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The Manifold Wisdom of God

Kameron DeVasher
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Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • August 9, 2012
    3:30 PM
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my camera and laser were going to be talking about the circuit of the netizens today basically what were going to be doing is giving a theological work philosophical framework for practical Christianity in the Seventh-day Adventist church I think there are often times the seven Dennis mindset is such that we had a message which we do in a mission which we do in our mission is to simply articulate a message and not participate in anything else so what exactly should our work look like and that would've a framework for framework what philosophy underlies it what is our theology that goes before a practice so before we get started with anything else I'd like to start briefly with the word prayer so when please bow your heads with me differently father I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to spend a few minutes together exploring deep thoughts from your wording from the inspired counsel the spirit of prophecy Lord help us to understand what the messages of our time and help us to be part of the entire restoration of the universe that you have in store for us we pray in Jesus name amen I want to start with a slight confession I have always really enjoy the writings of Ellen White I very much appreciated what she had to say and the way in which he said I was always very drawn to put it in my younger days which I'm getting to the point in life I can refer to my younger days I would read the writings of Mrs. White and Congress get past the fluky stuff I like the birds and the than the songs in the love the children the lands that had a warm but because I wanted to get to like the identity of the cigarettes and a hundred and forty one thousand in the great prophetic I would get the good stuff in a book recently in studying with weekly prayer meeting in Muskegon and Fremont were a pastor and the vivacious and recently of quote a passage that originally left is a glancing blow in my mind me squarely in the eye and everything that will be talking today comes from is derived from that passage which in your notice is right in the very first thing the introduction it comes from desire pages pages twenty and twenty one and is it a read to you three paragraphs from the desire of ages and I will set our course or were going to do there is nothing save the selfish part of man that lives unto itself no burglar cleans the air no animal that moves upon the ground but ministers to some other like there is no leave of the boys were lowly way to grasp inhabits ministry every tree and shrub and leaf poor sport element of life without which neither man nor animal could live in man an animal in turn ministered life of three and dropped Eileen and you would think this is the grand outlook on the life of Christ why is he talking about trees and shrubs leaves what is he talking about she goes on the flowers breathe framers and unfold their beauty and blessing the world the sun sheds light to gladden a thousand worlds the ocean itself the source of all of our springs and fountains receives the stream 's reprimand but a to what that sort it takes to get this is going to be an ongoing idea throughout this seminar debate takes to give the Mithras ascending from its bosom falling showers to water the earth that it may bring forth and bought the Angels of glory find their joy in giving giving love and timeless what tireless watch theater sold to fall in an unholy heavenly beings move the hearts of men they bring to this dark world light from the courts above my gentle and patient ministry they move upon the human spirit to bring the law into a fellowship with Christ which is even closer than they've been sell in the which is the whole sermon right raise the name tireless care that we get connected to God in such a way that they cannot even personally appreciate what they know the benefits also they just give for our benefit goes on but turning from all lesser representations we behold God in Jesus Gino's is a progression is stark like shrubs and trees and leaves and flowers that of the men and angels and that is in the hollows of the lesser things but we most voicing God and Jesus himself looking into Christ we see that it is the glory of our God to do what to give very quickly it is the glory of God to give I do nothing of myself said Christ the living father hath sent me and I lived by the father I think not my own glory but the glory of him that sent me notice them in these words is set forth in right here in the middle of all the things we talk about flowers and birds and trees and shrubs is visiting in these words is set forth the great principle which is the law of life for the universe whatever we just talked about they are in the trees and shrubs flowers and birds apparently is the great principle of the law life of the universe she articulates all things in Christ received from God but he took to give very simple premise so in the heavenly forks in his ministry for all created beings through the beloved son the father 's life flows out to all and through design it returns in praise and joy has served as a kind of love to the great source of all in the through Christ the CERT beneficence is complete representing the character of the great giver G refers to God is with great humor and catch you picture a circuit electric circuit Jesus and Christ Fifth Circuit is now complete everything flows through everything how and there's apparently any heaven a harmonious principle where everyone takes only to give a busy and being great operating premise of God 's heavenly universe the grand principle of life Mrs. White's assertion by the way itself with beneficence is the great principle is the law of life in the universe is firmly grounded in Scripture look at a few the executive debacle call Romans chapter thirteen verse eight he said all no one anything except to do what to love one another then he says this for he loved one another have done what has fulfilled the law I know there's evidently struggled with this like we treat Doctor Doctor doctrine of them is as beautiful as the love and that the law is in the Bible how do we wonder how does this fit into our understanding of our proclamation what are we supposed to do with Paul goes on to say Galatians Chapter five in verse fourteen for all the law enforcers began to alter qualitative commitment law be very law of God all the law is fulfilled in one word what is that workforce love even in this you shall love and you would think it would be the Lord your God with all of your heart all your soul voiced regularly might present what is there all the law is the field in love particularly you shall love your what neighbor as yourself all the law is wrapped up in this one principle they know won't talk and the audio is culturally conditioned these were some might say that Edith had been enough he was solid with why got this from Scripture and from direct inspiration but notice that Jesus himself makes this point Matthew chapter seven this is in the sermon on the Mount therefore whatever you want men to do to you do also to them what we call this typically but what the golden rule then he says for this is what the law and the prophets if I were to summarize all the profits Christ says positive I will summarize all the law of God with his wife and the entire principal of the University great operating scheme of God government is simply this give unto 's lip rings out we got some extra time in her seminar left with this figure which is what was the top got here let's continue with our statement we were to go back to desire of ages page twenty one the very next words after representing the character of the great giver the law of life the very next set in heaven itself this law was broken sin originated in what self seeking see there's this great circuit benefits and everything takes to give everything just goes and goes and goes like a great roundabout but at one point in heaven this law was broken and someone along the line decided instead of self left nests what we try operating on a principle of selfishness and thus the great circuit of beneficence was broken in heaven itself this law was broken Senate originated in self-seeking Lucifer the covering chair desire to be first in heaven he sought to gain control of the heavenly beings to draw them away from their Creator and to win their homage to himself as you know you're going to see the later in life than you think though he was ordained as a minister of God God 's right-hand man with his covering cherub right in the very glory of God very presence in his job was to lead the people to know him to Jesus he was part of a circuit of beneficence received together but at some point he just wanted a pair take and is a short in the circuit of beneficence this is the origin of sin is a short circuit in this great principle therefore so what we've seen here now what will obligate him to second therefore he misrepresented God attributing to him the desire for self exaltation with his own evil characteristics he sought to invest a loving Creator thus he deceived Angels thus he deceived men to notice he's got an operating principle that his government is going to run with and that if selfishness God has an operating principle called felt less Nass and value have these two grand principles in competition for loyalty in God 's universe selflessness versus selfishness and noticed that the principal difference and therefore out of that Satan derive the policy he did something he put this principle into action therefore he misrepresented God as though he said he understood their self station is going but it's always as I'm just going to be selfish no one comes to your aid with that so in order to implement this keeps the vast and put it onto Christ so basically got thing I am selfless Satan thing and another I am selfless minimum of the business this is true freedom fixes number this is true freedom and he started misrepresenting started confused people about what the great principle of heaven really is and who really represented the true character of God John Chapter twenty one and a little brief history of the fall of Satan otherwise known as the great controversy when you are Bibles are you don't happen to the summaries are written right there in your notes but in John chapter eight versus verse forty four I'd love to do a whole study on John aid in the implications there but when your Bibles to John chapter eight in here Jesus is having one of many many many interactions with scribes and priests and Pharisees and rulers leaders in the law and here he says interesting statement will start with the verse with the thirty eight I believe will start with some thirty seven I know that you are Abraham 's descendents but you seek to kill me because my word has no place in you I speak what I have seen with my father and you do what you've seen with your father notice crisis setting up a dichotomy I have my father and you have your father they catch this and he answered and said to him Abraham is our father cheese is evident I love Jesus pure simple logic what was Jesus said that if you are Abraham 's children you would do the works of Abraham I can tell you're not his because you don't do what he did very simple but now you seek to kill me a man who has told the truth which I heard from God Abraham did not do this and never once tried to kill me you are trying to kill me you're not from my father you have a different thought you do the deeds of your father when they said we were not born of fornication we have one father God Jesus said to them if God were your father you would love me for I proceeded forth and came from God nor have I come of myself when you sent me winding why do you not understand my speech because you are not able to listen to my word you can hear the key verse forty four you are of your father and how we identify through the other father is through that of the father the devil you are the father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do the same desires that were in him I recognize a new GE was a what's the word murder from the beginning and does not stand in truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father object which driver to this question I have always done with it always with her longtime irresolute what in the world Satan actually do wrong in heaven the gotten kicked out what was his capital offense against God what he actually do and I don't like the answer of the question God 's authority seriously asking questions get you kicked out of heaven Jesus said he was the one a murderer from the beginning the question what what what is murder taking some of my killing someone right which begs the question who to kill us think about this but he actually executed well it's good that Jesus is Lord Herder and Jesus defines the word murder for us in the exact same book deciding to go back to the Mac and start in Matthew chapter five a part of the sermon on the Mount Jesus defines what he means when he employs the term murder what is he thinking of when he thinks of murder humanity thinks physically taking someone's life and ending chilling notice what Jesus had a deeper understanding of the law that which he can to articulate Matthew chapter five verses twenty twenty twenty one twenty two you have heard it was good to those of old you shall not murder and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment but I think you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and yours is whose brother shall be in danger of the council but whoever says you will also be in danger of hell fire Jesus basically stating that a murderous intent is tantamount to murder itself and others and see that it is dialogue with abilities that the desires of your father you want to do that they hadn't killed Jesus yes but he saw in the right I know where this is leading the same principle that stirs you stirred your father and Jesus says that murder actually goes deeper goes down to the very motives those with going on inside of you when you can't say no I would be very upset if I was charged for a crime that I only thought about in our reckoning this is unfair this is unjust it cannot be done you actually have to do a thing wrong to be wrong right but in God 's government every sacred intent every mode of every thought will be brought into judgment against evil without again they look right in the heart of Lisburn he said that the murder is a capital offense so why didn't God just kill him when he saw that he was a murder Isaiah chapter fourteen figures and will be deeper Isaiah chapter fourteen starting with verse twelve commenting on the fall of Lucifer how you are fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you who weakened the nations for you have said what are the next three words in your heart where was he saying these when things we always read about he was saying them in his heart for you instead in your heart I believe it takes to send into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I also listed on the mount of the Congregational bar beside the north I will ascend above the height of the clouds I will be like the most high but all that were in the wording was going on where it is hard for scripting yet you shall be brought down to scalable to the lowest depths of the pics we often stop everyone extends down to the next verse is I think that's the key question why God casinos are to see that he was a rebel feeling he was a murderer that his language and in literal why not they are people asking this question if God Augustine was talking you that he would kill people why did he in him right then and there the Scripture gives answer right here it is for sixty will see you will gain you what are some synonyms for days to spare what to watch tool to study those who see you your associates will watch they will day that you why and what of the network and consider you to watch what you do and they're going Inc. about what you're doing saying is this the man who made the earth tremble who shook kingdoms you know there's a whole lot of angelic beings heavenly intelligences who knew Lucifer before he was a bad guy in there to watch his entire principle is operating principle of selfishness run its course and then they will see for themselves what this principle results in there is our answer for why God did not eliminate and instantly thought of his heart and we let him knew he was a murderer because nobody sees others could not see this is those who know you were going to look at you and what you think about you and act very important questions is it possible that this is the same individual was go to the book of Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter twenty eight delegates even both of the chapters we typically go to in our seven seven presentation of the origin of sin Isaiah fourteen Ezekiel twenty eight give identical rationale for why Satan was merely cast out of heaven instead of like out of existence is he does at the twenty starting with verse fourteen you would be anointed cherub who covers and of course the is among those that are the covenant with his two Angels of folder wings right at the Shekinah glory he was one of the established December to say for so I ordained you he was an ordained minister goes on you are on the holy mountain of God you walk back and forth in the midst of fiery stones you are perfect in your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found where was about and you notice the same thing from Isaiah fourteen it was all with in him it was inside forty said in his heart it was found in you goes on till iniquity was found in you and here's the answer the question I've been wrestling for love and what we actually do wrong in heaven verse sixteen by the abundance of your trading some versions they merchandise to what I thought Jesus that he was a murderer Gary Siegel says he was a businessman merchandise commerce trade traffic but you don't buy the abundance of your training you became filled with violence aware with the violets within and used in their floor for that reason I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God I destroyed your covering cherub from the midst of the fiery stones for setting senior heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor I cast to the ground I laid you bookmarking that day in my life is a e-mail to so that they can watch you same exact rationale from Isaac goes on you to file two centuries by the multitude of your iniquities iniquities another word for sin right the great things you are doing these transgressions by the iniquity of your years are worn again training withstand the iniquity begotten heaven was writing something merchandise selling something what the world was in the King James 's traffic T R I F F I C K traffic therefore I brought fire from your midst I devoured it devoured you and I turned you to ashes upon this upon the earth in the sight of all who saw you the notice verse nineteen all who knew you among the peoples are astonished at apparently the discipline doled out to Lucifer for his great iniquity was not merely punitive but it was also rejected for the others around them is that I'm doing this so that they can see they can gaze at you they can consider you they can be astonishing if they can learn what with inside of you but I need to get among the outside of the dog in the heart we can't forgive some time now that they have if you look at for GR eight F F I C K in your little elegy white or whatever thing that you have you'll find one reference to that word list and send out his Bible commentary we define poor page eleven sixty three she commented directly on the statement what was the sent was the traffic they gotten kicked out of heaven she says in this place traffic is the emblem of corrupt administration it denotes the bringing of self sinking into spiritual office notes from his office of the covering cherub where he was supposed to receive to give glory he started siphoning off to himself that's the traffic that he was doing is peddling an idea counter to God 's circuit of benefits it denotes the bringing of self-seeking it is spiritual offices nothing in spiritual service is acceptable to God except the purposes and works that are for the good of the universe to do good to others sound like Paul something Jesus said like all white way back in the beginning all we were developed shrubs and birds and grass to do good for others will redound to the glory of God and notice how many times she uses the principle work next the principles of Satan is working in heaven are the same principles by which he works through human agents in this world it is through these corrupting principles that every earthly empire in the churches of increasingly corrupted it is by the working out of these principles that Satan deceives and corrupts the whole world from the beginning landing to his operating friend of this selfishness in fact principal has corrupted the whole world will this is what you think stating your biggest continuing the same policy working originally by government heavenly universe he is energizing the whole world with his violence with which he corrupted the world in the days of Noah again notice the identical rationale for the expulsion rather than destruction that they might gaze at you what the heavenly intelligence intelligences could not firstly in the heart of Lucifer was finally manifested at Calvary and just a little aside on this of course people had died thousands perhaps millions upon millions of people have died before Jesus died on the cross but could not state and mythological claim and said will sure they died they often write anything on law that says the wages of sin is what it's like I had a hand in all those deaths it wasn't murder on executing God 's law I'm actually into showing you what your God 's all about when Jesus came and lived a sinless life rebuffed every advance in Satan would put down every temptation Lyndon on ancient existence and Lucifer killed him who something lit up in the minds of those who knew him earlier on what's this positions diabetes seven sixty one about the moment Jesus died on the cross says that Satan saw that his disguise was born away his administration was laid open before the unfallen angels and before the heavenly universe think about that even for four thousand years of Earth 's history of watching his principles they didn't fully what was in his heart until they saw the cross of Calvary within him now we can see that he William was a murder from the very beginning what's the industries was labeled before the unfallen angels before the heavenly University had revealed himself as a murderer now the violence that was within weapon heaven was unleashed on the sinless son of God all the murder take place he revealed himself as a murder by shedding the blood of the son of God he had uprooted himself on the sympathies of the heavenly beings would wrap your mind around that what if they were at least four thousand years of human misery on fallen Angels sinless being still have some element of sympathy for Satan and the builder turning to God they look for on your side but let's at least hear him out which is exactly what I've been easy who say that's why we test them out so that they might gaze at you and consider you they need to think about you and understand where your principles lead notices sympathy from heaven henceforth his work was restricted in notice is not an arbitrary decree of God you can come near my angels and talk with them anymore you look at the book of Job free access once again control the earth talk with the Angels and they went straight inside they were hearing about the notice henceforth his workers restricted whatever attitude we might assume he could no longer weeping Angels they came from the heavenly courts and before the make use price brother being clothed with a garment of what the defilement of sin the last link of sympathy between state and the heavenly world was broken currently he was allowed into those meetings so that you get principles to be more fully revealed and every being would live beyond the end send a clear picture of where sin would lead so they would never choose to participate in opinion Angels needed to see what is the point try to make it from this whole will review of the fall of Satan Angels needed to see the principles demonstrated in the life this interface they needed to see the principles of Satan 's government who is out in the life and and they could say ha ha this is what I don't want that what I do want it so fascinates me that they had never before had an opportunity to see how much God would really be willing to give of himself until Satan revealed himself as a murder so when Satan 's character was fully revealed across in the exact same moment so is the character of God fully revealed to the intelligences that the very first before that at all the theory that Christ came to give himself a solid contrast between the great giver the one who would give even the life of his own dear son in contrast with the one who would take everything including the life of God 's dear son so the first time I saw the clear care contrast between the character and principles of God 's government the character principles of Satan and his government fascinating thing we don't want to do now the question is why not destroy Satan even now slightly untidy and housing unfolding Sever themselves is like they can turn to God and I think finitely says look we didn't understand who is really what thank you so much for giving us time to see for ourselves where his administration but we now know that you are right he is a murderer he deserves to die though we loved him we understand the justice in strain for your go-ahead execute justice and you can almost imagine got anything thank you for finally the young boy had been out of the beers I really appreciate that now I want to bring some of your loyal subjects and it was like ha ha you want to bring sinners back here after that's what I wanted is you know it's not called the plan of destruction it's called the plan of salvation and left something is saved the plan is a complete is more than just destroying Senate actually while saving sinners now think about this and this is where get his next idea while the Angels can now clearly see why Satan should be destroyed they still need to see evidence that we should live think about it why are we seeing what he is all about and he's not ever coming back no more simply Brent Buckley Goodenow executive followers and bring them back to slowdown we need to see some evidence of which principle they operate their lives and which is what this is why clearly says look at the very day after the last exhibit was broken very next words yet Satan was not then destroy the Angels and not even then understand all that was involved in the great controversy apparently there's more involved rate conversely that anything goes on the principles at stake were to be more fully revealed and for the sake of man Satan 's existence must be continued at seventh Avenue suite is an author beautiful sends notice how crazy you sound when you say that one of terrible train and why the murder happened what disease and wire with a widening I just think that all white in the end Satan now is good news but it is one person to be alive even our best interest you people are crazy if you have the audacity to say that you better have a good theological backup for why you believe me this is what makes this point get things nothing is what it for the sake of man thing resistance must be continued man as well as angels must see the contrast between the Prince of life and the Prince of darkness and he must choose whom you will serve are we who serve the self less creator or the self corrupter which will be the principle of our lives and apparently the angels are watching not for evidence the signature evidence that we should live goes on perhaps I like to think Gabriel 's concern is more if is more than merely your getting into heaven he's concerned that you actually fit into heaven once you get there right our concern and I'll tell you I think sometimes we had a very selfish religion is all about what would it take for me to get into heaven all of the streets of gold at one-dimensional and have not even the tree of life relaxing meal at work however when do I get there how I did think it was an stuff we got to make sure they fit in before you let them get in to see the difference salvation in Jesus entails more than really getting into heaven at the bidding into heaven perhaps we focus on Christ's promise to prayer a place for us while we neglect this parallel promise to prepare for that place if you were to think of right now if all out of this world places in the court of heaven and the society of Angels would we fit in which is ruling the placement but he must choose whom he will serve Ephesians chapter three verse eight through twelfth Ephesians chapter three Paul is talking about his job description in Ephesians chapter three he kind of explains what you would expect him to explain about how he was the apostle to the Gentiles these in chapter three starting with verse eight he said to me less than the least of all the saints of this grace was given that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ but that is nothing in the distance verse nine and to make all the what is the fellowship of the mystery is like the beyond is preaching this message using and I want to make all the what is the Fellowship of the semester system the wisdom of God the mystery that needs revealing those one person on fiber silvers not witch from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Christ Jesus verse ten is our punchline to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in heavenly places Paul uses very long sentences Peter says he writes things that are sometimes hard to understand solar break this down is the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God a manifold simply need a complex device write a complicated thing as wisdom of God might be made known the personal losing the you know who I would sue according to the text the text again made known to the principalities and powers where and not have some wisdom that he's trying to make the other heavenly beings know is that clear from the text and there both on the same flight they're both in heaven why doesn't God just turned to them and explain it but notice what the text says what if you learning device which is medium for explanation by the church boxes there's something about maybe something about my plan there's something about my window that you need to know that you cannot learn from simply me telling you you need to see it for yourselves this is now turn your attention to exhibit a I'd like you to notice my people when you want then you can learn something you didn't know about me the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known to by the church to the Prince 's powers in heavenly places apparently God has designed that his people should teach not just the people on this world but also the people of other world about God visit Old Testament parallel to the suspended book of Deuteronomy the back of the book of Deuteronomy chapter four Deuteronomy chapter four starting with verse five surely I have taught you statutes and judgments says just as the Lord my God commanded me that you should act according to them in the land which you go to possess so here Moses commanding obedience to the Lord 's command anything looked like talking the statutes and judgments of God that you should obey them when you go in the later going to do that what is the law of God and when you obey it I want you to obey among these other people who don't know the law of God verse six controversy within you shall not add to the word which I committee nor take from it but you may keep the commitments of the Lord your God which I command you he goes on to explain personality Denver six therefore be careful to observe them for this is your wisdom where in the sites of all the peoples who will hear all these statutes and say surely this great nation is a wise and understanding the people in the surrounding nations are going to be watching you and you claim to serve the God of love you serve his God has always ruled me the law let's see what it looks like you live out in your life saying they're going to be watching you you should be a witness now here are for those of you who like obscure references are for our super nerdy people in the room which I'm sure there's a few here in Reno you'll find this one in the craft collection page fourteen Latinos really there she quotes Deuteronomy chapter four verses five three and she says these words in these words as you thought of the words of Moses recorded in Scripture in these words fail overreaching the greatness and the glory of God 's purpose be accomplished through his people not in this world only but to the universe are we to make manifest the principles of his kingdom is not good for other people watching the whole universe is watching you now will you be good citizens of heaven and she quotes three verses from Scripture after that Ephesians three eight then we just read about the manifold wisdom of God first reviews for verse nine what Paul taught that we are made a spectacle unto the world to angels and the men he defined the world is both men and angels and finally the third when second Peter chapter three what manner of persons ought you to be in all holy conversation and godliness looking forward hastening the coming of the day of God is using all these things because the whole universe is watching and here's another one manuscript seventy three a nineteen hundred God desires his people to show by their lives the advantage of Christianity over worldliness think about how simple that it got consistently does like all trust me there been any finer trust me why way affect his truck link as of yet but I want to say not to be blind faith I wanted to be built upon clearly seeing evidence right faith in God is not a blind leap into the dark it's built on a demonstrative evidence and even the unfallen beings are looking for evidence that God 's redemption plan is why again God desires his people to show by their lives the advantage of Christianity over worldliness Rojas God desires to reveal its manifold wisdom with the phrase right there from Ephesians three therefore so what does that look like a determination that is we think of I've taken on the revealed over the character of God I'm not going to swear I'm not that it lose my temper I'm not even be made unless they do this I would take all the bad things and cut them up and getting a although the settings in the run the race that lives in winds up and not do a thing universal seeing good assessment that this question was finished in the state therefore he bids us let our light shine forth and what good being a good citizen of heaven entails more than merely the avoidance of evil it entails effective entirely is summarized by doing good for others which will know first John chapter three verse four would that addition of sin sin is the transgression of the law we know that to vibrate a lot like do bad things I'm sitting for so I won't do I will bring you back up into James chapter four number seventeen therefore to him who knows to do guide and does not go it is sent it is said to him isn't that right so I tried restricting the government about the new methodology am sitting on the doing doing doing doing doing anything would become the people who don't ask your friends what are seven tablets all about it you know anything it's that you don't drink don't smoke and don't even think the people here in this place and this is another know about us apart but we don't eat meat right to the head about all those little naps in the things highlighted the ones that are vegetarians really does that's one thing we don't do that I hope by the time we leave they can see what we actually do know for the glory of God right not just what we don't do we don't want to leave our mark on the world as the people who don't want to be the people who do righteousness not just avoid evil our understanding of righteousness should not be limited merely to avoidance of evil when we adopt that as long as I'm not being that all is good healthy we haven't incomplete gospel presentation what it looked like a life of Christ you find it and desire pages I don't have the page reference there but it's a bunch of the new fund Christ was not exclusive and yet given special offense to the Pharisees by departing in this respect from their rigid rules he found the domain of religion since then by high walls of seclusion as to sacred matter her everyday life these walls and partition he overthrew in his contact with men he did not what is your creative to what church you belong he exercises helping power in behalf of all who needed help instead of secluded himself in a hermit 's cell in order to show his heavenly character he labored earnestly recommend it we could have done into this idea of Jesus could come down and then the glory of God on on on on display like a touring museum piece you know like in a jar in a and a shaft of light on a pedestal should call in and it would come from miles around to glimpse the glory of God in a box the endued his and I want you to see the father but when you see it in my character and I was using my care what I do not really what I avoid doing he manifested in good works those on the statement continues he inculcated with the next work principle that's right everyone with me one time he inculcated the principle of these are two big principles of the universe that the principle of the Bible religion does not consist in the mortification of the body your righteousness is not simply what we restrict yourself from doing I want to swear but since I'm not I'm being righteous want to oversee what I'm being I want to drink I want this mobility what can I say that is not the definition of pure religion he goes on to Google exec he taught that pure and undefiled religion remember that brings pure and undefiled religion is not mentally preset time for special occasions at all times in all places he manifested a loving interest in men and shed about in the light of ensure compliance he all this was a rebuke to the Pharisees did in him I love the show his life of unselfishness and giving shows that religion does not consist in selfishness is the life of this interested beneficence demonstrated the principle of heaven it showed that religion does not consist in selfishness and that their morbid devotion to personal interests was far from being true godliness James chapter one verse seven which he did that phrase by the way Mrs. Reich is a fantastic writer chooses these just wonderful crisp phrases and just just articulate right to the point of these images your mother wears but this particular phrase appeared undefiled religion tension James chapter one verse seven undefiled religion before God the father is this here's the definition of perfect religion and step two components to visit the fatherless and widow in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world the Jews were doing one part very very well have no contact will completely think you'd never think that they were a friend of sinners they were not friends anyone but they kept themselves unspotted from the world they completely abandon the whole fatherless and widow and orphan this is not just the New Testament phenomena please could I then checked the fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight were getting system building a a theological basis of practical Christian efforts in the Seventh-day Adventist church I believe that the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church must be preached in the method of Christ message and method must go together it can't just be a proclamation it must be a demonstration Isaiah chapter fifty eight I don't know that we have time to redo the whole thing what we both know we don't have time we just basically what you have here is the people seeking the Lord crying aloud verses immediately seek me daily and a delight to know my ways as a nation and in righteousness they did not forsake the Lord their God the afternoon ordinances and just as they take delight in approaching God civility will divorce her got a lot along the way they think they're doing right with the problem verse three why have we fasted they say and you have nothing why have we afflicted are sold and you take no notice Lord work fast they were clicking our souls were doing that were doing nothing bad at all and yet we've yet to see that Pentecostal spiritual outpouring that was prompt why have we fasted and you not seen in the event goes on with your gut response is it a fact that I have chosen a day for a man to afflict his soul is it's about down is that like a bull rush to spread a cloth and ashes would you call this a fast and expect full day of the Lord is that all you're doing is praying and thinking and retreating and talking and on and on and on and on and on and afflicting us all doing anything number six is this not the fact that I have chosen these are the genuine religion looks like to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every of is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out and you not hide yourself from your own flesh then your light shall break forth like the morning yours look healing shall spring forth speedily and your righteousness shall go before you the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard then you shall call on the Lord will answer you shall pride he will say here I am to the issues we cry the Lord you never reveal yourself you never pour out your power you never pour out respects they were sitting a replica of salt were crying and praying and fasting it is open to doing anything have you done gone and reached out to anyone else at all is or is your spiritual life based on a premise of selfishness this was the problem would Jesus face and long before that there was Israel's problem apparently they were so absorbed in their personal spiritual experience but they neglected to do good for others the good that Israel originally with established two new member Alan make your name great you shall be a blessing into sampling of a few enjoy is a take-up loving and being a blessing to others received together goes on it seems that they were so intent on being good before God they neglected to do good for other is why I have incredibly huge storehouse of counsel about Isaiah chapter fifty eight here are just a few samples this is done and welfare Ministry page thirty two who works specified in these words speak fifty eight is the work that God received wires his people to do it is a work of his own appointment with the work of abdicating the Commandments of God and repairing the breach that is made in the law God so promoting Sabbath keeping having these great revivals and having these big proclamation of this with that we are to mingle compassion for suffering humanity we are to show supreme love to God weirdness all his memorial which is been trodden down by unholy feet and with this we are to manifest mercy benevolence and the tenderest pity for the Baltimore love thy neighbor as thyself notice these words as a people but all of us not just a portion of it when a minister who does all of us as a people we must take hold of this work love revealed for suffering humanity gives significance and power to the truth apparently the seven Baptist Church was raised up to do more than simply preach truth to proclaim truth indisposed to demonstrate the principle of having to demonstrate the character of God in our lives again will furnish to the next page thirty three I cannot too strongly urge all our church members all who are true missionaries I love it one seven dev 's mindset church members and missionaries were equivalent right now we have a whole bunch of church members will occasionally send out a missionary to all all church members all who were commissioners also believe the third Angels message all who turn away their fee from the Sabbath to consider the message video chapter by there who work on beneficence and joined in this chapter is me work that God requires his people to do apostolic I don't know how language can get any planar bead is a work of his own appointment like they fixed two one in the fifty eighth chapter by faith of the work of the people of God are to do in Christ life is clearly set forth they are to break every of they are to feed the hungry and clothe the naked watch this now is they carry out the what's I worked principles of the law of God and acts of mercy and love they will represent the character of God and receive the richest blessings of heaven apparently were called Lenin proclaimed the nature got the character of God but to actually constrain it in our lives what would this look like and at this point as we make a quick aside there are tremendous other seminars here I highly recommend you take a listen to Dave Fiedler 's seminar from this morning it was a tremendous blessing there are some practical advice we need to learn from their August say that and move on but I say that now because this reference to San Francisco I learned from him so they what would this look like a defendant at his church in equal measure adopted not just proclamation of the message of God actually a revelation of the character of God and good works what if we did both of those things because honestly I can tell you what sometimes been in my heart and I must meet I have to be ashamed of it in the insurance another heart soup we look at people who do benevolent work beneficent work good for the poor the homeless shelters soup kitchens in a bit like all that they're doing good with all the light that they have but we have a message for each are we Revelation seminars there were since I want to look like if some indefinite people took this on seriously if you like no one is white arrived she says from Elder J O Corliss who the path to the San Francisco church we learned that there are many live the Christian effort being carried forward by our brother and sister in San Francisco try to count all the activities the San Francisco seventh Avenue search was employed in a nineteen oh one these include visiting the sick and the destitute finding homes for orphans and work for the unemployed with NLF government work or they should work harder to do that but that's not sure right but for others nursing the sick in teaching the love of God Christ from house to house the distribution of literature and the conducting of classes for healthful living in care of the sick a school for the children is conducted in the basement of the meeting house in another part of the city a working man's home pot was what the workingmen modern vocabulary what is working at home today the homeless shelter a Seventh-day Adventist homeless shelter exist in another part of the city a working man's home and medical mission is maintained on market Street in the city fathers of that establishment which we would think of the hydrotherapy therapies Center operated the branch of the St. Helena sanitarium in the same locality of the people of the health food company were health foods are not only sold instruction is given of the house as a reformed and I knew the center of the city are people conduct a vegetarian café which is open six days a week and is entirely closed on the Sabbath here about five hundred meals are served daily in no flesh needs are used Doctor and Mrs. Doctor Lambert doing much medical work for the poor in connection with their the practice Doctor Buchanan is doing much framework of the working man's home at the medical and dental schools eliciting there are about twenty of our young people to attend we honestly ultimately went besides the fact that there's like fourteen different simultaneous ministries all doing stuff and families go from one search family this is her comment on she does not say we should win and take the same energy and resources and go do more vandalism present was we honestly hope that this step taken in the future in the work in San Francisco will means that progress the work that has been done there is but a beginning children all was going on and she said that the really good start what would she say about my churches I pastor now she's able to really doing it a good start you got there she called this a good start San Francisco is a world in itself and the Lords work there is to broaden and deepen the seventh at his message and mandate and mission of our church is both broad and deep is not just one or the other conclusion here the completeness of Christian character wouldn't it be nice if there was a litmus test to know when you've arrived I know we like lists I'd like to have a checklist designed to do the windows of the bank complete Christian character how would you know when you didn't really look would be every seventh Avenue as part of the edges of the Sabbath meticulous care of every seven grams finally went vegan that it what is the completeness of Christian character is obtained when the impulse to help and bless others springs constantly from within you know you like Jesus when you're like Jesus that a simple premise which is the only thing I wonder what Churchill it just comes out your pores but that's it that's the completeness of Christian character goes on it is the atmosphere of this love surrounding the soul of the believer that makes him the favor of life and the life that enables God to bless this work supreme love for God and unselfish love for one another this is the best gift that our heavenly father can do so this love is not an impulse but a divine here's our wordy and principal a permanent power the unconsummated heart cannot originate or producing only in the heart where Jesus reigns as it found we love him because he first loved us in the renewed heart by divine grace love is the ruling principle of action act the apostles by fifty one I have one here is not in your notes it is good listened to carefully look it up on your own is fun and education page two sixty four those who reject the privilege of fellowship with Christ in service reject the only training that imparts a fitness for participation with him in his glory you do anything else but unless you're willing to roll up your sleeves and serving to give up your self it's all about getting in but you still haven't formed a character that would fit in to the society powerful for in the last one year in heavenly places two thirty three God 's positive we joined but all his followers a duty to bless others with their influenza means in doing for others a sweet satisfaction will be experienced in inward peace which will be sufficient reward when actuated by a high and noble desire to do others' good they will find true happiness and the faithful discharge of life 's manifold duties this will bring more than an earthly war ward for every faithful unselfish performance of duty is noticed by home by the Angels and shines in the life record you see the implication is not watching why Satan should either looking for evidence that you should come there and live in heaven none will think of self nor seek of their own pleasure how many times have I talk to young people who are terrified of heaven because I have to live forever and what if I get bored you know I'm right about this shake it like a travesty known talk about we talked to ten thousand years later like okay after I've written Celine Dawson 's window when they do next right there's a different operating principle going on in their minds in our minds in my mind and heaven none will think itself nor seek their own pleasure but all pure genuine love and seek the happiness of the heavenly beings around them very simple premise radio if we wish to enjoy heavenly society and the earth made new we must be governed by heavenly principles here if were ever going to fit in there we got to learn to do with here because of a tight something when Jesus comes again you know what new thing we get we get a new body praise the Lord by the Latino I'm just old enough to start one the new back now I need is a couple of new knees out I wouldn't mind a better body I will likely editorial one is always going but that's what we did when he returned you know we don't get the new character the only thing we take from this world to the next it's going to treat our bodies of the below what is going to be helpful but that's fantastic we should establish a demonstrated principle to actually change is physically the same physical change is coming of economic the real is my character like that of Jesus Christ and not only deliver myself against it even forgetting to think about what it is doing for others and actually develop the character I like to close this message always of Matthew chapter twenty five I can think of no more powerful number poignant no more convincing no more convicting articulation of what we've been talking about the circuit of beneficence been receiving to give doing for others instead of yourself what Jesus himself says about his own return message after twenty five verse thirty one when the Son of Man comes in his glory and all the holy angels with him then he will sit on the throne of his glory all the nations will be gathered before him and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd divides the sheep from the goats parenthetically by the way just living through the second coming is not good enough at least for me I praise the Lord I believe Jesus is coming soon I want to live to the second coming but more than that I want to live through the second coming plenty of people will be alive when it happens but not after it happened what's this verse thirty three and he was a sheep on his right hand but the goats on the left than the King will say to those on his right hand column you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world and here's why more I was hungry and you gave me I was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you took me in I was naked and you clothed me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came to me then the righteous will answer and sing Lord when we see you hungry and feed you are or thirsty and give you drink and when we see was a stranger and thank you Internet getting close your window easiest stick or imprisoning to give the King laughed and said in an assuredly I say to you and as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers you did it to me then he will say to those on his left hand depart from me you cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels please please please notice that the fire was not prepared for us was repaired for the devil and his angels there's absolutely no reason any of us need enjoying their why do this visit as this group have that comment from Christ that execution of judgment verse thirty five forty two for I was hungry and you gave me no food I was thirsty and you gave me no drink I was a stranger and you did not take me an naked and you did not clothe me sick and in prison and you did not visit me and they will also answer him saying Lord when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and did not minister to you that he will answer them saying assuredly I think you inasmuch as you did not do it to one of these least of these you did not do it to me and these will go away into everlasting punishment for the righteousness into eternal life what's astounding to me about this chapter any outside this incident recorded this past is the fact that literally word for word the response of the wicked is identical to the response of the righteous but every single one exactly the same Lord when did we see you write women the right to say it like that Lord when we see of the wicked Bob amazing to think the Lord when he was elected when we see how I developed it in when I known it was e-mail all we want to put on a potluck will and and anti-inflammatory and imprisonment a student community services we would have a homeless shelters of getting an anonymity that if we knew it was you know before trying again and that you he was just be able to cross question for me you don't understand the nature of the kingdom were going you don't fit in and in response the righteous identical set of life and they're not arguing the Lord are you sure you want to take acetaminophen at the shortcut landlord with you you know we never saw you up anything that's my point you needn't always mean in any way you fit in and to take the mansion right next to me you belong here the greatest promise of God in a Nahum chapter one verse flexion will not rise the second time and how can a God who gives us freedom of choice make that kind of a guarantee about our decisions the only way that can happen is if the very level and character of Christ is reproduced in every citizen of heaven so that selfishness which sin originated will never again rear its ugly head every person every being every creature in heaven completes the circuit of beneficence he received to give itself is laid in the dust and with one accord universe redounds to the glory of God to see a bigger picture of Seventh-day Adventists than simply holding evangelistic crusades I'm not knocking of course couldn't we have a broader and deeper work than many of us are currently doing this study has been rebuked to me and hopefully by the Holy Spirit race attribute all of us that heaven is not about getting in is not fitting up being like Christ not just doing for Christ to get something from Christ to two seconds one will be done the reading discussing a song with the title of the song to song of Moses and the land Moses and Len had things in common one of the things is strikingly both of them were willing to suck to lose their own life for the sake of others relations while verse eleven when you talk about the over comers they did not love their lives I don't have a character you the praise the Lord I think that serve a God who can do something greater that I can do that close with a worker gently father was thank you so much that you have raised up this movement at this time and we can be part of that people the Lord help us to do more than simply proclaim your truth in your character and your good name Lord help us to limit our life help us to be a living walking talking breathing demonstration selfless beneficent character of God Lord let Seventh-day Adventists and be known as that movement who just hasn't do but that doesn't avoid evil but they do go when people see us they no longer see us they see Christ in us Lord to this end I bless themselves remember is that your raid in her and is you is my hot interest in having disagreements if you would like to learn more and I decided he is coming in and I is him and more as a online service is www. on my universe


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