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Karen Lewis

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  • August 9, 2012
    3:30 PM
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dear holy father thank you so much for being here with us anymore we know that it is your heart 's desire that we just cooperate with you in your spirit and that which is a burden on your heart so Lord I pray right now that we would feel your presence in theory real way Lord to take control of my thoughts my mind I asked your Lord that you would give me words to speak that come from your very throne Lord giveth ears to hear and hearts that are open for that which is for each one of us and all God 's people said a man I did not have this I didn't stand for is being raised Seventh-day Adventist eye lens however at the age of twenty two and to meet a very long way this was bad here is a valet in Chicago and that I need to know what Dennis was played in nineteen seventy nine and Mark continue to learn the language of the trailblazing innovations with him and convinced the Illinois conference president to put money into bands with them because you know with the latest seventy nine there was no real happiness in the south side of Chicago and so when they had seen they began doing free work and when people 's doors they were doing a evangelistic series and my boyfriend is now my husband he decided it was something that he needed in his life and so it was not even two weeks when we started dating that he started dragging mutual revelation seminar that you have to understand that Jim James Joan Newman at halting and I cannot remember what they were it was a call center drink Kool-Aid to kill themselves right in the library at seven hundred and eighty seven and call your knowledge of these meetings okay will believe all I knew was that people were asking me to do is continuing to become a fellowship meal and my wife wanted to go to be mean and how do I and I said okay fine but again we need to not drinking at short and it was something weird with easy because they were so friendly I like you then okay sister cannot talk right didn't know what was going to be no there is something about when Mark preaches you feel and sense the Holy Spirit in man and when I is a Catholic learns the truth about Christ and will and the and and salvation I knew I was leaving me to the Japanese church now I have to tell you it took me three years of continued screaming into this church but I is the one I made a commitment that it was for life that's one thing I will always say and so when I joined the church can you believe you see me now I'm very outgoing but then when I was baptized in nineteen eighty two it's been thirty years yet I can't believe it I'll tell you I was too nervous to give my testimony about everything you said you don't feel like you are in church wearing your jammies in a car with a bunch of strangers okay nothing don't like and sell my committee I was a little narrative and I will talk with you when you get out here then I will do my very own Mark Finley check this out on the Internet one Internet I will continue to turn up many life can really be doing this PowerPoint anyway are either whites around your lights camera action to get over here and some internal flights over there Margaret him hello Barbara and so I actually was too nervous to give my home testimony mom who unfortunately my husband is not here his back went out and so he could accompany me over here but anyway he actually gave my testimony three months later we were married it in himself and develop it much better we were married and that you have in his church regularly with Hinsdale train that is beautiful we had a beautiful wedding and tell you and you told me years ago that he would be doing bodywork I would say you are you are not but you know Jesus can be near impossible sometimes is that right and when he gives you his number to order I will tell you you listen to and quality in your familiar with it Matt eleven twenty eight and thirty we all want to meet Jesus at all newborn weary and burdened and I will give you what you take my heel and you and I from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls from my meal is easy and my burden is light easy to build a practice promise due to let me tell you a secret I did not understand what this meant I thought when I read this that she is with him come alongside me and then he was going to help with my burners to help with my project and help plow might feel you will get what it's just the opposite when he tells you to kneel together with him I had it backwards he says no it's not about your field being plowed its not about your projects being done it's not about your burden in my will my deal is for my glory and I realize until just recently that when he is trying to put it when he can yell at me I was trying to parent because I was enjoying my life and word Internet is and and and and and anyone in the league because I know I do yeah when I allow myself to be well enough in his well enhance more when even the joint and let me ask you brothers and sisters in burden and then are very heart and soul healing waiting at the altar flowers have been why Wilton for our church and you don't tell them you and you know why when he talked me through the years on how to do this work is completely different in your inherent in any other evangelistic seminar I when I said that he was leading me to this work I got on my face before him and I think that I don't know how to do this work please you show me how I'm supposed to do this work and I wanted telling you community care miracle stories this afternoon he showed me how he wants his work to be done and I wanted tell you it is a joy it is super easy it is practical and is wonderful food you like to hear the secrets this afternoon and I'm okay what sort of such an emotional response from the people in Luke twenty four thirty two his disciples that were in her heart burn within us while he talked with us on the road and open the Scriptures to us what is he referring to he was referring to the existing Emmaus Road Gary Jesus I been crucified and risen again and his two disciples on the road to Linnaeus and we didn't know and they didn't know what we don't know what he looked like they were from recognizing him but what we do know is that he would torment is when he talks about them they wouldn't just a stranger on what's been going on as I think I will and you remember what Jesus said on you for slow and Denise and beginning with Moses and all the crap he explained to them that in all the Scriptures concerning what is now and well worth to me concerning himself there for what is now thoroughly and one in two thirty two bit when people heard that they were in the one heart and Peter and the other brothers what shall we do in response Jeanette Thurmond and who was that she didn't answer she says that preaching Christ and him crucified the only thing I will touch hearts you can see that you can do you think and you know what the actual to know things but in order for it to go from in order to go from the Bible to hear to hear and come out there you have to be tossed in the only enough to touch your heart if the lifting up of Jesus Christ and him crucified for you amen and if you take a twenty seconds of the wonderful love of Christ will now do hard when the mere reiteration of doctrines what was the last nothing and socialism one eighty seven bear with a certain point in affirmative message left him up and then calibrate how I can still hear there is what our enemy location I think you are three Angel now means we do not come all at once they are sequential order the first one and one third is and what a message in the first angel that's right and what is the message of the everlasting to everlasting do you think that the angel with the gospel message of Jesus Christ that will be presented in a foundation on which all beautiful doctrine on a map you will need to come to Christ our first one I negatively and very soon you know that the message of Christ's righteousness it is found from Washington the together to do what propels the way of the Lord this is the glory of God which closes the work of the third angel in this message of my friends it is important why is it her and the way of the Lord is not exciting and that message is colorful and prepared for the shoot we should surely your blood pressure and pain the last way the light is in the last message of mercy to be given to the world in the revelation of the fast ride is the last way like the last message of mercy to begin and the revelation of his character on what you know we just passed seven billion people in the world and you know what third party yes if you are asking atheist I know you don't believe in God if you dad when he would be like will you ever get what I blew into town yesterday what is Nvidia it is either that Jewish deli over there the hearing Ruben okay just like you FYI so there and your pet I think you all here for the convention is that I can allow itself you know if that church convention church and he used to be attempted until she had a nasty Catholic I will and I and authority of the plan is to be Catholic and on everything and anything will certainly as well you know like and unlike the Catholic Church of more based on the Bible and on Catholicism but you know we go to church today because the Bible teaches me .com beautiful health news is Saturday in Manhattan we we have communion service for twenty four times a year I suggest what can he and he said one three times a week and I will would be fine except so much other than nineteen -year-old Houston even amid three times a week I said I don't have the Catholic in a Catholic and will you will you know if you listen in your heart that you take your sin away like that and I know you'd be in happen were treated with God that which is more that he worships you know here is an even eight he is asked with an atheist she used to be Catholic but when a friend of her daughter who had leukemia and she prayed that God would say that this girl girl she couldn't reconcile a loving God with this girl died instantly you will note that Yahoo she could not think of a flopping the whole world is one way to God that they have no idea how not he is about and you realize that if we don't help them as well amen more people than we think I wanted to find a way to Christ those who preached the last message of mercy should bear in mind that Christ is to be exalted if the sinners refuge many people are sadly ignorant in regard to the plan of salvation they need more instruction upon this all-important subject than any other people I wanted to find a way to Christ how many people need more instruction on salvation in June when she wrote actually eighteen ninety no one answered questions you think people know that the more than they did in eighteen hundred and twenty evening we know that the gospel more or less slapped in the eighteenth issue any press Tom subject and the union twenty five to thirty nine and when you have one Bible study on salvation not enough runners and sisters if not saying that there is nothing with your mind tell no no you do this you need this evening that all now and so in order to break down prejudices and penitence the love of Christ must have every discourse when the harvest field with the life of Jesus this can be presented to the people and it will affect half a dozen things may affect heart that will affect heart when he share with you what got began to teach me in regard to this work I had shot my church in Colorado had decided that I was going to be there part-time worker training at work no get I would like I will only charge you by her death what else do you know that there is anything I went into the Canadian screaming but then I realized that I was putting me in this work that's when I said okay you teach me what was shortly after that that got began to teach me I have been volunteering at my at our church school if the volunteer librarian ensures that you started the boys and girls were so dejected because her season started and what they think that all software tournaments were Saturday that you know how to want anything to come in the way of his relationship with so I called that Catherine soccer Association and did everything that you but the church on Saturday the kids are tied up with activity dirt shirt but they really want to play soccer you know is there any way that they can we will be taken to the board he comes back because I'll tell you what if you can come up with your own team and look with your own content feasibility my husband then you guys can play soccer against the other teams during the week leading team to escape in your real gains we told Mister soccer all my work they were so excited they went into the neighborhood my wife and a half on half ninety kilometers away from the weekend thirteen my aunt was so funny everything from sexual growth the thirteen -year-old boy had no idea how to play a few who are playing against ten -year-old girl -year-old boy and even when we win they besought him that we cannot compete and then when they would lose we still feel sorry for him so we taken a country that we were taken out okay but what with me I is the car you would one we started to get to know about Kathy Kathy was going through a painful divorce she was Catholic her background is Catholic and one thing you need to know Catholics in the Bible you know we don't know what are you about her and she was extremely after went her divorce settlement with twenty six million dollars and so when you need it when you listen when you don't need Jesus right to fill the hole in your heart it got sent himself one day he came up on the soccer field and she said my kids would like to come and visit your church really she's in our churches and in and at eleven o'clock a.m. eleven to quarter to choose and screen somewhere on the church right so we visited at the door she was there and as such is communal Mariann Fischer is going well after three times I thought my husband said to me guess what to study and so we were really excited and women into what might be different for a Bible study and so I was looking through all the manuals and all of the material anywhere in the Bible studies but they can't start a third time Daniel two and prophecy you're going to a divorce and you need Jesus is that what you need you need Jesus Tony and so the night before you start a Bible study I said to her hey we have a women's Bible study that we rotated each other 's homes we bring snacks and five women to come she's like sure would you like to come to my house with thinking she would like to come to the Taj Mahal right so that night I have no idea when I'm a giver I get him before please help me and I hear a voice and the voice that go to the computer and write how peace comes only through me and I thought are you kidding I'm not a writer I've never never written anything in my life but I thought the obedience so I went to the computer and I just began writing everything that I knew about the Bible and all of a sudden things started to flow again to talk about how we have a hole in her heart we try to fill this whole boy is emptiness with the things that world gives us and some of them are good things in the marriage and relationships and children but if that's all that we think is needed we are so wrong candleholders gets bigger and bigger and the boy keeps getting deeper and deeper and so Bible study number one was basically he was designed to fit that void in hearts she loved that tribal study and so I thought this is a great Bible study just to tide me over to my kindness really great relational right so the next week I'm looking for more rivals anything I need to find something relational this will show the love of their and frankly I think selected the night before my next Bible study and I'm desperate I noted it would only get to her again I thought with my face to the ground accident please help me on this time I heard him say she doesn't even know why she needs me she doesn't even understand the same problem and you have to know Catholics do not understand the gospel we don't understand the same problems and were aching longing to learn about Jesus Gail Catholic the world 's Christians today are Catholics and they go to church and they are struggling and so the second Bible study when I computer wanted tell you everything was falling and even illustrations I had never heard before coming to me it was amazing when illustration that he gave me Sean to explain to her the third problem with it were three people shooting entire outside the ball and arrow once target and they were shooting at a target in the sky and the first one euro when I will be the second three hundred and thirty one hundred and fifty with a number two was the winner right but what the target was the cell would it really matter how far our paltry little arrows where he met and so when you swing when we compare notes with others we were doing okay but where we go way woefully short of that standard a man himself after five three number two she said to me wow I didn't realize this I feel really bad and I hear myself think I will ultimately be such great news I think next couple both in writing the third week of the imagery and yeah I think to myself okay what are these really great Bible studies and then he directed me now explain what I did how I became the second half became the new representative of the human race and writing what was on the world unto myself tonight and through the through Christ himself were to himself in Christ a man he knew he makes even a massively exacerbated he should see what the three million and shut too bad you credit for your help she was the next I will study the heart of Jesus on the cross how he cried out my God my God why have you for saving me at his feelings that when he was abandoned we don't deserve the him portal from the tomb and yet he loved us so much his feelings told him he was getting on the ground never come our Jesus did that for us she wept at Bible study number four in fact you know do you know that is Seventh-day Adventist we have a deeper understanding of the gospel and any other religious faith you know that I because many people think the evangelicals believe that when Jesus died on crime after six hours after time he was in you are not the only life you didn't have to do that you will torture which all will understand and to torture the bee am still paying he went to a Mac should be formed and what do you mean that one interest will prevail one subject was while every other crime our righteousness you remember them very first vision given to our people as being in the church seventeen -year-old here the first vision given to her was about the people in the narrow path and she's an angel said looking at people and she said what where the discipline of higher America cc the people in the past the midnight cry and who is Jesus you know the Angels hold white about our church she a lot of people right now she will go through in addition they were not sure this is right when we were led to overlooking another comparing the ball deep into the world should we be living right more on Jesus shouldn't we be letting Jesus to the world into our South Jesus said in John twelve two I went from the earth will draw all men to myself think about this our job is to win him up as Jonathan to draw his job he never told to go and make hundreds of all people we do that but what we can do it with Jesus so that he can work because it's powerful when he lifted up a Mac and in first Corinthians to do now that drivers out to know while I was with you X Jesus Christ and him crucified why is going on with that statement on his first missionary journey he went to Greece he said he and he prepared so well this journey is a Democrat he studied the culture he studied that the people in who they were worshiping in background check and let me know he was not rising star and he turned from you in order so he didn't go an awfully grateful that so he will and he and Margaret Hill and how anyone can go and expound and he began preaching you can read in the amount of his preaching against time you know you want to be willing to guess what did he win that we know better it is sister now from there he leaves with his tail between his legs and he goes to court one of the most handy in the harbor town I need your link the world is that now while I think it was just about as bad they had to make no religious services you know temples with prior to the file he also may release at this time I'm changing my approach this time I don't care to know what I don't care to know your culture here's no him she cried and him crucified he went over and Corinthians four yes we got our keynote three letters to the Corinthians one is missing the boat we call money to sell last okay to the Corinthians hands approach life generally Yahoo Jesus came and went in every house they seems not to teach and preach Jesus there is someone who does not want this message to go forward and you know exactly who here to read is startling wealth from the spirit of prophecy the man and God is not willing that true justification by faith also known as righteousness by faith should be clearly presented for he knows that if the people receive it fully hands his power will be one for the power in your life semantic recall to you is the reason why Satan works so hard in our churches to get into controversy so that we arrived at the food Jesus came across this guy up on protecting Christians vanish to be born will let in Christ before the world may not know how Paul worked well in advance of last to know who the Gentiles what will happen in the church amen I want to follow closely to the Gentiles Paul preach Christ is their only hope of salvation but did not have anything in the law and their hearts warmed with the presentation of Christ and the gift of God to our world he presented the lockdown is a test of their obedience this was the manner of his working on adapting his method to win souls the secret to him hard and if you befriend people and lift up Jesus to them amen my Bible studies feature only a few exclusively unto the gospel is if you bring out of the pages in math to do that but what Jesus first nine lessons speak about the gospel of Jesus and his love and it touches hearts I do I want to connect my story with Kathy after Bible and a number of number four I knew God was onto something every week when we would do a weekly Bible study I would just go before guidance and looking after me now week by week God gave me each subject in a beautiful order by time we were finished with twenty nine Bible studies Kathy was baptized in Fred R Angie you know since then I've added one more and these thirty lessons I have revamped and and and and have now I use them exclusively when I give Bible studies and this is not Italian I'm afraid I'm not a great worker screw all the time but let me tell you when you are looking at Jesus to someone there is power in the eye and ninety three study that given eighty nine had been baptized there is power in the listing of Jesus Christ amen so will the other semifinal things were the first nine is just she says and you don't have to be embarrassed or think that you're coming on too strong we know that because guess what we believe in Bible study okay I didn't want to know their chemistry just couldn't know why they looking like an amazing mentor teacher like really when you tell me amazing and when you are in all when you are giving Bible studies in your letting Jesus I want to tell you it's the most pleasing thing it's like the interest on two five all-around youth has been happening here and use either proceed to seek the Holy Spirit will close and personal honor while things will easily raise your hand as I trained regular Bible studies had been up and experience gained in this one very telling you that gets what she is writing about something that Cheryl and Cheryl sure you leave what we ensure our okay and you use these lessons to what you think I think YouTube I'm telling you you don't have to be going to get Bible and you can be a shack weakening is trained in Bible study she's a shot to the contact and yet she had baptisms will be driving in a matter now I will tell you how I knew that leaving people come up to music and I translated this interruption time translated into Spanish and I translated into Chinese the completed translations are ready Russian Spanish German Chinese Danish and we now have a license they're currently working on Portuguese Icelandic Hungarian French Italian braille and today I just got an e-mail asking for permission to translate into Bangladesh okay now the lessons are free and if you do a good job with the little brochure John a little brochure if you do this website directly Jesus .net you can download and print them Allah when I tell you to give that you and show you today how you use the adolescent him on Colorado has published that the last beautiful amazing green artwork if I had my choice of anyone to illustrate the life lessons that he would be making green and be a chocolate Jesus is not an Soviet Bible studies I actually brought some of them here for you take a look at and then Spanish has just been transpired has just been published this is the entire thirty with Jesus in Spanish and beautiful artwork and they're all making green on lap sixteen last and the Houston life in the Bible taken over through the adult lessons there's sixteen lessons indicated the first eight are how to know Jesus amen because you need only to Jesus they need to be an independent a beautiful relationship with him is what happens when entering college in one nine if they do not know Jesus personally they will be on so how can interest and happen with whatever we do with you okay one-on-one the greatest and most effective way the gospel will be taken in this world is done is by one-on-one evangelism if an evangelist with an international reputation with a markedly if the one thousand persons to Christ every night of the year and we taking over ten thousand years to win the entire world for Christ ignoring inflation explosion however if once a disciple of Christ were able on your gaps when just one person each year and trained that persons when one other person each year and so forth it would take only thirty two years to win the entire well when you had to buy both and is a three-time of things to see how power multiplication to show how the Lord will finish the war and let me tell you when the lay people get excited about Jesus Christ and Mister Sharon with him I wanted telling you can elect either to stop what you men out in the early church ground after the early church through friendship and let them fifty eight percent of all baptisms in the church occur as a result of friendship evangelism Jesus in Mark one sixteen to follow me and I will make you fishers of men our job is to follow him get his job to make you fishers of men I finished teaching the whatever you have what many teach you how to interest and how to let go of league and that's okay so I want to use you in choosing men and women for his service that does not ask whether they possessed worldly wealth learning or eloquence he asked Julie Watson such humility that I can teach them my way and I put my words into their lips when they represent be so how do we read a book once when I was praying and asking God to teach me and without experiencing God by Henry Blackley in this story just spoke thousands to me and all of a sudden I'm getting this amazing insight and how he works in evangelism and Baptist Church began to sense God leading us to a outreach ministry in the college campus I had never done student work our church had never done student work one denominational student ministries department recommended we begin with the Bible city in the dorms for one year for over a year we tried to start a Bible in the dorms connected network one Sunday I pulled her students together this week I want you to go to the campus and want to see what is working and joined him they asked me to explain that had impressed on my heart these two scriptures Romans three ten eleven there is no one righteous not even one there was no one who understands no one who seeks after God and John six forty four no one can come to me that Jesus unless the father who sent me what I can I went on to explain according to these passages no one is going to seek out on his own initiative no one will ask after spiritual matters what not to work in his life when you are seeking that are asking about spiritual matters you are actually seeing God at work I told her student if someone starts asking you spiritual questions whenever the plant don't do it cancel what you are doing the individual and to see what God is doing there that we care students went out to see what I was at work and join him I'm one of the girls reported a start a girl has been in class with me for two years came to me after class today she and you might be a Christian I need to talk to you remember what you said I had a class I missed it we went to the cafeteria to talk she got a lot been studying the Bible and Christian you know someone who can lead a Bible study as a result of that we started read by both the groups in women's dorm and two in the men's dorms for two years and we try to do something forgotten failed for three days we look to see what I was working and join him what a difference watch to see what God is working and join him here's a difficult principle in John seventeen Jesus said to them my father is always at his work to this very day and night to morning and that is something the throne passed that love he comes right out at this point Jesus gave them the answer I tell you the truth the son can do how much I himself not think he can do only what he sees his I doing because whatever the father dies the son of God you know and Isaiah fifty Jesus said he waited me morning by morning right when she does everything with divine appointments are right questions you are remembering him him in the Bible where Jesus actually came up with this huge evangelistic program is a father here are my plans please blessed I had never read that before what because his job was to file down to leaving a message is there anything wrong with planning and is there anything wrong with public evangelistic meetings enough in your day-to-day activities see what makes sense to pray and then that means you just as Jesus asked to complete a mad when you do that you will have people who were commenting that he will write in your path and what I wanted to listen to share with you the ten most receptive groups of people so that you can see for yourself what may not be someone who is receptive so you can try to put your evangelistic feelers and look to see what I is already dealing and let me tell you when you are trying to advance of an individual person needs to be converted here you're in a methadone and elegant it can be very unpleasant for you to be very unpleasant for them to and you say evangelism doesn't work right but he let me and you might hand leave you people who are already working with whole begin adequately warned him to speak for you and so you just need to know how to see how God is working in in John four thirty five Jesus said to you nothing for months more and are will I feel there for the harvest and wheat we've heard this so many times Jesus and the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few if you kidding me it is harvest really right I want people out there the problem is we don't know what to do with him and we know how to approach but if I share with you this afternoon Michelle show you how to approach them and how to know when he's working he meant but two groups of people number one time visitors to your church your regular seminar quite a bit in Colorado which is where and from Denver to replace a second time visitors are a lot of people who come to Colorado because it's a beautiful place to visit especially in the summertime if you have a visitor come to your church especially the second time you think I was already working on that person 's heart and you come from early large church is an little difficult after we tell you one thing June under who readers on your front line people for evangelism in your church think about this when it was canceled and we found out flyers and brochures right were not in an evangelistic frame of mind and spirit is bringing them into the church jubilantly do we virtually ignored in most when we get back let's frustrating because that's bringing people here and we don't know what to do with them we were not quite sure how to handle it you know many of us come from large churches anything are greater at the front door and someone comes and you're not quite sure if their guest or not what are you afraid that when you say he say why are you are you are you visiting here are your visitor what he afraid to say such you will you will have a greater affect the doors okay because you avoid that problem say come in the door okay can you explain what different types of churches I hope that continues to be that I'll tell you something and we don't sleep you what the church is okay for the church in welcoming you nowhere the only church in two candidate about me and you know churches like that I cherish you to know you and your name here your spiritual needs as far as the palace church they simulate you like family we care about you they pray for you what percentage do you think the church is in this church is falling to twenty one to three or four will remember to field and hit my duty right we need to be family church when I bring someone through those doors he had planned for them you know I can talk about the story but it's so true I know Barbara Taylor right what a blessing she is to entertain them but when she was in a car accident and when she was lying on a hospital bed her so-called Hollywood friends didn't come and visit her and when she was lying on the bed kept going to her mind over and over again Jesus loves me this I know she and her sister on growth and foster care and share the seventh Dennis and she would take her to credible oh what is lying on a hospital that that song reverberating over and over and over after Satoshi probably would never walk again with her one leg but she said that if you heal me and I'm able to walk out of the hospital I promise I will visit a second Baptist Church got healed her she was able to walk on it after you take this one she's not she shows that the collapse is one of the largest churches in Colorado when you go to church and you're not happen and you show up in church you're very nervous you don't know what to expect you walk through those doors trying to feel cool trying to look cool and everything else but she walks through an American reader graders talking to her friends Barbara comes up into the morning that you will okay so there she is she standing there with a bulletin on hand doesn't know what to do she finally finds her union with the patterns are you with the drink Mountain Dew in the church as you know and how would you like to write so she finally finds this to the sanctuary she sits down in the back beauty begins here as well note Holy Spirit in her heart throughout that whole service and would look better talks to her knowing touches her smile better she walks out of there and she does okay I did my duty going back but you can be very bottom sometimes like I said and so he was working on she says okay I'm back home back to that church to adapt to another church another large church in Denver again to all of her strength and her nerve signaling that large church will be like his noble soul she walked in there again readers will follow the Sabbath given church and scenario so and she has a bulletin doesn't know what to do finds the sanctuary against its back on the music start again here is flow through her from her eyes this time however after little lady doctors like Caesar from all win the other side definitely confusing to me all the way across the other side as she is crying the music is still playing she says she pats her hinge but it's okay honey and can be all right in the juices would you like me to introduce even after a favorite Bible studies course you know she was baptized she is a phenomenal worker for the church today amen for ASI so what about what that death does not allow us to reach out to those people who the Holy Spirit and fear we don't know what to do now I think Bill Clinton and never was but one thing you could really do if you know how to make people feel really really comfortable he do one of these charges do you know what you think will help your woman you think you know you want to know more solid and handshake I think we can do until you think reader needs to do that and I like to catch readers at the front Georgia one one because when you do when you engage them and this is the first time in church when it be nice to give them a little toward your church to show them where the Sabbath schoolroom patterns are aware that milk if they have tens when I worked with a primary classes with sanctuary in what wonderful you want to enjoy church and commended that for you and so when it comes never seen them before so I get some nice to meet you before they might in turn and that's okay we've met before he should've known better I think you said and him embarrassment will be in the if you don't say anything don't know traffic and trying to engage them then they may never come back and say let's just say for the first time you hear what you said about how I was so glad that you're here with us you hear today what brings you here today is a wonderful thing to ask and you wonder why because it's an open-ended question when you interview me and what they'll say they might say something like when you know he's to go to church and staff don't I just moved to the area time-limited trial court might do some damage in she told me that she really liked this church and common visit you know and what we are so happy that you're here leader happens if you have just what you are signed about this guestbook community just there for like declaration in a way that we do what I needed you went down into using and if you like a thermometer it given in the different early church and I find my name Karen Kathryn Colorado and how can you remember what telling you I can't believe I bless your visit to Lebanon trailhead growing plants Colorado eight oh one three oh three six eight two one six five I do you know what when our church in France Colorado began to get serious about doing evangelism and we started looking at our guestbook we were shocked with one family young family who came several times to visit and we never followed up his mess at business that but we did we did follow-up when I was a Bible worker for my friends from church the first thing I would do is always watch my front door I remember one time I was in Chicago for Christmas came back it came back it was getting of January and I'm looking well I was born it was a family naturally do they write their entire address at the data and wrote the names of the kids down you know me when he screamed at me because the Spirit spoke so also struggling to my heart I believe it unlikely for the next seven I called Carolyn from the Bible are there and I am so sorry that initially came to visit you I live in Chicago visiting my family over the holidays but I'm sure you have questions about the church that just attending with the answer let's schedule a get acquainted with you you can go over all the different ministries that we have to rethink sure turns out she only lived two blocks away from Cathy you know that I called Kathy is a very affluent area pending appointment and for that week I went over there to talk to talk to him and brought me show you what I have here that I bring it down right okay if you break down spyware S P I R E resources you will you get a little welcome packets that you can put things inside you can talk about on your different ministries Bible studies Pathfinders women's groups social and a wonderful tool to have something to give them from that point in his cell I went over there and I think I hear and I think I might give it written down somewhere here resources .com visitor packets if you if you googled them and go on the website that you and you mentioned that her passion for your church can so anyway I'm an admin and I thank him what I cannot never mind thank you but now I'm going to tell the story and what an fine art I tell stories okay so I went overnight on the door and it was going at with my two young kids began with a excited I was there for my men the women went over there Marianne went over there to put the kids to that and how I understand they had just moved from Houston to the Denver area and I think you were just how clear and blue I want with my favorite color I wanted here is what was it that made you decide to live in this area Pikachu criteria number one that was a half hour from work and number two that was within a five mile radius of the subject of Mister and I think you brought the church will manifest I think you know what he was how is it that was so important to you that you would be within a five mile radius of the industry when you want to try and he and he went on to tell me the story he said my wife and I just recently had a pregnancy in the last baby at five months I'm so sorry to hear that he says will let me tell you cases prior that my wife's sister was working at the Berrien Springs bookstore and she was getting her Bible studies over the phone anything that she kept wanting to get the church but he is frequently no surgeon would've been more preferable he said but when she last baby she became angry at A system for me it was just beyond his reach one ticket to explore was because I started listening to radio people on the radio and I started to to you no content to just have listened to amount of time and one in the bedroom listening to the radio she comes him and she says listening to the about pictures of dinner with anyone what is the seventh day Adventist church at least temperatures are not interested in she walked away so he can enter voice of prophecy he starts listening to amazing you are you he you to have this church is one they made a pact deal honey when we moved to Denver I wanted to be a fresh start for well you are what we know will you promise that we can come together and worship together at the Southern Baptist Church and when she said yes now I understood what he was all that they are and she was not so share okay to the environment I walked into you know when someone first goes to the area they are lonely they're looking for friendship he met and so and for talking she was a little standoffish and I marry you I will rotate at each other 's homes and week brings Mainichi Wednesday Tuesday went ten o'clock in the morning you can go to into giving him the evil eye and and I is united in their salon equipment is okay so she can we detect let's go right back to number one the lifting of Jesus Bible studies okay we did number one get an matter-of-fact way she liked how she listened a little bit the second time this with some analysis house Bible study after Bible study number four which is the supreme sacrifice numbers of ethnic Kathy was crying after that one it started affecting her that next week we get Bible to number five what is faith because now when you see the love that one explore when a faith relationship with Jesus is all about a man after I finish to secure women go to lunch with you we went to lunch together and she said I have a question to ask you when you go from here to here I said Marianne I can't tell you that I can only make it go from here to here are telling you I know there's a plan I know that it's working your job is just to continue to cooperate with God is leading you to pass job is to put love for him in your heart and not your job you can't do that and she's like I will pay that was on Wednesday the next Sabbath after church I don't know what her little Jake will schedule changing dinner after church but that's it like riding a bicycle and I don't know how different but he broke his arm he shattered his arm they said that he had sustained no damage to the Children's Hospital she's over there a hospital with him I think her husband was out of town she took him over there and they told him they told her that they would have to show a steel rod okay and as with Mesa freedom something for the pain but we don't get some people you have to hold him down while we do this she remember that Bibles and Bible study said that without you know that you may stay forgotten work in math and is in it it is like you know what that extracts gas powered work in your life but what if you don't have faith arms documents is now becoming a man with the demoniac sonnet says he throw his program into fire ever since he was a child that is if you can do something and Jesus looks and raises one eyebrow he says it is you know what that's right he said that's right if you believe right on to him who believes in you Lord I believe my leave and you and you and me necessary for him to wear so that the Bible and we just finished a right that under my shoes goes to JK she says JJ do you believe that we pray that Jesus will help you master her and the childlike faith he looks up in a recent yet Jesus why don't you pray are you interested that I don't believe that more help my unbelief and she prayed sincerely and let me tell you what both physicians came and may help a little boy down and they put a steel rod in his home you serious roll down her face and she is and I know that you work and I know you love my child and all of a sudden all the markings enough for him I don't come home this is what I heard my phone is what he is about she was baptized in Cathy's pool she and her husband it was a beautiful experience how would I have ever had the privilege of working with them if I have followed up to the front doors a man we need training on the screen we need training time spirit is there to work we need to be able to work quite right with what he wants to do okay friends and relatives of new converts is number two when people come to the Lord there's a change in them and your friends and your name is a change in their life as a matter of fact what we like to do is invite people to come on family and friends the baptism and church in town we like to be very celebratory touch about her new minute and what we like to do with we have a table in the foyer and we spent and we decorated with flowers and balloons and we put up completely on point and everyone gets like a president a little devotional book or whatever and we have occasionally their favorite cake welcome to the family and after we cut it we sing happy birthday to them is Mister spiritual I will call welcome your church family out of it some color and give it to them about how the church is organized and how to continue on your relationship with Jesus and follow him about our publications in various ministries and early in the area and then went to work him a glossary of terms and the backlight when it's a haystack what a pastor what is a path that it will be okay and limiting the article you linked pages where people can bring their blessing and well wishes to them they share a specific heat for them when they're in their family the celebration I can't believe how many people say well the Muslim church he says to Mister Canning and Kitty is really a lot of fun we wrote to each other as we bring you so family and friends know him and him and you know I'm timeless to me I still impressed any Reynolds her father with the something of his pastor her father and mother were in a very painful marriage her fat they divorce before he died to bring cancer the last time when she left home she was fourteen years old she went to Academy she said her heart she never got back she didn't know that God spoke she did know Jesus unfortunately she knew the doctrines and rules too many rules and not enough love what can I say there's a lot of people like that the world right now there unfortunately she went well and she went to discover America she was outgoing reason drinking in Athens JR JR divorcee he had a son got married they moved out to Colorado I salsify Castle rock not environmentally black and they don't start building up a mountain cabin her husband Jay I was in construction and he was it wasn't quite sure you mean it was a guy that I really wasn't personal active in your life and don't even really interested anyone interested at all either she was just wanted on to the world but all of a sudden the spirit started moving her after she had her little girl Maddie she started listening to K-12 in different Christian radio stations and she felt that drawing her more and more her mother came to visit one time from New England and she said just to be nice she taken a church one day so she went to the Littleton something of this church now after her former pastor buyer parks and he said he amended our church is a lot closer and she said all shares share and she done one's attitude she got up early to can go back to sleep she said it was like I was tugging at her heart need to go to church you need to go to church in the literature I she got up and she went to church went to the church she walked in and I was not busy doing something already read her that morning but if I was sitting in the pews I saw them in the back people often when they come into the church the back and you know the spirits working because she started crying during the song service to I went back to her and I said hi I'm so sorry I missed you when you came in earlier my name is Karen on the Bible worker here Jesus only hear the one and I said I'm not sure if that's good or not and she says oh no your mind your pastor told me about you when I said really she says yes to questions about the price is really interested yet I do and I said we now you know your family know they want to schedule a get acquainted visit with you I you know why can we have a great vigorous activity that is right so I went up to him afraid of heights she was way up the steep mountain she was nice enough to say calmly to the bottom help take you to try one out there she did have white questions we began with Jesus Bible study we get to week she didn't understand that they forget that God gives us that God is not angry unless for our sins that he's not holding arsons against but that he's reconciled the world to himself through Christ a man she learned that repentance is a gift that comes from God and we get after week as we would give these because I live giving qualities together her heart to start warming more and more for gas soon she said I'd like to pray for generic and I'm afraid I said why are you afraid she says because I'm afraid of what I do and I said excuse me Judy I don't know what will happen if I pray you can put them in gas campus and what to do the guide to think we have I said have you been learning that God is lossless oh yeah and I said let me ask you do you think that God wants to earn more than you do and she said yes and I went down to anything that would harm Taylor and Jesus knowing if not I think you need to surrender him up to him and watch God work because like there she was praying that that that that he would come to know about all the stuff that she wasn't willing to surrender him and his and you know and say that the network was totally relinquish people to him to know act when she finally came to the point after four weeks and she said I'm ready to relinquish them completely and got him I think now work it can take one to work that week he was working on a huge project American furniture warehouse is that the building project manager for this warehouse hi that they were building I'm way over there that morning he got into a head-on collision on I twenty five he was a trucking gold over six times he would suspend upside down the only withholding him with his seatbelt Jonathan Whitehead coming out that the truck was so badly crumpled they couldn't believe that they could believe that he was not seriously hurt when he called her she said he was a calm as could be he called her shoes she was hysterical the human eye when he got there you know he said he said there is a God and she says why do you say he suggests this morning when I was in the bathroom I pray that God if you are really alive I want you to prove it to me that day when he was in the power accident when he was suspended upside down just using those with the seatbelts he said there was someone in the car with him they gave him peace he knew it was either God or an angel and a and and and and and and nice whisper to him you're been defined and when he walked out of there he said I can go to church to church you know JR was baptized along with Amy is now in northern New England she is aware what is letting Jesus Bible studies and that there are an acceleration of the cross of Christ amen I have so much to teach you okay people going through a divorce felt the need for recovery program first time here why first-time parents pay the people might have left the church when they can anyone re-create what they grew up with a man all of these people now have to wait know why without terminally ill and their families coupled with major marital problems parents with children recently unemployed adults with major financial problems for Miranda will be on hand receptive groups of people I can tell that story from the early disciples come to Christ in desire pages one thirty eight leaving John Dennis John the Baptist they went to see Jesus one of the two with Andrew the brother fine the other was John the evangelist these were Christ's first disciples will live irresistible what the hell technologies are an irresistible impulse and what you think about this have you ever in your life ever felt the impulse to talk to a complete stranger and you never and many times we would squelch is what we are going on right she is the Holy Spirit working heart 's loneliness okay how do I know this well because of the couple experiences on just how you want there about Seattle's restaurant he happened here and Ohio but we were there was another couple and and so we went there to eat family-style so you're there for hours now and so when we were in the restaurant we are talking about movement noted the movie the passion of Christ and that we're talking about a movie and the waitress was waiting on us over here overheard a conversation issue the seeding is all yeah I can't wait to see that movie looked at her universe was wearing a cross necklace she's a Christian it's nice you know what she was lit under a sheet over her eavesdropped conversation meeting here but the weirdest thing is to ask our answer evening is progressing I'm hearing in my head for about her faith I'm like me she's waitress asked her about her faith and in a restaurant asked her about her faith okay I have been the third time I said okay fine you want to make a fool 's anatomy words to speak and when I say that I wanted tell you every single time I been obedient to God never once has he made me appear to look stupid or foolish it's always been made using they encounter so I said okay Lord I will speak to her but you have to give me with this because I don't know what to say she comes back and she says is there anything else that you need and how she would choose the best writers I've ever remember having inside I was very nice of you are you kidding me your great waitress here we want she gets really quiet she comes up to the table and she does e-mail reading my Bible had been going my husband bring me to his church I've been going to my husband 's church I don't know somehow I feel it's the right church I'm supposed to be a inherent in my arms up to standing straight out and all that were with accessible where you went just as well there were no women around talking all of you know what we wanted to give you a massive personal Bible studies first my stranger danger she has no plans that we would work the latest attention to what was going telling may be a group setting when you know what the baby listen to me we share in group and presumed to come and tell me just a thought and feeling anyone want to sell and then when does we think I'm interested in math she says when she do it in and she says we know actually she said if it can be starting pretty so she said because I'm going to California to visit my daughter need and I'll be gone for two weeks that's when restarting it she liked how he will give you my heart and soul in accidents or continual you know tomorrow to write she can I told my husband and I mentioned Weaver good step I'll take them I have been very frugal shall we say something that day I call telling me you don't together and call her and we sign up for Mondays and just remember that she'd given me a devotional book for a journal and she said she looks forward to Mondays so we made it for Monday at ten o'clock she came to our house which is the three of us and we went to the one now she had been born she was born in Anabaptist family and should been going to church her whole life but you know she did not understand the gospel you would be shocked at how many Christians do not understand that it's almost like it's all white they have to connect all have to finally see Jesus in all history and once they do okay surrenders or why they just amazing you should for some and if some interval our mission you can't see Jesus Allen beauty and you know what I'm saying so don't ever skip the first night don't ever ever ever built from the very beginning she didn't she never understood how Jesus worked with repentance and she didn't understand how Jesus was with surrender you know after we were about fifteen by the licensor she tells me you know it's amazing that day that I met you in the restaurant and I said what he means she said you had no way of knowing this but two days before I met you I pray and ask God to lead me to a women's Bible study group how would I ever know how and what would happen if I would've squelched it will happen right she was baptized but that's not all her grandson was baptized but not all her husband was baptized but not all curses was baptized in that is always putting people in your pan him him you will tell you we were able to connect with his leaving and his spirit right so how do you know that God is leading you now each one of you have your influence you are you have people in your path you see everyday coworkers neighbors and live person wants to get into amazing stuff Barbara he's still here okay quickly I might lead people to a prayer and I say to you know if you were to pray and ask God to reveal to you who is in your sphere of influence with open seating fifty to seventy five percent of you will have been a Murphy's come to mind and then if you think of them I'm taking a class on how to get Bible to some a little nervous I need some practice practice and you ninety two percent say yes what is relevant okay might my sons girlfriend by it doesn't know the Lord and so I just sit here and advice and I I think I said to her in I think I love her to start with okay and she knows that she knows I love her and she said and I said work would you I need to do Bible studies I need to practice great practice and you and she said her in on it was like I was very shocked that she said yes but we've been doing them and hate pray for her name is Kelly so it only been doing them and in the Lord 's blessings so I never thought it would work but she's right this stuff doesn't work so and so that's what were five minutes overdue care not hearing in what were many do now is we're going to pray and ask for the harvest to reveal to each one of you I is in your sphere of influence who he has already working with it is exciting and seventy five percent of you will have a surname come to mind for those of you who don't run away to reveal the day the next day keep then what'll happen to get me read something relevant to you give that testimony five fifty one Revis once you get so excited I thought dear Ms. Lewis shortly after the retreat you gave the soul towards new soul-searching for him and I started starting with her on Wednesday evenings in my home around my dining room table is Wednesday we started laughing twenty five I have been so blessed to see that everything you said would happen has happened I rejoice to see what God is doing in our White House and lots use with cheese I also started a classroom on the evening since this is my day off from work eight nine of us meet around a table each week last week we study lesson nine and after each study session we gathered around the kitchen for soup and bread they really look forward to this time also one person one item was not able to come on Monday because of scheduling problems so when I announced I would meet with her and anyone who wanted lessons on Saturday evening at five or praised I think people are attending the class guy is amazing I am blessed I just sat here I am Lord and he sends me truly she says the fields are one of these classes another study coming on Thursday to the glory for such fire resources I don't think I have to put up that early morning thanks again they got continue to bless you here's one who's never given biographies before and she's got almost twenty people should get studies at and let me tell you the people who usually is are people who don't and the people he would never so there may be surprised here's the deal we've been in church most of us are whole life and we had been content to be in the boat and Jesus is on the water he's got his hand extended to you when he said I am ready to be ready to take my hand and I are you ready to walk on the water that I have always ordained for you to work because my burden is easy and it like a man and so I would like to end with a prayer Lord and having Lord we know that you are always at work to this very day you are simply drawing people to Jesus Lord you are enlisting through your heavenly influences your assigned to the world as the only way of salvation in word I know that there are people here that you brought for such a time as this I know Lord that there are people and may have people within their life that you are working with father I just praise you for the work that you do and for how many low-energy one must work in tandem with you to cooperate with you for the great work that you call because you know what a blessing and a rest of our souls it is when we enter into your rest into your burden and into your work and so more help us to be faithful and obedient stewards I asked for that is in the quietness of this time we know that there are people could be coworkers could be neighbors could be people down the street could be or I just pray that you would reveal to each one who is in the air circle of friends and relatives Lord you are already working with who you are already following that the ground of their hearts so that all we need to do is cooperate with you more info Cindy's next few minutes I ask for you to talk to us and speak to our hearts right when we thank you thank you for your son thinks of herself as an earlier spirit who him and a media bias might not ever as horny as you would like to learn more and I decided I is coming in and I is him and more the online survey of reason is www. nonbeliever is not a


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