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Don't Hang Up Your Harp

David Solomon Hall




  • August 17, 2012
    7:30 PM
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Psalm one thirty seven verses one through four Psalm one thirty seven verses one through four I I as you find it I am grateful the PAN grateful to be anywhere just a few months ago I had them when I talk about this more in my sermon but I had a significant open-heart surgery and last year I will I was told some very disheartening if I can play on the word 's new with respect to my longevity but the fact that I am not there that I'm standing here before you means so much to me that God has brought me all the way back and I have a renewed appreciation for the gospel of Jesus Christ and a renewed vigor even in the wink in the body to preach and say a word for him Psalm one thirty seven one twenty four reads this way change James version by the Rivers of Babylon there we sat down gay we witness when we remembered Zion we hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof for their they even carried us away captive required apostle song and they even wasted costs required of us are saying saying us one of the songs of Zion were as for reasons I'll can we say the Lord 's song in a strange land I want to talk to you for the next couple of moments when what we entitled don't hang up your heart don't hang up your heartless prayer now got off on we gathered again this links for this week J for one reason and one reason only to bask in your presence we wanted to be said of us that it was said of Moses when he came down from the mountain and the glory of the Lord was so on him that they had to shield her I we want people to see the glory upon us because we just want to spend some time with you this week and so on asking in the name of Jesus we said in your word if we ask anything in your name you would do it so I am asking you in Jesus name negatively speaking place a crack in the floor and allow some of the glory of heaven to shine down upon this place let your Holy Spirit and all all all costs tonight you already and he had the previous words and previous messages previous songs but we want you to looking just a little while longer let this experience be like I thought that we had for Edwin we prepared to leave me when you say it was the to be in the house slow we ask these favors and mercies in the name of Jesus amen and amen the Israelites were in a bad situation where they were once free and all window whatever laws they leave they now found themselves according to this passage and according to the record as prisoners in the land of Babylon profit after profit and warned them if you continue worshiping other gods made of snow and will if you continue worshiping the heavenly bodies and I will send the Chaldeans the Babylonians to deal with you what they all have four April that a warning and so the Bible say the Babylonians K may be I did some historical reading in and angles that could not make the trip goals that were slightly older the record says they just killed them the web is they did bad things to them and some thoughts about the prices some of the men they hung them from screens tortured them and then proceeded to kill them and the lucky ones one day the lucky ones the wall behind for certain daunting I go where they were back to the Babylonian 's and so we have them being taken away his friends soon they are settled in Babylon after a full day of working let's fast-forward and they're sitting there under the willow tree looking at the same law which is separating them from where they came from and in my imagination out thanking them naming until all but what they use that I think the reason they began to cry with because they started feeling just a little bit homesick Jacob felt homesick before you went away somewhere and after the release the first couple of days what happened a worrying you wish you had a different kind of who he is start feeling and reminiscing about the time gone by out with the old wood in nineteen eighty eight eighteen years old when we got forty two now I can't believe I've lived that long myself but I was eighteen and I called whole ridiculous because I know that he had to be missing me I just felt nobody all makes me that's what I was feeling so I thought I would do them the privilege of giving them a call so that they could hear from me I know that I was all right I called penne play half the phone and it looked as if they were to busy to all the main I began telling me all the full that they had at the house you in my mind was all in the cafeteria will that I just part of all and while it was scrumptious an elderly and all the other positives alumni talking about it negatively go with all of that it was Lillian holds food and listening to them talk about our full and listening to them not missing me and most arranges a I had to catch myself I was sitting there in the hallway of the freshman man and woman to print something happened them I is it have to be allergies so I was eighteen years old with the man that men can handle things like this for these things it was like they were racing down my face you know a man but one of my boys come in the hallway I don't say that you draw him out no lying lips are abomination to the law so I tried my best not to live I just didn't respond to try again and you will you talking about and what do you do I get anywhere at all hallelujah I have been homesick for that Thanksgiving thank you Jesus when I would hold in the although I happen three months of toil and labor is in my part once again of the bountiful feast and all was right with the world they still remembered my name on my room while it had other things and that's okay they at least voice them that is identical to try and left after three months I was able to go home with the children of Israel after three months they were still there after three years they were still there for what seemed like an eternity they were still there and this one day it got the best of them they just look over yonder in the river they began recounting stories of how good they had it in the Bible say is that they consult their hall 's they hang the King James version Val Hall this in the wheel wells in the midst of a overall they live instrument of shawl I am glad you missed their way of celebrating their Lord and they are God holes that remains from again they talk someone gave it to make their instruments and eight hang them in the Willow tree in the weeping willow if you will recall inside they had not they let Lord I moved your name will not know wheelchair saying that because were prisoners while Bradley had no wheelchair saying that because we are captives in a strange land loss this song they lost their motivation may get lost and everything have you ever noticed when you down you depressed you can't take it anymore that's when the devil shows a menu extra week is fully the Bible says the Babylonian cat 's change of their page use IL don't couldn't help but notice the harps hanging in the tree we know that's your symbol for joy and gladness of raising you are not notice it again hanging in the tree but what looking to just let the paper anyway just saying also song about your God saying how rude and is seeing with the group sang a song about sure God now God is all-powerful if your God is all wider viewing groundwork ten six your use subservient to us why couldn't you God have you there sliding on Psalm about your God now and the children of Israel just sat there and you and I have been double walk up to you in the midst of your depression and say he's saying us all about your God now anyway on the church and been greeted by somebody happy sad happy but if they only knew what was going on in your hair they wouldn't be safe and happy Sabbath you go that's not a happy Sabbath do you think it is in those moments but the Devil comes and says I'm saying also all about sure God now when you sit in usually every body else saying an insert is not alone bad news that they are in move your laptop 's message and in any music come from your soul is meaningful because my heart is so D you are having family problems not having money prompts you spend loneliness issues you cited high I know that you also apply all my knees but my friends are all getting married in somebody no harm in every night and I die Hannah Dolan that I give myself a good night kiss tired of getting shots called my cell not all unmarried shorts and sometimes it starts and is asking more and more and more and more of them feeling right now and is a and beans as well as you are going to only reads the ceiling and come down to Florida instead of you faithful bingo times in all field open up the windows and pulling you out a blessing to sell not the rule and oversee the Daniel Altman Jan Israel why can you still played a new and old moments that are double steps in and say this saying one of those souls of your God now that the wall you get to the point where you say how can us how can I say how can I say the words and strains I was born June twenty six nineteen seventy forty two years my mother was thirteen years old when she became pregnant she was fourteen years old when I made my great entry and to have a little my mother lived with her grandparents who were subsequently my great-grandparents my great-grandfather was an elder in the church he built the church that we attended that nineteen fifty three he was responsible for putting it there in the cornerstones we were adventuresome Adventists in something you know and here I am so I take it for what it's worth but as I was a baby and I was coming up they were those that felt that the baby was a mistake there were goals that fill hinges get rid of mistakes as the baby I ate me began to grow people at all on a wonderful link kinds of things to say to me that's sarcasm about where I came from these of the church folk that said obviously the birth wasn't of God and since it wasn't of God you're not monitoring out to be anything there were those that were in Mister verse reviews words not words with friends my favorite game on what they may need a date a.m. word that they were that they disused words let's just say that you hear frequently on the premium cable channels add to heals those words to describe me enable constantly in my race and say favorite you know a lot of people in your family they alcoholics and potheads good jokes the quick schooled after the tenth grade because they could they didn't turn out to be anything you way be anything a just stay in your little hometown don't try to write a little bit intelligence and I said I wanted to let college and anybody in your family and then you know where you go if you don't be right here I want to tell people about Jesus I will implement down Jesus not even with you and yet here to stuff all the time all in all the reasons why you can't do it okay to do it can't say a word to get history things that your family members the lovely up fast you can't do this when white light maybe even some things to the UK do this and thought while when enough people start saying things to you start doubling maybe I'm not one of the anything maybe I can talk about seasons maybe I need to just give up this screen and spell that will suck for himself shows David saying one of those song about your God now is so confident in talking about a talk about him now yet as I have a moment when you show us didn't have it last year I was told I needed a heart transplant if I wanted to live I have an incurable disease of the heart I asked my doctor what that meant as it still does that mean him but a God he said yes like banks shut at night you want to know why little bit is all beat around the bush am I going to die yes you will like it but I just want to go back to that last link though he should continue will have already a little farther on this Diego the consulting win and that his fifteen year thing and they did back then I was thirty eight thirty eight game theme for a notch on and I'll say that's all living things about forty two now when you think people remove a long way away the bigger number I got this when Levine Abell when I enter my fifties I called him still in my thirties I said until last year when naysaying the disease of accelerated total point that last year was it and unless you get a heart transplant that's it and I didn't want to get a heart transplant so I told him on a woman get one can I take a pill him and somehow I convinced him JJ when you six long side to this obviously it with a placebo nothing shades in a July twenty eighth they didn't ask me if I wanted one these it when can we schedule will win can we put you on the list because you have to wait in order to love olives is down as one could be and the devil shows up saying one of those songs about your God now and can I just be transparent for a few seconds and say that I took my car I'll look for the nearest willow tree each and even the level still traveling and preaching I asked the question how cannot say there was one thing happen this stuff happen you know about me growing on the Lord help me overcome an excellent door a little something something for him and him glad and just what is I didn't do it like almost next the carpet from under you I'm a be like Lucy and Charlie Brown you know just when you think you'll check out what all move it away game in how can I say Doctor must say got a call was doing revival in Las Vegas Nevada in the midst of my illness got a call one morning an accident Mister whole-wheat sweet we think we have a solution you can go to Mayo Clinic they looked at the digital images of your heart there is this very rare operation that they can perform you will need to stop your heart from beating and cut out a huge show of your heart put it back and there is a chance that you could expire like a milk and they said are you willing to take that chance law wife yes he is God bless our men be careful you know you live start speaking voice you know that puts ads that you could either do you want to do that yes yes he him cannot looking at I like trying to say is that I did it for you okay him for December twenty two December twenty second two thousand eleven eight months ago it'll be eight months they needed the operation obviously for those of you that are wondering did he survive him I know somebody's one exit asleep right now anything I don't die let me cut in and at ancillary and tell you know you survived the operation I did not expire him to breathe all the outdoor wings and they say that humans are bundled Walter psychologically because of the medications that you are taking the body is warping and mid-level global words when it is my mom voice to sound anywhere near what it used to sound like I couldn't move from Monsanto was sure that Malden house phones sampled watch in normal channels nothing wrong with that I enjoy watching drafted alike Nelson V 's mind I am okay but I thought I'm not than the ten years I lived in Michigan I wanted to be doing to do so I would stand up and pretend that I was presented that the pain game to the last set out five minutes later discount wondered law and how all Latvians fitness body of the Lord how long will it read the more I can drive my own car how long will it be before I can get myself back how long how long how all related apples so the crazy man is that him by every body also I can't find everybody else that you leave them laying hands on somebody in one of my boys out what you are listening widget call so I is in a saying what idols read our love sees those almonds and I didn't show up on you then go and they are told you when you were little but you weren't going to be when saying one of those happy Jesus Lovins saw this now as I had to be rehospitalized and rehospitalized because they felt I was about to have a stroke I would be paralyzed and or die and I went to the mental torture of all I'd grab Maha something happen children of Israel in this passage asked the question how can I say in a strange land which is a question that you might ask your here so that you can be equipped to talk about what he has done for you in your life you want to share the gospel with someone that's why you are here but there are more immense when you are so overwhelmed that you may just forget that life has a way of doing that do you devil is not just going to sit there and take all you want to tell people about Jesus let me get out of your way please come on down to the first contested in the tell people about Jesus is right now all baby the closer you get to the Lord the more road blocks Aeschylus said in your way but I read somewhere I am about the clothes I read somewhere that it said he inhabits the brain 's of his people and add him and about again to think about that in the midst of my alma mater my depression that the medication made me depressed to an addition to my my circumstance I began to think about all the stuff that the Lord I'm coming down all the stuff that the Lord had done for me I began recounting every where that he brought me from all remembered how I was hospitalized Sharon at eleven times for bronchial asthma and each time they save you what should I die but I did I began thinking about all those people who say it will you and will never get up again remembering that we lead the Lord brought me to do and where the way brought me wrong I began thinking about the goodness of God and I said that the low cost that are we able to see how is going to progress will what I read in the truth Psalm twenty three she said he told me I know you both walk the world of Valium the Seattle will that will liaise in Dublin and and it had been in a text and a password so when I was walking through the valley of the Seattle depth and I'll have to fear why we go down along with me and then long now when we go hand-in-hand bonds into a lot validly get along and tell all through that valley of a saddle of their battleground to worry about anything and when I and I preach and write nailed it when I can and when I began thinking about all lesbians on Mark what is in this vague how can I say living in a strange land but the question became how can I not say or live in a strange land AAA and may in my imagination I said in my imagination I noticed a real okay I know I have read the Bible and Ellen White I know what it imagination that was a little trouble in basic old no mold no we're looking at the ball headed fella all know I let my hair Ro I love you but man I was so smooth and I will stress this we guiding angel would man I remember is that of the saw cut they said we had a little trouble with this all that will not think I think he said would show no easily and yet will I trust him and I see them all standing walking I say along the Willets three will have to be an old old old old goals of our once I will once I get Lee's writings and more air it is arranging to try to distract him from my mother 's past old policies of reminding me of my fields are right now all know all all the time again to be gone I gather you don't and I saw you saw me glad that Hall will be in and unlit cells will doubtless will again play that instrument of solely in gladness singing songs like systems it's a student genius shots taken that his word is also wrapped up on his promise to know what saith the Lord they saw me pull it down to an recall delay in acting I will call the land of all data risen a lot about no wish to all our King baby in the no holes as I know that will evening that Megan Laughlin for a night but so I will so I have some comes than normal and older and great and I'd like to say is as upbeat and everything just got all been ready to put some happened inside of me the circumstance injury something happen inside me and I began to see how in my weakness is strength is made are obligated to see that when you put your trust in God in them is the most difficult circumstance you don't know just how deep your faith is ever asked the lawyers have essentially more I want you to increase my faith be careful what you ask for baby and careful what you ask for the Lord has taken the places that I never even knew possible but I tell you what I wouldn't have it any uncle got sent me here to tell you something I don't hang up your heart I don't care what illness may strike you don't hang up your heart I don't care what financial obligations may overwhelm you don't hang up Johan oh I don't know what their legal problems may get the best of you are heard the testimony by just a few moments ago don't hang up you hot pictures may not reach out with open arms and welcomed you when the vision don't hang on your hot don't let that doubtful way on the kind of person you ready to saying I'm ready for you to saying I'm tired I got a bad hot exotic jungles to him don't know what was wrong with me I should McDonald's and that's rudely responded to the person went at the miss my last one whenever I get articles like Barnes & Noble 's okay I think of books book is a good one to you and I some people like to read them for now I'll will read the front then he got a real RSS and him and I go to the back of the book is when I use the new math problems in school that's when asked him about one note I also have special units will probably develop an equitable and obligated to read I began reading the see how things were going to turn out in this book I wanted to understand the just a little bit and after reading I came across this part Sam Bennett the voice of Jesus the bad and Christ's own a loss Lillian Hall sixteen years ago my great-grandmother she was wild world pussycat leasing ratings me probably because when nobody else wanted me seem dated and when she died almost devastated but on that day I believe I believe display so softly for me to blog plan I appreciate it are only born at a Cedar Hill Cemetery by all grades that save Mart secondary things and in June nineteen ninety six I believe that when the dead in Christ arise at the voice of Jesus should arise to what I believe this is it because they are not once strange requests of Jesus I said Jesus and by now if my dad cry somewhere else or probably buried in New Jersey can you just take me to the Cedar Hill Cemetery is when she caught up in their I just want to hold ahead until I made it I know it was shaking airflow and you want to the old boy he actually told people about Jesus you know anyone that gives all but with Jesus all things above and about one hurdles I just wanted just one older and as we go one night journey to heaven because I read in the back of the book that's how the story I warn you tonight just what I want to do tell unison on the outgoing human legal manual mine that you will not hang all your heart anything you have an assignment to do you have an assignment to do an apples assignment is to keep you from doing it is job is to make you hang all your heart but God sent me here to tell you his assignment it can be found in Matthew the last three verses in the book of Matthew 's is going to tell somebody about me and if you ever wonder where I am well along with you always wherever you go to Arizona where you can know and I'll not there I know is I was in the depths of despair and you believe that he was bad to donating up Johan 's weekender than eight years some things that will strengthen you tools that will inspire and encourage you what you happen to notice when it comes to things like this it lasts for a day a week couple of weeks all gone I don't want it to be all gone out once you let life cause you to hang up something I want this thing to continue from ready to go home tired of his body went much as Dilbert I can't turn my head from side to side I take seventeen pills in the morning eleven fields at night just to be paying for Ian to keep me alive I had to single out one of the whole and then we would like Jesus and God told me when you want the people to govern and do everything you are the one who's is going to make it at the land of your car know what'll happen if you do don't do and if you don't if you don't hang up your I read the end of the story and I know what's going to happen for you I know what God is going to do for you but if you add good news when Connie said he ask about proposals to April twenty seven nineteen ninety one it was a Saturday night nine thirty six p.m. in the parking lot of Walmart in Huntsville Alabama at five eight oh six when I when I was not operable and I'm a girl said yes I got back on campus I won't go to Belmont to Lori and I told Jack that I didn't even know she's in about what you don't even know him know he said he had been one week at the forefront of him and that is the best new tablet and it carried me until she said the ultimately as when I do and we been yesterday that the windfall holds twenty years I will so we get a share that news I want to be good you want to be we ought to be eager to share the all the news and C-SPAN him he's well dreaming us into his family and I don't want to register a GPL hawk yourself would play you to you is that hard to bring as many people in school walking relationship with jeans as you can see us on just what I need you to do and when you do that guess what where new wiggle walk hand-in-hand on skins a lot write the rules of early games as the rest of the story when you don't hang up Johan battle cry has been shelved time is yours what are you going to do let's pray father in the name that is above every other name we give you praise you are the outline and they already got you are the beginning and the end before anything else was created you all alone on that we recognize that in fighting a war sometimes I enemy may not fight fair referrals pitches he throws a lot of curveballs and sliders but but these roles spitball 's a use of steroids and he gets away with it Lord we need you to be designated hitter we need you to step up developed late for us tonight and we need you then not bad ball right out of this ballpark we need you to be real for us right now and when you know that we not hang it up any thoughts would get a bit like David when he wrote in Psalm thirty four verse one where it says from the living Bible outlook for eighties the Lord no matter how what happened I will constantly speak of his glory and his grace Lord I I I grab my heart but I'm looking at what you're doing through me now and when the devil he told me with my scratchy voice I wouldn't preach again my body would let me preach again you showed me was wrong the Bible says let everything that apparatus praise the Lord so as long as I have read Elmo keep region and given it all to you and I thank you for giving me the privilege of doing that now Lord they're not hanging out their hearts can you do something spectacular for them to it and that is leaky and I want every body under the sound of my scratchy boys I want all local gees all love him to make an impact I have and believe they are marked in the hell does they pulled somebody else away I want this group of people to be different from any of the times as because they have determined not to care up ligaments down that battle cry for the rest of their lives and then when time in Zen eternity is set to begin when we see a clown about some I will land Sandman so when we hear coming from this cloud the most beautiful majestic music when we hear all for an old book only holy holy Lord God Almighty when we look up and we see Jesus my prior written no one on the sound of my voice will call portal rocks snow fall along him on the hills or am I the only day to hang up our months on loan must deadly no week late no one will lend by the wayside will be able to look up with a sure rates in society when I say no if in our call Maria waited on we didn't hang up on us and he will say box make it so just because he was sober we love you Lord and we commit all our plans and we commit and recommit our lives to you and you and Jesus came to a vote this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me and audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than anything is www. audio person .org


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