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In Troubled Times

Michael Duehrssen


  • September 22, 2006
    11:30 AM
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five turn heaven born like to thank you for the same in conference mere spirit hunter hearts learn how we should do which are practicing overseas in everything we do please be winning this presentation please speak to me ninety I started this out of any ongoing pick this one off there he discovered a snap on their second multilevel evolution that fine okay by Wiley did a little background my background in entering go ahead and get it it would've been a disaster and for unity disaster response I hope to have a little bit of a discussion later on because this is all new it's new the United States nuclear administer on Susquehanna get started on or off on waiting is over I guess okay this is fine well and I was at meaning college exam now but back in eighty four when I graduated as waiting in a medical school I was waiting for my Lincoln Nebraska University of Loma Linda and error my prayer time is on my knees a lot lured that you want to get a medicine on waiting and waiting as we all wait for that letter to come and I remember having an strong inspiration from the Holy Spirit saying that Michael medicine is not can be a primary job I get you the medicine was not new primary job in my lifetime avoid had two very strong inspirations and that was one of I know what dearly by the Holy Spirit that was so overwhelming and so strong that I knew I was in medicine and I knew it was not really primary job I know what has had for many years I kind of forgot about America than that my mind until now do this years ago I started working leaning college and doing disaster were lying about a flowing then eighty nine when operatives that is not a collagen and switch a valid practice for the know I want to do I grew up saline up doing all my life is emergency medicine designer like emergency medicine and then went skiing freestyle mobile competition for three years and start working out a little center in court has correlated became a director front center is over twelve years I was in Cortez Colorado working and how my life changed about eight years ago was I went back in college to do a mission trip on the Amazon and I launched down there with Rich Carlson and when asked down I noticed how poor these people were being how happy they were as Christians and you and I have boat plane and thirty one acres of beautiful home all the toys ever wanted time off during the Re: how ER is workable they can take a couple days off for a week off and yet I wasn't as happy as are these people were down the Amazon sites are starting the cost of the ages of five books Wayland White and in the desire of Asia recommends overstay the life of Christ was nowadays I started indexing dynamic commitment one hour days years and then become uncomfortable working on Sabbath and a lot of frightening sense so I went talk my wife and doesn't matter how much money can make an earlier like me but Brenda MacArthur maxed out now would I have any extra money to put aside and yet we are to put him ten percent and yet work as I was another ten or fifteen percent of her income that we put God to the test and I love to be put to the test six okay Lord for we must really be twenty five percent my income okay that's tight in the fifteen percent for status of products that were working in use for outreach started all kinds of things I want to get into this mess lectures about I would like to mention one thing that you might want to try choosing to the desire of ages and we go around the neighbors Tim is our reason for higher dollar bill and we get hundreds of those out it's amazing you probably only use one hundred dollar bill because it was radioactive the paper but illustrative parallel go back to but we would system to keep their dollars as a bookmark as we gave out thousands twenty thousand and how much we get a lot out is really neat the results of that during this whole time we hired a youth pastor Mike Lowe and Mike Lewis into survival in Utah for the Air Force for years and so he said how can we go ahead and minister to youth in our church as we can level with Leslie ventures we start taking you in the summertime we start training human you know load a hunger rescue Swiftwater rescue confined space we need wilderness medicine and survival and that we start thinking what we really need to train the youth just decides a little group what if we come up with a four-year degree the training youth for disasters and so we put this four-year degree together with the atomic kitten Academy and we patient to Southern University in sunlight the idea with their cutting back on programs they said well come back next to them I went to Union College graduate from reputed to them and later they accepted it but before they accepted it I figured I needed more mission work so I got a little playing Cortez Colorado with your family and next and we headed down to Denver and then onto Venezuela and everyone knows a hotbed of Venezuela Houston we spot a more strange objects floating in space when you have Iran's present as well drag up with a newspaper yesterday so yours worry about dropping your kids are going out in faith is very proper children off in Denver we're heading the Venezuelan check it out next so he went down the event as well as a gorgeous angel falls it's the highest falls in the world of the seven wonders next and there we met David Mbeki they showed us her pocket down there and I was really convincing God was open this program up to some school maybe even in college maybe another school and we decided we like to bring our students down there for training next year in Venezuela next so I quit my work unit college having gone with the program yet I said I know the guys into this program is just too exciting program equip my job after twelve years I was the director of ER might harder so you are crazy Michael got a good job get income with the director here we go on illusion prison no I really feel like God 's leading it's like what my work and union can't accept the program and union cards we can't pay you for your exit okay what I saw home that's a whole another story and we never sold a home and somehow God would pay our bills seven thousand nine thousand a month any pay the bills every month for whole year tour home finally sold down on salary but for the fresher I wasn't so this is our bachelor science degree in international rescue relief you all kinds of survival training in basic desert jungle ocean shoreline all kinds are rescued for a swift water rescue technician level one advanced rope rescue confined space search and rescue light urban rescue hazardous materials by rescue goes on and on everyone gets her EMT basic IV certification advanced airway patient life support disaster management firefighting one critical essence stress management building in emergency medicine public health medicine basic disaster life support advances afterlife where we actually have more than this with a huge degree the students have to can emphasis is five emphasis of it when they go through the community of professional such as medicine dentistry they can be a paramedic omission one fifty full-time missions counseling or nursing so what I like to do is show you little bit what were doing Venezuelan eventual get into the disaster work have to combat the computer to computer literate so has hefty Rob closes just for a second here this is like a five minute via what were doing in Venezuela you can see what the students really whatever whole semester over there and what better place to train for disasters in a Third World country now of course maybe we'll get an open air comes in and of human life that would allow fine scenario that I am aesthetically aviation switches gave its program X in order to excellent corner unit that silly students come down the other EMTs we try to bring them up to a level almost limitless Christine is here we fight the gym had asked so every dental box full key facet fractures to get yearns a spin yarns down looking for crystals for infection they look for malaria no malaise hard help with a lot of experience there's Bob Garner had pilot down there the next January we have twenty three students going to so this time I have a hundred fourteen students in our program are displaying her third year at Springfield Massimino hand yes a mission he comes out every year with us today Minaya says this gentleman got intoxicated on machete cut it all is flux attendance so were fortunate to have a government hospital about two hours away by plane so they manage them up is very hypertensive and tachycardic wins against mighty fluids in we sent him on his way to reflect events and is repaired there as the program grows we have other sites we have another site in Nicaragua we have improved by Peter site David it is of the same Diana to so some of you as I denizen physicians may like to come along with us and PAs may like to come along with us on these the water systems are we trying to the students of the villages and take a look at the water systems and how we can improve the water systems on the villages they get sick every month from bad water in the parasites E. coli whatever so a lot of that is when I try to go ahead and punch wells and has a couple of her students a three hour trip by that afternoon the next village you are as we see here are very similar CCC and disaster site starting hepatitis a height for a malaria arthritis Shigella Salmonella and so on in this hill is a close a school for us as a mining village of gold and diamonds are a long ways many medical care the kids were thrilled to death is is no school is little baby has a second-degree burn puts back in the only medicine they carry down in Venezuela is forgot other surgeries of its obligations IV portal so you carry more thing for her own crew we should get injured but we can use in the patient's this next year were hoping to get a grant or get a donation for an ultrasound trying to bring a portable ultrasound endless so we ended up analyses doesn't assess it for an idea lot of skin lesions lot of abscesses this gentleman can watch the bottom aluminum we have about fifty four villages and take care down there no way to get into me so that's what were doing enemas that were continuing to slide presentation Aaron so far this summer permanently do with the students as then we train them in the summer and assembly mechanical rescue would stand a lot of in Lincoln except off the buildings for taking the Colorado winter swift water and mountains and training I keep thinking that something terminus of services my daughter coming down with me at the age last six is a two hundred foot rebel next so we train them to do all kinds of rescue techniques whether it's urban rescue workers wilderness rescue like this it are going cross to the basket pertains and was injured in their next in this medicine while partly have to eat all kinds of things and grasshoppers so John the Baptist ate been ESA will remember honey and Jim said that they may work out what the little honey next is either really enjoying them evaluate himself is not in the world right next now I thought you might be interested in this for the survival template we look at Doubleday the survival of the recent amount for three days at ten thousand feet in the stemming years of the snow that deftly ran out of that you have a sleeping bag out of the building on shelters no food for three days the previous year we have mongrel like it passing out and she said she only drank one legal water for two days if you tell them drink water drink water you know you should bikini every hour and a half to two hour senior year it should be clear since of this series on the current collector urines and little mailboxes and any mailbox it can't see you twice a day at the sign and that is not how you doing and yesterday was a urine sample we won't take off sleep made no deluding your urine in a little and is not rated you can tell the students we worried about and sure enough we have my last visit with the dark urine was passing out and writing him drink more water and we would give them and just check specific rallies and staff and guards are going to keep on by the Fernandez as myself is one of girls want him and showed us her shellfish in a next to you slot canyons next Christine has been with us in some of these nerve repelling off on the walls next we trained for Swiftwater if you get a flooded area like Katrina in the water comes in if the water is not moving the still dangerous toxins of the water but it's fairly easy to put out there go to someone's house get them off the roof and get either once the water starts movie becomes a whole different ballgame into the way we can train is in rivers as you learn what eddies are you learning hydraulics horizontal vertical hydraulics and so on so here we are training the river next and Zamora Highline training next next more highlighted a basket up next low angle or Swiftwater next next business trainer will restrain strainers we show how to get straighter as if he struggles with water to get caught in a Bob wire fence that Carter car in the beats washing machine knows what's in the water as we teach them how to handle strainers or someone rescuing someone else water is cold next next is with E. coli date rescue next here's a high angle pick off the actual data got someone off the side of it we should be around buildings to become off buildings whenever the window become a invitation don't get me next we call this degree had a creative venture a lifetime asserts that the messenger here about your here for a career venture life in the service anytime we work with God it's a career adventure enabling the same in conference and in the last lighthouse hockey others were talking a new Sony and other witnessing praying with patients and witnessing the patient's next and I want to give a little personal before you want to last Sunday I was praying I like kinds you know Holy Spirit waking up in the morning and if you do that guarantee the Holy Spirit wake up in the morning and the Holy Spirit will never learn the more I was really troubled but when the morning so what I did next if I felt like I resign I've had enough next and so I took the wrote a letter to God that night from one to three in the morning is a several page letter back at some excerpt my English at one hotline is probably not the best I thought I'd throw that since I really like to talk to about this I resign because I'm so busy I don't enjoy life I worry worry my health is suffering my blood pressures up my stomach pumped and returning what am I wonderful plays I've been as well all you his friend worry how things are going wrong or possibly can go wrong in the summertime the beautiful mountain Colorado during the training I love all I do is worry and don't enjoy it as much as I should there seemed to be somewhat irony in all this you gave me a job I spend less time with you family friends and students who need me to get your job done I am unhappy stressed have physical ailments have less time to exercise some a times or just want to run off with my family to the mountains to look back in a beautiful home in the mountains and hundred thirty one acres asked again and again why am I here in Lincoln I know to do your job the job I've always wanted I'm giving I'm given the job back to you it was your idea in your project you can hire someone else you like thank you for checking my resignation sincerely Michael PS I just folly moment by moment everything that go backward in your back so I resign you know yeah even when God calls you to do a job and many of you here you wouldn't be here if it wasn't calling you all the Senate and maybe start Bible studies in your office and start having policies Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night maybe Skip and I now Sunday night and all the time incentive families first side Harry Sargon precisely yet this is gone this culminated in this session do it but how much is not policy do I like to hear you wavered was it was a will speak I tell her experts about five minutes I like it was going to talk a little more about this this is a disaster lies in the starts happening I said realizing assistance last night and I want to get into disaster such as Katrina and so on but let me go ahead and again I have to readjust some things are major on time here is minimizing your second preceding human microphone up to fill in here that family here that are there are I will have you in a game in my loses you will I will I is in a you he is a lie and it was here in all I you he is and I didn't have a deep love for me I is is all he is in the right and the answer is a song is not a you will a you a a guy you know I will and he will will will will will learn will have her in him so I will and will will see you are he is he will you have a have an in a you a you are is okay and shower you with you is a you will you as that is a problem is a is only as he is and is and is him wrong LimeWire is where I is why he and I will and will and in all those guys think of the present United States I can't make a meaning to make is important that you getting them all and yet God blesses him the weight as lighting and bless us you know it's God 's project is called yesterday response project is asking us never going to disaster work with all these things going on right and left so much going on finally sending them I'm resigning your next click on my part on the long and the director of making God the director next I resigned May God the direct control rescuing presence this week we start by reacting to God office and office related office couches and stuff over going for every morning regarding the director Melissa what he wants I got into my templates if you want and then you have sent angels more people everyone wins your part is not mine I think I'll examine statement one three hours in the morning does matter how much time you spend with him it makes you spend enough time and so I'm revamping my life I mean this is been an awesome project that were doing I got too busy I did have time for my family lifetime our bottle who is a direct of your practice and outreach it has God given your mission and now you've taken over the nation God 's kind in the background you think you're doing God 's will or no next disasters acronym disaster in your life next disaster is when your needs exceed the resources of hydrogen needs for prayer family and everything else exceeds resources of time and energy and same irregular disaster okay it's when Katrina hits in our needs are needs for food or needs for water needs for rescue her needs for shelter and everything exceeds our resources that we half the question is why we have a more disasters next something increase in population urbanization deforestation greenhouse effect terrorism and the second coming of Christ interesting article this is August two thousand six special report global warming time magazine be worried be very wary me climate changes in some vague future promise already damage the planet at an alarming rate more more land is being devastated by drought back up this is an interesting article that they had in the center how hot will get here's a temperatures and see the temperatures are fairly steady at about nineteen eighties and you think anything can be as close up here the two thousand now lookouts are interested just take off in the CO2 from emissions from burning all the trees before stations going up the ozone layer is causing hotter environment down here in his view different CO2 layers of different things when you burn more forest it also exposes more dirt which absorbs more energy from the sun which warms up your floor here's the shrinkage of the polar cap NSF two thousand and fifty the suitable B totally gone but does not belong from them as you get more melting of the ice caps what also happens is that you don't get the radiation back off into the atmosphere in what gets absorbed by the watermelons reason ground ninety percent is reflected by the polar caps when you lose averages keep heating heating up there's a really interesting Argentina I've gone down there climbing you look at all the pictures he sees big glaziers Nevada climate glaciers are as big this is a nineteen twenty eight this is in two thousand and one the same picture so scientifically easily we can explain it but we also know biblically that we deftly can explain it that God is allowing these things happen because he's coming around the corner for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places all these things are the beginning of birth pains we know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time while people are saying peace and safety destruction will come on them suddenly as labor pains on a pregnant women and they will not escape succumbing to do labor over you and how Mariano UN is want back here we know money starting in for labor time and you start Guinness contractions they start time and am contracted to more frequent now tenets of our finest part three minutes apart and they get more intense in the same weather disasters racing more more disasters 9/11 was a wake-up I always wondered why 9/11 the next 9/11 is an emergency call the things emergency cry to God it's a crime to our human race it turned back to him watch therefore for you know not what hour your Lord doth come but notice that if the good manna house had known in what watch the thief would come you would've watched and Winona suffered his house he broken up therefore be also ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of Man coming in take heed to yourselves lest at any time your hearts be overcharged for circuiting and drunkenness and cares of this life so that the day come upon you unawares for this nearshore and all them that swell on the face of the whole earth watching therefore and pray always that she may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man this is my favorite quote from the desire of ages everything in the world is in agitation the signs of the times are ominous coming events cast their shadows before the spirit of God is withdrawing from the air and calamity falls clammy by sea and land their campus earthquakes fires floods and murders of every grade who can lead the future where security is assurance and nothing that is human or earthly unfortunately known especially now in America after 9/11 next so we see disastrous repairs Oklahoma City next block in these bombing Mount Saint Helens and here is a family going on in the recent Pakistan earthquake over eighty thousand people and in the winter also killed even more money mortgage a lot more because they can have a shelter for the heart with harsh winter is coming on next storm Pakistan the stock little better in this laptop but a few the natural disasters and move on this is hurricane Isabel coming in and you would want to be on that ship this is Helen that's been approaching is now going off with an excellent this is yesterday 's tone was a category one and is now moving to a tropical depression and moving away from United States which is great what happens is the trade winds from Africa and low in the hurricanes and a coming for United States if we have an easterly strong way we can only slow that way to hurricane away but often it doesn't happen Mrs. Helen right here this is hurricane Isaac all the hurricanes a name for six years may distribute innings now for the Pamela Katrina Bill Maiman tenures and repeat the name on that next to this is I think this is the next one is not really for me as well is not really for me as well which is great like Helen was the will see what happens I reject this morning 's sci-fi look at his daily to find out what's going on because of the Gallagher Kevin immobilize and head on down there so it happens when these hurricanes is that you get a big negative pressure inside to get his shoes negative pressure to start bringing up the ocean water underneath it and so as this thing comes in you start and rip tides and you get this she swells out there coming in okay the oceans rising next in the worst of the hurricane is to the right of it's not underneath the eye is always to the right has its thing swirls counterclockwise OKC worst turns your worse water rising up your worst wins always be the right of her hurricane and were still in hurricane season as you can see in next year having our conference down in Florida we maybe call you out of the conference become health will sing next site is emerging as a warm oceans now as it is global warming of your warm oceans air starts rising coming up in instances finally affect as current starts coming down and start cycling next and start again this edges you can see here as it starts moving landlord next door to me and go for tropical storm for category one you have to have winds greater than semi four miles an hour then between seventy four miles an hour a hundred flies a category two and then we get into category three which winds ripped a hundred thirty with the storm surge ninety twelve feet next mini unit hurricane forecast brings the hundred thirty miles an hour Google back when where that a search of the thirteen to eighteen feet next to Mrs. thirteen three hundred fifty five mile an hour plus wins with a storm surge of over eighteen feet how big was Katrina what category was for Armstrong when the winds we know of to hundred fifty four 's is just one mile an hour of becoming a category five is extremely devastating hurricane that hit in so that means you water your surge was probably in some areas initial pictures and thirty feet high of water that comes in a massive amount of water this is a satellite shot of a hurricane this is your irate here with them were Americans back down cooler and the warm air comes rising up next is Katrina now 's his hurricanes go the spinoff tornadoes we didn't realize until about fifteen years ago and he saw the destruction easy destruction here's a missionary to see more destruction now he noticed the hurt angel sent off in a hundred fifty two hundred tornadoes they also cause massive destruction in the tornado scales of course in Rudy's scale F5 is greater than two hundred fifty mile an hour winds next even though we have twenty RL I Island and here are our they call it last week we had in the basement twice and were getting our out of tornado season right now we get our family had a database and one touchdown in Omaha and those that reflect generally the sirens went off we climbed down as you get this call MacLeod building like this to get this massive uptake of air and start spiraling finisher again amble on top of Gillette Halen stuff often as it comes also Ms. Walker while this fun of classroom developing and hailing it hears hale half as the raindrops get out the cool off the moisture they start coming down if you get enough current going back up the hill actually go back up like more moisture keep getting larger and larger C Ashley new softball size and then it comes out and down this is a water spout they can be dangerous if you hit a boat or something but when they hit Lanigan even more dangerous no one there here's one coming summons in the car windows are in a car and a tornado pray I would reverse a variety try fast but I was earning two hundred fifty nine hour winds I mean in only traveling at that speed was seventy miles are many hundred miles in armies in the heart out of people think and wonder underpasses underpass is a worse place to go the wind I should pick up underpasses so they're saying as United car finding going lame and always long-suffering of flooding in the going and she you get out of it and now we get into tsunamis are the phenomena that we had two years ago the Indian Ocean and what happens when a different song is a call for different things with very heavy plate tectonics and have one plate going underneath the other and as a slit under subluxation under it it popped the upper plate and cost of vertical wall of water to go up in the water spreads out in the spread on vending a fancy single for five hundred miles an hour using more water more dense and such as travels if you're in the ocean you know it is beaten filming is a little ripple but as it comes a short start slowing down in a slowdown by forty miles per hour as of firstly slow down you have still the factories catching up with this a lot comes the first wave can be fairly big but sometimes a second and third wakening the bigger there can be an hour difference between the way so what happened in a lot of parts of India happen they derail the train and the first way was never there when the trains that all four were alive are doing okay the second way was twice as big and killed everyone but a few people it was horrible lies islands just got totally devastated new one right over the top of them want to show you this is three miles in an again I have to use my computer skills are this one should take as long this is a three miles in land the powerless water in a NASA have to have a nine zero nine two people or are you now how big was eight nine nine three here different stories about how they better request but here they were digging out from an earthquake had no idea synonymous coming severe there are rescue crews are in their people are digging no victims out and then his huge wave comes in I is so what do we do with health professionals well one thing you didn't enjoy the government are your local changing in idea mapping was a disaster medical assistance team and that is the minimum about thirty five people it contains physicians it contains nurses and pharmacists laboratory tax in its action mobile hospital it goes we have a number of the United States were from your twenty four but not lot of our nonoperating V-neck and veterinary medical assistance team to be more disaster mortuary operations response teams on enjoying your state level of MMR one M RS link in the Metropolitan medical response team or even heavy part of the medical reserve Corps which is more of a state level they're going across United States doing certain community response teams for citizens okay then he can do for nationalizing a national pharmacy response team this is more for you inoculating people save against smallpox on terrorism not the people for smallpox and same of the nurses for the nationalist response that seems more for going around and doing occupations so what can we do is address okay it seems like the world is doing much more than we are as Adventist next you have addressed and I chop artichokes ever will your first during this program two years ago two years ago and is looking for support we wanted to pair up with address and in our check say we did we don't be disastrous he said we did eighty percent development we did twenty percent relief we really don't respond to disasters are not seen the address is in a bad organization ostrich does tremendous amount of good worldwide with doing schools water systems and everything they are not set up to be to respond immediately to disaster now things are changing a little bit after Katrina the starting involved more with disaster Billy of ACS and as many service at his community service has enamel yields in the memorandum of understanding with the FEMA in a stock warehouses across the United States okay in the give food out clothing out if things are needed out which is great sort of disaster happens they go ahead and give to the Red Cross and any big organizations that come in by the semi- love then you have a new player on the theme as of two years of all contacts at the community again service Aniston in eighteen services basely license as a nonprofit Atarax and what they're doing is they said okay we got address to ACS but no one 's actually on the ground level doing anything so when Katrina hit axis mobilize and they went and they went into vast moral Academy and was angry with that team here suing to vastly start helping vast moral Academy then they found that wave on account of Bob Wheatley will like two thousand and how they were there were still several thousand people they say we deftly need help account and basin wiped out incident immobilize and they went to wavelet still in that wavelength they start doing a pot appointed distribution and that's look on the buzzword now is for disasters are these pods to the state looks at before disasters is okay renew upon here here here here or to set one up a gastronomic ring go ahead and set one up in this community center disorder disaster hits will start mobilizing ACS and always be warehouses will start trucking in food and water and sewer accent wall while we go and run upon but this instead of doing at one history just as I suspect the church and saving it first poster for six lane highway that people can come in and out we have a big park nearby or something that needs estate criteria we go ahead and we can set this part of the left basal of the getaway when they set up a pot and they started giving food and water out including Waters was needed in is a disaster clothing is not needed I could have a picture later on the deposit loading pictures I see marketers of clothing to get his big pile closing the first person that goes in a look through it hands contaminated feed contaminated the containment the whole thing with E. coli you name it chemical contamination in clothing is not really with muted initially later on maybe clothing the ninety six food and water to ask him go in in the run this part of it all this food have semisolid acts now has eighteen semi 's and basin listing more than just this and also some pictures here but I met last summer with the state of Florida after EEOC Wednesday operation center and in their idea of a party skipped National Guard volunteers and then they hand out food and water are the lineup for miles some comes and says any food for five families is the only car we have offenders food water for five families on the go waxen list is something different let's get all our student volunteers smaller schools out there was going to literatures that go along with pray for everyone each party want to pray with the students are going along praying within the giving literature out to them and they say he'll will drive your car for you you know what you come on out we have to being soundstages and open up a semi 's open up the plane Christian music and massage therapists there their hot meals going they survey think over ninety thousand hot meals and we went in Sun Valley do these people in her into this base a little community were here to help you and no one doesn't want to pray with the students hardly and share with everyone has a story to tell either level and is lost or sent their houses menu no basin trashed they lost everything they had no insurance on and on if you try to build the sophomore is what they started doing his regular medical work at this trailer semi trailer and had a local doctor then I started medical work why came along with any college instantly like a part of this while we do the medical only to the rescue work for you and so that's what we've been working on here is that that of silent fighting moves the children of Michelle Avolio seems like Star Wars a have all these videos here were the main command center items actions and fires going on in pictures and fires over here comes an operating command center in Tallahassee and behind these a governor room we met for two days a week I discussed what we can do in the future was always large organizations so what the states are just arguing Avenue emergency support functions may have one through seventeen and volunteerism falls under fifteen the promise refining right now or right in the middle this is asked was eminently medical work in the medical work falls under the SFA and then the search and rescue her urban search and rescue falls under nine instructors and apartments which one of these so fifteen Thursday eight eight zero zero nine and back and forth not sure what to do with the first really nonprofit NGO activists and when anyone's is doing rescue and medical so not really sure what to do USAID has heard that will reduce another addresses were hoping were starting a new trend now for faith-based NGOs are responding to least your medical throne patients and hopefully medical of other patients in Waveland when Lynn asked was there they did have again backing committee came in for three weeks and start seeing patients may have a little bit of medical crew that had to doctors and some nurses and other GMAC team had an eight hour wait for patients to be seen Caesar what you want only on this group they can see a faster in three weeks they pulled out the game ended with your seventh twenty thousand people fifteen thousand people had no medical care at all this whole town of fifteenth out I know so we want to know when and if we believe that singles out her work with Edina things are in there but we want to have grown out of steam I just got done this week talking to the head of functioning Flores is what recognizes me jumping at the unanimous church so that's a possibility we can form around the next as David Anthony was a director now he's come back off the still full-time doing asked but he is now the ACS Southern Union director Bill R Dale Bass is one of how the fruits in Florida held his mother fruits from yet and he spent a lot of money into supporting this and now he is a director Max so basically have Michael we have to trailer semi trailers in Connecticut from outpost holder both CRI MRI trailers so I went down look at both my big one had to seeing Serena remodel is in a picked this one by the Lord knew it all along is when I picked had led lining a way seventy nine thousand pounds it was a CPU not an MRI next so this is the one I think this is an old CT scan and I thought when I first got a seventy nine thousand pounds and that's what after the next meeting taken highways is eighty thousand all right without setting up special permits anything else that is a finite time of disaster there's no weight limit okay and then when I start looking in the things we started with a remodel this we wanted with little your philosophy unit now in the lead walls so learning all long and so GE is looking at giving us a fluoroscopy unit noted when it were still sixty thousand shorter doing it we have all this is been ripped out all electrodes three phase with a single phase wiring it's being done so were slowly getting there and I talk to Loma Linda this last Colin and we like to team up with little and I know they have a rescue unit of the just put together and would like to team up at Loma Linda we have a brand-new twenty kilowatts genera rare on regular commissioning units emergency acids every manifestation of author health professionals plan is what the states are cutting going to trying to make a national thing where professionals can register with the state and across state boundaries they said that revenue registration or licensing and all the students you have goes with you unfortunately that's not the case Nebraska's just bring us together I was asked this week to sit on the committee for this for Nebraska the state it's in Nebraska's ministry of the floor is little more advanced there had us up and functioning right now I want to talk to a lot of keep getting questions you know if we don't respond to disaster what is our malpractice in Congress okay so he would and would actually put out with us is our malpractice recovery probably not so malpractice will but most now cautiously not cover you and some say will reenter the good Samaritan law will only discuss the good Samaritan or any attorneys you ha ha employees this is my basic knowledge okay elementary knowledge of this okay so please speak up good Samaritan varies from state to state of finding out that basically for the good Samaritan if you do something ROTC driving down the highway now you have an accident and you help out evasively render the standard of care would you train pay for good Samaritan if you mess up again or gross negligence of particular patient Siler Road and I backward and everything else they don't do anything about a C-spine that could be considered possibly gross negligence innings fractured C2 or something okay but that's any good Samaritan now what is he doing less physicians active on these trips these boat trips and stuff like that overseas trips for these exotic places and Stephanie saves you countless will give the fifty free interviews paid away what you don't find it American processor contract okay so when you are thinking of volunteering for this organization is going someplace you are no longer in the good Samaritan when you take care of the patients that group okay the other thing that comes up is that planners are going out the Sabbath and they know your doctor visit hang when you come along with us you know we can use your medical expertise to something happens when you're no longer in the good Samaritan is now they are basically bring you in for your medical expertise something should happen here basically under negligence not gross negligence okay so what's a you treat a skin lesion with antibiotics and implemented on a negative serious infection to get sepsis may not never come after you insane that was negligent of our worthy of our something wasn't gross negligence gross negligence okay if that makes kind of sense so sometimes different states for disaster response they consider the driver the good Samaritan law is out-of-state but many times they do not and that's a real problem right now is for us to travel across state boundaries next the mantra protection act nineteen ninety seven was supposed to help this but unfortunately it says that if you respond to a disaster and how you have any license in that state and responding to serve you have a California license respondent California I have a Colorado Wyoming Opera Colorado and Nebraska Wisner I can respond below states that under the nineteen ninety seven I cannot right now in Congress my understanding is that Congress and to update neither congresses passes was going to the Senate now is a disaster we puncture protection act of two thousand and six which basically states that cross state lines as long as your license in any state in the US and have the credentials you need okay which may be mortification of them go that far not probably will not what kind of training you need will for all those physicians that one of volunteers that have minimum of a CLS and pals can be board certified preferably to have a PLS preferably have basic disaster life-support advances after life support and you have to happen I asked ICS one hundred which is incident command system and guidelines every hour they need to get online from the feds and it's how you basically go through incident command you have to have the others that theirs and I asked two hundred there's six hundred and seven hundred is also helpful but minimum of the requiring people to go in as is with NIS one hundred so are we ready as as a church to respond to this are you ready next focus have demographics high in out not only are you going in as a physician would you may be asked to ground the field or if that happens in your neighborhood you may have to do searches in our respond do we know what to look for doing Elkanah singling to use next came into this home for a search engine at the question look at this home is a car underneath it some blown off its foundation in Al can you actually enter this home next okay is a strut is a structural damage next is a light damage is a modern damage or what they consider heavy damages when Iasi move the foundation off in most English and ensuring the Muggle and under heavy damage UEL for the Windows you do things like that and you go on okay and what market she nicknamed it into this home okay what search pattern should you do next next this is a standard markings that they want people to do you put on the top year he put the date and the time next okay what you found any turn the gas off me the gas was leaking okay and you turn the gas off next you put your team name dirt is our human ecology Stanford disaster response team I want you found the Newfoundland in person and they knew even then alone located being the markings of come along to pick that up but they need to know the tiny land and what you did what happened there finding Katrina was talking many teens and we got this from the New Mexico team was also talk to Lincoln FEMA urban rescue team and what have to Leslie have smaller fire requirements we had goodwill physicians and nurses going around and what they would use a yelling Windows and they would do the markings in an illegal lots of these FEMA things that come along in the city this in the wind you know they would have anything hearsay cinemas in their nation that you went into the building Associates legal enactment of these family members return fine through the level instead of the building is a bad scene so we need to be educated and on markings on search patterns and things I've even asked physicians because when the going disaster site you know you may not be working as a doctor or dentist okay you may be going out with the teams and doing door-to-door searches by boat and then what else security and end zones like this I mean his cognitive window blown out and that's what worked for twelve years I know little about security but not the landline expert at it again I might enter only do a search pattern and obligations and in sixteen rare fifteenth next I mean don't try and sleeping inside with a big dog another woman to shotguns and a call hammer going domain search I mean I would knew my accident I was a nose dirty dangerous person inside with gunners hunting on the line of the next adventure timing and themes of the FEMA can come along with a some bad goods ring area no theology but still enough there not when you are searching and open a new sign okay button on the premise of the stylish denizens shoplift I mean here you have his day parking game and out the new heaven of log first round for the using for their bill UPS vehicle I mean their dangerous situations next I was talking to many of Mexico's team alerts team members that happened for their team the urban resting for New Mexico came in lecture tour students in the summertime and he was saying is extremely dangerous they got that they got around the Superdome in New Orleans and going out from there anything one other crews that left a black band never showed that white people in a black neighborhood African-American neighborhood and in and pick them up my helicon ventilating Jennifer Mirren in a popular life only on instead gunfire on that long shootings on it was horrible next in the fires you have all these gasolines outbreak and fires are breaking out next next and then got worried that the contaminated water I mean you're a worried about you know diseases for anyone above him him he wanted to do the narrative would you have your heavy metals you have your ghetto phosphates in their we just purchased fourteen dry suits to use for our team and their non- breathable and have booties and everything that we can put on the Nestlé training upon his rights it's extremely hot and angry by dehydration and him only gleaners will be visited on the suspenders we can take them off the top the suspenders a lot of people use the waiters for fishing out the rescue what happens if you fail to walk across the street and felt them and hope you realize when it flattens that the water was underneath the streets and blows enables off so no walking on the street you can open manholes after falling with waiters on also fills up and round Islamic chemicals advertising and after contact to retire to get next and then all the patients really seen that are waiting through this stuff over at sister case now and there are none no church seems when we wet men with the state of Florida they said that without volunteerism we would not be on the handle a disaster fifty percent of our response in the state of Florida for a large disaster comes from volunteers I had no idea was fifty percent base the federal and the state level cannot handle a disaster we depend fifty percent of volunteers but how many volunteers trained for nuclear chemical biological disasters which we know are to have any inevitable we just don't know when okay we're training our students but whereas a large team you know how went after Sabbath and class level C suits on probably trained for that you know you have swift water rescue training the waters first movie had ended this guy off they mean extremely dangerous in this gentleman off or here's a family that is in some Swiftwater and the reasoning lifejackets don't which is the first thing you want to do with that dildo could role any minute right do we have the votes while union college or training at eight a.m. on sis for rescue vehicles or helicopter three semi 's including our medical and returning a bunch of votes so we want to be the central United States of the rotating either direction next you know that I will I love accident plan distribution so they're giving out food and supplies it is just more than just water the giving love appetite about Jesus and I mean that's what our job is any it's even make a huge impact these people are crying and praying with them China still loves you I know it's hard to see that but God still loves you know in the nisi which are doing form that makes a huge impact X window and the new God things like this to deal with two next and an SOS inside the the sampling zones and are you not to bring Al Qaeda lot helicopter operations do not send e-mails via the daytime or night branch had a call helicopter and ill get to use ETM or Latin law these are long for GPS coordinates and that's another thing is the rescue came to using GPS is never so easy to say we did the street and there given the GPS Hornets are called helicopters the water is rising please help everything in the world is in agitation the signs of the times are ominous coming events cast their shadows before the spirit of God is withdrawing from the earth and clammy falls cleanly by sea and land their campus earthquakes fires floods murders of every grade who can read the future where security there is assurance and nothing that is human or for the regular hitter like the focus is that one overlooked I was close enough I still have a Nebraska time the quarter went when I wanted users can open it up I mean this is a whole new ballgame for us and for the Adventist church about disaster response and I would like it open it up to all of you in your suggestion ideas on where we can go for the next fifteen minutes any ideas any thoughts were my goals I love you I would love to train the churches in the United States let's start with a youth mentoring the churches what if you have a disaster your neighbor needs to happen Jesus is coming there's a new disaster after disaster after disaster this predicted nine hurricanes hit Florida this year and praise God that they haven't had a significant hurricane incident level of the category one tropical depression at Evergreen which would name it was now they hit them earlier okay and what is not happening but we know we seemingly knows that have to happen in your neighborhood well I suggest I would like to see the certainly arena and some not a regular pass around is actually pretty good it takes people through little medical ethics and to fire mercy medical operations it takes the lighter bring rescue how to do what Billingsley can and should not enter little bit about shoring on is actually fairly complete and this is for civilians it and if it's a good thing in our house in receiving your community is a planet we can train our RSS with this organ adapted a little bit I limit more of how to do outreach to England great passed on that again our students they have transfer ACS Avenue skinny services it's good training solution go to wait for warehousing its understanding warehousing and even yes NSX and yet also talk a little and it may be asking then we should put a D nineteen together just for the evidence church and yet gone with the wind acts and tell the our menu no one demanded the boy we were asked along with estimated upon distribution within the medical will set up a mobile hospital but unfortunately now theme is not taking on the magazines are MM RS team in Lincoln hopes community mapping and we're playing to beauty Mattingly got mobile hospitals air-conditioned tents and everything to do surgery and and we are rated go when they said everything would be marrying when apply for an similar ready already it is great because of right now funny how malpractice and other things that he wanted MRC medical reserve Corps had MMR asked team suddenly that if the state request another state you can go right now for doing medical now we know in a leading pot distribution things like that but to go into medicine dentistry were funny others problems and you may not be covered under that state intervention happen that I never heard of as much problems internationally in a most places happy to get you if you have a living hope you have a license for the never check in with a big disaster have the reaction is not in them I love the vigorous international airline like to go international in effect we are looking at right now I'm I'm working with your Florida condo overlooking were looking at working with Duncan aviation and content Duncan aviation that the next disaster that happens in the US we would like to fly every Sunday from the Atlanta major cities like Lynn here in Southern California to get LeMoyne graduates and things residents and attending physicians here that would we pick him up you bring to the disaster site we bus them in and then Sunday we pray to Madigan with another group in Atlanta Lincoln and here so are working with them right now twenty seven forty seven release that we can actually do that to bring more heavens professionals and as we looking at those kind of things to do and we may be getting support from I have coming years working jobs on blame for the third year now the Johnson for this insomnia is a briefly for he feared repercussions are going to medicine dentistry PAD piece of like that in a year that if you're going to paramedic to do three years in Munich on January nineteenth either fourth-year paramedic in a get a four-year degree gives it to you that were still wondering is her general in which he called missions in the getting a lot more business courses and that you were hoping when they graduate that will be picked up by a faith-based NGOs disaster programs and things like that because they give Heather EMP certificate N-word jobhunting right now first incident where graduates couple census year and that's one time will tell we think there is a lot of job positions out there the other one is counseling right now the good and the Katrina with PTSD and stuff at the having of the patients yes as wanted jobs or job searching for the counseling emphasis on the nursing one three three four income needing to a dual degree nursing okay so those are the two that were wondering about is the counseling in our mission one okay in job availability we think there will be jobs or looking right now discussed with you for the students react to have one person at all that's all the job is Reynosa student worker and they look for jobs for any other thoughts with a name we like to eventually get a list of you that would be willing to respond some within twenty four hours some within a week some within two weeks and would like to pull physicians in a now did you ID were looking at even doing her own dispatch center Sonja calling we can get to all your credentialing and have it on file and we can go ahead and fax or e-mail it ahead of time to area with her ADM wants his or her goal is to use to have someone just doing EMD they're basically take care the radio for e-mails going around for Ian please enter job space and looking forty minutes and need with this advantage have to release the report on at the call into the EMD talk to the nurse of physicians on him for abandoning every patients kept track of what they were finding is a lot of people also bring light generators inside the home and understand and raise them yes I concur monoxide to get a lot of her monoxide gases in the SME other things that are into how the Windows out of the hot money and adrenaline in your generator you don't see it outside and bang on the door no response a call for law enforcement some kind of backup to enter and things like that are just going around looking for people that can help and then of course any emergencies of bring into our mobile emergency department our big tent that we set up with wiki survival can we teach the entire church I don't know I mean death plays a possibility have a look at the fire we thought about it the survivals in the A's didn't know this existed in a way teaches students how to start a fire we just went way to spark you have to do that over and over and over again and you learn how to start a fire with wet when he requires an ever evolving but with each mama made as an excellent point anyway note how more disasters in his survival techniques is something we should know urban survival and wilderness survival why don't I would ask the goal is not to go to the big cities the goal is to pick a comic way lamer from twenty to fifty thousand and going to support the entire time and again after three months if everyone for three months in the whole town and because I think you know you go into there the bigger cities of hundreds more danger not to mention the danger in the smaller towns but as more games more looting six highest eleven perfect MS for all your GMAC teams reveal that means all of them centered and so they're trying to pick smaller towns and wiped out there getting no help so that's a goal and I think it makes a difference in that town now wavelength as they than a crusade there have been many people get a life just because the three months that they have his presence was there feeding him and taking care of them it made a huge impression on that count we would find that I was not about having convention United States were you come and we do urban search and rescue training and we give your IIS one hundred hundred all-in-one time you see any credit hang out Sega right off your trip down and you know you deftly amuses its expenses go someplace they can get credit for yet we should thought about doing that we should do we somehow should train physicians that were rated go make sure you have your pals align in a CLS ultimately ridiculous we remain at your physicians don't need it figuring a PR work but police have those things ready in BLS and I've got another one if I pass this around is a basic satellite support it's all of the error chemical biological weapons is how you treat in your antidotes earmarked two kits now licensed whatever you use for your answer and Hadrian this is the basic and advance actually do a mock disaster and you do the time patience and so on but that's another one of an excellent thing thing yes these are babies of Hurricane Katrina an instructor for those quality to your site for my instructors up on that the BLS 's TDs in eighty lessons won a suit for three days I weakened it is varies from place to place now you have an idea it were a would-be on-the-fly material go through which it could do to pick up a lot of the came he now be the point candy but maybe to have her pre- or post conference first-served phenomena sinking maybe even rename incident of civilian mergers fussing meaning the church learns response team and put a whole chapter in there and evangelist and how do you evangelize in the in the case of a disaster what are maybe some text we can use for those people that deal with disasters and hardship to almanac I have one handle in the and he and and and and and MMA address I'm an immigrant combination in the basin disaster life support in the CERT program and advanced disaster we do a big disaster scenario when everyone sure advantage on and/or pressure dressing eating playing little kid six -year-olds in their they can be trained to do that but we know it in the meantime giving it worse Russell somehow we have to get our church prepared and Amy would like to e-mail me or your life cards directly from out here in this information union College and on acts and the more cards out to but I'm nearly my time like I said in the beginning also I have always in ideas and God-given in all the things I want to do it all a sudden illness think I'm a daughter the family something okay God Goddess and the workers because I can't do it on his way to bigger programmers your program right here well with the animators have a glimpse into relief it is asked to development noting they're not doing United States not doing as much medical in the US overseas they are not in the US overseas is not much so I don't know what they have in place they know they're not doing that much medical and I don't think it's probably the US is he arguing the medical part yes and there's nothing from overseas or PC he was a disaster receive them and no use mean even if you had your first responder cargo user retraining at a I have one of the new era is that you guys and you is you you are you going on in the list you okay that he does not have time to wish you had in mind when his heavenward preference with NOK will is you is I think everyone for coming handout please call me when ideas if you want health of this let me know and eventually reviving calling everyone a thing an e-mail out once we get routinely formalizing Saint can you respond to your partners acting from you okay thanks


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