God wants to connect it with his creation so then the seven me have a lock on your way for man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being this is very important as this is very important because the master will live now doing something making of history is making Adam we have that covenant relation of God getting down into the dead and he begins to born this man out of the dust of the ground he's just creatures made this debt and he begins to the main Adam out of this debt that he is just made and there are several I think very important points to the recognized first of all he carefully forms at any given the mouse he gives them is seeking here I think if you see them making anything just exactly the way he wants it to be and then add out looking into the eyes of Yahweh the company relational God looks in the eyes of Yahweh I'm knowing he didn't know what easy to see such law that he looks into the eyes of Yahweh that God is he's looking back into Adam recognizes making Adam he has committed himself to a different farm forever first he was with God the father and now he's going to be gone with itself as God the father is looking he is recognizing that this will always be for each energy Emmanuel God with such a creation date of the progress we realize that there is a shift in creation by John chapter three verse sixteen says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son we don't really recognize having that it intended to lend him to us he gave them to us the relationship that he had with the father and God the son together with four ever be changed it would never be the same again it would always be completely different gone with and then when he said that it instructed to act on the father Jesus Christ stepped down any and you can solve any joint investment human race is empty so first of all the riches in and out of heaven he emptied himself of the right to fellowship with his father the way it always done previously in all of the tricky path and in the twenty one kitchen over to look at making pitiful petition to what we talk about in a minute but Luke chapter twenty two in fact as we look at what he did and coming down and joining himself to the human family losing twenty two Wi-Fi favorite text was twenty seven says the Louis Gray said he was at the table or he who says it is not he who sits at the table yet I am among you as the one who says and so Jesus Christ left heaven and even thought of everything right the first of his father and came to serve humanity in Washington back to Genesis chapter two and a look at something a little bit more close your Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two is on the line said it is not good for man that man should be alone I will make him a helper comparable to him the connect and become quite backed up like the minute they said I license again he formed every beast of the field and in the air and so forth and then he came down on and it says there in list so Adam gave names to all castles to the visit it identities to the field but for Adam there was no that was not found a helper comparable to him and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall and Adam and he slept he took one of his lips enclose a professionalism place in the ring which the Lord God had taken from man he made into a woman and brought it to the man and said is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh a plan blanket is the twenty four twenty four says therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh therefore says a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife and vision become one flesh I want to say something interesting that some of you have seen before I know that you may not have seen this in Genesis chapter two I want you look at Ephesians chapter five and have has anyone a year not soda cinnamon Ephesians chapter five anytime I says the Senate submission is Samantha lives submit to your husbands in Atlanta says exactly what attentive while making your husband this is the greatest passage on it not because it says wives submit to your husband is a tremendous passage recently but this passage going on and why submit to your own husbands as to the Lord and that was my husband is loving your wife as Christ loved the church the diet was thirty one it says for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh these are the plaintiff 's right now it was taking he says this is a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church as we begin to get our minds about this passage is Jesus Christ that's the side of his father and he left the relationship that he had with his father for ever and became joined to his wife the church the love was so great that he had been he who laughed the heavenly thrones with his father and he came down he became joined to the human family the church is growing that's how much enough so the music and Genesis chapter two is asking husband to do exactly what he did the last something he had by Nick and Reich and he joined himself to the human family I want to go back over that mountain the Genesis chapter chapter three now obviously something went wrong and intimate in Genesis chapter three at the epicenter to talk about this we headed up the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made any secular woman has gone sent to you that of every tree of the garden you shouldn't eat what he said has gone sent to you ways that has that I rule affecting you you can even editor in the garden and he and the woman said to the step and making them the fruit of the tree of all the trees by the fruit of the treatment is in the midst of the garden God has sent she picked up on that right away that the master Miller said you can't do this instead of the person that you come to know as the Lord God now she says yes that national real estate and we can eat of that he also sent you can even check I think you said you can touch it and she begins to wonder how dare that master listing I can't even touch it and so then we continue on and says and this something said to the woman you will not surely die is interesting that that guy there I believe that thy sister die instantly but that guy says he will not die die for emphases that you will not die die and discovered that the woman you will not surely die and then averages five and six the God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil it unattended and that this is a whole talk on its own but I wanted to focus on the six because the compact this is because the talk about lives and how we can impact their homes so when the woman saw that she was good for food that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise she took of its fruit and she ate and she also gave it to her husband will come back to Memphis and then it says the eyes of both of them are now open and I want you notice that the first seamstress in history was he the says that they so big leagues for themselves the first event that he 's only thing these sinus stuff I can make an argument that that broadcast of clothes and furniture spectrum that anonymity is the fit right but they sold these legalese for themselves now this point in time he was needless aphis and date the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and at him and his wife in themselves from the presence of the Lord God not just white there were two options the vegan I can think of making the most of the piping of several up-to-the-minute bring us two options that were unavailable at this this point the master ruler could have said that you know I I made this concentration for you people you know I provide everything for you if you want to do anything that you didn't actually have done Einstein over you I'm not here you get it done that right the master Miller had every right to do that on the other hand option two the Lord God cassette is my first know what I didn't get enough instructions I shall was not accept the new UNICEF initiative told to get more information in fact you know what I should told you about that tree break means that it was all my fault tree what this just stopped over new garden new treat this just to get the whole thing is to start over neither of those two options within said his purposes and when I want to say is that I believe he chose the best option which is the fullness of God and the fullness of God option is the only option because the fullness of God option meant that they had to be across anything he needs any kind of patient you need he asked Leah Lamb now sometimes different time you can study about the cross means but the fullness of God was his ability to demonstrate that the cross of Christ was the answer to everything the biggest reason of the things I wrote down by dying on the cross display God 's love and get all that was necessary for us to participate in God 's love now we more fully understand how the fullness of God was cryptically revealed to other godforsaken man taking the coast upon himself and dying the equivalent of the second death our behalf for the fullness of God is most fundamentally the fullness of his eternal shine in love God love them he talked about them in the beginning the fullness of God then is fundamentally the fullness of easy to an oxide and love we also understand how God how I was most perfectly displayed in allowing infected knee crucified Henderson is forgot how it is simply the power of his love we also understand that God 's glory was most clearly revealed in the Army in the scene in the artist Shane of the crucified one for God 's glory is most fundamentally the radiance of his incomprehensible love and now we also understand how God 's beauty is most definitely revealed in the horror of his executed son of God 's beauty is nothing other than the magnificent I love on display in Genesis chapter three verse nine we have great faith that the Lord God Adam and said to him where are you in the Hebrew that called is not just your weekly and sometimes on the car you want not a sane again you come in a kind and told him that now you get to but didn't get the one to three thousand Americans are funny America's gift is the option I give you three chances on the clay ones twice thrice but after that something might happen that might be number four in my family it was you got called one time you responded or else the West Indian black LSD home for young Palestinians know how it is that in the Hebrew there waits says that God calls in the Hebrew that is a sustained perpetual calling people actually sustained this calling asked Adam and he learned word of your familiar at all familiar with the Sistine Chapel painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel they must have used studying in is the finger of God and the finger of Adam in fact I was very inspired text seven school quarterly that the next upcoming obsessed with each of my kids upcoming court to the picture on the front is a picture of the globe the will and then there's the finger of God extending out loud assist each other some people have said that that finger of God and atoms reaching fingers represents God created mankind well if you look at the picture closely what you see is the finger of God reaching reaching reaching anything going on in reaching always an easy add-in kind of how possibly his fingers kind of length parties on this kind of vent but God is reaching and reaching reaching where are you and I believe that the gospel from the very beginning is been the good news that God has been reaching and being short tickets I don't get this rat have to reach before the questions strange something please been reaching every second of every day step every millisecond every nanosecond of every day sustained perpetual reaching I want to highlight some points but I have learned from Genesis in looking at being a virtuous wife my nature is not like the nature of Jesus Christ that was willing to empty himself of his any consent and he may have reached down to mankind as I had to draw my strength and my instruction from Scripture is the only place I can possibly get it is from after all so I look at the first point I want to enjoy your attention Festival did Genesis chapter one the student where it says that it was void and darkness covered the face of the if you have ever felt that you did not having a new to live the Christlike life that it was going on there was darkness God has the power to speak into that darkness that boy and clean something that was not hired to their is partly it would at least temporarily whatever he has that ability and the desire to reach into your life and do something for you that Doctor naturally some of us are naturally shy some people are naturally selfish I am naturally selfish God can reach into that void and do something because the minister to our families our husbands we are full of self there is my time and my stuff and whatever I'm still in that boy going to create something beautiful out of nothing number two the first one had the gall to region and create something that you don't think you naturally have you not a great collection he can make you a great cook because you know what haystacks are a great meal now I love to collect a complete meal at this point but haystacks are a great meal company could even when the things I had that was difficult for me was when people should all of a sudden now I love to welcome people into my home and I love to cook and when I do it I wanted to be beautiful and it is not beautiful I don't have the flowers and so forth I think Brian we can anybody all that is sent to my desk recently automatic investing dichotomy summaries up on our doorstep with active children and that they just happened to be in the area into something the wrong and auto novels to lead out a Gothic chamber to arson your house will be there not including the flowers I can do it like I like nobody called and they said on our doorstep and Bryce is unlike and you know what I was and it wasn't .com guard reached into my likely to get something from it I cannot do all by myself I like things to be done perfectly but he can do something number two as Jesus emptied himself and left a heavenly throne that relationship with his father that he deserved and emptied himself on our behalf and he became in fact for on our behalf we also can empty ourselves in service because he said that he was amongst us as the one who serves it is very difficult for us to figure out what it means to serve one another but we need to certain wife need to serve and where ever we are whatever whatever we are in our homes our communities our churches there was some active service and I listened to rockabilly talk to victims I was tired thinking it was charging a full-time dentist unlike unexhausted but God has given us a ministry and we can actually do something for him number three as we behold the radiant beauty of the love of God second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen says that we are transformed into his love we become loving people of MHA when mean by that is and when one I'm a normal person okay I will confess I am a human being and sometimes my husband does some things that can be irritating to amend sometimes good things are irritating they do for some reason they seem to do things it's not quite right my natural response is to treat anonymous government treats him but to nitpick it is my natural response of the confession is good for the soul and to find fault it's also easy to find fault with other people but somehow as we become the look in that mirror and transformed by the beauty and the radiance of the love of God that we talked about is being transformed by that something happens to hold selfish human heart that allows us to respond the way he responds and that the responsibility that were called to that virtue is why responds the way Christ would respond is not easy all the time everything left David made everything and everything last day because sometimes you want to express yourself and speak the truth but we can speak the truth in love of money come to one of the very important and that's the one in Genesis chapter three thirty six so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food that it was pleasant in the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate and she also gave to her husband as a seventies style of the controversial not quite right but you know what I believe that the spiritual grounding in the home is up to the wife as why we have tremendous influence over our husbands and that has come home to meet all the over and over again we have tremendous influence in our homes for a good and by our daily time spending time in the word of God we can bring something for relationships that we would not ordinarily as I want to encourage you as wife and as you taken daily with Gina the dishes and laundry and well the shopping and everything that we spent time to become committed to the woods because we can have a big and become hopelessly evil or for good meeting responsibility but for those things and I want to end by just again drawing our attention to the Sistine Chapel of we talked about where God has always been reaching reaching reaching the lost mankind and the slides also we can reach reach for most people in our sphere that we can impact the three were becoming now and and that in fact shoot should be hinted at it a couple but your glad that she should didn't believe her no answer and was willing to share with us and we have any type why have I burdened for this is because I know what my wife has done to change me not officious try to change me but unconsciously I'm a completely different person because the godly woman that God gave me and so I am grateful that we have one dear strength in the home base is not easy or not you Monday year is a wife also professionally physician it's not easy being married to a man but to be married to a AF possession it's it's it has its titular challenges and so I'm grateful that there were a number of wives and physicians who are willing to share with us this morning just briefly on some ideas they have found most helpful in strengthening the home-based was to start we have some here maybe we should start with Natalie since she has the big one with the greatest experience and we appreciate your being willing to be appreciated Doctor Weaver 's presentation this morning of the Lord has given us these experienced people for benefits and is the senior citizen I will overload different angle and that is I would include the children I think the wife was handled well but I probably have more family than most of you have and that is that I have six children I have seventeen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren then I'm all involved with that's my ministry as far as I'm concerned because I think if we take nothing but our families to heaven we had done a service and this is so very important and that doesn't come back to that only comes because of prayer of involvement and of close relationships that you establish with them back I did tell you the phone and why are they doing this longer seems up here I can't turn it off I was funny when he said I'm glad to open it stops ringing that's how much I know and so I could delve inadequate was the grandson at Southern University calling me to say I want to make potato salad for a whole group this afternoon how do you make I will so that's a kind relationship I feel I have with my grandchildren and my children also but honestly we have only now home ever since we were married just because we are people persons my husband 's a people person you can't overload him with people he doesn't need any downtime and so therefore I can always have people around and so when we had the children I wonder how in the world with a carry-on these classes and so involve the children so what did they do we went to every single program with him sat on the back roll dinner homework use them use the children as much as we could to do the announcing that we involve the children and we still involve the grandchildren we go on mission trips we take the grandchildren when I do cooking schools I use the grandchildren I used at Nikki 's four years old women were making bread and I take issue with get up here and she would need to proceed to people if she can make bread maybe I can try to make bread so you see this is what it does but in the shows that people there what I working family you are and that's why committee it's a very important always taken not met I do not have been us are probably our biggest Association because we just almost level with them we bring MNR homes of them trouble smoking I have a bedroom if they need males to get over there problems are the illnesses I recommend self we have always had a home open I normally can't do that but my husband is like I say he's a people person and you can people and to death because he just loves it he wants to attorney off he just turns his ears off and the kids have a saying daddy has his ears turned off but some have every Sabbath we bring all he talked about his lab study anything must have a sense of we those are almost all gone and asserting maybe one was baptized in the still saying in his class that he has about anyways for maybe eight to ten to twelve and maybe more but it varies I bring all of those on every single step so every Sabbath and every Sabbath and every Sabbath at work there and we try not to miss Sam's sweet will we believe and do things in the middle of the week but we want to be home their own home church for Sabbath and then I bring the single ladies of the church I bring the single member of the church I cooking is my thing I can cook with very little effort and I'm also an organized person and have fun I just have fun cooking and sharing and and and I keep it simple is the other thing I think you have to keep your house simple because I'm not a flower girl I am I use the same I use yardage for tablecloths polyester yarn is it that can be thrown and I don't have to iron it to mommy and just very very out simple as far as my presentation because for one thing when you have people over every weekend every week and every week you have got to convey to them that this is not putting you out the first people the first time they come nothing I couldn't I was there last week so you've got it all going to my mom you've got to make it so that they want to come in and keep your phone that they go home and say but that's vegetarian cooking of actually meeting like to do this we've made too much of our recipes and I still go back to what Chris Davies because of this the basic cook to where it was the potato was needed spaghetti is indeed missing we don't have to use those words and scare people into thinking that they all I could never do that I can remember moreover or anything like this so that I like keeping it simple I had to get ready I cannot have everything ready and on Friday I work on Friday to I should tell you that I am the luckiest one in the whole world because I have my one son is an oral surgeon and my oldest grandson is an oral surgeon and they are in the same office and I still work for you I only work on Fridays announced today that usually you think of cooking cleaning and all the snow I do that on Thursdays except for my cleaning types of my last-minute cooking I do that in the afternoon I have worked for them for eighteen years and I'm not given up my son says when he retires that I can retire so we just have but EC consults a witness if the family went through this in the same office in Houston he never hesitates to say this is my mother of no desktop things so that our fellow networks with us is a physician will respond Seventh-day Adventist effect is an atheist I gets tears in his eyes every time he thinks of weavers will and this is down in Georgia Europe and Detroit that ministry and so this is a powerful blend bed United minister is not all I have to say because I just wanted just keep it simple have people over pay our Medicare for Dustin they are going to care what you serving that just opened your home and befriend experiment I is him mining is another and I think Rhoda is our next speaker unless he comes up I am also here to bear testimony to the difference of a godly woman can make the life of any man who is willing to be led by God and I'm a living testimony to that is what will want to come and share with us what's on your heart my guess I appreciate this opportunity with Doctor Mills asked me what you want me to talk about the length to begin I guess by directing our Scripture and I've been reading through the Bible probably the last two years and I just couldn't see his Majesty chapter a day because I'm not interested in getting to the Bible and here I'm interested in knowing that the Lord has to tell me so let's go to John chapter one words maybe what I like to go to first for it speaking of John the Baptist I'm sorry through seven and verse eight seeking of John the Baptist and it says he was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that light and I feel that our homes are to do just that to bear witness to Christ to the God that we serve into the person that we want in our lives John the Baptist was a forerunner of Jesus and today in our day we are asked to be the forerunners because Jesus is coming again soon and as I was reading just the previous day of the story that included the two men on the rotating mass where they didn't they were discussing the horrible things that happen in Jerusalem and Jesus came among them and down explains them that if they had been good Bible students they would know that what happened was supposed to have skews me and when they had gotten same as Jesus appear to be going on his way and they need a person to stop and abide with him because the night was far spent and as we look at our world I think we can say that the night is far spent on you and that we really have a job to do in our homes and in our communities about six years ago we moved from North Carolina to Ardmore where the four years ago we moved in six years ago that I started the process in our Bible studies are separate Bible studies my husband and I became increasingly uncomfortable with our employment in North Carolina he was a partner with twelve of the neurologists and I he just began to feel that some he could not practice medicine the way the Lord led him to practice medicine there they were very good Christian people many of them Baptists and they tolerated him very well is when he would take more time ensuring the health message with the people that course money was and making profit was very important to them and we also had them become partners with them and my Bible study I just I felt that that was the wrong thing to do it we should not be financially in a in a business relationship with them but the Lord impressed my husband in a different way that down he needed to pull back at business on their own MRI machine there on CT scanner so they were very prolific the threat term business it was going very well but we all know that the economies that can last forever and if it was to Creston we were responsible because we are part of the twelve in so there were other things that were taking place that caused us to step back and say no I are not supposed to be here any longer and so at the time that we decided to look elsewhere out the Lord all of a sudden opened numerous opportunities for us to investigate the minimum was with Doctor Mills in now with him but in his city and we ended up moving Sarver where he set up his own practice he saw himself and that his proposed many challenges because in North Carolina I had no involvement in the practice I was able to do what I wanted to do we have two children and I homeschooled them away I was very busy but not like I am now I have I was homeschooling them until just this year I was managing and managing his office and tried to be wife and mother and keep everything oiled and recently it was quite a challenge for me but two years ago and I was having worship with the kids in Cincinnati ASI had just ended our boy flown off to Chicago to and write his board exam for recertification and neurology and I was at it it was at a time when I was just so overwhelmed with everything and I know that I'm I had to read this verse in the past but it was sound at this and this morning that I was reading it some one thirty eight eighths works as the Lord will perfect that which concerns me and I didn't know what that meant or how you would do it but I believe that time he would put things back into perspective for us because life is crazy with me working so hard and he's the only neurologist in town and the practices extremely busy and there were many struggles that we went through and fifty percent German as I'm a very determined person and I out and I'm a very spirited person and I had to really spend out to spend a lot of time in prayer and Bible study and through this process of perfection we certainly haven't I still haven't arrived nor has our our practice come to that point that in this process of perfection I think the one thing that I have learned the most that I can maybe share with you is that I had to even not intellectually I knew it I had to step back and allow my husband to be the spiritual leader that the Lord plans for husbands to be in our families and could I have a lot of opinions and I have the a lot of ways I think things are to be done in one of the things that I finally had to step back and saying it and begin to do was to say Lord you placed my husband and the position as husband and father and I'm going to pray that the decisions he makes for our family will be the right ones and back off and that involved a trip to Kenya in the year two thousand four where he really wanted to go on this mission trip and when here all by yourself and there is nobody nobody's a cover for you it means that you have to set the office down and he still have to pay your employees can have any money coming in and how you can make ends meet and so he we were planning to go to canyon two thousand four and had the very end on probably from a lot of pressure from the interest you say how can we financially swing this he even he decided that we would go and it was maybe two or two months later he said you know that wasn't a real lack of faith on my part I need to just do what the Lord wants me to do and just let the chips fall where they may so in the summer of two thousand five there is an opportunity for him to go to prep for him to go to Ghana and Chris he wanted all of us to go with him and he went to the seal of the hospital and he really didn't ask permission he just told them that he was going to be gone for three weeks and that Tom that he was to close the office down and there would be known neurologist to cover for that time and softly went to Ghana and like I said it was very hard to just close the doors for that and to hope everything would go okay when Leon when we were there I realized that Tom that this is the experience that time we needed as a family to redirect us to let us some understand better event there was a road there is a world out there that is really hungry for the gospel and so we we went with global evangelism he preached at a site I preached at a site and I we have two children one with each nemesis it's a blessing to our family that sound weird it was just something that we wanted to do every year when this is in January if of two thousand six then we went to garner from them in the India project came on the forefront I said I'd like to go and I jokingly said that I'll just go at the kitchen you can see half of her if you don't know if I'm if you're going I think will go to Al Gore to attend the more we you prayed about it and the more he thought about it he said you know I believe that God wants us to go to India and I said to mission trips in one year because you know it's thousands of dollars to get over there plus lots of money to pay your employees and and dies I continue to question him and his decision the Lord I was reading through Luca time and over and over in the chapters of the covenant verses twelve chapters eleven to fourteen the Lord reaffirmed to me that my mind my purpose is to seek God and to not see and not worry about things of this earth that he will provide for us and down in this profession process that the Lord takes all of us through I just learning crazy women to to look at your husbands as priests of the home and to pray for them that they will make the decisions that are important for your family to be the right one what a blessing this is different for the women but I'm getting very blessed cannabis I myself the next and the next version will be sharing his a real close friend of our families and Doctor Kevin Bryant was my very closest friend in Wichita he and his wife this is the hardest for us to lay in the so what time is a vital a quarter a bill that we have Cheryl Lynn then we have Marine repair of Irma Morales and Lee head of Diane okay you'll be sharing at this afternoon are right Cheryl Lynn if you were good Sherry five minutes per well you know I was reminded of my device perhaps antithesis of and I was so grateful for that it can affect you know I have to worry about anything I can just rest in him because he is the fine athletes stay connected we will have the Holy Spirit will fill us and nurse us and help us grow and our growth can happen to quite silently sometimes we can surprise ourselves when we look back through the years and we see what God has done in our lives and we all in I really can't you like working and sometimes it's imperceptible to us because I thought you know we don't maybe see it that I'm just grateful to God this morning for all he's done in our family I was thinking more actually from the sharing aspect and outreach on for in the community in our home and and all these things I just loved all of these things have been hearing today and want to thank you for you that are willing to share and on as some affect and studying God 's word I'm realizing more and more how the most important thing I can do for my home and my husband and my family is to have absolute surrender to the Lord as I have to surrender then then sold to set aside and then to really work you know when I'm there so alive and trying to kick up my heels exists under a right but you know when I allow God to just work through me that's when I really see things happen and so I'm great after that and in how it to me I just think the beauty of that connection with the Lord that we have the privilege to have every day and I think there were rocky times in my life where that connection would be sometimes not as continuous as it should be and I still remember thinking when the children were small and you know I I wouldn't always have my time with the Lord first thing in the morning it might be throughout the day sometimes I remember hearing other speakers share on that thinking its okay as long as you have it you know that's the main thing and so that was always on my heart and I thought oh Lord I somehow felt like I wasn't doing my part but you know when you have children in the home you understand some of those things and how sometimes your nights and days can get turned around and and then your end and your energies can get turned around as well and and you don't always get things done maybe in the orderly way that you'd like them to be but so I sensed my greatest need was the Holy Spirit in helping me and refreshing me through this growing process and added just this one verse you mentioned about how many of them got coming in saying where are you I still remember Phil 's father sharing a sermon about that and I think about it often and he said I'm remembering a dialect into serious boy anything where are you me often in the morning when I'm studying and thinking okay Lorna sass me where are you this morning I do really with me in our our our you not argue discussion you know not really study this morning where are you as far as your love for others you know and I and I was realizing my love for other people and really wanting to be in the kingdom just like what it should be and I needed to have a deeper love for people and there were a lot of people around me that I knew God wanted me to Mena searching and so on as we as the years went by at our little church there we had the opportunity given to us to house different teachers family advocates that are old school and often there would be a new teacher every year for our middle grade and we went on since we would usually choose a young tax female and by the end of the year they would usually be engaged and we need to find another teacher for next year and so now it was it was great while we happen to them maybe moving on that I stepped out in faith to have a teacher come and live with and I thought you know in my mind that kept thinking how much extra work is this Kennedy to know how all these things and you think how then you know you really don't have your home to just yourself and maybe that's been a be in a position and I just want to say that that was the way that that has been away because we haven't still have a teacher this year reported teacher and elastic exterior in our home and every one has taught me something special about the Lord and and the Lord is not only that the Lord teaches me things about myself and I just he's taught me that I need to get rid of every species of Sophists enough in my life you know it's not this is a continual growth and an effort come to the word every day and we feed on an and the Spirit works in our lives he will he will show us exactly what we need to do and so I'm glad that that the Lord called to open our home had been such a blessing and not only to us but to our children they've been able to be inspired by those that stayed with us and they learned a life lessons from them as well that have been important for them at just precise moment in their lives when they have needed me a little instruction from somebody other than mom and dad usually and sometimes mom and I cannot just don't really know you want to listen to them all the time and as so so the people in my husband 's office have been people that we've been trying to get closer to and on minister to and I was just reminded again the other day at how important it is to be interested in people because I was at the office and one of the ladies that were so she's one of the nurses and she feels most of the phone call to love the phone calls at the office for the nursing homes my husband has been geriatric chair goes to about twelve different nursing homes in Wichita and festivals Circuit City goes and she was sitting there and she was really smiling much that day and I I said Wilson versus how are you today to all I'm okay and I said why I guess I just was really thinking about her daughter and I said that you are doing and she said and she just opened up for the next ten minutes sharing with me when I been having with with her daughter physically problems she'd been having and this is the lady that that we been trying to get into a study for years now she went to the last year of a Thanksgiving dinner on a Honduras mission trip we went down there under a was wonderful we were just thrilled that she wanted to go with the full Adventist group and C C really had a wonderful time and just pray for her she got to the sound that she got to the studies might have been giving her and then on she has just kind of turned off so we're still praying for her that she will really take it seriously and look at what she needs to do there there was another nurse in office that that Kevin ministered to him and then we would have over for a meal and babies they came became members of the church she and his transcriptionists also we studied with and she became a church member we have on people that I mean we just keep trying to reach out to them will have them over for him Christmas gathering at her home last year we had a nice meal for them and we always hear a Bible story and have prayer and we talked about blessings that they got guys given us through the years did a year and they always seem to appreciate when we have those times together and they can see that on our home has had heard that and that we really are striving units to to have a relationship with the Lord and in everything that we do and so that's been a blessing for us wait one year we we check the chapter and desired it is about Christ being born and we just copied it off tied with ribbon with a pretty red ribbon and gave it out at our look at this gathering and after that see Kevin had to sue at least his PA and in this nurse Saundra who spent the second stop for right now they said that you know what would we do that come from so then he was able to Sarah and give them a desire to enough of it and read the book and they read the book and I love accents little ways you know that we're trying to share with them then I guess when the book came out going to die we gave that been the next Christmas or that was what you can keep but anyway just trying to find ways to share with them and and and of course in the community we have the chip program and that then something that has been good to share I've been involved some like that part of the cooking involved with that and helping a few people there's a lady that became came into the church who really want to know more about how to eat well that she came in during the summer before we had extra class which was then acting January Bishop line women would like to know now how to get started so I develop you went home and that was fun and Friday was able to help me and and our daughter and make me think that my daughter when you made the comment that Sudan just a moment ago classically calling you stupid mom I need this recipe you to see if she is learning to cook for all twenty to thirty kids in all and so she's been cooking for groups and so that an fund seeks to cut experience dynamic typing throughout the Atlantic ten but anyway this is a blessing to have our home open and she just keeps our love in your heart for others and just be just anticipating like I do each day to bring someone to you that he wants you to speak to and I praise God for all that Anthony thank you and how it is for a wedding on him yes Diane your next home what time is it okay all right Diane is only a friend to our involved in immunity music ministry and talking about you may not have a second chance and so every opportunity I try to season because you may not see this person again the CLL messages and the ring with in our office waiting room is we have the amazing fact that one ensued we have in the Bible answer Neolithic depression positive and natural remedies things like that so when people are sitting there is so many people look through this figure is little that the unit will be nothing there has been saying is that in practice they don't have to wait too long for me usually don't through to the very similar to Ratzinger was only other little than their we also have been there and we also have some for sale on and then my husband will have some DVDs and ten Commandment but then you get out patients often than Leslie Myers this is also given us the opportunity to practice to teach natural remedy it we had some patients this can they are allowed only one that no one else can be done so I had opportunity to give hydrotherapy proven treatment pray with them and will connect the next thing is so appreciative of you something simple that can be done and in charcoal first spider bites cat by other things like that in and in practice is also will have a couple list for people who come in his smoke when we haven't been smoking for a while but if they are depressed or they are interested in helpful living history of the monolith and will get a grip people together and their seminar on nothing I've done to help my husband called me frequently and often they now have a patient with the simplicity of the patient at times without available Cinderella but when I'm speaking in time like that is a pastor 's wife of the Evangelical free Church who works in our office then we had several opportunities to talk to her for hours about different things Nielsen attended Bible study and with the evangelical church members and that has been a really laughing because you can see you have an opportunity to share what you believe and why you believe to be able to study we been doing cooking schools in the pressroom schools are probably seniors more and meet it our first depression and lower class winter I think I've done for outreach him I will go door-to-door we have a new downlink in our area three ABN and we gone door-to-door letting people know about that there's also help program involved with that and the holders that are really nothing possible about forty miles away network there occasionally and I've had a lot of time there to spend with patients in the district planners are usually visit most everybody and I've had an opportunity to pray with people and talk to them about how and down that threw been a really blessing especially people who have necessary film dying nothing 's been doing is that teach kids in several schools teaching made love to help homeless important to drink water and bring in a sheet and a basin and for the Rivera who they know they get the thing you need to drink water and if anything he can do not little get out while the bread over the homeland were given meal he keeps them food in your car they can hand out somebody but anyway the main thing is to find a need and fill it whenever they need maybe even listen to the people and a ministry of healing Jesus talks about how he desired he met them where they are necessary needs that come follow me and you know what to say that has worked well and therefore valid and will be met by now teaching with us today and claim that Brown is in someone you know one more quick thing him an opportunity to go among others the cruiser he left it on cruise is seventy five and last year we went for her birthday and using the only thing that some of it's pretty crowded there for me ultimately your only the next somebody and I I pray for my meal and limiting them to the condo you a Christian that opened up a lot of doors so I have people I found on cruises are very open to the gospel and especially the workers a lot of them are from foreign countries India Mexico Romania and they are still open and hungry for the gospel I've let them literature and DVDs menu you know you're giving it to me the e-mail and keep that in mind to this I've never been on a cruise wedding cruises are an exercise in self-control are last who would you mind doing this afternoon another afternoon session will plan on doing and then this afternoon session were to be talking about how you balance outreach and in reach now you can share what you don't have how do you balance raising a family a godly family along with your outreach to the community also I have to tell you who is in charge of the religious instruction in your home anyways only my Mister dad who is a audio analysis also if you want to incur some of you wives your husbands to join this afternoon you want to bring them in here as well so we would like to do is to close with a word of prayer will begin this afternoon with the my wife and I sharing my wife Maria and I and how do we balance our outreach w


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