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David DeRose Allen Lloyd


  • September 22, 2006
    11:30 AM
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well will you be here in the high points of his video audio is into news stories today will be embarking on a session together style is as a member you see a word about these themes you may be looking at some of how our lifestyle is vandalism but because of the history lifestyle and program time you will will will is be be involved in this morning Natalie has promised to join as a will is will is is is was this guy will definitely have a year will arrive as promised and you have your Lenten season I thought you same way as explains and wants and went during this presentation you feel like a long way in a not offended at all so the woman of the Roman and to be here I heard that he is in Rose has done you I love you and I will than the single one of you is one of a I don't know what you need and learning a real allure is a modern I drawn to wanting to medical missionary is one of those designs that is a man who is seen as laid out in our practices as families in your is alone he is more than one or come into contact with your blessing here with us is wrong to others say praying together as interesting as well area you trust a guy I felt it was in and will however you want to pronounce it but I was there I will Sun Life will you as a preventive medicine and is a and nineties and has a big thing is the area 's say is that history is eating healthy is a screening all these things is a cross involvement in a film that is is is is is is very busy as soon as little as you so busy practice is busy life and daily something that is overseeing of the people of the community and my fears and yes there's Amazon about four years is it an experience I won't let you fill in what are him I will knows maybe the theory theory was you know where it is honestly no and I submitted my resignation as only only with the Lord is the leader in a related case is that I is a is is is is is is is is is is and my wife and I pray together as a lively looking forward to a really healthy ministry at healthcare is meetings and it is the weekend off before and seek the Lord is and is flying a plane daughter IL I was as soon as is fun is is is is is is is going in a reason not selected counsel health and medical ministry and I looked in New York City is simple you stuff with me I like the Bible is testable and he is in a him walking out I is as easy as it certainly is the fully good as he is is a you do something like this is New York City really online for the VA for the message to effectively use his and long as I is is is is a is as small as he was struggling new new is you is is is is is a very important thing that happened this time after I arrived there is a long easier to that helpful centers on a call and talk to you and you and is in the rest and their and is in a a are you will and will and will and the farm to be very clear worms will be as equally living in his he was only to do what he will and will will him the reason I'm writing this story is it seems is on tonight we all know as last night he only will this help is easy and everything will want to have the letter he only is the jealousy inducing helices one is not usually is an example vision is on a you a you is unless in the quality of life University Hospital delay surgery anyhow I read the spirit of prophecy is specifically what I see only is he will and so I wanted to do is because this is Laura Shearing is lonesome looking at the Council to really draft is is is is is is is in a medicine is an and is a life will will is is is is is is him us is 's history was actually designed a on it who summarizes and he is a guy off as a is a you a you he is a easy as he is a and a you is is is is in a is a is a you and is is is is him a him a him a him or her to a son John is my plan is in a is here is what the is is is is is a you is that I is in a and is is is is and will and I is him a you will is why I don't know where they are in a you know I is not a is an is will a will is found in myself is as is this is the is today is as you and my life is in a him to know he will as yet another we need surgery it has immediately recognize the guy in cholesterol high and blessed is a lady is all he knows is is is is policy is a is the model is as he is a will is will is is is is a you and is he is a all in as is as safe as a you him will I will count as if there is all integrated in an area that will online and it is as long as there is a is as easy as it is a good day yesterday as a is and is and is is is him will will him to the house I know what you will see you as soon as one is will he will is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is him where you will and I want to know is that is is here I waiting to hear you only will I is an allusion lonely and is a law is not as a a is a you know is will and is is is is is an is an is him as I hope that there will in the University is is is is you know I is by a him him him him him him him I heard you had I is my own I is is is is is one is is is is is is a is a him him him a will is will will you as he is in line is you and you and I realized that he is in and will you use it we are in you is is is is is him the feeling that he is in the below is a you is is a you is in a a a a a a a use is to all him I is in a year or in part is in a new and is is is is is is is an and you will you as little as he and he and he will and will is is an is a he is in a you as a you will you and you and they him to the bad boy on the eye there is a way out and started a is for you I is a is a you as I is he alive or he is in you and everything is as he is a you and is in is and is he Barry him to visit her I went on as you know I have you as you will is one reason and you will and you is and is he in his him him will I be in the will and the and and and and and and and and and and and is and is a is an and is in a him who was to do that will will this is really the business is really dialogue to know is you is wrong is is is is a you have the visitors perspective that is one who cultivated is a on the other end we really see the following is a is the medical facility is home to the same as his dialogue will is is that you is like this is a will will will I will him they had to know that raising your day was I being unable or is he hasn't got on I is is a you know that he is ready in an is an him him I him I is in fact him a him a him know how that is the part of that is in the event someone successful as a him a him a him a line to have one as I is in life him a him I was him I is him a him a him a him will I him a him a him that is a filling or by going to know what is three I have is in an is is him a him a him and him and him I will him to live if I him him I will have I him I will him to the death your and he will play on your file and is he a he will realize him on the day and year is on the program is in is in sociology I is only him a him a him and him a him a him a him now is to help him him a him a him the eye is no know in as I see a is is is is is him a him a him I will him and him and him and as I find ways him a him and him and him I will have you only him a him a him a him a him a will him and him and him and I him to him and him a him a you know you know as I him I him and him and him the him I him I will him a him a him I


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