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Gospel-Medical Evangelism: 1891-1900 and Today

Dave Fiedler
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Dave Fiedler

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  • August 9, 2012
    10:45 AM
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father thank you for the privilege we have of gathering unit like-minded believers are spending our time and our five on the plans of your specification and on the means of reaching this world is huge population auto trader make us always more efficient and more knowledgeable work for you ladies blessings will be further from the greatest thing is going to looking at the city mission work a.k.a. medical missionary work I am pretty new historical focus I at this from basically a Adventist history point of view that's been my interest in the Lord has blessed over the years to put a lot of pieces of history information and drop them into my lap and that's what has made this topic stand out as the best hope for some advantages and its events you can look at the past we've been given inferior is my prayer S one hundred okay nonetheless none of us myself included really know enough yet about I'm not standing here saying all identical to get out I'm saying hey God has said what had this direction there's a lot to learn so that you want to help put it into some historical context medical missionary work and this works the cities in particular is mortified with more topics of interest in civil damages and anything else that I know okay everything is high very intricately to make mission work you know presentation was an Iranian now righteousness by faith David Thomas eighteen eighty eight message to Laodicea the last call to the supper with a pink the reason do you remember about apprehension fires ten years ago I is sanitary and burned down in January and everything you want they were doing at the Asus progress tells us that everything ties to that and so I want you to give you some context very very quickly and I'm going to have to does assert a lot of things out a little documentation of this footer plug-in repeatedly on later Eminem talking about comes from well-documented sources and all available on my website which output on the screen at the end of the the end of the occasion here and you'll be able to to go getting all that at that time or whatever you want in a hitting computer funds will be that going take us just a moment but that's it Darby Kellogg was converted in eighteen eighty eight Minneapolis omega-3 okay I didn't know that until recently when he was inverted know your enemy medical directives and ensuring for twelve years and it's not like he'd been the town drunk with no it's not like he had been going to church and McCain 's kind whatever but only says he was converted in eighteen eighty eight in so much so she says that McNulty is obvious question is what made on this pain only to stop drinking all what made it honestly answer that is basically at that time Doctor Keller developed an interest to help with the in her very generous I had is just to strengthen his fault his weaknesses like everybody else in the world but he became a very generous God when the first things he did he said what about orphans that a lot of orphans and stretch and for our population back then we had more than we do now is in a hundred years the life expectancy wasn't as hot as a similarly to November that he went online and what started as he said he will be years behind in other other denominations in a far better job at Anglia so you need to start pushing for an orphanage that was when this is first steps all carrying out what previously had been known as the benevolent work if I don't like the days of the note from like eighteen fifty five onward until eighteen ninety three at least she talks like a benevolent watching his expression medical missionary work at income until eighteen nineties in Wichita with a benevolent work to talk with the Christian health work I like that please treat for title and I can relate to think of a good sense and and so Doctor Kellogg began pressing those issues to the forefront the sad thing about the orphanage is that with more than a year of fundraising salutes in the church we had acquainted to begin anything and at that time anonymous Kenalog gave us thirty thousand dollars which in those years of money and built a fine orphanage at the key point is that we can do that would've been in the spring of eighteen ninety two Mrs. Carolyn Haskell no relation to Stephen Haskell gave thirty thousand dollars in a sorry orphaned because it was kind of on a roll at that point he had a down it had I am waiting from Chicago it is they come to the sanitary and pretreatment state for a number of months very much appreciated the nursing that she received there and down went back home to Chicago to have an operation which turned out to be unsuccessful when she eventually died but on her deathbed she extracted from her father a promise to symphonic you have to put up the money to go get a Battle Creek nurse to come here to Chicago we need nurses like that helping people in Chicago and so the visiting nurses program was begun in eighteen ninety one also funded by not having okay in the fall of eighteen ninety one and will go to the paper here this point is the largest first subheading of the Christian help bands and read a little bit of this kind of missionary work is probably the most basic and foundational ball will be looking at more formalized variation but before this approach ever came about the spirit rots you called for years for individuals to do this work on their own musical quote that comes from the embedded mission amazing says a little meeting of sanitary helpers presided over by Doctor Kellogg met at eight o'clock on the evening of November fifteen eighteen ninety two to consider the question of Christian help work Doctor Keller spoke of the good such abandoned workers could do it looking at those in the city were not able to take care themselves providing as far as possible food clothing and such other things as they were in need and helping them in every way to a higher appreciation of life and know how to care for themselves or children this is the beginning of the organized effort of the Christian help me but it sounds like small potatoes but because he objects that during audit is one of covers in this paper this surely does something in Battle Creek like most new ideas or programs when needed some explaining wisely it wasn't until Augustine settled in the work and taken on a bit of routine bulletin announcement and explanation of the program was provided for all to read the accounts above continues to nine individuals were chosen to make the first band leader appointed a gospel worker a missionary nurse three young men chosen his burden bearers and three young women as mothers helper simple stuff at this original band worked on for some weeks devoting from one to six or more hours each week to the work and calling on others to help them when they found more than they could do others became anxious to aid in names enough were soon handed to the committee to meet for new bands which were also sent to work in this answer rang anachronism talking nine people per band now got five bands going anything that forty five people spanning from one to six hours a week is helping their neighbors simple the call boys of the sanitarium the little errand runner dies drinking the call was the signature and not to be outdone in good words by their elders also form themselves into an auxiliary van and so they could not work injustice in line to prove themselves very efficient in various directions such as looking up clothing and gathering at the shooting in finding cases in need of help burning up errands etc. the whole number of visits made by these bands as collected from the weekly reports is two hundred ninety three okay now this this account this is being written here what was it in April of eighteen ninety three cell is not that far from November okay so from November to April some a must of been a major hundred and ninety three visits K Anderson but is also much more the actual number the instances were released within forty two individuals are two hundred sixty three some oh the weekly reports of the bands are very suggesting perhaps use a different phrase on that now then suggested a statement is a negative connotation burning up of course they are too brief to be more than hints of the work done they speak for themselves and so the nature of the work better than could be done in a new way let us look them over and gather some items to old ladies needed wood split and had no one to do it for them were reporters the burden of errors in a later report shows that the wood was split to the great gratitude of the lonely old ladies that we high-tech stuff okay I went alone was found who was dependent on the ranking of her rooms for support rumors were looked at the center she was put in the way of self-support a young woman was found in sore need of medical treatment as reported in the hospital and treatment secure okay now that's getting a little I'm not an M.D. made equitable network maybe I'm good at MD friend maybe he could pick this note it's taking the networking of the administration using it help other people to see what was out two cases on blank street in need of clothing the clothing was supplied another trying to take care of herself and her child by a washing was help to find work and I'm doing the skip on down to the rest of these you can read them but they premix the same sort of thing in other words normal people with normal simple small scale problems were being helped out okay so please go to page two and then draw on down the gauntlet down to where the text comes back out again this article was written no more than five months after the original band was formed a lot of happen in those months but the genius of the plan was that except for the more serious medical cases the services rendered with such anyone have a part in fact the article tells us that the idea was catching on quote quite recently more names and then offered for Christian help work and have just been organized and advanced insureds were laid out for them there are now sixteen bands of the sanitarium besides Amanda a family do the math sixteen times nine hundred sixty minus sixty nine hundred and forty four people going off in one six hours in a week is not high-tech marketing and recognizing the there was a razor K I can make a very strong case that the that this is the capstone the Christian help for form the basis for Ellen White's comment was appeared in review in November of eighteen ninety two said the pilot test is just upon the loud cry has begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ notice uses the revelation not the proclamation the revelation will see some quotes dealing with that permit with one in the years following the launch the Christian help as it was a lot going on with Kellogg the Chicago city mission in his relationship to the minister the church not all the Kellogg was doing was good nor was it all bad address of oversimplifying let's call the Christian help when it's good and the overextended work done in Chicago that it is a very complex as you work through the time eighteen ninety four eighteen ninety five eighteen ninety six up till about eighteen ninety seven that the work down in Chicago started off quite simple they kept growing and growing and growing and it became problematic okay so why do ninety seven only wondering who was who was issue is rather strong cautions to Doctor Kellogg and telling you nothing you work this is out of proportion you work this is getting off track down here in Chicago but I want to find ourselves this is complicated okay it's will introduce evil weeding through all the council no one went to Doctor Kellogg during a four-year period what Clark applies to Chicago what part of life was going on back at the Battle Creek and in other cities researchers helping us in Ann Arbor Michigan friends they started other bands down always down into other states were reporting through the pages of the medical missionary periodical was that the title of the paper was a medical missionary they were reporting the inauguration of Christian help fans going on these are the places and so I get everything oversimplifying the Christian help and they were not born in Chicago was too big too complicated and was not producing such great results okay so let's go to the top of the right-hand column on page two the Lord has been speaking through testimony system the Adventists those who have had great light have been largely as subjects of labor what she's saying there is we keep working for the Adventists we keep going round and round talking to require an those event related enlarge the subject of labor those who receive so much labor not to find oh how much the people of God have yet to learn before they will realize it is not those who know the truth or to be for ever favored with the work of the ministers but the minister should work with their God-given ability to erect a standard truth among those who have not even heard that there is such that people in the world 's Seventh-day Adventists those are flatter themselves that they are the children of God are yet in different to perishing souls around them ignorant you may say they are yes so would you be if you had been in their place but if they are interest they need enlightenment they need in their information their brother can part in the way of life the church often taken up this working every conference and what's he talking about right here the church ought to have taken up this work in every conference aquifers helping you this word is the work that churches have left undone and they were those next two words they cannot prosper as well stop your dissent is to make a philosophical point life has to have some challenges in piano challenges in your life for the choose your challenge as well is there some challenges which will defeat you and I personally I like a challenging life is a great concept but I'm not jealous one seven will lose what's the point right here she says these churches cannot prosper with new sins no until he is taken hold in this work in the cities and highways and hedges and I would I would urge that sentence on the attention of our church in every conference this is the work and they cannot prosper until they take it up then employing a condition year 's and the angels of God will cooperate with you Mister mentalities in a religious system will be inaugurated to relieve the necessities of suffering human beings or physical mental and moral need a religious system this is not just a collection of individual effort are some stage in this process we're not there yet this is my opinion were not there but at some point he wants this thing organized systematize he wants this to be a worldwide basis of the church going on the area work Doctor Kellogg is the managing is the kind of work the whole of our churches are now owned that to do under communist relation to God what is meeting now with my arms are found I can get out of that situation I am stopped phone under confidence in relation with the Communist dominated salaries of the issues and this is the life of the church we are bound to do the very kind of work that I cannot imagine significant going on there are some little themselves and their filamentous at themselves in the cells in the gospel of Jesus Christ is made void by their practice their words go as far as expressions of warmth but the poor are not closed if they had no warmth nor talks nor given personal labor unit that fits that description me I'm on pretty good at expressing sympathy I got a lot to learn about doing any useful when trying and trying both nouns I know what would they including myself do not know what service unselfish service to God means and when this is for twenty years and is not commenting you can find Ellen White using certain literary techniques is about as close as she comes to sarcasm great notices many considered it will sometime be their duty but it cannot be now they contemplated afar off this is something we are not ready for when it should have been brought in their life at the very beginning of their religious experience this is where one is empty the person wondering before they join the baptistery before going back the first of all of Christ is the principle of service self abnegation desire of ages that beautiful women the first chapter the third chapter enjoys she talked about everything in the world takes to get takes to give a convincing Greybull revealed three normally stuff it's not rocket science we just haven't done that the only problem against incident very beginning of the religious express how long shall the Lord with the church to take up the work is appointed in if they had done their part Doctor Kellogg would have had only is proportionate part but those you want to take in a large part in this line of work our contents to watch and criticize and conjecture this is the history of the eighteen nineties and hundred 's frozen stuff out real fast Doctor Kellogg was persecuted out of the church almost and I think he made his mistakes and on the van apparently is okay but accessible came later Doctor John Ellis is that there were individuals within the church and specifically from within the ministry made war upon Doctor Kellogg in order to make themselves look better he was criticized he was hounded to work with but continually made more than twice as hard as it should have been measures and she picks on them and I'm not saying that that we can pick on the minister is any more so than probably than the laity okay I can often the same both the basically they didn't like what Kellogg was doing it was criticized for the very nature of the work he was doing which was this Christian help work and the orphanage and the visiting nurses work because it's messy it's messy where some of you are medical professionals I'm not I have little experience with once upon a time now working in a small century and think I quite needed to the level of orderly but then answer messy privilege by definition helping people in their homes can be really messy the Riverwalk in your home that there was a danger that stuff tipped over you might be killed it's a mess someplace now all our work is not called for the most joyously degraded segments of society does not wear all her work needs to go but it does and as a church we didn't like what Kellogg was acting he got a lot of flak over was going where top left more or less of Peachtree one paragraph down God has not forsaken his people but his people have forsaken him those in Battle Creek should award for the ones he needed their help Doctor Kellogg took up the work they did not do the spirit of criticism sound of his work on the first is an invariant test has made his work hard the lack of sympathy he is brother and have shown him has prepared the way for the work he has been doing and criticizing them Butler has no justification for any such work will be never noticed that but if somebody's mean to you after a while it gets pretty easy to find negative about them and Doctor Kellogg was good at an oath to put my own bad attitude on display is fun sometimes meeting the exchanges between Kellogg and his opponents within the church while the sharp guy I think it out when it went out of the gap analysis with Emily it was he was growing to see and he always had a company but it was destroying his own soul because he fell in the habit of criticizing the minister Holocaust I told him not to do that over and over but they kept criticizing him making war upon him criticizing him for doing the very work that he inculcated into what you call someone will ask you for doing the work and I might begin to say something along the lines of the agent of the devil should I say that about General conference president and without being too pointed on it age again sometimes good things to go of the work right or fair calendar of events so that's his family history and one had the church done in different localities were given them by God if they follow the example left them by Christ it would be there would now be sensors also American Cas that plan yes there are many places this will find that he element of the Lord 's plan for development of medical mission work and city work in particular we are supposed and ideally half few centers it works like paint paint is good if you have a five gallon bucket of any could put it in the corner take the lid off and it would eventually drive it wouldn't do anybody any good you could take the fidelity not all Walter van is a lot all it a lot better when it's spread out medical missionary work is a lot better when it's spread out okay remember that I think we would have sent results America plans of these steps in many places there would not be a great showing in Chicago alone and this became Helen 's downfall he was so mad at the Ministry of putting words is not what it's like he basically said ignorance on solid and I do Lords work is not this the great Chicago mission that I have felt okay that was downfall became huge final and the website with any market condition the work would be multiplied in many places with the full cooperation of the institutions established about rates that has to be subject fourteen regrets the Lord we now have had a medical missionary work recognizes the helping hand of God but his work is been carried too heavily in one place Chicago when plans should've been made in many places aside from this kind of inspired approval there is also a special relationship between this work in a loud cry alluded to that already and there are just part of links which tie the message of righteous by faith and love by two medical missionary work in an that several presentations and services available on that on my websites on the commingling that any further I can this doing now and where is my clicker and a mouth the clicker of shares is secured so will go altogether and just like I looking the true interpretation of the Gospel somehow were not communicating yeah it is this over and get papers appears boldly fight I definitely a trusty backup so it was okay I would argue in a polite way that we often completely failed understanding with the gospel is really all about the true interpretation of the Gospel this is a partial quotas program at the last screen here gnosis is the true interpretation of the grammarian here what what part of speech is the which article is that it are all okay it's not any interpretation or add interpretation it is the interpretation the truth interpretations hang on the market why does all this matter well begin tying back to the only comment the time of the test is just possible out of the thirty 's already begun the revelation of the righteous is a crisis imparting redeemer this is the beginning of the Angel like beings of his glory shall fill the hole it is for you are November twenty two eighteen ninety two to a half months later in February eighteen ninety three there was a general obsession is to put yourself in a situation that says it will try to get a no entity see sexy of the available movement in the bus going on okay eight united you see session summary may be familiar when agent Jones preaches twenty six part thirty is message series Doctor dog stands up in a series of presentations in eighteen ninety three stanza to speak a certain few things I wish he wouldn't wouldn't exactly know but he had one main point is driving home and down basically is this the key theological idea that he was stressing an alley stock was that the loud cry is what you find described in the latter section of Isaiah fifty eight and was a fifty eight what will come to be these promises then the glory of the Lord to be rearward and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your body will write an high place of the earth I will call Atlanta here and all of these promises said that the loud cry and eat all condition on witnesses in the middle section of Isaiah fifty eight deal your bread to the hungry bring them for their cast out to your house closing then shall thy light rise in obscurity then three bands Julius Telesis if the loud cry has been begun they are people it must be because we had just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine but we've done so little in that way to see even before the well I will make any great noise in the world we will have to let our light shine a great deal brighter than we had ever yet done because the works come first the light must sign through these good works before we can be called the repairs agreed to restore as a dwelling for that Thomas comes after all these conditions you see if always point for simple point he goes on and says we had a testimony over thirty years ago and is making ninety three A going back to eighteen sixty if so it's so interesting to read as he's talking he says Ellen White said truly that is so it was always in failure to years ago she said yeah and I'm sitting and thinking as I'm reading this that first time in my life last summer these toxins living were not reported in a general compensated board none of callous talks were printed and that your site never seen this until a year ago that the East is mandatory over thirty years ago seeing that we as a people were to rise higher and higher but it does not appear from Jessen was received at different times since that one was given that we risen perceptibly from that time until now over thirty years when a large part of the difficulty how is allowed by going to be given through us when a large part of the domination of thirty years behind time sounding a note altogether out of tune we must do the words which the Lord has told us to do it which we had left undone we must do our duty in relation to health intervals and benevolence in connection with other questions we must team the light and accept the whole truth before we can expect the Lord to sound the loud cry through now in the whole context is wedding when jealousy is benevolence there on what he's saying is is the Christian help work at the level where it was known for years as an analog to eighteen sixty eight George versus James James White took the lead in the founding and organizing Seventh-day Adventist Association meeting sixty eight and it is being accomplished telecom little flat he had people in his audience think I will go like attacking him as if the only cc doubting online in nineteen ninety three Kellogg was not doubting away he was a little confused he was perplexed in a situation this point perhaps it was not going away is a great letter from George Butler when Makela was going on when years later George Butler wrote Kellogg a letter he said young brother is back in the early nineties there were times when I think you believed on when working with the guys trying to get into turn on his nurture around ten fifteen years later Kellogg was not doubting a lady was saying how can you make sense we haven't done Isaiah fifty eight health ways that the fulfillment of the last part I think and then ironing the whole thing is that catalog sold himself short in the year prior to that statement Miller light he and led out in four distinct different branches of the government work in medical mission of getting instituted and he got them started in the church they were all accepted programs they were prospering they were getting a lot of attention there were a lot of people who were happy to ignore the war started it was a small beginning of carrying out Isaiah fifty eight I know I said with a loud cry had not if I want to know until we hit Isaiah fifty eight first things and down at I will leave the locker room or to be honest I think it's probably more like this is a can believe that the Lord would bless in some theological sense when the brethren are still attacking me for doing what he's told me to do an intense as so much noise it's so fascinating we get back and start understanding of personalities involved in our churches little a huge issues seems on the very small events sometimes than video perhaps you'd sold his own work short despised the day of small beginnings rest of the there is a fascinating but lengthy story about the whole deterioration of Kellogg 's relationship with the ministry and you'll find that on the website is renting the two that now so the time for that I will summarize the event so let's see here different from one's own life said made the work of Doctor Kellogg as hard as possible in order to build themselves up they made war upon him and Harry mentions in this talent got tired of that retaliated and patience ran out eventually the pantheism issue came up right and in a lot of peoples minds at the GC and other people that deal with Kellogg the pantheism thing was like the final straw yes we can and can't have this ministry is enough I'm no fan of pantheism but notice the date on this statement right here this is the general conference of nineteen oh three this is a full year after the writing of living Temple and it's probably the single strong list of most defensive speech that only ever gave enough healthy half she was trying desperately to hang on she was not accepting pantheism it was not excusing his pride she is trying desperately she had promised his mother on her deathbed that she would do everything she could see Johnson that's not the only reason I don't think many him and this was as I said this was a sermon public servant at General conference in writing LA while she stands up and she's speaking the general conferences as the ministers of a war on a scale where that's the stuff okay well the work has to go on another Kellogg was there or not it took a special focus on cities and as you know it had been the network and kind in which I say a little a little nebulous it was all applicable with propelling but then along came a business quotation years nineteen oh nine at rather because it summarizes very nicely the focus on cities came more just about the time just shortly after element came back from Australians of timber nineteen hundreds came back to the states and she began focusing their leprechaun is more in connection although visible history in any plan or what such as whole history of knowing trying to establish a model ministry in Australasia may have heard real Amedeo was to be the model school I think she was doing the same thing with the ministry and he got the point where they said we do not want ministers we want nurses licking in Bible studies and only one Bible workers who can we want this over the entire history of the church as it was being established in Australia during eighty nine hundred only thing was to be a medical ministry video so the city 's okay henceforth he said medical missionary work is to be carried forward with an earnestness with which it has never yet been through the work is the door through which the truth is a fine interest to the large cities and why is that important right there is no change in the messages vaccine sentiment that work in the cities is the essential work this time when the citizen what does God have been the result will be the setting operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed regularly in contact is not a loud cry the latter rain Kellogg was right in what he said in eighteen eighty three and there's a whole raft of of information taking going to that sending in our freedom and website but we want to get some more history and work in Battle Creek Battle Creek has gone down she said so I tried to somehow I did I give up Susie I want to tell you that when the gospel ministers the medical missionary workers are not united there is place in our church is the worst evil it can be placed there as I said before it's it's hard to find on white using certain literary devices including some else's benefit your Banff this is this is not hyperbole she's not exaggerating here best wishes is a very worse evil medicine the worst evil is the worst evil again grammarians looking at what part of speech is worst remember her template a superlative you can go worse and worse okay the worst evil is what happens when the medical work and the ministerial worker not united what's going on with that what are many commissioners are being it is important to caucuses in our conference workers ought to be as much interest in the work of our medical missionaries okay there were lessons to be learned from the Kellogg debacle and warnings to be in the whole worst evil issue is one of the more ominous warnings in a medical sermon on the website notice the reference date the point here is this from Loma Linda misses the point is to focus a medical missionary work was transferred to Loma Linda economic download limitless coming up in the process got went to a lot of trouble to give them the best opportunity he could to get it right he arranged for the purchase of the property a fantastic bargain price or if you remember the story right okay then I place for one third of what was listed originally a fire sale price to begin with again the Lord health and environment great price got provided funds are miraculous manner to pay for more than once they were sitting in on a rebound the last minute John Burton the fellow who engineered person Loma Linda was being roundly criticized for having gone directly against the advice of action specific direction command of his Congress president and they were at the situation now they had a lot of money invested and it was all going to be lost if they didn't meet a statement the payment was due and was now ten o'clock they were meeting in emergency session and the president said Rutherford what do you suggest we do now is when we pray prayer is always a program birdlife so they all felt in the brain of event planning this is now using Jeff Rutherford as well why don't we wait and see thing comes in the mail we ask that word what an excellent idea let's wait and see if something comes in the me and a check from oceans you know what was your name URL has a right someplace something from a woman unknown to everyone in the room along with a check for five thousand dollars they needed to get down the street about half a mile to the bank in the next twenty minutes in the cold and heartless the Lord within this thing is messed my day Montana and Egypt people don't know this one guy completely rewrote the California State medical licensure law in nineteen oh seven completely revocable and entire law was thrown out a new law was brought in this alternative is to hold her little guidance in Sacramento that will do nothing but go track down obscure legal issues for a offer for you and mail it to Kansas is the law was completely rewritten and left elevation at a blank check we couldn't establish any kind of medical work we wanted to at that point in only all we needed was a state-run regarding that he provided Tron inspired counsel on what to do and how to do it is to get rid of unwanted messages nothing you have to do is a great book and all of all likely to get another book even better in some ways is the book medical practice and education program of the Linda established the white estate nineteen fifty two it's it's it's evaporated nobody even knows it existed redefining her website so go check out that could put you okay medical practice and educational program at Loma Linda and fantastic fascinating book includes includes the minutes from board meetings and things like that which makes great for historic and lesser-known leadership of John Vernon ahead of the work John Burton is my hero of all the people downloadable letters to you with thanks and most letters are seen who was never approved once never recover if I can there are no recorded I ensure that in all a cynical for the glory of God any publication and pay whatever you did what God told him the possibility of keyways are Loma Linda everything is Mrs. Miller was doing anything he could to to make this although and then in nineteen oh eight godsend a remarkable man to Loma Linda not the teacher but assess students can describe in a newspaper man at an opening to the publisher a reporter but he wasn't a lot to me was a greater thoroughbred racehorse is a notable prospect quite a resume the important thing is that well in the desert chasing after Goldie got sick and old happiness by the name of Belle took them in and nursed back to health along the way was converted from his atheism by a combination of medical missionary work in practice and copy a desire of ages was thrown at him when he was arguing so much that Papa Bell Daniel it well enough I don't have to figure it was you read that article finds involving human life and get them at about in a way to regulate his fairly young man recently showed up at Loma Linda he'd just been baptized he was voted because I be minister well eager to demonstrate his church and wealthy probability union calling for the Nebraska law case is ongoing in breast and the train station and some of the Delano imputed a medical missionary horsewoman the wife medical mission of becoming a woman with long and is in California and heard is often that is a no-brainer and people while the things save them right now that's insanely think will inform mightily signs of the junior medical missionary course need to graduate in the spring of nineteen ten and during the night of February twenty seven nineteen ten the court cities were represented before me is a living reality I was plainly instructed that there should be a decided change from the past methods of working from last visit Julie's been impressive in my divider is that companies be organized and diligently trying to labor in our work setting how to make this happen to make this happen that was February twenty seven nineteen ten in April that usually downwind and she got the most reliable man she knew whose name was John heard again and Rodriguez all food is she described as being the best Bible teacher in the denomination she said we have to have the best Bible teachers innovation for leveling invisibles that the wrongful so she called the guys couple one or two others and she and I had this only firmly right ovary of a wrote this down because this is the way the verbal accounts of the Judaism is rather gospel medical missionary evangelism they could have I'm placing it on your shoulders God will hold you account for the aliphatic ad hoc committee and know three or four individuals with responsibility for the will they'll had full-time jobs and a breakaway when in a committee ever actually do anything useful and the alternate is there is a God he is leaving as well we find again we got to find somebody they looked around an interchange was drawn to this phone been converted two years before young the Bible says when suddenly I know men in he had in press them seriously Ms. that two years we may say Brother Kindle when you take up the work of the gospel medical missionary invented in your way John H most people never he pioneered the political missionary mandolin California Indiana Virginia Wisconsin Oklahoma and Texas I spent ten years Oklahoma was any visitor look that one up a little bit when he was in Oklahoma Billy Sunday was also a member Billy Sunday was a Pentecostal type of evangelist back in the day the daily Oklahoman they are newspaper of record down there making a synchronic instead Sunday Billy Sunday got the crowds to the conference that's what that's what the form field on the city George was was is is was a using thing down in Texas Dallas Fort Worth bachelors about the Johnsons were okay Kindle combined medical education with his gospel presents Haitians even though he wasn't a doctor that's what he'd been trained to do already learned that while some little school in Southern California ranked that back in the day was following this Council Loma Linda synonymy sanitarium but in educational center for the training of gospel medical missionary evangelists like putting our dignity of possible medical mystery majlis course single was running these evangelistic series and after he gone through five of the series he went to his conference leaders he said rather were not being faithful accounts is what the Council was we need companies workers sent company is that this is free of such company cited workers that I don't really know how the conversation went something along the lines awarded for the you have a company will have a budget on something they do I noticed this video is outputting as we did now we have the records for something that is reserved for those fine evangelistic series of even doing with combining the medical work with his evangelistic work in even averaging thirty six baptisms preserves that I have a few evangelists rendered very happy with the recent baptisms per series game but he said the Council calls for a company and have a company workers here in Miami got himself company and we have the records for the next six series on average one hundred twenty one baptisms per series something was working right it's it's a good thing when that happens okay well how did you get such good results with the company did he have well here see is that these are the three paid employees he had himself a medical helper web order that the company but you never budget so when he got himself eighteen volunteers I look like this in one singer six nurses and ten unspecified volunteers answered Juno kept on working and moneymaking twenty seven the IGA Robertson president of the California conferences on top of that year Roberts said John what you're doing a real something to do you'd be better served school this article is a field training facility the field school of evangelism out of San Francisco and down Roberts told what you need I want my common refrain N Lyman but that's always the one person find the best person you can anyway the domination alternate for you which is twenty one -year-old kid would never work the next twenty one European Union met a couple years before at Loma Linda very impressive this young guy and Roberts argue with him for three weeks no one I know this stop this if you know anything will be a big and really own focus on the real talent energy objectives there uses him I want to get you weren't a twenty one -year-old son is willing to Ghanaian man I got to know them impressing he's never done before she doesn't think she knows how to do it I don't have to on training molecular string you know having workers must my life with teenagers choose and that is the twenty one -year-old young gentlemen were put in over ten years and I branched out into his own career shows a last medical missionary evangelism I have a picture of the twenty one -year-old taken later in life you may or may not recognize him study the physics the training school fell apart in nineteen thirty seven partially because of the split of the California conference of the two glasses that time it was a depressing money was tight no politics involved looking at it funding died single was ill at that point the whole thing kind of fell apart for the creatures around for a few years still doing his work on his own patterns of freelance Al of evangelists which was well received much more of the emphasis on you got it avoid me know reputable real estate financing forty one incumbent loses as this is not a medical missionary evangelism is God 's tool for the loud cry is got to be a school someplace of teachers there was unfortunately the last graduate from the junior medical missionary course it was in nineteen twenty five at a meeting year that the twenty one -year-old congratulated they were training nothing but physicians at that point is nothing wrong with training physicians but they lost one aspect of the work but that with its overseas it is at least a place to start back to do that and provided a returning until nineteen forty one forty two start a little operation reverted down in Georgia ranked the place down there and in them whether or while visiting in either admit overseas a couple of times and never that's doing well I know a lot of people who did learn a lot of him and that when you read a lot of his stuff when I have a great deal of respect for back to say that he was not sure they successfully set up to give it near as I can tell the first person and many came out under his tutelage and actually when you want a medical missionary company evangelism one until the nineteen sixty by twenty five years before he got anybody to do what this is what is insufficient to establish to do you may recognize you probably recognize that there is I know the first person that came out during a medical missionary evangelism was there was this guy here in sixty late sixties early seventies martini Ernestine four three evangelistic teams in the southern legal conference at seventeen to nineteen workers all on three and half salaries I'm they trained others Brad Thor read last night when I trained under Alec Aziz and then working with Mark up in the New England ran ran a medical missionary company evangelism program operating out of Vancouver Greece Columbia for a number of years right after you ran p.m. happens to be a family friend of my wife's family site and knowing that we actually perform the wedding for him if you were at ASI last year was a sacrament you may read really Wilson's closing seven server closing the Sabbath sermon is excited about comprehensive urban evangelism can hear it's a good thing exhibiting at this particular point in time the Lord has individuals who actually knows something about this other Wilson's .org education back in nineteen eighty one was on Ellen White's counsel for the medical missionary work in New York City for that as soon as 's office it's been a burden on his heart another example some you are familiar with the amen organization Celia the representative of a second Adventist medical evangelistic network doctors dentists who have been in recent years there were other coming together there say what you how only asked doctors dentist who is medical professionals how we leverage that how do we make this hat is this nurses call for the offensive ministerial in the medical community there should be companies organize educated most early to work as nurses in Kansas is Mrs. 's canvases as gospel students perfect the character at I don't think this is the company concept God is calling not only by ministers but also upon physicians nurses canvases by borders another consecrated layman of very talented and anointed president to consider the needs of the unworn Singh accompanying evangelistic method for the cities is as much as calling for the wherewithal is a famous quote uses all the time prices weighting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when a character price of the perfectly reproduced his people that he will come to claim them after that we will talk about what we want them quite well but sometimes I think we almost like an almost like the evening perfectly perfect reproduction of this character of Christ is on whether they eat big Frank served where the other branded shopping outing it is likely to pick the most bizarre things to make young this is the deciding this is the greatest you are you working for the beginner like me are really good friends or think that they were her first accident character of God 's little break here and it's okay why don't we put that statement together with this statement from the same block the completeness of Christian character is a chain William other springs constantly from within that will measure our God 's purpose in committing to men and women's admission that he committed to Christ is to disentangle his followers from all worldly policy and give them a work I've been with the work of Christ and our work is the work of private companies with more sandals worn around are open will pick up we saw me know what Jesus do it's pretty simple he mingled among the help them out when they needed help any talk about God is not rocket you're integrated you can did in connection with his disciples is the example we are to follow it is only by an unselfish interest in those in need of help we can get a practical demonstration of the truth of the gospel the union of Christ like work the body of Christ at work for the sole use that your interpretation of the Gospel only is it is only by selfishness and those in need of help we can get a practical demonstration of the two is the new financial outcry the drive is not a purely theological ventures and theology to both along with an excellent way any doctrines or anything like that I'm not sure I spelled of them the way to go in and take it in Santa Fe Sean and I think eighteen ninety three you can reach the lab you demonstrate the last brilliant mercy to a dying world is the manifestation of the character but not the explanation of a manifestation when we have a worldwide church of seven million people in the millions of the seventy one hundred seventeen million people twenty one hours a week helping their neighbors the satellite have any impact anywhere the loud cry in some ways is dirt simple yet their health nothing but the Spirit of Christ and not degrading any doctor deleted later editing I still know where good people are okay enough I really everything on a regular to writing up with I understand the week of Obama you win the hearts of the people to the spirit of Christ which is the spirit of service in any field here is what I call Christine at the game yesterday doubtless he was the last thing you see my understanding is needed again you could be one of your Mensa associated to your needs is people engage in a spirited right person to get involved in medical missionary work and make some sense of theirs our website if you are interested in any of those topics I don't almost out of time all foster simple work in your church to foster practical endeavors all from evil amen from those they know there's there's several other non- than what is the mission of the many down here Pennsylvania contest the project this is an excellent time to get one immediately eliminating on the ground level in right now is grounds ground-level medical mission work and his church okay it's ground-level for city work there are a lot of things and in guide handout we do not meet all their similar statements please look at the last page that handout when he retires to the strings I'm all confused on the page five oh two anemia town all modern bottomland page five a search heaven and earth and there is no truth revealed more powerful then that which is made manifest and works of mercy to those who need our sympathy and eight in a big fan of having power on my site learning to get something I can swing an ax they offer that big check that out parcel that this is the way looks there is no truth more powerful than that which is made manifest in words of mercy to those who need our sympathy makes this is the truth as it is in Jesus Windows that's the name of Christ to practice the principles of the Golden rule the same power attended the gospel as in apostolic times what a great quote what great thing I like because I'm not a rocket science and not a brain surgeon but I can do that you very much for your interest and your attention please remember to thought that survey they would shoot ever notched and help them in their selections of things next year I will have as an aside I love you about ten copies of my book on it is history if that's of interest anybody windows up let's bow our heads from father we stand in all of the simplicity of representing the spirit of Christ and yes we see our our hearts and all the things which tell us not to be self-sacrificing we can easily standing terror so we ask for your help we ask for your converting power to change our hearts to just enjoy the desire to bless and help others bringing forth constantly from within Hollywood pray that you would provide us an understanding of of your work and in all its weird answer varying ramifications of Parliament that so many cities today and it is good and wants to be different we got so many different things to do it's only different ways of praying he would give us wisdom to know what is best in each individual circumstance gives wisdom to be quick to encourage and quick to to improve and instruct and slow to discourage anyone trying to do your will this prayer blessing on this seems hereinafter and home by her him was using my Hotmail address is as if you would like to learn more and I signed a lease than one in and I is him and more as our online zero zero www. anonymizing verse four


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